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Ok, Who attended Mustang Week last year? Did you get a chance to meet any of our guys? See our cars? or Hang out at one of our booths?

If not please try your best to come out this year. We are gearing up for Mustang Week. I just got word that online registration is open so make sure you get registered. We will be out at Mustang Week covering the event live and giving away tons of Mustang goodies and Gift Cards.

Read the blog below for more information -Jeff
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Been there the past two years, in the car show at both. Registered again this year. I'll be on the lookout for your tent as well. Shouldn't be too hard to find, as you guys always have a large setup.

Jeff, will you be one of the lucky LMR reps to make the trip?
If I lived closer I would go. I guess I could take the Stang on a road trip from FL to SC.
Yes, I will be at Mustang Week this year. I'm ready for it. Make sure you guys come find me. Make sure you follow our blog, Facebook and Google+ as we get closer to the event. We plan on a lot fun things. -Jeff
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