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I love my Chromecasts that let you see YouTube and Play on your TV with your phone as a remote control!  Yours for only $35 -- a great stocking stuffer.
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Seriously wish these were available in Ireland. I mean I've already had to import 3 nexus devices This year. Don't want to have to do it again
+Larry Page not true. There in Italy we can't purchase Chromecast direct from play store. Only via amazon or ebay, with a price twice or more than original. Please expand your market... 
I have 4 :) ... love them. Just wish they supported captive portal networks ...
Too bad I cant connect my phone's internet to it cause I cant't afford two internet bills! or that would be in my pocket right now! lol
Larry Page
Thanks for your feedback, we are working on getting it to more countries.
Amazing device. Still needs more services. Viaplay, Spotify, Google+ on Android,... 
Can it please come to holland? I want it so badly! 
Too bad they aren't in Canada but HDMI out on my pc works. No streaming needed. Lol 
Add Gallery support for Chromecast.. so we can see pictures on the big screen. ..
More services are on their way too!
You know what i'd love +Larry Page for these to be on sale in the UK.  I'd have bought 4 for christmas.
+Larry Page any chance we see casting of mobile chrome tabs? It would make it easier than taking out the pixel on my couch.
+Larry Page we are waiting for Chromecast and other services, and possibility to buy devices straight from Google Play, here in Poland. We keep in mind your promise.
But in China, we can only envy others.
Canada is still waiting for it also.
Living in the Netherlands but had to import a Chromecast from Germany. Would be much easier if I would just be able to get it over here.

A final version of the Cast SDK without restrictions would also be nice for a developer like me. 
I love my Chromecast, use it very frequently. It's frustrating that only handful of apps are allowed. Plenty of app developers upgraded their apps and waiting for Google to approve past several months. I hope that happens soon and unlock true potential of this awesome device.
I got mine in Australia when Amazon sliped up and shipped them here. Great little device that is a joy to use for Google Music, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu+. Makes having to use remotes for anything a real pain.

Can't wait for broader app support (would love some local media DLNA type support for my DVD collection) and Play Store sales in Australia. 
Got one for me and brother on release day, buying at least 3 more as gifts for Christmas. Love it.
The size and ubiquity of fast connection in hotels make it a great travel companion and a way to reduce your hotel bill on overpriced hotel movie options.
You need to release them in the UK
+Larry Page +Sundar Pichai I really love my chromecast. It's really great for sharing movies and videos with the family together. I can't wait for more apps to work with it!
+Theodore Von Stuessel I think I said it should not change anything, just feeling a little too. . . I use many, many Google products, but the process is very difficult.

I've seen all posts of +Larry Page BUT this is one of the few that he reply to us...

It is great to see a CEO of one of the largest company in the world having time to acknowledged our questions.

Thanks a lot +Larry Page and more power to +Google
As soon as it's released in Canada, I'll be getting one for sure.
My Chromecast is excellent! Buying one for two or three of my friends this Christmas.
Don't forget to return the removed features from the api 
Feeling sad MSFT? You now know where you can put the trash talk now, don't you?
I've already bought 3 for myself, and 3 others for friends and family for birthday gifts this year. It's truly awesome.
Now if only Amazon Instant will come to Android so we can cast that as well!
Sell sell sell.... Tiz pretty sweet mind
Works just fine in Canada (got one during the amazon shipping glitch)...which makes it being unavailable sting even more. I'd love to give one as a gift!
waiting for MSFT commercial that you can't even install a proper anti virus program on it, so it can't be much of a useful device.
A lot of cool consumer products coming out from Google these days. I love my new Nexus 5 and my "old" Nexus 7  4G (2013) is still whuppin some serious butt! But One thing I haven't gotten around to buy yet is the ChromeCast. I just can see myself buying one just yet. I want more support for it. Stuff like those things +Koushik Dutta did were cool, but he got cut off. I hope you let people like him get busy with doing cool stuff again. It might be a small part of the whole picture but in the end I believe it matters. Oh and also, kind of sucks you guys haven't opened up hardware sales here in North Europe yet!
Ok I agree with almost everything on the list. IPads and iphones do not belong here though. Better camera and a gimmicky fingerprint reader do not make these revolutionary at all. How about the moto x with its always listening feature, touchless controls, and the X8 architecture. That's real innovation.
+Larry Page a 35 dollar stocking stuffer?? Geez I want to have Christmas at your place
🇼🇴🇼! He replied to the questions. 👍
+Larry Page are you going to get to more countries not only chromecast but chromebooks, for example to Spain? We would love to have.
Good to see +Larry Page in the comments too. I've got one coming for my wife's stocking. I'm hoping this is as good as the other Google hardware I've accumulated. (Nexus 7 and 2 nexus 4s in this house). Keep up the good work and the disruptive pricing model!
I'd love to but none available in Canada. Just like Google Wallet, Music and many Chromebooks such as the Pixel!!!!
i love that too. But please make the API open!
Jon Dye
Does anybody know if there's a way to stream video from a computer in your homegroup? 

Believe it or not, everything I want to watch isn't on Youtube, Netflix, or Google Play.
I just got mine last week and I'm already in love with them. It took a while to get them up here in Canada, but it was totally worth the favours that I had to call in. Never have I tried some new piece of technology that was so useful, so easy to set up and so inexpensive. 
Jon Dye
+Saiful Islam I tried that a while back and it wouldn't work for some reason. I should probably see if the file works directly from my computer instead of an external hard drive running usb2.0.
+Larry Page Thank you for responding - despite this being your companies social network, I've only ever seen +Google Local London respond before. All of the other Google feeds I've seen have been one way transmission. If you as a company don't use gplus effectively, how can you expect anyone else to?
We need all google service in China! 
It is a wonderful stocking stuffer and Larry Page is looking a lot like Santa Claus right about now. I'll take two please :)
I hope next century Google will come to Georgia too. ( at least with google cars )
My mother, who struggles buying gifts for me, asked me to please tell her what I want. I told her all I want is a +ChromeCast. We shall see +Larry Page.
Now just start getting more apps integrated into it.... please. 
Not interested as long as it can't mirror everything from my phone or tablet. But don't cry Mr. Page, I'll get the nexus 5 as a Christmas gift :)
Disappointed as it is not available in India via Google Play. 
just got one today. my family enjoyed it. but setting up chromecast in a VLAN is a hit and miss...
If only it was working with 5GHz wireless networks...
I love my Comcast, saying that I wish
It could cast live YouTube streams
+Guillaume Chevalier I think you mean for, chromecast lacks support for developers. Google has it all restricted and locked down so apps cannot be publicly published. 
I like mine, but still prefer my 2 Google TVs over it. Even with a little sick costar, I still love the GTV platform. Of course my revue works great still too. :-) 
Disappointed at the exclusion of Moto X
Co Joes
Humm so I've tried it once before with my Asus 8gb i7 ultrabook and it was very choppy at 25' ( a note added later stated it needs to be < 20') from the HDTV.  Then I got my wife a Samsung Chromebook (Awesome) and since her tv sits about 10' from her favorite spot I thought "great let me try it on her so I could "selfy" myself one for Christmas". BUT, it was still very choppy (unusable with the 2gb's of RAM). Then I tried it with a 4gb Windows 7 machine.... still very choppy.  Now with my ASUS i7 with 8gb Ram it runs beautifully!  Can you guys come up with a Chromebook with 8gb of ram? I don't need a fancy display..... because I use my HDTV and that works great. I love not having to connect the HDMI cord to my laptop/HDTV.  It would be really cool if we could custom build a Chromebook from your site and you guys would just ship it to us where ever we are Goog's!!  I would wait a couple of months for a 11.6" Chromebook 8g of ram, Backlit keyboard, 2- 3.0 USB port, Bluetooth, HDMI port, x MPixel cam and a 800 horsepower WiFi system. Oh and just a bit more SSD capability.... my choice of course. :)   
When will ChromeCast be compatible with a 3 Series Samsung Chromebook? 
Mee Zee
Plug a Chromecast into an Xbox one. Magic.
1st Google hardware that totally gets it right
+Larry Page hope you had a plans to launch in India.
My Chromecast was one of the best investments I ever made.  I finally got to cut the cord on my cable tv subscription.
I like Chromecast too.. Just a little confused about why my Google TV, that I paid five times as much for, doesn't have full casting functionality?
+Matt Dvolatility yes it does work on the Samsung ARM chromebook. I have both and gave it a try recently. They must have done an update about a week or two ago.
Make them available in Australia Larry and Ill get a couple of them! 
Chromecast definitively killed Google TV it's way better to use our smartphones. Hope you bring it soon in Europe I bought mine with Amazon with European shipment. 
Der Larry, i love your chromecast to, but i live in germany...
When Google will start selling Chromecasts in Russia?
Art first I was freaking out because of the chromecast. You can stream anything from your tablet or mobile to your dumb tv! Yay! But, it wasn't available in my country of course, which means I have wait for several months until I can buy it for double the price from local retailers. Then Google started to limit what can be streamed through it. Streaming services not even available in my country and stuff like that. That was the last drop. I just don't care anymore whether it's available or not.
When it will be open to app like ALLCAST and not only YouTube or some other "restricted content" app it will be perfect... How about if wanna stream a video from local gallery or other media app?
+Larry Page I really hope that in the next feature it will be more open...
"don't be evil" ... remember?

İ Love but ı did NOT Come to TURKEY please google we want Nexus Chrome Cast AND Chrome OS 
Would love 3 extra features:

1. Support for fotos
2. Gaming, using your Android as a remote
3. Streaming of local content. (Resources from the house LAN)
+Larry Page when the play store devices section will be fully Available in India. I mean we have only #nexus7 and #nexus5 . And please add some more features to chromecast for enjoying the casting. 
Now all you need to do is let us buy them in Ireland.  Come on, +Larry Page , Dublin is your EMEA HQ yet we seem to lag a year or two behind the rest of Europe for new Google offerings and Play expansions.  I'd much rather give my money to Google than Amazon.
I hope it will vcome in France and Spain soon !
Love mine too though I bought it from amazon and spend more money +Larry Page
I couldn't resist. It's a great device so far. But I wish I could beam every tab on my browser to my tv screen no matter if I'm on my android devices or my linux notebook. Which doesn't support the set up properly btw.
Oh and films in OV on google play music would be great to have. generation 
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Expect your reply..
Not the world unless their products are available around the world at the same time.
I use mine to stream Spotify directly to my home audio. It's awesome.
In Canada I can buy them from Amazon for only a 100% markup.
Yes, direct mirroring (Miracast, anyone) would also be a welcome addition to the Chromecast features list. ( +Artur Z. +Jon Dye +Larry Page +Sundar Pichai )

(and captive portal support, huge pet peeve of mine.)

In the meantime, keep amazing us - and thanks!
I had no idea this little gadget existed. Getting it now. :) Love the fact that you posted this, despite the jab to google TV. Nice. 
+Dalibor Kollár +Jim Jam - veering off topic here, but the console makers charging for the online services they offer isn't a rip off ... that is a lot of servers, HVAC, bandwidth, engineering, etc. All of which costs money. Now, if all you intend to do is watch YouTube or Netflix, probably not worth it - and you chose poorly; Chromecast is much less expensive (and a technologically better fit, than XB-ONE or PS4.)
+Larry Page It would be incredibly better if we could cast our photos and movies from our phone. Please.... :-) 
Shameless plug of a poor product by an exec!??? Oh dear
Larry, when will Canadians be able to enjoy the awesomeness of Chromecast?
It only works in the US, right?

Over 190 countries are left behind
Sean G
Just got one... Thanks
And SmartWatch 2??? And PS4...
So, what are you waiting to put in for sale on Google Play in Europe? 
Wallpaper screens savers casting from picasa. Will be nice to have personal pics sliding off the big screen....
But my friend that is not enough That’s beginning.....
Why can't I cast from chrome on my phone or tablet?
Yeah it is! The Chromecast has been phenomenal in my home.
Can you please finally open source it already?
Don't forget the Chinese people! We also need Google service !
Xu Xuan
when Google return to China? Google什么时候回中国?
Nav Gi
+Larry Page we Canadian love it too, but haven't not get it. Thanks to Amazon, we are paying 60± CAD to have it. 
Hello, I am Ukrainian and on behalf of the people I ask to place on inscription «Google»  of word : «Glory to Ukraine to the heroes glory» as a token of solidarity of fight Europe area in Kyiv  for human rights, thank you for the spent time. I know, that «Google» not political organization, but I hope, that  «Google» reprobates violation of laws and violence of authorities in relation to people. Such act will confirm solidarity of employees in a fight for freedom and civil laws and will report about it to the whole world. With kind regards, Oleg Pivovarov.
Make it available in indian market tooo 
Politics on a Chromecast announcement is bad taste Oleg Pivovarov and so is hijacking a post. 
it cant stream my own content.. so basically you 35 bucks to see ad ridden youtube ..... fail 
There is always a heterosexual man who is going to drive passion drive fashion and lust it's just. chemistry 
It is a great stocking stuffer and exactly what I am getting one for. So +Larry Page is right on. However, so is +Karl Brauneis since Youtube has become an ad ridden whorehouse
I just bought excellent Samsung Chromebook but did not remember to ask if there was also Chromecast on the store on Rovaniemi. I could get it from webstore from Finland. I use 3DTV so much on computer use via HDMI so Chromecast would be perhaps better solution.
+Sanjay Agarwal Actually I lived in the Soviet Union. Tyrannical, in what way is the current government in Ukraine cruel to it's people. Is it shooting people in the streets? Is it committing mass genocide? If you want to see cruelty I suggest you watch how the protesters in Ukraine are acting towards the police, this a nice video of it on youtube I think that the protesters that are peacefully protesting should go on if they want but the way that they are protesting is savage and cruel. It is borderline beginning of an outright bloody revolution. Should a mob be able to overthrow a government as it wishes, or do we believe the democratic principle of electing our leaders? The communists came to power in Russia in much the same way, a lot of good that did the world.
+Sanjay Agarwal wouldn't the arrest of the 99% protesters be considered cruel and oppressive. Yet it was fine when it happened in multiple cities in the U.S. People were not allowed their basic rights to organize and freedom of speech but they were peaceful and arrested. I think that before we accept anything as being one dimensional truth we need to observe the situation from many different perspectives.  
Desperately needs some wider international distribution.

People are hearing good things about it. Looking on Amazon. Seeing the inflated price and then losing interest.

Hopefully we'll see it soon and with some better support for other services. 
Still waiting for the permission to go out for all apps to support it. Lots if developers want to support it now. 
I want to sell my chromecast which has been fully covered with dust for million years...
I have it. It's nice. But it is not "the best thing" until it lets you stream local (mobile) content to TV. 
Wonder why we can't use play in Nigeria and we have to pay for stores items in USD. Ask Samsung. We can buy everything from their store in Naira why can't Google do the same. We already have search in 4 local languages and maps for most streets. If you need help. Ask.
Surprise post from Larry. And he's even answering. Nice! Great to see Google's chiefs participate on their own network.
I have the Chromecast and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Looking forward to upcoming apps for it.
I would love to hang out with Larry Page for one day.
Fantastic guy, possess the same mentality.
I would love it if it were not that half the time does not turn on and we don't know why. We hope to settle it with the warranty but with the shipments cost we will be spending tree times its price +Larry Page; Google has failed me this time.
i enjoy the device too, but hate how its limited in what i can stream..
How do you get technical support from your company? I was just told I MUST use the website which is not helping me. I followed directions and yet still having a problem. VERY FRISTRATING
How do you get technical support from your company? I was just told I MUST use the web which is not solving my issue. This is VERY FRUSTRATING to say the least.

Over 60€ in Finland also. So I ended up buying a blu-ray player instead. It has almost same features.
Why does Amazon sell it but doesn't allow prime video to play on it? Kinda ridiculous! Other than that netflix from iPhone to Chromecast works beautifully. I haven't tried hulu, yet but I hope it works the same way! 
Fix the gmail bug for Samsung note 3 please before any robot projects:)
A qur i
I am loving the "Chromecasts" of highly speedy searching software.
Chromecast is amazing. One of the best product of Google. I have bought 15 of them already for myself, my parents and my friends in Sweden. Worth every penny. Easy to install and use.

The only thing that I wish that it could do was to  be able to see all my pics on harddisk as a slideshow. Right now, I have to go back and choose one pic at the time. Still it is awesome. Thanks Larry
I have a wicked idea for an invention that can be used by everyone on a daily basis, who do I contact? -Jen at
helllo!!! I'm clkwong@ or cho leung Kwong in Hong KOng.
Subject : Cloud Video Email (Clove).
1. Capturing and storing video in smartphone
2.uploading to Google Drive 4G lte/advanced
3.Sending Google Drive account name and password by (IDD) SMS to receiver.
4. Receiver opens the Google Drive and download the video with 4G lte/advanced from Google Drive to smartphone or tablet.
Thanks.Jesus loves.
reported by clkowng@ in cloud!!!
Will you dipshits please just let me read my fucking E-MAIL !?!?!?!? That's all the hell i ask !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
How to use Google?
I have to use a proxy to complete the normal use of Google services in China. But, I use a proxy later, Google Tips:
We're sorry...
... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.
Hi Mr Page - how do I get google maps to correct an inaccurate location?  Been trying for several years.  Google South Africa all sleeping.
+Larry Page please tell to your team to fix Google play services! It's killing our batteries! Used to have 2 full days with my Note 3, now it's dead after half day heavy usage! Google play services is consuming more power than my screen in full brightest!
Hey douchebag. Hello!
Excellent! I just bought one, thanks for the tip.
+Larry Page Try to deal with general subjects Do not advertise yourself. It is not correct. You should rather think of putting in order Google's chaos !!!
+Larry Page Hey Larry you stupid #FUCK why not worry about how YouTube's doing. Your website's going down the shitter because of the Content ID Claims.
hi,why equilizer stops working on my android devide? 4.1.2  and why comments are disabled on
larry pageeeee your google translator is a shit, because soniquete is not manimbaaa
Couldn't agree more. Larry's a dick.
Mr. Larry Page,

Having problems with Google Checkout, they are holding $950 and will not release the money.  There is not a number to call and speak to someone that can assist.  All I keep getting is the runaround and representatives keep passing me to the next rep and stating they will call me back.  All this is due to a policy where they were holding money from my account due to refunds.  All refunds have been completed and all customers are satisfied, however google will not release my funds.  Can you please have someone to contact me to resolve my issue and show some customer service.
I am a Computer Science Teacher. Our school will host a Technology fair April 5th. We would like Google to have some sort of presence at our event via information table, printed materials... but don't know who to contact. Any suggestions?
Have they made Chromecast compatible with all chromebooks?  For example, the Samsung Chromebook 11.6 series 3?  When first launched, the Chromecast was ONLY compatible with Chromebook Pixel and HP Chromebook 14.  Is that still the case?
I just wanted to let you know the Google guy at Best Buy in Fayetteville AR on Sunday the 15th(morning) went above and beyond to help us! We had intentions of buying a chromecast even though we had a lot of questions, we figured if worse we would take it back. The google guy was the only person who even offered assistance, he answered all of our questions and we actually ended up buying two chromecast. He helped us understand all the great things it can do. Great job to the Google guy! Thanks for having a great sales person who actually cares about the product and his customers
Dear Page Would you please tell me that why Pashto Language is not avialble in Google translate .....???
Mine stopped working after two days Larry! 
larry can you e-mail about peter harbison,he on my web site,has took it over,look thru my records.
...and, which isle are the Google Glasses located?
Mr. larry.. Please help me out, i had some serious trouble and i need help from google, i beg
Jim S
Bad decision to strip NSA/Snowden from the 2013 most-searched lists. It represents one more step in corporate/government collusion. "Facism" here we come. SHAME ON YOU
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Mr. +Larry Page, please review your policy on upgrades of your operating system and increase the period of the updates from the current 18 months to 36 months. would be a great thing, especially for those who believe in you and your products, the Nexus family
Hi, I would like to suggest a minor and useful UI change on Gmail account dashboard. When u  search a particular keyword on ur mailbox and the results has to be moved to a particular folder. currently the folder menu is not visible. And i couldnt able to create a folder too.  Now the only way is to move to the existing folder with dragging the selected files and move. 

I would be really happy if i get a feedback from you.


The problem with chomecast is that uses Internet broadband so in my case I have 1 mega Internet speed so I hardly watch a 720p video on 1 screen so how can I watch a video on 2 screens with the same speed 
Santa Claus may have other ideas! The best stuffing stockers are walking around in them ;)

OK, this might be good for the television watching crew in the home :D 
I'm game for anything that will replace my absurdly expensive Comcast bill which isn't even close to the marginal value we get from the service.  8000 channels of nothing worth watching, and unimpressive Internet speed...but what alternative?  AT&T?  Their service stinks too!  I'd say that the Chrome TV idea doesn't go anywhere near far enough.  Make it replace my internet service and TV provider, and then offer all we want, when we want it, for reasonable prices.
Mostly, until you can enable me to pass a day without going insane trying to use the Google services I already use, don't expect me to jump head-long into taking on more.  Chrome mobile and Play are both giving me heartburn, and it's an exercise in futility just trying to e-contact customer service even after all the circular references and dead ends in the "Help"(less) menus.
I'm seriously regretting getting an Android tablet given all the issues with Chrome mobile and Play.  Weird...does anyone engage "Average Joe's" like me when developing these things, or do they just heave it out and wait for us to groan and gripe?  Not a very sustainable business model, especially considering how the big W has customers flocking to you in frustration over their awful treatment of customers only to arrive at Googleville and find it an equal totalitarian dictatorship.
Either way, Merry Christmas. go fix the world please!  It IS what you set out to do (not conquer it), right?
Chromecast is pretty slick and is priced right. It continues to add features. I am exploring how to use this in the classroom.
Does it come in red white and yellow rca :D
I have two....I have to admit these are pretty awesome...been hoping for a device like this for a long time.
Larry- There is misinformation about my ski resort, Bristol Mountain, displaying on Google.  How do I get this information removed asap?  It is stating incorrect information regarding out hours of operation on the far right side of  the search page.  I would like to speak with a live person to resolve this.
My Tivo svc has access to YouTube, Netflix, etc. What does this do that many of us with this and similar services, or smart tvs don't? (Or better)
...tell ya what. I've got a multibillion dollar idwa for Google that would shake yhe foundations of the home communication industry. Contact me directly if you're interested.
Just say "No", save your money, buy books and enrich your mind....and then donate the books to the poor so they can be rich too.
Apps are temporary and offer no enrichment to anyone but the seller.
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Thanks, Jesus loves.
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Breaks down  China Great Firewall through 1080p Skype.
Is chromecast available in Hong Kong?
Suggestion:  There is a gmail feature that is highly annoying.
If more than one email is received from one source, gmail currently "stacks" it.  Gmail is how I receive work orders, frequently have to retrieve on mobile device and it is very aggravating to have to sort through the "stack" to get to what I need.  I know a number of other people who have this same complaint!  Change it to let them come in individually, like they do on any other email server!!!  Please!!!
Happy New Year 2014 to Everyone.
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Therefore, the QQ video conference in Hong Kong can capture the Hong Kong computer connecting to outside China Internet (Web sites) before China Great Firewll to the QQ video conference in Peking that have been seen, and vice verse, the QQ video conference in Peking can capture the Peking computer connecting to inside China Internet (Web sites) after China Great Firewall to the QQ video conference in Hong Kong that
have been seen.
Thanks, Jesus loves.
reported by clkwong@ in cloud!!!
Fly over China Great Firewall by QQ video conference!
+Anne Rush
You know what else works... setting up your own mail server for your domain. 0,o'
Si Si
hello mr .
can you help me ?
some hour ago , i went in my  g+ setting . i wanted what are there . but i clicked on (( Disable Google+ )) and some another things that i can't remember them .
i think my g+ are restarting , because all of my things in my profile and all of my posted , comments and ... are deleting !
what am i doing ? is there any way to my posts come back ?
another thing that makes me really heat , is this :
my circles post are getting vertically . before it , they aren't vertical . what am i doing to my circles posts are getting line ?
please help me .
Hmm.. Interesting technology
im a company on google and I have hacker's on my web site,,I need google to go to my record and look for
+arthur holden  why say i care because you can't get help in there that people only flowing to role the role make by thy company +Google AdSense and thy team +Larry Page +Sergey Brin and other but he don't care about of other people especially new people new website author because thy is a very big he see can only big's people and successful people  he can't see big problems for small people and small people's 
Pls fix your Google wallet team. Have a look at the numerous complains from the public that your mgmt. has totally ignored.
Nothing really exists outside the US ... which is why we either get the toys very late, or they become discontinued before getting to us ... like the Nexus Q.  Doesn't look good for Google.
google and google+ sucks hairy ass , just leave youtube Alone ,
 In China,you will say"hehe"when you read this info,then nothing~
I was wondering if there would be an interest from Google to help in finding a plane that fell on Idaho since Dec 1. Would Google be willing to get satellite images from the accident area. There are lots of people searching for it using satellite images, but nothing like the ones that Geo-Eye could get. Your help is appreciated (I am a volunteer and have no connection with the family)

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” vs
Can we profile Elvis on the google page tomorrow? He would have been 79
you sould remove the porn movies from you tube
Use this idea please.  I can't do anything with it: We are the reCaptcha or Duolingo of semantic information.  We crowdsource semantic data with educational and fun learning tools designed to identify and capture the semantic information revealed in the game play.

For first and second level concepts (the least abstract) we target children aged 3-6 with games that their parents deem educational and worthwhile in preparing the child for traditional schooling.  Our tools will be free but we generate revenue by licensing the semantic data we capture. Distribution will leverage the US federal government's new Universal preK policy.
Hello, Larry Page. Please look into why is on the 31st page of search results for our company name "Rental Limo" ... Thanks
Dear Larry...Just one question...
Why Iranians can't use googleplay???

Dear Mr. Page, 

My wife and I don't really like many of the new "improvements" at Google.

First your designers and developers screwed up Google Compose and my wife moved her personal and business accounts to

She did not want a chat window and did not want to spend her precious time trying to figure out the hydroponics in this new chat themed gmail. 

She was pleasantly surprised at well the service worked for her, because it was so easy. 

Personally, I also hate the new gmail compose, because everything requires more clicks, but I have not gotten upset enough to migrate all of my personal and business accounts elsewhere. 

But I am getting closer to migrating elsewhere.

Today I went to go update a building service contractor business blog on blogger and wanted to add a Facebook widget to it. Only to discover the email and Google account is some how suspended with no explanation. 

I now have to start the annoying process of getting the account restored and sending you this little note. 

I would rather be working as a a building service contractor right now.

Previously, I had a hobby on blogger of building hyper local news blogs in and around New York City, but all of a sudden last spring my blogs were suspended. 

I spent months going through the annoying process of getting them restored. 

But while I was getting them restored I discovered Facebook pages and all of a sudden my news pages were being followed by 59,000 persons and my posts were on people's smart phones.  

So I started building all of the new hyper local news pages at Facebook instead of Blogger. 

My Google Analytics for my blogger news pages never had more than 30,000 unique monthly visitors and most of those visitors came from Google search. 

The other benefit using Facebook is that there is all of this engagement that I never got on blogger. 

I have experimented with the Google+ Pages, but the Google+ platform seems to be slower than the Facebook platform and lacks many of the features at Facebook. 

Lately, I have started experimenting with Facebook Groups and have been amazed at the number of members that have been attracted to the Facebook Group News Pages I created. 

I have used Facebook Groups for posting Advertising and Marketing News items

Mobile Marketing Roundup
3,454 members 

Public Relations News Roundup
756 members

Search Engine Optimization Roundup
6,536 members 

I also recently started Facebook Family / Christian Groups 

Christian News Headlines
1,639 members

Christian Videos
2,711 members 

353 members

Family Entertainment News
1,330 members 

Family News Headlines
377 members 

Positive Headlines
1,583 members

Why can't Google+ Plus work this well? 

Who wants to worry if their hard work will be arbitrarily suspended at Google, thus causing a ton of unnecessary headaches.

I would love to do similar things at Google+, but for now I have decided to take my news page hobby and experiment with making LinkedIn News Community Groups. 

I have never had any of my accounts suspended or messed with at Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Google needs to stop with all of the gimmicks and start listening to users. 

The clueless designers and developers you have hired do stupid things like remove gmail link from the Google home page, 

This is just making users waste more time learning to click on an Apps button in the bookmarks bar. 

Gmail now reminds me of Microsoft's latest failed versions that require people to go through extra clicks to do the same thing. 

The old way...

Google > Gmail 

The New Way 

Google > Google Apps > Gmail 

Search has also went to Hell on the Google Home page. 

Why in the world did you take away the image search link? 

The old way 

Google > Image Search 

The new way 

Google > Do A web Search > Now Click On Image Search 

Google News search is even worse.

The old way 

Google > Google News Search 

The new way 

Google > Do A web Search > Now Click On Google News Search > Now retype the news search terms > Click the news search button. 

If you do a web search you don't just type the search terms in the search box and hit the search button. 

No your clueless designers and developers have had to slow down the process with extra Rube Goldberg steps.  

First, you start to type the search term in the search box, then Google Home Page screen flashes after you type the first letter.....,,,Then all of a sudden the first letter and cursor is now in the address bar - now you can finish typing your search term and hit enter.  

Just what kind of LSD are Google's designers and developers using to come up with these Rube Goldberg methods of doing simple searches?
Do you hold monthly Rube Goldberg Contests at Google to add extra clicks for simple searches? 

I am visually impaired and used to think Google was the greatest thing since sliced cheese. It was how I reached out and communicated with the world. 

Now I feel like Google doesn't care about users and feel pushed to other platforms to express myself. 

If you want people to learn about apps, put the app button in the address bar, but don't remove search links from the Google Home page and make users go through extra clicks. 

Make the new Gmail Chat Theme an opt in theme and don't make business users go through extra clicks. 

If you stop sucking the fun out of Google with unnecessary hassles and improve customer service I might once again start using your products more. 

Facebook is friendlier and easy. Google+ is often an impersonal hassle that has turned off most of my friends who have tried it. 

You automatically set them up with accounts, but they mostly sit there dormant with no profile photos. 

On the positive side, 

The rocks and I use it at Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social media platforms I use. 

Please don't let your current crop of Rube Goldberg Designers and Developers "Improve" the

I also like the Chrome browser, even though your Rube Goldberg developers and designers have started to improve it too.

I may even once again start using my blogger news blogs, but right now I am still mad at how horrible your blogger team was last year. 


Brian Harrod 
(203) 559-2555  

PS. I took multiple trys to post this item, because the clunky Google+ platform keeps giving an error message that says,"There was a problem completing this action. Please try again." 

This doesn't really happen at your competitor's platforms,
Dear Larry

I'm very very very upset with google wallet team , find below brief history.

I'm trying to buy many apps from google play store, but it doesn't accepting my credit card, so I have got another credit card, still doesn't accepting my 2nd credit card. So I have submitted all documents for verifying my account, I got email replay from google wallet team ,that they have got my all documents and the Process it will take 3 to 5 business day ,I have waited for more than ten days still no any action ,I have called google wallet team by phone many times ,but still no actions, I have sent again all documents for verifying and again got replay email from google, that got my all documents and it will take 3 to 5 business days for processing my account, but no any action for more than one month ,I have got many android smartphones and tablets and I want to buy apps from google play store ,but I can not ,,I'm using same credit card for apple store with no any issues, I'm very very very very upset from google wallet team because not taking any action for more than one month, I have sent email to google CEO ,waiting any feedback , I'm still waiting, I hope this email solve my issues as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Just got one and loving it. I had a tablet and the HDMI cable caused WIFI interference and nothing would play. Now I can streem Netflix straight from my nexus 5 and enjoy all my TV / movie apps on my big screen. Thanks Larry Page. 
Only available in US... :-( thanks Larry
Hi, I live near Vancouver; I think a sister city of Hong Kong.


Since English (Anglish) is the most Angelical Language;
perhaps the most Devilish Language is English in reverse.

Maybe Larry can get someone to do that; thanks.....kool


Google dictionnaire
Google traduction


explanation of old text
explanation of poetry = for better history
explanation of old or new metaphor, expression....

WITH ROBOT READER (computer program)
 robot explanation

To better understand the stories of the past centuries.

BUT, when does it start,

Gérald Simard
when is the chromecast going to go open source i have videos in my library i would like to cast and i cant which is the whole reason i got the chromecast. thanks dillon 
You could buy off eBay for same price or cheaper 
I have one, works great with laptop but unfortunately Google won't tie it to the Windows Phone, which I own one and love it.
i am in the process of developing a couple of apps for the chromecast ill see what i can do for windows 8 phones as well i just downloaded the windows phone developing kit but i will keep you up to date if you would like. i want to be able to view all my media from my phone which is why im taking on the task and not posting my app on the market. since google dont want to be open about what i want to cast.
hey Larry. Can I program the ChromeCast like it were a chinese Mini PC?
Dear Larry, I am a Registered Nurse.  I also posses a Master of Science in Management Information Systems with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I would like to know if you are interested to pioneer an application in that will revolutionize healthcare. I know both worlds(high tech and healthcare). I have never met anybody who can be both but I know one of the solutions to make America a better place.
Lieber Google
Das Beste Produkt im Internet das Google gratis der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stellt
Ist und bleibt Google Maps!
Ich muss Ihnen meine Idee Übermitteln GOOGLEHELP
Hilfsprogramm dritter Welt
Google Profitiert und ist zugleich der Spenden Motor.
Es könnte ein Neue Plattform im Internet werden mit werbeaktivem Interesse!
da Jeder Mensch sich Interessiert wo sein Geld zum Einsatz kommt.
Jeder Google Maps Benutzer,
der über einem Bruttosozialeinkommen gemäss Landes Studien ab 12‘000 USD im Jahr
verdient sollte ein Jahres Betrag von 2 USD  Jährlich bezahlen um Maps benutzen zu dürfen.
Diese Sammlung von Hilfs$ würde Weltweit sicher grossen Anklang finden.
Dieses Geld darf nur für die Fortbildungs Hilfe in folgender Art wenden werden.
Es sollte eine Google Frachtschiff LKW Laster Kombination geben
Das unter Aufsicht  in Europa/USA Fertig gebaute Schulhäuser auf LKWs ladet, inkl. Aufstell Materialien.
Diese Baugruppe fährt erst ab wen der Erste Schultag zu Ende ist, mit all den Vorgaben die Googlehelp
erstellt Folge geleistet wurde. Fachleute im Lohn und Helfer in Form von Frondienste.
Google stellt auch den Lehrer, Essen, evtl. Webcam gewährt so den normalen Schulbetrieb.
Kontrolle durch Privat Personen, im Schulhaus steht ein Gäste Zimmer für Besucher
aus den (Westlichen Ländern) zur Verfügung
Jeder meldet sich die der Googlehelp an, nach Absprache welche Schule, bezahlt er seine Reise Selber darf dann 3 Tage Maximum Gast sein und stellt ein Rapport der Googlehelp Zentrale.
So könnte niemand mehr ein Objekt proklamieren und Kassieren ohne zu Vollenden.
Mit diesem Konzept, nach der fein Ausarbeitung
könnten bestimmt sehr viele Schulen in Afrika gebaut und Kontrolliert und Unterhalten werden.
Natürlich dürfen Private - Spender, dem denselben Googlehelp Kanal zugeführt werden.
Ersichtlich in einer Öffentlichen Internetliste mit Quittungsbeleg wo jeder Spender Einsehen kann.
Langfristig würden andere Sinkkanäle mit viel Versprochenem, Jahrelangen Warteschlangen durch unverschuldetes
unerklärbare nicht fertig zu stellende Bauten verschwinden.
Ich glaube Googlehelp würde das Spende - Vertrauen der Menschen so Neu aktivieren.
Ich bitte Sie dieses Schreiben der Idee eine Stufe nach Oben weiterzuleiten
In der Hoffnung es erreicht die Oberste CEO stelle
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Markus Lüttin
Hello I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this - but I'm unable to report problem apps with my Logitech Revue GoogleTV box because the Play Store app doesn't work on it.

I was wondering why the 1Channel app has been made a "featured app for GTV" when it facilitates piracy? The UK has recently banned the 1Channel web sites because they link to pirated material. 

I realize that in the USA technically it is legal to only link to pirated content as long as that content is hosted on somebody else's servers. But IMO that doesn't make it right - piracy hurts everyone that is employed by the entertainment industry.

There is a further discussion of this issue here:

 (I was advised by the moderator of that Google TV Forum to Add Larry Page to my circles and state my issue here).

Thank you for listening.
Chromecast is great, not going to deny that its a wonderful product. However what I want to talk about is the Merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Do you realize with a third of the population on a Merged Comcast Infrastructure that Download speeds and Tv will become worse. Google Fiber would be welcomed into almost any city and the amount of customers you would have is redonkulus and yes I just used that phrase. I'm sorry but 1Gbps vs. 50Mbps which is what most Comcast customers have is phenominal. Please consider expanding your area of Service Baltimore MD could sure use it and so could the rest of the USA.
Roku is better. Hopefully Chromecast will catch up.
I would like to see Canada added top the list of Countries found as a setting on google but they are so difficult to reach, it is like they could care less. I have been writing them for month's regarding my concerns as the largest trade partner to the United States we are not given the ability to set our own language as a setting and that means that our distinct way's of spelling are thrown away as a country. I am not only disappointed but ashamed that Canadians have not spoken up on our behalf regarding this previously. I was advised to contact this page by our Privacies commissioner's offices of the Government of Canada. I think google has responsibility to have Canada on the choices of Language as our languages are different from the United states and I for one object seriously against being qualified as an american user for language. The spell check doesn't accept us as having distinctions. My question is when did google start removing a whole country as important as ours from their list as an independent language? I will never spell words as an American.
What has this to do with what I said about replacing our Canadian language to the bar for languages to choose from. If they can't get these right why would I buy anything from and you have earned a block on my site as trying to sell me something and a report to the better business bureau for violating the do not contact agreement with business and the Canadian Government to not contact people on their list. I can tell by this the type of person you are and would as not ever have further contact. Good day and do not reply ever!
I love my chromecast, I use it mostly for Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube.  What I want is a Google ARQR App and an AIAR App, ha !
Indeed very good tool! Hopefully it would be extended to other platforms as well, especially amazon prime content.
+Larry Page Chromecast is great .. I love it but it needs to have features like giving audio control back to streaming device (smartphone or laptop or tablet). One can use personal earphones and avoid a remote headphone. It also needs a web interface where a user can add apps to it just like you would add to Chrome browser. And a premium version with better hardware specs will be great to eliminate footprint of streaming boxes around the TV.  Better hardware hopefully improves desktop streaming and browser streaming too
But +Larry Page... why can't I cast everything  from my phone... my pictures and videos for example...
Is it about the price, the feature or ideas? Someone else has already released it first. China can make the same product with cheaper price. The feature is not complete enough. Near future all TV sets will has it's function. Go with android and chrome os.
I have purchased 4 of these devices so far. One for myself and three others for friends or family. A fantastic product. 
Mr. Larry Page I have a compliant on the support team  who manage my email : too many rejected emails they meant to do this to me I don't know why please if you are fair with your clients you should watch this by yourself they are not stopping this with me might they block my email I don't what are happening  on my email please check this by your own ...... thanks in advance
my resprct and appreciation
I cannot log into my account
I have tried every way possible. I have sent messages to Goggle informing them I am a disable Viet Nam Era Veteran. I do not have a computer nor at the present have transportation to a Public Library. Would u PLEASE HELP ME. If u would have someone send me a SMS message via my telephone with a temporary PASSWORD I can log in My E- Mail address is Cell number is 9014064637. Please text me the Temporary Password ( 9014064637.......Thanking you in advance.

I recently purchased a chromecast and would like to provide some feedback. There needs to be a notice or instructions regarding the setup of the chromecast that would make it clear that if you use a desktop computer to set up the chromecast, that the computer must be wireless – not merely connected to a router that is wireless. I spent a few hours in frustration trying to just “see” my chromecast from my computer. Finally I found an online discussion where it was mentioned that while you may be connected to a wireless router, your computer itself must have built in wifi in order to set it up. My hours of frustration could have been avoided had only Google put a small notice that if you are trying to set up the chromecast with a desktop PC, it must have built in wifi or USB wifi adapter to set it up. My solution was easy once I knew this information – I bought a USB wifi adapter, plugged it in, immediately saw the chromecast and set it up. After setup I uninstalled the USB wifi adapter and use Chrome to send what I need to the TV/chromecast.

Hours of frustration could have been avoided had this information been clear about the initial setup. Apparently I am not the only one that's had this problem as the website I found had post by several people encountering the same problem, and there's like mine, was solved by installing a USB wifi adapter or borrowing an android phone or laptop. It just needs to be made perfectly clear that having a wireless router is not enough to perform the setup of the chromecast.

You need to spend more on selfreplicating robots, pollution is getting worse by the minute. 
So how do I send you a message with an attachment. I don't have Google + but I sent you a message. Hope you got it . You will like it. I wish I could add it too this page some how.
Add a comment...