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About 14 years ago, I got a bad cold, and my voice became hoarse.  At the time I didn’t think much about it.  But my voice never fully recovered.  So I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with left vocal cord paralysis.  This is a nerve problem that causes your left vocal cord to not move properly.  Despite extensive examination, the doctors never identified a cause — though there was speculation of virus-based damage from my cold.  It is quite common in cases like these that a definitive cause is not found.

While this condition never really affected me — other than having a slightly weaker voice than normal which some people think sounded a little funny — it naturally raised questions in my mind about my second vocal cord.  But I was told that sequential paralysis of one vocal cord following another is extremely rare.  

Fast forward to last summer, when the same pattern repeated itself — a cold followed by a hoarse voice. Once again things didn’t fully improve, so I went in for a check-up and was told that my second vocal cord now had limited movement as well. Again, after a thorough examination, the doctors weren’t able to identify a cause.  

Thankfully, after some initial recovery I’m fully able to do all I need to at home and at work, though my voice is softer than before. And giving long monologues is more tedious for me and probably the audience.  But overall over the last year there has been some improvement with people telling me they think I sound better.  Vocal cord nerve issues can also affect your breathing, so my ability to exercise at peak aerobic capacity is somewhat reduced.  That said, my friends still think I have way more stamina than them when we go kitesurfing!  And Sergey says I’m probably a better CEO because I choose my words more carefully.  So surprisingly, overall I am feeling very lucky.

Interestingly, while the nerves for your vocal cords take quite different routes through your body, they both pass your thyroid.  So in searching for a cause for both nerves that was an obvious place to look. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 2003.  This is a fairly common benign inflammatory condition of the thyroid which causes me no problems.  It is unclear if this is a factor in the vocal cord condition, or whether both conditions were triggered by a virus.

In this journey I have learned a lot more about voice issues.  Though my condition seems to be very rare, there are a significant number of people who develop issues with one vocal nerve.  In seeing different specialists, I met one doctor — Dr. Steven Zeitels from the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center — who is really excited about the potential to improve vocal cord nerve function.  So I’ve arranged to fund a significant research program through the Voice Health Institute, which he will lead.  Thanks a bunch to my amazing wife Lucy, for her companionship through this journey and for helping oversee this project and get it off the ground.  Also, thanks to the many people who have helped with advice and information many of whom I have not had a chance to thank yet.

Finally, we’ve put together a patient survey to gather information about other people with similar conditions.  As it’s fairly rare, there’s little data available today — and the team hopes that with more information they can make faster progress.  If you have similar symptoms you can fill it out here:
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Jinjun Xu
best wishes to your voice and health
I know it's a dumb question, but did you use google for your research?   I had to ask, lulz.  Good luck and best wishes Mr. Page!
Best wishes for you personally and for the research project of Dr. Zeitels you are funding.
It can be hard when we experience changes in our health or ability to perform tasks that we never had issues's about learning to rise above it and find a new 'normal' good luck on the research! I'm going to look more into this for my husband. And thanks for sharing ur story! 
I had a partial face paralysis that also came from nowhere and doctors still have no idea how it happend. I totally sympathize and welcome what you have done here.
Thanks for candid discussion of your condition. All who like and believe in Google will find this reassuring. Thanks also for taking a lead in doing something concrete about it. Wish you recover quickly!
+Larry Page, I have a friend who had the same problem. She managed to get her voice back through surgery... Not sure if you considered that as an option, but I bet you did.
Sergey has a point. I've worked for people who would benefit from more listening and less talking. Best of luck Mr. Page.
I know this isn't the place to say this, but your voice is sexy +Larry Page. No homo.
It's so easy to take your voice for granted. All the best and thank you for sharing your personal story with us.
+Larry Page Not many in your position would discuss their medical condition in public. You are a brave person with a good heart. The message came across without a word being spoken :) Good luck for everything.
I can't read I'm tired reading this short story never was before MS is a nerve disorder at times it seem good then all of a sudden changes i herd something about a juice don't recall the name I know it's fo inflation it starts with a [ Na   ] from there blank?
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Suppose to be great for inflation red soreness maybe clues to the word might help if so tell me?
Please take good care of yourself!
I know a friend who's "suffering" something similar a kind of 'dysphonia' here in Goa, India
My thoughts are with you. I hope the new research will lead to better understanding and treatment of this rare condition. 
Thanks for sharing this, Larry. And here's to great success on the research program!
Nothing wrong in supporting research! All the best. 
Your a great role model to so many ppl out there +Larry Page including me!! Best wishes for the project and to you!!
Very interesting read +Larry Page . We went through a very scary period where our young son had a condition where his vocal chords would malfunction or spasm when he laughed or cried too hard. It would cut off his airway and cause him to turn blue and pass out! The doctors were able to tell us what was happening but could never figure out why. Interesting to think it could have been triggered by a virus... Thanks for funding this project! Best of luck with recovering your voice :)
I hope +Larry Page got  proper tests to rule out autoimmune process, especially following the infection. IANAD, but Hashimoto's is a clear warning sign.
Hello ceo,good luck.We need more news about google i/o
Great info , something new to know , and Dr. Zeitels research it helps me a lot. 
Consider undertaking a seven to ten day fast, during which you follow a vow of silence, and see if that yields noticeable improvement. Worst case, seven to ten peaceful days! ;-)
This makes me wish every big corporation's CEO was a Larry Page and every one of them got a different disease that needs research.. but that would be just cruel. Way of setting an example +Larry Page! All the best to you
Well said.  (Oblique vocal humor intended, but also true.)  And be well!
Thanks for sharing this with us, Mr. Page.
Don't stop to try in finding out and recovering your voice.
Thanks for the update +Larry Page. Here's to you health, recovery, and your new initiative.
+Larry Page, I am sorry you have to go through this. This is excellent work! And and an extremely noble cause! I look forward to see what develops :-D
Respect for going public with your health story! I do believe the Thyroid is the key here. From my own experience I got the impression that the doctors know barely anything about WHY the Thyroid is going in under- or overdrive. They have a name for it (Hashimoto's) but they don't know why its happening. I have tracked data over long periods of time and have found that when I am hyperthyroid (overdrive), my voice starts cracking or I even lose it. When my T3 and T4 are back to balance, my voice gains strength again. The Thyroid is the organ that controls "fight-or-flight" response in mammals. In building and growing and now leading Google, i bet you encounter more than average amount of high pressure. ;-)
All the best to you!
Thanks for sharing your story with us.I hope the researchers find a solution to the issue very and the internet needs you.
+Scott what the heck are you in about? It's like people pretending to know to cure cancer with herbs, it's deranged,
Thanks for sharing and funding the research!
I just thought it was your original voice and when I heard that you couldn't speak last year, I didn't even believe that news. I just thought you were trying to avoid something. I am so sorry about that. But I am pretty sure technology with overcome this problem and you will have your original voice back. But then again, I think we all love you even if you can't speak. :)
You may want to spread the research dollars to multiple sources. I see the Mayoclinic Also does research on vocal cord paralysis.
+Árpád Fekete They're all scammers. There is no "watching out" when seeking alternative medicine, there is only totally avoiding it in the first place. It goes without saying that your comment relating youtube and his "spiritual health" is too stupid to dignify with a proper response. Unless the help you're seeking is rooted in empirical, peer-reviewed scientific evidence/papers, then you're wasting your time.  Might as well try praying your ailments away, at least it's free.
Best wishes and a bow to sharing such details about your health. Hope everything will be fine soon.
Best wishes to you +Larry Page. Thank you so much for sharing this and funding the research.
+Larry Page - Don't work/talk until your throat hurts!(Don't kill yourself!) Do what you can and remember that you have a family to get back to. Do the best you can do and we will be grateful!! :-) 
Wishing you well +Larry Page. Hoping the research effort leads to healthy discoveries.
wish you recover really very soon!
+Suresh Thudimilla RE:"As matter of fact has cure for every issue." Oh really? :D

Can you cure AIDS, Parkinsons or Cancer? ;) I thought so.
+Mehdi Missous Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man ;)
I'm no expert but I think he should try Pau d'Arco Bark. I'm not talking about  the shit from a bottle either. I mean a brew prepared from the actual bark - Proper. 
What does he have to lose from trying some "alternative medicine"? Throw everything you can at it and see what sticks..
Loving the discussion! As a first year medical student your story fascinated me. At least in cadaver, the recurrent laryngeal nerves do have courses very near to the thyroid and it seems only logical that there could be a relationship. It sounds like there is little damage as everything is still functional, but has anyone done a conduction study? It may not be merited (risks) but it would be interesting to know if your nerves are demyelinating or not.

Thank you for sharing! 
Best wishes with your health and your voice +Larry Page
I don't think that another CEO would have been so transparent with the courage to write this post. You're The ONE!
Best wishes with your health and your voice Larry
Glad you're doing better Larry. Though from a totally different trigger, a few years ago I had an incident which made my voice severely hoarse for a few days and I never regained some of my vocal range. I can talk fine, but impersonations aren't so easy now and I can forget about winning American Idol... Not sure if its a similar root issue but I might ask my doc about it now.
Very generous to share about a condition to world, good luck!
it may be swin flue
wish you quick recovert
Wishing you all the best Larry. Hope you feel better and hope you recover fully. :)
Don't worry, it'll be alright (way) before you can count to Google ;) 
Hello Larry;
I am in Palo Alto, have Hasihmoto's disease, had a partial removal of my thyroid and have lost a great deal of my voice.   I filled out the survey and I would love to help you in any way that I can.   
Wish you the best. And hopefully everything will heal quickly. 
Great that you are contributing to the research of it to avoid and treat all future cases. I can say I am a proud Google user and a fan.
Wow. Very interesting and well written. Best of luck to you and the research program.
I am happy that you seem to be doing better and your friends and family are encouraging you. Best of luck with everything +Larry Page 
Wish you the best health Larry. Keep up the good work.
Larry, thank you for sharing. I got a flu like that, but since I don't have
cover insurance I am not be able to move forward. I will see what happened
once I get a job and be covered.
here's hoping for a full recovery...peace, Andy
Sergey's comment seems to go by the google design motto, simple is better.  Less words, more simple.  Better :)
I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you at the I/O.
I wonder if Larry had tried Chinese Medicine. 
Best wishes to you and your family, I'm sure you'll defeat it with all the positive thoughts (energy) that surrounds you.
I apreciate your courage to keenly tell of every thing about your
illness. Really all the time I'm reading I've sense whether such story
is spam but, Icome to know it is your big heart and great spirit,
Iwish you good luck. Accept my admiration for both capablity to
narrate indetails all you suffered and encountered during 14 yrs, and
the generous endowment for research.
Thanks for sharing this +Larry Page . I can personally relate to your situation. A cold that wouldn't go away, in 2012, treated as sinusitis for some time. Alas, I wasn't fortunate with my own rare malady disguising itself as some simple cold that most, if not all of us, brush off. I've been fighting cancer of the the Nasopharynx this year - a rare form of the "Emperor of Maladies", and since it's starts off as something benign (sinus infection, persistent cold or similar), it's my understanding that testing for it isn't common (too expensive). I can only say that I was fortunate enough to have a persistent ENT whom I credit for saving me. To everyone else reading this very personal comment, its something for you to really think about - be persistent on your own - you know your body, don't assume you are a "superman/woman"....

I can say that I'm also fortunate to have a great circle of friends/family that have been instrumental in helping me win my battle. Kudos on turning your malady into a truly important project! I wish you the best in your battle!
I am a voice doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and have been treating vocal fold parlysis patients for years. Becuase of the nature of our referral practice we see hundreds of patients with these disorders each year. The good news is that there are very good treatments available and almost all patients return to normal or near normal function, particularly with a one sided problem - where the main issue is voice.
Mr Page's problem is a bit unique in that he had both vocal folds effected but years apart. With bilateral problems there is more of a balance of voice and breathing as he experienced, and although a bit more challenging, good results can usually be obtined.
Larry, there is a guy who "fixes" everything that has to do with vocal chords, he has done that for many public figures and singers in LATAM. He is very secretive, cuban ex-pat, got out of Cuba because he fixed the voice of one important cuban figure, so  they gave him the green light to leave Cuba. He can help you/cure you for sure.
Wishing your voice improves further and you have complete recovery .
All the best and God be with you .
Your sharing will lift the spirits of many with conditions hidden away because of fear or shame or bewilderment. The internet is a magical venue for exchanging healing words, sentiments and real data, leading to better lives, and sometimes real solutions and even cures for real people. Thank you.
Thank you for making the effort to participate on Google earnings calls!   For what it is worth, I think most of us would be perfectly happy if you turned the prepared remarks over to someone else and just participated in the Q&A.  I hope this research generates some good results.
Be well Larry - next up, Google Voice to go with Google Glass...
Thanks for speaking up +Larry Page. It's not easy to be public about personal health issues, bu if it raises awareness or gives perspective, it's worth it.
Greetings from Romania. Hope you get well soon. May your project reach it's purpose. My respect to you mr. Page.
"This is a fairly common benign inflammatory condition of the thyroid which causes me no problems."  Is this the definition your doctor gave you? Hashi's is an autoimmune disorder. I'm very glad your particular case is causing you no problems; but for a lot of Hashimotos patients, it's absolutely awful.
I would also recommend contacting the doctors at the Life Extension Foundation, they have novel views on a variety of aliments.
Hi Larry hope you feel good so far and that all will be fine. If I am in the USA again let us go out to have some drinks :-) cheers Sven 
It's so great that a high-profile executive with a health problem uses his experience and influence to raise awareness and fund research.
D Ma

As the most candid CEO of our time your ongoing generous endeavours just exemplify your corporate mantra of improving our life. 
Thank you for changing the world. All the best to you.
Not a better but an excellent CEO, who cares .
Stay foolish stay hungry Larry and thing about my job at Google :)
Thanks for sharing this with all of us, I hope this will boost the research on this disease and I wish you best luck for your condition and for the survey.
My father went through the same thing a few years back. It lasted for nearly a year and then the nerve issue went away. He has his full voice back. I hope the same can happen for you.
Great initiative Larry.... Good luck !
Check out the uBiome project if you're interested in the role of the microbiome in e.g. autoimmune diseases, +larry page
I didn't even know we have two vocal cords...
+Larry Page asks people to fill a survey, servers crash due to excessive traffic. I totally see this happening. 
Jon K
I wish you all the best, Larry. I'm proud to work for you. You rock.
Warmest wishes and good luck with the voice health initiative. My whole family was worried about the cause of your voice problems. Stay healthy and happy :-)
We love you Larry Page. You're one of my hero's.
Mister page, all thé best wishes for more important : love and health
all the best! we may be confident that the research at vhi will help people in the future.
Best of luck . Hopefully the project will be a success. 
Great initiative!!  Good Luck Larry, hoping you also get better. Sergey is right, you are one awesome CEO!  
Hi Larry, sorry to hear your vocal cords is not very good. I had a vocal cord issue late last year. It is probably a pretty different issue, but the net impact was after speaking for more than 30 minutes in a day, I couldn't speak anymore without pain. It developed from overusing my vocal cords. Eventually, I had to take time off from work and I avoided most any speaking for a few weeks and took a steroid inhaler and rested a lot (went to a few doctors, had a specialist at Stanford take a look at it, and then went to my dad's doctor who had the best treatment option). All in all it probably took 2 months for recovery, then I went to Beijing in mid January, and it was better. I also prayed to God to heal it. I'm mostly back to normal now although if I feel like I've spoken a lot in a day I try to rest my voice. Hope your voice recovers.
the best way of you tube is awsome
I'm sure that with this survey we'll find lots more information--it's great to see that you're willing to share so much about your experience.
Don't worry you will get well soon....will pray for you
I'll have to look into this. I've has something wrong with my throat since 06 that none of my local doctors could figure out. It was so bad I had to drop out in my last year of high school. I still don't know what exactly is wrong. It's gotten a bit better in recent years but it seems to have evolved a chronic cough even though my lungs are perfect. They checked acid reflux, lungs, thyroid... I saw two ENTs... Nothing useful. The last one told me to go Mayo but I can't afford that so I've been unable to work and without a valid diagnosis because the doctors here just take my money for doing nothing. I hate our health care system. 
Awesome article. I have Hashimoto's and Graves disease, and often times it is hard to control my voice. It seems to randomly change from one day to the next. I never thought to put two and two together, but it probably is related to swelling of the thyroid. BTW, I hope your doctor continue's to monitor your thyroid, because eventually the Hashimoto will cause Hypothyroidism, which is easily treatable.
If you wanna try an spiritual cure I can try to help you, at a town near Belo Horizonte (Brazil), where you have an office. And Simon Olson knows me, be better!!!
Rare disease? No problem, I will fund a team of scientists in a University to research it and find a solution :). Now that is what I call freaking rich :P
Hi +Larry Page Are you able to sing or hum? Try to hum for 15 minutes every day, followed by 15 minutes of silent meditation - you might enjoy that…
Best wishes and all the positive energy your way... 
Best wishes,Google need you, we need you
Had a good laugh at Sergeys comment! If you're ever in Sydney and want to go kite surfing, feel free to drop me a line.
Bless you sir. Let it all out on the keyboard, then. 
Sorry to hear about your condition.  To track the latest research on your condition, might I recommend using +Unbound MEDLINE on your android phone or tablet.

This app searches the Medline database hosted by the National Institute for Health.  Here are a couple of searches I would recommend once the app is installed:

1. Search Vocal Cord Paralysis[MeSH] in the Keyword field to find the latest published medical research.

2. Search Zeitels SM in the Author field to read articles published by your doctor.

Once again, best of luck in your treatment.
Best wishes mate. I had a cold recently and found that on speaking my voice would randomly cut out when speaking! Weird or what!
Larry - I know 'Hashimoto's Thyroiditis'  symptoms from a family member. For years we tried everything. 

Do you know what helped at the end? We changed the diet to gluten free. You should try it - it is harmless. The effects is that all these symptoms: Weight gain, Depression, Chronic fatigue, Panic attacks were weakened and the overall health improved.

I don't know about your research but you should try this very practical advice.

With respect,
Best wishes. I really love your openess about your condition.
Amazing story and good luck with the research program
thanks for sharing, my mother also has vocal cord issues (she is a retired teacher and researcher from an academic institution, so she had problems doing lectures). I'll help her doing the survey
+Daniel Lawlor Go see an ENT, an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist first, then see a Speech-Language Pathologist who will do voice therapy. :)
Best wishes, +Larry Page!

For what it's worth, most of us could never tell the difference!
I've always had issues with my voice going hoarse when I have a cold because when you cough and blow your nose, it strains your vocal chords. I was told by my ENT, if I can, swallow the mucus. Gross, I know, but after I started doing that and avoiding the urge to cough and blow my nose, the problem isn't an issue when I get sick. I rarely get sick anymore.

Also, I have Hashimoto's. I take a pill for it each night, but being a woman means that when I have bad menstrual periods, my vocal chords feel and sound like they're in a vice grip. Sexy, says my husband, but it's difficult to avoid talking when you deal with the public as I did. After two or three days, the voice returns as my hormones settle down again.

Oh, and if it helps, I also sleep with a CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea. I've been using it every night for close to 2 years now. My husband thanked me, and almost immediately picked up where I left off. LOL

Lastly, I have to point out something most miss. I'm also lactose and sulphite intolerant. I find drinking lots of dairy leaves a lot of mucus in my throat and when I eat foods with manmade or even naturally occurring sulphites, my throat goes sore, raw and hoarse till I drink a cup of hot tea to settle the inflammation in my throat down again. I've been dealing with this for a decade now, and about this time last year a new thing happened.

I have now been dealing with constriction of the throat. It leaves me with a feeling of food always being trapped and moving up and down in my throat no matter how much I swallow or what I drink or eat to unclog the area. But, here's the thing. I know food isn't getting stuck there. I know food it making its way to my stomach. The fact that I get full tells me that much. After a night of rest, the issue often goes away unless I'm having a bad flare up after drinking something with chocolate, caffeine or sugar, or all three in it. Restricting myself to one small coffee every other day has made a huge difference, though I'm unable to tell you why.

I booked my bi-annual thyroid ultrasound and biopsy for June 4th. Hopefully I will know more after that since my Endo made note on the req papers to look for anything that would cause "occasional dysphagia." If anything pans out, I'll let you all know.

Best of luck to you and your research group!
Ever compare notes with Scott Adams (Dilbert) and his vocal cord issues?
Hope this research program can achieve its goals and help others in a similar situation to you +Larry Page 
Hey Larry; for me it's just what you say that matters.
A good speech therapist or singing teacher should be able to help you with this.
Also, +Larry Page Thanks for the conversation during Better Speech and Hearing Month! Your timing is impeccable. 
Larry a veces no entendemos ,las cosas que nos suceden en la vida.Pero siempre Dios tiene un plan para todo  seguro que usted obtendrá la sanidad  y a la vez por medio suyo bendecirá a otras personas que tienen esta patología.Dios lo bendiga a usted y su familia 
PS: My voice issues became such an issue at one point about 15+ years ago, I took classes to learn sign language. Went as far as being recommended to carry on to become an interrupter  but that wasn't my goal.

And while I'm telling you my whole life story, I should tell you I have asthma brought on by an allergy to perfumes. To keep my lungs strong enough to keep me sane and breathing at a high peak, I sing. I  am tone deaf but that doesn't stop me. I sing in my home, in private, and I don't care if I stink at it. It's helped so much, I don't have to use an inhaler when I have a rare asthma attack. I rely on retreating, rest and hot tea (again, to help calm my throat and lungs down).
+William Mixon Why on earth would you be sorry?! Your wife needs to be on Google+ if she isn't already and join our SLP community, linked in a previous comment.
There is a rumor about Pavoratti's cure combining raw organic licorice root with slippery elm but not substantiated.
I never about knew about this, I wonder what the stock price be after this news.
Alex V
Wish you the best. 
Best wishes for a great recovery.
Hope you keep getting better! And thanks for thinking on those out there with the same problems. :)
Had similar vocal cord issues.  Had breathing problems as well as problems talking.  It gradually improved over time but bad colds would bring on the symptoms again.  It turned out to be laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR).  Stomach acid was hitting my vocal cords, leaving white marks called leukoplakia on them and paralyzing them.  Not sure why colds aggravated the situation, but I'm thinking the cold-aggravated mucus membranes may have been particularly susceptible to the acid.  At any rate, I brought the problem under control with better diet, strong proton pump inhibitors, exercise (to reduce the effects of stress), and better posture (reclining in certain positions made me more susceptible to the acid attacks).  You might want to have your doctors rule out LPR if they haven't already. 
20 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia after getting over a bad cold, similar to your situation.  The doctors at the time told her she'd never talk again.  We spent a year trying to cope with it, going to therapy and having several specialized doctors from all over the world use her as a guinea pig for experiments and treatments.  About 1.5 years later she got sick again but this time after being sick her voice returned.  The doctors to this day don't understand how/why. 

I hope that your predicament is similar to my moms and you have a good recovery.  I only wish at the time there was a generous person like yourself who could empower research and change in the areas needed. 

I hope for you to have a great recovery!
I had a similar problem, left vocal fold only, fortunately. At the time I was a semi-professional singer and actor; I was not able to perform to any reasonable standard for nearly 15 years. The good news is that it does seem to have resolved fully. Best wishes for a full recovery on your end. 
+Larry Page Thank you for sharing that heartfelt story and best of luck with the research programme
+Larry Page Interesting. About 15 years ago I had a sudden bought off laryngitis. Took a while to get over and my voice has never been the same. If I speak too long it gets raspy and sore. In general it's sore all the time, you just learn to deal with it. I started to fill out the survey but stopped.
Do we have to be formally diagnosed to fill it out?
I'd never heard of vocal paralysis until your post but it makes me wonder if I have a mild case of it. I do not have any breathing or swollowing food/drink issues.


Wish u a speedy recovery. All the best Larry!
Anita S
I recently watched a Ted video by Amy Purdy "Living Beyond Limits" - in it she states she truly believes that the amazing turns her life has taken have happened because of the barriers she had to overcome (loss of both legs). While I can't say I am one of those people who think "things happen for a reason"... I can't help but hope you use your achievements, power, resources, and amazingly intelligent friends to create fabulous, easily usable, communication devices to help those with communication disorders (dysarthria, vocal cord paralysis, or verbal apraxia). Having dealt with right unilateral vocal cord paralysis myself, I have hope that your lead on this will serve to educate and to inspire others. Who knows, perhaps your imagination and genius will help inspire a new chapter of innovation in sound and communication adaptive devices ... do I hear a "google voice"!?!
Mr. Page: I am a fellow vocal cord paralysis sufferer/endurer. I have never heard of another case like mine, which has followed almost an identical path as yours. I am delighted to know you are funding research for our "orphan disease." Thanks.
+Larry Page This was covered in a TV series called House:

Chap comes in cant speak about another problem, turns out lost voice during operation and was due to the breathing tube spasticating some vocal cords.  House said and gave him a small botox enjection in that area and said it will cause them to relax and go back to normal.

Not saying this is exactly tha same and it is not the same, but is that an area you have come across in your research into this, would it cause any problems, may it help.  Is it even a issue.

Best of health and remember we all play down our own health and highilght health in others, listern to others.
Best wishes to you, and hope you get a chuckle out of how this post has turned into a microcosm of the internet - discussions of alternative therapy, pontificating pseudo-experts, flaming and all!  
I've not had to face your issue with the voice, but from nearly losing my eyesight a while back I can relate to how you really notice how much you use your senses when something like this happens.  I'm keeping fingers crossed for you that a) you make a full recovery, and are as lucky in the skill of your surgeon (if you go that way) as I was in mine, and b) this means someone, somewhere in your secret lab is working on a way to add input devices like the KITTY gloves to google glass! ;-)
+Larry Page +Sergey Brin finally some genius behind a corporate titan. Heavily invest into the extension of human life and the eradication of the world's worst human disease, death. Not many people have the chance to so greatly influence our world so make sure you use it wisley and make one hell of a massive fkn difference. 
+Larry Page I don't know you personally but even if we couldn't hear you speak, you would still have a voice.
Mr Larry Page,
I am not sure if this will get to you but just to say that I am a singer and had exactly the same thing happen to me. Had a cold had a gig and pushed through then ended up losing my voice. Went to an ENT specialist, vocal coach and you name it I saw them all over months with no recovery. Nothing worked until by complete fortune I bumped into a lady who said she had something that may help me as it had helped her. For months I was unable to work and my voice got progressively worse. It was a frightening experience with the pain and also the lack of power from my voice. I had no nodules but I just couldn't talk. Then I bumped into this lady who told me about a lamp called a Bioptron. At first I was a little sheepish but then I gave it a go and within a few days most of the pain was gone and the power gradually returned to the point that I can now sing again and speak in public for hours again. I have recovered about 96 % of my vocal function although some days are better than others where it does it's own thing.
Please don't be skeptical, this unassuming lamp gave me my fledgling career back.
Highly recommended

Good luck
All the best Larry in your recovery. I wonder if you guys at Google can take another thought at Google Health or other approaches to capture health data in order to make easier health development.
I hope you get better soon. You have me wondering about my own voice I cannot seem to project and have always wondered why. Thanks for all the info it was a great read.
That's great that you've worked on this like a project and now it's a project in the making. It will help others. I hope the best for you and your project. 
Thank you for being courageous enough to share this publicly.
Your words echoes in the mountains. The voice of a hero have everyones' attention - period
u have describe thee characteristics of my condition (in-depth).
Guess we appreciate these organs more when we lose or almost. Lost my sense of smell for days but was lucky to have it back. Best of luck +Larry Page 
+ Larry Page Thanx for sharing your story, and make people avare of such rare health conditions.Hope you get well ,,spend more time with your family.They are the ones they need you the most.
I wish you full recovery. Ask God for a new voice he has spares. That will form the second part of your story. Institute or fund a missionary outfit and ask for the Lord s intervention and compare the results. My friend Dr Segun Falope had the same problem and he got healed completely. 
God Bless. It is impressive that you maintain such a positive attitude and share your story with such ease. I wish you the best. 
I'm glad you recovered and value the experience. Good luck tomorrow. 
remedy - try Ujjayi Pranayam for 15 days non-stop (Yog) and see the difference to continue it for life.
IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE ? If so, I ain't laughin' .
Wish you a complete and speedy recovery....
Glad to read you're feeling a little better. Be well.
Fantastic. My son has a trach because of vocal cord paralysis. Imagine...
Did you watch my YouTube video 
Ben Zhu
God bless you.
Zin Nwe
Thanks for sharing your ideas. Good luck for you.
Hi Larry,  I know exactly what you are talking about on the paralyzed vocal cord.  I am a nurse and my sister had this happen to her about 10 years ago.  She was hoarse and sounded funny but was absolutely terrified that it could be cancer.  She saw a specialist at  NC Baptist Hospital.  He knew exactly what had happened to her because he too had had it happen.  And yes, he told her the theory that it is caused by a virus and she had had bronchitis.  Anyway, the doctor she saw was the doctor who invented the procedure that he did on her and he had taught other doctors to do it so they could do it on him.  My sister had a surgery that placed a pad on her vocal cord that returned her voice to normal after a few weeks.  The reason he invented this surgery was that he was a transgender and had surgery to turn himself into a woman and he wanted the pads on his vocal cords to change his voice and sound more feminine.  Rare story, but I asure you it is the truth for I went with her and met this doctor, My sister's voice returned to normal and has remained that way.  As long as I had been a nurse I had never heard of this before.  I now have been a nurse over 35 years and you now only the second person I've ever heard of this happening to.  But apparently this does happen to others as well.  So, I do know this can be fixed Larry.
Ive had vocal nodule problems and its amazing how debilitating it can be not to speak ... I worked in sales it ended my career in front line sales. Get well soon +Larry Page 
I have never experienced vocal paralysis/paresis. I, just want to say that I am very sorry that you experienced this. you, are in my thoughts and prayers.
All the best to you, Larry! 
There must be a way to solve your problem Larry. keep cool.
Best of luck to you in your recovery
All the best to you to get your voice back! But never mind you have Google+ to amplify your voice 1000000x :)!
Larry, You are very precious and unique individual.  For the sake of others please take good care of your health.  May god bless you with great health.  The world needs good hearted and very bright people like you.  
Often hoarse voice /inflammation in the throat even loses voice mainly influenced by the weather conditions / if my body felt exhausted and I am so gladly to read information and this experience, that this is a very useful and truly noble in helping all the people who with similar conditions.
I'm sure that your very competent physician has isolated the possible causes of this vocal impairment, but let me throw something else into the mix. I've had a few clients who had diagnoses of Vocal Dysphonia (often treated with botox or surgical interventions) who were in actuality suffering from a form of focal dystonia. While they present similarly, the dysphonia originates with an organic disruption of the vocal chord function. Dystonias are neuro-muscular in origin and are usually seen in musicians who, when faced with dysfunction, try harder to push through the difficulty. A type of paralysis occurs when concentric and eccentric contractile forces neutralize movement. Treatment can be effective when the correct diagnoses is made. 
Rob Rey
Thank you for sharing personal issues with the world Larry. You will be in our prayers. This planet needs more people like you. I'll ask Jesus to bless you and protect you.
You truly are an incredible inspiration. 
Thank you for sharing and for funding research to help others down the road. You and Google rock! 
Get well soon  and thanks for sharing for us
Very sorry for your problem. 
I'll keep you in my prayers! Get well soon and thanks for all you and your company does!
Good luck and best wishes! You are awesome .
All the best Larry for a speedy recovery and get well soon 
Larry - thanks for sharing. I run a startup called Thotra that has developed a Speech Transformation Technology for those with disabilities. It's a mobile technology with a cloud based platform available for individuals and speech therapists to help with voice training and correction. By sharing your story, you help many of us who are performing R&D in this area by bringing much needed attention and funding that will help us bring disruptive methods of therapy to the market. There are so many people afflicted with speech disabilities who suffer and have difficulty being understood.

We will reach out to VHI.
Good luck Mr. Page.  I hope to see you at the IO conference tomorrow.
hope we will see you in I/O 13 :)
take care,thanks.
+Larry page hoping for a speedy recovery...wish you all the luck... 
I would like you to consider that your lymphatic system needs a detox, it's a natural process. When you mentioned the thyroid it became clear, my partner and I would coach you throughout the 21 day process.

I am confident you will be happy with your results. Thanks for sharing, I found it to me a very positive and powerful affirmation of life. I am only offering the next stage of sharing a solution so others not as capable of adapting can actually improve their health and start taking charge of their health.

Thanks Again
I'm sure all teachers and those who constantly use their voice daily with abuse through the years would benefit from this story and research...will pass it on and prayers for your recovery process
Hey Larry, Im from India, I wish you luck, if you can blv me, this is the problem which my 9 year old son Kartik got 4 years back (he is 13 now) and as we have a correct diagnosis we consulted our family ENT specialist here and my son was 100% normal within only 6 days, if you wish I can help you to get recovered or tell the name of medicine (only 1 or 2 tablets than and one path test), I wish you a speedy recovery the world needs you always, take care :)
+Larry Page hello. Try to see in France At Oncopole in Toulouse in southwest France. They occupy s cancers. you never know, your paralysis can be cured.
Keep optimist. Nuestras oraciones para ti que eres una persona que ha hecho bien para este planeta. Saludos!!
Hope you may get well soon
Wow, I never knew that this could even happen to someone, especially after having a bad cold. Well, like they say, you learn something everyday.
Lin Lai
hi,best wishes for you,good luck/
I'm not sure if this will reach you. You must be aware that these are the problems with Neuron channels. Typically the cause is Chemical intake. In Ayurveda they have remedy for this. Discovery covered an entire series on this. May be that will help you. 
hi i am so sorry for you best wishes and good luck for you
Sincerely hope your funding for the cure of Vocal Cord Paralysis yields quick results and your voice gets back to normal levels.
I am from India. Our Prayers will always be there for your better health with voice back to normal. I am confident that you will be back to the original voice.Best wishes.
I happened to also get Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 20003 following a very serious infection (a couple weeks in the hospital and two emergency surgeries), although there have not been any vocal-cord-related complications.
Thanks for all your philanthropic efforts!
Hello Mr.Larry,  I think, there is a remedy for your vocal cord problem in the 'Yogasutra'.  Certain 'Praanayaama' practices like 'Ujjai praanayaama' will help to overcome this problem.  Please consult with a good 'Yoga guru'.
being positive you can achieve your goals in life than wen you pity yourself because of a situation. wish you the best and above a cure for your voice
Bravo Larry Page....Bravo....this is the reason we all love +Google so much...Google has been blessed with the most curious and brave founders ever
Thanks for sharing this with us! Good luck for you and the company over the next couple of days! So looking forward to it! Hope your on stage for the Keynote! 
Thanks for sharing and giving such a positive message to us all. Proud of being part of Big G family!
Nik H
It sounds like you are doing well, happy to hear that, and +1 for funding research.

Whenever I encounter a medical issue that stumps western medicine, I turn to Chinese medicine. I think it's complimentary for the most part - some things that western medicine does not understand and considers impossible, eastern medicine finds simple. 
Thanks for sharing this, and get well soon! We will always hear you loud and clear!
I also have vocal cord paralysis and I appreciate your sharing and contribution to VHI. I filled out the survey.
+Larry Page : The real and the virtual world are a better place to live because of people like you. Get well soon Sir . My best wishes.
I have left vocal cord paralysis and am deeply grateful for your support of research here, it is a painful and trying thing to have major vocal loss. I filled out the survey of course!
Hopefully you recuperate completely and soon can find a way to help others in this sad situation :)!
I would advice you to try some YOGA related to breath, and "Mantra Uchcharan" (Speaking some vedic mantras like 'Om' ). This will improve your voice quality as well as your vocal cords.
Well main reason he is supporting the research is to get cures himself and main reason he is sharing this is to get more data as it is scarce as he stated. I dont see much thoughtfulness in that, but I wish u best Larry
All the best... And thank you for supporting medical research
This was interesting reading. Thanks Larry.

I have exactly the same condition as you described.  Symptoms are identical.  The only difference is for me it is my right vocal cord. This started in 2002 and went on and off.  Pretty much i visited doctors in Ireland, US and India. Eventually I lost my right vocal cord, paralysed in 2006.

I thought i was alone in this. I guess i have company now..

i took the survey.  Wondering if you can share more information that could help me.  You mentioned about the Dr. Steven Zeitels. Can you share the contact details ?

thank you


phone: 908 998 1136
mobile: 631 565 4344
I thought your voice was just hoarse from yelling, "Yes I'm a founder of Google too!!"
syed s
Hi Larry, I had the same problem a year back for 4-5 months and now I am back to my normal voice. But doctor adviced me not to scream loud, that would affect again. Now I do not have the problem again. It was the same problem I had like your's. My right Vocal cord was responding v slowly. Now All is well... I was in so many treatment here in Bangalore,India. But it was fine after seeing a senior doc in Coimbatore,India. He just gave a cough syrup " CODISTER-DX" with some Vitamin Tablet(Dont remeber the name exactly).It was because of the severe cold infection in the throat! Within 25 days i got my voice back.... Get Well Soon!!! You can mail me if you require the Vitamin tab name...i should see my prescriptions to find it out :-)

I googled PTSD and thought about what you are going through. You might want to check it also. 
Larry, might be a good idea for Google to index all illnesses and most recent cures, treatments, and research findings in both modern medical and naturopathic practices. This way everyone has free access to this much needed information. Would save a lot of lives. Peace
There are certainly a fair share of well-meaning cranks here..!!

+Larry Page - I really admire your generous public commitment to the charity, and opening up about your own problems. My father an ENT, The vocal chords and surrounding issues are complex and I'm sure you've consulted the best experts but there's always more for them to learn and thats what makes medicine so exciting, so all the best. In the meantime I'm sure your intellectual capability will power your own dreams and hopes unhindered.

you should see a voice/singing teacher/trainer with custom developments in voice training...

my mother as a soprano and singing/vocal professor managed so far to bring voices back that never even existed within people... she developed her own methods of voice training after having investigated many many many oldschool techniques and she managed even to bring back the hearing to some people that would not differentiate between a violin and a cricket... ;)

singing lessons with the propper techniques do miracles to voice and ears... not every vocal trainer knows how tho... so the search might be difficult...

wish you all the best and good luck with your findings... :)
Im so sry to hear this. From my Heart I wish you the Best and hopefully you will be healthy soon. God bless you.
Next step for Google translate then is mind reading! ;)
Wish you all the best and a healthy, long future!
I am really disheartened to know about your such health problem.
Wish you a rapid a parmanet recovery...
Now that you are going to sponsor Vocal Cord Paralysis Research, make sure you fund other medical researches as well, otherwise some might just wish you had suffered from those other (more research demanding) diseases as well. (Generously)
Don't worry..there is one funda of life...turn out your weakness into your strengths...dats called success...If you are successfull everything gonna be justified in't it ;)
Get well Soon ! Wish you all the best !
Mr. Page, Someone might have mentioned this already. If not: There seems to be good evidence that Hashimoto's can be treated through... nutrition. Yep, not what one would expect, I know. One approach would be to 'Go Paleo'. As American I am sure you have heard of Paleo (= grain free), so I will refrain from elaborating on this. Maybe there's no need to donate (huge) sums of money for research to get also control over the vocal cord paralysis, in case it's indeed connected with Hashimoto's. Take care and regards from Greece, David
give a try at traditional chinese medicine.
the tcm doctors vary since it is strongly depending on talents of their own.
Have a look at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments. If you couldn't identify the cause of the paralysis and treat it with conventional medicine, you will probably have better luck with TCM.
+Larry Page Questa notizia mi ha profondamente turbato.Non riesco a dire altro , se non :ti voglio tantissimo bene !!!
Wish you the best health, Page. Consider American Sign Language might be a solution.
Wish you a quick recovery!
Did you try Yogasana or Yoga?
I am not an expert but recommend you to try "Sarvangasana" - exercise for whole body, especially the neck region.  Hope it helps!
 You're an incredible man and you'll surely have the well-wishes of the billions of people that use that gift we call Google, including of course mine.
Even with a soft voice, you speak volumes.  Wishing you the best health and thanks for sharing; you have undoubtedly helped thousands of folks suffering similar conditions.
I know of 2 cases where chiropractors have helped a similar condition.
I have this problem too! There needs to be more research, there's seemingly very little talk about this condition. I thought I was the only one!
+Larry Page  - Best wishes to you. I have Hashimoto's and it has been rough for me to deal with (in my case, it isn't a benign situation). However, what is interesting about reading about your situation is that I have had voice issues for the past several years that I have always assumed to be related to the Hashi's (if only because they didn't exist prior to Hashi's).

When I get over-stressed and/or have gone without sleep for a while, my voice almost completely gives out. This also happens if I read out loud for a long period of time. My voice is just very, very weak and it was never like this prior to my Hashi's diagnosis 6 years ago. 
+Larry Page Larry, So sorry to hear your update.  That exact same thing happened to me my senior year in college.  I was a Vocal Performance Major.  Turns out it was a blessing in disguise.  I am 42 now and my voice is good and extremely recognizable (in a good way!).
I've also been diagnosed with Hashimoto and I have had a hoarse voice for a couple years now.
Kudos on the fantastic initiative and all the best to you!
Wish you good health and quick recovery !
You're a special person Larry. And we're so close to you! Ciao
My case sounds much like yours. I had a brief bout of laryngitis 20 years ago and was left with a very weak voice. I am a physician; after much research and seeing many potential surgeons, 2 months ago I finally underwent medialization thryoplasty. So far, my post-op voice seems pretty close to what my pre-paralysis voice sounded like. 
Anna C.
I have vocal paresis on the right side. I  had been a classical singer, but this was also considered a viral issue.  Although well intentioned, people aren't understanding that this issue cannot be healed with nutrition or exersize. I wish it could. It's not paralysis of the vocal fold itself, it's the paralysis of the muscle behind it, supporting the vocal fold. After 18  months of not being heard, I had a Silastic implant inserted to support the muscle behind the vocal fold.  This was  done at the Bastien Voice Institute outside of Chicago. My speech is fine now, I can even yell at my kids if I want. Unfortunately, my singing will never be 100%. This has been absolutely devastating at times. People with this issue  find noisy social situations just isolating.  The only way I can describe it is that it's like being in a dream, screaming as loud as you can and nothing comes out, no one can hear you. Who knows if Larry will actually see this, but if anyone who sees this is in the same situation, I can understand.
One of the wonderful outcomes of finding opportunity in such a challenge is the dialogue and discovery you're already inspiring in sharing your situation. After years of mystery and misunderstanding as a college professor, I finally was diagnosed as having Spasmodic Dysphonia. (Two college colleagues with similar vocal afflictions felt similarly constrained.) Phone calls were embarrassing "Are you OK?!")…public speaking likewise, and strenuous. Being open with students about my "vocal disorder" at the start of each semester helped me, and I think helped them to take it in stride.  I salute you for turning a "personal problem" into a large, extremely positive research endeavor; this already benefits an immeasurably large community by unearthing and bringing to light possible medical and cultural links and potential solutions. Beautiful work for a master of Connections in the world at large! Thank you for your contributions, in both realms.
Sorry to hear this, but it was a moving speech - good job!
Has anyone consider a Chiari malformation? I have seen two cases of isolated vocal cord paralysis waxing and waning over many years due to cerebellar compression of the vagus nerves at the foramen magnumm. Both were cured with posterior fossa decompression, a relatively benign procedure. A careful MRI study of the posterior fossa is needed, and it can be missed by inexperienced radiologists. This is a rare but curable cause of vocal cord paralysis. (I am a retired American neurosurgeon).
Loving your spirit +Larry Page and a great way to end your talk by taking questions from the audience... Hats off to you ppl for your great work... google really makes our life beautiful... would like to thank you for the lovely technology I recently got my hands on.. the Nexus 4 :)
 Thanks for sharing your story and the noble initiative. You are a great leader! It really a blessing to listen to you and get inspired. Best wishes to you.
Feel better dude.
Get well soon larry, really enjoyed #io13 - inspiring stuff :)
I pray life will find a way for you through this as well
I wish you were my boss :-) you sounded great today at the keynote. keep up the forward thinking!
Though your post paints a bleak, albeit optimistic outlook on the issue, I still sincerely wish you a full recovery. Stay strong, +Larry Page.
loosing your voice or even your sense of smell or hearing due to conventional viral infection isnt actually so uncommon as we think, albeit rare. There is a quite wide field of research waiting to be done in fields of nerve stimulating and vocal cord muscle exercise. Luckily such was triggered by Page's problem and this will definately help a lot of people in the near or late future. I wish every best to Page and all the people who suffer from voice loss/deficiency and hope a resultful research. Lots of great minds should think like Page (triggered or not by personal conditions) and "risk" a small  amount of profit-money on researches that could proove to primarily save lives and secondarily change peoples quality of life.
Wow this is amazing, my mum has the exact same condition. It really helps that you are bringing this up as I think not many people know or have knowledge about this subject. It feels so good to think that you're not the only one out there! Please carry on and post more about this is in the future.
Today was the first time I heard you speak and I am glad I was able to. 
This is encouraging because I was just diagnosed with this on Tuesday and I am starting a dean position soon. I am also encouraged by Larry's commitment to funding research for CVP. I have gone through a number of test with no clear answer onto what cashed my CVP. 
Sorry to hear about your troubles.  Not sure you get this far down to read the over 400 comments:  Given that its nerve damage and they are grasping at causes, You should consider toxin exposure and repair deficit :
1) Mercury is a powerful neuro toxin - evaporating from Amalgam fillings every time you chew food or drink something hot. Mercury you get from eating Fish/Sushi is less likely to be responsible, but you can't rule it out completely. Note that there are many ways to do the testing for Mercury wrong. I'd have Quicksilver Scientific do the lab work for this.
2) exposure to fluoride from the drinking water is probably unlikely for you, I doubt you drink tap water, but in the U.S. it actually gets added to some bottled water too.
3) repair deficit: any chronic exposure to toxins (got any root canals?  research that on youtube) has an increasing chance of causing repair deficit in the body, leading to symptons not easy to track, because every body has different inherent weaknesses, which determine what breaks first.

Look at Linus Paulin's (won Nobel price twice) work with high dose Intravenous Vitamin C, continued by various doctors. This has been maligned by the medical establishment, or at least been called outdated. However, the treatment has zero side effects, is not expensive and at worst, you've wasted a small amount of time and money. Glutathione is another thing to help with repair deficit.

Its quite likely that you'll run into doctors that will call this useless or worse, but look into it anyway, there are doctors speaking to the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) on those subjects on youtube, so you'll be able to research it quickly and decide for yourself if they are making any sense.
I wonder whether exercises would help to retrain your voice.
I suffered a spinal cord injury and regained my ability to walk through regular training. I find it particularly helpful to visualize and concentrate on a movement without much muscle activity. After all, it is about the nerves and not the muscles.

BTW, Google should also think about changing its policy to not hire people with disabilities if they cannot work full time. I believe most people with disabilities would struggle to do so.
My CEO gave me the article in the WSJ about your vocal chord paralysis because I too suffer from this. My left vocal chord is paralyzed from what is suspected to be caused from a virus because they've ruled out everything else. I am scheduled to have surgery on July 29 to have an implant placed to bring the chord closer to midline. Thank you for going public with your condition and for funding research into this issue.
For some health advice on how to reduce the risk of further illnesses making this worse, please search for my post to the OpenVirgle Google group from 2012-06-23 entitled "Larry Page & Sergey Brin hopefully getting enough sunlight and vegetables?"

An excerpt: "I can wonder if, like so many indoor-types people in the technology field, those two hard working guys are both at risk from sunlight (vitamin D3) deficiency and vegetable deficiency disease? Or possibly some other nutritional issues (omega 3 deficiency, iodine deficiency, etc.) that can be caused by "The Pleasure Trap" and easy access to "Supernormal Stimuli"? (Both the names of good books BTW related to 20th and 21st-century health challenges.)"

Good luck with your new initiative. Google could someday become a leader in health sensemaking.
Ken Han
Have you checked with Chinese Medicine doctor. To my experiences, the Western Medicine can't do much with the virus, but the Chinese medicine can.

Good luck!
Larry -- several years ago, my son Mark got a bad cold and shortly after developed severe vocal probs that lasted many years.  He was examined by many doctors who couldn't diagnose it.  He was a vocalist in a rock band and this was crippling.  Just a few years ago, he located a really good surgeon who saw what nobody else had -- a benign tumor wrapped around his vocal cord.  It was removed -- he is back singing; has a new CD out, as a matter of fact.  I read your story in the paper and felt I had to pass this on to you..  Good Luck.
Chuck Thurston
When I read your story +Larry Page I immediately thought of Edgar Cayce. I'm not sure if you know his story but he lost his voice after catching a cold and couldn't talk. He tried everything, and eventually tried hypnosis and was able to describe what was needed to be done to "cure" the condition - increasing blood circulation increase to the affected area. The doctors tried it and his voice returned to normal. Anyway, Cayce is a fascinating historical figure! He went on to help so many people diagonse their medical problems while in hypnotic trance. You can see his brief bio here:
+Larry Page I heard you speak at the I/O conference today.  You seemed sad.  Do you think there might be a deeper meaning to your illness?  Maybe something that you could grow from?  Something that may reignite your joy?  I love how you look at the world and see the great possibilities that could be if we all came from a more altruistic point of view.  Humanity has a lot of growing to do.  I have a colleague that could probably help you with your throat if you're interested.  God Bless my friend :)
I believe Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease. My father had similar vocal cord issues caused by an autoimmune response.  Possibly related?
One voice will eventually lead to a poweful breakthrough. +Larry Page thanks for sharing. This too shall pass. 
Get well soon, brother.
I have something called as Bilateral Abductal Plasy...
Its the paralysis of the laraynx, and it hinders both breathing and Talking ability.

Though i am just 21, i was diagnosed with this specific problem only 6yrs back. And i got operated 2ice in this time period.

From childhood doctors never actually diagnosed my problem as they told that i had asthama and i was uned medication for 6yrs previously for asthma before they actually diagnosed that it was isn't asthama i was suffering from here in India.

Even i had a much better sound but after my operations and all i have exactly your voice. Since my vocal chords dont function.

I am glad to know about your initiative and i am there for any help you may need. 
A few years ago, I ruptured my cervical disc to the point where it was touching my spinal cord. Just before the surgery, my surgeon said he had to go over any possible complications, one of which was vocal cord damage. Needless to say, I was pretty scared.

Anyway, the surgery went well but I had trouble speaking for awhile and even after time has passed, my voice is still somewhat weaker and I am a little hoarse. Pretty frustrating so I know how you feel. Speaking in public was very important to me and now I have to be really careful and watch myself or else I could go too far. Limiting you could say now.

Don't really know what to do but I am staying positive. I was recently at Stanford getting tested for sleep apnea and saw you coming out of another office. I wanted to say Hi and thank you for google. It has literally changed my life for the best but I wanted to respect your privacy.

We are praying for you to recover and for you to return fully to where you were. I too call myself lucky because I really appreciate just talking now. God bless you and your family.
Oh....You are giving me the creeps..I've got a bad throat and my voice is as horse right now..!
+Larry Page even if you have the defect, I see you as an amazing person. Much love to you. Hopefully once I start college I'll get the chance of meeting you. 
You are a hard person to get in touch with, I have an idea id like to share with you.
Are there any information available of he connection between VHI and Hashimoto's?  I'm also a Hashi, working in research and very curious about a connection. I'd be great if you posted more about the outcome of the research you're undergoing. all the best!
You are aware the importance that voice has to communicate, I wish you could help me in my ALS idea.
Yours Google I/O session was awesome....Get well soon with your voice
Loved your talk at the I/O.. I'm a Speech Language Pathologist and a self professed geek. When you spoke it kinda seemed like both my passions collided.. I was focusing on both WHAT you were speaking and HOW you were speaking it... Brings me joy to see you collaborating with the VHI. Good luck with the recovery!  I'll do what I can to help. 
thanks for sharing your personal story about your problems with your voice, stay safe and good luck +Larry Page yours robert 
hi, listened to your I/O speech and q&a. you mention a place where you can experiment without restrictions.  a short story called Manna (ch.5) talks about a project called Australia. very similar to your thoughts. perhaps something like this project can be made real by Google one day. worth a read for inspiration!
+Larry Page  after hearing you yesterday on stage at I/O,  not sure if you realize, but you sound like Batman :) and that's not too bad is it ;)
+Larry Page I didn't have a chance to listen to you back then, so on yesterday's keynote, I thought that's how you talk and was very cool with me. Sorry about your condition, but I agree you chose your words carefully and all that flows from your mouth is pure wisdom. Yesterday's keynote was my best, and the phylosophy in it was amazing. Will love to take a photo w/ you, hope to find you today.
Pam B
I have a paralyzed vocal cord as well, and would love to know what treatment you've had, Larry, even though I realize that it's personal. I might not be able to afford it, but I'd like to be able to ask my doctor if your treatment would be right for me!
Was very touched by this and inspired by your speech at the keynote. All the best in your recovery. We truly are fortunate to have a person like yourself at the helm of our most important company.
Best wishes Larry, Google I/O keynote was amazing.
Great initiative! But will pray that a game changer like you will have a change soon!! Be well, Take care !
Really sad to know of this condition and thanks for the great initiative. If i have to recommend something ,I seriously recommend Yoga Breathing techniques in these cases (of course under extreme medical supervision): Most specifically Pranayama, which strengthen  this very region. In US one such person who can be really helpful is B S Iyengar. Hope these useful yoga technique are also considered the part of the the research initiative in question.Wish you all the best for your recovery
Good luck man, I wish you a speedy and efficient recovery.
Read about your condition a day earlier. Just came across your video on I/O and must give it to you for joining the I/O in this condition. Wish you a speedy recovery.
get well,god bless you
+Larry Page  your speech at i/o 2013 was so inspirational
i am proud to be a user of your company 
i hope you will get better soon 
best wishes 
I had surgery done on my throat also. Could not talk for almost 3 years. Loved to sing.
All thinks like to change the mind;put he new ciencia,in the wolrd,to bring,end give us,to the more tecnical that at campany mind to youself.
My wife is a speech pathologist - hearing about some of the issues she helps people with gives me a lot of appreciation for how complex speech and swallowing are and how much we take our voice for granted.
I have also been diagnosed left vocal cord paresis after gallbladder  surgery, aparently caused by intubation since my voice was perfect before surgery.
I am actually going under voice therapy treatment but  I am very interested in surgical options like vocal fold injection (own fat or other materials) and medialization thyroplasty. Has anyone gone under any of these surgical treaments to share experiences?
I wish all the best to Larry and feel envious of his optimisim in spite of it. Wish all the research gives good results as soon as possible.   
I  wish you much healing and love .
Hi sir,wish you speedy recover from your problem.. Even me being the sufferer of that sort of problem, would like to give one suggestion- try surgeryless method to improve voice and breathing..there are some vocal techniques to rehabilitate your voice and get rid of paralysis.. Please follow dr.morton cooper s voice techniques(dvr) or read his stop commiting voice suicide book. Will help you a lot sir.. Hope you implement them soon.. Best wishes..
Hope you get better soon. Try local honey milk and cinnamon. Get your sulphur levels checked.
PageRank give us a chance to search ,
your voice also will give you a chance to recover, hahaha 

Anyway, enjoy your life, because your life is meaningful 
Using morton cooper s rehabilitation techniques are the best idea so far proved no failure in it please have belief and every one try..
Thank you for posting this.  I have the same condition (paralysis of left vocal cord from an undefined cold virus) and have never heard of anyone else having it nor was I aware of the MGH research program.  I will visit the next time I'm in Boston.
In Jan of 2007, I dislocated my skull & broke my neck in 2 places.... Initially the dr's were only concerned with saving my life, regardless of consequences to their decisions. After 5 weeks, I was released, unable to swallow. After eye surgery in sept of 2007, I became Trach dependent and was eventually diagnosed with paralyzed vocal cords-- though my voice is strong, without a trach I will suffocate from co2 poisoning.... Spending the last 7 years desperate for help that no one seems able or willing to give, I'm in great hopes that your unfortunate affliction will eventually help me get rid of this hole in my throat.... Choking every shower, unable to go swimming.... The thought that I could drown just taking a shower is not only heart-breaking but scary!
Hello Larry! Congratulations for your excellent jobs in Google ;)
Listen larry. I got to tell you. I got vocal cord paralysis for 4 months. I just recently got my voice back fully! I saw a natural-pathic doctor, who changed my diet COMPLETELY and gave me a couple of herbs to dilute with water and drink. and trust me on this plan my voice came back within 3 weeks! try it man. it could help. The food that is readily available now adays is ruining our body. Once i changed my diet, followed it with a couple of natural herbs, and understood the cause of my problem, my vocal cords were fuly functional again.
+Larry Page I was recently diagnosed with right vocal cord paralysis. In researching the condition, I came across some articles that mentioned you and I appreciate you sharing the "Vocal Cord Paralysis Survey," which I just took. As a singer, it's been an interesting transition -- both professionally and personally -- dealing with this condition. Probably most difficult is getting the attention of my 5- and 2-year-old! All the best. 
You got to take extra care of yourself. The world is in very short supply of men like you in positions like your own and humanity needs every single one to be well and follow their dreams, finish their projects. I just found out about your condition watching your latest TED talk and sponsoring research in the field is a natural thing to do. You are in the lucky spot where you could do such a thing, but many other scientists suffering debilitating illnesses don't have this privilege. If by any chance you get to read this please consider helping other valuable men and woman who suffer. The ideas we lose because some of them leave us to soon might be the next breakthrough we're longing for. Be well. Much love. 
I have an enterprise mobile app idea which is first of its kind and would love if you can make it part of your business apps.....trying to reach Sunder ..but no luck......I have a hunch & your team not only going to like it but will love it it solves more than 100 of one's problem in day to day business life.
Target audience for my App is all CXOs of any organization. 
Have a gud health...Pls give me one chance to prove it...
Great post. My son suffers from the same thing.
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Honey and honey products are very useful for health, and also to the vocal cords and teas, all kinds. I hope you have a nice day. :)
I read that a person who writes a comment to the five-hundredth happy. Because I want to be happy because for me five lucky number, I want to write the five-hundredth comment. I want Google and Google+ lot of joy in the work and that for a long time is our friend. We are no longer alone because Google is our friend. Cheers! +Larry Page 
It's never too late to congratulate everyone a happy Thanksgiving, of course, with a happy and healthy birds Turkey!
I realized that in life You should not be superstitious and to be happy. We need every day to do the job out of love, and people will notice our positive message. You must be very persistent and well-meaning, when we want to achieve what we want. Have a great and happy weekend! :)
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We have same problem. I have paralisis and hashimoto. Contact me , i have to do same ask to you. 
Survey seems down or finished.

Something similar happened to me in 1990: I got a bad cold in Europe & lost my voice for about 6 months due to a paralyzed left vocal cord.
I had many tests before my voice returned on its own.
"Sergey thinks i'm a better CEO because i choose my words more carefully" ahahah
I am inspired by you Mr. Page.  I too am dealing with vocal cord issues. Although my cause is slightly different as I have a scarred vocal cord which has irreparable damage. The loss of my voice has been difficult to accept.  Thank you for sharing your story! 
+Michelle Dawson Michelle, I was diagnosed with  Left Vocal Cord Paralysis myself. My ENT recommend the same procedure you did. Has that helped permanently the situation or it is a temporary solution?
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I too suspect the culprit to be viral in nature. Time and time again, medical science has been stymied, only to discover, years later, that a virus is to blame. There is interesting research being done in Boston called DRACO, which aims at being a cure for all virii, including the common cold. It might be the salvation for countless sick, heralding the end of infectious disease.
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