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I've absolutely loved using my pre-release Galaxy Nexus phone running the new version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. It is truly beautiful hardware with incredible software.

Today in Hong Kong, our partners from Samsung took the stage with Andy Rubin, and introduced the world to the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Both Google and Samsung spent a lot of time getting everything right, and it really shows!

People are at the heart of Ice Cream Sandwich with an amazing new contact manager. We focused on re-inventing sharing on mobile devices. This is what I was talking about when I recently mentioned one way to think about Google+ is that over the last quarter we shipped the +, and now we’re going to ship the Google part.

There are ton of other features from super fast camera with amazing panorama mode and 1080p video to Voice Typing which transcribes text nearly instantly as you speak. You can even unlock your phone with just a smile. The screen is unbelievably nice and has 720p resolution and is a gigantic 4.65".

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is unwrapped, the first Galaxy Nexus phones will ship worldwide starting in November. Sign up to get one, you'll love it just like I do!
Galaxy Nexus. First phone with Android 4.0, Face Unlock, Android Beam, an amazing HD screen and 4G LTE fast.
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i like it
We want it) We love it! Keep going, Larry! :)
I can't wait to get my hands on one of these devices.
+Larry Page But when do I get it on AT&T, Larry? When?
Can't wait to get my hands on this one - less than a month to go...
It's looking cool, but its going to depend on the pricetag :-)
I saw the presentation. I have been waiting for this for months..
When will it reach the rest of the world? Can't wait to get one.
I can feel the love in your post. Congratulations! Unlocking the phone with a smile made me smile. That's different.
Its always the same people who get the toys the first :)
+1, love the 720p, larger screen, and the end to end experience is great
So jealous!! Day one purchase for me. At least it won't be too long of a wait :)

Great job, Google! As always :D
When will you update Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus S?
you guys giving away any freebies!?!?!!
+Larry Page I'm excited! Looking forward to buy my first Nexus phone. Will it comes to all US carriers at the same time? Or will it be Verizon exclusive for the time being?
Larry, how are you going to live up to Sergey's batman skills?
If you happen to be done with your pre-release phone - feel free to send it my way! ;)
Would love to hear a Statement about other Devices. When do they get ICS?
And... How good is the Cam sensor when its dark?
You can even unlock your phone with just a smile +1
The love the new OS and the phone :) Great work ...
Looking forward to get an ice cream sandwich. Hope, HTC will update their Desire HD. Or Motorola their new Droid Razr. Or, although even possible, i buy a nexus prime. We'll see. Can't wait for Android 4.0.
Congrats to you and the team. Can't wait to get it on my Nexus S. Tho the handling of the announcement could have gone a lot smoother IMO:
Not to be imposing, please? +1 if you agree!
How did you get one so early??? ;)

It's looking really slick.. love the camera updates and the webOS like multitasking and swipe away functions. Starting to really look grown up.
Good job, Larry Page. I hope it's price will be not so expensive.
Can't believe I am actually considering relinquishing my iPhone. Want uniform contacts and calendaring.
+Larry Page could you please introduce some features such as iOS siri, this is really what i eagly wanna to have
I'm so glad you guys rethought things from the ground up with ICS. Great job!
Will there be another version with an 8MP camera or is the 5MP one gonna be the only one offer? :D
Ya , I like most of the google service. Thank you to all Google staff... The new Ice Cream Sandwich are truly Amazing~ hope to get one soon and also get the more details for this phone when can we get it.
LOVE what i have seen so far! You guy's do an amazing job! Is there some source where i can watch the event? It was a little bit to early in the morning, here at Germany :)
Larry page what are the chances that I will get ice cream sandwich on new droid motorla razr 
Now it gain my attention, awesome jobs. I love Android Beam.
Thanks for bringing us such amazing ICS. Although I will no doubt purchase a Galaxy Nexus when it is available, I still really wish my ancient Nexus One can get official ICS as well. :-)
iOS 만큼 안드로이드 OS도 꾸준히 업데이트 되서 좋네요. 다만 이전 기기들도 아이스크림 샌드위치 호환이 되었으면 정말좋겠네요. 
I wonder when this phone will come to Asia
I have the version up from this phone. It is pretty good, but not as good my Nokia 8210.


Please give us a heads up what carriers will have it here in states...

God bless you & GOOGLE...
Too much love, send me a bar
waitin for ICS update for SGSII, is it possible?
Hello Larry! Thank you for that great device! Can you tell me please:
1. Would it be ICS on SGT 7" P1000?
2. Would it be Android browser with bookmarks sync from ICS on 2.3?
Of course, I will buy a Galaxy Nexus (docomo in Japan).
Does anyone know where I can watch the event post? My son just had surgery today and I couldn't watch it live. Thanks
Will SGS2 get the update to 4.0?
Been Samsung/Android user for 2 years, I'm happy that Samsung is on the right way!
Great :) Now when will us Nexus S owners get our ota?
MJ King
send me a pre-release one
Nice job, Larry! The only thing that lowers pleasure from that release is a revenue that is paid to Microsoft by Samsung.
+Larry Page Gigantic is the word that bothers me most. It's thin and looks amazingly gorgeous but it's too big. It's even bigger than Sammy Galaxy S II.
MJ King
really really awesome Ice cream sandwich 4.0
Very nice one. Is unclear whether existing Android devices will be supplied with the update to 4.0?
it looks wonderful :-). Maybe Santa Claus bring me one for Christmas Day. I wish so much...
It's great, I really love it.
the world was introduced to the nexus prime, not the other way round and that's the way it should be.
Hope the battery life is not too short. We need improved battery life time for smartphones... Can't wait for the new nexus phone.
Quiero uno. Saludos desde Honduras. 
Amazing Phone again.. I like the recorded voice that will be transcribes to text.
eager to hands-on the ICS! hope the galaxy is not that plastic feel....
I've just registered with '', look forward to receive any news of it.
OMG, I really want this!
Tao Li
Like this: Panorama Mode
oh sh!t typo on the registration with 'larrybird' instead of 'larrypage'
前排.。。。I will buy one device with android 4.0 in the close future...thanks google...
Thanks Android team finally hardware acceleration 
Thankfully, Google and Samsung for something that gives users a choice!
There are smart phones but iPhone!
when will be ICS released for Nexus S?
Congratulations Larry - exciting indeed, From the new font on up, it looks extremely polished. Can you shed some light on how ICS will be rolled out for other devices? I have two Nexus (Nexii?) and a large tablet here, and they are hungry for dessert!
Its looks for the first time of its kind!
Amazing ! But what about upgrade from Gingerbread ?...
Yes, Looking forward to it being available on the Galaxy S2
The face unlock seems very unsecure. A photo will do the trick?
+Larry Page optimization for multi-core cpu was not mention in the announcement. will dual core phones get a performance boost in ICS?
How much is it in China?
i love it google thx i will buy one in the near future
Really excited about ICS! Can't wait to get it on my Nexus S. You guys did good :) Still missing the toggles in the notification bar though lol
I desperately waiting to unlock it by my smile
Bloody handsome
nice, congratulation...
somehow i thought the nexus prime would be alot more impressive
Sounds really cool :-) and like what other people have asked/mentioned previously when will ice-cream sandwich be available on Nexus S (internationally) ? 
I really have been fascinated by Galaxy Nexus. iPhone4S looks now not so cool as Galaxy Nexus.
You are always better than your competitors wish you continued success , Will get it upon arrival to Saudi Arabia
Should improve battery life... all Androids have the same problem.. :(
when will be the OTA available on Nexus S ? : )
When do you think they'll come to Sweden?
(Also, I'm not sure on if I want to get one already. I still have two phones on contracts... Might get one anyway, but I doubt it will be soon.)
when can we expect teleportation option.....
MIUI, emperorship from China.
+Raúl Chango My htc evo 3d, and my nexus s, both have tremendous battery life. I think you have the wrong phone.
Im so excited damn im gona save up for that device 
I will be getting my first Android device when the Kindle Fire ships. I'm really looking forward to getting more experience and starting to develop for Android.
+Larry Page Larry, I have a question for you, why you are not making Gtalk capable enough for real time conversation? (Like getting read receipt, etc). Why a new messenger application with Google+ ? I feel Gtalk can become a very good cross platform, cross device((PC, MAC, Mobile) communication tool........
Awesome work, the accelerated pace at which Android keeps getting better is impressive. Can't wait to hold this one in my hand, even my Galaxy S2 feels a little older today. :)
Congratulations - that looks incredible!
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!! But I guess my Galaxy S2 must do for now ;) Congrats on this brilliant phone!! Well done Google!
Any idea when Icecream Sandwitch will hit other Samsung phones? Mainly Galaxy S II :)
I like all the things about Google ....
What GPU is used in galaxy nexus anyone please?
so cool Ice Cream Sanwitch
+Johny Miric who else would get it earlier than Larry? (Apart from perhaps Mr. Choi)
Nice Nexus S '..but Galaxy Nexus just nice new OS ..
Congratulations.I love it so much.
Larry, do you use the face unlock. Is it fast
Excited to get ICS on my NExus s soon
Not fair I want a pre release phone too feel free to send me one Israel well test out Hebrew for you 
it is really smart phone. feature is also good.
+Jason Kinas, what are you doing with your photos? A 3 MP camera already has higher resolution than almost any screen you might show it on. The only reason to go higher is if you're doing extreme cropping or extremely large prints. Even then, 8 MP is not much more than 5 MP. It's a linear measure of a square function. Completely misleading.

Most point and shoot cameras don't have good enough lenses to justify the larger sensors anyway. Unless you have a lens that can focus the light down to the level of detail of the individual pixels then that extra resolution is doing absolutely nothing for you. (+Marek Motyka also.)
Nexus Prime was such a better name...
Google/Samsung is my favorite combo, I just hope it supports Arabic from day0
今天看了谷歌和三星联合发布的 Android 4.0,真的很酷,很震撼!Cool, very shocking!
how much it will cost???? neeeeeeed it :-)
+Jason Kinas - Sorry, I'm not trying to discount your point of view. I just don't see the number of megapixels as a measure of quality the way you clearly do, although you haven't said why you believe that.
Everything about it meets expectations! Can't wait to hold it.
does this nexus have a removable microSD or fixed like the Nexus S? That isthe only drawback IMHO
It's amazing! But what about microsd ? Anyway I want it... NOW ! ;)
Please put in measures to prevent carriers and manufacturers from adding crapware to ICS.
Awesome phone! i like the slim!
Thank you Larry Page! Great tech news & FUN to hear your experienced excitement!
Nexus S is amazing. Now can someone tell me what are the major differences between this and Nexus S?
I can't wait to get this bad boy in NYC. Thank you Google for continuing to raise the bar, change the game ;)
5mp camera = fail. I'm a big Android fan but this camera is not good. The hardware is average.
I hope somebody ported to my HTC (Bravo) :)
Thanks Larry
Google and Samsung have created an amazing device I can't wait to get one.
There were some issues with the Nexus S, battery life, dropped calls, device shuts itself off during calls....hope these issues will not be on the galaxy nexus..
5 mp for only a cell phone? So I find naja s kinda stupid, had heard but the operating system is good ...
With my contract renewal a few months away, I sure as hell know what I'm getting next!
I will not buy a phone with a 5mp camera! Disappointed. Apple fans are laughing at us!
Good job! Thanks. AND I want to update ICS on my Nexus One, PLEASE
Wait, you guys are giving this for free? Holy crap. I need to change my phone immediately!
My Nexus S is less than 1 year old and waiting desperately for an ICS update!!! (couldn't explain to my wife why I need a new phone again) ;-)
I'm loving it!
Can Google conduct free class in every city (since you have offices in most country) and shows user how to use their product (Android, Google+, Docs,etc)? Empowered user with new knowledge and build a good relationship. Apple is doing this. Why not Google?
Great version, what will be the next?
when NExus S will get an Ice Cream update??? Huh!?!!???
They look gorgeous! Come on Google, give me a legit reason to not replace my iPhone 3GS with the iPhone 4S. I'm serious, I'd love to be able to use Android OS. I second Thomas Wong's suggestion too, I'd so be there if I could get Android classes.
I am also a little disappointed with the camera, but it will be a huge improvement on my crappy HTC Desire 5MP camera. I be able to cope if it does decent shots, as everything else about the Galaxy Nexus is great! I still got 6 months to decide until my contract is up.
Hey Larry where is mine? I hope it didn't get lost in the mail.
I want to get one, for free, hoho.
I love this phone.I'm very fascinated by the design
Hello Larry, the hardware is important, the software (including operating system) is crucial, but the contents are indispensable
franco form Turin, Italy

Overall rating
Gmail, Google+, Android, Search,.... You're best in every section!
i have a great "app" for your galaxy nexus i check and there is nothing like that not in iphone and not in my htc hd2 and for your google fin' , i would more then happy to write you about them ....i'm sure that you find them surprising my mail
have a great day !
Apart from me being bitter that you don't open source Ice Cream Sandwich already, seriously, who is in charge of naming these versions? Ice Cream Sandwich? Really, so stupid! Other than my aforementioned concerns, this looks quite the treat! Mind you, I hope the battery life on this is a lot better than the Galaxy S2!
Sripathy venkateswaran if I write you name on a freaking paper I probably don't even need a paper weight ;)
James Bos? Have you seen the marketing for ICS? Honeycomb was awesome marketing also, and gingerbread. Genius.
I'm very excited about the Galaxy Nexus but why does have Android 4.0 these fixed buttons on the screen? It would be much smarter and more innovative with a gesture control like WebOS...
too large screen…
I'm wondering, the zero-lag shutter in Nexus Prime, is it due to the Android 4.0 or the hardware?
I want this in my nexus one! So good! 
With face unlock and voice control the touch-burden in the cooler regions of the planet can keep their gloves on. Great job Google and Samsung.
Hi, I'm Claudio Maggio. I speak from italy. I know you probably will not respond to this post ever. I'd be really happy to be working for Google in the U.S.. Where do I send my CV? There is an e-mail?
can't wait for it!
Galaxy Nexus? Seriously? What's Motorola doing?
Love a solution to the neeed for cross platfirm cross-OS contact manager and also multiple calender management beacuase that is the world we living in.. sent from galaxy tab 10.1v 3.01 awaiting any fix towards a 3.1v. 
Android lags more than anything other on this world =)
Looks like a good product, maybe the best on the paper!
but please do something with these terrible icons, background, colors, design looks so cheap still, a bad copy paste from iOS!
Just make it sexy for us!
I second that Mr. +Mihai Manuta , what's with some of these manufacturers and IGNORING OPPORTUNITY?! Oh well, I'm feeling the need for an upgrade so Samsung seem to be the only ones 'worthy' of my limited funds...
thank you google for ice cream sandwich, it is very beautiful. But I'm just surprised and disappointed the phone supposed to promote this release and expected to become a reference, I mean of course the camera which only 5Mpx? it is a return to the past .. This phone can be a reference since it is already exceeded, fortunately Ice cream sandwich is there ... There is already a year that Android smartphones offers 8 MP at the time (October 2010) I bought the HTC Desire HD, a year later how Google could you allow a camera on a mobile obsolete reference Google ? Please could you ask Samsung to offer a 8Mpx version, it offers model with 16GB or 32GB so why not?
does anyone know the battery life? - in my field (construction) everyone seems to go on about it with smartphones - no battery life is dissapointing when you are addicted to a smart playing device!
face unlock, that's new, guessing it's easy and fun to use
When ICS in Galaxy S & Galaxy Tab 7" P9000?
Good job with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 ...! Can't wait to work with the SDK ... :)
thanks Larry n the team. love it.
Nice. Now we need to wait to get ICS on our phones.
Awesome stuff, Mr. Page. Congrats to Google family and the Android team. Can't wait to get a Nexus or another Android 4.0 device.
hmm... how about (mixed hardware and software ideas):
* a 3G radio that doesn't drain the battery in a few hours
* updates rolling out to older handsets (my SG3 is working fine, thank you, I see no reason / can't afford to throw a month's worth of food on this)
* a phone app that doesn't take 10 seconds to load
* USB host mode, so we can control, say, a DSLR or something similar, or shoot tethered and have the photos instantly uploaded somewhere - live coverage of just about anything with high quality photos instead of blurry phone shots
* BSI CMOS sensor for the camera; I disagree with folks wanting "moar megapixelz", better make the sensor 5-6 MP and have it work really well in low light
* decent photo adjustments in-camera (since the tweetdecks of the world can't be bothered to, say, send the picture to PS Express for adjustments)

I'll stop now :P
Awesome... can't wait to get android 4.0 on my galaxy s 2 :)
Sage K.
It's awesome!
I don't know if i love it - can someone post me a freebie please!!! I promise I will give it a good workout in return!
samsung galaxy s2 is better than galaxy nexus
I got hard looking at the rumored benchmarks, the videos and all the demos from today's event! I gotta sell my Nexus S and get the Nexus Prime when it hits the shelves! Larry, can't you send one of those to me? I'm stuck in China and everything :p On a more serious topic, so far I love what I see! Keep it up!
i need a phone with a enote pad, to write my class notes in my iphone.
can google do this? ans.........
You are lucky!!! Can't wait! Just saw the congress movie on youtube and it's trully amazing...
What a great OS with a great UI! The phone itself seems to be great as well!
Udah nggak sabar nih nunggu di Indonesia
i need this ..........
Larry Page can u gift me this phone .......
One question : Why 5 megapixels only? :/
Does this mean that Samsung might have a leg up, both technically and interest-wise, in up-revving my Charge?
Would be nice to get a free Super Sandwich with the purchase of a Ice Cream Sandwich.
Compared to Samsung, I prefer Motorola.
hoping it comes to south asia ..where i come from, coz none of nexus range was launched here :S
I guess the android need some changes in your doll brand, and most of all sugar objects linked to android. That marketing strategy is not good to Android. People don't like images, association or logo to be like fat, people are looking a references to be healthier.
Why can't you release a nice To Do list such as Apple's Reminders? It would be better.
Waiting for it to come to SGSII..
I bought the SGSII about 3 months ago, and I've been waiting for this announcement ever since. Go ICS!
Wow Larry... I am so jealous! If you are ever near Bakersfield CA stop by and show it to me! LOL! Thanks!
This is fantastic. Now waiting for a tablet with ICS!
congratulation for Android4.0's release!
Most important question: When is Galaxy S2 getting the Ice Cream Sandwich. 
Wow! There is my new phone. Looking forward to it. 
Some of the ICS features seems to be incredible +Andy Rubin and team has done a fabulous job. Panaroma feature and improved Gallery app are just awesome.
This is my next phone! Thank you Google for giving us the true SMARTphone.
When will AOSP be released for ICS Mr. Rubin?
+Google, +Android Team, +Samsung, +Andy Rubin, +Larry Page
I believe the Galaxy Nexus will get +4Million sales over its first weekend worldwide
why not a 8mega camera... why such a ugly back design.. Nexus S' is better..
Adam Pe
+Michael Wang love the back, seems I have a whole different definition of ugly :D
you know you should not brag about your software
feel free to send me a phone. I will be an advocate for the phone in Australia.
Awesome... It is the best smartphone.. Cool man... Keep working for a great smartphone... I'll support u
Hello! Tis is actually not a comment on your post... I'm writting to let you know i had an idea on how to improve the good work you've been doing with google+. I believe it could have a positive impact on people's day to day lives once implemented on the current google+ model. I don't know much about computer programming but i belive with some work your team would easily integrate my idea on google+, giving it a whole new dimension.
I´m ready to share this idea with you...

Mr. Larry, first introduce data downloading software platform in your google mail. Contact and mail management is the key need now.
+Larry Page I'm sad that I can't have a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile because I can't afford Verizon service.
Cool!! I've been waiting for ICS almost a year. It's absolutely awesome. Thanks, Google.
amazing! am bowled over by Google!
I wish this was available in sprint. Loves everything about the Galaxy Nexus. 
In a couple of months I will be able to get a new phone. Most likely my new phone will be a Google product.
May I get one for free?

I love Android and the Galaxy Nexus phone!
when is it coming to HTC EVO 3D?
Why I begun to love Android? I don't know!
OMG YOU FUCKING BASTARD... I want this gadget, too.
Great phone but i will never buy it. The screen is too big for my idea of "mobile device".
Exactly. It's a girls phone, you need a bag to carry it around...
Gratz for the release and hope i could put my hands in one of those!
great phone and awesome OS. no more apple pickin.
time to give away somme goodies to your followers.. you can select at random. spinning the wheel now...
Lets get this sucker in Canada ASAP, it is quite stunning!
OMG, can't wait to have this phone on my hand!!
Anyone knows where and when I can get this phone in Canada and Unlock?
Just wondering +Larry Page did you guys name Google+ because of it's phonetic similarity to Googleplex?
I got the Nexus S and it was great! I am really looking forward to this phone!!!
Will there be an update for Droid Bionic to use Ice Cream Sandwich?
Ah... :( I got Nexus S 2 weeks back.. and here is new launch of nexus .... i am again living on old technology huh!!, I am out of fashion
These are the droids you're looking for! :0)
@Gagan Sharma Galaxy S2 or Nexus S?
why do i think u wouldn't say anything bad about the product done by your company under your leadership!? :P
Liked the spin you gave that underscores (Google's increasing importance to) Android user experience:

one way to think about Google+ is that over the last quarter we shipped the +, and now we’re going to ship the Google part.
My next phone will definitely run ICS although it probably won't be the Galaxy Nexus. That phone is just too big and too pricy. Google nailed it with this OS though. You can get rid of crapware. The launcher is better. Love it.
I will absolutely loved to help you with the next pre-release GPhone :-)
I have the Galaxy now and love it. The only thing that is a bummer is it has no flash for the camera. Will The Galaxy Nexus have a flash?
+Karen Mukamal Kelln The Galaxy Nexus does have a flash, it looks to be a single LED right under the sesnor on the back of the phone
How much thicker is going to be on Verizon? Also, how tough is the "fortified" glass?
Ohhh.... It's so beautiful, and I desperately hope my X2 will be getting ICS.
looking forward to get ics for my nexus s
This sounds great. Looking forward to get one in hand and put it to test.
I wish T-mobile get this phone soon. I love Google's generosity on almost all of it's technology.
When can I buy one? Why make us wait a month after it was introduced?
How many comments were allowed in one topic?
As we all know that Buzz is 490,500 tops.
Too bad Samsung was allowed to build this device and put such an old GPU in it :( I'm a big Google/Android supporter but moves like this piss me off. It happened with the Nexus S and here it is happening again; a Nexus device that has, for me, three appealing features: (1) stock Android; (2) <9mm thin; and (3) big HD screen. But the so-so camera lens (no one has reported the f stop yet but I am sure it doesn't measure up to f2.2 in the latest HTC phones) and archaic GPU cause me to question whether I will buy this device or settle for the HTC Amaze, which, while fat, at least has a badass camera. And don't get me started on the SGS II which would be a the "great" phone everyone is saying it is IF it had better than 800x480 resolution. Seriously, Samsung? What am I to replace my Nexus One with? I'm really ready.
+Scott Swain Don't get wrapped around the axle on GPU spec and camera mp until you see the actual performance. There's hardware acceleration and multi-core optimization. Also, do you really think Samsung would "reduce" the quality of their camera from the GSII? Uh uh. Wait for the actual pics and judge then.
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i love android latest interface, i want to ask something i have LG-P690 running android 2.3.4 gingerbread,can gingerbread will get an upgrade to ice cream sandwitch,mind u my phone has got a 800 mhz qualcomm processor and 512 mb ram,plz tell me i want to upgrade my device
but it is sadly that Chinese people can't owe it easily ,,,,,what a shame for us 囧
Please sell it yourself like the Nexus One. I would prefer my phone never be touched and ruined by the carriers.
#GalaxyNexus is well-traveled, coming to @googlenexus from Sandwich Islands !! yes I am..
I read online that hackers are using Ice Cream Sandwich to hack into Kindles. I suppose they can use this to get into other devices too scarey.
     why should you develop an application that trace a  lost mobile by using their imei, because every android user uses the play store and thier imei was stored in dash board. then why should you help for the people please look at into this sir please
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