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A kickstarter funded Steampunk movie - prepping for release.

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Thanks for the tip, will check this out :-) 
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Lars Ivar Igesund

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+Carolyn Curtis has made this awesome Calaca of me!
#507 done!
+Lars Ivar Igesund
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I wonder who they're trying to fool? The locals that are forced to vote by gunpoint?  Or the international community that know that recent polls showed no likely majority for any of the voting options (they didn't include status quo)?

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Learn Japanese JRPG Kickstarter

I've lately been trying to learn a bit of Japanese, and although I'm fairly happy with the progress and the tools I use, I would certainly welcome something like Koe - a JRPG to help with the language learning. Thus backed.

#japanese   #learning   #kickstarter  
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+John Peter Brekke Well, I've tried a bunch of apps, but the only I've been happy about is Human Japanese that is more of a text book (for grammar and and everything else on the language) than anything else.

And recently I started to use +Cooori which is a flash card based web app. I think it is very good, but it is fairly new stuff and still under  some development.

I also hear Rosetta Stone is good, but I thought it cost just too much. All good options cost money though, the apparent exception being +Duolingo which currently don't support Japanese.

Also your approach may depend on how interested you are in actually learning to write Japanese using a pen/pencil, since the characters have a lot of rules to them. Personally I'm dropping that aspect for now and focus on being able to read and listen, and maybe speak.

Oh, I also tried +busuu which I think have some good concepts going, but I think I'm leaning towards their website being rather messy and the modules being such that I have a bit trouble getting into them. It may be best at challenging you though.
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Evolution for kids on Kickstarter

This looks to be a great book on evolution for kids to stem the anti-scientific anti-evolution tide from certain environments.

It is already well beyond its funding goal, but it seems to me that it is important to just spread the word on its existance.

This is stuff to support!


#science   #kickstarter   #scienceoutreach  
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Thanks for the share. 
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The irony.

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Fascinating: Wind and Solar hand in hand with Gas and Coal (like in Germany) to provide "clean" energy.  Oh, what a "warm and gentle" future is waiting for us...

Only the fools of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are working on the Molten Salt Reactor (it works at atmospheric pressures, consumes 99% of the fuel, and is able to shut itself down in a safe configuration).
But of course the Chinese have the absurd idea of replacing Gas and Coal (which are killing their cities) with clean nuclear power.
Lucky us that Belgium and Europe know better!
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I don't plus 1 this only because I don't want to take a chance on helping a video that may give an inappropriate message which is the impression I get but I'm not watching the video due to data download limits so please take my plus 1 for you without the actual plus 1 for the video :-)
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Lars Ivar Igesund

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Mykje gode tankar om NRK-lisensen her, inkludert i (utruleg nok) kommentarane.

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TV-lisensens svanesang? - Tiden er i ferd med å løpe fra fjernsynslisensen, dampen, gamle gampen.
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Tiden er i ferd med å løpe fra fjernsynslisensen, dampen, gamle gampen.
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Lars Ivar Igesund

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Hah, that is great! (Make sure to click through to the video).

A few days ago, I challenged myself to do more builds of everyday objects. Here's the first!

A picture can only tell you so much — to see what it actually does, check out the video on Instagram:
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Bloody, crazy, stupid russians with Putin on the top.

#ukraine   #crimea   #russia   #putin  
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What did the EU initiate? The demonstrations? The government was elected, but didn't act like a democratically elected government.

My opinion on what the EU eventually did, is that they prevented an escalation (or civil war) during those negotiations. Revoking russian from the official languages seems to have been a rash and stupid decision, but even if there are nationalistic elements in the opposition movement, there is nothing suggesting that these would have threatened the russian population in any way. As you say, there are far more russians than ukrainians in the east and on Crimea. Calling for help does in that light sound much more like a politically motivated action than anything else.

So I still believe that using/authorizing military force at this point was totally uncalled for. In fact I consider that war mongering and I find that totally unacceptable in a modern world.
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Furry laundry

So, apparently I forgot to close the lid on the laundry basket today ...

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Better than finding a rattlesnake in there.
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Software development consultant
  • Igesund Enterprise Software
    Software development consultant, 2006 - present
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Trondheim, Norway
Fosnavåg, Norway
Programmer, geek of most things and believing in technology to improve the world
A youth spent by the ocean in rough weather, teenage years by the computer dreaming about a career as a games programmer/artist/producer.

Studies then taught me that computing in general can have at least as exciting challenges, not the least when combined with technologies of the analog kind (radio, satellite, sensors, etc).

I am a fan of Liverpool FC.

Research is boring to do, but I love the results, no matter the field.

Politics are damn interesting, just so sad that most politicians are proffesionals at politics, and not at the actual topics at hand.

Space is the final frontier, and maybe I can visit (safely) at some point in the far future.

I believe in a future mightily improved by technology, maybe akin to the technological singularity. I hope to help that along by writing awesome software, whether as an employee, consultant or entrepreneaur - or via open source.
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a boy and a girl, co-authored a book, a self-built back porch ...
  • NTNU
    MSc Comp.sci, 1998 - 2003
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