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Go Chrome users! "Based on the fact that Chrome users solve Calcudoku number puzzles the fastest, and that IE users give up on solving them the most, it appears that Chrome users have the highest numerical intelligence, followed by Firefox users, then by Internet Explorer users"
We analyzed usage data of the number puzzle website for the years 2010 and 2011, consisting of over 1 million solved puzzles, attempting to determine the numerical intelligence of us...
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Lily L
As expected. :) Thanks for the ego boost, Larry!
we thank Google and google chrome tteam to make its users more intelligent, fast and great thinkers
Bo Stone
Take cover! Take cover! Here come disgruntled IE-lead cohorts
The people who, pick the best browser, are mostly going to be the smartest!
Why does chrome take so much memory? can't u guys build a lighter browser... think about computers with 2GB RAM or less
Yes :) I only use Chrome! (I'm from Brazil)
I've got to say Larry I loved Chrome however it has increasingly become less reliable slow and glitzy - I recently had to completely uninstall Chrome the re-install it just to clean up all the junk - I'm on a 20MB Comcast broadband connection with a super fast computer - yet web sites are becoming slower and slower every day - could be the Browser - the Comcast Broadband - the Computer - Could be Windows - however the same conditions exist on the Apple machines - so something is becoming very wrong.
I knew it without any analyzes :).
No way !

Mozilla Firefox latest builds rocks, so i'll stick with it :-)
Chrome is actually my buggiest browser in day-to-day Windows use, it still has serious problems related to flash pages. But I like the speed so I remain.
Mark H. Check your DNS servers. I think Google even offers a public DNS server that may be better than what your ISP provides.
@ВячеславЕрошников Firefox don't eat more!
Yay... although this is seriously not me... I hate number puzzles because I can't win them...
I'm a Chrome user and must apologize, I may have just reduced the 2012 results by a small factor ;)
Just recently, a windows update seems to have really slowed my computer, especially Chrome! Maybe it's the Microsoft SWAT team doing their magic to try and even the odds. One way of slowing us Chrome users down would be to slow down our browsers through the operating system. It wouldn't be the first time Microsoft was guilty of it, as some may not know Microsoft was found guilty of sabotaging Java by placing a bug in the operating system.
John G. is correct. Google's DNS servers are and
Dunno, I counted the files in cache directory, while clear_site_data_on_exit is true in Preferences. Should have been about zero - but it was not.
Last time I used Internet Explorer, I was flunking out of Harvard. jk
Grats on alienating the IE/FF users Larry. I don't expect this revelation will increase the Chrome share and may pose a significant PR risk. It's just this type of data and "conclusion" that for good reasons may be better off kept to itself. Remember, Ted Kaczynski was brilliant but also psychotic. Perhaps IE/FF users are more family oriented, empathetic and sane? Have some hubris.
In the last similar test I saw, comparing five browsers instead of just three +Opera users had the highest IQ.
+John Garmon I use google DNS servers and and I too have noted that if I leave the browser open a few days - a tab (say google+) becomes unresponsive and won't update. If one clicks reload the page goes away and does not come back for that tab. Usually opening a new tab in the same browser session loads the web page instantly. Sometimes, however, I need to close the browser session completely and re-open it. I have also noted that on some web sites Chrome does not display all the input boxes. Then again, the latest version of firefox makes some input boxes frozen so one can't enter anything in them. I love Chrome - but it has bugs :)
I just recently gave chrome a look see.... from exclusively using IE there were some things chrome did that IE just didn't but it has trouble with other sites. I like them both
+Larry Page that's very funny but you just shared a page containing a Twitter share button, Facebook share button and no +1 button. I hope you left them a note. :)
Larry let me ask or hear from Horse's mouht- I want to have all my outgoing gmails to appear in my inbox, please advise a shortcut key/menu. currently i have been adding cc and type my email id.
No comments on Opera or Safari?

Come on...we've gotta be better than Safari :p


edit: Apparently they are still waiting for enough Safari users to make "statistically significant analysis" ^_^
all this says is that chrome users install and use auto game playing scripts more than FF users (probably because FF needs grease monkey) and IE doesn't use auto game playing scripts at all. so how about a real graph that isn't inflated by the use of some script
All Google+ users wanna better Google+. We need improvements on Google+.
Don't think it will be read but chrome needs to use memory better and no it isn't dns problem that an open tab goes unresponsive if left open for a few days or even hours! I use open dns earlier used the isp's dns same result! Use memory judiciously! Why cache goes empty in youtube video fullscreen? But then i shouldn't complain i use dev channel and canary
Briefly looked over the paper, didn't see them address the point of puzzle solvers at all. Not sure exactly how those work, but I can't help but assume that any results showing that the puzzle was solved in a few seconds would be discarded
I swear there was some other study like this that showed IE users as less smart than other users.
You should've kept this conclusion for yourself Larry is getting unstable on linux...I mean, chrome is fast but for stability (serious development work) I always choose firefox.
Does this mean if you used IE then you are stupid ?!! I use Chrome and I like, but this .. ?!!
If I can choose, I always go for the Google products, they're just better.
Thank you Mr Page.
Wow, that seems more like a coincidence than actual science. More evidence needs to be gathered in order to convince me of this.
Lol, I always love the little fun things you can find with data mining like this...
It's not based on any real scientific evidence.
This is not really shocking...of course the others are slower if they aren't using Chrome yet. Still interesting though! :)
Good! I am staying on Firefox coz I don't want to mess up the Statistics. I have never completed a Sudoku puzzle....
over the years the google chrome has grown bigger just saying
Dan Car
I don't think it is good to put down people we want to make friends with.
i think we all poeple should think about getting out of home and start running
but you know how these days poeple are they are to lazy and becuase the LOVE GOOGLE CHROME
I'm surprised. I've read nearly all comments, and nobody seems to think about what they see. Fanboys aside, does nobody critically look at the testing method and results?

Just throwing some ideas in the group here, maybe Chrome users are so no-life that they spend all day solving those puzzles, and thus are much better at it.

Or maybe Internet Explorer users more often play at work, see their boss come in and quickly 'abandon' their puzzle.

Data can be explained multiple ways, people!
Poeple dont you understand that if you use FIREFOX,Google chrome will SHUTDOWN FOR GOOD and if we dont use these days google chrome we will lose the enternet
1 more thing ITS BETTER, firefox always freezes 
oh okay well um not shure

+Mario II Valenzuela It said that there was insufficient data for other browsers. I assume that includes Safari, Opera, Links, Wyzo, Konqueror, Lynx, etc.

+carlos anchez Just for you it seems, I'm having no trouble with Firefox here!
poeple if we use that the data that google chrome (not firefox,safari,enternet exlper) its way more faster
Chrome always crashes for me so I prefer Firefox but I use Comodo Dragon. Earlier research states Opera users have the highest IQ out of all browser users.
+Mario look firefox might be fun but chrome IS BETTER

That's because IE users follow the dark lord. I wonder if the same is true of Safari users ;-) ducks for cover
This does not mean that there is a cause and effect correlation hear tho. This could, and is most likely due to a few lurking variables. +Luc Jansen what you mentioned are the lurking variables I was talking about. For example smarter people may tend to choose a browser, or product for that matter, that is better than the others available. It does however show interesting results.
Ping He
would be interesting to have a follow up study and check whether more dumb users switch to chrome hoping to be counted as part of a smart crowd.
IE Rocks! Down with Chrome!
if you search through 5 billion websites its likely you will be able to find something chrome users do better than any other type of browser. Wether you will believe the hype that it means something it doesn't, that crome users have higher numerical intelligence ,is up to you.
Why solve Sudoku's when you've got Google Goggles to solve them for you :-) more browsing time for me! :D Who has the highest efficiency intelligence now huh? :P

But Chrome is awesome, changed browser history :-)
These studies are totally biased. Of course people who have no clue about how computers work will be using IE since it's the default browser. What a lame publicity campaign by google.
was rockt denn bitteschön am IE?
Guter Witz! :D
I would ,(and do agree) that all's true on your assertion.
doesn't have to prove it to me. The graph and your word is enough! Go
Chromes !! Out standing...
it will always will make history
Larry, we got it, Chrome users are smarter. But as CEO of Google shouldn't you think about more on how to win the mass market instead of taking the pride to be smarter? There may be an deeper issue for you to change your mindset from an engineer to a CEO?

I meant well.
Ron Paul has the distinction of being the least soul-corrupted in the Republican party. I like to set the bar just a tad higher for POTUS than "only slightly tainted by the Dark Side", however.
i love gooooooooooooogle!

IE is a hemorrhoid to the Internets blow hole
So you're telling IE users that they're not as intelligent as the rest, and you expect them to simply switch over? Great PR!
^ Probably because it's true.
+Dan Xiao Google's great because it's full of people who embrace the nerd engineer parts of them, and Google's true fans appreciate that as what sets them apart from other companies with less integrity and more greed. If it were led by someone who was more CEO than passionate engineer, it wouldn't be the Google we know and trust
In Soviet Russia Chrome chooses fastest users.
this is what "a simple interpretation" could be inferred about the paragraph. or japanese or "japaneses partisan"
Hope to God someone at Google reads this:

I'd definitely be using Chrome if it hadn't been for the bookmark import bug. Every time I import my enormous Firefox bookmark file into Chrome, it makes a complete mess of everything, even removes bookmark names, throws them around etc. I've been waiting for this bug to be fixed for 4 (!!!) years. Once in a while I've downloaded Chrome and checked, last time just a week ago, but no luck so far. And yes, I've sent feedback about it twice.
Larry. This kind of analysis has a little bit of nazism from my point of view. You shouldn´t put emphasis in this statistics. At least not to make it public. You should know that your opinions are followed by a bunch of young (and not so..) people. And this kind of comment don´t help in make the people more colaborative, respectful and to be in solidarity with others.
BTW, there are many others numbers not seen in this stat like the time IE exists before GC. Another mistake: I would never try to say that my product is better because it seems that other product users are less intelligent. I would NEVER refeer my product with others.
Anyone still using IE is probably not listening anyway... I get so many complaints from customers whose browsers (IE) is/are so slow, and when I tell me why, and that they need to switch to either Chrome or Firefox, they never do, they would rather just deal with the slow, turtle-like technology. These are the same folks who still have the same cell phones they bought 6 years ago, go figure.
So had never played this game!! It totally rocks - have now been playing for the last 30 minutes! Thanks for sharing.
Every one is just trusting the numbers, following the herd. So obviously this post did what it was suppose to. Always remember numbers and statistics aren't a fail safe way of proving your point. Remember the biases of the person or source putting the information out, numbers and statistics can always be spun to fit someones agenda.
Yes, Chrome is fast. Except when flash is enabled on a mac. Then it brings the system to a crawl, often having to wait more than 30 sec just to get a response to a mouse click. Please fix that.
Everytime i try to download a program the system always gets an error message ... So many of these sites have links that are not working properly and do not allow you the correct access for the necessary items that you want to load. When will we be able to create a system where you can have easy access on the internet , not just to view websites but to load programs. My computer is brand new so i know it is not the operating sysytem.
+Ken Goldsholl, some people have fixed that by disabling one of the two conflicting Flash plugins. Go to "about:plugins", if you have two Flash plugins shown then disable the external one. Also, an even better solution is to install the Chrome extension FlashBlock.
i m not following Larry, but why is this appearing upfront?
wow! Nobody pointed that clever people have more interesting things to do than solve sudokus or any other *okus?
so you use firefox you are supporting who support massive killing, supported the holocaust beyond other things.
Or that chrome users might be faster cause chrome sucks less when it comes to heavy js. Or because IE users are in fact IE users because they use an old pc with only IE installed!
that was VERY interesting
Was there ever any question about the stupidity of IE users?
Yeah, that tidbit and two bucks will get you a cup of joe at starbucks.
If you consider that intelligence is linked with poverty on a direct proportion. IE users are rich... they have better things todo than play with "doku".
I agree with Larry, the money is in the wrong hands!
NOw if they'd just make Chrome a less crappy broswser... Not really impressed with FF either, though. It likes to lock up quite often.
+Lew Bloch Do you really have to stick with Ron Paul? yeah, I know you say he's the least corrupt Republican, but can't you vote w/ your conscience and find the TRULY LEAST corrupt candidate, regardless the party and simply look at the views and integrity?
are we as gmail account holder will have any privacy within the firm google attention larry pages
wut about teh safarifags? D:
I like Chrome's speed, but one little querk keeps me going back to firefox,and that is the add on "stumble upon". Chrome has also, but I have a large list of interests, and google chrome does not list them all. And they are not catagorized like in firefox. I like stumble upon that much.
At work I use IE and home I use Chrome. I really don't believe any of this shit about chrome users being smarter.
Chrome is cool, but safari is nice for mac, it is really well integrated.
I also like FireFox, but it works like crap for lion
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)
how about giving me a job Larry?
Love the well-deserved arrogance. Consider Chrome's humble roots... I still recall the day Chrome shipped (at least in my world) and the amazing Comic Book it came with--true innovation. #chromefanboy
It was a fun, I want it as a G+ game, please!
+Gerard de Souza You should really read the developers documents regarding how Chrome works in relation to tabs and new windows. Chrome has taken a different tact in an effort to reduce page crashing using processes instead of threads. This results in a more stable browser but more overhead (Memory usage). Depending on the extensions and number of tabs open the memory usage is very similar to that of Firefox in all reality.
I use a tweaked version of Firefox, chrome I haven't given a chance yet. As for IE, well that's never happening again.
Unless it is a controlled experimental study, one can derive many things, often contradictory, from the same data. For an example, Chrome is so hard to use that people with low numerical intelligence are more likely to not use it! Or another conclusion could be, people with higher numerical intelligence are more aware of good and bad tools available, and they are choosing to use Chrome.
Go Larry Page and Robert Plant! You rule dudes!
+Larry Page and +Google Chrome Tell me why Chrome is such a resource hog? I do like Chrome but it is too resource intensive for my old XP computer at home. So, I've switched to FireFox which runs smoothly.

Though I do use Chrome in my newer laptops. Something is not right about resource usage. Please check.
I think chrome users get marked down for making false statistical inferences.
Love chrome and chromium esp when it comes to sites using flash. All other browsers lag where Chrome stays strange!! Google FTW
Ofcourse chrome users are smart ... That's why they are using chrome !!!
confounding variable, IE is really slow...
We are the most intelligent....did I spell that right?
Evidentially we safari types are too busy on world peace to play puzzles. ;)
@chris peters You safari users are confused and mis-lead. ;)
+Jose Carlos Canova & +Greg Miernicki : I'm no alien to (K)Ubuntu. That's where I do my LAMP development. As much techie I'm as pragmatic too. I need to see if there is a #citrixreceiver (wouldn't be surprised as there is one for #android ). What about #turbotax & #picasa (to upload my pics to #picasaweb ) ? Will cover my bases and perhaps that's what I'll do. Will install #ocelot .
Is there any plan to launch chrome for IOS? Thanks to chrome for android now i can sync bookmarks among all my devices except for ipad, bring the IOS users a decent browser, please.
It could be IE crashes on users before they can solve the puzzles.
+Luc Jansen How could that be? Isn't the iOS browser "Safari?" You would think having the entire tablet market would give them some statistical significance. Ormaybe they are waiting for the Calcudoku app?
Sam K.
google chrome rules!
when i wasnt highly gifted, i was using firefox
now that im highly gifted i use chrome
ironic, isnt it
Google chrome is fantastic! It is my reason for wanting to get an Android tablet as my next computer. Chrome blows away the competition when it comes to speed and use-friendlyness.
amazing for chrome,,saya selalu memakai google chrome from indonesia
Um +sam kazimirowicz im not sure if u are aware, but a tablet is not a computer. And if you buy one with the intension of using it like a computer you will be very disappointed.
The rest of you Chrome users should be glad I never tried to solve Calcudoku puzzles
Does that make me 75% as smart as a regular Chrome user and 25% smarter than a regular Firefox user because I use Firefox 75% of the time and Chrome 25% of the time?
+Patrick Crow Same here. Have used only Chrome for years & my numerical intelligence has not improved. Sorry, Larry.
I switched to chrome last year after being a die hard FireFox fan for years. As good as Chrome is at everything else it still falls way behind FireFox and others with regard to colour management and working with colour profiles on photos :-(
I have to use IE at work and find it very painful. Makes me happy to come home and surf speedy on Chrome.
It's called KenKen, nobody knows what Calculadoku is, try a google search smart guy. I use IE out of spite & I just love to be a hater!
And they say google is making us reality it is making us stupid
Yeah Brada n thats why u starting to look All GOOGLELLLLLLLlllllyyyyyYYYY.
Man, I can't enter Google Plus in my G60jx Laptop with Chrome... it just make me force shutdown all the system...seriously?
That's an interesting statistic, but could it not be the case that the Chrome users solve it faster because it takes the other browsers longer to load the page and respond to user actions, rather than due to a difference in the users' intelligence?
Yea this is risky behavior...I am sure you realize that a significant portion of Google's products are used by non-chrome people
What do you expect it's Chrome!!! The BEAST!!! :)
Chrome is better than IE9 not only just on the UI, but also faster than IE9. 
This should be seen as a problem for the penetration of Chrome. Success would be if Chrome users had the average score, since this is evidence of the most diverse usage. I wish "average" folks would use Chrome because it's intuitive, speedy, and secure. Frankly the savvy people could probably use Internet Explorer more effectively and safely than the average user.
This is interesting, I'm going to try out the puzzle.
It takes a strong thinking brain to go away from the default.
lets face it, chrome still needs 10 years at least to reach firefox, the perfect browsing experience we all ever had was ( firefox + google toolbar + firebug ), the only reason that made me try chrome was just looking for an alternative to google toolbar on firefox, now days i use them both. but in the end its all about marketing, its not about what users needs anymore.
I love Chrome but this is just silly.
Made me laugh, chrome in da house! Some people here take things too seriously, chill out people!
I gave up from using firefox, it chrash a lot.. ie?? Is it a browser?
It still doesn't explain why Google + sucks rocks!!
This isn't fair to IE users. They don't give up, the browser just keeps crashing on them.
I can feel this in my work place as well, but its not chrome makes smarter ppl, its smarter ppl choose Chrome ;)
wow! what a random analysis this is...! clear indication as to how numbers can shadow your justification. it might be just that chrome users (I am) are a bunch of idiots that use a comparatively simple to use browser and play games the whole day. analysis paralysis...
Why does the clipboard not work in Google Docs when opened in Opera?
Between Firefox and Chrome, I think it's more a matter of personal preference: Chrome is clean and minimalistic, but Firefox offers more features.

As for IE, now THAT'S retarded.
I like it~It makes me feel good~
Dan Han
i love chrome
Hey Larry please update Android to a desktop version that can be used in both Laptops and Desktops.
Android requires the manufacturers to keep consistent with an updated version of firmware,please~~~
Statistics can be used for every twist you should like... you should concentrate on bringing a value to the users of G+. Thats the only way to get/keep users.
Chan Li
well said , Page
Wow! Given how much Chrome crashes they would be at an immediate disadvantage. So to still come out tops they must be seriously intelligent!
great to hear , chrome from the go ,, chromium there after
some extensions not as well as firefox.i'm chrome user
+Larry Page Isn't it is just simple logic?
1. Mostly People with low IQ will use whatever comes default so IE user will be more dumb, that dose not make all IE user dumb.

2. People with more IQ will follow what most people doing, so Firefox there.

3. People with more IQ will search for other options. So more chrome user will be there.

4. People with more IQ will try to use less used thing so if they include +Opera , on average it's users will have more better time.
Careful - now people will install Chrome expecting better math skillz

correlation is not causation
Chrome still unable to access Google Plus from the iGoogle page! Every time I click on the +David link I get the kill page message. Why is it that now Chrome can not access Google's own applications? Has what was once the best browser become an unreliable mess?
Haha,Chrome is really amazing!
Hmmm... I can't help but wonder if this is another hoax - after all, the last time a so-called intelligence test was released claiming that Chrome users were the brainiest and IE users were the dumbest, it turned out to be a hoax...
Chrome user hiahia
So the first thing that should make you raise an eyebrow is the way that the smaller grid has a bigger time premium for IE users than a large grid. Why is this? Surely if this was based on numerical intelligence the larger, harder puzzles would see a longer premium, or at least the same in percentage terms? Instead, the shorter easier puzzles have a bigger time premium, and explorer users seem to struggle less with harder puzzles?

There are several things that might create or exacerbate a gap like this - for instance Chrome is known as a very fast browser, perhaps Chrome users waste less time waiting for their browser? Unlike the "it's all down to numerical intelligence" theory, that fits well with the fact that the penalty decreases for more advanced puzzles (where presumably thinking time is more common compared to time interfacing)

That might not be the answer, but I'd say that it's extremely dubious that the answer lies solely in differences of intelligence by browser choice.

I use chrome, but what this article mainly shows me is that very few people apply common sense before swallowing the results of a study whole.
People who don't like to think probably don't care what browser they are using right? If Chrome were the default browser on the most popular operating system installed on the majority of computers you would see little difference. As a test to this theory I wonder if you could look at the version of IE that was used and see if people who had updated past the default version scored better than those who made no effort to update.
Chrome is the best best browser I have ever used
Bring the bookmarking out of the 90's and I'll switch.
What if I use all browsers? Is intelligence cumulative? max? average?
Good question +Francois Tricot Intelligence in that case would be calculated by min(IE_int,Firefox_int,Chrome_int) :p
Bcz no of chrome users are more then users of any other browser...
No +1 button on that page, surprisingly.
Dear mr. Page, yesterday I discover that Chrome shows CSS3 transform badly (lines looks broken). Safari based on webkit too and have no this problem.

How about a 3D program for kids? To be able to look at mathematical
formulas, then the physics application and then to see in 3D the actual
molecules, elements, etc. in interaction. I think this would be one of the best applications for Google as it would enhance kid's creativity.

Don Dollton
I wonder how much worse Safari users would do? haha
Not that I agree with the statement at all, but this may somewhat go along with Ballmer's knock against Android that you have have to be a computer scientist to use it. I'd rather have the dumbest users (like the blind sheep that follow Apple) because they are more in abundance and seem to buy things.
I use Chrome but found it intereferes with my computer. Also I read from other people they found the same.
Thanks god, they ended up with this conclusion:
" Also, we can only speculate about the causes of the di ferences: perhaps
Chrome is the browser of choice for more technically inclined
people, who tend to have better number skills. And maybe
because IE is the default browser for Windows, people who
do not choose a di erent browser possibly are less technically
In future work, once sufficient data is available, we would
like to include Safari users in our tests. It may also be inter-
esting to look at dif erences between IE versions (6.0 through
9.0), as well as between Facebook and non-Facebook users.
We are also planning to publish all usage data on which this
paper is based (after proper anonymization)."

Welcome to the race "who is the smartest" ! :-)
Is it just me or is it being implied as part of a marketing campaign that 'use chrome to increase your intelligence levels'? :D
haha....agree with puneet sharma:D
Well then given that data can Google please consider reinserting Google Scholar in the Chrome black bar or at least put it under the MORE tab? I have been frustrated by this since the change as have my students. I constantly recommend google products to my students but now it takes three clicks to get to Google Scholar.

Other than that I have nothing but praise for your attempts to organize the world's information.
why you guys don't bring up gtalk embedded with google translator.. that make easy for so many ppl .. around the world to communicate !!
It depends on the internet connection. Chorme is not suitable for our school net.
We already know that only the more intelligent, smarter people use Chrome.
All I see from this is that IE is used more commonly at work. IE users will open one up then they're bored with a task then take breaks mid-puzzle to get things done. Similarly, they'll get called away to a meeting or something and close their browser more often.
+Ben Kaplan The main focus points of that meeting being the changeover to a more powerful browser, such as Chrome or FF, and the benefits of using Open Source. Oh, and also to address the company Internet usage policy, as there has been an increase in Calcudoku players during work hours.
Larry sir, you are a real jerk. Why the hell bash on IE? It's a classic and really deserves respect. Also you don't have to deal with dumb smiley faces when the browser crashes. If I wanted to see a dumb looking face on a square I would watch Nick Jr.
When Chrome OS will be released ?
Either that or the free time that IE users do not have because they are busy. Post hoc ergo propter hoc? (Oh, by the way, am a Chrome user).
Screw chrome. Firefox rules. Love Microsoft and Google.... However.
Larry Page, what can Google do to support Kony 2012?
Google should fix the font smoothing issues with Chrome. Not even Google fonts are smooth on Chrome.
Every day with Chrome access to Google+
HEY YOU !!!! ....... I am one of thousands upon thousands who do NOT want the new layout that you have given YouTube ......... WE DO NOT WANT IT .......... One way or the other you will answer to those who use this service even if that means removing you from your position !!!!
Chrome Has Slower Downloads than FIREFOX!!!!!!!
Thanks for the new cool time killer :)

Уважаемые любители холиваров!
Если вы являетесь поклонником какого либо браузера, об этом совсем не обязательно кричать на весь мир, тем более в комментариях к новости о игре. Не стоит всех убеждать в том что предпочитаемый вами браузер Самый лучший на свете.
Помните: На вкус и цвет все фломастеры разные...

Dear holywar fans!
If you are a fan of any browser, this is not necessary to shout to the world, especially in the comments to the news about the game. It is not necessary to convince all of your preferred browser is best in the world.
Remember: The taste and color of all the markers are different...
This is not because Chrome raises numericial inelligence, but because most of IE users don't know how to install anything else and this is the main reason they use IE. They just have it preinstalled. We have analyzed the behaviour of more than 100 of users in order to conclude this
Larry I like the smile but with all the philosophy that all the youth seems to have today why in the world are we getting such horrible mudane shows and movies. It is like they are pushing the intellegence quota to the prehistoric days. Comics that have been on TV so long I think they are glued into their seats with super glue and girls that can't sit still especially the ones with the shortest dresses. ??? just an old grumpy gm
chrome is good, coz it helps me cross the wall, haha
hi, Harry i only use opera coz it gives me what i want
chrome is like my wife, been with her all the time but sometimes get bored. if you know what i mean.
+Morteza Sardadeh " my name is khan and iam not a terrorist"
sharukhan :)
I agree with you Larry and i confirm your thesis:really Google Chrome is the fastest solution creating a very spped platform with high quality of contents and instruments
nice but how a dividend for all your google investors ! ?
Dance Choreographer here, there, everywhere. Got a gig, get the moves...
Are you the real Larry?!Are you the real Larry?! Are you the real Larry?!You know what, if you guys really see my notification here, then, you Google guys really done a awesome thing, you make it easy to let us Chinese guys to communicate with people around the world. Better than Facebook, and That's really awesome!
Yeah I was surprised to see Larry Page in the "public" circles; But I'm glad he's interacting with us because, although I'm a regular Chrome user, I had no idea that some of us solved Calcudoku number puzzles the fastest. In fact I had no idea that the puzzle existed until today, so I was enlightened. Thanks for sharing Larry!
it ws really cool ..i learned how to solve a calcudoku n then yippeee :)
Yeah....I use chrome too.
yes most users of ie doesn't know that chrome existe
heheh, I can solve these puzzles and I use all 3 major browsers because I have to do cross browser testing. Obviously that makes me 3 times more intelligent.
This just shows that Chrome is used only by the elite few. You really should be more like Firefox which has managed to penetrate into the mainstream. I use Chrome sometimes but I still like Firefox.
Damn, that's a bias reflection from Larry.
voglio cambiare il mondo nel senso che ho preso tutta la mia vita e due anni lavori con le donne che sono devastate dal cancro dalla vitiligine dalla couperose e io lo vorrei fare con voi e con tutte le vostre aziende, ma vivo a Roma e credimi mi sono fermata e dovevo partire per un isola, qui c'è crisi e nessuno ride, ma wow non ho più niente e anche i pennelli di trucco li ho scambiati perchè il lavoro anche quello delle clienti io lo rispetto, perchè mi prestavano l'unica cosa che non potevano ti scrivo da un computer di un posto dove 12 anni fa magari prendevo poco, ma ho sempre guardato la mia vita crescere e forse anche se solo ora giro con una valigia fucsia e non è colpa mia se ho parlato con tutti e nessuno è entrato nel mio progetto, lo vedevo troppo grande...e sono c'è anche una gallina veramente sono quattro giorni che giro perchè non ho più niente, ma la cosa più bella è che ovunque vado trovo un pezzettino di me.....e le persone mele sento dentro, ma mi ero scordata di me......una donna stava morendo e si preoccupava per me perchè era sicura che Emanuela le sopracciglia le poteva fare e che anche se stava morendo pensava a me....era un fa e mi ha detto che se io non combattevo lei si lasciava andare......Marina mi ha stretto così forte che ora è un anno e se il marito mi ha preso per strada perchè....... Se le persone del passato le sto salutando....lo so forse Marina si è lasciata andare dentro di me e forse ne ho parlato troppo perchè non sono in grado di fare i business plan e perchè è semplicemente folle, ma ho parlato con tutti eppure volevo solo arrivare a google 1 e google 2 perchè in lo desidero così tanto che pensavo, di averlo fatto con voi sono anche uscita da un buco che costa troppo perchè non c'è neanche il veramente abbiamo cambiato il mondo, nel senso che noi siamo tre, ma cavolo quanti hanno lavorato e ognuno ha messo la parte migliore di sè......... Sono entrata in un autosalone e le ciabattine e finalmente la mia macchina d'epoca che spettacolo.....oddio non vedo nessuno, ma ho comprato l'autosalone? signorina bionda non è la mia segretaria, ma la guardo e le dico vorrei comprare la macchina verde....mi guarda, la 500? no è bianca io dico quella verde d'epoca e piano piano, sì arriva la mia io avevo visto veramente che il cancro in qualche modo andava.....oddio possibile che non vi ho mai visto eppure google 1 e google 2 cavolo mi avete ringraziato perchè volevo darvi di più, ma voi avete deciso e al di là che non ho un computer eppure ti scrivo....dovevo fare un biglietto di sola andata per saint marteen, ma c'era ancora qualcosa che due anni ho detto all'ufficio stampa dell'ospedale dove lavoravo e....cavolo nessuno si muove, ma io resto sempre nel mio campo e leggo, ma dopo due anni tutto si perde e io anche se......non ho mai guardato ai soldi perchè vedo me e spendo anche di più per studiare, ma se alla fine mi hanno dato anche l'autista che solo il direttore generale può avere, ma è proprio lui che prima credeva e non importa se ha usato per andare più in alto, ma ho cambiato me stessa. Io ho visto che anche i volontari hanno poca volontà......ho visto, ma con amore e all'improvviso e anche se in due mesi ho dato tutto e lo dico a tutti ultimamente non mi chiamano più matta, anzi piango perchè rivedo tutto tranne me perchè è come se il senso di una crisi è proprio che nessuno va in crisi e che mi chiamano continuamente, ma io cerco solo un computer perchè se mi hanno ringraziato i due Google perchè è stato il più grande business e che in fondo non ho inventato nulla eppure giro con una valigia e stasera una panchina, perchè indietro non ci torno, ma ragazzi non perdersi neanche con Google italia perchè........sono una professionista seria e non è possibile che comunque sono due settimane che chiamo e l'unico interno che c'è è la reception, ma due e non risponde nessuno e invece è proprio da li che inizi a rilassarti e stasera ho una panchina e forse se Google italia non risponde, io comunque solo con voi due ora voglio parlare perchè non ho trovato nessuno anzi ho perso tutti, ma ho cambiato la mia vita e forse insieme cambiamo il mondo, ma scusate è un grande business, ma avete fatto un grande motore di ricerca, ma se io domani non trovo il computer , come facciamo?
Chrome & Firefox users are use it by choice. IE users are not aware are ignorant if I can say
So I'm in the middle? I guess I'll think about updating to Chrome. I like the security updates to firefox and that is why I have stuck with them. Does Chrome have add ons like no script and ip* ?
Do no evil, starts with say no evil!
Is there a study of Plus+ vs. Facebook? Wonder who's smarter there?
吹吧你就。。You are telling lies...
I love chrome and use it for my biz account - corporate email, analytics, PPC, and docs.
But i can't login in to 2 accounts at once, so I run my personal account - blogger, youtube, and gmail from explorer.
i would prefer both in chrome!
anybody using IE has to be either aloof towards technology or just plain stupid
I love Chrome, and I could use it in my Motorola Defy (like I use it in my Asus Transformer TF101), but Chrome is only for ICS, and is difficult to get a good version of ICS with the Bootloader locked.

When will Motorola unlock the bootloader of the Motorola Defy?
You can't judge a browser on its own, you have to look at it in regards to how it interacts with programs you use. If you are like me and use, gmail, google docs, analytics, youtube, G+, calendar, and more then there is absolutely no other option.
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Chrome is better than any other browser. Simple and fast. This research may be saying that intelligent or curious people are using chrome browser. :-)
Larry nice to see you on tv with charly. Thought you did well ! Also hope your through gets better ,anyways your wright about the one %! I sitt with my nephew these days and as he gets older ! Well I beleave that as we preserve education out comes to result for the children of today with the increase in technology ,also other fercilatations that add to mean,knolage as we know it and gathered it resulting in an education outcome or result will be a totaly different existance due to the catering for such years as 0-5-8-16-18 the early years are so importantly absorbent for the mind that ferciletaiting those years with world wide capability of gathered infomation ,that such minds will in the end be so comparable to desired destinations that they may be multi lingule cultural also multi task capability perfectional. If given the guidance that in those years is required. Unfortunately at this moment neglected in many cases today so I agree we at this moment in time only reach one percent of our capability in estimation.
Larry nice to see you on tv with charly. Thought you did well ! Also hope your through gets better ,anyways your wright about the one %! I sitt with my nephew these days and as he gets older ! Well I beleave that as we preserve education out comes to result for the children of today with the increase in technology ,also other fercilatations that add to mean,knolage as we know it and gathered it resulting in an education outcome or result will be a totaly different existance due to the catering for such years as 0-5-8-16-18 the early years are so importantly absorbent for the mind that ferciletaiting those years with world wide capability of gathered infomation ,that such minds will in the end be so comparable to desired destinations that they may be multi lingule cultural also multi task capability perfectional. If given the guidance that in those years is required. Unfortunately at this moment neglected in many cases today so I agree we at this moment in time only reach one percent of our capability in estimation.
The averages came down last year when I started using it.
As I'm reading this out loud my friend whom uses Chrome proceeds to knocks over his cereal bowl. Maby it isn't too accurate
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