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Lars Albertsson

To my surprise, I am able to help clients with agile methods in multiple ways. +Spotify is a great school. Thank you +Henrik Kniberg, Ingrid Franck, +Marcus Hammarberg, Viktor Cessan - what I know, I have learnt from you.

I just submitted a proposal to +Jfokus. Deadline 30 September. How about you?

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Slides from my presentation at #data2020 summit: "10 ways to stumble with big data."

OH (on TWiMLAI): "The industry is overfitted on ImageNet."

Do check out their podcast. It is a great learning resource.

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Announcing Stuffer, a simple way to stuff your containers: Documentation at, source code at

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Agile construction ( +Veidekke i Sverige​). MVP station = takes traffic. Dodgy temporary stairs, single track, but this pile of rubble is operational.

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Great writeup that enumerates the most important things to know when working with Docker, by +Vladislav Supalov​.

- Hi, my name is Elias (+Elias Freider) . I created #luigi, in case anyone has used it.
- So, it was you...

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What is wrong with you, +Netflix​? Subscription cancelled.

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> If one wants to remotely resist potential US totalitarian fascism, what's your advice? Where to donate money, time, or energy?

I received this link from with some good suggestions:

We can tweet & like, but only real, concrete actions make a difference. Pick your method. Donate, go out on the streets, help fact check.

I have now donated to @ProPublica and the @EFF. The latter supported a web site FBI demanded visitor records from.

I have subscribed to @nytimes and @washingtonpost, who have their finest moment defending US democracy.

It is up to all of us to contribute. If you are passive, you allow it to happen. Which type of contribution will you make?

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