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Hey all my beautiful people! We have uploaded our first video as Venture Nerd and Venture Artiste. We're about to explore every adventure out there. If you have any ideas of activities we can venture out to, please feel free to comment. Thanks so much for your support! See you soon!

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Congratulate Firestorm on their new website! Learn more about Firestorm, start networking, and be a part of the community!

Congrats to Alaska and their new celebratory website!! 40 Years at Prudhoe Bay. They are celebrating 40 years of Alaskan spirit and the Rigs and Pipelines.

Hey all! What are you doing for Memorial Day? Anything involving Web Development or Web Design? Share with us! We would love to chat.

We would love to hear about your knowledge on web development and web design. Share blogs, articles, and more!

What's the newest Article or Blog post that you've read about web development or web design?

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Lasyte painted their office!! Each person had a wall. Jacob painted our name, Aleksandr painted a robot and Devyn painted a galaxy. Nice job team!!
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Tell us your story! How did you get involved in Web Development/Web Design?

Why did the web developer leave the restaurant?

Share a Web Development or Web Design Joke. Its always nice to have a good laugh.

What resources do you use for web development or web design? There is always something new to learn! So list off websites, books, blogs, etc. of where you learn more and more each day. Spread the knowledge!
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