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Sergey loves his circles! Here's Vic and Sergey at Web Vic says there is a lot of exciting stuff coming up before the holidays. The teams at Google are really cranking!
Web 2.0 Summit: Vic Gundotra and Sergey Brin, " A Conversation with..."
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Good Job Larry ! ;) Thanks for sharing
cant wait! Hopefully we will see IceCreamSandwich on a tablet..
Perfect Sharing, always fun to hear Sergey Brin.
Sergey's soooo cute!! And so are you Larry haha! :p
If Sergey loves circles, just imagine when Google+ implements other shapes like trapezoids. ;)
Can +Vic Gundotra stop using "magical" to describe technology? That is such an Apple thing to do, in my opinion.
Apple copied it from the Beatles. Namely the Magical Mystery Tour ^_^
larry we need and SO with google for computers cause windows with windows phone will block our android mobiles sync with windows computer. Chromebook is not enough
Looking forward to the future with Google.
Love it Larry and again, stop by and show me your phone!!

I can't wait for new features but I just wonder - why are you not willing to be really open and release a G+ client for WP7? You have iOS client so it is not android-exclusive. Denying G+ experience on upcoming platform seems just mean to me even I can understand the need to drive G+ with Android while you can't ignore iOS.
I love Google+! It has depth:) I can't wait to "Hang Out" and talk about Service-Learning with people around the world:)
I wish people like +Vic Gundotra would quit flaunting their possession of ICS.... share it and quit teasing us...
Biggest news in there is that +Sergey Brin is taking personal lead on the autonomous cars, and I'm an Apps admin excited for G+! Its easy to fear that the cars are just a Google hobby - soon-to-be axed with the rest of the experiments - so its encouraging to know that they have the attention of the big boys.
"A core attribute of being human is to curate." -Vic Gundotra... classic.
+Otakar Schön You just gave your anwser to yourself. iOS can not be ignored, Android is the major platform for smartphones, nokias wp7, simbian, maemo and meego platforms are not significant enough to invest into clients while to service is still beta. With current market shares, even bb should get support earlier than windows mobile ... still there is the webapp, which runs anyway just fine ;-)
Very informative vid. Can't wait for my own Galaxy Nexus! I'm also looking forward to the new G+ changes.

Also, I'll be getting my family on G+ once I have a my Galaxy Nexus (font-facing camera) for the hangouts. They all already have gmail accounts anyway.
Great! I tuned in last night on the last 2 minutes or so and pretty much lost the whole interview. It was definitely worth checking out. Thanks for sharing!
Sergey is my hero!!!
"Show of hands who uses Live vs who uses Google?"
Gotta love that part
They smashed it, I love those guys
I very like the words of +Vic Gundotra at 19 min of video about G+ Profiles vs anonymity. Full anonymity almost destroyed UseNet few years ago.. and real names are a chance for real discussion :)
(Yes, I understand the need for pseudonyms, but only for small group of users / special cases)
Fantastic video....
Interesting that the Google+ name could very easily lend itself to being a gateway to Google+Docs, Google+Vids, Google+Analytics, etc
I keep trying to contact google for an improvement + a new network and no one calls back even using google+.... :-( If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I am not looking to control the whole idea. I just want 5 -8% of the value! It would create a network that would provide revenue from its start. It would also attrack facebook users that have to have the new thing. It would take fifteen minutes on skype to prove my thought.
This video for the most part puts my fear of Google just doing apps here and there with no cohesion to rest, but hearing +Vic Gundotra and +Sergey Brin mention it'll be more in the coming months and having them pay attention to how their other services work is great, does me proud :)
Although i have to wonder how the older services will be at that point? how will Google Talk be? Google + already has so many of those smaller apps built in yet at this point in time not fully polished...
either way congrats on the service and for the new ICS/GN!
That's good. Funny. And astute. But you know what, it all came together. It works. And the user experience keeps getting better. (Not to sound overly supportive - no cheer leader here.) But I use + every day and it just never lets me down. Love the part, "...don't take my advice as a designer, but as a user..." Exactly. Love those circles.
A very interesting listen. Nice to get a somewhat inside look.
Looking forward to that Google Apps integration. Next question: will there be any good way for me to combine my gmail G+ identity with the new Google Apps G+ identity? Some Google Apps users I talked with months ago about this were reluctant to put much time into G+, figuring that they would essentially have to start over when the integration finally came.

+Vic Gundotra - thanks for answering some of my questions the other day, but this is one I forgot to ask. I look forward to learning the answer "in a matter of days"
thanks Larry for sharing this video.... the more I get into Google the more excited I get.. you guys are doing a fantastic Job and I can't not wait to get my Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 on November, hopefully it comes to T-Mobile..... and VIC' G+ is coming out nicely, even me was shock! to know there were over 40millions users already.. like I said before! you guys are doing great, keep up the good work.... by the way, i'm glad the way Sergey responded about Microsoft comments about Google DOCS, it shows how professionals you guys are.... once again thanks for sharing this video...
I like to be excited on how you are constinuously reinventing Google. Few other companies are able to mutate so smoothly and in a such a smart way.
+Christian Schmidt that doesn't work this way, WP7 is small but so is G+, FB and Twitter both have WP7 apps as does Foursquare... Actually opening APIs fully would solve this problem as somebody would make an unofficial client as it has been done for FB and twitter. Yet Google, the champion of openess is preventing this to happen.
Very interesting to see where google is going with google +, android and google music to see how it all going to integrate. And when can I get my hands on that new phone?
Looking forward to the future @ Google!
Always lookin forward to new things from google :-) So, yes, I am also excited. Thanks for sharing +Larry Page.
me pareció una muy buenaa entrevista, creo que google puedo volar aun mas en un cielo tan grande e ilimitado como la imaginación.
las cosas que se me ocurren... solo mientras los escucho, cuenten conmigo para lo que necesiten, por lo pronto me gustaría mandarles mis felicitaciones! desde Formosa-Argentina
I sent my kids to Montessori school after seeing an interview with your guys. Very impressed
Where is the HTML 5 version? →me no flash
Thanks for sharing this very interesting oncoming views about Google +, Android and my next phone Nexus Google Samsung model..
what a question.... Are you happy with that? Of course.. why wouldn't they? Google+ is a happy place!!!
Good interview, and nice to here of the plans they have for G+

On a side note, does anyone else think Sergey sounds like Ray Romano...
Grant I agree with you, but their just so brilliant folks. :)
can't wait for the new stuff keep it going guys
+Larry Page, +Sergey Brin, +Vic Gundotra, I listened to this whole video. First, I love your take on Privacy Philosophy. Blew my mind at how simple you were able layout the issue. Secondly, your reaction and comments to the internal document being leaked, I think, couldn't have been more professional, JUST, and simply down right human. I think that kind of atmosphere in a company is the BEST kind and really makes me want to be more involved with Google everyday. I'm what I like to call a software specialist. I've done support/bug testing for a number of different software companies and I tell you, there is very little I have to figure out, about Google. I only wish I could visit your site and really get a feel for the atmosphere. I'm sure it's nothing like what I've ever experienced. But to get back on track, you guys are so level headed, so down to earth and in touch with what is going on, you've REALLY changed my view of your company. A little over a year ago, I wouldn't have supported Google in anything. (I thought you were just a power hungry information company with no real value... boy was I wrong) Now, it's just like was mentioned in the video, a life operating system. I can certainly live without it, as I know REAL life is way more important that On-Line life, but still, you guys strike the perfect balance something very few people seem to understand. You guys ROCK.
I really like the technical vision of Plus. If one views Google as a service for acquiring good information about the world, then I can totally see how your view of social networks fits into this. What would be particularly impressive is for Google+ to demonstrate its capability in a big way by facilitating the resolution of a major social problem....
Can't wait for the ICS source code to drop so we can start working on getting more devices onto ICS.

I was hoping for a GoogleTV plus ICS nugget to be included somewhere as well.
still, there is no way to update my milestone 2 to ICS, that is not cool, hope you can help......
Very rarely would I give 30 minutes to a video online, but I thought, what the heck, I've never seen either Vic or Sergei speak.
Def impressive! nice to see relaxed, super bright leaders who are having great success.
hi mr larry page. i am mehrshad shahsavari from iran.
i dont konow send a messeage for you.
i have one great idea for google please say to me how send message for you.
thanks mr larry page
I don't have a webcam yet...

But I would like to try ;)
Not only a webcam, I don't have many friends yet

Everybody have facebook.... urgh!!
I am very glad to hear about the Google Docs integration. Perhaps G+ers will be able to share documents with certain circles? I'm excited to see what Google has in store for us.

Great and informative video. Thanks for sharing.
Here is a way to let friends really use G+: show a Facebook-like right sidebar (they call it Ticker; screenshot: in certain Google services such as Reader, Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Groups, YouTube, Maps and even Web Search. This will bring a "compact edition of G+" to users' sight, even if they previously don't go to G+'s main UI at all.

Deeper analysis:

Some of you might wonder why Facebook added that right sidebar alongside its main UI, since that "Ticker" just seems to be a mini version of the same timeline you see in Facebook's main UI. Yeah, if this mini timeline and the main timeline are put side by side, it's indeed redundant; but when you're on a Facebook page such as Messages, Events, Find Friends, Photos, Music or Games, you will find the sidebar a good way to stay informed of friends' status updates, while you're playing a game or doing other activities.

So the situation is like this: Facebook currently controls social networking but nothing else; Google controls everything else but social networking. Both Facebook and Google want to keep their existing space and win each other's space so that they can win the whole spectrum, and in order to do that they must integrate everything together; therefore Facebook has made its social networking service as a mini right sidebar and is developing "everything else besides social networking" to put on the left side; Google has made its own social networking service (G+) but hasn't put it side by side with Google's other services, which it should.
I am looking forward to all the new features and to better unify my google experience, keep it up - I just need a galaxy Nexus and my life would be completely on google, I thank you larry for making your innovative way of improving the quality of life of so many people.
+Larry Page , Ice Cream Sandwich looks great. So when can we get it, how can we find apps for it, and how can app developers address the widest variety of Android devices easily? Apple and Microsoft got it right and pushing all devices to update together is so seamless. Android users just don't have any idea of when can they upgrade. When there is a security vulnerability patch, users can never update.

1 more version = more fragmented

Disappointed Android user
I like Sergey's honesty about his products and being open about what had happened in making them. :)
I enjoyed all 30mins of it... awesome!!
我喜欢google +,佩奇加油!
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I'd like to share what music I like with friends. Right now I have to try and find a youtube video of that song to share but maybe there's a better way? integrate itunes perhaps?
Google+ is a big uptick for social networking. I really would like to see more friends and family move away from "those other guys" to GOOG+
I'm so excited to know what's coming in the near future from Google.
I like the phrase "There is a reason that every thought on your head does not come out of your mouth"
I really love this quote from Vic regarding default privacy and the stance to not overshare: "there is a reason why every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth".
very compelling things to come from the sounds of it.. and only 3 short months until the strategy unveils itself.. .hmmmmm
Thanks for sharing the video. The new features sound nice enough, but I'm more impressed with the character displayed by both +Sergey Brin and +Vic Gundotra Their reactions to the discussion of the "leaked" memo was especially significant, in my opinion. They came across as - Real. But, most important to me is the philosophy about privacy. Vic put it very well - "There is a reason why every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth." Love it!
Just one thing is not enough for people's engaging for regular using G+: it is a lack of direct link to the perception and demands of the users/audience, NOT an G+ team perception of what is only perceived to be their perceptions and demands. What users need? They want to be heard. Give them this opportunity on G+ - and you will take over FB simply.
+Sergey Brin, +Larry Page, +Vic Gundotra: as you guys said: Orkut is VERY popular in Brazil. So, why don't you create a simple way to move from Orkut to Google+? I mean, it could be just a button. Much easier and you guys certainly would have lots of brazilian users migrating to Google+.
One more thing: the top most feature in Orkut is its Communities. Facebook has something similar, but it's not as great as Orkut's solution. Anyway, Orkut's Communities are not sooo great, too.
So, can you PLEASE migrate Communities to Google+ as well?

My name is Carlos Pereira and I am a happy Android and Google Maps Developer.
Looking forward to the fix with Google apps. frustrating to log back and forth between my Google account and my university email!
Good stuff!! Can't wait for the brand pages and those surprises Vic talked about :-)
For what it's worth, I have the attention span of a gnat and made it through this entire video. +Vic Gundotra In my opinion, you guys are definitely heading in the right direction and I'm looking forward to future product enhancements (across the board) Keep up the good work!
+Adam Plante, Brazilians don't speak Spanish. Brazilian speak PORTUGUESE. By the way, I believe that all languages are welcome to Google+.
Thanks for sharing, I'm happy to hear that it is comming to Google Apps.
"We are Google+, we are new, we will inspire, we will improve: expect us"
what will u do if u got job in google?
The circles are definitely super. It's the one single feature that makes G+ interesting for me. The only thing I miss about them is the ability to put a circle in a circle; All my roleplaying mates are my friends for example, but not all my friends are my roleplaying mates. Putting my RPG circle in my Friend circle would be a lot simpler than putting all members of my RPG circle in my Friend circle.
Lol! Sergei was sarcastic about Hangouts and look what it's done - Skype is beaten hands down!
Congratulations on Google+ looking forward to more exciting stuff!
I've seen Bill Gates Speak many times and as he aged he started to sound like these two... Common, +Sergey Brin +Sergey Brin & +Larry Page you have a great product and you can grow it not that I am impatient (Where is that GOOGLE spirit?)
+ needs tweaking so it becomes a SOCIAL platform...
Want advice, call me I want to make it better... FAST!
(( I believe you have the making of product that can make WORLD PEACE)) and to let it go the way of the Wave & Buzz would be sad!
I will be patient with you. But you can have the entire SOCIAL scene here...
Hellooooo, You got the dance floor but it sure could use more action.
Thanks google+ for everything.... When are you going to have a blackberry app?
This is the first time I've seen a "A Conversation with..." session, and I'm positively surprised by the interviewer. I like his sober, un-excited but informed way of talking, and most (all?) of the questions seemed quite interesting to me, too.
Facebook has made a new app named as (messenger) !!!
An apple a day keeps doctor away. If Apple is of Steve's than it also keeps death away. RIP....Steve you always live in every apple on earth.
sort of suprising to see the negative spin on the leaked memo. After the memo leaked, and I saw information that both Google and the employee had agreed to let it remain public (whether that's accurate or not), I immediately shared it with my friends under the context of "See!!! Google is different!". If Google would have embraced it, and maybe even posted on their blog to address his issues from a technical point of view, my guess is that you would even further made your users trust your brand. My suggestion: name the API after him.
Vic Sounds very much like a Microsoft PR trained propellor head pumping out PKMs.
Loving Google+ more and more everyday!!
amazing video, love what I'm hearing about everything...
please no advertisement! or at least an option to mute them. That is why i am here!!
The Circle thing realy awesome,FB might be having nigtmare NOT having thinking about it before Google.
Google is always the best......
Hey Google Team, please don't make too many changes to Reader. Syncing it much with Google Plus will get it blocked in my workplace :-)
I was in from the start here, but I'm just now (last 3 weeks) starting to GET IT. So far not that many friends have joined me here, but I'm making a lot more new E-friends than I ever did with any other social service. Google+ is NOT Google Wave (phew, I kinda thought so the first week) I spent almost as much time on G+ now (sometimes actually a bit more) as I do on Facebook, but I'm doing much different things.

I believe in G+ again, I lost faith, but it's back ;)
Vivek 'Vic' Gundotra graduated from Don Bosco college, MUMBAI!
1m25: Gundotra says: "magical". Stop it!
there is a philosophical reason why every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth"...........sergey looked stressed......... take a break master. you have already given a lot to the world.THANK YOU LARRY AND SERGEY FOR MAKING GOOGLE. LIFE WONT BE SO COOL WITHOUT IT.
Please watch this video. TO EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH AND THOSE FROM SPACE. For Humanity must see them TO know themselves better. For we are one. United, We Win.
Kyle O
That's quite the video. I wish there were some better questions from the audience, but I feel they fielded them well.
Nice interview. Something needs to be done with Youtube, though. About 5 minutes in I hear this horrible noise. Turns out that there is a video ad running on the upper right corner showing me some war game. Why would you stream video ad while I'm watching?
Our DMEA SMART GRID is spinning in a circle. Our Smart Meters are installed, now what do we do? Which circle should I use for the new Smart and GROUNDED Grid? Once grounded, what do we do with all the 'dirty transient' return currents?
Hope the week long Lauathon reached you.
Hi Larry, Alan Green told us that you want to eliminate Buzz , Why? please increase his salary,
hey man calm down, what? ,you lost to zukerberg? ok gone with wind, You cant overcome to fb by eliminating buzz,
Larry send me some of your big money, wha do you do with huge monies , i am ready to help you
hey larry, do not any change on GOOGLE READER!
مایکل برو گوتو بخور این وسط جی می گی
Changing the google reader won't get you anything on g+.
Why take it out on your users when you're taking a beating from facebook?
Hi Mr.Page. We hate Google+, BUT WE LOVE GOOGLE READER, So please don't treat like DICTATORS,and respect to your service users opinion, especially IRANIAN kind users. GOOGLE READER is our life, our dream, our fantasy.
Love that philosophical point by Vic, "you don't want every thought in your mind to be out there"
I agree with cyrus thegreat:
GOOGLE READER is our life, our dream, our fantasy
please don't close reader
gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle number of 'o's are the number of billion peoples are using google in the future a lot thanks for google..
nilou z
for us, as iranian users of google-reader, its probably, most probably, the only place, in which
we can share our ideas, find friends and especially "speak" freely... by closing it, or even by limiting
it, you are in fact taking that place from us... for us, google-reader is not just a feed reader website..
its indeed the best social netwrok.. please make a revision on your decision...pleaaaaaseee
"There is a reason not all of your thoughts are coming out of your mouth" - excellent Vic.
Sergey is so tired of that interview. Or so boring conversation ... But Google rocks !
Hey Lawrence!! How about let the Google Shareholders get the first dibs on the new phone aye?!! Its only fair... c'mon!!
Google Inc. has violated the principles of the 1-2-4 triangle principle of change management in Google Reader
It does not matter where in the world would

No matter who you read Saif al islam or CEO of Google

when you dont understand, you're not the only director of his own

When the fatuity of citizens / users that are credited to your total

And the demands and needs and priorities and that their existence is the first principle

when you dont understand that a minor change and not the overall system of lord and vassal you deal with your total users

you will be a dictator

Instead of dictatorship of the seyed ali khameneis cloak

Tribal wear turbans instead of Gaddafi

Instead of clothing and diplomatic Mahmood ahamdi nejad and Bashar Assad and Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali

you wear Suit the president has the power of Google

despotism, dictatorship and Totalitarianism

not political

Google Inc. has violated the principles of the 1-2-4 triangle principle of change management in Google Reader
podrian hacer videos en español tambien ¬¬
Hey Larry, I'm happy using Google+. Yet sorry to let you know that few of my friends and colleagues use it though I've tried to persuade them to. Now the first ten posts on my page are all you. I'd like to stay here for a longer time, yet I'm getting a little more frustrated each day. Hope you guys are doing something to bring back the existing users and attract many more.
That's really cool, and I'm going to try to make it up to Mountain View soon to see the new Ice Cream Sandwich sculpture!
I would be excited to see new projects by google that will resolve increasing problems, and will be more close to social then networking only.
I think that's right!
larry! dont do it! dont close google reader(gooder)! dont! understand ! dooooooont
I love it also. I use it on my Android.
آقایون و خانمها اینجا چقدر مودب و با حیا تشریف دارن و فحش ندادن , همه آتیشا از گور این بابا بلند میشه ها
Please Don't Do this! :((
ho da
dear larry
we dont like facebook .so we dont like + . we love google reader . its simple and nice . we want this . can you undrestand us?
Is this where feedback for +Larry Page goes? Because if so then I have one:

As new content appears in any of the "Sparks" that I have added, it should show up in the Stream with everything else. It's completely ridiculous to have to click on the Spark entry on the left to see the newest things in that topic. I added it as a "Spark" because it is something I am interested in following, not because it's something I want to have to remember to manually check up on every once in awhile.

As it stands now Sparks are little better than bookmarks that only work on Google+. And if that's all they are then there is no point in having or using them.
Please do not touch Google reader. It is perfect as it is right now. It is our cozy home.
+Larry Page : In a simple state, Google reader (Gooder) is a semi social network for us (Iranian). But Gooder is beyond of it. Gooder is our life, our friendship, our love, our ... . Gooder is our right. please give us back. We love it and won't it changed. :(
"HAPPY DIWALI" Sir, it's Indian Religious Festival
mj adib
fuck u if cheng this - به روح بابات کونت رو تا پست گردنت جر میدم اگر برینی تو ریدر
Please Don't Do this! :((
Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
Democracy is not about "majority rule". It's about "minority rights".
In this case it seems Iranians are not even the minority. Still our voices are not heard.

Thank you for the the wonderful experience of Google Reader. Not for the feed reading feature (which is basically the same in every feed reading software, website, etc), but for the community it built within Iranian society.
Sorry to see you're throwing it it away.
I don't like the feature of G+ that actually auto upload these photos from my phone without my notice until they are uploaded, so be-careful Google, this is a privacy thing ... ya there are all backup in the cloud ... but I hate it uploading without my notice/ setting (sounds like stealing my content from me, and seriously if Google continue doing things like this, it's a bit creepy)

I'm more looking forward for a social network which is trust-worthy/safe/respect user privacy/anti-scamming/anti-spamming, that will beat the competitor ...
bhai mujhe keylogger free de do
jindagi bhar ehsaan manunga
Tiny sharks have been jumped. Might not be so tiny after all.
donot kill gooder

Overall rating
dont kill gooder
mo zendegimoon ba goodere aamoo
من : لری میخوای باز رو ببندی
لری: پ ن پ .....
من: کیر و پ ن پ مرتیکه دیوث این گوگل باز مگه چه قدر جا میگیره که میخوای بندازیش بیرون سر در گوگل شاشیدم خوبه برم فیس بوک کمپین ضد لری باز کنم مرتیکه شاشو از جلو چشام خفه شو پاتو تو ایران بزاری کون لخت میفرستم قزوین تا جوری بکننت که به جای لری پیج بهت بگن لری سوراخی
دهن سرویس یه کونی از تو و پلاس پاره کنم تا تو کتابای تاریخی 4 صفحه فقط سوراخ کونتو بکشن
میخوای بازو ببندی موقعی چند تا سوراخ دیگه تو بدنت باز کردم میفهمی که باز و و بسته شدن چه دردی داره
دیوث بستر ساز میدونم کونت پاره میشه تا بخوای ترجمش کنی اما بدون دهنت سرویسه
چرا پیج الن رو بستی هر چند صبر کن یه کونی از اون پاره کنم تا تو تاریخ بیاد بغل دسته تو و بچه مدرسه ایی ها هم هر روز به تو و اون الن دیوث لعنت بفرستن
راستی میدونستی اون دو تا سوراخ وسط گوگل بعد ها میشه نماد سوراخ تو و الن
The Unsocial Network: Why Google Is Wrong to Kill Off Google Reader - Forbes

I wrote a pretty sober piece about the death or near-death of Google Reader yesterday, but after reading Sarah Perez and Austin Frakt and after thinking about just how much I use Google Reader every day, I’m beginning to revise my initial forecast. Stay calm is quickly shifting toward full-bore Panic Mode.First of all, how do you think I found Sarah’s piece? From a share in Google Reader. How did I easily and quickly archive both Austin’s and Sarah’s posts so that I could access them in the future for a post like this one? Again, Google Reader. How can I quickly search a variety of excellent sources, or dig back through my own writing in a quick and efficient manner? Yeah, you guessed it. As Sarah notes, Reader is a “carefully constructed “human curated” list of shares. It is, and will be up until the day it disappears, one of the most regular and enjoyable news consumption behaviors I engage in every day.” And it’s a tool for writers like myself as well.When Google killed Buzz, everyone in Reader started to worry. Keep your hands off my Reader! we all said. But Google didn’t listen. This may be because nobody has worked on Google Reader in years – the service has been alone with its loyal users for a long time without updates or changes. We like it this way.For one thing, Reader is only sort of a social network. In many senses it’s an anti-social network. Not in the sense that people in Reader are anti-social so much as the point is to harbor a small enclave of carefully selected people and create a safe-haven of sorts where that “carefully constructed human curated” list of shares and insights can flourish. In Reader, you don’t go after as many friends as possible. You certainly don’t see anyone from high school. Nobody shares photos of their kids. The discussions that do blossom are almost always very smart and focused. It’s the internet if the world were a more prefect place.The microcosm that is Google Reader is a valuable and important piece of social media. It’s a shame that Google doesn’t recognize this. Why not create a Google Reader Plus for everyone on Plus and just leave Reader itself alone? This seems like a simple solution to a non-problem. Google would reward its most loyal users, while expanding its RSS service to everyone else.So what about it, Google? Preserve this piece of technological genius for those of us who’ve been sticking with you for so long.
Larry, I don't know why such a highly coveted product like the Galaxy Nexus is marred by the whole tantalizing announcement scheme, followed by a "maybe this year" probable release statement for only a fraction of US customers. I'm a Nexus One customer on TMobile from day one scratching my head. I'm also an AT&T customer.I don't have Verizon, not grandfather into their unlimited plans and so not going to take the plunge their since it would not be fiscally prudent. I'm just wondering why announcement something so big that won't be widely available? It's mind boggling to me and extremely frustrating. I feel like I've been waiting for this phone for ever! It looks absolutely beautiful. I have my mind set on pay whatever it is to get an unlocked version to replace my N1 that has been faithful but needs to be retired as HSPA+ becomes more of a standard with LTE. It would be crazy to think that 2 years later there's still issues with Nexus distribution amongst the carriers. I hope that the Google website can can offer world phone options for us non Verizon US customers. 
Who else really love their circles? :)
گودرو نباید ببندی
I love Google Reader.
Please don't do this.
گودر ما رو دزديدن، با پلاس مي خوان پز بدن

Google Reader will be stolen and used to cooking with Google Plus
به جان خودتو به جان اون آلنت گودرو ببندی؛ می‌رم پشت سرمم نیگا نمی‌کنم وااا!

Hey u! Leave The Goder ( google reader ) alone! Don't change anything plz! We want our goder!
Google reader isn't going away, they're just integrating it with G+ which is a fantastic idea. It's been really frustrating me that it's easier to share from Google Reader to Facebook than it is to Google+ at present. I'll admit that I did quite like having Reader Shared Items on my blog and linking them with my Buzz feed but I'm sure when the new features roll out they will be good.
+Joshua Bamford : "Many of Reader's social features will soon be available via Google+, so in a week's time we'll be retiring things like friending, following and shared link blogs inside of Reader."
This means semi social features of Gooder will be destroy and it will be a simple feed reader !! If you was a Gooderi (GR user in Iran) could know it isn't a feed reader for us !! just see lastest post of Alan Green to know.
+Joshua Bamford
Have you ever heard about green movement in Iran?
Have you ever heard about filtering in Iran?
Have you ever heard about cost of writing as a opposition with real name in newspaper, blog and etc in Iran.
Have you ever heard that most user of Google reader live in Iran?
Have you ever thought why Iranian uses this social network?

If you know them then you can understand that why we insist to have Google Reader
please don't close google reader with the features it have. we don't say you any curse. don't close it....
Hi Larry, your Google+ team should have privacy settings option not to allow comments, if user want to choose so, I prefer that way to avoid creepy comments from sneaky people who are not even in your circles/friends list!
Sudheer..that's where Circles come to play..don't post as a public post if u do not want other ppl to comment your post..get it?
Hi there, ok I got it thanks to make me aware of few more already existing privacy settings, ok then if I dont want to allow comments to be posted on my pics which are shared to public but not to allow comments posted by public, the one who are not even in my circles/friends list and not to allow comments even by my friends circles with whomever I shared my pics here on google+ and the albums pics linked from picasa albums pics, what should i do!?
Vic mentions that android users won't loose any pictures. I am an android user and I love it, but I recently had to replace my phone and if I hadn't backed it up would have lost a few very important pictures. Is there an option like that to have it sync everytime? clearly it didn't work a lot of time for me.
Ta Less
we love google reader, stop changing it please
Larry page, please add me
I am a big Google fanatic
I really appreciate the privacy-centered approach.
+Larry Page , You have a good team at google but, the android section is copying too much. STOP copying please.
Some of my real-circles have more than 10 members each. I hope, Google+ aware about this.
Respected Sir
Larry Page
(Co-Founder Of Google, C.E.O Of Google, Great Inventor)

Sub: "Improvement Suggestion"
I am a great fan of Google since long. I am very much interested in various apps of google. I have studied most of the services and apps Provided by google. I like that google appreciates the suggestions from the users from all around the world. I would also like to provide some suggestion for improvement if allowed.

Awaiting reply

Have a great day

Yours Faithfully
Bittu Gandhi
(Researcher, Web Developer, Author)
Larry,we Chinese can not use the full google+
hi Larry, can you please forgive those who have violated adsense rules before and give hope by allowing them to rejoin that program? They should have learned from the mistakes.
I love Google+ it helps me a lot to connect with my business friends!
Thank you so much for all of your hard work! It is very refreshing!
Someone help me to know how to use google + , I still find fb more powerful
Larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry DooooooooNot Do this please. we love gooder. we spend alot of our time in google reader :(
Viv G's justification is great but some of the problems faced by Facebook users are not actually solved in Google plus , For Example , 1> we cant prioritize the Stream by specifying the circle names . 2> Since orkut is very old social networking site why cant Google make orkut testimonials and scraps View able in Gplus .
how can i make that verified name check mark next to my name?
Hi Larry, I had the first 2 steps of my application at Google Ireland, they told me I passed them and then I haven't heard again from them. May you do something?! ;)
Greetings from Italy! :)
I SO appreciate Google+ because I do not have to "invite" people and wait for them to accept. Instead I can create circles, decide what the circle group is about and choose who's in my circles. This has given me awesome abilities to connect with (for instance) +Larry Page and his stream of 600,000 Google+ followers, astronauts to authors, mathematicians to musicians. Can't wait to see how you make "one great product" happen! BRAVO!
Why Google reader (Gooder) matters for us (Iranian)!
Last week there were some official announcementfrom Google which they are going to retire the Google Buzz andintroduce some new changes for one-of-the best online news readerwebsites Google Reader. As a results of these new changes, Googlereader will lose its popular features like friending, following andsharing. These feature are supposed to be integrated in Google Plus.
Since this announcement Iranian community of Google reader usersstarted to show their anger and disagreement about these announcedchanges. But why Reader matters for us?
Google Reader, which thanks to its social features (which are going tobe removed), is much more than a simple RSS reader for Iranianusers. Google Reader is not in a separated domain (like any otherGoogle product) and thanks to https protocol, it is hard to filter bygovernment (To filter google reader the whole domain should be filtered). In a country which all social website like twitter, facebook, friendfeed, and video or image sharing websites like youtube, tumblr, flickr, picassaand many more are banned, Google reader acts like a social websites andin lack of any independent news website (it should be mentioned thatall international news channels like BBC, CNN, VOA, and all othernon-governmental news website are banned,) Google Reader acts like anews spreading website. Easy access to Google reader made it suitablefor Iranian community and through all these years, specially after June2009 election, developed an strong community for spreading the news.
Users like VahidOnline,with more than 7500 followers acts as a hub for spreading and sharingthe news from different sources like many other popular users.Commenting space of popular users are also like a forum for discussionabout the news and events! Websites like Balatarin (digg like Iranian website) with 60000 subscriber, kaleme.comwhich represents green movement news with more than 12000 subscriber,BBCpersian with 10000 feed subscriber are some of the examples why sucha simple RSS news reader website changed to be one-of-the popularwebsite in Iran. Where all blog provider services like and are also banned, many weblogs owe their readers to Google reader and some also use notes as a weblog post or tweet.
Popularity map for Google Reader shows that Google Reader is the 1st popular website in Iran,despite the fact that many users which are using VPN or proxies and arenot counted! Then It makes sense why Google Reader matters for Iranianand why integrating it with Google+ will makes it like any alreadyavailable and banned website like facebook!
Some of these disagreements are represented under the last post of Alen green,which first announced these changes, and many more in users notes andcomments in google reader. Some of related sarcastic notes in GoogleReader, reads: Google shaking hands with censorship chiefs in Iran fromArman, and other note from kathyreads: It is like being after bombing attack warning alarm, everybodywait to see when then destroy here! Some user also wrote a petition forGoogle to stop them removing social feature of Google reader, thispetition can found here.
Make Google Plus revolve around the profile page more than it does the home page. I think all the features should be easily incorporated into the main profile section - increasing the social pace + making it seem more like a conversation than a forum; i.e. having windows that operate on every profile page, so that games can be played from the profile rather than in a different section. You could even include lightweight Google games, like Google Chess or Google Poker. I think this will improve the overall experience that users gain from G+.
+Shannon Green is on the money. Please do this and incorporate Google Reader on Google Plus Profiles. It would be interesting to see what other blogs my friends are following.
Tell Sergey to stop bothering me. I don't want to be in his circle. He's so clingy.
Aren't you supposed to answer to any of our demands?
Hi sorry, but could no find whre to post you lary... plz read thi s...

hi Google,
Hope you read this...

Buzz is really quite useful for sharing quick information, posts and updates. Better than TWITTER even .....

I know you wish to promote Google+ for which status update is tobe used instead of BUZZ ... But really still


Please Take a Survey of the users before taking this step...
呵呵 不知道你们能不能看到我们中国人的评论
hi mr larry can i have a chat session with u plzzzzzzzzz
Just a long shot: please do not remove social features of Google Reader. That matters a lot to Iranian users. sorry for interruption.
Dear Google Reader Team,

As a fan of your service, my friends in Google Reader (which we call Gooder) and I are really shocked after we read about your decision to change it and your plan to retire Buzz. We can't express out viewpoints, discuss our interests, and share our ideas without Gooder (Gooder, as it is today).the political situation of Iran limits us using most of politics and news-related websites and filters them. So we use Gooder to read them without antifilters or VPN. On the other hand, unlike many other sites that show only the title and link, the body part of each entry is also at hand in Gooder, and there's no need to click on the link and wait for it being loaded (the internet connection-speed in Iran is very very low). We benefit from Buzz as a good way that makes Gooder lovelier. We prefer to find friends according to thoughts, not retouched nice pictures, age and characteristics like those of Facebook, etc. The sharing and following facilities in Buzz and Gooder help our discussions move easily forward and that's one of the reasons many of university students use their Gooder very frequently. Our Gooder, with its positive points, is a really profitable mixture of fun and learning, and has always something new to learn from our followers and from people we follow.

We all would be thankful if you let Buzz stay for us and if you don't change Gooder.

Best Regards,
Hello Larry, I really love Android and I have a concept of a new feature that I hope that it would help to make Android more perfect. I have sent severl E-mail to, did you receive it? Looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day.
Hi Mr. Page, i think that Google+ is a good product but.... It dont must violating privacy like Facebook.
Hola Larry, seria bueno que las fotos que subas se ajusten de resolución mas fácil... ordenar los juegos alfabéticamente y por categoría.. saludos desde Colombia
Larry Google search is very very stupid, In results you see one fix text repeated in many many website, this is shame for google , showing one result in many sites as different result
کسکش اینهمه پولو کجات جا میدی یکمشو بده به ما
I just hope I can see it one day on tablets, would love to get one
Hi, Congratulation foe Ice Cream Sandwich…
Few points that disturbing my mind, hope you could clarify;
As the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus announced as the new ANDROID Flagship, how come it is inferior compering to existing ANDROID devices in the following features?:
• Both back and front cameras of Galaxy S2 and HTC sensation are better than Galaxy Nexus
• It is not clear; does this device (new nexus) have a memory card slot to allow memory storage expansion? If not it is very disappointment…;-(
• Already few android devices (from HTC, Samsung and LG) running Dual Core Processors of 1.4 and 1.5 Giga so why in a FLAGSHIP you chose 1.2?
• It seems also the screen is inferior compering to previous Galaxy models.
Thanks in advance to your response…
I found Vic pretty impressive. Good steal from Microsoft :)
What a shitty looking of the new version of Google Reader!
re: Google Reader's change.... the way I have my news aggregation set up, this format worked perfectly. I have each website I visit categorized in folders, so I can view each type of news on an isolated, contextual basis. The new look is clean, and really brought my folder system to focus, which I liked. On the other hand, it's understandable that the internal sharing features were eliminated, but instead of entirely being eliminated, a means of amalgamating that information into Google+ woould have been ideal, to keep that feeling of a social commune that had developed, alive.
Too much promo stuff, Larry, this aint a "latest feature" fest stream is it?
Larry; Who in google can I talk to about a way to expand google fiber like "wild fire" that can be used ONLY with android at no cost? (loved that youtube video information by Vic and Sergey)
اینا میان شِیر میکنن میرن! اگه خونده باشه حرفاتونو یا اصلا واسش مهم باشه اسممو عوض میکنم!
واسه همین پابلیک صفحش! نمی ارزه.. بی... :|
My favorite quote from this was, "...There's a reason why every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth..."
قضيه چيه بگيد ما هم بفهميم
This really rocks, I am an avid google user and advertiser you continue to amaze me.
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