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Lowering the pod into place
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We did a fair bit of weeding pre-move.  We've done more post move.  Since more than half our crap is in storage, we go through it about once a year and pick out the things we just don't remember owning.  If we can't remember why we have it, it goes.

Of course, there's always more to acquire, usually in book shape...
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Lauchlin MacGregor

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Not only is it sucky that NBC Olympic coverage is available only to certain cable subscribers, even when you have valid information, it fails to recognize it.   #olympicfail  

In addition, whoever designed the website needs to learn what the word intuitive means.
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Day 31 - #100dayburpeechallenge  COMPLETE!   After spending much of today shoveling up heavy snow and arms are feeling it!
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have an break have a kitkat LOL ;D
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Lauchlin MacGregor

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Honestly, so many of these questions are based on misunderstandings of science  and I believe that creationists have actually caused that to happen on purpose, in order to gain support.

As for creationism being taught in public schools, it's based on one religion - which goes against church and state separate, which is against the law in the USA.   Religion is already taught at Christian (and other faith based) schools.  You must also teach science, as it is a basis for most everything in the world today and it helps teach and reinforce logical thinking, which is essential for innovation, economics, ..etc..etc.

I'm ok with debating the origins of life...there are many unanswered questions in the world (i.e. where did the big bang come from, how is consciousness reached), but there are also scientific explanations of the world based on repeatable, testable and predictable theories.

h/t +Darryl Barnes 
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8:45 min/mil - 5 miles, followed by 35 burpees. (I'm a few days behind)

Falling behind is never fun, but the only way to get over to get over it......

#justkeepswimming   #timetorun   #fajr   #ktfm   #diwp   #timetoburpee  
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Go you! 
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Lauchlin MacGregor

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G+ makes it too easy
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Lauchlin MacGregor

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I swear - the whole online On Demand or live video restrictions for OTA networks pisses me off.   If I'm able to watch the channel OTA - then I should also be able to access online video....greedy bastards
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lol i rather just watch anime online ;D
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Throwing this out there because it's been a thought of mine for a while and since I've been posting random evolution vs theory thoughts....

So religion preaches a higher power, while science preaches evolution.    Is it possible that the whole of the universe (evolution and energy and stars and everything) can be considered God?  This thought has been what I've pseudo believed for a while reconciles religion with science, somewhat (still have the stories to reconcile though)

Just a thought...cheers!
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+Andreas Habicher I like the saying I heard recently...what if  God was just a metaphor for the Universe?  

Thanks for your comment...very well said and you do what many have difficulty doing...make statements about either side of a debate without insulting either one.....too often people need to demonize points of view that are different from theirs, even if they don't mean to.    Simple summaries like yours are what keep my faith in humanity going :)
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Lauchlin MacGregor

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I've seen the graphic floating around regarding solar eclipsing the costs in's some data regarding the approaching grid parity and what it means.    I had no idea that the costs were coming down to quickly.

h/t +David Hiller

+Colleen von Foerster  
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Just Another Day in Paradise.
Disclaimer: my opinions do not reflect on employers past/present/future or anyone else in my circle of socialness.

I post public - you sort me where you want me.  Inventor of the word "Sociogoogly" (TM) - though that's not a real trademark, else all you fabulous people would owe me money (yes, I know everybody uses that's catchy)

Changing up my "About Me" on a regular basis has become not-so-regular.

Things on my mind currently:

Having a step daughter recently moved on to college, I've been thinking about life in general and where it has taken me.   I spend too much time stuck in very small aspects of my life.  Living has bene harsh recently and I've let this take me over.  

I'm really a good guy at heart and I feel like I spend day to day whining and bitching about the stupid shit that hits the fan here.  It hits the fan, but who the fuck cares?? Live and enjoy.....I want to get there...I want to show my wife the man she married again...and I'm fighting to get back to there.

I am training to run 26.2 miles in October.    I am training.  this is hard.   

But I'll get there....thanks to my wife, to some of you my  dedication and hard work....and to the rest of the life that has led me here.   

I have no idea why I chose to do this, but damnit, I'm doing it....and nothing will stop me.

I'm going to have another...thank you muchly!

I have met an incredible amount of great people on here, and I hope I'm able to bring you entertaining and thoughtful posts.   Many of you challenge me to try to be a better person in many arenas and I love it.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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