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Exciting day for high speed sailing.  Tiny Vestas Sailrocket hits over 71 MPH peak speed and looks to have smashed the record for the fastest sailboat in the 500 meter.  Kiteboarders still faster but perhaps not for long!
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Video not available on mobile :(. 
so cool... thanks !!! when are you bringing it to Monterey bay?
wow im surprised at the way that thing holds together at those speeds - it looks so fragile.
I do love the design of the boat, its genius having the sale one side and weight countering it to get the speed up
Carbon Fiber is a wonderfully strong substance
+Larry Page , that's awesome...
Are you going here in Austin for the F1 race?
Why would you publish a video on Google+ that cannot be viewed in Germany? That sucks.
+Johann Blake because he probably had no idea it wasnt available in germany since he doesnt live there? dont be so rude, go search for another version if you must
Not available on mobil... I thought there is something like "Mobile first" 
+Larry Page You're tripping for posting video not available for mobile viewing on I know today was a major launch day and all with the N7,N4,and Nexus 10, but come on.... :-) 
It all happened so fast.
#nexus4  would you care to please express couple of thoughts on today's nexus 4 debacle?  Early first day playstore nexus buyers are big-time Mavens.  thanks sincerely!
I wouldn't even be able to step foot near one of those things for fear of injury.
Video not available on nexus 7 (mobile..., tablet really)
Jun Hu
I like nexus4,but i'm in china.
"Video not available in your country" (Germany). Sigh.
"This video is not available in your country. We're sorry!"... Me, too. +Larry Page: what's up with YouTube on that one???
Looks like a windsurfer. A weird, large one on foils ...
Good luck....Very good video.Thenk you so much Larry Page.
Fantastic recreation,full of adrenaline,fuu...and by the reactions of delight not missing.Thanks for excellent video recording.
Very well done, great looking Craft too 
Fantastic recreation,full of adrenaline,fuu...and by the reactions of delight not missing.Thanks, Larry Page for excellent video recording.
"With the hyper-drive or whatever it is....." stop pretending, you know its called a hyper drive.
+Larry Page Forgive me if I'm wrong because I'm bad at matching faces but... Is that you piloting this thing and doing the talking while standing beside the boat??
"the owner hasn't made the content available for mobile devices" don't you hate that? 
This video is not available in your country. Germany :(
Wow awesome, I want to sail this!
Irony: the video works just fine -- on my iPhone :)
Its sll most thanksgiving friends family god its all love ,be cool yall.
Rubi so right ,,,texascowboystorm.
Not available on mobile. That sucks
"This video is not available in your country" :(
Marvelous.  I can see this becoming a popular racing sailboat. Yow.
As a fan of big catamarans, I'd like to see this technology added to more symmetrical traditional boats.
Awesome! I've only been sailing a few times.
Marvelous.  Perhaps the forerunner of a new racing sport? Yow.
Larry H
OMG ... was I supposed to turn for that small boat!!!! 
use dolphin browser to watch on mobile device. Cool stuff B-)
Video not available on mobiles??? WTF... Probably doesn't work on chromebooks either??? Does it require an Apple or Butterfly tattoo to view%%???
Hi Larry, the boat might be faster soon but compare the money spend on a kite and board to the cost of the sailrocket!! Same fun on almost no expense....
Hey Damian maybe it's good you couldn't place an order... Some people in UK who did got same day, overnight shipping while others who received an order confirmation were told the next day "sorry but they sold out, try again later". Myself in the US waited diligently for the order page to come live and put in one of the first orders for the Nexus 10 however I'm still waiting on it to be shipped while others who ordered well after me got their order shipped yesterday. So we all paid a fairly high shipping cost to get anywhere from one night process and ship (worth the price) to what amounts to a one week shipment (no where near to being a good value). Google should not sell product when they can't figure out how to be consistent. Has me rethinking my purchase of Google products in the future. 
Hey Larry, speaking of great things we need Google fiber in Albuquerque
So while you're off sailing, your company has completely screwed up the launch of the nexus 4.

Let's review:

1. No pre-orders. Hey, we'll make a big splash on launch!

2. No announced time when the device would go on sale. The longer we make them wait, the more time they spend wanting it, right?

3. Plus, since we don't want to do pre-orders, it can help prevent a huge spike to the server load at that time. Two birds, one stone!

4. Yay, it went on sale! Wait, the website is crashing! Ooops. Maybe we should have built a system that could handle the hype we generated. If only we knew of a company know for building systems that can handle enormous amounts of data and traffic...

5. Hm, it seems we may have underestimated the demand. If only Apple didn't patent pre-ordering.

6. Wait, it looks like our poor preperation might have caused some people to mistakenly place more than one order! Damn their fingers clicking faster than our JavaScript!

7. Aargh! And we forgot to limit customers from ordering more than one of each device! Goddammit I knew I forgot something before we started sailing!

8. Fortunately since we're Google we know how to make a great back end and there won't be any screw ups in our inventory, right guys? ...guys? Sergey?

9. With this many screwups we're bound to have a lot of unhappy customers. We should just tell EVERYBODY that we're taking three weeks to figure this out. Plus, we have sailing to do!

10. Note to self: I should probably look into hiring a computer guy, he could probably have figured out how to search the database and filter out the customers without multiple devices or redundant orders so we can ship the rest.

Way to go Larry, you guys have managed to alienate your most ardent users in an extraordinarily inept fashion.
How about this one... The we'll confirm your order and charge your card the $500 but when you want to cancel because we can't tell you when or if you order will ship we won't let you cancel until you get a tracking number which we can't tell you you'll get... What a crock of crap. Is this a big boy company or a bunch of fools. No I'm the fool for letting you get your grubby hands on my $500 in the first place. I'm going to deny the charge with my bank tomorrow for fraud as that what this is.... 
Truthout has called Google out in this article titled:

How Google Is Helping the Gas Lobby Support Fracking  
 By Michael Corcoran, Truthout | News Analysis Thursday, 15 November 2012

The questions for +Larry Page   >
Was that, "Do No Evil" - unless ya can make some big bucks at it ?
Or was Google conned into this Fracking mess, too ?

The Truth You Need To Know About Fracking
By The Environmental Working Group

Facts on Fracking:
The truth, the half truths and the lies
by Dr. Ingraffea
March 23, 2011, - 1 hour 45 minute video presentation

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea was ranked by Time as among the top 100 "people who matter" in 2011.
Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering Cornell University
+James Clemetson  Just in case you were asking me why you should care about "fracking" (you did not specify)
many wars in the history of the world have been fough over water and many researchers now call water "Blue Gold".
In reference:

Blue Gold; An Interview with Maude Barlow
Mother Jiones Magazine, By Jeff Fleischer Jan 14, 2005

National Academies of Science report titled;
Global Environmental Health: Research Gaps and Barriers for Providing Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services: Workshop Summary
For the fourth of fifth time, my Toxic Reverend profile is being reviewed again to see if it complies with the Google+ Names Policy. Reviews are usually completed within a few days. In the meantime, I have full access to Google+ and all other Google services. My question is how many times do I have to endure this ? Being that I am legally blind, I am getting rather fed up with this and would think that the records of my prior responses and subsequent approvals of being able to use "Toxic Reverend" because I am known by far more people by that name than my ral name  would have been enough to prevent this repeat, if they had been checked.  This is now bordering on harassment, +Larry Page 
I do find it a bit more than coincidental that this re-evaluation comes so soon after my posting a comment at your profile, as comments # 114 and # 116 at

Some of that was also posted on my profile at my profile as

How Google Is Helping the Gas Lobby Support Fracking  
 By Michael Corcoran, Truthout | News Analysis Thursday, 15 November 2012 
With the posted question 
Toxic Comment and question to +Larry Page >
Was that, "Do No Evil" - unless ya can make some big bucks at it ?
Or was Google conned into this Fracking mess, too ?

How about you just answer the questions, +Larry Page  ?   
The facts are that neither one of us would be the first to be "duped" by
all of the bad and slanted information created by "bought science".
And that is one of the reason  52 Nobel Laureates have signed on to
In reference:
The Integrity In Science Program with 52 Nobel Laureates
Defend scientific integrity and prevent political interference in science.
Groups Organizing To Address Scientific Integrity
Hello there Mr Page! Where can i send you a PM or an e-mail? Have a nice day!
A lot more drag to a sail boat as opposed to kiteboarder. That will take some time to overcome.
 البته البته یک اسب، یک اسب است!
He is a leader but a bit fat!
Hello, Mr. Page, nice. Google is a best. Thanks be Google!

haha. how can i assist you? ill help for free like on-line, ok? because its good and just and the right thing to do as you really seem to be experiencing serious problems with your phone. i feel sorry about that. :( google though not a bad company id say...

i tried to watch this clip but it says not available in my country... hm actually im not interested in sailng anyway. vestas - wernt they only producing wind-turbines?
that's lame one of the founders of Google to set the video to not to be seen on mobile.. lame and incoerent 
Hi Larry,

I have been working on "what should be next in internet technology" and I have a battery of ideas that can further improve the search experience and it could help Google increase its revenue continuously by at least 50% annually for the next 15 years. All I need is 10 minutes meeting where I could present my idea. 

Looking forward to meet you!!!

Ramanand Dang
Can i make Page With This name?

google + Help
google + Learning Page

+Larry Page 
As the sun feasts on the oceans for hydrogens, the percentage of this gas is very pretty small when compared with oxygen. When water is split, the sun enriches itself and expands and the oxygen falls back to earth and is utilized by earth's life; undecomposed water condenses and falls as rains. Soon the oceans will dry up. Where are sailors to sail?!
I want.
Put AdMob ads in the APP, and divide the revenue with developers.
Like this, put AdMob ads on android os, is to divide the revenue with users.
However, you will need to establish a new payment method, in order to prevent abuse.
For example, payments will be split equally to all users.
no communism but effective money spending to things that are important. social security is. renewables are.
people with good ideas will always earn more... its ok, but they have to take care about weaker members of society!

its like your life. you dont buy stuff you dont need.

problem with communism was it was not effective because of centralist planning of economy.
Off topic but maybe add in a suggestions account to make it easier for people to add suggestions. Like I still hate that the category list for games in play is packing. Please add a strategy and simulation category.
what do you mean simulation categorey
I mean create a have category called simulation and strategy. Simulation
games are any games with simulation like the tycoon games or even airplane
flight simulation. I think it's pretty self explanatory.
yeah simulation and strategy
but divide them
Divide them or at least group them together like brain & puzzle. But seriously the categories don't even exist which is kind of pathetic given that google probable has a team overlooking this issue. All the main categories of games should be listed to help potential buyers find the kind of games they are interested in as well as help expose current and potential developers products in  a cleaner and more intuitive way. It's a shame I have to use app review websites to find strategy games for android instead of being able to do that through the store.
Larry Page, how fast is google branching out their self driving car technology to all the different car companies so they can build a sleeker design?  Get with the program.
hi folks,

i wonder if a design like this could be used to develop fuel efficient cargo boats - they might useful for shorter haul work, maybe not cross -ocean tasks.   think about it!

have fun,   biz
hm.. i dont think they can change from fuel.
but they have some kind of sailor ?! that is set up in front of the cargo ship, it saves some percentaeg.. thats true
yes, perhaps a hybrid design using wind and a fuel powered engine could have synergies to lower overall fuel consumption.  the cargo boat doesnt have to be fast, but if the foil design leverages power available from the wind, then there might an useful application to a problem domain for cargo shipping....

have fun,    biz
yes no tv. no radio. no earphones. just me and my laptop
Tuan Vu
toi ham mo anh
Dear Larry,

I am writing to express my interest to get an opportunity at GOOGLE.
Please let me know when are you available to discuss my motivation and interest to contribute with the important work of GOOGLE Inc.

Thanks for your attention and time.

Best regards,
                      Francisco Delgado.
哈哈 page看起来有些老啦
please can we be of help to ourselves larry
Saw this awesome boat in this month's Southern Boating.   Did you ever think that spinning Google+ off as a publicly traded company with  a new name and a new image might be the resolution to trumping facebook.  A new name--try a contest with video submissions on why you think your name is best.  Toronto did this to come up with "Raptors" for it;s basketball team. Winner gets a chunk of shares in the new spun off CO.  Your public buys shares  in the new named social network company.  Company pays a Q'ly dividend, but not in cash.  Dividend is paid in some sort of social media capital.  Think about it this way.... If facebook were yoursm, what would you do next to cannibalize it?  ...Love that boat!
In my view the way to beat Facebook and Twitter is to give people hope for a better way of living. Bullied children in schools is not dealt with. Amanda Todd would be alive today if she was able to be Homeschooled and her mother could earn from the Internet with support! Has Facebook banned the man that posted underage pictures of her? Has Facebook banned all the bullying children that destroyed her life? Did Facebook care? I dumped Facebook last year as I want to be part of a real network of people that care about others and speak out for change! 
yeah hello from the greater nile city khartoum ..... try to think about travelling to here sudan maybe we can join together and share in a energy company in a small investment
reader back
Do NOT kill Google Reader! It's my daily roadmap of the internet!
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