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About time someone on the New York Times pointed this out. 
Everyone knows about the spread of war and the hopeless intractability of poverty. But everyone is wrong.
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Laston Kirkland

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Heh, laser razor. I first remember seeing references to that technology in the Schwarzenegger movie The Sixth Day.
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Laston Kirkland

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Good article tying IOT, 3d printing, and collaborative commons together
What will the scale-up of the internet of things, the rising sharing economy and a zero marginal cost society mean for civilization? Nothing short of historic.
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Yeah, this article grasps the situation nicely. Good find!
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Laston Kirkland

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This is why 3d printing is such a big deal. complexity is no longer a manufacturing limitation.

Plus, why buy a part from a vast batch of of identical parts that's "almost" what you need, when you can have a part printed that is "exactly" what you need.
3D Printing as Resource Protector

The component on the left in the picture below was designed to hold support cables for an outdoor lighting system. 3D printing changed its design: 

The other two components have been analyzed by a computer to find the optimal design that is able to provide the same strength, but from the least amount of material. The middle component was optimized to keep the fixing points for the arms and cables in much the same place, and resulted in a 40% weight saving. Moreover, it could be printed in one go and design variations automatically handled by the software. The third version was obtained by allowing the system to completely rejig the entire structure. It produced a 75% weight saving.

3D printing is a sustainability technology. 

MANUFACTURING revolves around components. These come in all shapes and sizes, but some are starting to look surprisingly different—elegant, even. That...
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Good points, +Isaac Kuo. No doubt there will be many, many cases where standardization will still dominate. I don't think that modularity is necessarily at odds with 3D printing though. Lots of potential to make those ideas work together. 

Thanks for sharing +Laston Kirkland. Here's another piece from that same issue of +The Economist
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Laston Kirkland

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I have been saying this for years
People can fight back against planned obsolescence by fixing the tech we already own, but the consumer electronics industry isn’t making it easy.
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Soon (said in my best evil overlord voice)
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Laston Kirkland

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I have joined a Maker Space.

One that's just getting off the ground. So new they haven't picked a place for a permanent home yet. I have attended a 3d printing class and got to see the printers that will be part of the space, as well as the people who will maintain and educate on them.  I also talked at length with someone who is very knowledgeable on laser cutters, and someone else with an extensive electronics background (and amazing bits bin)

It will be based is North Lynnwood/South Everett, here in Washington, and there's a core of about twenty people who are dedicated "can't wait for the doors to open so I can start my project" people.

There will be a constant stream of one-off classes that will serve as fundraisers and membership drives on all sorts of topics, and members will be encouraged to teach these classes. I fully intend to teach a few. Any club fees over and above space rent go to purchasing tools and consumables.

If you are in the area, and want to be part of a Makers club. check it out.
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I know this is a dream of yours I'm glad it has settled itself into reality
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Laston Kirkland

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okay I've been following Frank Howarth videos for some time. He combines woodworking with video production. This one blew my mind. 

We're going to need bigger bandwidth as these things get more popular.
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That was amazing, first of all being able to look all arround his workshop while he was doing stuff and then what he was doing.......
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Laston Kirkland

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The Makerspace now has a space!

A little one.

For a month or two, while we get set up for a much bigger space.

We also have a laser cutter, a 3d printer, a LOT of electronics bits, at least ten full time members who bring an incredible amount of knowledge to the space, and several donations on their way.

We are still in growth mode. Looking for members, looking for donations, looking for a little help.

The plan is simple. more members equals more funds, more funds equals more tools/space more tools/space means more awesome projects we can do, more awesome projects equals more members. 

Fully non profit, all money goes to making the makerspace a better makerspace.

And the first open house is Wednesday.
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I hear about coworking but maker space is more rare. Can't wait to get out to visit some spaces and see more of them.
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Laston Kirkland

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The darknet is going mainstream. Once combined with mesh networked routers, it will be impossible to even tell if people are online at all.

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HE called it "Dark Net" SO I called it "Dark Net" but really its "encrypted websites using a different process than DNS"
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Laston Kirkland

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How to build a rainforest
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I need to keep Rainforest in my vocabulary going forward. So much to learn about a subject like this.
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Laston Kirkland

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A robotic platform that uses a smartphones accelerometer and GPS as part of its self navigation.

I particularly like when they hook it up to a hedge trimmer. I can imagine the OSHA freak out something like that would cause.
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Laston Kirkland

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I agree with the article. I really think this phone will be a full paradigm shift. 
From Colossus, the first conceivably programmable computer, to ARPANET to ARA, it's been a long way for modular and other modern technology. But historical developments joined forces to bring the best of inventions to project into limitless possibilities we are about to enjoy
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+Isaac Kuo you're right. This would be a perfect fit for the premium market. I'm willing to shed 600$ on a phone of my own design, and pay some 30% of the sum every year to keep the device up to speed with my needs and the new developments in the market. And as you said there are plenty who would also like that.... Price will be a premium.

I wonder if this premium would be enough incentive for the industry to shift to this modularity though.

At least now I have renewed hope that one day this shift might happen.
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