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Lars Peterson
Works at Artist, Photographer, Body Painter and Photoshop Guru in Seattle, WA. I mostly do live music photos, commercial fashion photos, and badass fantasy art images... and sometimes perform small miracles.
Attended Savannah College of Art & Design
Lives in Seattle, WA


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Harder, faster, stronger, and less Derp!
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Who wore it better?
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too far back?
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alles so schön bunt hier
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World's Bunjee Jump Record is broken!!
Barry Covington leaps an impressive 27,800 feet from Dubai's tallest building! #guinnessworldrecord   #newsyoucanbelieve   #amazing  
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I almost didn't catch it...I use the metric system.
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Ho ho hoooo...
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One more...
Who wore it better?!?
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Well the outfit shows flowers on her walk torso, so I think that the head spade she is wearing fits thematically if she finds herself suddenly in a garden.
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Who wore it better??!
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you did better i think xd
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Lars Peterson

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Damn right!
It doesn't matter if you're going the speed limit. You may feel like you're doing the right thing by slowing a speeder down, or you may feel it's your RIGHT to drive in any lane you 'darn well please.'

You're not. It's not.
And you ARE breaking the law.

Here's how it is DESIGNED to work:
You're in what you think is just like any other lane except that it's 'fast'. Someone approaches you from behind at 64mph (and you look down to see you're going 57mph and you switch to your smug 'justified' face because the sign says 55). While rather close in proximity, the driver begs you to move over.

Oh, how you should.

But you don't.

The driver tries to be patient and now cars start lining up behind both of you. There's a quick flash of the brights, (Which means the driver would like to pass) and if you look up from your phone you either move over, or your ego decides that you'll be stubborn (and in some cases actually slow down ON PURPOSE). In most cases you don't even notice the signal (flash to pass) but you just start complaining about the guy riding your bumper.

Now there's four or five vehicles lining up behind you while you have a LOT of distance ahead of you and enough room to move over. Now the sixth vehicle back finally jets across two lanes of traffic to go around not only you and the cars behind you, but but also around the slower cars in the two lanes to your right, only to find that there's no GOOD reason for you to be IN THE WAY.

Note that he used the 'SLOW' lane to do this in and dangerously passes on the right.

Move over. You don't have to be stubborn. It's not your lane. You don't have to be self-righteous. Please be part of the solution. Don't cause traffic jams and contribute to road rage.

Related link: State "keep right" laws
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Portland is totally oblivious to this. Thank you for posting. Maybe it will prevent one person from camping out in the passing lane. That will help.
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#math   #satan   #photoshop   #coincidence  
So... A question for some math and statistics experts out there... 
Do you notice that when in a program like Photoshop, that has a slider for values, say 1-100 for opacity on a layer... As you drag that slider back and forth, it seems to jump to numbers as you slide fast, and then sequentially go through numbers as you scroll slower?
I notice that (using a Magic Mouse on an iMac) that as I grab the slider arrow, and drag back and forth... it always jumps to the same numbers. Such as 78, 124, 257, and... this is why I ask... 666.

It is that 666 is just such a nicely evenly rounded number that it mathematically falls within the most logical spots for a computer to jump to when reading my mouse movements? Is this a Satanic conspiracy designed by the evil lords of Adobe? Is this a specific coincidence that only myself experiences? Does anybody else notice that 666 is a common default number for sliders to jump to in Photoshop?

I tend to notice this even more while using the liquify tool, and adjusting the radius of my brush.

Just curios. Nothing here is intended to be insulting against Satanists.
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Lars Peterson

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Anybody know where I could have some custom-made pasties created? I want them to look like this, and possibly come in a variety of sizes (diameters.) #nipple   #pasties  
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Currently walking the earth in human form.
I am an artist and photographer in Seattle. I am currently working on bodypainting, Photography, and Photoshop ... and love to work with models and rock bands.
Bragging rights
My spirit animal is more badass than yours.
  • Savannah College of Art & Design
    Computer Animation, 1994 - 2001
  • Vancouver Film School
    Film Production, 1992 - 1993
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School
    High School, 1990 - 1991
  • Edmonds-Woodway High School
    High School, 1986 - 1990
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My current day job is at Windermere Real Estate, where I solve technical problems and make life easy for my agents. I also have a license for my Freelance company, Fine Art Technologies, which has been doing art and music related tasks since 1997 with my business partner Casey Brookbush. On the side, I also shoot photos of rock stars and beautiful people.
  • Artist, Photographer, Body Painter and Photoshop Guru in Seattle, WA. I mostly do live music photos, commercial fashion photos, and badass fantasy art images... and sometimes perform small miracles.
    Artist, Photographer, Designer, 1973 - present
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