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Latitudes Apartments
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Today 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
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8940 Latitudes Dr Indianapolis, IN 46237
8940 Latitudes DriveUSIndianaIndianapolis46237
(317) 489-0863
Apartment Complex, Apartment BuildingToday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
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Latitudes Apartments are located in Franklin Township of Indianapolis, just off of I-65. Offers one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom floor plans and is large pet friendly.
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"I have also had a great experience with many of the management staff."
"Hands down, the WORST apartment complex I have ever had to deal with."
"Their staff was constantly a head ache to deal with."
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Donovan Reyes
a month ago
DO NOT lease an apartment here. My girlfriend and I signed a 12 month lease on a 2 bedroom apartment in May 2014. When we first moved in there was a family of birds that had gotten into the dryer vent and died so the laundry room closet smelled horrible. We called the complex they sent maintenance out to fix it; after they said it was fixed we hooked up our dryer and did a load of laundry. The problem was not solved and all our clothes reeked of dead rotted bird. We had to call the complex 2 more times to finally get them to clean it out thoroughly. Next issue we had was with the cable. We use Netflix and Hulu for all our tv watching so we didn't sign up for cable until football season; but once we signed up for cable we were stuck with it, the complex would not let us take it off our lease after we were done using it. This wouldn't have been so bad if the cable actually worked when we needed it. It seemed like whenever other people were using their tv's the cable would work; the image would come in a jumbled and it was impossible to watch anything. The real frustrating part is that it only happened when multiple people were using their cable at once such as at night or on the weekends, which is when maintenance only deals with emergency calls and not faulty cable. So every time we called on a Sunday saying the tv wasn't working, they would come out Monday at 11am and it would be working fine. In mid January our apartment flooded at around 3am on a Thursday. The apartment above us was unoccupied and the complex claims the sprinkler system failed and that's why it flooded. I talked to one of the maintenance guys that morning, while water was raining in through the roof, and he said he had worked there 13 years or so and has dealt with that issue at least once a year though out the complex. So essentially someone's apartment floods ever year and they just accept that. We received no help from the complex as far as temporary housing so we had to pay everything out of pocket and go through our insurance. Our insurance needed information from the complex before they would reimburse us and the complex gave them the run around so that took a couple months for us to get our full reimbursement. They then moved us back into our same apartment with the same carpet that just got soaked, we mentioned concerns about mold, they said they had someone come out and do a mold test but claimed they were unable to show us the results of the test. Couple months later we had a wasp infestation in our apartment. We had 1-2 wasps flying in our apartment daily. We called the complex everyday for nearly a week and half and saw no change in the bug problem. Our lease is up in a couple weeks and we have another bird in our dryer vent so I guess we've come full circle. I never take the time to actually write reviews on anything but I hated this place so passionately that I felt I had a civic duty to warn potential buyers of what they are getting into.
• • •
Tish Richmond
4 months ago
I've read through all these reviews and I honestly don't relate to ANY of the negative reviews. I'm wondering if the other reviewers may be young and not have much experience with apartment living. We moved in here a year and half ago, and yes, they HAVE had some management changes as they are continually trying to improve. I can't imagine managing a property this large is an easy task. I've lived in several apartments over the course of my life and this is hands down the BEST one ever. We have the largest of the layouts and love the fact we have a laundry ROOM and not just a laundry "closet". We have a REAL DEAL wood burning fireplace, you don't find those anywhere these days as everyone has gone to gas, and its just NOT the same. We overlook the pond and enjoy the views, the grounds are kept meticulous. The daily antics of the geese and ducks in the pond are a joy to watch. Location is PERFECT, I can be on I-65 in a minute, and I just heard a new Costco store is coming in near Emerson and County Line, yet we still have the "country" calm quiet life out here as well. I've NEVER had anyone from the staff here treat anything other than EXCEPTIONAL and genuine. We are friendly and they are more than friendly as well. They held an "apartment wide" DINNER and Party down at the clubhouse two or three times last year and CATERED ENTIRE MEALS for everyone in the complex. Seriously? WHO does this? The last place I lived wouldn't give me a cop of coffee. They don't HAVE to do things like this, they are doing it because they are trying to create a sense of community and have all the neighbors get out and meet each other. They know people will stay where they feel safe and welcome. We renewed our lease last year, and intend to do the same again this year. We will live here until we buy a home, or if we buy a home. I am SO grateful the trash is NOT near our apartment, NO smell, no flies, they were smart to put the trash compactors at the edge of the property on each end. No place is going to be perfect. If you are down to earth, and REAL and want a great place to live, you'll love it here. This place is great in my opinion!
• • •
Eric Howard
8 months ago
Would not recommend it. Check their BBB reviews, looks nice, nice location, but ever changing staff, the tv and internet doesn't work very well and they won't allow Comcast or Uverse to come in. Nevermind their BBB profile has been removed, imagine that, it was an F rating. Someone would complain, the apartment would half answer a question (that's how most of the company communicates), and the consumer would say that doesn't answer it and you would never hear back.
• • •
Jennifer Stewart
a year ago
Please note, we just moved in, but we have been blown away by the service and staff here. We looked at nine apartment complexes in the area and this was our "winner." Initially I was worried about moving here because of the reviews. but after speaking with Tori, Brenda, Michelle and Emily, our fears were lessened. Upon moving in we had a few issues with the apartment itself (air conditioning wasn't working, little stuff) and they have been so fast to respond with awesome service. Nate, Mac, and all the guys that have come to our apartment have been competent and kind. Highly recommend.
• • •
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Barb Conley
4 months ago
Totally LOVE IT here! I love the original and unique layout of our apartment , LOVE the fact it doesn't look like "Boring Apartment Land" this place has tons of character! The staff are professional and helpful as well. We also read some unfavorable reviews and were skeptical at first, but I liked the location so we decided to just come out and see for ourselves. It was the best decision we ever made! I am PROUD to tell people I live at Latitudes. Also, one thing that is great is we get to paint the walls any color we want. Usually there is a big hassle with painting and not here. I'd suggest you come out and just talk to the staff here and see for yourself. I've been here over a year now, with NO intentions of leaving! It's diverse also, which we love! It's NOT all people who look exactly the same. LOVE DIVERSITY! My senior goes to Franklin Central High School, which if you do the research you can see it is one the TOP 10 most challenging schools in the country! A GREAT school system here. I would definitely recommend Latitudes apartments! They also have an INDOOR GYMNASIUM you can use year-round to play basketball, and a Jacuzzi tub in the pool area. I feel like I live at a resort.
• • •
Jenola O
6 months ago
Would not suggest moving here or with any Edward Rose owned property. Must get their crappy internet and cable providers, yes that is called a monopoly, likely some underhand friendship between the owner of Dish and the landlord. Office staff are clueless, absolutely clueless and change rosters like a revolving door. Numerous issues with breakins and they do not notify you, you only hear from neighbors who have been victimized. Overpriced for the area. Again, would not suggest this place to anyone.
• • •
Alyson Wall
9 months ago
I have lived in Latitudes for almost a year now, and haven't had such an awful experience as many of the other reviews. Maintenance is very timely and completes everything I ask to have fixed or changed. I have also had a great experience with many of the management staff. Many people are complaining about the trash compactors overflowing. HOWEVER, if people would just pull the red knob DIRECTLY next to the opening of the compactor, it would turn on and the trash would move down and not be spewing out of it. This is NOT a dumpster, it is a machine that compacts your garbage once it is activated. Instead of complaining repeatedly, pull the knob and walk away. Your trash will move down the chute to be compacted, leaving additional space for other residents to toss their trash. As simple as that! This community does a great job of keeping up the grounds. Not only were they very timely in the removal of snow during last winter, but they also keep the grass cut, the pool clean, and even repainted parking lot stripes and fixed concrete that had been worn or chipped. I have had no trouble with neighbors being loud or disrespectful of others; but that may be because I haven't had a neighbor since I moved in last December. I would recommend Latitudes, as I have always felt safe, haven't had issues with noise, and the grounds is always clean and taken care of.
• • •
Matthew Gallagher
a year ago
Have had issues after issues. First it was when we looking to move in 3 months ago, they were so disorganized that they had no clue who owned garages and which ones were still available. After being told we would have one, the day before move in they told us it wasn't going to be available. They then scrambled to get one for me because that would have been a deal breaker to start off. Next, The apartment during walk around inspection need some things fixed before move in. The furnace didn't have a filter, the door to the furnace was broken, and the bathroom door knob had paint all over it. That was fine, they marked it down to fix....problem was by the time we did our move guessed it! None of that was fixed. We had to go get our filter from the front office they came later to fix the door and door knob. Another thing is they didn't even bother to turn the circuit breaker for the hot water heater. I found that out after a long day of moving, I tried to take a nice hot cold mess! This is just the start. We have also had them come into our apartment without our approval or notice like Indiana law states! Our dishwasher left residue all over our dishes and had to get them to come out and "fix" it. The sliding top of the dishwasher broke as well and took about 2 weeks for them to get back to us in fixing it. Next thing that has irritated me is our internet service. You can't get anyone else but their internet since ATT only offers their basic 2MB service. Really? That's only enough speed for email and basic browsing. No streaming of anything and heaven forbid you play video games online. Good thing is they offer a Tier'd service ranging from 5mb to 25mb. Sounds like it should be fine right? Wrong. I have been fighting the front office for over a month now to fix my internet. EVERY night during the peak hours of 7:30pm to about 11:00pm or so the internet speeds drop so far down I can't do anything. I've done numerous tests and i've seen it goes as high of 800ping and my "15MB" Service drops down to only 1.08 at times!!!!! That is ridiculous. That means they have the lines split to too many people and we all share the bandwidth which causes such a low speed. I was ok with the inconvenience at first, irritated, but willing to give them a chance to fix it. It has been over a solid month and STILL have these issues. I suggest looking elsewhere for an apartment to be honest. I like many others were skeptical of the apartments due to their reviews. I figured I would give them a chance since I heard their management staff was all new. Well, I should have followed the reviews. This place has been a headache from day one. Oh and for the trash, the reviews of the trash spewing happens every Sunday/Monday so if you want to see it for yourself...Drive through at night during those days. You'll see first hand!!
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