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I have started to use collections so You poor followers can opt out some of my post - or follow only some of them if that's You kink. The collection are:

If You want even more... ask on a post to be added to my kinky circles.

This is awesome but not for all...

Post in a tong that most of You hardly will understand :-)

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I sure wish to believe it's true :-)

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Rare good us of gif again....

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+Chano Again might like this?

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Yes, somewhere You have to draw the line!

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Bruises over the kidneys... Looks more like the police than a god Master... Police is an destructive kink. Cute anyways :-)

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Part of Murphy's law... Things actually are worse then they are....
Maths | The Inspection Paradox

So just why is it that we almost never get a taxi when we really need one? How come the train is almost always later when we wait for it?

Welcome to the Inspection Paradox.

In a nutshell, you'll see more of the longer/bigger thing than 'the real number', whether it is waiting time, class size, overcrowded planes, or whatever. It really is true that the lane you join moves slower. Now you can know why.

(Dunno if it will make you feel better, though).

This lovely article was found by +Sameer Bora, and posted on fb.

#maths #Statistics #InspectionParadox

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This is science!
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