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Myzox PP-450 Prism Pole with bubble

1. Longest type of Prism Pole with twist lock system
2. Suitable for difference in height like upsloping or bridges
3. All in one body (Built-in Circular Level, 40"/2mm)
4. 5/8" screw head on the top of pole
5. Changeable stainless made shoe
6. Full Extended - 4.65m

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Leica GMP111 Mini Prism with Holder (+17.5mm)

Leica GMP111 Mini Prism with Holder (+17.5mm) Mini prism mounted in polymer holder with 1/4" thread fittings. Includes circular bubble, GLS115 four-section pole and point. Prism constant of +17.5mm, range 2000m (7000 ft).
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Omni 9300-C-O 62mm prism Orange

Omni’s advanced, all metal prism assemblies are simply the best in the market. Featuring a front lever locking mechanism for superior security, these prisms are built to last.


±2 arc second 62mm prism
0/-30mm Offset
Single Tilting Assembly
Aircraft Grade Aluminium Yoke and Holder
Special formulated thermoplastic resin ensures durability and longevity
M20 universal threaded insert on canister
Dual-sided aluminium target 6.9″x5.5″ (17.6cmx14cm)
Stainless steel Bayonet adapter (5/8-11 female thread)
Nitrogen Filled available at additional cost
Copper or silver coating available at additional cost
2 year limited warranty
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Leica Construction Dumpy Level NA532 + Aluminium Tripod + 3m Staff

Accurate measurements whatever the conditions. With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces, construction and building sites are full of levelling challenges. To ensure the straightest and safest construction possible, you need a reliable instrument for all your levelling needs.
On your terms, on your site, Leica Geosystems is your trusted partner and the Leica NA532 provides you with reliable levels for accurate measurements and high quality results.Accurate. Focused. Protected.

Leica Geosystems is a pioneer in manufacturing levels and understands the needs of construction workers
Whatever your need, basic or more, Leica levels are your answer
With a unique design, these levels produce the highest quality results at the best price value
The unique design of the Leica NA500 Series reflects the high quality of technology featured inside each level
The Leica NA500 Series is ruggedly made to withstand the harshest elements
These levels, while highly accurate, provide quick and easy measurements
Unbeaten warranty and service offering - 3 years warranty
Leica Geosystems offers solutions for all your construction needs
link: Myzox Dome Head Dual Lock Tripod
link: Myzox 3M x 3 Section Metric Staff

link: Myzox Aluminium 3 Metre E Face Staff
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Myzox GFS-55 Fibreglass Metric 5 metres Staff

The Myzox GFS-55 level staff is ideal for situations where conduction is a problem i.e. around power lines. Made to the highest quality possible. Buttons provide strong, play-free locking. Silk screened 5mm & 10mm face graduations for protection from fading and wear. This model also has a female 5/8th thread in the top to allow adaption to take a prism or other attachment.

With a red and white banded inverted mm height scale on the back for taking internal measurements, like room heights, garage door widths etc...

The Myzox GFS-55 also comes complete with a carrying bag.

Durable, Non-Conductive, Corrosion-proof Fiberglass
Silk screened graduations are protected from fading and wear with abrasion resistant polyurethane
Height measuring scale on back of staff
Telescoping oval shape sections for quick extension and retraction
Height measuring scale on back of staff

Construction: Fibreglass

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Leica FTA360 - Disto tripod adapter

Tripod adapter with fine-adjustment for easy and precise targeting. Fits Leica tripods TRI70, TRI100 and TRI200. It supports Leica Disto D810 which has a special reference setting for this adapter as well as the Leica DISTO™ D510, D5, D8 and D810 touch (correction of reference point via Offset setting).
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Leica Sprinter 150M + GSS112 Bar code Staff + Tripod

The Sprinter 150m is a perfect tool for building and construction levelling projects. The internal memory allows for 1000 measurement readings to be stored which can then be transferred for extra calculations using software such as Microsoft Excel. The ability to automatically calculate delta height is a powerful benefit for most types of building and construction projects. Simply set your benchmark and then measure the backsight (B) and foresight (F) which will then display the result instantly. If continued measurements are needed then the tracking and averaging mode allows for more accurate and precise results.

Leica Sprinter 150M built in software
Delta Height
Line Levelling
Cut & Fill
The Leica Sprinter 150M it comes with a simple UI (user interface) and many features providing all that is required from an instrument.

Height and delta heights calculated automatically. Productivity increased. Human errors set to a minimum. Works in poor light conditions. USB functionality. Built-in Memory. Easy to use menu. Accurate and easy to use

With its extremely accurate optical components simply aim at the target, focus on the staff as use as an optical level. With the simple one-button action the Leica Sprinter 150M doesn’t need any in depth training. Simply press the action button and take the required measurement. It’s as simple as that!

Optical readings are no longer required. The bar code staff determines the distance and height which is then shown on the LCD display screen avoiding any misunderstanding. The Leica Sprinter 150M will display calculations for Delta Height, Cut and Fill, Line levelling and Tracking & Monitoring. With built in multiple languages your team can understand and use the Leica Sprinter no matter which one they speak which ultimately improves efficiency.

Myzox Dome Head Dual Lock Tripod
Leica Digital Level GSS112 bar code Staff
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Leica MC200 Depthmaster Battery

NiMH Batter for Leica MC200 Depthmaster - LG817445
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Leica Rodeye 160 Digital Receiver

The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital laser detector eye provides a professional receiver with a digital readout, millimetre accuracy and strobe rejection.
The extended range of 1,350m (4,430ft) offers a large working area with up to 0.5mm accuracy.
Special Features found on the Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital:

Anti-strobe Protection: A common problem found on a site is a false signal which can be detected by a laser receiver. The Leica Rod Eye 160 can detect and ignore the flash from strong strobes on the job so that they will not interfere with the receiver function.
Beam Finding: Passing the receiver through the laser beam will cause the receiver to beep twice quickly.
Out of Beam Display: If the detector is moved out of the detector range, the arrow display will indicate the direction to move to return to the laser beam.
Laser Low Battery: A small laser icon on the receiver display alerts the user when the batteries are getting low.
Digital Readout: The large numbers are clear and easy to read, so you can stay on grade. The 21 step arrow displays provide a graduated reference as you lock on the laser beam.
LCD Indication: Two, large graphic displays on the front and back of the receiver.
LED Indication: Three bright LED’s can be used as a ready reference for the receiver position.
Capture Function: The capture button allows the user to store and display a measurement.
Menu Function: Additional options are available to set your functional preferences.
Level Vial: Ensures good alignment and improves your reading accuracy.
Exceptional Reception: The extra-long 120mm reception window includes the unique technology that provides the accurate digital input.
Audio Indication: Four audio settings. Up to 110 decibels for noisy jobs.
Units of Measure: Digital information is displayed above and below grade in mm, cm, inches, fractions of inches and feet.
Versatile Rod Bracket: A rugged rod clamp ensures solid mounting to the grade rod. The circular level vial aids to keep your grade rod plumb.
Protective Overmold: The Leica Rod Eye 160 features enhanced protection of the receiver from drops in tough job site conditions.
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Leica Underground Locator Signal Transmitter Digitex 100t

The Leica Digitex i-Series signal transmitters apply a signal onto underground cables or pipes that may not carry a detectable signal. The Leica Digicat i-Series cable locator can then be used to locate the signal from the Leica Digitex signal transmitter.

The Digitex i-Series signal transmitters are compact, robust and easy-to-use. The have been designed in conjunction with the Digicat i-Series cable locators to easily and accurately avoid, trace or locate buried cables and pipes.

Improved utility detection
These intelligent signal transmitters can be used:

To improve utility detection in areas of high signal interference
Enables depth estimation, when using a depth enabled cable locator
Enables to locating of non-conductive utilities by applying a detectable signal onto underground utilities. The signal can then be traced using a Leica Digicat cable locator. Using the Leica Digitex signal transmitters this way will help you locate around 50% more buried cables or pipes than using a Digicat cable locator alone.
Use a range of accessories to locate a range of utilities

Leica Digitex 100t signal transmitter – 1 Watt signal transmitter for use before excavation work
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