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Kind of strange, but that culture I guess.
With a 200 lb. English Mastiff that sheds about a chihuahua's worth of fur per day I could start a sweater factory.  I've been trying to figure out a way for her to offset her expenses....this could be it.
poor dog i have three there all my favorites but i wouldn't do that to my dogs.
No can do. Knowing that it came from a dog makes me feel uncomfortable. 
+Emma Ross Ever walk through a living room ankle deep in dog fur? Some breeds make a career out of shedding, and from the looks of it, the breed in the picture is one of them. Give the dog a good combing,---they enjoy that, then gather up all the fur ad process it as you would sheeps wool. You get hair for clothes, the dog gets quality time with you, a win'win for both.
Finally, something I can do with all the fur they shed! ; )
With some breeds, it isn't that unusual.  We had Tibetan Mastiffs.  They blow their coat once a year.  In Tibet, their hair was used in clothing as it is extremely insulating.
Don't wear it in the rain or you'll stink to high heaven.
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