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I am excited about Andy Rubin's next project.  His last big bet, Android, started off as a crazy idea that ended up putting a supercomputer in hundreds of millions of pockets.  It is still very early days for this, but I can't wait to see the progress.
The company has acquired seven companies in hopes of automating electronics assembly and maybe even taking on Amazon in retail delivery.
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I would never bet against Andy Rubin
Can we finally have little green androids to follow us around for real, then? Please? I want my own personal Andy!

Basically, he went from making Android to making androids.
I'd take my driverless car first. ;) But I for one welcome our "Rubot" overlords. I wouldn't have a job writing about tech if it weren't for Andy Rubin. 
just don't cross borders . " don't be ( even close to ) evil "
Without crazy ideas and the crazy people who think them there wouldn't be any fun in this world.
Thanks Larry,thanls Andy , thanks Google the entire cosmos is with you .
So... Android in an android soon?
Let's hope they don't get this rolling anytime soon. People need the jobs.

Can you create exoskeleton that assists disabled people and old folks to move around easier? 
Han Honso
🇭🇮🇸 🇷🇪🇦🇱 🇦🇳🇩🇷🇴🇮🇩 
Can't wait to see what Andy creates 
I like big bets and I cannot lie
Great! Wish Andy Rubin success with this exciting project.
I want little android minions!..I will them apple always.. lol
Google invests to Andy Rubin but to what Andy Rubin. What is Andy's vision? Is the quality of a robot more important than usefulness and deliberateness of robot in point of his view. Where are his markets?
Sean G
Yeah. Let him make his Real Android +Han Honso. (I like that.. Ha)
Too cool +Larry Page ... Why i love Google. The vision... Your our Gen's Apple. This is where Goog is different. Vision.
It's going to be us against them (the Terminators) — I'm teaming up with Sarah Connor ;-)

This is actually exciting stuff, go +Google! Team +Android all day.
This should be titled "Rich boys running Google looking for new ways to take away jobs". It also shows that Google doesn't have focus any more and is just a playground while the money lasts.
This is great. Looking forward to more announcements in this area. I was really hoping for something like this.
+Dean Montague Not sure there is a big job market in enabling/disabling windshield wipers (read the story =P )
Even though it's still the early days, I am excited to see just how fast all of this will develop and transpire. Considering the latest high-end smartphones have more computing power than the entire world had in the 1950s, which was just less than one modern lifetime ago, maybe Calico can help eke out a few more decades for each of us so we can continue to witness more awesome and hopefully more "crazy" projects :)

We've come a long way since the first flagship machine readable punched cards were invented in 1928... incidentally the same year sliced bread was invented too. Surely this qualifies Google as one of the best things since then ;) :D
Worked with Andy and believe me, he will accomplish the moonshots
I'll take the computer of the Enterprise D: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot :-)
Brilliant news... it is so exciting.. the development of something new = innovation... I would so like to be involved in something like this.. congratulations +Larry Page and +Andy Rubin.. all the best!
Nexus 6 as per blade runner anyone? 
+Nikhil Singh innovation is not only new, it is new fashion and renovation. innovation should be better than bad, what benefits most all. This is right vision.
My money is on Honda and the Japanese for this topic but glad to see anyone throwing their hat into the ring. 
Would be nice to see some robots to support the homeless kids. 
That article was awesome and what is this software called for the robots I didn't catch that?
Delivery Drones @ Amazon, Google's Driverless car and we still have traffic lights that are dumb as a bag of hammers.
drones will be easy targets for thieves, Yes?
I'm still waiting on the flying car I was promised as a kid.  ;-)
what is the yellow one :)) remind me something from 2-3 days ago ...
Take a look at manufacturing automation company JOT. They are experts in manufacturing automation. They did an excelent manufacturing automation in Nokia factories at least during the time I was working there.
Is cybernetics science striding for the benefit of human beings
me 2 waitin 4 the exciting innovations of the future  :)
very mysterious about what they are actually building - Larry, can you give us a hint?
The last thing I want is a robot running on Android. Imagine the lag and inconsistency!
Que buena noticias. Gracias Google por todo!!!
Great news! Congratulations +Andy Rubin :) 
I thought he joined Glass team....
Robots is of course the last piece to the puzzle before Skynet can take over!
Exciting and worrisome news indeed... Self-driving cars, robots, delivery drones... Are we getting dangerously closer to SkyNet? Just saying...
Don't forget Google has already been putting research $$ into Artificial Intelligence!!
Dios lo bendiga señor Larry en todos sus proyectos
So that's where Andy Rubin went. Super excited for this.. awesome..
Nice Larry page i know everything is Google.& i M too can't wait to see the progress! 
This looks really interesting.  There are some fascinating things going on at Google.
Subbu M
This is great , but people's mind are not same. Some may use for destructive purpose. Hence these must be taken into consideration and during development all possible bad things must be controlled.
and today he wants to put pockets on supercomputers... loop  repeat")
Can you build us a Terminator, like the hot chick version type, for us Andy, please?!?!
Keep the good work, guys! The world is looking at you...
Can't wait to see what will be done. 
I know Google is letting people to purchase Glass for personal use, I signed up and I didn't get an email. Please I would like to purchase one...
i love android~ thanks google 
+Nick Kai Nielsen Does it say something like "Hot & Recommended" at the top? That has been part of the Google+ stream since the start. It could also be someone in your circles +1'd the post, that's a recent feature.
+Larry Page What will we do with all the people loosing their jobs - we might need major changes in the way we organize work......
"Android man" now in charge of "robots". Well, very, very consistent! 
aj cv
It's so nice reading news like this these days. I'm passionate about robotics, computers and programming.I never stop dreaming about working in projects like these, to help changing the lives of the ordinary people (myself included). Good luck +Andy Rubin , +Larry Page with these projects building an exciting future full of self driving cars and humanoid assistants, so we can live in an Isaac Asimov novel when we are old!
This is a natural progression of mankind the next step half human half robot then planet colonization
We should not be concerned about robots taking jobs. Truth is yes they may take jobs from one area, but create new jobs in a different area.

Go Goggle, have always been a massive fan.
+Dan Skill Do you have data to back up that claim? I certainly hope it's not just empty rhetoric.

I believe in the mantra that "machines should work, people should think" -- but removing unskilled jobs in a country where university education funded by students and their families creates a catch-22. The US has been historically called the land of opportunity, yet the opportunities will only be available for skilled individuals, leaving unskilled individuals unable to participate in the economic game in order to gain the skills they need for better work. I think you'll find growing numbers of people who can't participate, as has been the growing trend:

These people won't just sit comfortably, hoping earnestly for these new jobs in different areas. They need to survive somehow. Essentially, more work that is automated will leave less work opportunities, particularly for the disabled who might find it more difficult to gain skills. The opportunities will only be for things that don't exist yet, as has always been the case in the US. Entrepreneurs are the champions, but they also need support and funding too, in order to incubate their ideas.

Essentially, the further the system is automated, the more the economic system will have to be socialised in order to protect the vulnerable, which goes against the ethos of many Americans.

This doesn't affect me, and I take comfort in the fact that I don't live in the US and I've got a great job and education behind me, but I can see that as work becomes automated further, peoples livelihoods need to be supported with more than empty rhetoric about "new jobs being created in a new area".

By analogy, we produce enough food to feed the entire planet, yet billions of people go hungry every day. The problem isn't that we don't have enough food, the problem is that of logistics, suppose money weren't a factor, but the only factor is energy: how could we even distribute the food to everyone? It's a computationally complex problem.

"New jobs in a different area" has the same logistical hurdle. Do those jobs require skills? Do those skills require qualifications or further education? Do those jobs require moving to a different area, which also requires participation in the economic game to make it feasible? Do these jobs exclude minorities like the disabled? 

I love the work of +Larry Page  and +Andy Rubin , but I hope that they take these things into consideration too.
I am hoping you will start very soon with a fully programmable vacuum cleaner-wielding robot who could be quite tiny, and a taller robot who would stand at the sink and wash/dry the dishes, also maybe polish furniture and organise the laundry. They should of course understand natural language and be very friendly (but most definitely not obsequious!). We will be friends for life.
Great idea. Take away more jobs for humans and give them to robots. 
"There are still people who walk around in factories and pick things up in distribution centers and work in the back rooms of grocery stores."

Kiva Systems has eliminated this for Amazon's fulfillment centers. I wonder if Andy is after the next generation of this?

console.log($('life')) will output.......

"google" as the root element :)
Font size on google+ for iPad mini is too small
I thought Google was already happy using people as robots with google glasses and other gadgets but I see they want more...
your right i do want to see more cool robotic gadgets they come up with next.
jee even i am waiting to see the next super computer. Good luck. 
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+Jamie Edwards - very DANGEROUS the assumption you just made, since you're confusing dimension with quality - i.e.
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog...". Have PERSONALLY seen this proven time and again.
Bring it to TAIWAN, please.
Don't feel it's early for everything ... Feel its you the first introduce best and great things to the world. Don't think after.
+Reed Tyler That was an argument against inventing the cotton-picking machine: "As long as there is cotton to be picked, the Negro will always find work."  That was the notion in the South in the 1930s.  What is necessary is a type of job that, if you're laid off in the A.M., you can start earning money at this job in the P.M.
  I know of such a future industry. 
Mr. Page do you ever check your hangout section?  or is it simply to many questions to view?
Yudo Sp
Dear Mr.Page, i hope the next project in android is about Another way of payment in play google. As you know not all people like using Credit Card (like me). Put payment option "Buy with cellular", i am sure play google selling will increase. at lease i am the one who will use it ;) . Sincerely, Google Lover
+Dean Montague first you criticize google as 'endangering jobs' with robot development, then claim it's a waste of money. which is it? dangerous or wasteful? I say neither and that your statements are crass, thoughtless, and should be generally ignored until properly stated.
Well... this is going to escalate quickly.
When do they start building with liquid metal?
I have a great idea to pitch to google, is there anyway to get a rendezvous?
Need to change the voice the droid dictates back to you. We need a HAL9k style voice, arnie, robocop etc.  I'd so pay for that. 
i have the best idea in the world for a new app that would make millions please email me Larry
hello, i have an idea,till today no one has implemented that,i need support to implement my idea,i know that google always welcomes new innovative ideas,give me a chance to explore my idea....
+Larry Page  WOW just added you to my tech circle, but looking at how many followers you have I'm not so sure I should have... I will be lost in the masses... And you're not that active on G+... Do you at least post anything technical like advanced algorithm theory? not expecting you to answer...
PLEASE I WOULD BE MORE EXCITED IF SOMEONE WOULD FIX YOUTUBE COMMENTS Why is YouTube comments broken, the Feedback button is also broken ??? I see many of the YouTube channels I subscribe to moving to Facebook What is going on???
Seems Google is doing some major EVIL here. I am not personally depended on YouTube for my livelihood but I am sure there are many people and organizations that are and while Google may have billions of dollars to weather the transition most of us down here do not. I have been subscribed to a lot of channels for many years and can not remember seeing spam. This is starting to seem worse than the ObamaCare roll out, which must be very embarrassing to the industry leader.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AT GOOGLE 
Google should put money on fixing lag on low end devices instead :) 
hello and merry Christmas, i have and idea to add for the Google glass beacause i need and probely few 100 thousand of worker like me maybe and will apreciate to have it but were i can write this here is to much public
I know 99.9% of you there wanted to make the Banner reflect Merry Christmas. It's ashame ...I mean the world we live in makes it to politically charged to recognize Jesus's birthday and we have to say "Tis the season" under the GOOOLE banner ! We "Pussy-Foot" around minorities too much, "In GOD we trust right on the almighty dollar. If you don't like it....leave ! Come on Google...grow a spine. I know this is not the right place to post this, just wanted it to get seen by associating it to an important topic.
HI LARRY i just would like to wish you and google a happy new year and a safe one 
+Larry Page I recived a letter:"Dear Google User,

You have been selected as a winner for using Google services. Find attached
email with more details.


Matt Brittin.
CEO Google UK.

©2013 Google Corporation®"

Is this a fraud???? I can send you a whole letter.
Have Google started the Android operating system server yet? I would like to know about it, please
what's the future of wearable computers and why we haven't seen by Google a smartwatch yet?
I have a friend who told me his project, THE GOOGLE MAN ON THE MOON. I am sure you OUGHT TO KNOW IT.
+Larry Page +Andy Rubin Why not design robots that stand guard in dangerous villages to protect innocent people in 3rd world countries from terrorists, pochers, and kindnappers?
Dear Larry Page. I have been looking in to various material about Fukushima, and Japan's PUSH to make Robots that can work in this impossibly HARSH environment. The DARPA challenge also comes to mind. Tonight I had the thought that various California Silicon Valley companies, and Google immediately comes to mind (Boston Dynamics), should be actively recruiting the best and brightest FROM JAPAN to work on HARD-CORE robotic projects. I don't think we should be working on toys here, or drones. Rather, I think we need Robots that can STOP ongoing disasters like BP's oil spill, or Fukushima, etc. The PR would be great for Google. Plus more importantly, we need to preserve Japan's culture, and inviting entire familes to relocate from Japan to the USA, with high salaries, and peace of mind regarding "genetic" contamination from Cesium 137 in the food supply is a GREAT motivator to migrate. The recruits could work for US citizenship or dual citizenship. I think of this as another SPUTNIK moment and very important. We absolutely MUST do something about this. We absolutely MUST invite some Japanese to escape this disaster. Please help if you can. It occurs to me also that Google needs to be deeply involved in whatever language and engineering standards SPIN-OFF with an investigation into hard core robotic projects. With respect - Chuck Jordan
I definately think this is more realistic than Amazon's idea. I know you guys have enought googleyness to make this happen.
FUCK U LARRY, you know android sucks and windows phone is better... for that stuff you retired youtube for windows phone you are patetic, fucking idiots... google is only a fucking browser not a company like apple o microsoft..

Google dictionnaire
Google traduction


explanation of old text
explanation of poetry = for better history
explanation of old or new metaphor, expression....

WITH ROBOT READER (computer program)
 robot explanation

To better understand the stories of the past centuries.

BUT, when does it start,

Gérald Simard
Does Larry Page read these and respond to anyone here in comments?
This is sad though, no longer are companies nurtured to pose threat to established organizations - not good for competition and innovation.
Pony P.
What if the robots suddenly got smart enough to take over humanity? 
Good Question, but robots do not have minds. They are programmed machines that can only do what they are programmed to do. Sorry, but that's how science is. 
its a great  idea............
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to make cars autonomus focus on how fish school together 
please get google + off of my email.  My email is suposed to be just that my email not yours its an abomination to me to have all of these off the wall people on my email take all this junk and jump into a boiling volcano with it.  burn it up and leave me alone. goodby
Mr. Page
Google got all engineers but fewer sales
Google has so many good products and fewer sales and that won't help Google make more profits.
mike wang from Taiwan
"They are like bees, are they not? They sting, but they also make honey."  - The Slow Train To Rishikesh
it may be a supercomputer but, like the iphone, its an houshold appliance with minimal controls for everyman, the art of computers and computer programming is passing them by
I like the ugly look charming and enchanting, even as my witness, I do not care who I sit and experience the beauty cars everywhere. Beauty units with cars
I would like to think that one day Google would change the Android Gui altogether for something fresh 
Google, seems to start 100's of side projects then later loses interest and drops them to the disappointment of developers (eg. Google Glass?), I wonder, if Google were to visit a psychologist would they come up with the personality type: 'hysteric' 
Hi ,
First of all my best wishes for you am from India ,from my childhood only know Google search engine because of you sir really awesome nowadays am use all google products feeling happy :) waiting for any response like my post that give lot happy to me sir ....
wow excellent news. salut
hello my name is sahil nice robotttttt.........
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