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Imagine what search would be like if Google understand all the different entities in the world--the people, places, monuments, mountains etc. It would be so much quicker and richer, and people would discover far more. We've been dreaming about that possibility for a while and today we took our first step to achieving that goal. So I am super excited about the launch of the Knowledge Graph.
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Google will rule the universe.
Larry eres un crack, saca las gafas pronto anda!, ah y que sean baratitas ;)
Any thoughts about how the Knowledge Graph improves upon the "spotlight" and "sidebar" that Bing offers, +Larry Page ? They certainly feel like they've one-upped Google this time around.
I find my students expect Google to "understand" what they ask. It makes for a lousy experience.
Could you you make it possible to search for the one and only person to love on the web - and find just the right one within the first two or three results?
Google now "understand[s] all the different entities in the world--the people, places, monuments, mountains etc"?

05/16/12: Google becomes self-aware.
I don't see it yet...when does it start?
Matt J
When will Knowledge Graph and Search Plus Your World launch in Canada?
+Paul Hemmings, not really. Not to diminish what Alpha does, but it focuses only on certain subsets of knowledge, those that are "computable", meaning, essentially, those that are mathematical and statistical in nature. Also, even within that space, Alpha's knowledge is hit and miss. I don't know how extensive Google's knowledge base is, but I suspect it's much, much larger. And it's definitely broader.
Heck yeah! It seems we're living the Terminator movies. Judgement day will come soon, when Google's knowledge graph (Skynet) becomes self-aware and it will destroy us all! ;)
What would be really amazing was if google was to do audio properly.
Welcome to the Semantic Web guys. Good to have you here...finally....;-)
And Bing concerned about its graphical interface here in Brasil...
Thank You Larry for everything you and your company has done for humanity. I always look forward to every new Google product.
3....2....1.... Microsoft announces a "Microsoft MSN Bing Faggot Live Graph of Intelligence"
When google knowledge graphs develop a rapport with your 'soup', be holding on to something. More in a place Google is familiar with. Ask me.
this all seems to go back to 1 of google's motto "trust the user"

it seems that other companies like apple and microsoft think they know better than the user

thank you +Larry Page and I'm sure tesla is smiling somewhere
API plz kthx :) Also, Canada, eh?
I'm still waiting on the last roll-out to reach me. My search is still without social.
+Larry Page : Congratulations to everyone involved with this, and may I say, from all of us. We knew this was coming, but now that its here, cant wait! Any dates on the international roll out yet ? Sorry to point this out but think it should be ..if Google understood in the opening of the post.
In the words of Po (Kung-Fu Panda) this is just AWESOMENESS!!
I know this is not related, but not sure where else to post this. I am really impressed with the research option on Google Drive now. More and more, I realize why Google is one of my favorite websites. I wish you continued success for your company. Please tell me that you are going to come out with a Google/Android tablet.
This was much needed - Eiffel = Eiffel Tower = Structures, Monuments, Places, Paris - awesome
Cindy C
is the #whitespace going to be used for similar purposes?
Sounds interesting. Will this tie into web search history? If I search for the "Taj Mahal" and tomorrow I search for "Eiffel Tower", will I be able to look back on it in a month's time and see that at the time I was interested in architecture?
OMG! This move can grow Google by 20% to 30% in traffic and at the same time take 20% to 30% traffic from the information sites like Wikipedia - this has a huge potential - Knowledge Graphs have a huge potential to make life simple and you more addictive to Google. I watched the video and scratched my head to know what does it mean to us, we gain or we lose. Life changes for SEO's again - in a way, Yes!
Google is becoming a new Wikipedia!
What about getting all the spam off the search results first?? Geeee, it's been crazy lately, I have to dig really deep into the searches to find relevant information.
OK...this is looking pretty good! Getting it all "in a nutshell" with connections and that's a real positive step, in my (humble) opinion. I'm thinking some topics might be overwhelmingly 'knowledge-rich', but let's see how it goes, eh? Way to go(ogle)! I'm just sayin'...
This seems very related to the "Structured Internet" that was talked about a few years back. Having more structured data on web pages would certainly advance Knowledge Graph even further.

So I searched for Taj Mahal but didn't get the box that you should in your screen shot. Is this still beta or not public? Or do I have to turn it on somehow?

+Eduardo Matos, I wonder if we will all rule our own worlds through the freedom of knowledge Google enables for us. I wish you all the growth and prosperity for you and your family.
I think that Google should also work harder on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to get maximum accuracy of the graph...
Imagine if it was rolled out to everyone at the same time!

On a more serious note: hope this becomes better than Wolfram Alpha.
Thanks for always moving for improvements,I work for to many bad company's who didn't or couldn't, they all went down the drain! it always start with bad management, not the workers.
It is becoming very hard to imagine the world without Google ... Google is really the most fascinating company in the world !
good job - just need to get some AI to give decent answers to the "how do I questions" - really fed up of opening 20 tabs to find the best answer!
Many years ago, Google was a solution that addressed a major problem with the internet; it was difficult to locate knowledge on the web. That was during an era when the web wasn't social. Since then, Google hasn't uncovered a method to do what I call "Social Ranking", ranking content based upon social behavior. One day, someone will write a system that will look at the stream of social data and then rank importance of events, locations, people, etc. using this data. Page Rank was heavily based upon how often a data element was statically referenced, but isn't it time to look at how it's socially shared? Facebook positioned themselves to be a hub of social information. I am to build out with the objective to help people discover the world around them via their friends.
That's exactly what every Google user is probably waiting for! Something similar for mobile devices would be even better, since its difficult to navigate search on a mobile device as compared to a personal computing device.
Bing? Are you kidding? Talk about search overload. I takes 3 refined queries to get 1 relevant result out of Bing. Bing is for those who don't have a choice and are sandboxed to it: windows phone, Xbox users, etc. google all the way!
This looks to be a superb product and poised to bring in the 'human intelligence" quotient to searches and search results. A step closer to being a "semantic search" product.
This works great for famous people and places, but I would like to see it work fro events. Such as when you search for a super bowl with a sate it would give you a summary for that as well.
Awesome! When? : )
I wonder if there is a way to query this graph more directly than just using Google Search. I'd like to see what the node for "Google" looks like, and what the strongest links are.
Google already rules the world 
Though I like google, I believe it maybe too risky to put all eggs(personal information) in one basket.
Cross-referencing the data is how you get to AI.
You need a research consultant to provide you that a profound insight, Why not hire me?
+Google you guys are getting really close to a functional and working AI..
Great new addition... I recently had a great AHA moment with the social signal built in search..
"Imagine what search would be like if Google understand all the different entities" did anyone else notice the wrong grammar? Can the knowledge graft correct our bad grammar for us? ;-) jk
yeah its a really good try to differentiate the search term.. really like it
awesome Larry is fun i think...lets say if i wanted to search for river Mississippi it would just be fun reading about it coz its the biggest river on earth....
Jared Williams, you complain now, but I think bad grammar is a nice reminder that the machines aren't in complete control, yet.
همچنان خلیج فارس !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The reason I love Google, because Google's search is more accurate. Understanding what people want is the fundamental of the search engine.
I'm almost crying imagining all the possibilities! :P

Seriously, what a great advance this seems, good job guys!
As a stand-alone program it seems quite amusing. If successfully integrated with a range of other (initially) stand-alone programs that reproduce other subsets of cognition it could become extremely interesting. But I state the obvious. Anyways it could be fun to talk with Watson's team.
Great work - keep it up...

Am glad that important people have important dreams.
Facebok understand the entities from many month, glad to see Google is in also the place :)
Google understood not understand. Google needs to learn grammar.
it reminds me Duckduckgo with information boxes.
+Jared Williams : yes, it was a minor miss, have pointed that out, politely. It didn't help your case though, when you yourself made a mistake, trying to point one out !

"Imagine what search would be like if Google understand all the different entities" did any else notice the wrong grammar?
Hmmm, gotta explore its implications.
Please spell properly - you're a CEO ffs :)
I would actually prefer if there was a way to make verbatim search the default for me. Don't like too much personalization, because chance is that I'm looking for a recipe on pizza, and not where I can buy a pizza in my area, what pizza my friends prefer, what kind of pizza people in my age-group prefer or whatever.
Of course with ever more information out there, it's great to have many different options to narrow down your search results. But in general I would prefer bare-bones search, with filters that you can activate when needed.
So.....this is why you have launch in the few past days the new game "a google in a day"...gathering....and training....very clever.
mind your health, Larry, you seem older before you came back thought you haven't turned 40 yet
shabash beta..abe google mein lele yaar..ek telephonic de diya hai maine
Yea. semantic web "personified". Thanks to Google for the kickstart!
that's a great start and what's your next step?
Which is better Google or yahoo wait i ask to Google ..
Cool. this is a good play, sometimes it semmes that all you are focused just on "social", while G has always been and still is more things at once :)
The ability to narrow down the search to the most appropriate content makes google different from the others.. This will be the most sought feature for a virtual assistant (like the one in apple ) I came to know that google is already planning to launch the google's version of SIRI ..Waiting for the launch.. I am sure that will be awsome...
When I started reading this post from Larry I expected to come across 'super excited' at some point.. and he didn't disappoint :)
This sounds great. I'm looking forward to giving it a spin soon. From what I've seen and read this is innovative. What was the name of that other search engine?
Einstein said "information is not knowledge", but Google is striving to close that gap. I look forward to seeing it in action!
+Larry Page This is good news, also do you know of any plans to add OGP video categories to YouTube page markups?

i.e rather than just 'video.other' include YouTube video categories like movie, comedy and 'song' graph types for artist and song name? Thanks :-) 
wow!!! google will be a super man.
"if Google could understand"
"if Google understood'
Fantastic! The best search engine forever....
Hype. Need to try it please.
I am afraid that the google bubbles in which we are stuck become even tighter this way.
+Lora Leonard You can do this.. go to google maps, focus your search area and search for pizza.
Sounds like the equivalent of Amazon's "people who viewed this" or "people who purchased this" also viewed or purchased these items - a recommendation engine if you will. Brilliant!
Yikes, we're getting closer and closer to the REAL answer of Life, the Universe and the rest...
Don't know what it is, but it seems awesome.
So, does Google have a contingency plan in place for when its algorithms become self-aware? Because if you just keep making it smarter it's eventually going to happen.
Korky F
Don't worry +Simon Chui , if computers ever get too BIG, we'll organize them into a committee, and that'll do them in. ;-)
me encantaria recibir noticias en español de ser posible ya que el tema me es fascinante gracias
Larry Page!
I think that Google is wasting time!
Why not move the entire Orkut to Google+?
You "for now" has two of the largest and most promising markets of the world: Brasil and India!
Not to mention the ease of abondonados have multiple profiles that can be easily migrated to a profile G +
You can do it @ the right time, (which may be going through right now), #disappointmentoftheFacebookIPO, and this would be a interesting bombshell in the race between Facebook and Google+
But marketing policies said for better product competition with our own product and break other.......Wish u all the best Lary
With the aggregation and synthesis of information Google is positioning itself to add value in the same way the human mind does. Knowlege graph meets knowledge based economy in under 2 seconds...

Thinking Google will evolve to be the collective mind of humanity, with vivid memory that outlives man, and recombination of ideas that express human like creativity...

Social crowdsourcing does this too. Perhaps a real time collective decision support system that can be directed at the world's problems?

Perhaps meaningful democratic participation with a lower level of control over important decisions for each individual.

Utopia? Perhaps... Evolution? Definately...
; )

Thinking big blue can win Jeapordy, but the real challenge is for a computer to write the song that captures the hearts and minds of a whole generation - that is when computers surpass man in human endeavor...

Larry, Thank You for you and Google for making me a star and giving amputees hope and increasing awareness of Ortho Osseointegration.The Carnes arm replication is still coming along well.My next project and vision is for brain control of prosthetic arms via bluetooth headsets used for computer gaming.I have already started but need help re software and hardware and IT advice with sharp creative minds .Can I share my vision Larry with you, to make amputees and wounded warriors lives better. Regards Mark Lesek.
persian gulf for ever
This is an exciting for step. Couldn't help but see some comparisons to Facebooks social graph. 
What Google search does has been getting harder to control and harder to understand over the last number of years. For a quite while I tried very hard to get the results that I wanted by carefully crafting my search terms. Using carefully crafted search terms became less and less effective while the overall results got gradually better. While I have given in to the new search behavior, I still miss the ability to understand how my search terms affect the results.

Knowledge Graph is clearly improving search for most users.
Actually, I think that humanity would be much stupider. With so many info within reach, no one will ever bother to memorize something. I am a tech junkie, but this is not my cup of tea.
I'd like to propose a GSport project. Would Google please support me?
Have a nice day Mr. Page!
Your blog post isn't readable in G+ for the iPhone. Total bummer dude.
Hi Larry Page, Pls clarify me the following address is ture or false , I've got a mail that SUB: CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNING NOTICE!!!

Google Corporation®.
Belgrave House,
76 Buckingham Palace Road,
London SW1W 9TQ,
United Kingdom.

Google Promotion Board
Dr. Brian Robinson

is this true?? Pls confirm me.
Falko Z
+S.M. Raihan Yeah. A Google official will of course write you from a Yahoo-address facepalm
I have been thinking about this a lot recently, ever since I read the book 'The Fear Index' by R.Harris - A man who uses quantum science to predict people's trading behaviours based on an index of one human emotion, fear, which is considered to be the true indication of all human actions - fictional but a good read and a very interesting concept. If we could determine what motivates people to search on Google before they do it, then this is surely the next stage in managing search campaigns. By mapping different human behaviors to build this knowledge graph, we can then see if their is a relationship between certain activities and Google searches. The next step is to build this into the bid management tool! :)
wud up Larry? hope all is well w/google+
Seems Google will suck everything in the world. right into google.....and link to wikipedia, maps,search,music,youtube..all will see boost
Wei L
Well, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."
I dont think that it will have any big impact on google.
+Larry Page , I'm looking forward and enthused about watching the Google Knowledge Graph develop. +Google is barely scratching the surface with Knowledge Graph right now but I expect to see it to develop into an even more engaging and useful informative tool over time.
Pero creo que deberíamos ir a Google y Google Latitude integrado .. no te parece? lector de nuestro mundo y la ubicación geográfica .. combinación muy buena .. También para los mercados locales podría utilizar de lujo .. si no es el objetivo social!
Search for software Evolution, an italian sw house. They already have this
Graph.. reviving the objects in the network of knowledge database. Sounds like a very decent and good entry point for AI that really understands what it's talking about.

"What's essential is invisible to the eye" ...they' re always what's in "between": The "lines" that connect the "dots" ;)

Oh.. to be honest.. How I purely wish I could take a part in all these valuable intellectual works. I'm really jealous! Positively! Congratulations to your pursuit of TRUE value creations ;) Cheers!
I'm very curious and will be following the blog about how the search AI's meta-cognition architecture will end up looking like lastly. Anyway, thank you very much for your focused and continued efforts for making the search a better place and ever relevant!
(By the way, I finally switched to an android lately. With an icecream sandwich on a quad-core, I'm very happy so far ;) )
But I can't communicate with you with google+
Creation is the basic survival!!!
Imagine the whole cloud and all services were based on UML models connected through some kind of syndication. That would truly lead to "applications without borders" ... and that would enable more people to get involved in technological progress.

I guess I would prefer a more accessible implementation of this great idea ...
Try this combination:
Tunein -> SoundHound -> YouTube on an Android (It works seamlessly with only a tap for each, and you can keep the music in your fave for listening to it anytime as you like.)

It was a moment of epiphany for me :)

I just can't wait to see the day I can ask virtually anything just using the natural language queries.. I am really excited to learn Google's been really working hard on it.

It's gonna be the transition from a mere string matching of "hot switches" to a knowledge transfer of a cool AI communication :)

A revolution might be just around the corner! Yeah!
Sarah P
Interesting idea. Do you think "Understanding" is subjective or an objective reality? Can a coded program or set of programs really "understand"? Or is it just some mathematical/analytic approximation to "Understanding." Which approximation is is NOT Understanding. :) Assuming a machine could be programmed to "Understand" with all the nuances of experience that we have available to humans, why want that?
An extension of object oriented programming, no doubt. A four-dimensional space-time object represented in binary would almost be the same as a physical object, although without genuine life.
Google is exceptional in raking initiatives like super humans. We sometimes feel lagged behind but at least all people enjoy Google network innovations.
Google recently applied for .google, .youtube, .docs. But .docs is plural. Google should have applied for .doc instead.
Nick J
So far, the Knowledge Graph isn't particularly powerful.  A wiki article and a couple of book/people images doesn't do it for me.  Hopefully enhancements are coming soon!  On the other hand, it has enabled me to re-discover Wolfram Alpha.  Yay!  Compare google's Galileo with Wolfram, or Knowledge Graph of post-modernism (I didn't get anything) with wolfram.
honestly it needs improvement.But nice idea you came up with.
IBM Watson could serve as big inspiration, among others. At last! Watson even understand the sencence and question, and how is it composed. But of course, therefore needs much more computing capacity. I look really forward to get my privat Watson like system for free! :)
the fault of every search engine is the same: none give the option of what pages your term(s) appear is the bazillion returns which push us asunder.  In that vein, the 'past 24 hours/week/etc' did wonders!
Google does it again!
The Knowledge Graph is the right thing to go, and it is not easy to extract information from webpages and link them, but a search for the 10 biggest lakes in usa did not deliver any list on
Imagine if Google search still returned relevant results???  I've noticed over the last year the results totally suck now.  I was searching for information on how Ireland got into such deep debt right.  Google returns links about VIAGRA. Wow thanks google, you totally suck now.  Bing it is.
Owesome .... lets opensource it...we will get about whole world entities ...
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