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Here is my Google earnings remarks I just gave and the quote from our press release:

"Google had a really strong quarter ending a great year. Full year revenue was up 29%, and our quarterly revenue blew past the $10 billion mark for the first time,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google. “I am super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just three months ago. By building a meaningful relationship with our users through Google+ we will create amazing experiences across our services. I’m very excited about what we can do in 2012 – there are tremendous opportunities to help users and grow our business.”

Good afternoon everyone--and happy New Year! Welcome to our first earnings call of 2012. It’s great to have you all here.

I’m very happy with our results. Google had a very strong quarter--with revenue up 25% year on year, 9% quarter on quarter. And we blew past the $10BN mark for the first time. Pretty exciting!

Looking back on 2011 I am most excited by the fact that we significantly improved our velocity and execution--my priority when I became CEO in April.

With Google+, we’ve shipped on average a new feature every day since we launched in June. That’s more than 200 updates in total, including:

-- A bunch of new hangout features … in fact David Beckham just did a great hangout with his fans here this morning;
-- Circles in Gmail; and
-- +Pages for businesses

I’m also pleased to announce that there are over 90M Google+ users -- well over double what I announced just a quarter ago on our earnings call. Engagement on + is also growing tremendously. I have some amazing data to share there for the first time: +users are very engaged with our products -- over 60% of them engage daily, and over 80% weekly.

But as I said last quarter, Google+ is about much more than the individual features themselves. It’s also about building a meaningful relationship with users so that we can dramatically improve the services we offer. Understanding who people are, what they care about, and the other people that matter to them is crucial if we are to give users what they need, when they need it.

Take last week’s Search announcement, which I’m really excited about. We’ve now included personal results in Search, so you easily find information like photos and +posts that are super relevant to you--as well as the people you care about, or are interested in. You can even restrict to all personal results or easily view Google in “world” mode just as you would have before. I really like it, and I encourage all of you to try it out too.

Key to improved execution and velocity is focus. There are so many opportunities for Google today. But to make a real impact in the world we need to make hard choices about where to focus our efforts.

Since we last spoke, we’ve announced that we are closing 12 more products, including Buzz, Knol and Friend Connect, and integrating a whole bunch of others into features of existing products. This means we can double down on the really big bets we have made--like Android, Chrome, Gmail, Display and YouTube.

And I’m pleased to say that those big bets are really paying off. We’re seeing extraordinary velocity, the kind of velocity we could only dream about.

Android is quite simply mind boggling:

-- 700K phones are lit up every day-- and I’m pleased to announce 250M Android devices in total, up 50M since our last announcement just in November.
-- In just two days over the holiday weekend, 3.7M Androids were activated.
-- And today we’re announcing over 11BN downloads from Android Market. Wow!

Ice Cream Sandwich--which is a new Android release in October is by far our best build yet. And there are exciting new phones. I simply love my new Galaxy Nexus … it’s super fast, great for photos, and has an amazing 720p screen.

Chrome is on fire too. It’s a wonderful example of the kind of beautifully simple, intuitive experience that really improves users’ lives. People thought we were crazy. Who wants another browser? Turns out a ton of people want to get onto the Web quickly and securely--and we’ve got an amazingly fast growing fan base around the world.

From the start, Gmail had security, accessibility--you can get all your email from anywhere, on any device--and insane storage made it a winner with consumers, business and education. From an internal beta project eight years ago, I’m proud to tell you today that Gmail now has more than 350M active users--and it’s growing rapidly!

As I have always said, our emerging high usage products can generate huge new businesses for Google in the long run, just like Search. And we have a ton of experience monetizing successful products over time.

Take Display--we’ve brought the science of Search to the art of Display, creating a business that our latest figures show has now reached an annualized run rate of over $5BN.

I have some exciting new numbers also for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange -- spending is up over 130% year on year, and the number of buyers and sellers have both more than doubled over the same period.

And I am very pleased with the advertising on YouTube. TrueView gives users much more choice over what they watch, and advertisers only pay when someone watches their ad.

And it’s not just in advertising that we’re doing well--Enterprise is doing great with over 5K new customers signing up every day. In fact last week we signed our biggest ever deal with about 110 thousand users at BBVA, one of the world’s leading banks.

All of our experience says that well run technology businesses with tremendous consumer usage make a lot of money over the long term.

All of this is made possible by the exceptional people that work here. I have always believed that you attract the best talent by working on things that matter in the world, and creating a great workplace environment. People want to feel part of a family even when they are at work.

So I am super pleased that Google topped Fortune’s 2012 ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list, which was published today. We’ve taken the No 1 slot three times now--more than any other company. I want to thank everyone at Google for all of their hard work that has made this possible.

Let me finish up by saying that 2012 promises to be a fantastic year. We’re still at the very, very early stages of what technology can do. By building a meaningful relationship with users we can start to offer them just what they need, exactly when they want it.

Everyone here at Google is super excited about our work today, and what the future holds. It’s great to be here--thank you for taking the time to join us today and I’ll now hand over to Patrick.
Google Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Results. Download PDF version [146K]. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – January 19, 2012 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced financial results for t...
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Wow!!! Great job guys. And congrats on the Success of Google+. We love it
Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just three months ago

pretty impressive even for Google
In your statement, you used dashes after saying 90 million Google+ users, and it -strikes out the text.- This happened to me earlier today on a post. You have to -- put spaces around the dashes -- to avoid this.
To quote Charlie Sheen. "Winning."
Cool. And 0.044% of them have circled me!
Great news guys! Good to see the growth in the product lines like gmail and android!
Congrats +Larry Page! All of you have made Google+ an amazing place to come to every day where users can connect with such a wonderful, caring, and talented community! Thank you.
Well done ! What about a service for hosting movies in the cloud for exemple ? ;)
Fantastic! Maybe you guys could fund research projects into understanding the universe ?
Amazing work +Larry Page thank you for all your efforts a taking the world feel that little bit smaller.
Hi Larry. You made a good job.
By the way, what about a dividend?
what is wrong with wall street? They can't stop playing their games....
Good performance, Google!
How would you spend this amount of money?
Keep at it guys 'n gals. We're here to enjoy the ride!
Proud to be one of these 90 millions. By the way... When can enjoy ice cream sandwich in samsung galaxy sII?
"One in a million" my mom would say.

I better call her up and tell her that's 90, mom
Looking forward to 2012 in the Googleverse
Very impressed with Google+ and Hangouts do far!
Thera are 250 millions android phones and only 90million user , every phone should be using + or they will by end of 2012.
would like see some more news
I am looking to become an Android convert ... bye bye Apple likely in 2012.
Stay focused on the Big 5 and stop throwing money at trying to go to the moon.
I want more Google narcotics of all kinds to play with, please. ))
wow, cool, good job, why has stock dropped 9% or 58$ then!! in out of hours! grrr
Keep Android rocking and ramp up HTML5!
I have the google samsung phone and it works great, can't wait for the google brand phone
Anyway Larry, when are you going to start sharing this 10billion with your shareholders?!! :-)
mmm 10 billion / 90 million is.... 11$ each one... what about larry? will you offer us a pizza?
+Paolo Ruffino Let's not make Facebook out of G+ please. No reason to make a comment if all you are going to say is "lol". There is a +1 button for that purpose, which you already hit anyway.
Congrats on the good news - I am loving Google+ and in fact today made Google Chrome my primary browser. I love the changes to Gmail (especially toggling between accounts and added security) and the improvements with Photos and Documents. You guys and gals at Google are rocking it and every day (or so) brings something new. I am dragging my family over from Facebook and just had a hangout with some family from 4 locations - it is great to be on the same page, see the faces, and share photos to get points across. Class A job so far - keep it up!
90 million G+ users is a HUGE number. Congratulations!
It still didnt meet the analysts estimates :( The stocks are down 60$!
Congrats to you and everyone over at Google. Great work and I must say G+ us hands down the most social of the social networks I have ever been on. Love it, so thank you :)
+Johannes Siemers yeap, no profit numbers.
Stock market already reacted by sending GOOG down to ~$580/share.
I hope Larry's growth strategy would work out in the long term.
So +Mark Zuckerberg , how about a diaper change? Oh, and can you please stop copying +Google+ features? We know that's your thing and all but you look pretty mediocre.
I told everyone that in 6 months +Google+ was going to get strong. Told ya.
Hey Larry, can you give me one share of common stock of Google for my birthday?? :-)
Larry, i need to contact you, pls check me address,
Congrats!!! You guys Rock
Google just isn’t breaking out how many of those 90 million users are actually visiting G+ pages every day, week or month! Why?
+Amir Araghi because they're hiding a terrible and evil secret which is that no-one on google + is actually human and everyone is a robot who doesn't care about these things, except you who's astute suspicions will take you on a grand adventure all the way back to Facebook one day....
Larry, please reply to this comment to demonstrate that a public school teacher in South Carolina can connect with one of Google's co-founders. Would make a great teachable moment. Cheers.

p.s. Good work.
+Nick Hunter +Bruno Coelho +Vic Gundotra Don't get me wrong. I had a Facebook account since it was called thefacebook; way before the introduction of newsfeeds, ads, even before letting high school kids on, but left it almost two years ago. I love G+ and I was probably among the very first thousand to use it. 90M G+ users seem to be an awful lot of people, I agree, BUT many of whom who have plus profiles don’t seem to be doing much with them. If we say half of FB's 800M users use FB every day, then 60% of 90 million users (of which Google doesn't break) is not that complementing!
+Lex McFarley It doesn't hurt to read some of the preceding posts before asking what was already asked before. ) Because while Google did great, analysts expected it to do better. Classic Wall Street greed.
Congratulations Larry! Well deserved for amazing services and products you and your team created!
keep it and keep going
"don't do evil"
my God bless Google.
Mis felicitaciones y ¡¡Viva un trabajo bien hecho!!. Encantado estoy con vuestros servicios.
Un saludo a todos.
Congrats. All the best for future. Wish we see more ICS based phones in coming months.
Selamat buat google, tapi kenapa banyak blog di banned dari google adsense?
Congratulations! It's not only the platform but the people on the Google+ team that take it that extra mile to be what it is. Vic, Natalie, Timothy, Denis and all others on G+ team put the beating heart and soul into this growing community. Sowing the seeds of love +1's indeed!
+Larry Page Android has definitely matured with ICS. A great OS has become amazing, and I can't wait to see what Jellybean(?) has to offer. I definitely have a greater desire to buy apps on my Galaxy Nexus than I did on my Droid Incredible because of the screen real estate and performance, now all that us Android users need is prepaid android market cards.

Personally, I'll probably continue to use credit cards, but I feel this would create a greater market for Android premium apps, giving incentive to developers and further improving the Android ecosystem. I feel that this is one area where Apple still has the advantage. Imagine a card people can use for anything on the Market, whether it be books or movies, apps or music. One of the biggest barriers to people using online services that I see is the inability to use cash, or avoid putting a credit card online. That's just my two cents.
Please keep growing Google+. It's already valuable to me even if no more of my friends ever join, but I don't want google to take the product away!
means it's right time to invest in Google???
+Patrick Kee No doubt... Definitely super useful and I thought for a second they were actually advertising it the other night but then it was just Chrome :) (typing from Chrome)
De Vuk
Google+ is the best
God! I wish I could work for Google and be part of this amazing success-story.
I am glad to see the improving fundamentals. It is very important to stay in course and do NOT conform to the stock analysts expectation. If they run the company, Google+ will never be rolled out, and YouTube won't exist. So great job Google, and look forward for another great year.
I am samurai obama
Speaking of chrome, can i get a portable version with update funcionality ? Congratulations btw
Impressive and congrats! Youre doing it right.
I just persuaded a friend to get a gmail account and added her to my circles. looking forward to hanging out with her. Larry, that would make it 90,000,001.
Hats off to you and your team for this splendid performance
Hey Larry, it was good to hear you like your phone, the Galaxy Nexus. :-) It would be awkward to have to work with a bad phone. Sadly, here in Canada, you would have to sign a gruesome three year contract with a network operator (not advisable) to get your hands on a Galaxy Nexus. That is silly. Independent distribution would be an asset. Maybe an option for with future devices?
Just remember "Don't be evil". I'm scared that one day, Google will forget that.
Hey Larry, Is it possible to add a feature to Google maps so it's Google maps in time. So in 2040 you can look at what the area looked like in 2010.
I'm waiting for Chrome to catch up Android!
Dear +Larry Page and what about Google's blackout in the name of stuggle against SOPA/PIPA? The world needs you.
Googles success is not surprising in my opinion: Free products with amazing and solid functionality, clutter free, frequent but transparent updates. The focus on innovation and research. The consistent do-no-evil policy. Pleasing and attracting users first, and trusting the advertisers will come in later (willingness to invest in user base). Creating an attractive workplace. It all has a lot to do with the fact that Google is run by people who know technology, and don't lose touch with their users.
Please help us stop PiPa n SoPa..all this can be settled in peaceful manner..I'm begging everybody...
I've just signed an urgent petition at to save the free internet.

Today Wikipedia led a web blackout to protest the US passing a law that would give them the power to censor the world's Internet. Massive public pressure is forcing a tipping point in Congress. Let's push it over the edge today and save the Internet!

Join me in this campaign here:
I think it's pretty remarkable that Google can accrue such worth (social and financial) without charging the majority of it's users a penny: it's an amazing, amazing populist business model and one which I'm delighted to see succeed.

Which is shamefully overshadowed by the news about SOPA. Certain legislators are effectively burning the bridges up which they climbed, by removing a niche market created by new technology and viciously defending a status quo which bears decreasing resemblance to reality.

This sort of behaviour is when free market capitalism transforms into its ugly sibling, feudalism, where a few wealthy individuals make and enforce the rules to their own benefit.
First I want to congratulate you for the great job, Page.
I see that as a user much more to come.
I think we can further improve this virtual world, with endless possibilities, such as visiting a hotel or a place close by phone before your holiday by the phone itself.
Having a program that people are shopping, or even to make a food with ingredients you have, without having to have a recipe own, inventing a food! Without being a boss or like to cook.
Anyway I'm very excited to have ideas to help connect people.
People like things practical, quick and easy.

I know that soon we will have more news!
Page hope that in 2012 is the best walk of Google.
Well done Larry Page.
There is much more to come.
Super news all the way around Larry, keep at it man
Well done Larry. You are an inspiration to all net entrepreneurs.
great news the deal with BBVA congratulations
Recent immigrant from FB to G+ SOPA/PIPA could take us back to the stone age.
+Alan Kinsella Why not share it here or in your blog? so that we could know your idea?
I am a self confessed fan of google. I think that "not being evil" has had tremendous pay-offs. And i think people who criticize forget that google made Mozilla what it is today, they donate to wikipedia, they sponsor open source through the summer of code, after which you always see your favourite open source software jump forward by massive leaps. I sincerely hope that other companies can take a page out of google's book and realise that if you do good, good will come back to you. I believe that google is successful because they do good, and people like myself have always felt comfortable that they wouldn't turn to the dark side. So thank you to google and I hope you mash apple and microsoft this year by doing more good and giving us more cool stuff to play with and enjoy!
Larry, how come nexus one be so bad? how come htc service is so bad?, cant believe google put a phone that give users son many problems instead of solutions! one year with the phone and want to break it already!!!!!!!! and worst no solutions!!! well, maybe one, buy an iphone!!

btw, im a google fan!
It would be great if Google brings some fantastic innovating hardware with their Moto Mobility to put Apple iPad and iPhone out of Business.Will this be possible Larry?
Excuse me Gonzalo, but what are you doing here ? promoting Apple ??
Btw, very happy with my Android phone ! And it is a Samsung.....;-)
thanks Larry got to wonder why the stock fell 50 points this morning.. short sellers ravage google too.. hitting lots of stocks..I guess time to buy..
Google's biggest asset is its global scope.
Google should concentrate on "local markets but at a global scale" - that's a different paradigm that cannot be accomplished by any other company...
Check Bing maps for example - cannot be compare to Google Maps... and there are multiple ways to generate revenue on this... not just by ads but through partnerships....
I'd love to use G+ but it's broke, I can't add people to circles or share things reliably. I can't access my contacts, and many other irritating things. I use Chrome, etc, but for some reason G+is incredibly buggy for me, and no one can tell me why or fixit...
Curious to see how to monetize chrome and gmail for consumer.
You guy's have a strong brand,Keep working on local & mobile and the ad dollars, will be strong again.
Too bad you got rid of google reader's social aspects. Plus will never replace it.
Great work Mr Larry Page. Loving google plus
Ivan Yu
Well done,man!
Larry I need a job or some contract work please - example of my work - - and - I have ideas on CLOUD OS 1.0 distribution collaboration with BLOOM ENERGY, MICROSOFT, IBM - power with super computer utility in local community giving educational access via my programming example in touch on ANDROID with chip libraries that can be packaged and sold at wal mart. The YOUTUBE video resource repackaged in chip to insert in hand held for learning. I have a big software piece to this already developed. I neeed help and funding. I am a disabled american veteran looking for work. It has to be contrcat work from my home but I am a good programmer in PERL SCRIPT that knows HTML JAVA C COBOL PASCAL ASSEMBLY EVERYTHING FROM CPM (the big disk in sperry univacs) TIL NOW. I grew up in silicon valley worked contrcats programming secret government projects my whole life I want to break out. I need a special opportunity with understanding for traumatic brain injury and genetic pieces to disability.
But I think Google Plus has problem.
It is good for developers or persons work by computers.
It isn't good for general.
I love it and use it.
I don't know if faith can move mountains, but Google+ has most assuredly just nudged the Zuckerberg.
Google have to be carefull with his G+ because Facebook change fast.
But G+ is much better in term of privacy and looks.
i m definitely happy with google +. I think it has more potential than FB
Nobody here, dares to tell Larry that he and his team, created a new look Google and Gmail mostly, make big mistake. Old look is still working, but when you Google him retire, many, many people will leave, close their accounts, or go to a third party support for reading your letters. (This latter option, was proposed by an employee Sarah of Google, which is responsible for complaints and suggestions of users in the Google forum for help)

Sarah said: While you will be unable to use the old look at some point, you do not need to use the new look if it's not your personal preferred option. Gmail will continue to offer the Basic HTML interface, as well as POP, IMAP, and automatic forwarding so you can choose the way that you prefer to read your email.''

I answer: How profitable is that for Google, right, Sarah?

Google reports to advertisers how many clients of Gmail, but does not say, that actually they do not use Gmail - Not see their ads... Gmail is to users, just a warehouse, dark storeroom, and it is difficult to find and see what we need.
I guess, Larry, does not write and read here really, maybe here is an administrator, please let tell it him, not only slimy, sycophantic adulation of this page, but that many people hate Google now because redesign of all its products painful for the eyes very white, very sterile.
************************ Read here ************************

You may wish to take a look at the firestorm over Gmail's 'New Look'. There are thousands of posts in many many threads in the Gmail forums, basically because there is no other place to vent frustration with the change being forced on users. This has been slow to get picked up by mainstream media, with notable exceptions:

So I am asking for your support. There has been a backlash for months with no formal response from Google. Take a look:

THe you tube video introducing the 'New Look' has 45628 dislike votes and counting - just look at the nasty feedback there in MANY languages.
Other outlets are saying:
I use Google products every day and do not give them a penny - How good is that!
know you are in trouble with a product when the newest post on it for 2 days running is the CEO
@Bob Marshall, I love Google products,but hate the new look. I would click on the ads, even if they do not care (because I am aware, that to bring this action - Google profit) with what I pays for his good service. But let me give Gogle right to choice, to use the '' old look''or ''new look''....
Larry - strong work, but the reality is that you missed your mark that you told Wall Street and it cost investors a 9% drop in the stock. That hurt as I own a lot of shares. I am sure it hurt you much worse, but you have many millions. I think you are doing great work internally on Chrome and Google+ and I have become fans of both, but let's get it right on Wall Street for us smaller investors please. Enjoy working with your teams btw.
If u are reading this on your phone u can't plus 1 a comment.
The Plus app on g nexus android 4 phones needs serious work. I also can't find or join a public hangout with it and I can't hangout if none of my dozen contacts uses it, que the "all by myself..." music now
Sad that investors place predictions on a companies finances and pull out when those predictions aren't met, causing in this case an 8-9% drop in stock price... on the up side, it places the company in a buyers market. Go buy some Google! Probably won't see those kind of prices again over the next year!
the application menu (process has stopped unexpectedly.Try again,please help me :'(((((
So, Does Google hire audio engineers? When do I get to become part of the team?
All the best, every penny u make is well deserved, great products, simplicity, intuitive interfaces what else can I say, I just love the product, I wish they can sell a Chrome notebook in Canada it is sad to have to carry a Windows XP, 7 Laptop around :-) cheers
google training enterprise free seminaries of servic google in peru pleass help us to expand the free training sesions on peru contact us
They say Google has sold its soul to the devil? What's your take?

I thought +1 was an interesting idea, until I heard the thousands of people joining in to have Google to drop this very BAD IDEA Why? Real search has been compromised in favor of the google favorites, vs real content.

In my flower business for example: my search for: artificial flower and trees in Ft Lauderdale, which brought 3 Ft Lauderdale websites of mine in the top,
now under the new world order by google +1 brings up as the first 4 search results 4 florists not in Ft Lauderdale. Than there is yellow pages occupying another 4 spots. (And Yellow Pages is putting in top those who pay the most....)

At this point Google has become the next yellow pages. (Hey you do not have to pay, just be one of us or ELSE)

Places for artificial flower and trees near Fort Lauderdale, FL
Floral & Hearty

Place page
101 Plaza Real South
Boca Raton
(561) 367-3284
Floral Ecstasy
Place page
1211 Stirling Road #105
Dania Beach
(954) 922-3939
Garden of Love
Place page
263 Commercial Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale
(954) 491-8380
Best part about G+ is how a company can deliver messages personally to their consumer :)
Happy and best wishes to you for the Dragon-year!
Yeah, Google rocks! Oh and just FYI Ice Cream Sandwich is pure genius. Beats IOS in a second!
Gostaria de aumentar patrimonio do GOOGLE em terras no Brasil? tenho terras pra vender no futuro celeiro do mundo me mande um email na
Comprar terras perto de Usina de energia ETANOL renovavel, Bill Gates ja é acioniosta aqui tel +551881332250...
Congrats on the good fiscal year 2011 results. Well performed!
+Larry Page by the end of 2012 G+ a little 500 million users? make it happen...
Hola Larry. Quisiera instalar CHROME OS en el disco duro. ¿Hay algún manual? Mi e-mail es
Muchas gracias.
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Larry can I Have your address email please , Or please email me at
HI Larry, I have an amazing idea for Google Maps that I would like to discuss in more details. How this can be organized?
Hey larry as a shareholder i believe its time for a stock split or the stock will be stuck at these levels for years...that doesnt reflect the growth of the company...dont you agree?
Google - leading the way in so many ways! Great work, keep it up!
How come I have to follow this guy? I didn't choose to. I know he runs Google but don't I get a choice in the matter?
it is very cool well good for you.By the way your a grate guy
Larry please work on the indian accent voice commands for android....and one more thing can you connect your new voice control app to watson computer of IBM it works very well with complexities of natural language....
Google logo has been the same since 1998 .The sequence of the colors remained same in 2006.And still, the color scheme is the same.
Did Google guys already know that when "the term google is going to be recognized in Websters Dictionary"?Or in 1998 they knew that google's last server will go offline in "2012"?
Larry, if you really want to beat Facebook, contact me. you can win them and even win someone else on the way.
+Ruty Weinberg i also have a good plan to beat facebook... lets join our hands.... may be we could something gr8...... wats say ??
Dear Mr. Larry Page

Knol was closed due to non performance. Knol authors have to accept it.

But Search facility of Knol is not working. Due to this dash board of authors is not working. Authors are unable to locate and direct their article to the new addresses. One month is over still the facility is not put back in order giving anxiety and tension of Knol authors. Even though Google made policy for proper migration of content, in practice the facilities are not working.

Hope you will take some action on the issue
How long will momentum be with Android? The last quarter sales results are in and Apple absolutely killed it, regaining marketshare and it some cases out-selling all Android manufacturers combined. Apple simply has an amazing user satisfaction story that Android manufacturers seem to want to counteract with tech specs and a multitude of phones. I just witnessed a whole group of my female friends buy iPhones, most of which were coming from dumbphones. Why? Because when asking their friends what to get, iPhone users communicated the happiest experiences, less hassles with their phones and the best customer experience at Apple stores. I'm an Android user, I love the customisability, larger form factors. But I've had a few frustrating experiences that fortunately I've been able to solve but for others not technically inclined would've been unhappy experiences. I have to wonder: in the post-Jobs era, all Apple needs to do is produce a bigger-screened iPhone, what most users are requesting according to surveys, that along with the ever cheaper price points, will increasingly squeeze Android, in both profit, marketshare and platform-share. How will Android survive long-term? What will Google do?
Google plus platform has a great success because is really innovative involving immediately usesrs and visitors to bebate themes and to develop them:Congratulation Larry and thank you so much!!!God Bless you!!!

thanks for the reply.

first and foremost my name is Paritosh

there are several things i need to mention. i'll do that point wise as below :

1. i have set this up to have a feel of how to set a campaign and not run it till my website is fully ready.
2. even if under a review , something was not found right, the step is to inform of the issue and not go ahead and block it.
3. next time you do this , i'll just switch to another advertiser even if i have to shell double the money.
4. this is my 'the first experience ever of trying to use the famed google ads' and this is what i get even before i started my campaign
5. when i click on 'learn more' tag on the account suspended tag in my account near the top, the learn more page says its a policy to first
inform user as a warning of the mistake before taking the action of suspension. i dont know why you dont follow your own policies. ???
6. what do you mean by repeated violation. ?? i just set the campaign, did not execute and left it the way it was after my first use, so
where is the question of repetition of violation ? its same as getting a traffic ticket without even driving a car when you have license and
a car.
7. even if there is something wrong about the campaign and the website it is pointing to , the better way is to suspend the campaign, and
put it for users review and not suspend the account. so if tomorrow there's some mistake by google, the justice department should
directly send one google employee to gallows and not have a court case first, and since the management is responsible for everything,
it should be one of the directors or the ceo himself ?

such an experience is unexpected of google.

i truly understand , there may be some gaps in website like privacy policy and terms of use and some other things. but we are working on it, and at the same time i think we definitely have the right to learn how to set up a campaign and not execute it till everything is fine as per usage policy.

since we are new to this, its better to get accustomed to get familiar with the process of using it first, rather than making mistakes at run time and obviously you wont return the money because of our mistake which may result in less or maybe near zero conversion of the ads.

i certainly hope this would enlighten the bright brains of google who have been doing a review or the people who have set the review process as well as product development team or the developers who have made an idiotic automated system of such pathetic intellisense.

sorry for being rude if i may, but i dont expect such things from google and i hope it is not turning to be the next microsoft.

Paritosh Pamneja

Hello Paritodh,

Thank you for your email. I hope you're well. I'm Raghav and I'll be helping you with this concern.

I understand your concern that your account has been suspended. I'm sorry to hear about this and apologize for this inconvenience. I'll be glad to help you with this. I would like to clarify that your account has been suspended during a periodic review. To ensure that they comply with our policies, some accounts are automatically submitted for a review. Your account was suspended during one such review.

To ensure that we do not overlook a genuine case, I have escalated this matter to our specialists to re-review your account. This may take a few days. However, I'll remain your point of contact for this and update you as soon as I hear back from our specialists. We apologize for the disruption to your ad delivery.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. We assure you that we're working to resolve this issue at the earliest. You need not make any changes to your website right now. I'll inform you about the status of your account as soon as our specialists get back to me.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you have by replying directly to this mail. I'll be glad to help. :-)

Take care and have a nice weekend!


The Google AdWords Welcome Team


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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 17:31:02 -0000

> Hello Paritodh,
> Thank you for your email. I hope you're well. I'm Raghav and I'll be helping you with this concern.
> I understand your concern that your account has been suspended. I'm sorry to hear about this and apologize for this inconvenience. I'll be glad to help you with this. I would like to clarify that your account has been suspended during a periodic review. To ensure that they comply with our policies, some accounts are automatically submitted for a review. Your account was suspended during one such review.
> To ensure that we do not overlook a genuine case, I have escalated this matter to our specialists to re-review your account. This may take a few days. However, I'll remain your point of contact for this and update you as soon as I hear back from our specialists. We apologize for the disruption to your ad delivery.
> Thank you for your patience in this matter. We assure you that we're working to resolve this issue at the earliest. You need not make any changes to your website right now. I'll inform you about the status of your account as soon as our specialists get back to me.
> Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you have by replying directly to this mail. I'll be glad to help. :-)
> Take care and have a nice weekend!
> Sincerely,
> Raghav
> The Google AdWords Welcome Team
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> AdWords Beginner’s Guide - Great tips for new online advertisers: >
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12:53 AM (13 hours ago)
Uau!!!!! Não vivo + sem Google. Amo!!!! Parabéns pra todos nós +Googlemaníacos!
On Knol, we are still waiting for the search facility to function properly and have the "My Knols" or Knol author dash board to work properly. Full one month the facility has not functioned. Authors are waiting for action by Google/Knol executives to set things right. In the announcement it was stated that till October 2012, My knols will function.
On your call, you said “Over 60 percent of Google+ users use Google products on a daily basis. Over 80 percent of Google+ users use Google products every week.” How many of them actually use Google+ every day or week? I really like the product, but adoption into peoples' daily lives still seems to be seriously lagging facebook and/or twitter.
Knol authors still waiting for "My Knols" to show all knols.
if it can't be set right please provide an alternate route though Knol settings.

Make things easy for authors to leave the platform as per your declared policy.
Hello Larry. Nice to see you're making so much revenue. As you may be aware those of us who provide the content on the back of which you are doing so are being targeted in many different ways. DMCA abuse is one, and Click Bombing is another good example. I'm not sure how you justify allowing a system to persist in which people are assumed guilty until proven innocent, and where channels that took years to be created and built as part of online communities are destroyed by the actions of a few malicious people. Is it just a matter of numbers? Are these what you consider to be acceptable levels of "collateral damage"? Just wondering.
wah ... great google
Hello Larry, I very well aware that you are a busy man and it's a possibility you may or may not respond to this comment and not to mention i'm still learning how to use Google+. I have a lot to say so I'll try to keep it short and sweet! I'm an avid android user, I love the O.S and it's openness and it's potential for growth, but upon reading a recent article about android tablet apps compared to IOS, I came away disappointed. The article basically states, "Android Tablet Apps Suck, compared to IOS!" I would like to know, what's the future of Android as far as application development for tablets are concerned? Are there any plans in the future to entice developers to make better tablet friendly apps to justify the lack of decent applications compatible with tablets? I myself think the potential of the O.S insurmountable, but the application development is lacking in quality and quantity when compared to the competition. I keep hearing people’s gripes about android and the one I hear the most is, apple has thousands of tablet apps and android has hundreds. My final Two questions are to you and your co-workers/staff/employees, “What tablet does your and their kids use, and How are you all going about making a future where when people/kids think of Apple/IOS, they think of Google/Android in the same breath.”
Persian Gulf is always Persian Gulf
Ehsan S
▂▃▅▇█▓▒░ PERSIAN GULF░▒▓█▇▅▃
google the words CRIMINAL HISTORY, scroll down the first page until you experience deja-vu.
hi angelica Lovera ..... how are you ?
I want to stay signed in all the time account keeps throwing me out
Nm Pl
Impressive work.  
I am facing big problem after activation of 2 step security on my gmail account unable to add third device even after given correct gmail id and password. Hence unable to use 3rd device for WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Always asking authentication. Thanks 
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