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Lars Nielsen
M.Sc E / Cand.polyt Software at AAU && Student Software Developer at Steinwurf
M.Sc E / Cand.polyt Software at AAU && Student Software Developer at Steinwurf

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Might as well make it official here as well.

Back in 2009 after I finished my high school at technicall college christiansbjerg. I started at Aarhus University where I studied for a degree in Computer Science. However after a year and some months I found it not to my liking and I decided to switch to Business Academy Aarhus where I study for an Academy Proffession Degree in Computer Science. Basically what I did was to go for the practical approach. Then during my two final semesters I decided that I prefered semi low level programming over backend / web systems design.

I contact some companies about what degree they expected their software developers to have and they said a Masters degree and preferably a Software Engineering degree. So after I graduated from BAA in 2013, I started at Aalborg University and now I have finally completed my Bachelors in Software Engineering and will start on my Masters in September w00p w00p 

I have announced it on twitter already, but whatever. I have started developing an application for takning Micro breaks on OS X and it is open source. I hope to release the alpha in the end of February or start Marts. But get a sneak peak on the repo site:

#opensource #micro_breaks

+Kim Rostgaard Christensen kender du goder resource til at lære ada og evt. en gratis compiler ? 

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Hey I have started blogging properly again. 
So checkout my blog on: 

I will blog about stuff :D

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For all CS/SE master students I know. Summer school in network coding at AAU: 

I know all the lectures and they are very accomplished and good lectures. 

Hey I have a question. 
What would you expect from a CV application? 
My basic idea is an Python based CLI and QT application, using the same basic API. Storing data in JSON. So it can be modified and be restored in all editors. 

But what kind of features would you like ? 

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Check what we are working on at Steinwurf:
Steinwurf reliable multicast synchronized video

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Don't know if this is true, but if it is, it is awesome:

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I have seen this gif, at least a hundred times on the internet and the dude still has my respect
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