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After almost ten years, +Nikesh Arora  our Chief Business Officer, has decided to leave Google to join one of our partners, SoftBank, as Vice Chairman of SoftBank Corp. and CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media.   I remember first meeting him at the British Museum, which for some reason Sergey had decided would be a good interview location. Nikesh has been a tremendous leader, adviser and mentor to many Googlers -- including me.  We have learned a lot together, and had a lot of fun along the way.  

+Omid Kordestani, who was our business founder and led our sales teams for many years, will be stepping in to lead our business organization for now.  When we hired Omid we had no business people so we had all the engineers interview him around a ping pong table.  I think he survived because he is actually an engineer!  Omid has always been one of my closest advisors, especially since I became CEO again in 2011.  He personifies the entrepreneurial spirit that is so important to Google.  There is nothing Omid doesn’t know about Google, our customers and partners, and I know that under his leadership the team will excel.  
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First comment boss. I love you
Larry- very classy! Wish all leaders considered others efforts and gave similar send offs!
Now, if you can just get someone, ANYONE, to take over code development!  Your API's (Especially Google Drive!) blow.
Would like to see Google thrive in future under your leadership.
Larry page

You are an inspiration.


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Speaking of joint ventures, colonizing Mars is something Larry has talked about before. I know he said SpaceX would be a better place to put money than a charity, but Musk just said he doesn't need money from anyone.

How about Inspiration Mars and Mars One? They have the right scientists, engineers, and planning - their hurdle is cash.
Tommorow is mandela day give back to your community for 67min of your time
This is really noble and a way to do it right 
Great announcement, +Larry Page! Congratulations to +Nikesh Arora and     and  +Omid Kordestani Thanks so much for your great work for Google and best if luck to you both! 
My syntax prof would probably die reading this. :p
Google is great but when is glass going to be available to consumers and when will google cardboard work with the M8. I want one SOOOO bad
Maybe he will change the policy to allow purchased phones to be unlocked
Will Nikesh still work for Google but from a different company?

Synergy between Google and SoftBank... Interesting way to grow minus possible scrutiny for being too big.
Google is a great wonderful company, Thanks for all team,please do evil to chinese GFW,China need powerful Superman like Google to help chinese to got freedom and justice,more powerful more responbility...
I thought you may have had powerful friends. Google may be doubted,
but even Jesus was doubted! Don't worry! Google will be fine! Let
Google improve anyway!
+Larry Page 
Dear Larry Page 

The entrepreneurial spirit of Google, I believe that there is no reason you do not hear the voice of the external. 

For a new generation version of the Google search, I'd like to propose. 
This is a thing that not only resolve questions people or, clearly, I feel somehow, the inconvenience and provide enjoyment of the search, the experience that I think that not to bet. 
If you would draw it depressing to content at this stage, it is a disadvantage could not happen to me. 
First of all, Could you a place where you can tell the plan of my Larry, to you?

Unfortunately, I do not have your email address. 
But, there is a (Google+) SNS that can communicate relatively easy also CEO of a great company. 
Because I post to representative ID of the management, I believe firmly that this post, that there is no reason not to touch your eyes. 
Of course, and that they do not hear about the future of Google search, if you're considering, it is not the limit. 

Good luck to the new partnership of making things.

System architecture, programmer 
Katuhisa Uramoto
+Katuhisa Uramoto LMFAOOOO THIS GUY IS ASKING LARRY PAGE FOR A JOB ON G+ LMFAOOOOOOOO. You have too much soki or something LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL you didn't even make any sense ROTFLMFAOOO wtf are you saying???

Holy fuck my stomach hurts.....
Good luck Nikesh, one of things that is clear, is there is great fresh talent at Google waiting in the wings. We have partnered with Google for over 7 years and they always replace great talent with amazing talent. Onwards and upwards.
Best of luck to both Nikesh and Omid! 
This is genuine gratitude! Awesome Larry!!!!!
"Meeting him at the British Museum, which for some reason Sergey had decided would be a good interview location." Very interesting!
Very inspiring soties. Great success for the new careers
Business team will now have to expand Google capacity to deal with multiple branches simultaneously to stabilize company for cooperation with other Internet giants. 
Google urge an early return to China now! Chinese netizens too need to Google it!
As an Iranian, I am proud to Mr Omid Kordestani
Awesome! I can't wait to see what he is going to do at Softbank with Sprint and T-Mobile. 
Larry Page you have provided us with the gift of the generation. I can't imagine starting and ending my day without Google.
Owned. SoftBank will be by the lightside of the force.
Let's wish them both luck. And Google is the ultimate but all the best the same
If you could port chrome to windowsphone as ms office is now in android, I might believe google is not evil again. 
Psy Ko
Si iinhnoo
I hope he's not leaving with the backpack!
hello mr. nikesh arora youer from
happy that another person who belives in changing the whole world into a better place has started a new adventure for changing the profit oriented telecommunication industry into a more goodness orinted industry
Larry, as a Chinese, we wish that you can expand your business to China. Let’s cooperate and serve each other! What about your opinion? Waiting for your reply!
I think if a company set the British Museum as my interview location, that alone would make me super excited to work for them. Awesome.
Excellent Leader
U are a good boss.
It seems you need Indians all over the world to lead and guide you!.....MATTS'
Mr Page, you are so humble. What a message you have sent out there! Cheers!
Great job of using this platform to communicate the change, +Larry Page! This type of social media use makes these announcements so much more authentic and personal. 
+vince generalao Microsoft just announced they were laying off 18,000 people, 12,500 presumably at Nokia. So developing for Windows Phone might not be on anyone's front burner right now...
My mom said: "Do not just believe in google only, like you don't have own God"
She didn't know that google is just a machine, she thought google is wizard who can do and know everything...
Thanks to you... I love the inspiration...
Best of luck to both gentlemen. It must be tough to lose such a valued friend & colleague. However, it must be heartening to know that he is going to a great organization in SoftBank. One of my past managers, Ron Fisher, has worked in a senior role at SoftBank for nearly 20 years now...
Nikesh Arora and Omid, Enjoy Your Future ! Wow, Larry, what a humble owner you are , the way you thank them n  Praise them, Keep it Up Google !
felicidades +Nikesh Arora por su nueva meta , en donde me imagino desarrollara grandes ideas y a +Omid Kordestani por el gran logro de llevar a google de la mano al éxito , como siempre 
And we proud of another Iranian engineer. 
Time for Google to open Google Travel, Google Print, and Google Finance, perhaps Google Real Estate and Google Insurance as well?
I wonder if Google has an idea bank/ Brain Trust thats hiring people who think outside a box while inside a box that's inside a box on dirt on a chunk of concrete on a bigger rock?
or i could just Ecommute?
I had a Softbank phone in Japan!  I had no idea they were a Google partner.
Now if the British Museum had a ping pong table ... 
Nikesh is different, but incredibly inspirational. Omid: you are a great guy (not only because your wife is coming near my hometown)
This post alone shows why your CEO at Google. 
If the new guy doesn't return the Wiki layer to Google Maps then he's worthless.
Casting Call: Models, Illinois , Kansas St.Louis, NewYork, Men and Women , Agents and Managers. Tyrone Austin with Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC. St. Louis , I have a business opportunity I would like to offer you.
Marketing campaign with a Reality Show Twist. Were looking for a group of talented people who think that they can sale a product with their FACE and SEXAPEAL . We at ID&C LLC St.Louis will be offering a % of all sales created by that Super St.Louis Model Face.
We are looking to set up a sit down meeting here in St.Louis before the end of July to set up dates for video shoots. We hope to answer all unanswered questions while at this meeting. I will hook you up with my Video Producer Quint Flair St.Louis . Check him out he do great work . Search for him on FaceBook or YouTube
The product is Fatt Trixx. 3n1 unisex cell phone bags. Google It’s the first of it's kind to replace the designer gym bag. Perfect for those who wear spandex clothing and want to show of their shapes. EVOLUTION. Of the Handbag. Fatt Trixx 2012 - YouTube Fatt Trixx 2012
Fatt Trixx 3n1 Hand Bag With FREE Driving Gloves - YouTube Fatt Trixx 3n1 Hand Bag With FREE Driving Gloves
The show’s plot is to sale a million handbags in 6 months world wide. Simple if you count in China. Brains and Beauty come to mix to get Super Rich!!. Basic Bag $125.x 1million=everyone walks off paid but only one will become CEO over the BAG. Top Earner.#1 We have 9 spots open. The Name of the show is “ The Million Dollar Bag” “Models making MILLIONS” “Next Super model Millionaire “ “The Million Dollar Maker” Good luck on your decision making skills.

Why googol I like the name but I don't understand the meaning behind naming a company after a math formula?
I think that would be such an interesting conversation because the subject really intrigues me!
Its too mainstream that indian are becoming CEO of top companies :D
Oops position is already filled internally
This is great to see that Google values employee. Even those leaving. That's why I'll always be Google fan. Respect for that. 
I do not understand why he leave google.
Well spoken, brah. The future looks bright for us all. 
Hello Larry,
Please see the message I've sent via Hangout chat, it's important. Thank you
Maybe Google will now start to innovate instead of just buying out companies.
Mr. Larry Page i have a question , you are talking about an iranian engineer in google who you like working with him and he have too much benefits for you, so why you closed all of your services except search engine for us in IRAN ? Omid is iranian, and here is too much brains like him in here but they can not scream their talents and they are just wasting their life living in this limited country, use them, think about this for god sake
I'm want join to Google, but I'm in China.
how to cantact you? i want to ask somethink please
Dear president of Google:
From the past couple of months, I have experienced so much trouble and difficulty with the new YouTube updates that I have decided to boycott the use of YouTube from this day forward until the old YouTube site has been stopped of its refusal to allow users to comment, message and personal messaging response.

In addition, the connection of Google Plus with YouTube, to compete with Facebook, is indeed useless and unfair to YouTube users. We do not wish to share our real names on YouTube if our Real names are connected with our email to YouTube. Our real names stay within emails, not channels. You are making it sadly easy enough for others to hack into channels and posing as another person. You are allowing identity theft on YouTube.

I understand you are a highly respected search engine that decided to make some changes to make things easier within your company and the world, but if you continue to abuse your power and take away the things that you gave us and make it more difficult to do anything on YouTube, then our respect towards you will no longer be earned from you. To make it simple, Please stopping playing around with YouTube as a puzzle and turn it back to what it once was before Google plus and the unnecessary updates.

Jose Gonzalez
whats with the "hang" we are suing Google email and Larry Page and others FBI 
Good luck to Nikesh and Omid.
I wish you all the best of luck and very prospers days ahead .
Good luck to you both. Change can be a great thing for all!
Estimado, Larry Page:
Escribo para manifestar mi incomodidad por el doodle de hoy 28.07.14, en el que tu empresa ha optado por representar el día más importante de mi país con un plato de comida (no se cuál será, parece un plato de chaufa), y una bebida (una limonada? para tu información justo ayer celebramos el día del pisco). Sé que en el mundo se habla de nuestra gastronomía (y si querías retratarlo, hubieses escogido el cebiche), pero lo que celebramos hoy es nuestro día de independencia, el día en el que dejamos de ser colonia española, el día en que gritamos "somos libres", como lo dice nuestro himno... Si no, compáralo con tu 04 de julio, tu día de la independencia, y piensa, qué hubiese pasado si te conmemoro con una cajita feliz de McDonald´s y una coca-cola? Si tienes dudas, está el ministerio de cultura o el ministerio de turismo de mi país, te aseguro que pueden ayudarte sobre los simbolismos de mi patria, y creo que para el futuro deberías consultar con los países que conmemoras... eres una empresa con inversiones mundiales, pero dependes de países como nosotros y nuestra opinión cuenta. 
hey Larry I've gotten an email about winning a Google Lotto--I wanted to pass it on to you so you can trace this before it lashes on you guys
Desde Buenos Aires feliz porque mi hija Manuela Altube trabaja en MV en Google 
#larry, Google is the best thing that has happened to mankind so far. Now it has come to stay,no going back.
What is the next best thing that will leave this world in awe?
+Nikesh Arora Ten years beside big men and google is now Google, Good job, Man! :)
+Omid Kordestani Happy your leadership! You know that Iranian engineers are proud of you. Wish you best in coming years at Google. :)
I have been on hold for over an hour.  Apparently my call is VERY important to them.
Larry please help mi mail is
Greetings and Regards
Dear Manager of Google Inc.
I am a high school math teacher
I have an idea if it will run Google's much-needed people around the world.
People need to be more Google
But I want you to sell it
Please contact me
I thank you for your attention
Signed: M. Qanyfrd
Gettin grey Larry. Time to talk to Dave Lapoint about his tech. Telomere lengthening and stacking your immune system go hand and hand...who new 
Who’s Telling the Truth ?
Forbs Magazine. What Kills Billionaires
 Security:    WARNING
According to scientific medical data, the LIFE of your employer MAY quite possibly be at risk;
I’m supremely confident My Mr L. Page, and yourself, would appreciate receiving this WARNING as it could very well SAVE THEIR LIFE, and YOURS;
 [ If he is not already aware of this scientifically verifiable TRUTH.
Re:  Human Rights Denied.
regarding the actions of google,

mr paige, we need to discuss a matter of honor

i suspect that your staff has made a big mistake
and we need to clarify it before world attention.

remember, do no evil,  then so do so.


James Robert Seidel
He was getting older as are you. Larry you are too old to work for Google now. Move on! Everyone knows that Google has an extremely ageist culture and this is evident because it did not release age related employee data concerning diversity. You really can't blame an older person from wanting to move on from Google.
Great business come from great friendship. Hope the best for you all. 
Peter Z
I would like to discuss the future of your driver-less vehicle.
I believe the general public would quickly embrace this technology  if Google .....
+Larry Page I've been listening to a couple of recent interviews and it seems like you conquered the voice issue. The confidence comes through and I don't even think about your voice being different. About the issue of you not being charismatic as Steve Jobs, you're not supposed to be. You're a tech guy. Jobs wasn't a tech guy. 
Peter Z
Pity no one from Google has bothered to get back to me.
Hi Larry,
              I have an issue in my mind.I dnt have gmail team email.So I am pasting here.I sent this to
 "just have an idea in my mind one of my friend had stolen his mobile.He was using messenger So than his account has hacked before he get into another machine.There should be a mechanism when a person's mobile snatch / theft or hacked he should provide you some sort of like we have Social Security No just like a no and that person call or sms to ur team  and the user report his account hacked activity to your team should verify that code and  could block his account or signout automatically from all the devices and password again sent to that user."
Hello Lawrence Edward Page, Mrs Lucy Southworth - Page,

for today's 16th anniversary of your company, we will send
you the best Greetings and good luck for the future.
Of course, should not be at work down your health.
Dear Mr Page
There are some people using your company to scam people out of 3-400 bux. A fraudulent google lottery. Snd $400 to claim a $750,000 prize. Can u notify your gmail users of the scam. People r hard-pressed for cash. Including myself. I dont have $400 to waste. Can u somehow protect your users and the reputation of your brand? Thank u in advance if u can help
Dear Mr Page
I've received a mail which, as mentioned as above Mr richard .Do u issue  CERTIFCATE AS AN OFFICIAL GOOGLE AMBASSADOR 2014? End of the letter mentioned your signature and MD Matt Brittin's signature clearly. then how could I understand is it true or false? if  u can help,it is highly appreciated.thank u. 
Thats nice. We shall indeed miss him
I hear this bad news toady. and i cant believe. I was a great fan of Nikesh sir and Google. I always want both together so that we get some extra innovative things. but its life no one can can bound to any one. 
Shame the people who have wrecked My Maps aren't leaving. Can't you just fire them, please, and withdraw their abysmal new version?
Mr. Page,
My name is Scott Moran, and I am a teacher in a charter school district in Texas. I am writing to ask you if you have any sort of program established whereby schools are granted the use of your products in exchange for exclusive rights. We do not receive any funding from the state for technology, and ours is quite outdated. Do you have such a program? Would it be possible for me to discuss the matter with you? Please let me know. I can be reached at Thank you for your time.

I got a notice that one of my gmail accounts was deleted and responded immediately, but the restore options did not work. This account was used to host by blogger news blogs.

Google is seriously getting worse and worse.

I have been doing more blogging at Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress, because Google and +LarryPage just doesn't understand social media. 

First You Get A Message Like This.....

This message confirms that the Google Account - was deleted due to a violation of our Terms of Service that was left unresolved. 

To attempt to restore access to the account, please visit our password-assistance page immediately: 

Google Accounts can only be restored within a short period of time after deletion. 

The Google Accounts team


And Messages To Google Go Unanswered As Hours And Hours And Hours Of Blogging Get Flushed Down The Drain.

This doesn't happen at Google's social media competitors, because they understand social .

Google is great, but needs to stay focused. Search is awesome, but needs to work better.

But, social is the future and Larry Page, the Blogger Team and Google as a whole don't get social. 

Google understands social only in that it knows it needs social.

Blogger and Google+ are not working, 

Larry Page and Google need to turn Blogger and Google+ into responsive networks, where knowledge blooms and ideas spread.

Logging into Blogger or Google+ feels like logging into a seminar, or stumbling into the wrong conference room at an airport Marriott.

Both platforms looks like a cubicle farm and smells like a hospital.

Posting anything on Google+ is like talking into a pillow.

Google+ is mutes words and flattens images. There’s nobody there except people you don’t care about. Google+ is those people standing in circles around you. Google+ is LinkedIn: After Hours.

Don’t take my word for it — evidence of Google+’s premature decrepitude is littered across the entire Internet. 

Just go to BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, or Ars Technica and  look at the social media share count buttons for popular posts.

You will see that hundreds and even a  thousand times more people shared these stories on Facebook than on Google+

Maybe Larry Page and the Blogger team at Google should release some more poorly programmed spam bots to wipe out more legitimate blogger blogs.

I am going to leave my phone number and five will get you fifty that no at Google will call and ask about blogger restore buttons that don't work. 

Brian Harrod 
Roundup Newswires
(203) 559-2555!searchin/blogger/restore%7Csort:relevance/blogger/lcv07yhu2AI/ll5kZoVRM1sJ 
You sir, Larry Page, are the scum of the earth. You set yourselves up as the judges of all put slander and lies about people on your engine and then have the gall to call and want money to improve the bad and replace it with good,  the mob calls that extortion! You and all like you will soon be under the same type of scrutiny you put all the rest of us under. Your engine puts up 10 and 12 year old slander that is untrue and put up anonymously and then send and call with offers to "fix it" for a price. EXTORTION !  Your's is the only group that has done this to me, and I'll wager to many others You and all the others in your group will soon have every detail that can be found about you from the beginning of time to date. Your past, every detail, every sorted off color remark, every thing you ever did or said will be put on the net for all to judge you sir, and as many of you partners and relatives in this crime as can be found. Coming soon the true story of Google and how they take you privacy and publish anything any fool who can operate a keyboard has to say about you and yours for the world to see, when you are on the receiving end lets see how you like it. W.F.Tippins
May I have a million dollars please? 256-668-5280 
Google Inc.
Important and honest message
Delete the video that insulted the Prophet Muhammad
I swear to you , that the Muslims did not browse your site again .
From now on we will work on Yahoo and Bing browser.
I am a Muslim , and the city that I live in a Muslim in 2720 , all decided to leave Google and YouTube
shut up... no one cares about ur job larry page
 soooooo yea..
Jacob D
Bring back Google Talk, Larry
sooo sad to see you guys involved with all this environmentalist wacko stuff..
Cancel My Account Immediately ! You freaking JERK
Mr Larry, we need you, can you please be our guest speaker for IT conference next year in Swaziland 
Hi Larry, I think the Saudis are trying to take our oil companies down, and with it our economy. Would you consider using some of Google's free cash flow and buy one of our struggling oil companies in danger of collapse. It would send a strong message to those trying to bankrupt us. Besides, once you own a piece of the business, you could use the brains and do good mission of Google to change the industry. It's not a moon shot but it would surely help our stock market and a whole lot of people, not to mention the potential returns. 
Koszi Brian Harrod.szuper vagy okos szep de es muvelt.konoszom szepet.viki.
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