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OMG I remember that!!!  A friend and I were driving back from DC to southern Ohio.  By the time we got home . . he wouldn't stop . . .we had not been actually on the pavement for over an hour.  Just plowing through the snow in a Mustang.  LOL
I remember that blizzard as well. Great time for being a kid, lots of snow for forts and snow men.
I remember it as well. I had just given birth to twins in Pennsylvania Hospital in Phily.

And the city was crippled within hours. 
I still have back aches from the shoveling I did that day.
Giggle snort!

We Buffalonians and other Western New Yorkers LAUGH at  your silly worries about a pipsqueak of a 'storm'.
I heard Buffalo gets less snow than Syracuse. And that year we were hit with huge storms one right after another. I remember not being able to go out and pictures of my daughter in snowsuit that snow was higher than her height. 
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