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They SO ripped it off. Granted it's a cover but his work was trans-formative. 
Yes, but JC bought the rights to cover the song. Fox & Glee did not, yet completely plagiarized JC's melodies. Fox's version sounds sterile & overproduced. 
Holy crap. They didn't even remove the references to "Jonny C" in the lyrics.
I hadn't paid much attention to this until I played them both at the same time and it is pretty much exactly the same song.
Either way,ppl will always go for the Glee version
Gleetard Nation = powerful
JC/Internet Fan Nation = unstoppable
You know what else Glee ripped off? The movie "Election."
Or at least it seemed like it was for the first few episodes. I quit watching after that.
Is it still plagiarism if the copy and original cover both stink? Sorry, but I couldn't even get through the song. 
Yes regardless of how lame it is, it can still be construed as plagiarism. lol
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