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Well worth watching the amazing video of user #1 of our self driving cars! Released yesterday.
We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 ( with a clear goal: make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

There’s much left to design and test, but we’ve now safely completed more than 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, gathering great experiences and an overwhelming number of enthusiastic supporters.

We wanted to share one of our favorite moments from some special research we conducted. Watch this video of Steve, who joined us for a drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. We organized this test as a technical experiment outside of our core research efforts, but we think it’s also a promising look at what this kind of technology may one day deliver for society if rigorous technical and safety standards can be met.

A version of this video with audio captions is available here:
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Mark Al
I salute Google n special thanks for every genius works there for all their inventions , you make the internet , the TV , mobiles n everything more enjoyable n amazing . great job thank you all
very heart warming. Looking forward to these on the road
Congratulations Larry you really are a great entrepreneur!!!
sign me up! not just cool, seems safe and potentially could save a lot of energy.
It would be great driving in heavy traffic. I might as well take a little nap while the car drives itself, or I spend more time posting stuffs on Google+.
Ging De
I hate cars, but whatever reduces pollution is welcomed.
heard something about RTB ( rapid transit buses ) on NPR today. Imagine a high speed bus wtih this technology ? It could give us that "light rail" without all the need for new infrastructure. Add some wifi and nice chairs and everyone would want to commute that way. I sure would.
Respect!!! But one question: How does the car get's specific directions like "stop at burgerking drive in at the speaker and later at the window" as well as "park on a spot for disabled people".
I drove next to this car for about 10 minutes and it didn't hit me once... I on the other hand was more at risk as I kept staring at it and trying to take pictures and videos... ;) Keep it up Google.
This is great .. but where is my flying car Google? Seriously, very cool. Irrespective of what happens to the project, I am sure a lot can be learned from this project that can be applied to other areas. Congratulations Google.
Really really amazing rockie project.
Wonderful video! Very proud to be a part of this wonderful company!!
This is the only pathway I see to flying cars, as well.
Where do we sign up to participate in a test?
Makes me think of my father when I watch this.
will gogole make some software to help people these machine?
so powerful google!
Sooooooo useful.... Kick human out of the driver seat always save lifes. When can I buy one?
Truly awesome. But let's not neglect less sexy things like Google Voice transcriptions please.
I am missing a +2 button for this one.
Impressive! Hope they keep improving on such a needy technology to be better and safe for the future.
还是google强大... 建议下一步靠火箭什么的吧
Such a heart warming video. Take humans out of the equation and safety takes care of itself.
The day when Google becomes skynet won't be long...
Seeing this makes me less fearful of my newborn some day driving. No more distracted drivers, stupid teen driving, or drunk driving. Thank you!
+Frank Zhang AGREED Yet Its not cool, nor is it safe. Its simply trendy & techno-pornish, not a lot unlike the hair-brained ideas in ZeitHEIST, i.e. the so called +venus project, like their ludicrous transoceanic underwater railways, showing no understanding of engineering whatsoever, let alone the risk of a leak in tunnels that long under so many tons of water pressure. Or their specious RBE (resource based economy) gobbledygook, making distinctions without significance, as every economy is concerned with resources, of course, please tell me I am not the only one to notice their utter intellectual vapidity.

Google does so much other really great stuff +Larry Page, yet this RoboCar is just plain stupid. We can drive just fine, do not need a robot for that, and for the people who cannot, they should not be on the road in the first place unless chauffeured by a human driver. Good engineering always has safety in mind as a magnifier of human intention, not replacement for it in tasks where the human being served directly is present, i.e. as in driving.

Real Robots & robotic systems coordinated by Proper Planetary Government, are what we need so we can just take care of our own concerns [PMESSH Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual & Social Health] & let human designed, coordinated & directed robotic systems serve us directly, not drive us around, when that is something we can do on our own when necessary. Let them do "everything else" in terms of production of "wealth" etc, then we simply "tax" the GRP, i.e. GROSS ROBOTIC PRODUCT, the robotic analog of the GDP, thus freeing humanity from the machinery of economy, via a WAGELESS ECONOMY ROBOTIC, forever breaking the bond between Consumption & Production that has ensnared 99% of humanity hitherto fore.


This video is an excellent summary of the current state of the PRE-TITE INVERSION© economy that POST TITE INVERSION© REALITY deftly addresses.

IMPORTANT POINT: CRAPITALISM includes CAPITALISM, SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM, which are simply three faces of the same behemoth, a false trichotomy if you will.

Yet all the hard asses out there will vociferously oppose, tooth & nail, up to the death of their false selves if need be, the constitutionally mandated transitional "UNIVERSAL LIVEABLE INCOME", brilliantly suggested in this video, because they somehow feel, in their extreme, inanely vapid, arrogant egoism that they are somehow paying for everything, when in real reality it is false thoughts like these that make the current "sucky for all system" inevitable! Talk about stupid!

Sucky for all since under it, everyone, no matter rich or poor, has to die, when in POST-TITE INVERSION© Reality it will be possible to live forever in a universe of infinite dimension, generosity & wonder, generously bequeathed to us by Creator of Existence Itself, &YES we are that close with the acceleration of everything, towards the inevitable TITE INVERSION©, besides, & precisely because it is "Of the Lord & as such, Right & Meet to Do So", of course, which is also why it is going to happen with your advocacy & blessing, because it is really all about the REAL you good friend, the individual beneficiary of all that is holy, for whom all exists in the first place! Hello? Do you really believe Gd wants you to die? Shame on you for thinking such negative thoughts. Shame shame shame.

The transition we speak of is from a "LIVABLE INCOME" to a reality where money no longer is "necessary" at all as we describe here:

Thank you for watching, now please make sure you check out what the TITE INVERSION© means for you here: & be sure to read DON MARLER's most excellent article of 1976 in support of the "LIVABLE INCOME" here: and ALWAYS remember no matter what, that CRUDE OIL is ALREADY the best renewable we have in spite of what millions of well intended misguided, otherwise well "trained" folk believe, misguided by the ultra-secretive monsters who control the less than 120 year old HOAX BASED CRUDE OIL EMPIRE, and as such are the REAL CHALLENGE for us to mollify while we transition them from their current insanity back to rationality so we can PARLAY all their ill-gotten loot into the benefit of all, including them of course, as their current addiction to easy spoils is not good for them either in the end, knowing that ZeitHEIST is just the way these monsters hope to somehow remain @ steering wheel of destiny without giving up their ill-gotten gains, & as they soften their hearts, & loosen their 'rigor mortis' powered grip off the steering wheel of human destiny, we all win!!


Most excellent question.. What is money anyway? ( ) Isn't "money" simply an artificial representation of natural resources? Hello?

This may help shine some light. Back in 1993 or so, "The Washington Post" ran a front page newspaper article warning of an impending possible collision with, what is termed, an NEO Asteroid, or 'Near Earth Orbit' Asteroid.

It was a fantastic story that certainly got everyone's attention. At that time we had worked @ NASA so of course we were following the story very closely and even assisting the JET PROPULSION LAB, JPL, to track the NEO Asteroid.

While everyone was naturally excited and concerned about this NEO Asteroid for the danger it posed to the earth, few spoke of, and even fewer appreciated, the utterly FANTASTIC opportunity this presented, which, surprisingly, was even mentioned in the same news story, albeit further down page B, after the fold of course!!!

For those who read ENTIRE news story, what was told was simply "earth shattering" in a different way altogether... For the story continued to reveal this NEO Asteroid to be composed of NO FEWER THAN: 100,000 TONS of GOLD & 10,000 TONS of PLATINUM!

THERE is your "money" to build the first set of robots, the A/I Expert Systems, the GEOTHERMAL & CRUDE OIL Energy plants. How do we know this to be so?

Simple. JPL has a technology called X-RAY Spectroscopy. Via X-RAY Spectroscopy, X-RAYS are projected towards the object to be studied. X-RAYs are bounced off the object and return to a detector in JPL's Laboratory and are analyzed. X-RAYs behave differently when bounced off different materials, the return spectra telling us EXACTLY what it bounced off of via a unique "signature".

So, why was it not retrieved and how might it have been? Well who really knows if it was not retrieved privately, but in any case, publically it was not. To have retrieved it would only have required attaching a rocket engine to it, providing the thrust necessary to slightly alter it's path and orbit so that it stays near us to be mined in place. Fortunately, the universe is full of many such asteroids and other untold riches.

Other reasons this particular resource laden NEO Asteroid of 1993 might not have been retrieved include but are by no means limited to the following:

Low expectations -

the phenomenon where people, especially many of our leaders, have very low expectations and are satisfied with RELATIVE wealth, i.e. I am richer, more powerful than you, and that is all that matters, retrieving this NEO Asteroid would not help me, besides I am too busy staying in power to worry about something as wonderful as this and the instability it might cause for MY STATUS QUO.

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Now businesses, under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© , will finally be included in a BINDING social contract and will no longer be able to commandeer the governing bodies meant to protect the people from their poison, pollution, wars, and enslavement. The fly in the ointment is: "What do you do when the government itself is abusing its power outside of simply being manipulated by industry?" Certainly the fact that property crime simply wont make sense under MC-TI will alleviate many of the temptations to commandeer and abuse power since the supply of material needs will be taken care of. The current trend of "too much stuff", i.e. Storage Businesses etc, is certainly an important indicator we are headed in that direction.

The key is to have the "right amount of stuff" when and where it is needed, and a ROBOTIC A/I Administered Economy certainly has the means to do this when combined with all the other sciences related to human nature and desires. For example, everyone can be afforded the opportunity to realistically request and obtain anything they truly want and need without harming anyone else or forcing anyone else to give up their time or freedom since the robots can build it, and matter and energy in this vast universe is truly infinite !!! In the past our leader classes, throughout history, always got exactly what they wanted, but only by means of SLAVERY or other similar "technologies". Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Roman, Chinese cultures ring some bells? What about recent & modern day slavery and other convenient "situations"?

Crucial point, for you to, remember, is that human robotics, i.e. slavery and other similar "institutions" are NO LONGER NECESSARY for the few to live like Royalty, when we have REAL ROBOTS to perform this Function and all the MONEY in the UNIVERSE to make it happen as fast as the industrialization of the 1800's changed the world and even faster !!! and now EVERYONE can live like Royalty or as they wish! No more losers!!! Plant this seed in others minds and it will happen even faster!

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Please let us know if this answered your question [from Anonymous of Antwerpen,Belgium] and if you have follow up questions.

This is actually FIRST Question in our FAQ here:

For the rest of the story regarding this NEO ASTERIOD, i.e. what happened to it, and so much more, please avail yourself to our most excellent FAQ

IMPORTANT NOTE: Actually, CAP-SOC-COMMUNISM are one & the same system on a SINGLE CAPITALIST SPECTRUM, with COMMUNISM simply being CAPITALISM on STERIODS!!! Yet, in an infinite universe, YES we can responsibly produce & consume infinitely, indeed we must, for it is the breathe of life itself, & indeed WE-R© commanded to, go forth & multiply.

YES, under "communism", a few ultra-capitalists own not only plant & equipment, but the PEOPLE TOO: via absentee, hidden, highly mason finagled, leveraged, complex ownership "arrangements"...

...With Socialism being simply the consolidation phase preceding COMMUNISM, which again is the most aggressive form of CRAPITALISM there is, merely the terminal stage of the disease that the CAPITALIST SPECTRUM is.

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Thus People must be cajoled & tricked into doing everything in ALL FORMS of CAPITALISM which of course include Socialism & Communism... Hello?

Whereas POST-TITE-INVERSION ROBOTISM is the ONLY system that actually works for everyone since under it, no one works!!

What you enjoy doing is not work, that is our definition of work.

It is as simple as Scarcity biased Economics being replaced by Surplus biased Economics, which can ONLY be "GAMED" to everyone's advantage, finally, thank Gd!!


I think I would trust one of these cars much more than the 2 people who almost hit me last weekend! Keep up the great work Google! :)
It is the best invention that i have seen in my entire life!
Congratulations Google and Sebastian Thrun team!
Google is helping humanity make up for the time wasted during the Dark Ages. Nice!
Can't wait to get myself a Google car.. After its out of beta of course..
It's a fake, the wheels turn in the opposite!
This kind of technology is what interests me the most. Save lives and help people!
I hope I can contribute in the future with my knowledge in sensor fusion and control theory to make these kinds of vehicles available for anyone that wants or needs them.
Now that is what is changing world means :) Amazing isn;t it. Regarding the concerns on hacking and all, there are flip sides of almost everything (you can kill a person with a brick as well, doesn't mean we stop building houses :))
This is really going into the future ! Way to go "Google"
Hi,Larry.Very Cool,I enjoyed watching the film
I would like to have, to work and back :-)
That car is realy awesome!

Has the car a voice recognition for destination entry?
How does the car that it must move in a handicapped parking space?

If there would be only those cars, there would be no more accidents (if the system works 100% and never errs).

Really great job! attention... the 1st april is near... :D
The finest innovation in automobiles in decades, keep up the good work
amazing... waiting to see the "Driverless" world
this is the way , from years volvo known that to assure safety completely - just not permit the humans to drive
thats the most unique kind of thing i'v ever seen
super cool does it work here in the philippines? lol I think thats impossible haha not with the way everyone needs an auto honker that honks the horn every 5 seconds
It would appear that Arnold Cameron is using your profile picture. Apparently I cannot report this impersonation - it is up to you.
Wow. That is something that could really make a difference for many people. Thanks Google and everyone involved in this project!
Just took a trip from St. Cloud, Minnesota to Portland, Oregon - approximately 3600 miles - in 61 Hours to look for an Angel Investor to help pay for medical bills from a bug I was fighting for a several weeks. Cannot wait to someday purchase a Google Driver-less Car. Thank you Larry Page and Sergey Brin for your amazing and always evolutionary innovation at Google! Hopefully 2012 will be prosperous for you as well as me! Ryan Andrew Pekarek - RAP
I love this. I hate driving and cannot wait to have a future like this.
That's amazing! Congrats guys. Keep pushing the envelope to innovation!
Amazing! I would love to see this in Los Angeles!
Respect!!! But one question: How does the car get's specific directions like "stop at burgerking drive in at the speaker and later at the window" as well as "park on a spot for disabled people".
I want one! How much will it cost and when can I get it?
and taco..we have it finally in seoul. Tacobell.
I am sorry about to tell you this. I think you are great Boss.
give me some comments to be your Employee in Seoul. What should I do with preparation to be a CM? I think I need some advice and encouragement From you, Directly cause you are the only one who knows all about google . want to be your friend. Give me some mercy!! ㅜㅜ(<--crying!!)
Google Technology Driving Everyone Nuts. Great Tech. !! .
Our Leaders are Ignorant of the Real Issues in Education Reform.
The real problem is that our experts who sincerely want to reform education have very little clue to the differences between brain and mind. Given the different nature of the brain and mind the way to educate the two is also different. The brain acts/reacts/thinks physically in biochemical reactions. The mind thinks in words but even this thinking emerges through the physical activity of the brain. So it is the quality of the brain that determines the quality of the mind. We have hundreds of subjects to teach/educate the mind and hardly any clue of how to teach the brain.

The problem is that the brain requires more than education. The brain requires therapy to physically change the brain. We already have therapies that make the subnormal into normal, we must use the same to make the subnormal brain and even the so called normal brain into super normal brains.

We educate the brain the same way we educate the mind. It is like teaching everyone to become a singer even when one has no singing talent. We educate the brain by providing knowledge. by pleading, preaching, coaxing and even threatening and through rewards and punishment. It is like pouring fresh and clean water into a glass that is itself producing dirty and stale water. The fresh knowledge gets overwhelmed/polluted with the brain generated stale/ill knowledge.

My conversation with Dr. Melody Burns, the Director of Domestic Policy at the White House is the perfect example of how ignorant our education leaders are. When I explained to her that we should teach the 4th R of reality/truth she said that she has her own R of responsibility! I asked her, how is she going to teach responsibility? I said let me guess. You are going to teach by imparting knowledge, pleading and preaching! Well responsibility is an innate part of wisdom and can you teach wisdom? She had no answer! The problem of emotionally challenged brains has to be addressed.
Good news! Since the release of the new iCar / iTruck firmware v0.8b yesterday at 8am only 37423 people were killed by their vehicles! Experts expected more than 120000 victims worldwide.
We were promised that we'd all have self driving cars by how. Sometimes technology moves slowly.
Es increible lo que +Google+ puede hacer!! sin duda una de las mejores empresas del mundo!! que no solo se quedó con su motor de busqueda, si no que va mucho más allá, amo google! ♥
The reason why I can respect Google! While Siri can tell you HOW to get somewhere, Google can GET you there! If you use that in marketing, just mention my name and a yearly vacation and I'll be happy Larry! ;) This is an exciting time to be alive! Just don't create Skynet and we'll be good!
Love it if you're on a road trip u,dont need to stop to sleep
Ryan Yu
That's where technology helps people. Im looking forward to seeing more and more artificial intelligence device from Google.
Look, Ma, no hands! No need for taxi, bus, or truck drivers. All of those electronics will now ship themselves.
I posted this when it came out, as CEO of and a BCI and researcher studying about AI, this is phenomenal that we can build this into every car of the future.

Moreover, what would be awesome would be to integrate the entire car, to use an android device to tell it a place to go and it takes you there. Android will also be the platform for car apps and to stream music and video to the backseats while the car drives you.
Larry, I live in Las Vegas and I saw one of those red license plated vehicles!!! I felt like such an insider!
LiLi Fi
سلام. من یه ایرانی هستم که توی شهر اصفهان زندگی می کنم. جزو اون دسته افرادی بودم که reader رو خیلی دوست داشتم و بسیار فعال بودم. اما خب با طرح شما gooder تعطیل شد.
حالا یه پیشنهادی دارم. توی برنامه plus بیاین و آپشن 1000+ رو بذارید. من فکر می کنم علاقه خیلی از افراد توی گودر به صفر کردن آیتم های نخونده ای بود که روی هم انبار شده بود. یعنی این 1000+ باعث شده بود خیلی ها به گودر وابسته بشن.
من فکر می کنم اضافه کردن آپشن 1000+ به plus می تونه کمی محبوبیت این برنامه رو بین کاربران سابق gooder بالا ببره.
+Pesach Steinberg Google's self-driving cars are no April Fools joke. This is real technology that they've been working on for quite some time. Its quite breathtaking to watch the impact it can have on someones life, such as the blind individual in this video.
+Larry Page I really miss the "I'm Feeling Lucky" functionality, as it's replaced by "I'm Steering Lucky". Seriously, why not to make it that typing "Enter" at the end of the search query would automatically link me the first result out of the list provided by "Autosuggest". It would let me avoid using mouse or other additional work to select my first search result.
I can understand why a Prius owner would want someone else to drive a car that's joyless to drive.

For me, I'll continue to smile broadly every time I get in my Miata, drop the top and go blasting around corners on a warm day. All I can say, is stay off my roads with that crap.
+Larry Page --- kindly make ur google+ organised... its notification area n all these on the main tab r unorganised.. learn frm twitter... how good it looks!!!!!!
Congrats !!
btw, Have you been to India ?! Wonder if this can work in here !!
باید ازش به زبون خارجی میپرسیدی شاید جواب داد
مثلا وات یور انت نیم
That is absolutely amazing! I love to drive but the possibilities are endless! Keep it up Google. 
just amazing. technology opens a door for the better
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Hello, it´s really amazing. I just hope it could be ZEV non pollutant.
Oh yeah! - this is a perfect example of what technology should be used for!
You are taking the fun out of driving. There already is a self-driving car, it's called a "taxi".
AWESOME when it getting commercialised ??
To say this as it was the 60's, "FAR OUT MAN!"
Amazing! What's next?
wonder when the first speeding ticket will be issued to a "self driving car"... or will the car try to out run the cops and die in a hail of bullets?? who knows!!?? :)
To whom did DMV issue the DL? Must be easy to pass parallel parking etc.
But does it know how to wave hand and yield to other driver at 4-way stop? What if 4 driver-less cars meet at a 4-way stop at exactly the same time? j/k
We’ve been working for some time to appropriately ferret out these “sibling” synonyms, and our latest system is more maintainable, updatable, debuggable, and extensible to other systems
yeeeeeoooooooooooeeeeeeeepppppppppppeeeeeeeeeee>>>> now we can drive under age and fool the police :P!!
Driver #00000000002 RIPUDAMAN SINGH :D

Overall rating
i'm sure that an automated car can't survive in Palermo (Italy) for more than 24 hours :) here the traffic it's really chaotic, and the people seems to forgot the street rules really often!
^thats why they are doing testing idiot. and a drunk driver will possibly kill himself anyways driving. awesome idea. and it will be extremely cool if cars took on an irobot look. i hate how everybody focuses on the possible negatives. of course there are going to be reasons why something is a bad idea. but doesnt everrything? stop complaining
Page and Brin Rocks !!!! Google is words salutes to the team behind this.
if i understood how this is working, you have to be awake and not drunk, because when you touch the steering wheel you take the control of the car, and then if you are drunk you can take control when you shouldn't
is this google's Watson project; and entry to BigData consulting?
I always surprised with google innovative ideas. simply awesome.
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it seems so well!
I sincerely hope you guys realise that google+ can still possibly kill FB. It's really amazing and sad to note how google is disastrously failing to use its true potential of most amazing search power and possible "push information" for making google+ work, God willing!
i like google very much! i hope i can drive google car in the future。我是中国人,英语讲不好不要见笑....
So erkenne ich euch besser und muss nicht da vor weglaufen
Ric Lav
1 tecnologie.
I have a few plans for the development of companies such as Google or Yahoo so fantastic and I would like to work in this field with Google company.
These plans are applicable only at very largesurface and will increase your company revenue .
please help me that how can i contact with your development office or contact me with +989153522220 Or
Congrats……  The best breakthrough of this century...
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