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Surprising study: One minute of exercise at 90% of your max heart rate followed by one minute of rest ten times (twenty minutes total) had significant health benefits. This is true even if done once or twice a week, you aren't fit, and are a cardiac patient!

Also people seemed to like the more intense shorter workout better than a longer more moderate one. Seems like it is worth a shot! What have you found the best way to stay fit in the minimum time?
Short, intense bursts of exercise, followed by brief periods of rest, produced significant benefits for the heart and overall health.
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Absolutely agree with this. Still nice to have a long ride or run when you can find the time to clear your head and enjoy the scenery.

BTW, love that you posted this! Shows that Googlers are using G+ because we like to, and find it interesting.
I walk for an hour a day. I hope to still be doing this when I'm 90 years old.
Oli F.
Ok, I`ll try to remember the next time in gym :)
Build a good physique to defend the country.
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This is a form of workout i proably could keep on doing...
+Larry Page thanks for noticing know what they say about great minds etc....:-)
It increase extremely your Heart rate variability and the Heart rate variability important for your health
Very Good +James Pearn I walk to work everyday to and fro for two hrs. And I am enjoying it.
When training for hill climbing I tend to do this anyway. Good article.
I'm embarrassed to say, but I downloaded something called "The Fat-Burning Furnace" where they prescribe a weight-lifting routine 2-3 times per week for 20-30 minutes. Changed my life. I've been doing it for a year, and all of my middle-aged joint problems and lack of energy disappeared. They start with the premise that everything we have been taught about fitness and weight loss is wrong. Tim Ferris would say the same -- I've read 4-hour-body and you can find great max-power/min-time techniques there as well.
Wow! nicew information!
one minute of rest,ten times a day is ok, but excercise, oh no, don't you have different regimen for the lazy people
Swap your goal of completing a marathon with completing a 400m lap around 1 minute.
Amy Wong
One word. Crossfit.
Tabata intervals take even less time total, and produce great aerobic and anaerobic metabolic benefits as well: twenty seconds of all out effort followed by ten seconds of rest, repeated eight times.
Zane Xu
The method was applied by Jose Mourinho in Real Madrid FC.
Your Question Larry: stay fit in the minimum time?
My opinion: allow your body and health enough time and do only the exercises you feel comfortable with... Putting stress and time pressure into sport is not the best way... relax:)
We have done this stop and go in a Indoor-Cycling Class last week. I think it is very strange thing to do this stop and go biking. Performing steady in a regular 30-minute or longer endurance exercise training is from my point of view better for health...
If people have not the time for regular training it is not the thing to put all energy in a 30min "crash" training... be careful with your health:)
That's why crossfit works so well: short, high-intensity, full-body workouts are super effective at keeping you fit and healthy
Thanks for niticing, health is relly relly important for everyone in all lifetime.
thanks larry.. Now stop looking for new ways to not exercise, just hit the gym. :D
this is informational post, keeping our body health, the point is we must improve our move activity to keep our body healthy...
Crossfit training is just that! You should give it a try.. Cheers
Good info. But is more like burn fat, than muscle building.
I agree with Arjun. I've done high intensity interval training for a year and discovered something...... It blows! I did it 2 times a week and each time dreaded it. I'd rather do weights and do low intensity running 5 days a week.
how about screaming at your code? does that count? scream :: code :: scream :: code ..
If brief and intense exercises work in running does this apply to strength training too? #bodybyscience

Crossfit has a high risk of injury, wouldn't recommend.
When you work out, do the max to the max with as less rest as possible. On days you feel weak or are tired just rest and relax.
Of course nutrition must suit!
lots cigarettes, joints and girls. live ur life and have fun. best tipp for a long and happy life ;-) 
Everyone interested, can search for "Tabata training". It is really a miraculous exercise, taking only 4 minutes daily.
Hai Le
Hi +Larry Page , today I tried to used Google services and I saw that, all services logo had been removed link to their homepage ? What's it ? Why Google do that ? It's really hard to back to your homepage, this is not good for user's experience ?
I think there is huge potential in transforming all this knowledge into self quantifying tools. Love them. People just don't know much about this things, or have low motivation.
I will try this and come back but it seems to exercise at 90% effort for 1 minute is quite a challenge ................. I mean it is 60 seconds and it can seem as 6 years!
I don't generally exercise (although i love to do sports, but i just don't have time for them). My tip for staying healty is cooking like a pro! (And you can win alot of women hearts with it ;-))
A lot of runners do 'sprints' instead of long jogs. Basically they sprint for 100 meters and then walk back to the start. Same applies to swimming, where some swim one or two laps fast and take a one or two-lap easy. This has been known in the exercise and training community for a while.
Nice Post !!! Workouts of any types are good....they are perhaps the best investment one can make for oneself..... so put on your sports shoes....and get out of the house :)
> How about, just stop when your about to ejaculate. Then wait a minute and start again.

+aric aasgaard hehe its calling tantra :-) 
I'd focus on the 1 minute rests if you don't mind. Makes me feel better :-)
thats typical usa ... 80 millions of us citiciens have no health insurance and the rich r speaking abt sports exercises.
Fine i'll start back up this weekend! like my workouts aren't intense enough.
Also called the Tabata protocol from the Japanese trainer of the Olympic speed skater.

20 seconds intense exertion (running, skating, kettlebells etc), followed by 10 second rest.

Do this 8 times.

I do this 5 times a week.
I am very skeptical. The promises of immediate health benefits will never end. Consistent exercise on a daily basis is the only thing that really works. If everyone walked for 1 hour every day, chronic disease would be cut in half.
Bah, just a cynical strategy to get the non-evildoers, aka Googlers, to spend less time out on the golf course or bikes and more time in AI class!
Great info; guys suggest better ways to exercise indoors without going to gym or using any exercise equipment - it will help taking care of a number of excuses.
I try and do a 600m run in about 3 mins every day at least, gets the heart rate going .....

also in the context of search engines in congestion control in huge traffic
Kettlebells! That is all :)
thanks ! it is easy when you say short exercise and long rest.
This seems to me fastfood workouts ...
Nice! it will help me to maximize my time and also for those people who have hectic schedules.
I was completely sold on this until I realise that I'd have to put in some actual effort!
God this info is so old. I have doing the HIT cardio routine for over 5 years now and I can highly recommend it. For beginners its a killer but gets easier over a few weeks. Look up "Body for life" on Amazon Bill Phillips
I climb stairs - 56 of them at a time and try to do it three times in succession, sure gives me a workout and it seems better than going for a walk on the flat. When I am really good I will do 6 x!
KL Tah
Not trying to be a party pooper, but the new clothes-esque enthusiasm on this thread is worrying. I'd caution anyone against blindly adopting intervals as a get-fit-quick remedy to the discontents of modern capitalism, regardless of whether the experiment discussed in the article was well researched or not (it was not). Personally, I think that if you're leading a life where you don't even have 30 mins a day to workout, other factors would kill you faster than any dubious benefits to be derived from pure intervals alone can rectify.
ya this is really but only 10% person do like this.
20 minute? I wouldn't agree.

1. It will likely take you more than 1 minute to get to 90% HR[max]. Then keep it there for 1 minute. All together takes you more than a minute. Obvously. Not to even mention that 1 minute is rather long if your pace is at 90% HR[max] or above. Very long.

Then have a 1 minute res doing what? Going completely off or doing light exercise to lower HR? Which one is right?

How low do we let ourselves go? As much as we can in 1 minute interval or just below 90%? So doing this will keep us for 20minutes (at least) a bit below and a bit above 90% HR[max]?

We could pull it off in about 20 minutes if we exercise bewteen 85% and 9x% HR[max] as long as we don't go too high. But keeping a steady heart rate at above 90% isn't easy. :)

Good luck with those 20 minutes. :)
The best way to stay fit, is to redefine 'fit'.
I have an idea, how about leaving the keyboard uber nerds and going to the gym! Oye! Any exercise will help!
10 minuts of intensive exercises 3 day/week with some second of pause between exercises, moderating dinner and lunch help to stay fit enough ;)
ruban s
nice information..........great....
Isn't that what Curves is all about for women... As soon as you stop that weight comes back on?!
Larry, have you ever looked into the work of Arthur Jones and the Nautilus facitlity. They once showed that short intense workouts with weights are actually better than long running or other so-called aerobic workouts. In fact they had a test of training with Kenneth Cooper's research facility and showed that their training was more effective at building endurance and aerobic conditioning than Cooper's.
I recommend a 5 minute warm-up and a 5 minute cool-down to give a total of 30 minutes. Not just for the time but easier on body,,,
I have never owned a car. Bicycles don't produce exhaust. Tai Chi on wheels benefits everyone.
have sex every week, you can achieved more than 1minutes in 90% heart beat rate... it should give you better result too.
I easily hit this requirement just scroll-wheeling past all the worthless crap Google thinks i'm interested in every day.
its awesome. i tried it for a month and shaved off a minute from my one-mile time.
Emil W
Also called HIIT, high intensity interval training. Very good for the after-burn effect.
I do Jillian and Bob's various workouts - 20-50 min sessions but it's a small wonder if one survives them!! Proven very effective - been doing them for past year.
As mentioned above by +Amy Wong, the Crossfit crowd has known this for sometime now. It's a major movement with dedicated gyms, trainers, and Crossfit certifications. Google Crossfit.
That makes sense on a palaeolithic level and would fit in with evolutionary design of our organism. Changing the diet to fit in with this design would also show benefits.
MC Moe
it's true, that's what i do at gym. you feel the difference right away. It's important that your body does not know what to expect. When it knows, it cheats :)
+Mary Swift LOL. You can always get a 3 wheeler! :-) On a serious note, glad you are having a go on a bike, as a once keen cyclist I know the fun, enjoyment and of course fitness that cycling can bring. Spent many happy hours cycling round the country lanes.
Two 15 minutes periods of Roller Hockey at full speed every shift.
Wow I read this while on an exercise bike in the gym. I suddenly feel very healthy.
It shows definitely... consider work out or exercises no matter how busy you are, is indeed crucial! It is all about health man! Long term goal!!!
This is clearly a good news. But I read somewhere that cardio excercise is oxidisation, which accelerate aging process so best to avoid aggressive cardio.
Agree with Robert Koritnik - This is not humanly possible within the parameters of your post. It takes about a minute to two minutes, just to get the heart rate up to 90%
same here what are we ment to be thinking about
+Mary Swift You're 74 years old and on Google+?!?!? That's a special achievement on its own not to even mention interval training. :)
Sthe K
I play full contact Ice Hockey with my 1st Gen iPhone.
This also yields great health benefits.
+Riegardt Steyn I've created interval training for my indoor bike that I have very hard time keeping. It has a 15 minutes warmup and then 1 minute intervals over 170, 175, 180, 175, 180, 175, 170 and I'm 37. It's damn hard to keep this up. I struggle by the last 180 as hell. And between each high intensity interval I rest until my HR falls below 150. By continuing with peddaling I can prolong this rest interval to few minutes depending on exhaustion...

I suspect you do some similar cycling so you know how hard these kind of training is.
Very interesting run. Personally I get put of my runs in the cold and dark winter. I reduce my runs from four times a week to two. Perhaps HIIT is for me
any one can explain for me the meaning of ( at 90% of your max heart rate )
+Frank Schulz 30 minute steady will keep you fit, but won't raise your lactate muscle levels as much as interval training will.
Like that, how little exercise do you need?
I think this research needs further study. When the findings get down to one minute exercise at 10% heart rate followed by two hours rest, then I'm in. ;-)
+Ahmed Zargoun The max means the max number of beats per minute your heart does when doing exercise. 90% of your max is then max * .9. There are different theories on what the max is. However, people are very different and have different genes so run as fast as you can with a heart monitor on and once you can't go any faster because you are about to faint and your heart rate has stayed at the same number for several seconds (e.g. a minute) then that's probably close to your max. You can get closer to your max if you are physically fit and repeat the same trial. Then by theory that number reduces the older you get.
I could probably do it once, but I doubt I'd have the motivation for 20 times.
Is everybody forgetting we are Genetically Hunter-Gatherers, and we had to chase our food every day

Darwin explains it well, but if you have only one book you can carry on being amazed by this stuff!
Squash is good for this as it is a constant start stop with intense physical exercise :)
"Dr. MacDonald said. “It appears that the heart is insulated from the intensity” of the intervals, she said, “because the effort is so brief.”

A DNA carry-over from sex?
Thank you, +Larry Page for putting focus back on health.We tend to forget that health is everything. Health should be no 1 priority.
Alas Larry, since the heart attack, this routine a bit out of my league. But, for all you people pre-cardiac event, not a bad suggestion :) Thx Larry.
I have people ask me all the time how I stay in such good shape. They are quite surprised when I tell them I work out 20 minutes a week :)
We do that kind of stuff at track practice- although it's usually 1 lap of the track followed by the time it took us to run for rest. It works, but it can be exhausting.
One of the major factors of cardiac diseases is overweight. You can't combat it with 1 minute exercise every now and then. Though it does sound great for people who have a good diet, no overweight and lack of time or interest in sports.
I try to do 30-70m of cardio, 5 or 6 times a week.
Here is how to calculate your Max Heart Rate. the formula is
208 - (.7 x Age) = Max HR
Some people also use (220 - Age) but that's the older method
Excellent! I am however going to ease into it with the frequent rests for a few weeks first.
That sounds like it would have an effect, mostly because it is a major stress on the body to do such a thing.
Thats what 5 times "Prayers" in Islam gives you for free!
Some tips for people wanting to start at the gym. Don't go finding the best gym, don't necessarily go where your friends go. Instead, go to the closest gym. You'll end up going more often and that's the ultimate goal isn't it?
When at the gym, find an exercise that you can enjoy and do it while reading mags, emails, books or listening to podcasts/music. Before you know it, you've cardio-ed for 10minutes and didn't know it because you were too engulfed into your reading or music...
This is very exciting - my own cardiac workout is very boring and time consuming. Thanks for posting this! Beverly Budzynski
Before the age of "gyms" and "workouts" Saturday night dances (short, intense work outs) were subsidised by daily walking (moderate, stamina building) and supplemented by out door swimming, weather permitting etc -healthy and fun!
Perhaps I can apply this to my morning bike commute. 
Be carefull, check with your doctor before you start ITT.
+Robert Koritnik A normal sportler needs minimum 20 minutes warming up time!
+KL Tah 100% agree with your opinions:)
For all people doing less sport it is better to do sport in a relaxed way, thats fact and for this I hold my opinion. It is trendy to claim that in 30min you will be as fit as if you make training exercises in a normal way that means relaxed and with caution. Go steady up in your exercises. Not from zero to maximum in some minutes...

I know a lot of good bikers and if we see this 20 min power people we always think about their harts. Sorry that Iam not in mainstream:)
mechanical Turk is the most efficient way to exercise. pay 60 people a penny to exercise for you for one second every week. 
Yes, sparring for 10 one minute rounds with 1 minute breaks or 7 two minute rounds with 1 minute breaks or 5 three minute rounds with one minute breaks in Martial Arts or Boxing etc, oe a combination of any of these, or the same time practicing technique combinations on the bags or up and down the hall into thin air will all do it.
Bicycle commuting is great for me. I get to work faster than I would in a car because I can bypass all the traffic, and I get 8 hours of aerobic exercise per week.
If one thinks about getting to 90% of maximum, a warm up of 20 minutes is almost mandatory, Particularly if your age is over 50. So the strategy may reduce the length of a workout slightly but not as dramatically as in the case of someone 30 years old.
interesting, but i don't like to force myself into a short workout, just because it claims to be more effective. i prefer continuous acitivities i really like doing.
Basic things - working out hard at least 3x per week, taking control over nutrition and all food +end of poisoning the body. It's not easy, but It works! Greetings from Czech republic.
I've read a little about H.I.I.T. (High intensity interval training) which is similar to what you point out. Cheers. 
awesome! I wanna start doing this.. can anyone recommend excercises I could do at home to get the heart rate going? no equipment
The magic formula is a healthy diet you can maintain for life and cardiovascular exercise for a least 30 minutes 3x per week.
3 minutes exercise.... 1 minute of rest that sounds more practical
do you use an exercise bike or a rowing machine?
great idea :-/ a short, brutal workout where you put stress and weight onto your body …
and this is healthy and prevents infarction …
uhm … imagine a 60 years old man or woman doing this … helloooo? the same time they sign the fitnessclub membership they can sign the death certificate by themselves O_o

… a strong, healthy and relaxed body requires a personal physical exercise program, bringing stimulation to joints, organs, skin, muscles, tendons, bone and all of the body's physiological systems and it's truly not done in one minute of total exhaustion ;-)
It works like a charm I done my workouts similar to this for years(supersets and the like ) however I've recently realized that it wreaks havoc on your tendons. They don't have time to warm up and get inflamed (sometimes for years) I'm currently in therapy in an attempt to reverse it.
That's interesting I'm going to try this. I need to get the fitness up for mountain biking so sounds perfect
Your goals should determine your workouts. If you want to run a marathon doing short quick running burst will not help you achieve your goal. If your goal is to burn fat longer, slower, low heart rate activities are the best. No matter what your goals are you need to increase the intensity and duration slowly over time to avoid injury. Now that said you need to overload "the system" to have gains in training. If you don't stress the muscles or the cardio system no adaption takes place so you're not gaining much other then burning calories, which is good too :-) There is no one good workout for everyone.
lbj 24
I work out 4x a week. Lost 10 lbs that way
I surf and it is a series of quick burst cardio exercises. Paddle pop up and ride, paddle back out.
lên đây không biết các bạn có hiểu tôi nói gì không. nhưng Brad Askins này " không có một tập thể dục tốt cho tất cả mọi người " là sao? mỗi người cần có một cách tập riêng à?
James G
Love this article
abusive comments should be deleted
. It will likely take you more than 1 minute to get to 90% HR[max]. Then keep it there for 1 minute. All together takes you more than a minute. Obvously. Not to even mention that 1 minute is rather long if your pace is at 90% HR[max] or above. Very long.
I know this because I can sprint 100 M in under 11 seconds
In the Running world, they call these Fartleks (for 'Speedplay'). It's basically the highest impact workout you can do. And indeed, you only do them once a week, mixed into your normal running schedule.

(But it's more like for 45 minutes to an hour instead of 20 minutes. And they are PAINFUL)

This research does not surprise me; the idea is not new. Just news to non-athletes?
limit this to under 2000 comments, it took me one hour to get to the bottom, I was scanning at high speed
Also know as the caveman workout. Quick burst of energy to kill your lunch and then rest for the remainder of the day.
Thanks you for this information I try to do my exercise, the best one I do is walking, right now I am waiting to do a stress test on my heart on Tuesday 22, to check it. My dad had heart problems and that makes me borderline Have a blessed day!
Dying healthy is a waste of a perfectly good body! :)
Nineteen minutes Larry, not twenty...
perhaps a sports editor could select the best 1% of comments and the other 99% could be deleted
Living healthy and being able to enjoy life without pain, sickness and lack of energy are worth the sacrifices. Who says the healthy way doesn't allow for being "unhealty?" I sure enjoy my treats, I just know when to say no:)
Sooo youre saying high intensity interval training (hiit for those in the know) is more beneficial than light to moderate cardio training, takes less time , and is more enjoyable? next youre gonna tell me we landed on the moon!
Hard to believe.. Maybe it just stretch your muscles for a while.. This research is not enough
there is research on this subject it is designed for sprinters, wiki the subject
i agree to that, that's if U do it on a regular basis, say, like 1st thing in the morning when you wake up.
It's just that most ppl do not understand whet 90% means, especially done for 60s. That's pure lactic hell, that is. Love it every time.
this is designed for sprinters.... not recommended for the average person
Regarding the overall health benefits of exercise: how true, how true!
Lift well, bro’s…lift well! :)
+Larry Page I run 9.0 1 minute, then 7.7 for one minute. Was pleased to see this article. :)
I joined the Gym (as millions of others in January) this time I had a personal trainer, and his guidance was 30secs sprint and 30secs jog, you will be amazed at how quickly the time goes - I am only doing 10mins (combined with other workouts) and it really does make a difference. Looking forward to increasing in next few weeks.
Mohan K
That's interesting
It works great for sprints. Go all out, rest a minute, 20 times.
Actually this is not the best way to build the heart muscle, work for 10 straight minutes then rest for a few
at 90% percent at one minute is difficult and dangerous. you may need to work up to that level
Larry is a god that is why he gets 10,000 comments
I started biking to work, and I've seen a huge improvement in my fitness and overall health. I like to think I'm also making the Earth "healthier" by not driving my car as much.
Great research. Any way to optimize exercise is welcome in my book. 
My question is similar: was there a warm-up and cool-down period in addition to the 20-minute interval training?
I want to see Larry sweating on youtube.... just how fit is he... show us your talent Larry
I suggest you try Crossfit. It's hard, it's fun and it works. It will get you in the best shape of your life. If you're ever in MD come check out my box. You may end up in a puddle of your own sweat but I guarantee you'll do it with a smile on your face.
Definitely sounds like Crossfit to me!
I remember reading about this several years ago. I'm glad people are taking notice and putting it to the test.
Certainly not an "easy" workout. 45min of low load, steady-state cardio is much more comfortable than 10x near max 60s intervals w/ 60s rest. Huge benefit to high intensity interval training (HIIT). I love it.
I hate interval training. More than anything. So painful.
Easy workout=good!
Back to skipping rope..
It is just exercising in ways consistent with our evolutionary ancestry as hunter gatherers. You will find this in all areas of life, if you live in harmony with our evolution you will be healthier. Unfortunately our modern world does not do this, the cause of many problems that may ultimately be catastophic to the future of humanity. e.g. Agriculture, based on monocultures of a small number of species of grasses is contradictory to evolution and ecology, produces food high in simple sugars that harm our health (obseity, heart disease, etc.) as well as the health of Nature.
I like my bike and the hill. its a steep hill and my bike has one gear :-)
I think these kinds of fitness related habits for a healthy lifestyle should be made "mandatory" in schools so that we build a generation of healthy children and not those with type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiac and respiratory problems ...
I agree. I have always been a sprinter, and I love all my bikes, but my current SS MTB is my favorite. I have had about 6 single speeds since 1977. I do like my geared bikes too, though.
فکر نمی کنی لری، گوگل به من بیشتر از تو احتیاج داره.
I have been doing this lately and it is working for me ! Getting ready for the summer early so that I am already in shape by April. I ride a lot and had not been in shape because of an addition to our family. This year she is old enough to not need so much attention.
Sometimes I get on a stepmill or treadmill for just 15 or 20 minutes, 1 minute at a high level followed by 1 minute at a low level and then repeat until the time is up.
You know, I've found that if I can do 4 or 5 30 minute high intensity work outs a week I can stay in pretty good shape. I've also found that those work outs help me maintain my running/biking pace even if I don't have the time for long work outs for a couple weeks. In other words, based on my anecdotal experience, I'd say this study is pretty accurate.
I'm going to give one minute sprints through the woods a try. I've put on about 15 pounds since quitting smoking and wishing it away doesn't seem to work :-/
Anyone have diet tips to go along with this?
The only way I've ever actually lost weight is with a calorie tracker app called LoseIt. It's very easy to use and even scans barcodes for the truly lazy. You can add exercise etc.
Earlier post of the article motivated me to get off the couch and give it a try on my elliptical last night at 10 pm. Kicked my butt... ;-)
I work in IT and i am quite sure this would harm my body ;)
+Zack Jenkins Read Dr Dean Ornish, MD, The Spectrum Diet. Diet is the foundation to good health, exercise just keeps the body from getting rusty.
Saw that and found it interesting. Please remember that your target range for this is 220 minus your age times .9....
Human heart is a muscle. The greater the pressure on the muscle the stronger it gets. Recovery is very important.
p.s Crossfit is not for everyone. Get a assessment by a FMS (functional movement screen) specialist before attempting Crossfit.
Make it a priority! and use and dedicate the time necessary to stay fit
+Maqsud Khwaja If you have heart disease and have had a heart attack, even one of the 'silent' kind, it means your heart has been injured. It's like trying to lift a weight with a torn muscle - you just damage it worse. But with the heart, this will kill you instead of just hurting incredibly. You can still do quite a bit to help your heart recover, but doctors are extremely conservative about the kind of thing they want you to do, and most of them will be terrified that you will kill yourself by over-reaching. Very few cardiologists are also experts on the effects of exercise and how to do it safely. The problem is, if you never exercise your heart, it won't be stimulated to get stronger, and your cardiovascular system will just clog up some more.

The answer is to tell your doctor you want to do exercises and make diet changes that will help you recover. You may have to do research, you may have to find a doctor who has worked on exercise as a component in cardiac recovery.

If this method were to be useful for you, you would need to do it in a place where you have immediate medical care available in case you over-do it. You would need to have a heart rate monitor on. You may not want to do it with a bicycle - walking on a treadmill would do the same thing. Your maximum heart rate would be 70, so you would not want to go above 63, until your doctor says it's safe. You would also want to be careful, and take it slow.

For a person who hasn't injured their heart, but is just in lousy shape, this method will help them get in better shape. For a person who is in good shape, this will help them get in better shape.

It trains the ability to go to a peak effort, sustain it for a short time, then recover. This is the kind of fitness needed to escape a predator, to fight off an enemy, to catch prey, to haul a heavy object.

This is the same kind of pattern that coaches were inflicting on high school and college students in the 1970s-1980s as "wind sprint fitness drill" -- and everyone hated it then too.
It has come to my attention that a moderate workout using weights under 10 pounds is just as good as heavier weights. So this is the way I have structured my daily exercise .... I use a 5 ,10 and 15 pound weights every other night with alternating night stretch exercises ..
I am just under 70 years old and feel pretty good ......
I love my intervals! There was a time I didn't think I'd be able to do much of anything, just one flight of stairs would leave me winded. Now... It's the opposite, not exercising drives me nuts. 
Chasing down a 160 pound newfoundland dog who grabbed our whole pizza (uncut) across the living room (happened last night). Plus we didn't want the pizza anymore so even less calories!
+Kevin Schomisch Eating chocolate cake fast is for leisure, big piece eat slowly ,enjoy ----- Same goes with cherry cheese cake
it's not that surprising - isn't this what "circuit training" and it's relatives have been proscribing for years?
Sounds like the "Tabata Method".
Kal El
Been doing this for the longest time. I think of it like NOS for a car. However, I do it at random times. Like getting the mail, sprint as fast as you can, then do the same on the way back. My mail box is about 3 minutes away walking distance so it works for me.
It had 2 or 3% increase in aerobic, and about a 6 or 8% increase in anaerobic improvement over a standard 15 - 30 minute running regimen.
Hmm I'd recommend anybody to see a doctor first, especially if you are a cardiac patient. Don't just rush into this!
90% of mhr for a normal person I agree ....I don't know 90% for a cardiac patient and most cardiac patient are on beta blockers and percentages go out the window when it comes to beta blockers ......... 
Sounds a bit like sex in the style and frequency of young men.
How could you get to 90% HR in 1 min?
I do this when I do surges in my run. It's good we're doing all we can to stay healthy. :-)
I have taken this a little more extreme. I did p90x and lost a lot of weight and adde muscle. Now I'm doing insanity which is generally 3-4 minutes of intensity followed by 30 seconds of rest. This is working wonderfully. I just ran a 5k at 8 minutes per mile. It's great because I have only ran 3 times in the past year. So my experience is that these intense at home workout programs work really well and are more cost efficient than a guy membership.
Add the mind and spirit into the rotation to achieve the ultimate in well being.
I've found the best way to stay fit is to put no time limit on staying fit.
Check out the cross fit w.o.ds, some incorporate this thought and you'll never get a better 10-20-30 min workout!
Reason why Hockey is one the most anaerobic sports out there.
Wearing heavy gear while balancing on a thin blade and sprinting for a minute to 2 minutes, then rest for 2 minutes. Over the course of an hour.
Sounds like Shaun T.'s philosophy that I saw on Dr. Oz this week
i agree b/c i font agree either
+SAINT ramon And that's the difference between science and a personal opinion. Until you publish your research in a peer-reviewed journal, your opinion is bullshit.
HIIT is good for bursts and not sustained cardio. But yes, it does improve fat burning compared to steady cardio.
I can do 70% only and it is safer :)
Sex works the very same, or better, Larry. That's the rumor in the hood, anyway.So maybe, we'd be better off just leaving that alone.
This is what they do in the insanity workout vids.
I've downloaded abs, arm and leg workout apps to my phone, and they vary in time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. It's quick and I feel the burn as well.
Kickboxing (Muay Thai). Sixty minute classes 2 or 3 times a week will get you gains in cardio, strength, agility, flexibility and more. And it's a blast.
I'm doing mine right now! Thanks for the share.
Another exercise variation of some value but with not enough teeth. You might want to read Yin Ain't Yang for the ancient slant on HIIT.

Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health
resting heart beat should be 70 so exercise at 130 beats per minute would be the optimum if you can hold it at 130 beats for 10 minutes then rest one or two minutes and do another 10 minutes that would be the optimum ratio unless you are training for sprints then a heart rate of 180 is required
access code granted: analysis in progress
This is nothing new. Body for life did 1 minute training intervals of varying intensities 20 years ago. I am sure someone did it before that. Crossfit has probably helped make it a popular thing. Yes it is very good for you.
This should make cops and FireFighters the most fit people in the world... despite the donuts.
more like an,anaroebic exercise id i spelled it correctly lol
This reminds me of the study done that proves eating can stop the sensation of hunger.
Wow Great Video, ZainHosting.Com
This is exactly the way my Sifu has taught me to practice Kata, so this must be one of those very, very old principles that modern science only now has been able to measure. Worked for me ... And knocked off almost 50 pounds in the process.
there is no such thing as 90% maximum, it is 90% above resting
Sleepwalking can supplement a fitness program with zero schedule impact.
I guess 101% of heart beat equals death?
+asoka nelson , he's saying 90% of your max heart rate, so whatever your Max heart rate is, get your heart up to 90% of that for one minute.

Unfortunately, I'm better at math than battling procrastination, and have no idea what my Max heart rate is.
The human heart beat is known to reach 100 to 400 beats per minute. However, within this rather wide range, one individual may die at the same rate at which another experiences few symptoms. The difference in the effects of a fast heartbeat in humans may be due to risk factors, the cause of the tachycardia, and the overall physical health prior to the start of the episode.
most doctors would recommend 130 beats per minute as the optimum for exercise
but if you have health problems 100 max
This is a very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
p90x has HIIT on cardio days. 30 seconds or a full minute full blast on every exercise.
work out at lunch everyday, glass of protein before, run 2-3 mile, yogurt back at my desk, have kept off 25 lbs for the last 4 years...
doesn't it take quite a bit of time to reach your maximum heart rate? sounds flawed. did i miss something?
Would this have to be cardio or would the same benefits apply for pushups, situps, etc.
... a half hour just once per week of kite surfing does it for me!
I've found the best way to stay fit is living and playing on Maui. Surfing, kiting, biking... hard not to stay in shape here. Of course, it totally fails for minimizing time commitment, but there's no way I'd rather be spending time.
Powerplate - If I had $5000 I would buy one this instant. They are brilliant.
I have been doing this since 2000 whats so new about works great for basketball since its a stop and burst of speed sport....
I read this and think its great. I work out 3-4 times a week, but can't get my husband to go do to his work. His schedule is all over the place because he works on computers. We are going to try this with him.
Is it me or are there a lot of spams on this thread? "good information", "good idea", "nice I like it" "good info"
Skimming through. There's so much comment spam to a simple question. Makes one not want to ask a serious question or wonder if some kind of public reputation tool is in order so a lot of comments can be automatically hidden. This comment is meta and classifies as spam too!
Do only interval training over one year, there is more efficient workout.
I agree about the spams and I think what you have said is a good idea and it's nice and I like it! Ha ha! Good info!
What's the deal with YouTube and Monetization? Why are everyone's videos being stuck in "under review" for months at a time? And for no reason?
High intensity interval training. It's been around for a while now and is what people should be doing to begin with. Running on a treadmill for an hour will do nothing for you.
circuit training of 1-2 minute intervals with bursts of cardio (eg very quick elliptical 1 minute, then go into weights for arms for 2, then back to elliptical for 1, then back to squats etcetc).. really gets your body moving and help maintain or loose weight.
the benefit of the quickie, good for your heart, and your soul.
Check out crossfit. It uses this meathod heavily.
Hey Larry, could you make sure Google+ does not suggest irrelevant "What's Hot" in my face? Like this one? It may be the last straw that causes me to quit G+.
Seems that interval training is ideal, increased GH production as well as decrease in stress hormones i.e. cortisol, but this has been around for a long time, shortest workout would be related to Heavy Duty Training by Mike Mentzer, also new study with Sprint 8....
When ever exercise can take less time, its good.
Very nice! One of the significant challenges for (otherwise) busy people looking for more exercise is the time it takes. One could even feel guilty about the extra time spent on him/herself!

I've found building exercise into otherwise mundane daily routines is effective as well. For instance, I take the bus, but a car would work too - get off or park some distance from your destination and have a brisk walk to finish the commute. I have beaten a cross town bus over a ~2m stretch on several occasions (no running, or significant sweat/BO required).

Thanks for the tip!
Good sharing, I would try it.
Waiting for Android 5.0
There are still many waiting on ICS
I think playing tennis comes closer.. you get a break every other odd games and end of sets..
I just started youtube and guess what i rate it?????????? 100 out of 100 is awesome people!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea thats cool to know me
I certainly agree that small consistent efforts pay off much better than the big
sporadic ones. This applies to more than just exercise but in a way all our
activities are exercises aren't they?
I started working with a trainer a year ago and he works his clients out in intervals. I am in the best shape of my life!!!
In Geeta it is been advised that you work, not looking for result. Some day or other the result will come.
Reminds me of the analogy from the Pomodoro technique.
Hey man! Far out man! Like I mean you are making the scene man! you dig? That's my way of saying- THAT'S GREAT STUFF! I"LL TRY IT! COOL! AWESOME!!! PEACE MAN!
Heh. Couldn't help but notice the doctor's name and how it was spelt. Reminded me of something else that comes up when you talk about cardiovascular disease :-)
For me, 20minutes of brisk walking or swimming or jogging, is the best everyday exercise.
It seems like there are many hidden secrets that are unknown to medical researchers. What we see and accept today may become obsolete tomorrow.What remains is what we do in our life time.
I have tried it and it does work. The reality is if people can develop a habit of working while standing up would go a long way in reducing health problems in the future. We should be thinking about integrating furniture that would allow us to stand or sit while doing our daily work.
Reminded me of Tabata training that's on my list of things to do..!
never believe these research. another researcher will prove that this finding is wrong.
S Vaden
Interestingly enough, a basic reasonable pace for 25 yard pool 1 lap is one minute. An experienced swimmer can swim 100 yd, two laps, in 1 minute which would get to max heart rate, and with 1 minute rest would be easily ready to go again. I do 100yd on 1:30 with 30 second rest. 20 seconds is enough to recoup though. Anyway, the point is that there are plenty of Masters swimming workout routines that work similar intervals. It is not really a new idea. A good intense workout is say 50 50s on :50. And yes, Masters swimmers are typically in great athletic condition. I do 2000yd 40 min swim with 20 minutes weight training weekdays and an hour swim on Saturdays.
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I KNEW THIS! (Of course I'm a Canadian Know-it-all) -
Frequently I run up and down my (old country house) basement stairs 10 or 15 times or until my legs ache. I miss the good ol' days (35 years ago) when I worked in Montreal, in an 11th floor office, and had a 14th floor apartment nearby. Man, I was in shape back then!
glad to see a health comment from a healthy man!
Great article. I agree with all of it aside from the part that said it's appropriate for cardiac patients. Yikes!
I superset body weight exercises when short on time. It's an amazing workout. Here are some examples:
Hey you guys, this thing is really okay !! It really works! When I was in highschool, I used to do Isometric and Isotonic exercises at home for only a few minutes a day. I was asthmatic and was a weaking, but after a while, my asthma was gone and believe me I even got the only rating of 1 horse power plus rating on an experiment the school conducted that same year on all high school students on the campus to determine average stamina and endurance. This thing that Larry Page is telling us is actually an improvement of the thing I was doing and still am at it.One factor that you must have , however, is BELIEF IN YOURSEFL, FAITH AND DETERMINATION ! If any of you guys and gals are interested, I can be of help. Email me and I'll be more than glald to guide you. I'll be waiting.Thanks.
doing 25 proper pushups every morning and evening
Depending on your heart's healthiness....I believe.
I pity you larry... you seem to go round and round google , but not enjoy the fun outside google..just a simple boy without access to computer does... you are not in tune with nature.
that's right....and can save our planet too... go green...^_^
it depend on you. how you maintain your daily excersice
yes! agreed! your body tends to adapt to whatever stress you put in under, so pushing your 'max' is always a good idea to keep your max (use it or lose it as you get older) and keep that high end power... obviously anything short is going to be more strength oriented in nature and the only way to train for a really long event (such as a marathon, triathalon, etc...) is to actually put in some long miles to work on your endurance.. (some say you need to be aerobic for at least a half hour to really count it as a 'aerobic' workout) .. but yes, that said, anything where you push your max is good to give your body the signal that you plan on doing this on a regular basis and it needs to be ready and prepared... and even though short, it is a whole lot better than doing nothing. If nothing else, it raises your heartrate and tends to wake me up for the rest of the day and make more productive! I believe Einstein used to go for bike rides and the like, and say he felt better afterward... -human biology degree/stanford U.
Running at a constant pace is boring to me so I use the interval training setting on the treadmill along simulating going up and down hills with the incline setting to get the most out of my workouts.
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brian s
I've actually tested out using a workout like this a few times in a hotel room, or my living room during a really busy hectic week when I don't have either the time nor energy for a full or traditional workout. I didn't know about the 10 intervals though (usually have messed around with doing 4-8 of these), so I'm excited to try it to it's full extent. pretty great to hear there's science behind it, explaining that it works.
thanks for sharing the health information, and by the way, google plus is open to china right now.
Larry...make an offer to reed hastings so I can watch netflix on here.... ;)
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I like google too, facebook bad.....
Nice! Guess this means that the old "don't have time" excuse is no longer valid!
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Larry have you thought about having a google university? Google already has the web infrastructure running and I see this a revolutionary step in public education
why hello there brandon okolo, YOURE LATE!!!!!
Bike to work! For me it's <10 minutes. Just long enough to warm up. :)
dude this post is more than a year old
So what?! I hadn't read it before. I was hoping I might remind people there are good reasons for NOT driving a car short distances (save money, get exercise).
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