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The pace of Android growth is amazing!  And, I'm overflowing with excitement over Jelly Bean :)

Today is a big day for Android... 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day.

Oh, and btw, the Jelly Bean statue is back in our front yard :)
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Do you guys make the Giant Jelly Beans? If so i would love some sent to NZ!
Translate it...ready for my Jelly
Does anyone else find the jelly bean statue kind of disturbing? It looks like the android is losing his innards all over the lawn...
no, I want one! One with actual jelly beans
Android the #1 operating system in the world.... nuff said
And I am loving my jelly bean!!
Galaxy Nexus all the way!
Yu Wang
It's like a childhood dream come true! Large jelly beans. Hmm...
Same here.  Its awesome to be a part of this.
I just install my asus transformer tf101 with jellybean, nice
how much for the ice cream sandwich
wait for Aliyu, a mobile operating system by Alibaba, that will sweep android in China's mobile market
Im android lovers..:))
Fred C.
Congratulation !
Love my Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean!!!! Google phone is next.
wow! wishing were there to capture with these wonder
Now if only the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon would get Jelly Bean already. If they're going to be obstructionist, don't even work with them on anything called "Nexus" because then it fails to meet expectations.
Looks like they need a pooper scooper for the robot.
I think that might be the coolest thing I have every seen.
Nexus 7 and Nexus S here both on jellybean! Lovin it!

One request +Larry Page , bring the full Google Play offering to New Zealand please!
Just got used to ics now jellybean, need to slow time down
its a great thing! long live android!
I went there last Saturday and Jelly Bean was not there. Very disappointed.
Really a cute Android, and Ice Cream
I've got an android  w 2.3, i'd like to know more about it, i'm just a beginner but growing every day.
Super excited to check it out, tell Verizon to get it together so I can
Luc K.
I've been enjoying VERY much Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7. Thanks Google.
Go android, only thing I can say is going forward keep on top of the manufactures to roll out those updates please love Google but hate waiting for updates .
It's nice to see the first half-billion milestone.  At the current rate of growth the 1.0 billion mark is, I believe, sometime in May of next year and 2013 will be also be the first billion unit year so it's likely not to end before the third half-billion milestone.  Quite shocking.  I can't wait.

Android is turning into the transformative, disruptive product I hoped it would be.  It's liberating people from the Cathedrals they thought were normal but were restricting progress.  It's bringing utility computing to places that just didn't have the money and power to do it the old way.  It's speeding progress. It's kicked innovation into high gear.

We were in a rut and you've shaken us out of it.  Now where will you take us?
The first half-billion is the hardest
Google is the coolest place on ~Google~ Earth! =)
Does it bother anyone else that the antenna on the jelly bean android statue are disproportional to his/body head? #ocd
Share the excitement with your adopted baby Motorola phones
Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus are fantastic devices. The 7 is completely changing how I consume Media on a daily basis.
Google will always B-Google, and It's Google that make the World go round, not the Bigg Apple.
Take a bite out the bigg APple...U get GooGle. It taste so....sweet!!
Hey Larry, why not make a Jelly Bean, Android phone? Multiple colors and some sweet new apps.
Jelly Bean is great if you have a Nexus phone or Nexus 7...too bad almost completely unavailable for any other phones out there that are buried in bloat ware and other layers: #fail
Ow, Jelly bean is back to work. Last time I went there he was still hiding from the sun.
Merchandizing isn't just how the real money from the movie is made.  It's also you install the branding in the minds of youth.  Sell plush toys, shirts, and every other thing you possibly can. 

Develop characters, spaces and themes along the standard lines.  Re-tell all of Aesop's fables and all other timeless themes as Gene Roddenberry did, with the Android as the hero.

This is how you weave your story inextricably into the culture and make it immortal.  But to be remembered you also have to add something that is uniquely yours.
Can't wait for Nexus 7 to come to Sweden!! And I'm also looking forward to the realese of a new Nexus phone!! ( I still love my Nexus S ) :-) Keep up the good work with world dominance Google
Great job +Larry Page Apple is my second favorite company after you know...! After I got my Nexus 7 I put my beloved iPad in closet for dust protection. Jelly Bean is so fantastic..Jobs knew it: Android is the only competitor.. just be Google and keep innovating ( put these puppies out ..) Apple knows they can't keep the pace.... love u Google!
+Larry Page suggestion: focus on Nexus phone size of iPhone. With my Nexus 7 always with me there is no need for big screen Phone! It takes space! Go against the trend and do the smallest size phone top quality....Nexus branded.
+Larry Page I would make Nexus phone size of iPhone that looks simple, exactly like Nexus 7 by Asus just 3.5 inches! - they would go & look fantastic together? Same feel same look....
Bon dia Catalunya !!!!
els que estem malalts en Sant Pau et saludem
felicitem els membres i col.laboradors de l'ANC per l'exit i eficacia de la Marxa per l'Independencia de Catalunya
+Marcus Strube Haha yeah I'm not fond of hard candy either but I like the OS version, alltho I think a better suited name would have been butterscotch since it's smooth as butter.. :-)
Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean is great, Xoom with ICS, too:-)
That is a very honorable Mark. Congratutalition for this Step. But please do more for the german people. Google Now is here not so perfect, Google Music isn't launched, there are no movies to buy and I have never payed with NFC... the public traffic is very low detailed in Maps... thank you for the next steps +Larry Page
I am also very much excited to get the taste of Jelly Bean.
Dodo Nn
Already have ICS on my Note. Hoping for JB to come fast and to be more stable.
Congratulations Google y android , i like this day.
Congratulations Google it is really a great day.
With all your billions in the bank, could you please do something about the state of the lawn? Looks like a huge dog came and peed and made the grass die
i'd love 2 see it in person over there. Just need your &/or Sergey's invitation. ^@^
I have sent an email to Sergey...hope you guys see it as its a great idea...
Android give me something to eat.
why do you have to name every version of your OS on something that is extremely high on calorie? why not on something like bottle gourd which is low on calorie and amazingly healthy to eat!
我用的是Galaxy S3 还没有jelly bean
Still using Android since G1. Android rocks.
Just need to get #verizonwireless on board with the whole Jelly Bean thing. Remind me again how they got a Nexus device?
Where's Honeycomb?
whats next? kit kat? klondik?? keylime pie???

This is just the beginning of a new era led by Google.

Just stay focused and deliver great products.

Don’t let "The Noise" distract you.

Way to go Google!
watch out IOS6 on da way :p
I don't get Jelly bean on galaxy SL either, even icecream not so close
+Larry Page I am not allowed to comment on +A Platform for Good's shares. Does that have anything to do with my comment on +Anne Toth's blog post:

"Responsible parenting includes demanding responsible behavior from online service providers. Will discussions of the actions of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce[1] and the deleterious effects[2] of tax havens[3] be allowed on this forum? Does Google welcome discussions of whether pursuit of small increments of nominal wealth is hurting shareholder value and society at large?[3] Or will topics only be limited to those issues which affect companies public relations at the expense of topics which bear more heavily on the prospects of teenagers and their families?[4]"

What is a sugar candy dream without cupcake, ice-cream and Jelly Bean?! Yeap, it seems to be of another planet: The most sweet and desirable one! Android is a treat for every taste without any tricks... How cute!! :) 
My Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (Quad Core, International Version) definitely beats the newly launched iPhone 4S hands down.
I think it's interesting that Apple has similarly announced today that it has sold over 500 million iOS devices also. It's a head to head tie! Saying that do something about the fragmentation Googs.
500 Million is AWESOME!  I think GOOGLE should make an app for apple devices to try a Apple Flavor Jelly Bean.  I bet all Older Apple devices would run so much better with Android!   Thanks Google, for the best the best stuff out there.  
I would like to eat jelly bean
How did I miss eclair? Yummy!
+Larry Page why are you helping Intel enter the mobile market? Can you really not see that helping Intel = helping Microsoft. You get almost NO benefit from helping Intel, other than perhaps making ARM a little more competitive, but instead you're leaving the windows wide open for Microsoft to come and tout "compatibility with x86 apps" for their WP8 smartphones and Windows 8 tablets with Atom chips. I don't care what deal you made with Paul Otellini for servers or for who knows what, but helping them enter the mobile market is BAD for Android, and you will ultimately regret it as it will be one of your greatest strategic mistakes, if Intel's chips ever catch on in the mobile market.
Ye Li
hey, the jelley bean status bar is just occupying too much space. Just issue a patent with line like button, with minimum space.that could be a mark of google. Just suggest that.
I want to work at Google =)!! is definitely another world :)!!
So do I love JellyBean! Just I would like to see pure Google Style on more devices: I hate custom versione of Android.
 I have no more patient with your Google Ads Customer Service!!
listen why didn't you remove the video 
I want share this photos
iam a great fan of android i truly love it
500 billion! active android users WOO, no single user has ever deactivated or replaced their android device! THANKS FOR THE LEGIT INFO!
Just had mine since a few days on my Galaxy Nexus. It's nice. But it would be nice to have that anti-gravity force field. However, Larry - on another subject: I don't really get it: you don't allow porn on youtube, but when hunderds of millions find a certain Mohammed movie offensive, you still don't take it down? IMHO it's either "remove offensive" or "porn all the way" - your choice ;)
Not so excited I have to develop for it, but I guess... Congratulations. Success is success nevertheless.
Pelease, put some water in the garden
That makes 500 Million of us Larry, yet to meet an Android user who doesn't love it!
PS, the Nexus 7 is fantastic!
Please fix all the bugs in Jelly bean, before it will overflow us with frustration.
Larry, I want to input my opinion on Google Talk. I think it is a great communication tool, not because I like using it, but because I see it has a lot of potential. It can replace AIM as the next new IM tool. Message me back man, I got some great ideas. My ideas will incorporate Gmail, android OS, and cloud.
I like android device. 
Hello Larry, please do something about this. I am using HootSuite so I can update my status automatically on T, FB, LI, etc. HootSuite only allows to link Google+ page but not a Google+ profile. Due to this if I want to update my status on G+ I have to open the page, etc. etc. and sometimes I just simply do not have the time to do it so I only update my status in the other social networks. Two more points; a) Motorola Mexico do es not have a page in G+ which is something rare (or ridiculous) and b) Updating Razr Maxx to ICS in Mexico has been problematic. Just read Motorola Mexico´s page on FB and you will see hundreds of complains and bad responses from MotoMex. By the way, my Razr Maxx updated with ICS is having problems; the screen turns on every some seconds, and this waste my battery. Tremendous oportunities to improve the brand and service in Mexico. Take care.
I'm also eagerly waiting to but my own Android with my first salary
Awesome, and to celebrate keep google maps away from apple. LOL
A Message to Google

Attacking people in their beloved one is a kind of war against their freedom. What do you expect from these people in return?
Good job, Larry P.

I'm so glad that I'm using Android in my device. Android is the best OS of the world.

Keep doing this good nice.
Are you going to allow developers from india to publish paid apps in google play? Yes or No
Looks Good.  Nice Animaions B++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I think this one is new version of Android
Oi meu nome e rosiane sou do brazil alguem ai sabe falar portugues???
My Nexus 7with Jelly Bean is awesome
amazing and happy for android growth,but when you are going release nexus phone and nexus tab in india.or else make available directly from google.
hey larry page because android pc creates this gives opportunities for developers and programmers to upload their product markert google
verdadeiramente, que belo, que bonito para as crianças adultas.
Love Android! But please improve UI of JB! The "Menu" Key sometimes appear on top but sometimes at the bottom.
yes it ids yummy i will go there and eat it all up everone will
Just got the nexus 7, apple users eat your heart out. Love this device. :)
dear santa google this year I will not make the usual list when you ask what I want. this year 'I want to ask to bring about my great desire to see the full google services in Italy so you can buy the Nexus 4. I ask you as a great lover Android, I wonder why the galaxy nexus I left a bad taste in the mouth for a problem of battery drain that I could not solve. This year I think I've done well ... o.o
I like android OS like Jelly beans
nice ilked it i love android
Bay Nhe
I love Andoid too. Now, I am using Samsung Tablet, Samsung Note. Android's apps are more helpful than the other OS's apps. 
no money no android to use :"<
I want those in my backyard! :D ps. I love my Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean!
Very cool statues, but where may I ask are the donut and honeycomb?
wow ilike android much
so cool 
Do NOT kill Google Reader! It's my daily roadmap of the internet!
Android Google masterpiece LiveChat updates witness Google incorporated trademark teamwork
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