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It Googles.
We are doomed.

seriously, damn cool. 
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Japanese universities are producing some very exciting technology
I, for one, welcome our new robots overlords.
Oh crap! Wait! I'm handy with wrenches and a soldering iron! I welcome our new robot overlords too!
never give it LEGS! that way it'll stay a tool :) and not some near terminator machine. we people are lazy enough now.
The forerunner of protocol droids.  I could totally see this developing into C3P0.
What programming language are they using? LISP? Prolog?
yes, but it won't be able to walk to the door to receive the post package and install the legs so we'll be fine.
Getting moral values off the internet is a BAD  BAD BAD plan.
Terminator part-1 real world is on the way!
Just so everyone knows, this is a news story from August 2011.  Nothing alarming here, people. 
The next step is for the robot to learn moral values - good luck we're still learning that one :-) 
So how long is it going to take for someone to tell this thing to kill someone? And who gets in trouble for it doing it if no one knows who told it to do so. I hope it learns that "moral" programing sooner than!! 
Nah, the batteries will die in about 30 minutes.
As long as pr0n keeps being produced, we will be safe. The robot's mind will wander endlessly through a maze of contorting nude meat-bags forever
And should 'forever' be not long enough, someone can always ask it to prepare breakfast. Instagram will keep the robot busy again.
Can it tackle nuclear crisis? You know fukishima style
This is the start of Skynet and the terminators. :P
so,...... does it also get confused/stupid when presented with BIG BOOBS??
TERMINATOR. All they need to do now is give it an awesome Russian accent.
I think I could use a robot to care for me right now. Nobody else seems to have any interest. [ I am fishing... or, am I phishing..? ]
Yepp no to smart....robots will become self-aware then you will have to face sky-net...
I am wondering if it would help with the spouse, if it thinks and answers, I would get in a lot less trouble.  If you are married you know that we just don't seem to understand most days
It Googles, i hope there is a porn filter, if not, look out for the Bender 2000
Wait and see. I suspect there's more going on here than the soundbyte indicates.
Have these scientists ever watched Terminator? Obviously not! And who is going to teach this robot morals? I hope they don't program it 
Imagine the chaos with this when it has to go through those airport scanners :-)
Don't worry guys it has to follow the three laws of robotics :-P 
The issue is obviously no one took the time to translate any of the Terminator trilogy documentaries to Japanese.

Wait, terminator movie flaw, wouldn't the emp blast have actually killed skynet? 
Moral values based on googling?  Hmm whats next a "New Google World Order"?  I'm wondering if it has Virus protection? Will it become male or female? Will it want offspring, a car, house or a spouse?  Is this the Borg? LOL
have it correct Noozly. It is incorrect about DrGabrielCousens' use of Phycotene. Have RWgps add to wikipeidias' Dr Christopher Hills history to allow Harvard Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute a press release about its' ANTI-oxidant Revolution' of 1985.
I wonder what would happen if they gave it a gun... 
that's awesome, but theres a point that we need to stop...maybe not at this, but eventually, because (not tryin to be all doomsday and crap, but...) if robots are able to do things like this, they already basically have a mind of their i'm just saying that there has to be a point where scientists will stop advancing robotic technology
Sean M
very interesting and kind of scary :)
be carefule theres things on the internet that are dangerous too remeber the temerminator
Eh, +Scott Bolt , Google "Singularity" and then consider if you think engineers will stop. Some glory in the idea that robots will replace humans. But I wouldn't panic over this 60 second story. May just be hype.
We are getting closer and closer to the 'Singularity'.  I hope they don't forget Asimov's Robotic Rules!  Of course the Robot did figure out a way to circumvent, but that is another story!
Within 50 years anything that is considered a repeatable technical skill will be done by automatons
we are doomed...Terminator is inevitable 
I don't know if I can share a vid to this conversation but if click on my name u can watch a vid of the top 3 humanoid robots & the Honda robot is 1 of them
Infinite porn search!
This is for sure a scientific and technological advancement, but a great disaster to human race.
Ryan P
cool and terrifying
Better not put legs on him
This brings my thoughts back to the book Dune, especially the Butlerian Jihad
i wonder when the first law suit between one of these robots and a human jumps off and the robot wins!?!
Not good. Robots should never be given the ability to think or learn. That's how terminator and the matrix started. Just sayin... 
they went back to kill the creator!
When it discovers YouTube it will decide we are not worth serving.
Just wait until it starts googling porn sites.
wonder how far it would get after a lump hammer
Not good. Robots should never be
given the ability to think or learn.
That's how terminator and the
matrix started. Just sayin... 
sure, once it can do the Laundry, wash the car, mow the Lawn, spread mulch, feed the dog, answer the door and sign for UPS packages I will be buying two.
Intelligent robots can be used to help us do some amazing things! But to replace us in anything and detroy us eventually I dont agree with. Neither do I want to become half human-half machine; I rather not get microchipped and become a cyborg.
 I am operation for your machine !!!!!!    Robot   !!!!!   Woker for your  BUSSINESSSSSSS
Name 3 amazing thing an "Intelligent Robot" could do that could not be done by better engineering or cheap labor?
So like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.... the Tokyo Institute of Technology is, TIT.
+Race Vanderdecken  baxter plus this google ability, means this might actually be possible now. before it could google, it would have a hard time knowing what "laundry" was without a team of programmers working for years.

I now understand why they are working on a dedicated internet for machines. the "internet of things' that would let this feller not only tell what laundry was... but now it will also tell him what he's supposed to do with it.

yeah, guarantee its gonna have a few bugs. big ones.

I'm not particularly worried about a robot uprising, so much as it getting "laundry" and "dishes" and "dusting" mixed up, and my underwear is now hanging from the tops of the bookshelves, and my china is crashing like crazy in the washing machine, while all my books have been neatly placed on the rack in the dishwasher. 
Thats true Vanderdecken (cool name! Sounds like it came out of a movie!). But some robots will eventually have ability to fly! And they will soon have the strenght to lift up almost anything you can imagine! They may not become smarter than us, but they crush us with their laser beams, automatic weapons, and dreadful power to crush any human being with their bare cyborg hands! You can bet the military industrial complex will create an army of cyborg soldiers! 
An "i-robot" will by far be the most advance cyborg known to mankind! But the "terminator-robot" is most likely to happend! We will eventually be destroy by our own creation! 
Phew... luckily the software is run on windows machines... We can relax, blue screen awaits this droid...
I doubt robots will be able to operate a sophisticated machine such as a plane or helicopter! Robots instead will be built with flying capabilities! 
What happens when it googles the word, "Robot" and learns it is from 'robotos' = slave.
XD! Good one Saunders! I bet its going to get super angry with mankind and seek for revenge!
XD! Good one Saunders! I bet its going to get super angry with mankind and seek for revenge!
XD! Good one Saunders! I bet its going to get super angry with mankind and seek for revenge!
Good thing the Cylons worship "the One True God"! If the droids were dumb enough to take sides on crap like Catholic/Protestant or Sunni/Shia we'd know we're doomed. :)
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"The next challenge is to learn moral values"
Off the internet? That does not compute!
now put that programming into asimo then youll get astroboy 😉
Jangan dibahas saya tahu '' tuna wisma  ????  Sulit tidur      Bukan Hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Untung 5x  cari    job''s to work 
JANGAN tersinggung  saya pribadi  title nya
We need to bound it to Asimov's Laws asap. Also, it must be kept away from "i,Robot", "Terminator" and "The Matrix" references...
want to no what's its really about. √ out Al Bieleks trip to the year 2749 
And then the robot discovers porn...
Again, this is "just" a machine running rules, now it just googles stuff and does image processing. It is not intelligent.
Its only as good as the Japanese, who built it, think like him too.
A robot that can make good toasted sandwiches will be he next great leap forward in civilization. Soon I think
This robot will be the smartest of all robots because it's using google to search! Sweet!
I can't wait to go back in time when I get to the future and protect my younger self against hood rats and the facebook ipo
Unemployment in China & Japan is about to skynet, sorry sky rocket!
Might be a good time to hide EMP I.E.D's everywhere...just in case. Think I'll Google EMP pulse now...
I'm very scared !! I saw all the terminator films and I'm not sure about programming a machine to think.....
No no. It's OK. This isn't Skynet, these are nursing home orderlies. The video said so. 
I heard it won't stop drawing LOLCATS 
The Japanese program is called Skyanoki Netasaki. That's SkyNet. Everybody panic. 
Letting the robot have an access to the Internet is good. I think that Google will have the best learning Robot.
Hhhm, sounds interesting.
Gives new meaning to the word Google Bot!  So will it also become paranoid by reading all the conspiracy theories out there?  We don't need a paranoid robot!  :)
Yes. Cook bacon and tune in Wheel of Fortune for the old folks. What a
fascinating modern age we live in.
Post lots of robo-porn. It keeps human adolescents from doing anything else; why not robots. 
It might learn by it self how to make legs. This sound like another hollywood blog buster. 
Imagine if it connected to 4chan?
Right. Once it Googles "Why can't I walk around?" we're in trouble.
let's just hope it doesn't learn how to masturbate...
At 1:32 you can see he Google "how to be a free robot"
Learning moral values by searching.... I think they might still need to do a little hand holding there
Hmmmm, I love all technology but...the three laws from iRobot comes to mind, and disturbingly so!
+James Anglin  you should read Issac Asimov...the three laws were actually written by him.
+David Ivey I have seen the video of Honda Robot on Youtube. Collectively all robots are very near to a T1 that was shown in the 3rd movie. reaching the T800 still has some time.
A thinking robot that some day may think of killing you because its sick of doing you shit...just like terminator, battlestar galactica, i robot, etc.... how awesome to see movies come to life...LoL!
zo azu
dem damn Japs!
Just a piece of metal....but it could help to clean my shoes.
Computers will never be anything more than tools. Useful tools that will never be truly intelligent.
Having said that, that's an impressive machine.
just another toy for boys

Can anyone say "I Robot".....
Why is it all I see is terminator and matrix, Dune came before them, although the Butlerian jihad (war between humans and machines) was hardly mention it did state the results.
keef u
so... robot finds this video on google and or an article about itself .. then it becomes self aware?
When it successfully completes a task, it could upload a video of itself performing that task to YouTube on its own channel, and that would constitute its "memory", being the first place it looks for how to do something. :)
Give it apple maps and it won't find anyone to kill
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