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California-based company Voyage-Air have designed a line of travel guitars made to fold forward at the base of its neck for ease of travel. The guitars come
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Ahahah no way...I work for Voyage-Air, and am an avid follower of the Squid!! I can't believe you guys just posted about us!!

 +Jonathan Landrum , do a quick search of, or the VG facebook page, and you'll see plenty of testimonials and vids that show the guitar stays in tune 9/10 times when folded/unfolded. Also take a minute to read the linked CNet review in the LS post.

#ShamelessPromotion? Nah.

Okeydoke, back to work...
Not quite - COPA the Wine in a Glass company was on twice too...  
Ah, guess I missed that one. We were also a featured item on the Good Morning America Steals n Deals: Shark Tank Edition back in May. 
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