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Wouldn’t it be great if lots of government orgs did that, too? US Postal Service “1 pm. Lunch over we set out to cover the southwest corner of the 90803, a route no carrier enjoys due to its paucity of shade trees and its plenty of hounds. My carrier…

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If a Famous NYT Restaurant Reviewer Sidelined as a Private Eye

The woman was a sigh of silk and tall brunette as she slid into the booth for her free consult. The waiter appeared a moment later, before we’d had a chance to introduce ourselves properly, perhaps a touch too quiet and efficient for the lunch service. He…

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I utter to myself, “Your soul is Rome but your hopes are Pompei.” Time has done to my face what the Internet has done to human decency. I descend the stairs noting that 100 years has made them the deepest conceivable brown. “It smells like an old trumpet…

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Yeah, this always bummed me out about O'Bummer -- the dismantling of OFA moments after winning the election.

On the brightside -- maxspeak is blogging again.

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An old man's adventures at the park - another 150 word opus.

My wife’s grandfather was a Bracero from Mexico in the ’50s. He’s a tough and charming man, 94, lives alone with some paid help afternoons. Last month he got one of his grandkids’ kids a job at McDonalds. He told them they should hire the kid, he bought…

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ALB, Ep.03: Coheed Is Awakened Early, rises to investigate, and despite a hangover, ventures forth to bring quiet.

[Episode Three of Adventures in Litter Bay] Coheed was awakened by the sound of children’s voices rising up from the park below his one bedroom apartment. “Lemonade Lemonade Lemonade!” they yelled. “Lemonade Lemonayyde Lemonade,” came their little boys’…

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Coheed arrives at O'Shannon too late to pick up the chairs, but he meets some writers and receives a message.

[Episode Two of Adventures in Litter Bay]   After leaving Jane’s, Coheed drives east out of the Shore and heads for O’Shannon. He’s late for his appointment — by hours, thanks to his ex-wife — but screw it. How often does he get a chance to be with a…

Post has attachment's idea for a decent Internet age rom-com you should totally share with your Hollywood producer friends.

We read on the Internet the other day that Rom Coms were dead.  Maybe so! None of us here watch many movies that aren’t Alien(s) or don’t have Russell Crowe in them, so we don’t know. But it reminded us of a thought we had elsewhere about an Internet…

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Here's a mid-Oughts tweak of the Epistolary novel -- The Sandwich

From: To: Subject: RE: Sandwich   That’s better. Don’t forget again! Your assistant? Must be nice. When do I get an assistant? I think if you’re the only competent one then worldfarer is in a world of hurt! (j/k) ILY…

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