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Rose Colored Glasses FTW!
Rose Colored Glasses FTW!


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Fight racism in gaming!
Harassment online in any way, shape or form, must be stopped.
Jesimain dubbed it eCourage - the idea that you can say anything to people online, just because you are online. I agree with him - you should not behave like that, in any situation. When you observe it, fight it!

#gameplay #socialmedia #racism #harassment #hatespeech
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6 week old Alaskan Malamute puppies! Fluff balls!

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MeWe road map, sort of.
Posted by Deb_C on MeWe.

This is from the Great G+ RPG Exodus Group. It was originally shared by Jacob Hurst. I'm grateful for people who provide these type of transcripts.

------------------------Jacob Hurst's personal recap of +Matt Finch's interview with Jason Hardy of Mewe.

Overview: Public posts are coming. Circles are coming (sort of). It's not some Nazi free for all. Freemium.

Public Posts are coming in the near future. Potentially November.

When public posts launch, you'll have three sharing options:

Public - This means that anyone LOGGED INTO MEWE can see it.
Private - This is how posts are now. Only your contacts can see your post (unless you've forbidden them from seeing your private posts)
Close Friends - When public posts are launched, it will be possible to create a list of \"close friends\", so you can share private posts with a subset of your contacts. It is unclear how many people this list can have on it. The numbers 20 and 25 were thrown around frequently.
Public posts will not be visible without logging into Mewe. So if you share your mewe post on twitter, it can't be seen without a login. It is possible that this may change in the future in some way, but there is no time line or details of note.

Public posts will appear on your personal profile, and can be seen by anyone who's logged into Mewe.

But I made a monster and I shared it on Mewe and I want people to be able to see it, how it be found?

Public posts will be indexed and searchable
Posts made into OPEN groups will be indexed and searchable (It's possible that it already works like this and I missed this detail)
Sharing posts on Mewe is weird: Yes it is. Right now it's basically copy/paste. When the public posting update goes live, sharing should be updated as well to function in line with other social media networks. The original post will be attributed, and will not be able to be edited. The person re-sharing it will be able to add a comment to it.

What's the deal with the Mewe Business Model?
The store is available on the mobile app now.
You can buy emoji packs, and secret chat right now.
Pages are coming, and they are expected to cost $2.99 per month
Additional storage space can be purchased above the 8Gb each account gets at creation

A good example of Freemuim for Mewe is: Dark Mode/Night Mode. Users have requested a dark mode for the site. Devs have made it and are beta testing it now. The plan is that once it launches it will be a one time purchase of, perhaps, 99 cents.

Expect \"extras\" and \"nice to haves\" as having a one time cost. It also sounds like it's going to be possible to eventually \"build your own Mewe\" via micro transactions in a way. Let's say you run a group, and your group wants to have screen sharing or video chat within the group, this would be a likely premium feature.

There is also an enterprise level of Mewe that brings in money. And that enterprise edition is free for educational groups and non-profits.

Mewe for the visually impared: The devs know this is not the best experience right now and they are actively working to improve this experience.

OMG 8Gb of storage is NOTHING! Photos are compressed on upload. The guy doing the interview has been using Mewe for 4 years and personally uploaded 7000 photos, and it only up to about 70% usage. Things can be deleted to free up space. Text is effectively free because it's so small. The big issue would be with tons of video uploads, but that choice then makes it a premium type activity. They want to make sure that users can use the site for years making text and image posts without needing to pay, and so far it seems to have been a non-issue.

But muh Nazis! The founder is a libertarian, but there is allowable content and rules. People are, and have been banned and deleted from the site. You can't use the platform to incite violence, or rally people to go kill people, but they're not going to censor people due to their political beliefs.

MyCloud and Files are not currently in the App. Yes, but they're coming.

Can you mute group chats? Yes.
On Desktop: Chats -> Open the chat you want to hide -> Info (upper right corner of chat window) -> Hide Chat
On Mobile: Chats -> Open the the chat you want to hide -> Three dot menu -> Hide Chat

This only hides the chat from the chat tab. You can still access the chat from the Group itself. If you open the group chat (as in pop it out using the arrows on the chat window) it will be added back to your list.
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Sir. Tim Berners-Lee - the man behind Solid ( and Inrupt ( - i.e. the new internet - is an advisor to!

Hey everyone, my name is Mark Weinstein. I am the founder of MeWe. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, (inventor of the Web) is an important MeWe Advisor.

MeWe is social done right. We're here to serve you, not sell you.

We welcome and invite all G+ members to join and enjoy MeWe (available on iOS, Android, and Desktop, in 8 languages).

MeWe is the first social network with all the features people love and a Privacy Bill of Rights for members. No ads. No spyware. No political bias. No shadow banning. No Russians paying to show you fake news. No newsfeed manipulation. No facial recognition. No BS.

My BBC interview on June 14:

1-minute video:
Privacy Bill of Rights:
Advisory Board:
Founder Bio:

We've won nice awards including SXSW Start-Up of the Year Finalist and will be the first social network to implement Tim's "Solid" protocol giving MeWe members total control of their data.

Cheers, Mark

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