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Unloading Southern Promontery
Unloading Southern Promontery

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A Snow Shrimp
This is the rare but very significant Snow Shrimp creature. It usually comes to sight at winter:) I found it today

#norway   #snow   #finnmark  
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Wow! Check out +Stein-Inge Berg 's panorama photo from his first cross country ski trip this season in Finnmark, Norway. Photo taken today #norway #finnmark +Visit Norway
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Sesongens første skitur. Nydelig !
10 minus og nysne. På tur langs service veien til Stifjell.
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No wonder we miss Oasis?

I wanna be in that crowd

#oasis2015 #oasis
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Would the Long Jump Flip Technique have beaten Mike Powell's 8,95 world record if it where allowed? Have a look!

If this was allowed the sport would be damn fun to watch

#olympic #sport
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Will He Break The Ice?
The winter is about to come and the swimming pools are getting a thin layer of ice on them, thin enough to break it?

Have a nice weeknd

#swimmingpool   #icecreamsandwich   #prankvideo  
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The Greatest Supergroup Ever?

The Dirty Mac - Yer Blues(1968)
John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell and Yoko Ono was a collection of greatness put together by Lennon to participate in the 1968 TV special The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. A line up is just as unthinkable as Jesus and Thor doing a game of cricket together, but this one actually happened! God bless!

Is this the ultimate lineup ever?

#supergroup   #thebeatles   #rollingstones   #ericclapton   #yokoono  +Yoko Ono 
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I love the horrified faces in the background. You go girls!

The best part is where these women are kissing:

Credit: Getty Images
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Can I have this dog inside the taxi?
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A language lesson from the Vikings!

via +Visit Norway #norway #norge
Top Ten VIKING words!
Great article by +The Local Sweden!

1. Viking
The word comes from the Old norse: vīkingr - with one theory suggesting it stems from the phrasal verb fara í víking "to go on an expedition"

2. Thursday
The word Thursday stems from Thor's Day, who was the Norse god of Thunder. This one dates way back to the 12th century, from Old Norse thōrsdagr.

3. Window
Literally translated, a window is a wind-eye according to Old Norse. It stems from vindauga, where vind means wind and auga is eye.

4. Ugly
When the Vikings felt like insulting one another, there’s a fair chance they would use the word uggligr… stemming from the word ugga – to fear.

5. Berserk
Berserk, in its literal Scandinavian sense, is a “warrior frenzied in battle.” The word probably comes from ber-bear + serkr shirt.

6. Knife
Knife: from Old Norse knīfr, Yes, the Scandinavians coined this word too. Knives were used for hunting and combat. The modern Swedish word is kniv.

7. Husband
According to Old Norse, husband means "householder" from hūsbōndi, where hūs is house + bōndi means holder.

8. Freckle
Freckle" joins the club of Old Norse words, this one stemming from freknōttr.

9. Cake
From the word kaka. Next time you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, take the time to consider that if it wasn't for Norse, it wouldn't be a "cake" and therefore wouldn't be a birthday at all.

10. Elves and trolls
"Elf" (alfr) and "troll" are two more Norse words. Besides the Vikings, Scandinavia is famed for its folklore and mythology – especially in Norway.

Read the full article here:
See the list here:

#vikings   #norway   #sweden   #denmark   #scandinavia  
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Is This The Next Doping Bomb?

Our athletic heroes are cracking up on as dry wood these days as more athletes are revealing that they have been using illegal substances on their way to the top. Are we to believe that any of these amazing athletes ever was clean?

Johan Olav Koss is a national hero in Norway for his amazing Olympic career during the 90s. Could it be that this great man, who became a UNICEF ambassador, member of the International Olympic Committee, CEO of the Canadian based International Humanitarian Organisation, Right To Play, is a cheater? I sure don't hope so, but as last weeks disclosures have proved, our big heroes of the 90s could stand for fall...

Are all these humanitarian work just a compensation?

#lancearmstrong   #lancegate   #dopingscandal
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