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Quotes from Android partners

“We welcome today’s news, which demonstrates Google’s deep commitment to defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem.”
– J.K. Shin
President, Samsung, Mobile Communications Division

“I welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”
– Bert Nordberg
President & CEO, Sony Ericsson

“We welcome the news of today‘s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.”
– Peter Chou
CEO, HTC Corp.

“We welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”
– Jong-Seok Park, Ph.D
President & CEO, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company
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Ben Xu
Congratulations Google & Motorola
Congratulations!!! I look forward to having hardware that will be kept up with the speed of Android development. Already planning on buying the Motorola Droid Nexus 5 with Jelly
I welcome it too, and I'm not president of any company :), it is a happy day for us Android users!
Wan Axe
I'm so glad to hear this news! Good job Google.
I, for one, welcome Google's commitment to defending Android and its partners.
It makes me worried. Are you going to abandon the relationship with HTC, Samsung, or LG for their Android's effort? It is because of patent war? I think Google needs to explain further....
Emil W
where is huawei‘s ??
Tao Liu
老大我爱你!I love Google
Cant wait for the next Google/Motorola super Android phone to come out !!!
cool move but lame quotes ...
Samsung was missing earlier. That seems to be all the major players on board now.
Best wishes to Google and the Android team!
Well, good, they all got the memo.
in other words:

"please governments, let this deal pass!. We compete with Moto and we like this arrangement!"
I am very doubt your decistion.......
Can't wait to see what type of devices come out of Motorola now!
me525 android 2.3????
My next cellphone will be a Motorola! Or a Googlerola Or a Motoogle Or... You've understood
Make it last, I want my grand kids to be using Android phones.
国产魅族M9发来贺电。J wong
Bunch of happy Motor####ers this morning!

#### = ola of course. Nice get
Yeah right, What else you can expect them to say? let's see their commitment in the upcoming future
typical corporate BS, Four companies indeppendently using quite the same worlds for such a big announcements? Lame
Er Xie
I am now a Google Employee
hope the MOTO unlock the mobile!!
I welcome the care and attention of Google's partners repeating the same pre-pared and agreed text.
I do believe that Samsung, HTC, SE and LG will trust Google
They've all said the same thing. Seems very scripted. I wonder if its not a PR release statement.
Exciting news! Count me in to make Android great, as a developer and software engineer. You go little green robot!
I, for one, welcome our new Google overlord.
wow ... larry page = g+ Explosion in Comments
AWESOME!!!!! PS: for Sony Ericsson - bring android 4 for Xperia Neo!!! 
我手机就是moto 的
Congrats! This is awesome and I can't wait for the Google made handsets, and the awesome wireless & data plans on your OWN network in the future!
Sony Ericsson, the Sony Ericsson which participate on Nortel's patents with Microsoft and Apple to beat Android ??
hypocrisy !
Oops sorry Larry, please post your own updates, and don't let the PR machine do it. it's much closer to the type of character you must want for G+ 
Android rules... Technology for everyone
Google + Motorola = Gorilla :) (No Offence)...
Can Google claim to be hardware neutral now?
Du D.
You are the best!!!
This is fantastic news. I hope this allows Google to successfully fend off the patent trolls. Motorola practically invented cellular technology.
congrats. Next step ? Which mobile communications service provider?
Hui Fan
fatal error of google,hope larry would learn something when you spin off moto potion a year later.
Global supremacy is bitter sweet. Go Google!
I love GoogleMoto
Mostly, Moto's products suck. Will Google help to produce some good phones?
What are the implications of Google's purchase of Motorola's mobile phone unit for $12.5bn? Does this deal bolster Android's smartphone OS?
Du D.
This makes more sense than buying patents or litigation. If I'm correct in the intent.
These laconic, cookie cutter quotes sound quite forced. Either way, seems like a great move for you two. Moto produces some sexy hardware.
As the very unhappy former owner of Motorola Droid X from Verizon, I hope things get better out of this acquisition.
awesome!!go gooooooooooggggllleee
Considering Android has basically allowed all the companies to make a boatload of dough, this isn't surprising. :)
Wow...seems they all got the same memo i see. Makes you wonder...
This will shut some mouths i hope. On every podcast i listened to lately, you had somebody talking Patent BS and that Android is in trouble.
This news is really amazing...
Google innovation funneled into hardware manufacturing. This can only be great for us, the consumers.
Could someone explain to me how patent lawsuits work. Why is it important that Google bought Motorola's patents? I would thought that only protects them from Motorola suing them.
How does that increase their protection against MS and Apple?
I don't think a carrier is the next logical step... I'm thinking silicon... Moto has used NVidia Tegra, TI OMAP4, etc.... will they strengthen their own internal ability further or acquire one of those (or a lesser known)?
Cool. I was wondering about Samsung's response. thx for sharing.
All you do is win win win no matter what!
Thank you Google, for everything.
Larry Page坐在办公椅上边吃巧克力豆,边和下属视频会议,说道:「手机坏了,给我买个摩托罗拉。」15分钟后,有人在视频那头传话,「摩托罗拉买下了。」Page问道,「什么型号?」下属:「啊?型号?…型号?」
wang jl
god bless google!
Now if they could just purchase a carrier, I think Google could take over the world! Or at least my life.
"I for one welcome our new Google-shaped overlord".
And now there is only buy a phone company to operate its own globally ... telecommunications and perhaps another in case it was necessary.
if i have mobile patent, I want to sell to Google
So which road will samsung take now - being a second tier-Android phone maker (as Google will back obviously back motorola as its preferred hardware maker), or ramp up development of Bada, or push it closer to Windows?
Why do all the comments include defending Android and its partners, did they write them together?
G+ needs a double-plus button! This is great news, Good Luck Larry!
It's great to know the news is so well taken by other manufacturers.
Great News! Just bought a Motorola Photon 4G on Saturday.
I said this is good movement, keep going crush that conspiracy
Congratulations! Thank you to save android! I love Android !
I hope that this move will bring a new approach to Android support. Something less unpredictable and more focused like iOS and WP. Nevertheless I hope that my next Android will be an official Google one, not a Samsung refurbish ;)
awesome to bad this has to exist but since it does thanks for playing the game.
I am glad to see Google make a real commitment! thanks
Bob Luk
Congratulations! you did a good job!
Wow! What a surprise!!
Congratulation for this very good sign to defend Android and the hard work of so many programmers which support the best OS for Smartphones today.
Google I love you! Do your fruit ninja now! Slice it!
Yun Lin
屌爆了 It‘s awesome!
Now you don't need to care what fruit company says, but what you can do with Oracle?
hope the continue to support existing phones....i have a defy
Congrats Motorola, you are now part of The BIG G.
Did Google handout the wording to all their partners? All other partners chose their response as subsets from what HTC announced - “We welcome the news of today‘s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.” BtW - this news is awesome !!!!
Couldn't this move affect the choice of Android as operating system by other vendors? BTW congratulations
BIG news! GOOD news! Congratulations!! Android will rock even harder!!
I just can't stop being proud of google. This move is a very great one. Its google 4 life!
They Welcome this, because they don't have any alternatives. Sorry Mr. Page!
perfect!congratulations from China!!!!!GREAT!!!!
Apple and Microsoft have declared war, so it's time for Android partners to get their freak on.
congratulations!Electronic Engineers have more chance to work in Google now.
Any chance to bring back the google service to China? Via moto's channel and his relationship with Chinese government.
+Larry Page as I wrote in Polish: it's really interresting how other producers are similar in a way they comment this situation. Like they would be prepared to defend their position against what ... ? Their reaction do say that Android and YOUR VISION is way bigger than we can expect ;)
Do these guys all employ the same spokesperson?
I don't think moto is a good choice.
I'm really happy to see Google acquiring Motorola Mobility and their patent portfolio!
Congratulations and good luck, it could be a very good move you guy. It certainly is for the U.S. mobile hardware business. I'm hoping your partners agree over time as well!
"We welcome...", "I welcome...", "We welcome...", "We welcome..." At least they're consistent.
Long Live G+, Android, Gmail and everything what Google does...
Why is the phrase "defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem” being repeated almost verbatim by everyone?? Did they all happen to have the same spokesperson?
I, for one, welcome our new Android Overlords.
It's funny how what people say, what they think, and what they actually do can be so different.
... about time guys !! get exclusive on devices from now on =)
I for one welcome our new android overlord!
Gazza H
Someone mentioned purchasing a carrier and I'm really liking the idea.
song T
good news!
Haha, watching +Kara Swisher complain about Patents and Android on Twit. somebody need to eat their words!
来晚了!!! Long Live Google!!!!
Lot of words in common in the four quotes - did You tell them what to say Larry? :P
Google and Samsung great combo and will eat Apple in next 1 Year.
Congrats! Look forward to the gPad, Larry.
Congrats Google and nicely done! Was SHOCKED to read the story
Great acquisition. Excited to see what you do with the handsets.
Great news, my first mobile was a Motorola back in 1992 and with Google behind the company my next one could be Motorola again. Please make the hardware cutting edge and slick. Android is great,
I hope you all realize that those quotes are only for the press. I would like to know what they really think though. They're probably shitting in their pants and drafting their mail to
I am a big Google and Android fan. But those quotes sounded pre-written from someone at Google ^^ Using the same words in almost every quote. At least some basic guidelines on what to write came from Google.
Tom Wan
Google is good
brilliant move!!!
求收购魅族。。。给J. Wong一个机会吧
Can they acquire RIM and save them too?
Android handsets will no longer have Razer-thin margins
congratulations, android manufactors won't worry about law issues
I believe you , Google Motorola
Cheers.. I wonder how this will impact the competitive landscape in the Android Hardware market.
Great! But please upgrade my milestone 2's system asap.
Orange: Hey!! Hey apple!!
Apple: What???
Orange: Google!!!!
Congrats! Keep doing it your way.
Come on we all know this was just to test out the scale-ability of Google+.
围观,GG MM加油
"We embrace this news with opens arms and wallets" - Google shareholders / Android enthusiasts (aka fanboys)
Android now about 17,000 patent strong thanks to this, technically most of i-products now infringes Google's? :D I say serves them right for bullying the Android. +1 to Motorola!
Very excited but try to make a personnalizable phone that we can choose the hardware Please
کاش نوکیا رو میخریدی
واسه ما محبوب تره :)
happy for Google!
please unlock the bootloader of moto devices.解锁moto 设备bootloader
Those who are criticizing the CEOs' statements seem to have missed the point. When four of Motorola's competitors issue statements supporting the merger, this means that Google talked to them beforehand and convinced them that it was in their interest to support the merger publicly. Speculating: perhaps Google committed to licensing Motorola's patent portfolio; or to indemnifying Android licensees against patent infringement; or to running Motorola as an autonomous company except for its wireless patents; etc. etc.
looking forward to the more amazing device of Google.
I would buy HTC. Never liked Motorola phones
Great going, El Goog! I hope this stops Apple and Microsoft in their tracks. 
My goodnes! It's about time they do something about the patent war! go Android!! FTW!
John M
Hope that will give the tablets more ooomph too! Hey Apple - the "nerds" shall be reckoned with!
all of the android partners are support the news?
+Larry Page 这样一来,Moto在中国还能卖的下去吗?原因你懂的。
Can Motorola still sell smartphone in China? You should know what I mean.
My god,what a pleasant surprise!
我的droid x要变成亲儿子咯~
The Internet is winning over Telecom.
IAN yan
This is great news. I love Google, I am a big fan of Android, but I have to say, I've had three Motorola Droid 2's with the same software glitches, and now they won't give me a replacement. Hopefully this weak point in customer accommodations will be ironed out. Congrats!
This is exciting news. Both are great companies and together it's gonna be even better.
Tom Xue
Looking forward to new product.
google 给力,我要把HTC换成摩谷手机
This is some really good news. Google can now control the hardware and software, just like Apple. Greater things to come... Congrats Google!!!
Does Samsung & HTC's CEO's really welcome the deal?
Never had a motorola phone but now i guess The Next ons Will ge ons, good step from Google..
Good job Google!
Now replace motoblur with stock android!
bin go
Hello, gootle
indeed smart move +Larry Page. Motorola having a possession of +17,000 mobile patents.
Excellent news... Hope Google maintains the neutrality and keep the spirit of the open source..
Congrats, well done! And now all against Apple! :)
为啥HTC和SAMSUNG讲话大致雷同,大家都觉得defending android可以让大家都获利呢。
This was a brilliant move on Google's part, but I'm still in shock.
Long live to Android, partners and Innovation !
- Chad Lawrence
Android Customer, Motorola R2D2
Wow! That's pretty awesome! I didn't see that coming! Cheers!
What would you expect them to say? ;-) wondering a bit, how come all of them say it in almost same words...
Never fear, Googlerola is here.

Seriously, good move. Now about the Xoom...
Quoting press releases to boost one's ego is so classy
Nice Move, should fair well for the masses
I'm using a defy that's stuck with Froyo for now. Can't wait to see what benefits this will bring to Motorola smartphone owners like me. ;)
Just wondering will google consider to acquire a company who does very well in Mobile antivirus
Hey +Larry Page now do nice updates on motorola products. Also promote events for android partners to show that motorola doesn't have special chair in this open game.
waiting for better Android.
估计使用摩托罗拉的手机有福了,看翻译,貌似都是说捍卫Android和合作伙伴\生态系统,只是不知道Google 是否会在开发 软件更新上特别优待moto?

Estimated using the Motorola phone blessed to see translation, looks like he has said to defend Android and partner \ ecosystem, just do not know whether Google will update the software in the development of special treatment moto?
German newspaper:
"Google-Gründer Page zeigt nun, dass er nicht lange fackelt, wenn es ein Problem gibt: Anstelle wie von Marktbeobachtern vermutet um Motorola-Patente zu feilschen, kauft er sich gleich den ganzen Handy-Hersteller. Viereinhalb Monate nach Pages Rückkehr an die Konzernspitze ist damit endgültig klar, dass bei dem Suchmaschinen-Riesen jetzt ein anderer Wind weht."
Supercharging the Android market is great. Broader patent reach. Full integration of Android with hardware. However, I hope this does not mean any proprietary benefits for Motorola handsets re: Android or hold-backs against other handset manufacturers. I appreciate the benefits Apple enjoys with total control of the hardware/software ecosystem but this is a replay of Wintel vs. Mac, of open systems Vs. closed. And I'm still rooting for open.
Sam Sam
glad to hear that!!
Please keep Android as open es possible! Google have wonderful products! I like this company (o:
Xu Liu
the nexus is moto?????
why all companies seem to use the same template ?
We/I welcome the/today's news (of today's acquisition) , which demonstrates (that) Google is (deeply) committed to defending Android ,/and its partners (, and the entire ecosystem)
Google/Android, U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
"Finally Google shows itself capable of taking down the Apple autocracy" - Maziar
No pressure but now we expect high quality and innovative devices that have been googified. Also stay true to No Evil and keep Andriod open.
Even I don't have Android but I am happy by their views.
Sean Su
Maybe you'll have Moto to launch the Nexus 3?
Now your Android phones need biometrics. I have a company that can make a touch fingerprint sensor for under $2 on a mobile phone.
If Google is God then Android is the priest!!!
Long Live Android!!!!!!
This just made my morning. This news shows how with Google's support, Open Source will stand as a player, and not as a second class citizen. Awesomesauce! Keep up the good work big G! 发来贺电。Congratulations!!!

请求 Google cofounder & CEO liberate us Chinese ASAP.

love u so much and love Google forever...........
Gfans 飘过。。。。+1024
Poor Larry, he will have thousands of g+ notifications to read... Wait, can't he tweak the database directly? Good news anyway, and I'll wait for the next Nexus, which will be HTC, I'd bet.
仅代表 techfrom 发来贺电!

望 Googler 尽快解放中国大陆!!!



welcome u here to techfrom 。。。。
I like to see this. I'm using an iPhone now after owning and loving my Nexus One on T-Mobile. I look forward to returning to the Android OS when the network and device issues get resolved.
管你收购什么 我只希望你们做出优质的手机产品 超过苹果!!!!
Good to see Andriod will have a birighter future. Just remember to keep HTC and Sumsang in the community.
good news for every Android fan
Great move! Congrats Google
原來那麼多中國人 following Larry Page!
Wow did they copy each other's answers or what?
파트너 4명 중 2명이 한국기업. 
Thanks for sharing this. Funny: no matter what you posted today, Loic Le Meur was always quicker than you in posting the same information ;)
I'm super excited about this. Hopefully this is the end of Motoblur! With any luck the next Droid X will run stock android!
Niceee! congratulations! it's a huge step! I love it!
Wish I could get a 3.2 update for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V - just saying
+Larry Google 你是想曲线杀回中国吗?顶你!Larry哥加油!
You guys just made my day! I hope to see some top-notch keyboard phones with S-OFF. I would buy one in a heartbeat!
Axel H
Great strike! Great for defending Android against these stupid trivial patent claims.
Excelente!!! Cual sera el próximo SuperSmartphone de Motorola???
>> +Larry Page to employees in purchasing: "You should buy me a cell phone and not the whole company!" << ... xD
My recent excursions into Android programming seem to be a wise investment of time.
Hope this will help with all the patent trolls slamming android
Yan Li
I too welcome GOOGLE in defending Android and its ecosystem
Jan Rezab
Hello +Larry Page this is G+, your new social network. Just wanted to remind you that I am here, let me know when you are available. :)
Dear Google User,

You have been selected as a winner for using Google services. Find attached email with more details.


Matt Brittin.
CEO Google UK.

this is true????
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