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Lars Fosdal

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How to betray an entire sport.
#blatter   #fifa   #corruption  
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Lars Fosdal

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The 16-line poem
When your teacher gives you the assignment of writing a 16-line poem - what do you do?

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Lars Fosdal

Help! Need input!  - 
PostMessage problem
For a long time, I've been using AllocatehWnd in the main thread to create handles for passing messages from background threads to the foreground thread.  

All the handles are created in the same location (during main thread startup), connecting to different handler procedures.  All messages are wm_user + unique number (from 1 to 140)

Recently, this stopped working for 3 of 4 handles, and I can't for the life of me figure out why?  

The only messages I see, is a value of 28 (which is wm_ActivateApp) and it arrives on startup only) - and then I see one of my other registered messages from a specific background thread (wm_user + 121).

For the other threads, I see the postmessage being called, with the right handle and the right message - but it never arrives in the registered handler.

I've tried moving the message from wm_user + 1 to wm_user + 151 - in case something else was eating them.  No joy.

I've tried using only one handle, and calling all of the four handler methods from the common registered handler.  The same results.

Each handler do call DefWindowProc.  Can it be a component vendor that inserts a handler, but which fails to call DefWindowProc?

I need suggestions for possible causes, or for how to best drill down to the core of the problem, because I am stumped!
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Lars Fosdal

Interesting Link  - 
Another new Delphi book!
There seems there is some life in this old horse yet, in spite of all the flogging.

#delphi   #book  
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+Richard Baroniunas In Amazon's book preview anyone can see this book has German screenshots. So what are you complaining about? :)

There is more than one language in the world. If it gives you a chance to learn a few German words easily, it is fun, isn't it?
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Lars Fosdal

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I just spent three days in Oslo, at Tine's main office, doing a workshop with the rest of the development team.  Naturally, I did a handful of captures with my trusty old Nexus 4, walking around downtown before and after work. I do love these amazing stories that Google puts together for me!

#story   #oslo   #nexus4  
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+nomad dimitri​ - will do. 
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Lars Fosdal

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Water's second untapped energy resource.
The residents of Drammen in Norway have rather an unusual way of keeping warm, based on ice cold water from the local fjord.
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Vinaros panoramica de esta ciudad. 
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Lars Fosdal

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Full On Spring! No Buds Held!
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Lars Fosdal

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What's new in Android M.
Run-time permissions - instead of install-time.  Apps will ask for access. Permissions can be changed individually after installation.

Voice Interaction - user can do vocal confirmations.

Finger prints - Two authentication APIs.

Android Backup - Opt In/out for app settings and resources.

Google Play Services 7.5 - Network Manager - smarter decisions on when to use wifi or phone intensively.  Backwards compatible with L and older. Also - Maps on Android Wear, App Invites, Cast Remote Display, Smart Lock for passwords.

Power Management - improving screen-off battery life by "dozing". Untouched devices become "inactive". Waits longer to wake up for background tasks. App standby -  Unused apps lose network access., Tasks and apps resume when launched/user or phone is plugged in.

Assistant support - new APIs. Just-in-time help for the user.

Data Binding - connecting data and UI elements. Pre-processed at build time.  Removes a lot of boilerplate code.

Android Design Support Library - suggestions / tips / patterns / components - CoordinatorLayout, Snackbar, TabLayout, NavigationView, FAB (the circle with the shadow).

UI Changes - RecyclerView: swipe to dismiss, drag & drop
WebView: PostMessage, WebViewClient, off-screen drawing, etc.

Notifications - New support for icons with on-the-fly generated bitmaps.

Text selection/copy/share/paste significantly improved!  Text selection processing.  Better formatting / hyphenation / flow-control.

App-links: Understanding relationships between related app and web site, automatically using the appropriate intent.

Direct share: context based Intent delivery for shared data.  Gives receiver smarter intent selection set.

Stylus support - used to be digitizers only - now adds Bluetooth stylus support, and merge info with the touch surface (ie the BT pen can deliver the pressure and accelleration, while coordinates comes from the touch screen.  Also adds button support, gesture support, etc.

Graphics & Media - BLAS intrinsics (huge matrices), allocation-less launches (size of kernel separate from data), ScriptGroup (dependency types, optimizations).

Camera - New Torch mode (runs flash independent of camera), Alpha optmizations, auto hw layer for translucent views.

MIDI - - in/out - simplifies the consumption and production of MIDI data streams.

Hi-rez audio - single precision floats at 96kHz.

Android Studio - Integrated testing support, Data binding, Vector drawables, new annotations (improve type safety), Android NDK

Systrace - app performance analysis, now with tips and diagnostic descriptions.

ART - better performance and lower memory use.

- "Adopt" permanent storage (SD) avoid hard coded paths.
- New "brain dump" guide for better apps being published on


SDK+Android Studio and System images:

Bug reports:


+Google Developers
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He is using a Mac. Why not the Chromebook?
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Lars Fosdal

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This owl does love a scratch - or is it in need of an exorcism?

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Every bird I've ever met that let me scritch it ended up doing this, especially cockatoos.
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Lars Fosdal

Off topic  - 
Google Chrome Version 45.0.2414.0 dev-m (64-bit) no longer allows me to view the EMBT forums. You need to kick some corporate butt,  +Marco Cantù, because now it is becoming more than a cosmetic problem.
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They have known and been warned for years but apparently aren't interested enough to invest resources in it.
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Lars Fosdal

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Betsy McCall originally shared to Science & Math:
A new drug based on a genetically modified herpes virus has been used to successfully treat patients with aggressive cases of skin cancer—and it’s hoped it could be used to treat other forms of cancer, too.
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+Jeff Hitch - If my options are GMO herpes vs death from aggressive skin cancer - I would not mind the herpes at all.
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Lars Fosdal

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Harley Reindeerson

#oslo #nexus4 #sooc 
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very good!
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Software Developer
Embarcadero Delphi, Oracle/PL-SQL, MSSQL/T-SQL, XML, Windows and .NET.
  • Tine
    Systems Consultant, Industrial IT, 2010 - present
    I am currently part of a three man Delphi team, doing a complete Production Control and Warehouse Management System, which integrates with Lawson's M3 (aka Movex) ERP system. The system consists of a large MS SQL database, a multithreaded Delphi server running as a service with an Indy driven web frontend, a Delphi Windows frontend app, a Windows Touch Truck terminal app, various other system config and control apps, as well as two .NET apps for handheld computers. One of the handhelds is touch based, but the other is a displayless, voice operated computer, worn by the pickers that expedite the orders to clients.
  • IST AS
    Systems Developer, 2008 - 2010
    Learning PL-SQL was a great experience, but maintaining a Delphi 5 app was not. Since IST didn't actually own the app, but did it as a consulting task - it also meant that development was committee driven. An attempt to port the quite advanced Delphi 5 app (it had it's own ORM) to Delphi 2009, stranded on a grid component that they didn't have the source for, and which development had been discontinued - and a project owner that didn't want to take the cost of a partial rewrite. Being stuck at Delphi 5 and not owning the application, was really painful.
  • Sabbatical
    Student, 2006 - 2007
    The severance agreement allowed me to take a break and try to figure out if I wanted to go left and continue in the management direction, or take a right - and return to software development. I decided I wanted to stay on the technical path, as it would mean less politics and be focused on creating stuff. I spent some time on C# and Delphi.NET and various web technologies. When I got headhunted into IST, which was an Oracle and PL-SQL shop - I saw an opportunity to learn more about large databases.
  • Reuters Group plc
    Software Development Manager, 2000 - 2006
    Being both a pointy haired boss and a dilbert developer was both great fun and a great challenge. People handling skills are useful to have, and nothing hones them as having to manage smart and resourceful developers. All in all, a humbling and educating experience, but also a source of frustration as your development time gets torpedoed by other tasks. Reuters First was having growth pains, and we embarked on redesigning the data distribution system from a Windows NT based feed translators and Unix hosted feed concentrators and data routers, to a pure Windows environment using a compressed XML data stream over Tibco Rendezvous' multicast Publish/Subscribe bus. In 2004, We began a refactoring of the Reuters First App and started integrating with the other Reuters Systems, including dropping their COM objects into our app. In 2005 - we got the message that Reuters was concentrating their development sites to just a few main hubs - and the Oslo development team was facing the axe. The team got an invitation to move to Paris, but 5 of 6 team members declined. Most of us were not thrilled about leaving our relatives and business networks, and the signals that we received in Paris were not encouraging. Instead we accepted a handsome severance deal, and completed the refactoring/rewrite of Reuters First and handed it over to a Moscow based company for care and maintenance. For Reuters, that meant going from a team of 6 in Oslo, managing the system well, to needing a team of 15+ in Moscow. Clearly, experience does have it's value.
  • Reuters Group plc
    Sr. Software Developer, 1996 - 2000
    Reuters Norway bought Falcon - lock, stock and barrel. We were beating them on the trader and analyst desks, so since they couldn't beat us, they bought us. The Broker's ABC was fitted with a DDE based data connection to Falcon's System IV, a real time stock market information app, and suddenly we did real time technical chart analysis. System IV was the reason Reuters bought Falcon, and it was renamed Reuters First Nordic, and expanded to cover Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. FDBLib was ported to BDE, and a socket based client/server version was made - without any changes to the APIs exposed by the FDBLib16 and FDBLib32 time series libraries. I created new UX tools for automated and manual data maintenance as well. The updates were scripts that were validated and compiled into a serialized binary stream which was sent to the client's servers to be applied to the client's local databases.
  • Falcon Information Services AS
    Software Developer, 1992 - 1996
    My first task was to port "The Broker's ABC" - a DOS based Stock Market Technical Chart Analysis app to Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.0, and in the process I also designed and implemented a new time series vector format (FDBLib16) which was using Paradox Engine as a storage facility. At the time, it was the only royalty free engine that supported both DOS and Windows. Later, I made ABC into a white labeled app, which we licensed to one of the local Power Exchanges and added support for historical energy and weather data.
  • ABB Alfsen og Gunderson AS
    Software Developer, 1990 - 1992
    As their only pure software developer at the time, I ported and modernized a Timber Drying Kiln control system, written in Compas Pascal on a DEC Rainbow CP/M computer, to MS DOS using Turbo Pascal 4.0, and later as OOP in n TP 5.5, adding multi PLC, multi Printer and multi Display support. I also wrote various other control apps for a number of processing plants.
Basic Information
Rose Colored Glasses FTW!
Hi, and Thank You for visiting or following me on Google+!

FYI - You will not find me on Klout, PlusClout or other emperor's new statistics sites.

If you are new to Google+ - there are a few points to take note of...
  • Google+ is not Facebook.  Your old friends might not be here (yet), but that is okay, since Google+ exists to bring people together based on their shared interests and not only by social connection.
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My interests:
  • Software: #programming #delphi #firemonkey #vcl #pascal
    If your primary interest is Delphi Development, please follow the Delphi Developers community
  • Photography: #photography #nikon #d7000
  • Poetry: #poetry #prose #writing

About me:
  • Norwegian by birth
  • Grew up in the Gjøvik area, lived in Oslo from 1990 to 2010, now living at Stathelle, Bamble in Telemark
  • Educated in electronics and software, with music, poetry and photo as hobbies
  • Married, three teens, a dog, a cat, computer & camera 
    What spare time?

På norsk:
    • Norsk
    • Oppvokst på Gjøvik, Osloboer fra 1990 til 2010, nå Bambling på Stathelle, Telemark
    • Elektronikk og software utdannet, med musikk, poesi og foto som hobby
    • Gift, tre tenåringer, hund, katt, PC og kamera
      Hvilken fritid, sa du?
    Bragging rights
    Know a little about programming in general, and Delphi in particular.
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    This Windows tool allows you to decompile and compile the classes.dex files in simple and efficient way.

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    Why Are Developers So Afraid Of SQL?

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    Where to Get Delphi Help

    Sadly, the good old Embarcadero newsgroups NNTP Feed appear to have come to an end.  Alas.&nbsp

    Apple iMac 21.5 i5 1.4GHz 8GB

    Selskapets billig-iMac sliter likevel med å gi oss «go-følelsen».

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    Har brukt dem i bryllup og konfirmasjon, og det var deilg mat til overkommelig pris.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    Når du har lyst på roadburger, så er dette et helt kurant sted.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    Koselig betjening, men har ikke alltid alt på lager. Noe stiv pris på enkelte varer.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    Er du Coop medlem, så er dette stedet å storhandle på. Ryddig og oversiktelig butikk med godt utvalg, og veldig trivelig personale.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    34 reviews
    En rikholdig REMA med dyktig betjening. God grøntavdeling og av og til gode tilbud på Diplom-Is produkter :)
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    Greit utvalg, men prismessig så sliter de i forhold til konkurrentene. Bra ferskvare og ostedisk.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago
    God ferskvareavdeling, samt at de fører en del varer som ikke finnes i billigkjedene i nabolaget.
    Public - 4 months ago
    reviewed 4 months ago