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I loved Wired's article on self driving cars. This technology has been a passion of mine for years because it will help save lives, help lots of people who have difficulty driving, and reduce congestion on our roads. In 2006, Stanford's driverless car (named Stanley!) won a DARPA challenge, and $2M in prize money, when it successfully drove solo for hours through the desert. I was lucky enough to watch that race, and not the previous year, where none of the cars had been able to finish -- quite a fast technological improvement. Fast forward to today -- Google's self-driving cars have now clocked up over 200K miles, and they can easily navigate the freeway in rush hour at highway speeds. According to the article nearly 370,000 people lost their lives on American roads between 2001 and 2009--93% due to human error. Using technology to improve safety on our roads will make the world a better place.
Robotic vehicles, from Google to Mercedes, have arrived. So what form and purpose will these cars have when we finally let go of the wheel?
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Who do I write a check to? No, seriously, I'm a danger to myself and others. Please give to me now.
Min Ko
Double post :P
I look forward to the time where my car will drive me to work, then drive back home and take my kids to soccer..
Larry, click on the right "Options menu" and choose "Delete this post"! ;-)
This kind of thing really excites me, obviously it will save lives, but it will also be great as it will allow people to work / rest / play while travelling to their destination.
I'd spend all my money for such a thing !
wondering, will it fully auto car.
+Larry Page my wife and I have talked about that article all weekend! I can't wait for driverless cars. Especially with my 1.5 hour commute every day!
It's actually been around for more than a century, it's called public transport. In the form of trains, metro/subways, buses, trams, light rail, etc. It's both cheaper and better for the environment than cars.
I hate driving. I hope this kind of car will be available soon but I don't think it will be soon enough for me. :(
I am passionate about cars and technology, and although self-driving would be a neat feature, it would never be a substitute for the rush I get when driving something that was built to be driven.
What about flying cars (like the Jetson's)? Shouldn't they be out by now. With technology the way it's going, they can't be very far off. Yeah? LOL
Would gladly let a computer drive if it "can easily navigate the freeway in rush hour at highway speeds" worst part of my day, would rather nap on the way to work.
According to Back to the Future, we have 3 more years before that happens...
You'd still be in the driver's seat, won't you? I'm sure you can't send your car to the grocery store, can you?
I would however recommend this car to people who yap a lot on their cellphone while behind the wheel.
i wonder how many will lose their lives due to software failure ;-) never the less, i love driver assistance systems (especially the ones built in my vw passat) and i am also looking forward to my first own self driving car.
+Klaus Kokholm Petersen - You are comparing apples with oranges there. With public transport you can only go to predetermined locations at predetermined times. What autonomous vehicles do is provide the freedom we currently have but with the added benefits of greater safety, no parking issues (who needs to park when a vehicle can drive itself home?), communication enabling better route planning, more precise manoeuvring allowing more cars safely on the road, .....the list of benefits can go on and on. Also, why should these cars be any worse for the environment? You will never get everybody on public transport, no matter what you try. But with autonomous cars you can get people using vehicles more efficiently therefore being less harmful to the environment. There are absolutely no cons to this. I don't understand why anyone would try and find any?!?
if they are available in around 5 years (in Germany) I don't have to make a driving license! ;D
I think there are a lot of ways to improve safety on the streets. If I look at the german statistics there was a lot of improvement. In 2000 there were 7500 death on german streets. Now we are down to under 4000. Selfdriving cars could further improve this number, but if I am honest, I am looking forward to other advantages, like working on my computer or reading a book while my car gets me to my target ...
I could imagine having small motorcycle-sized self-driving cars delivering packages all over town. Maybe even having a little automatic garage door so that they could drop off packages securely at my house when I'm not home...
I think that it will not matter if you have a private car or not. Taxis will be a lot less expensive due to not having to pay the driver alone, not to mention it will be far more consumption effective. I think the streets will be invaded by automated cabs.
Few years back when i used to think about driver-less car i had an idea that a Smart Road - that can communicate about itself - is necessary for a Autonomous Car... But Stanley and Junior did amazing job... But still i think a smart road will be a better supplementary for autonomous cars...
Well it's true that I'm speaking from a developing country resident perspective. Cars here are very expensive for most people...
I must confess that now that I am older I too think that a driverless car would be great. When I was a younger person 20+ years ago, getting there was half the fun. I really enjoyed driving. Now not so much, probably because the whole world is driving on my streets now. LOL I also love to read.
I am also looking forwards to the maturation of auto-driving cars!
+Larry Page Clearly there are some conditions not suitable for machine /or/ human. Wow.

The machine would probably do the safest thing, and just stop trying to drive. But it would also allow you to freeze to death! Yet I wholeheartedly support the idea of automated transportation. :-)
"We’re analyzing and predicting the world 20 times a second,” Levandowski says.
I too, am excited for bad drivers getting off our roads!
This is a fasinating idea that will revolutionize transportation. Imagine a world without DUI / Traffic Violation Tickets / Zero Fatalities / No Traffic / No Road Rage. I hope to see that in my life time...
This is going to be an interesting regulatory battle ..but I cannot wait for the first autonomous vehicles. A nice quote in this connection came from a google engineer.. " can you call them autonomous till you ask the car to drive you to work and the car decides to drive to the beach instead "...
Great article...self-driving cars easily become one of the most significant changes to society in the future.

(Will these cars also sell themselves to the communities buying them?)
Automated transport sounds like a fun idea. But until we can find a better way to test software, is it really fool proof? (and I mean it.. fool proof). Plus, aircraft today are pretty much flying themselves. However, when things go wrong (like for example the AF447 crash (} ), even highly trained (or well, trained pilots) do a bad job resulting in lost lives.
While I wholeheartedly support this idea (partly because I'm an Engineer, and machine learning is so much fun), I think we still have a long way to go, IMHO.
what about the self driving motorcycles...? ;)
i like the idea but i worry about an outside party gaining control of the car. Imagine a killer or law enforcement being able to control your car and lead you someplace you yourself would never have gone willingly.
Has the Google car been tested in inclement weather; specifically snowy/iced roads? I'm very curious to know how well it can identify the correct drive path when everything is white, and there is no traction on the road (instantly changes all the control algorithms). I would love to know more. Thank you.
It's not as straight forward as "it will save lives." The flip side to shifting the driving onto the autonomous robot is that you're shifting it away from the driver. Who is to blame for accidents then? Whose insurance should cover the cost of an incident? Who's actually to blame for deaths caused by vehicles? Is it still the driver? Is it the retailer? Is it the manufacturer? Is it the safety testers? Is it the computer scientists that developed the system? I really can't see it taking off, certainly not without tort reform beforehand and a paradigm shift for society at large.
I am waiting for the car. But keep the price reasonable. So that whoever NEEDS it badly, like me, can get it for their commute. Please don't make it for luxury.
It'll never catch on, the average citizen doesn't trust technology enough to let them drive. Despite almost every study showing it to be safer and more cost effective they won't let a computer drive.

Many commercial aeroplanes can take off, fly and land without the need for a human pilot, but how many people would get on a pilotless aircraft?
If I'm still in the driver seat and can take manual control when I want, then I'm all down for it.
So if a driverless car wrecks who would be at fault? I think it will catch on quicker than you think. Think about it, you can take long road trips and relax until you need a refuel. I'm sure a computer can drive far better than a lot of the idiots on the road. Don't get me wrong it would need to be able to go into manual drive, but I think this will be the future.
To Mercedes!!!
I think the Americans car makers are nearer to you Google!
I love this vision. However, it is now abundantly clear on every highway in the world that transporting small numbers of individuals in their own 1 ton box everywhere is not a scalable model for transportation.

Like internet data, people must often be compressed during transport. Anything less uses too much energy and too much space. Making the car really smart won't change that. The sheer volume of traffic in many places is just too high.

That said, the autonomy that cars provide will always be a necessary component of transportation infrastructure for outlying areas. However, cars are currently grossly overused for trips around inner areas.

82% of trips people take are less than 5 miles in length and take place in metropolitan areas. Such trips are easily serviced by a combination of decent subway/bus systems and/or bicycles (which also reduce healthcare costs).

Cars are great. Smart cars are even better. But let's get the established/deployed solutions ubiquitous and fully functional before we focus on the experimental/undeployed solutions.
This is what i love about Google. Innovate to have maximum impact.
I will let the car drive. Especially on long interstate trips.

I suppose I'm not your average citizen, ay Boo-boo?
My girlfriend's son recently lost his best friend in a traffic accident. I couldn't help but think about self-driving cars. Make this happen and it will save thousands and thousands of lives! (plus I'll be able to climb into my car, go to sleep and wake up the next morning across the country!)
I still want my own flying car or personal helicopter
Petrol stations will need pump attendants again for all these driver-less taxis and cars that turn up needing a re-fuel. :-)
One of the major issues I can see is that if you want to have self driving cars, everyone would have to adopt them and give up driving, not just some people, and you'll never convince 100% of the people that it's a good idea. You can't trust people to drive in a world of computer controlled vehicles, because you can never anticipate the impact of human error. A simple, accidental swerve a bit too far over the line could cause a catastrophic collision and potentially shut down an entire roadway.
Another major issue is the reality of people who spend their time trying to find ways to make other's lives miserable. If it's all computer controlled, you can guarantee that someone will find a way to hack it or write a virus for it, and thus ends the idea of a problem free road system.
Where is the fun in having a car that drives itself? It's like taking the bus, but without the socializing part
If anything this is one of the best invested money in technology. Go Google!!!
This is going to be GREAT! I can finally not worry about F* cops!
I wish these cars soon become a reality for everyone.
you are all sooo naive...
once we have these cars on our street and Skynet takes over we are doomed.
who cares I can't wait for the day a Self Aware Artificial Intelligence runs for congress
After reading this...forget high speed rail for the US. Pervasive self-driving electric and/or hybrid cars will make it a white elephant. The CA gov should focus on driving (pun) the legal issues to help us get there.

Imagine arriving at an airport and having a self driving rental car picking you up.

Imagine self-driving public transport (publicly owned vehicles ) that can take you right to where you need to go.

I predict that once people see what they can do (and the have a ways to go!) they will take to self - driving cars very easily. It's not a big leap when you consider how easily people took to the air.

350,000 deaths in nine years with 93% due to human error is a horrible, shameful statistic.
Am I the only one that likes the freedom of driving my own vehicle? That doesn't want cops being able to plug in to my property and get any information they want? Now if these were cars that also FLEW and had options for me to pilot/drive them that'd be different.
Great initiative, and congrats to Google! But I'm sceptic to how such a car robot will handle the roads we have here in Norway half the year - snow, ice, ice with water on top, and extremely slippery! There may be dry asphalt in between the icy spots too.

How can the robot know what to do in these circumstances? Norwegians have years of hard-earned experience. Well, some of us, at least. Can a robot be tutored to make the same descisions as an experienced winter driver? Or is this invention for dry roads in sunny California only?
Great invention for humanity,Thanks to all developer....
I think its a great idea, however people would still want to drive, maybe there will be weekend race tracks where people go to honk at each other, cut each other off and drive 2x the speed limit. The cool thing about these cars is that if they are good enough there would be no stop streets, because cars would just slow down and synchronously pass each other. Roads in South africa are pretty bad sometimes as well. Would the car know to avoid a pot hole, and if so, would it choose to hit the pot hole, incoming traffic, or a cyclist. The right choice of course being the cyclist.
Combined with EV infrastructure, this would be great way to end oil. Self thinking cars also help energy efficient driving. Leave the fun for the racetracks and make highways the new flexible train rails.
Even if this technology isn't fool proof if it takes the total number of deaths down considerably this would be a success... Nothing is perfect, but I'll take improvement...
Keep it up Larry, we need more peeps like you!
This is something I'm glad Google is doing instead of Microsoft building Windows Car
Larry let's build an all electric car and use Google built software to help optimise battery life and range. We could also use it to help notify it's owner how charged the battery is (when parked) via Android notification etc.. You could even use latitude to keep track of where it is, should someone try and steal it :).
Yes it's called progress..why you so scared like a little girl
Windows Car?

Did you hear the one about the 4 engineers driving in a car together? They are driving through Death Valley and the car sputters and stops...the temperature is 40C in the shade.

The chemical engineer says: "Oh, I know what's wrong, we're out of gas"...goes outside puts a stick in the tank and checks...plenty of gas.
The mechanical engineer says: "Perhaps the wheels don't turn well?"....gets out and pushes...nope, that's not it...they work fine.
The electrical engineer says: "Maybe no sparks?"..pulls off a wire and draws a healthy spark while the engine is turned over

The three sweaty engineers then turn to the windows engineer. He says: "I know! Let's all get out of the car and get back in..."

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Indeed. It'll be somewhat costly compared to cars without this technology, but perhaps it will do something to counteract the rampant ignorance of the physics of driving. Routinely, I will be driving down the road, often at 100kph or more, and the driver behind me will be following at one second's distance, on occasion, less, and sometimes this'll be a big rig. I just want to shout to them, follow somebody else at unsafe distances.

Why do the majority of traffic problem reports I hear on the radio talk about collisions and blockages of the left lane or lanes? I contend it's because not only are these drivers likely breaking the law by going too fast, but they're stupid to begin with and have no clue what constitutes a safe following distance.

Now...take these sorts of decisions out of the hands of the driver, and replace it with much faster acting sensors and electronics, and I don't have to worry nearly as much about being smushed by these ignoramouses.
Self driving cars? Any luck mine will have a Windows operating system and will "crash" all the time. Narf!
I admit it...
I still have the first copy of Wired I ever picked up...March 2004 - Googlemania!
Hopefully google car has picking-up-whoes module/functionality
+Bjørn T. Jønsson actually, that's probably one of the easier issues to approach for a machine. BigDog's already better than humans in such conditions, and balance isn't anywhere near as important for a car.
+Larry Page You are so right. My wife would be happy If she would have such a self driving car. But I had to shoot a lot more to afford it... :(
A memorable moment at the DARPA Grand Challenge was driving the security truck back to base, with the Oshkosh entry (a modified 18-ton behemoth) coming in the other direction. Expecting it to make a turn before reaching us, we nevertheless stopped and judiciously exited our vehicle. The Google vehicles are building up our confidence that we don't have to bail out when we see one coming.
I couldn't agree more. In the spirit of energy efficiency and for the preservation of life, this should be one of the leading edges in infrastructure research and development. It's exciting to think that autonomous vehicles will be standard in our lifetime.
Now this is a great project and I'm happy to see it get continue support from +Larry Page. Looking forward to "driving" - or be driven - by one of these cars one day, hopefully soon.
Imagine getting the blue screen of death at highway speeds.
Frank M
Headline April 1, 2057: Driver could have saved himself, but hadn't driven manually since he took his test 20 years ago.
Headline April 1, 2059: Vehicle Manslaughter by Computer Virus.

We already have alternatives called "Bus", "Train", "Taxi", "Subway" if we can't drive. Although it's a nice application for robotics, optical recognition, decision trees (AI?) etc., I fear the day this car becomes widespread reality.

Then again, "Sorry boss, my car won't drive me to work due to the snow. Had to stay home" is an interesting excuse.
Right or wrong the USA has invested heavily in roads & freeways - more than mass transit. This technology leverages that investment and will make us maintain & improve it. There is no reason that autonomous cars cannot evolve along with the system to achieve environmental & efficiency goals. I believe this is the right direction for the USA. Go Google!
I agree +Larry Page, airplanes today are probably 90% steered by autopilot and we as passengers don't care, nobody should be afraid of the automotive autopilot either!
Technology: making people dumber. Build a half decent public transport system and none of this would be needed. Still it's an incredible achievement from a technological aspect.
Self driving cars are super cool. But why is Google putting resources into this? Doesn't seem related to your core business.
I can't wait for the Google Taxi.
Saying "Taxi for home" to my Android, the fee is calculated.
And if I confirme an electric car comes and pick me up.
With a good monthly subscription - Xkms for X€, it would be a hit.
A few posts here on the right track:
- Autonomous "taxis", ie publicly owned shared vehicles, would be vastly less expensive than manned taxis and vastly less expensive than owning your own car and very very nearly as convenient ... they could massively cut the total number of vehicles on the road and in carparks (but not the number of trips taken).
- This is going nowhere until accident liability is sorted out.
- It's also going nowhere until a satisfactory test is devised to "pass" the control systems, including demonstrating failover and redundancy. What's to stop a cheap Korean knockoff hitting the market?
- Reliability while new is all very well. How about maintenance, warranty, system lifespan? These factors will be driven by commercial interests. Would each autopilot car get to stay on the road until it has an accident? If not, what would be the requirements for taking them off the road? This is not a decision that can be left to private financial pressures or commercially driven manufacturer assurances.


The systems shouldn't need to be "foolproof". Only "better" (on average) than human drivers. And let's face it, the "standardised" testing to allow human drivers on the road isn't remotely up to the quality assurance that will be imposed on the first commercially available autopilot cars.

But the first time someone dies due to system failure the media and social pressure will be all over it (never mind the 15 lives that were saved by the systems before the first failure) and everyone will gripe that it's the manufacturer's "fault" that they only saved 15 lives and not 16.

Liability needs to be sorted before these will go on the road. I suspect the only solution would be a public no-fault accident claims pool for accidents involving autopilot cars, funded by the manufacturers.
I love when people call them "driverless cars". It sounds a whole lot like "horseless carriage" to me.
+Larry Page my take-away from your "More wood behind fewer arrow-heads" remark was that projects like "Driverless cars" were going to be canceled/shelved from Google. Is that actually the case? Because your statement here is showing a different tone.
I say this with all due respect Mr. Page, but are you nuts? Read "Robopocalypse" and tell me you still want autonomous cars. (Yes I know it's fiction but plausible.) And for an even more plausible scenario, just imagine the havoc that some talented and motivated hackers could wreak. Stop being so lazy people. Drive your cars yourselves. You want to reduce fatalities? Then stop texting/eating/drinking/reading/writing/shaving/doing your makeup while you are driving. Just drive. Fatalities will go way down. The road to hell is paved with the overuse of technology to make life "easier" for lazy humans.

Where is the minus button when I need one?
There are pros and cons.

For cons, I think about security issues (car's rooted or usurped), insurance companies taking more advantages, tractability and privacy, etc...

For pros, I let others post about :-)
Self driving cars are like 3d hologram projectors. Even when they"come out" only rich people will have them in their homes until like 3-5 years later. Everyone else will have their automatics and flat screen tvs. How drab.
I think it might be cheaper and address the cause instead of the symptom and just make sure only smart people are allowed to drive.. just saying
We need to accept that human error can be solved with processing power and speed. If there was a mesh network, our cars could drive better than we do.
+Larry Page Would the re-development and promotion of mass transit save even more lives? I don't know.
+Peter Spinale Making sure of people allowed to drive it important, but i know that more than 2.4% were due solely to mechanical fault and 4.7% were caused only by environmental factors thus reducing these percentage will defiantly help saving lives .
If an auto maker ( FORD ) would introduce a safe, economical, affordable car without all the fluff they would sell millions instantly. An example, although not without its problems, would be the Tata Nano for around 3000 US$. Make it under 10. Aftermarket parts and installations would spur quite a bit of profit for small business. Service, Insurance, etc. Just a basic little ride that everyone could afford that looks o.k. and gets killer mileage, simple, safe, sold! Remember all the stuff people were doing to Honda's, body kits, stereo, etc? Can you imagine if they were selling Cars for, lets say, 6500 out the door? Anyway.....Kinda off topic, sorry...Take care everyone and get outdoors when ya can!
+Larry Page Your argument seems to lack sufficient data to suggest that self-driven cars will make the roads safer. It may very well reduce human error, but it will increase computer error. Self-driven cars may be able to react faster to known conditions, but I have yet to see the data that proves computers are better at driving cars in unknown conditions. I love technology, I love automation, but how many new people will lose their life in an attempt to increase the effectiveness of computer-driven cars? How many lives will be lost due to hardware, software, firmware, malware and other technology inevitabilities?
As a resident of the Northeast, I'm itching to see how well the technology deals with potholes, sudden white-outs and Boston drivers (remember, turn signals are only to be used to confuse the enemy :-)).
just got my issue in the mail today, can't wait to read every word.....
My car had too much to drink your honor. I, on the other hand, was perfectly sober.
I am curious to know if it is able to stop the car fast enough to avoid hitting an unexpected object/human/car crossing its path unexpectedly while avoiding a spinout, thereby potentially causing more accident? What about Potential side impact, what can you to to improve this? Launch some sort of airbag?
I like the fact that Google keeps pushing others to start at least thinking about things outside the box. We are imperfect as a species but the fact that we strive to do better is a testament to our intelligence. Keep pushing and keep innovating is what we should all strive to do.
Can't wait to own a Google car..
why is not out yet! Open source it lol
I am very excited about this technology too. The possibilities are simply endless. For example, you could create a network of vehicles, in which cars communicate with each other and keep the traffic regulated among themselves. Overall traffic flow and speed would improve.
Those in a real hurry, would be given a pass by other cars, allowing it to speed up to the maximum speed possible for the car. The speeding car would be paying some kind of price to the other cars that allow it to pass. Perhaps even extra tax could be levied on a car that creates more pollution by driving faster than a 'clean' optimal speed. Those that are getting late for the office won't mind the extra cost, and those that allow them to pass would be fine because something gets deposited in their coffers. We could even think of cars driving in tandem, physically latching on to each other, to reduce energy requirements, and separating when their paths need to diverge.
This would ultimately impact how the traditional parts of the cars are designed too - an era of much more speedier, yet fuel efficient cars.
It would be really useful just to have a drunk-driver mechanism to disable the vehicles at certain blood-alcohol levels.
Self driving vehicles wouldn't need to have a blood alcohol level check. They would take drunk people home.
I saw two of the self driving Priuses (Pri-i?) on Shoreline today at about 11:30. This is very cool stuff.
Really, 7% of accidents don't involve human error? I find that hard to imagine. Brake failure???
They're grouped together in chains for efficiency and called a 'train'. Google it
Unfortunately, I've already spent all my's not my priority
Hey +Larry Page, this is really exciting new technology! Have you already been able to test your self-driving cars in more demanding environmental conditions, such as on roads covered with snow?
Make efforts to change the world. come on, google!
Hey +Mike Rees, I'm not concerned about the car's balance - it has one wheel in each corner, so it's pretty stable ... but I am concerned about, for instance, breaking distances, and how to know them before you attempt breaking. A winter driver knows in his/her bone marrow when to break, depending on the road condition underneath, and when perhaps not to attempt any breaking at all, but to take awaysive maneuvers instead. Just to give you one example of many.

How do you think a robot will know when to break and not, or when to drive more slowly because of the conditions? If the robot "sees" dry asphalt underneath, it may only be a local spot. How does it know that?
+Bjørn T. Jønsson - A "robot" as you put it, will be FAR FAR more precise than a driver who "knows in his bone marrow when to brake". It is physics. The "robot" can calculate braking distances according to the temperature, traction, speed, air pressure, etc, etc. Those calculations are significantly better than a driver who has learnt from approximations in the past. That is only taking into consideration real time info the "robot" has. But you are completely forgetting (or not aware) that computers can learn. Even with relatively basic learning algorithms like Q-Learning and SARSA you could teach a computer to perform better than a human from experience of situations. You can also share those experiences between systems which humans can't do.
Self-driving cars would also free up an enormous amount of new hours for search monetization. Let's say 150M people in US drive 1 hour/day: that's an additional 150M hours of search revenue per day. Not wholly selfless effort.

According to Quora, GOOG makes $0.09 per search and serves 34,000 searches per second So that's 150M x 34,000 x 0.09 x 3600, or 150 000 000 * 0.09 * 34 000 * 3 600 = 1.6524 × 10^15 -- a potential new revenue source of 1.65 TRILLION dollars.
You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them." William Blake
Whenever such technologies are discussed, I'm always amazed that noone brings up what I see as the most significant issue. Exactly where is the accountability? If and when something does go wrong, who or what is responsible? Until we satisfactorily answer this question, we are just kids playing with neat toys.
+Matthew Johnson - You mean, "who do we sue?". It is such a shame that is considered a "significant issue". How many completely ridiculous rules/laws are in place today because of the fear of over-zealous litigators and the quest for compensation?

+Fred Zimmerman - Don't you think you are going a bit over the top to try and accuse Google of having ulterior motives? Your reasoning is a bit like me accusing supermarkets of getting bigger to make you walk further, use more energy and have to buy more food. Those wicked, wicked supermarkets ;-)
Simple answer would be no fault accidents, and both cars have their insurance companies split the bill. In Illinois atleast everyone has to have insurance.
I am sorry, sir, to let you know that Apple is going to copy ur self-driving car and claim that they invented it. Sad right?
Mr. +Larry Page, I would not be adverse to a world where all cars drove themselves and Google or another company built a traffic mangement system to coordinate all of them. However, there is a strange group of people who actually like driving their cars. How would we appease those people?
I need to read that article still - only got the new issue of Wired yesterday.
This is really interesting concept to introduce to the general public. Ultimately when everybody realizes the car is not for your personal self esteem, to make you feel big, powerful or cool, we will see an evolution of how we travel. We probably have 2X the amount of motor vehicles necessary in our society. You only see maybe 5% of the population partake in public transportation. If there is any 1 given reason our foreign debt is out of control, it would have to be fossil fuel consumption. With $700 billion dollars being thrown around so loosely these days, imagine what kind of impact that $700,000 Million could do if it was all spent on public transportation! We should be the world's leader in building mag-lev trains, not the leader in invading oil rich nations...
We all look forward to self driving cars, but the first accident caused by a computer bug will get exorbitant media coverage.
+Adam Rofer - ...and the thousands that will be prevented will get no coverage at all :-(
I hope so.Also it should be able to see people on road.(interrupt)
how many years will this take to be fully tested and commercial?
Apart from the legal issues mentioned, we would likely be less inclined to accept even a small accident percentage. Think of how socially unacceptable bus, train and plane casualties are compared to auto accidents. The reliability of self-driving cars would need to be much better than humans'. Still, I, for one, welcome our computer overlords.
interrupts here are police and ambulance.there must be a way to identify them.
Also change in speed in work zone.
having the fact that windows, macos, android, ios all crashes occassionally, I still don't have the courage to let the car drive by itself
Buggy logic and crashes is the reason I'm nervous around human drivers.
Use a simplier os. Server builds of debian often can run 10 years with no stalls or reboots.
+Richard Hall -- I'm not so sure as you are. Years of experience is not based on learning from approximations, as you put it. Temperature, speed, and air pressure, are the easy parameters. Traction is not so simple when the track changes.

But there are far more difficult parameters to consider also. How far ahead does the car robot see? Does it see the dangerous situation building up 50 meters ahead? What about 100 feet above? Can it see legs moving towards the street from under parked trucks, or does it break only after the person emerges in the street? And when it breaks, does it know that it's an icy spot three meters ahead, that will increase the breaking distance just so much that the car hits the person?
I remember reading about this in PopSci as a teen, glad to see some development.
+Bjørn T. Jønsson - Years of experience IS based on approximations I am afraid. A human instinctively reacts in a way that is based on approximations of previous experiences.

A car doesn't need to recognise a human moving towards it, it needs to recognise an object moving into its trajectory...and that is not hard even at speed. A camera can "see" further ahead than the human eye and in more detail. A laser sight or sonar can assess objects and the speed of objects at a distance that a human cannot. A laser can identify objects in the dark...which a human cannot. Road surfaces can be identified via image recognition and the data combined with thermal map information, temp, air pressure, etc. A computer could scan the next hundred metres of road surface conditions in a fraction of a second. When it brakes of course it knows it is icy. In fact the computer on board the car is arguably more aware of the variables that humans are AND hundreds of others that humans are not. Given those variables it will be able to tell you exactly how far it will take to stop to the millimetre ...something you cannot do.

I guess I have spent quite a bit of time looking into this (more to do with the learning algorithms and neural nets) and have a degree in AI. With the sensors that are available and the state that AI is in at the moment it is absolutely possible for cars to be driven by computers and be significantly safer than humans driving. All of the scenarios you have come up with are easily handled.

By the way, when I say "easy" I don't mean it is child's play. I mean that recent advances in AI and technology over the last few years have enabled functionality that just a few years ago was practically impossible. I think that your assessment is reasonably accurate for a few years ago (although still maybe a little harsh), but why off for today. The cars have covered quite a few thousand miles without problem already and it will be a while before see them being used by the likes of you and me. When these are being used deaths on the roads will become like deaths from flying. That is my prediction anyway.
i support the idea of self driving cars
i wish one of these cars go into real competition with man vs machines in a F1 race.
Totally off point, but why are you closing Picnik???? I use it all the time and it is the best. No indication of a replacement service.....very poor PR....very disappointed in Google for this action and the inexplicability of it.

Unhappy customer.....
Larry, I'm still waiting for my opportunity to buy one of your self-driving cars. I'm sick of losing 60+ minutes of my day, my life, commuting without being able to do much other than report traffic issues with Waze (fantastic by the way, you should buy them, or at least install it on your phone) and making phone calls with Siri (sorry, she's pretty great, but in all fairness I haven't owned a Nexus yet).

Please, please, PLEASE figure out how to sell the self-driving car to the public. I want one and everyone knows everyone else on the road needs one.
I'm sure the self-driving part of the car isn't running Android or iOS. It might be running the Linux kernel, but I suspect it would have a real RTOS such as VxWorks or LynxOS. People use those operating systems also for military and aerospace applications.

It's the learning algorithms that may make the system quite non-deterministic, but this of course depends on how the car learns. It may be hard or impossible to verify the car has learned the right things. But then again, it's also impossible to predict and program strict algorithms for each and every situation that possibly can happen when the car is driving, so the car just has to adapt to different conditions.
+Richard Hall -- You're very sure of yourself - on the very border of being condecending and arrogant. Your faith in what computers can do, and your own skills, are amusing. I can only guess that it's your young age, and lack of real experience, which makes you think driving is easy, and your conclusions on how we learn it. How much winter driving experience do you get in Surrey? Are you sure you know what you're talking about here?

The case in a nut shell: I'm arguing that things are not so easy to learn for a computer today, and you disagree(!) You're in effect saying that winter driving is no big deal. A bizarre discussion, if you step back and look at it from a bird view ... Get real. I'm older than you and therefore more careful about sureties. I have respect for hard driving conditions. I know from experience it's dangerous. That keeps me alive. Your attitude may get you in a car accident.

But I too have knowledge and experience about computers on a technical level, since you mention it. Since before you were born. (Yes, I can be condecending too, if I want to.)
+Bjørn T. Jønsson - OK if you are going to play that game, I will play it too :) Your points about why you think it won't work reveal that your knowledge of what computers and the technology involved are capable of is from around 1990. Do you know how a neural network works? Do you know about reinforcement learning algorithms? .....I now expect you will Google them and give me a wiki answer to "prove" you do :)

Being older does not always guarantee more knowledge. It does make it likely that the knowledge is out of date though. Have you ever heard of the expression "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"?

But, the most ridiculous part of your "fears" is that you are assuming that these weren't fundamental requirements of the system. Do you know anything about requirements analysis?.....again, I await the wiki response. Accounting for those dangers would have come up in the requirements 101 meetings. To assume that Google would have overlooked these is downright naive.

Finally, I don't not care how good a driver you think you are because as you keep saying, you are older than me. Older people have degrading thinking times and physical reaction times....but you don't factor those in when making your decisions. Please don't try and argue you do because we all know that that is rubbish. A computer does not have that issue. Humans are prone to mistakes, distractions, heart conditions (well, you older guys are), etc, etc, for which there is usually one outcome in a car.....a crash. I am not saying computer driven cars will never crash, but they will dramatically reduce the chances of crashes.

You know, when I was 5 (mid 80's when most of your knowledge seems to date from :-) ) I had a Commodore 64 which was amazing back then. Now my watch is more powerful and capable. I really wish that "older and wiser" people would actually update their world knowledge before making arbitrary (and often quite ill thought out) complaints about modern technology.
Yesterday I have parked my car in the street for 10 minutes, when I came back to the car, I noticed it had the window broken and the sound had been stolen. After that, I got known that neighbor is very violent, but I did not know. So I have an idea for google maps, where users can add information and indicators about violence cases at streets and neighbors, so anyone who navigate using google maps can be aware if it is a dangerous street/neighborhood. Also, it can be used to show statistics for government and authorities to improve the security in specific regions.
very interesting idea. i love it.
+Klaus Kokholm Petersen perhaps, but as for the state of many public transport systems (which I've given up a car to use entirely recently, with the use of taxis of course..), I think they could do with a bit of competition!

There's potential for this technology applied to buses and other commercial vehicles, let alone the ability to liftshare and creation of new jobs (and of course the loss of many driving jobs, but hey, on average it's the most dangerous activity we take part in).

I am fortunate enough that I have not yet lost a family member or friend due to a driving accident and I welcome this.. imagine someone who has, they might welcome this even more!
once again..Hats off to GOOGLE!!......yet another time it had successfully proved that it stands out of the crowd...
interesting - I did see a few in tokyo when I lived there - and that was 10 years fact, many of their roads have sensors embedded to be ready for them - so the guidance is given by some magnetic matrix from the roads - but still, these cars are not commercially available....long overdue I think.
I agree with you Larry:it will be very important for security and to save lives!!!thank you for sharing this!!!!
+Richard Hall You're right that your knowledge is more upto date than mine. It should be, since your education is more recent. Wisdom isn't learned in school though. You realize that when you get older.

I'm wise enough to be careful - both when driving and when saying something. Are you? To me you seem like a hot head with too much self confidence. Good luck with your education. I will be laughing when you fail to accomplish what you've said is so easy in this little discussion.
I think this will be great, i enjoy the day we can pay for a car like this, imagine, you program a travel and can go reading, or sleeping and you travel all night and you wake up at the morning in a beautiful place to see, with less stress and danger of been driving for long hours to the place you want to arrive, people with out legs, hands, eyes, will be able to travel by them self with the help of a computer in the car, with voice recognition, we will safe time doing other things in the car. And can you imagine a boat or and airplane doing the same, in personal or familiar scale.
Self-driving cars could help revitalize downtown areas. Your car could drop you off right where you need to be, go find the cheapest parking, and pick you up wherever you are when you're done shopping.
+Bjørn T. Jønsson - I didn't come on here to have a slanging match or (unlike you) accuse Google of ineptitude in their design approach to this car. The scenarios you highlighted are key safety use cases that would have been top of Google's agenda. I think it is quite naive to assume anything different. These use cases are entirely achievable given the technology we have today. I have no idea who you are wishing failure on as I am nothing to do with this project. I just have an interest in it as it relates to my degree....which I completed years ago. I can only assume you are wishing failure on Google. Not really the post to do that.
Ging De
+Larry Page What's your stance on ACTA? Wouldn't it be as bad for Google as SOPA/PIPA? You don't need to answer right away but please think about making an official statment.
As someone who is legally blind who once was very passionate about driving and the freedom it afforded me this technology is especially thrilling! What I thought I'd lost forever may once again be found!
I hate the new privacy policy...
March 1st
Google: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE... posting to google+
Me: ...there went my privacy...
...fuck google...
Just in case everyone missed the negatives:
Freedom suffers.
Big Brother laughs.
Liberty abolished.
1984 awaits.

Of course, if the driver has complete control on whether to turn off the auto-driving mode, that's great.
Why do I have to exit google plus page to get stupid thing going. I hate facebook. Will I hate google plus snoop snoop snoop snoop too?
"We’re getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that’s a lot shorter and easier to read. Our new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google." did you write that Larry? It looks like your writing style.
When will Google have a test pilot program for these vehicles that I can sign up for? Roads will definitely be much safer with the autonomous cars. So much work must go into testing and engineering these. 99.999% success without any accidents will not be good enough; it always needs to get better and improve, and even six sigma will be pushed further. Not until 100% is achieved. According to the article, "Nearly 370,000 people lost their lives on American roads between 2001 and 2009--93% due to human error." Even if that 370,000 turns into 5, there will still be a big issue with Google being held liable for ridiculous lawsuits. I am sure there will be an insurance fund for these types of things. Even still Larry, I pray you don't lose too much sleep over at night. I also hope it does not bring down your ability to create a beautifully simple and intuitive experience. In the 5th Element there was the ability to manually take over; although this may actually decrease safety and increase number of deaths it would cut down on Google's liability. Then again, it may just turn into a huge grey area which can only be resolved by reviewing a recording of the accident. Insurance companies and courts can review the recording, and determine the liability. Google keeps a record of 24 to 168 hours uploaded to Google servers for accident reviewing and theft determination. As time progresses and data storage becomes cheaper, longer intervals of driving recordings can be stored to optimize driving routes or give businesses market insight to consumer behaviors. What happens when my car gets stolen in Mexico? :)
Have you thought about forming separate company from Google to insure none of this liability stuff doesn't get carried on too far? You can't let this project bring down the rest of Google if heaven forbid something happens.
sir i hav an idea regarding a new digital device
+Richard Hall I'm not accusing Google of anything! I'm just asking a few valid questions, and saying I'm a sceptic. You read my questions as retoric and think I'm accusing Google. That is your problem. Please read what I write literally. Do not try to interpret it. It's not good argumental technique to put wrong words in the opponents mouth.
very helpful technology . but i like the tast of driving with my hand . i like to feel driving not to be driven by a computer . but i do not mind to have it as an option in my car i use it when i want to . thanks
Larry I Share the same Passion But not the same Budget. Right Now im turning My civic Into a Self driving Car. as well. using alot of Google Maps APIs. I envy google And love it each day.
good one and I appreciate the heavy investment in technology made into self-driving cars. One thought however that irks my mind is that, the world belongs to every living creature and not just humans. Would these self-driving cars ensure that they dont kill cats / mice / rodents on the road? Just asking...
1) the world just might have more pressing problems than automated cars running over mice
2) with thermal imaging sensors (more advanced than automated cars, btw), automated cars could easily be made to be safer for animals than any human could ever be...
3) why not pontificate instead of on mice on the human lives saved due to the absence of absent-minded, drunk, tired, aggressive etc. drivers
4) assign a value to the life of a mouse (i.e. how much of your own money would you personally spend to save a mouse's life), do the same to a fellow citizen and then do the math... end of discussion, I hope.
Hey, how do i contact the developers of google+, if i got an idea to make it a little better? :)
ok i'm glad i dont own a car!! too many changes
I don't need a fully autonomous car. I just want cars that can talk to each other so we can maximize traffic flow.
what will be the future of medical technology
great article! Looking forward to seeing how they do with winter conditions
You must be an IEEE member? They have had so many articles on this Robot auto :)
Hi Larry will People feel comfortable reading with there I pad and letting the car do its thing? What if the computer gets a virus what do we do?
Dear and friend all Larry
we concerned why Google start licensing some of their Google services API like Google translat
Le Minh
7 con vật trong lễ tạo ơn (tạ ơn chúa tạo ra Star (trước kia là US) gồm gà, bò tót, mèo, chuột, dê, cừu, lợn tương đương xanh, đỏ, tím, vàng, lục, lam, chàm. Các bang có màu nào thì ăn con tương ứng với màu đó
Le Minh
Câu khẩu hiệu của Mỹ “Chúng ta tin vào Chúa”
“Hiện đại tạo nên sự thay đổi”
“Giàu có hơn nữa”
“Đoàn kết trong công bằng”
“Chúng ta bình tĩnh”
“Tất cả cho tự do”
“Vui vẻ chúng ta sẽ thắng”
“Khỏe mạnh tạo nên cuộc sống”
Star Federal of God 2012 (10):
Larry Page i have one of the greatest idea of all times i'm 100% that you will be interested in it have a lot to do with Google and the success will be worldwide i promise .I'm a engineer from science school and i would love to do work with your company is anyway to contact you ?
Perhaps, the Age of Aquarius will be on par with the development of the self driving car.

Haven't we gone a long, exhilarating way since the introduction of the TV series Night Rider?

May be, the Aquarius Age doesn't only entail new religious and philosophical ideas but also more leisure and security. The Self driving car or call it Google car may be one of first steps to such progress.

However, what's the price of it all? How far could progressive science escalate?

Self driving space crafts, robot aeroplanes, computerized taxis, ferries and even long distance trucks? Warfare strategies and their implementation by computer don't even make headlines any more but, relevant novelties still excite their industry's share holders.

Many people will lose their jobs because of too much robot controlled mechanization. Hmmm... The price of our New Millenium or the Age of Aquarius? What about racing sports, such as formula 1? Will robot car races merely depend on best Softwares which will help reaching the end of the track fastest and with minimum hardware loss? New insurances will come up. Viruses will sneak in. Just figure the challenges and possibilities to deal with it all...Nope, I wish I could like the whole idea. There are doubts. Why? A total computerization, such as with a quantum leap like the self driving car will rob me of too much scope of adventure.
Respected Sir,
Hie, Its Achin kansal, thanks to google +, i am able to reach you,well
i would like to request that if google apps & calendar can be customized for indian requirements then it would be highly useful for us,for ex. personal finance templates, and integration of google calendar with different indian banks, financial institutions & service providers will be highly appreciated,
Waiting for a speedy & a positive response
Dear MR.Larry , i am Mohannad, i'd like to share something with you if its possible something value for android in my opinion i wish it help improving android, i am an android user, i have good idea i wish to have this chance to discuss it with you,
the great luck and success
Mohannad Abu Daqar
Self driving cars - or 'helped driving' cars is just near future ( i expect my daughter to not have to learn driving in 16 years ) and new revolutions will come one after the other, until the only thing remaining to be done only by humans would be : mistakes. We have to improve our human nature a lot to not be obsoleted in the next hundred years to come.
Voice recognition to operate at less than 10% errors, will trigger semantic recognition then a new level of artificial intelligence.
Even one part of imagination will be take over by computers. Our future movies will be generated on the fly by automatic book readers
A major step will be achieved when computer systems will rewrite their own software and redesign their own hardware on the fly, based on their own knowledge of what they are. Currently computer system have a very limited conscious of themselves ( monitoring,even somehow anti virus can be be seen as a very low level conscience ) but things will change. Computer will become more and more autonomous and in the same time we as humans will become more and more dependent.
This will take time, and come slower enough for us to not see it as a major change, we are at the very beginning of a new era.
What will happen when computer will see us as "God who created their universe" and discover how imperfect we are... ? Let's be optimistic : they will help us to improve.
Good day,
Sorry for persistece
I have a great idea for Google and the majority of movie companies in the world. This feature is a search engine, and better application of Google +, which allows users to browse for free new movie in good quality, not resorting to Internet pirates. I have no technical background, and I know nothing about programming, but I have a clear economic scheme by which the film companies, Google and third parties will receive a substantial additional income.
With who and how could I discuss the prospects for our cooperation?

thanks for the reply.

first and foremost my name is Paritosh

there are several things i need to mention. i'll do that point wise as below :

1. i have set this up to have a feel of how to set a campaign and not run it till my website is fully ready.
2. even if under a review , something was not found right, the step is to inform of the issue and not go ahead and block it.
3. next time you do this , i'll just switch to another advertiser even if i have to shell double the money.
4. this is my 'the first experience ever of trying to use the famed google ads' and this is what i get even before i started my campaign
5. when i click on 'learn more' tag on the account suspended tag in my account near the top, the learn more page says its a policy to first
inform user as a warning of the mistake before taking the action of suspension. i dont know why you dont follow your own policies. ???
6. what do you mean by repeated violation. ?? i just set the campaign, did not execute and left it the way it was after my first use, so
where is the question of repetition of violation ? its same as getting a traffic ticket without even driving a car when you have license and
a car.
7. even if there is something wrong about the campaign and the website it is pointing to , the better way is to suspend the campaign, and
put it for users review and not suspend the account. so if tomorrow there's some mistake by google, the justice department should
directly send one google employee to gallows and not have a court case first, and since the management is responsible for everything,
it should be one of the directors or the ceo himself ?

such an experience is unexpected of google.

i truly understand , there may be some gaps in website like privacy policy and terms of use and some other things. but we are working on it, and at the same time i think we definitely have the right to learn how to set up a campaign and not execute it till everything is fine as per usage policy.

since we are new to this, its better to get accustomed to get familiar with the process of using it first, rather than making mistakes at run time and obviously you wont return the money because of our mistake which may result in less or maybe near zero conversion of the ads.

i certainly hope this would enlighten the bright brains of google who have been doing a review or the people who have set the review process as well as product development team or the developers who have made an idiotic automated system of such pathetic intellisense.

sorry for being rude if i may, but i dont expect such things from google and i hope it is not turning to be the next microsoft.

Paritosh Pamneja

Hello Paritodh,

Thank you for your email. I hope you're well. I'm Raghav and I'll be helping you with this concern.

I understand your concern that your account has been suspended. I'm sorry to hear about this and apologize for this inconvenience. I'll be glad to help you with this. I would like to clarify that your account has been suspended during a periodic review. To ensure that they comply with our policies, some accounts are automatically submitted for a review. Your account was suspended during one such review.

To ensure that we do not overlook a genuine case, I have escalated this matter to our specialists to re-review your account. This may take a few days. However, I'll remain your point of contact for this and update you as soon as I hear back from our specialists. We apologize for the disruption to your ad delivery.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. We assure you that we're working to resolve this issue at the earliest. You need not make any changes to your website right now. I'll inform you about the status of your account as soon as our specialists get back to me.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you have by replying directly to this mail. I'll be glad to help. :-)

Take care and have a nice weekend!


The Google AdWords Welcome Team


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Subject: Re: [#954021751] Contact Us
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 17:31:02 -0000

> Hello Paritodh,
> Thank you for your email. I hope you're well. I'm Raghav and I'll be helping you with this concern.
> I understand your concern that your account has been suspended. I'm sorry to hear about this and apologize for this inconvenience. I'll be glad to help you with this. I would like to clarify that your account has been suspended during a periodic review. To ensure that they comply with our policies, some accounts are automatically submitted for a review. Your account was suspended during one such review.
> To ensure that we do not overlook a genuine case, I have escalated this matter to our specialists to re-review your account. This may take a few days. However, I'll remain your point of contact for this and update you as soon as I hear back from our specialists. We apologize for the disruption to your ad delivery.
> Thank you for your patience in this matter. We assure you that we're working to resolve this issue at the earliest. You need not make any changes to your website right now. I'll inform you about the status of your account as soon as our specialists get back to me.
> Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you have by replying directly to this mail. I'll be glad to help. :-)
> Take care and have a nice weekend!
> Sincerely,
> Raghav
> The Google AdWords Welcome Team
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12:53 AM (13 hours ago)
I always think of the negatives first - could others find a way to manipulate and sabotage these cars? How real are those dangers? They use lasers to help collision detection - can those lasers be disrupted or fooled?

Finally, when will we get that wonderful solidifying foam that always saved Sylvester Stallone's life in Demolition Man?
Where is Sergey Brin???
Why your partner doesn't make an account???
I bought a HTC G1 but it comes with version Android 1.0, and I want to upgrade it to version 1.6 but updates are not available online.
It's unfair that I can't take advantage of many apps that are not compatible with version 1.0.
I contacted my company (T-Mobile) and HTC and they can't help me.
It is sad to know that are not available the necessary files to update the first phone with Android
Scientists around the globe are working on radical technologies, from 500-mile car batteries to solar farms in space!
could u teellll about android sw
I wonder, once the cars become automated - where will they market the 'x' factor associated with the super-cars or the ones like Mercedes AMG?. Would cars just become a commodity ?...
Date: 2nd February, 2012.
Subject: Invitation for joining foundation day as picnic.
Dear Respected MR. Larry Page & Your teams,
At first take my warm wish (SALAAM) on behalf of the students of DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (UTTARA CAMPUS).I’m writing to invite you and your teams in the foundation day of our university. Please join with us with you& Your teams as picnic on 4th February, 2012. If we get you, we will really grateful to you and your teams for giving us your the most valuable time.
Wish you and your teams have a nice vacation with us.
With best compliments
Kazi Ashraf Ahsan
If you really want to challenge your auto-navigation algorithm engineers, ask them to try programming a human-shaped robot to navigate through my employer's extremely crowded cafeteria at 12:30 pm!
Self driving automobile might make REAL CARS more fun to drive again... vroom, vroom!
The ultimate test of Google's unmaned cars should be streets in Indian cities. Obviously you need separate software for different countries. In India you will have to look out for cows, dogs and potholes. Perhaps elephants also (But I love my country)
Larry, how do i get my company name Box Brothers verified ?
That would be funny if it crashed into Harvard's self driving car (Harvey, of course) in the middle of the desert.
I thought about this idea over 10 years ago while driving on the road and the rubber wearing was getting to me...self-driving cars will be a good thing...reduction of accidents, reductions of time traveled on the road, consistency, and more time available to do other what we need is a smart car that communicates with one another and this really opens up a whole new world of new technology yet to be developed just going through a few in my head...very exciting! Hope you can make it happen!
GT Yeap
This idea may be good for mainstream driver but for a petrol head like me, it's a nightmare.. I like to drive my own car.
Google maps is one of the best thing that happened in Android. Imagine if it was also on this car. Beast!
Greg B
Thank you guys for working on this. When can I buy my first self driving car? I've been wondering, will it be called Google Drive or Google Car? This is such an important thing to work on. Thanks for moving it forward.
Hydrogen is not a fuel. It's an energy storage medium, like a capacitor or a battery. The only way to extract hydrogen is to invest energy in its separation from oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon from other, more stable chemicals. This energy has to come from somewhere, and fossil fuels are currently it. Solar cannot produce enough energy for electrolysis to support the volumes needed by the automotive industry, and even if it did, the waste heat would be enormous. Electrolysis is woefully inefficient, even with a catalyst.

But, wait, there's more! What do you do with the rest of the atoms from the molecule you just ripped the H off of? The waste would be immense, and highly toxic, with the sole exception of water. Remember, too, that it takes energy to dispose of this waste, even in an unsafe manner.

Hydrogen is a complete dead-end from an energy consumption budget point of view. The amount of energy you extract from its combustion is far less than the amount of energy put into its purification, transport, and waste management.
Persian Gulf is always Persian Gulf
Ehsan S
▂▃▅▇█▓▒░ PERSIAN GULF░▒▓█▇▅▃
persian gulf for ever....persian gulf for ever....persian gulf for ever....persian gulf for ever....persian gulf for ever....
dengan from google to mercedes  saya sangat terbantu
The future of autonomous personal transportation and freight delivery is neither a car nor a delivery truck and it is not the Google's driverless car either....

 Why is anyone trying to figure out how to make a car or a truck drive themselves after they are designed and built to be driven? I suppose the reason is that we already have the vehicles and the roads; but, has anyone considered developing and implementing a fully autonomous personal transportation and freight delivery system using vehicles no one has to drive from the start? I did and submitted a U.S. Patent Application for it.

With the implementation of my proposal a dad or a mom will be able to place their kids in a fully autonomous vehicle that will take them to school and that same vehicle can come back to take dad to work. At work he can send the vehicle back home so that his wife can do her errands. At the mall she can send the vehicle to a specialized parking facility for such vehicles and she will later be able to recall it with her cell phone. Back home she will have the groceries she purchased on the internet delivered to her from her favorite supermarket. Later that day grandma can send them a piece of pie she baked without ever having to leave her house.

No other transportation system in use today can claim driverless door-to-door freight delivery but my proposal does. Same thing for personal transportation even if it is to a building floor several stories from the ground or from one building to another at any height. Is there a personal transportation system with vehicles that can travel bumper-to-bumper at a uniform constant speed during rush hour for optimal performance of the system? My proposal has them and when they do the system resembles a canning or a bottling line at full speed...

My proposal is a reliable, safe and efficient alternative to a car and a freight delivery truck that can really save lives and reduce traffic accidents. No Google driverless autonomous car can accomplish that as long as we rely on cars moving on roads. Same thing if we want to reduce oil dependence yet still rely on cars moving on roads.

Considering that my proposal could have a significant influence in our daily lives and will allow for innovative changes in the architecture and design of our cities it is reasonable to expect that the implementation of a transportation system such as the one I envision could transform our way of life and the urban landscape in the XXI Century as the automobile did in the XX Century.

Thanks, AZ
When are we going to see driver-less cabs. 
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