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If you know a 14-18 year old, have them submit a YouTube video with a cool experiment to be done in space. Will be judged by some amazing folks like Stephen Hawking, and if they win it will be live streamed from the space station on YouTube!

You can all help inspire our next generation of leaders to get excited about science and engineering and have some fun too! Thanks to our Googlers, the space agencies, and the other sponsors for doing this. And check out the video which has already been watched a million times!
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That's awesome. Where are my school days?..
So awesome, can't wait to see the finalists! 
Space and Ocean are all our future home
I thought "Sky is the limit" for GOOGLE inc....but they are going ahead to conquer the UNIVERSE.
Year, no fair. However, let me tell my nephew right away.
Brilliant way to crowd source research in space! This is really a first in terms of making space accessible to the world. I can't wait to see what wins out.
Nooooo! With me 3 years to too soon!
I have to negotiate a deal with my son to get him to do this, but it's a really neat concept, so worth a try.. If the winners get a summer internship at Google, he'll get excited.
My kids were playing Darth Vader vs. Peter Pan the other night. Actually doing it in space would make it a much more authentic experiment.

In all seriousness, crowdsourcing for ideas is great.
I'd like to know what ever happened to the L5 space colony ideas or the earth orbiting solar energy panels that would microwave beam the collected energy back to earth. Both projects were Near Earth orbital projects that the ISS would be a port to. Also lets see these wall street potesters camp around the ISS and protest, their is no fast food restrooms to dirty up up there, and no news cameras to try to get their 5 minutes of fame with up their either.

They could huddle around the microwave beam power antenna and say we want our share of the money but they would end up looking like microwave popcorn popped out side the bag. (a real big mess, bring your shop-vac with you to clean up, also know as a Klingon after school snack straw not included).
do you really mean, that for examble that come to be Dave in Finnland?christine
I can see now that Google is part of US Government's initiative to encouraging younger generation to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
I remember the first time I herd Hawking or shall I say his computer talk, the speech program uses the same software as my 1980 Atari computer dis. The software was called SAM or Software Automatic Mouth, Still is a computer but easy to understand, and it is not one word at a time but a full sentence. I remember in my 174 day hospital say from the Drunk driver, for 5 months having to talk by pointing at letters on a sheet of paper. This was because the trac they put in my neck went through my vocal cords. They repaired their error but still hard to talk clearly, but kind of getting better slowly.
This may be good but, with respect to the drastic pressure on Mother Nature, this is the most valuable thing that a corporation like Google has ever done for the environment and, thereby, for our kids:
This is brilliant! Too bad my kids are 13, 19 and 21! Just outside tolerance levels...
what a cool video I like thanks
It is different to access for me
I should learning more English to understand what you say
I am come from China Mainland.We should take some special measure to access Youtube
The one thing that puzzles me is a comment that one of my brothers work friends made at a Memorial day dinner at his home in 2011. (My brother works at Lockheed Martian Denver on the Orion space capsule design team) What was stated was that most new Engineers (from 1992+) are doing is using (wasting) federal money to redo many of the space science physics projects to prove to themselves, and I say have their name be used to place over the original discovers name. Many times my brother said to these new people that what they are doing has been done and proven before, then he recalls up the video from the Lockheed Martian computer records to show them. The newbie's reply is in most cases that this is what my higher up boss told me to do. And what another of my brothers Lockheed Martian friends said was if it happened during Reagan's time it was fiction and no to be believed. Then this guy said if it was not done by a liberal or someone employed by a liberal it was a mistake and no beloved so it must be done to prove that their fiction agrees with true science.

I left names out because their liberal bosses may frown on them for not saying liberals are perfect, does this concept come from the guy at the top of the totem pole?
شكرا جزيلا لك يا أخي، وهذا هو المدهش
China government blocked YouTube
It Would have Been great If There's a WALL in Google+ Like That in Facebook Where UsersCan Post Comments in Their Friend's Profile.
Hey Larry, sounds REALLY cool but when do we have to do the experiment by? Is there a deadline?
Great project! Thanks to all Googlers and You Tube.
can we do it in groups im sure my science teacher would love this
Xi Shen
this is awesome. I wish I were younger
This is a really cool project. Can't wait to see the results.
Great post, inspiring the minds of tomorrow with these activities is pretty damn cool, google gets a "+" in my book for this one.
Davevo That is when people are at their creative peaks later they learn all wrong lessons
Great campaign! Congrats.
this news was also in my school's newspaper..
I wish I was 14-18 years old.
LOve you Larry Page... Love this video...
And to think that NASA's very survival is in jeopardy - moves to privatize it. What kind of attitude would foster that ridiculous path to mediocrity? Through NASA we as Americans join together to do something beyond what any "competitive enterprise seeking a return on investment" could ever do. The return on investment is unknown by definition, as the "search" itself. How fitting that the worlds greatest search company would be so keen on NASA. They share the same spirit! Thank you Larry and Google! 
Can´t watch the video from the office. For later...
oh my god! Hello everyone. I'm from in VietNam. Nice to meet you!@.@?
That's an awesome idea, Larry! Thanks for being there! ;)
Mr Hawking isnt amazing but hey who cares
I want them to release some antimatter from containment in space and see if it can thrust to light speed.
Cool, Imma defiantly make something for this!
I'm 51 ... too bad there is no good opportunities for older people ... :(
Its time to send my annoying cat into orbit... better cut the claws..
Nice collaboration Larry... Must have used G+ to network, haha.
That's how "Chix in Space" was hatched! Of course, Soviets and Slovaks were way ahead with quails.
Great idea, the marvels yet to be revealed by our youth
Awesome! When is the last date?
Last date to submit??? Let us know Mr. Page!
They should take this a step further, and award the winner with a Scholarship.
Hey, how about building something like the LHC in space ? just saying...
Cool stuff Larry, any idea ahout a What-would-you-like-the-web-to-do-for-you-Version?
The us future is dependent on educating more science students. Great way to encourage this. Thsnks Larry

I'm not 14, but I'd shine a laser back at earth and see if all the cats on earth chase it around. A little dangerous though because the change in Earth's center of gravity might have repercussions.
The Conquest of Space - alternative definition: Take a problem you have down here on Planet Earth and spread it to the outer space. The goal is 'If the problem gets thin many think it is solved'
imma ask again can we do this in groups ie classes
... Love the animation on the Google Homepage, by the way.
Que sería de nuestras vidas sin Google? :D
Youtube has been blocked by Chinese Government
Google+ is now Google++ in my book! Google continues to improve upon and come out with new products that engage their users. Helping support our future generation with technology is great and really boost's their self esteem. Thanks to Google and Larry Page!
yeah, that's why i saw a thinkpad lol
Google rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C Jason
youtube cooperate with Lenovo?
great move Larry! you are the best way to increase knowledge and stimulate the curiosity of the new generations
awesome. now all I need to do is convince my nephew to wear a spacesuit and mimick throwing a frisbee in space to study if Tron like phenomenon occur.
nice initiative Larry... 
I know a JPL rocket propulsion scientist. Some of the conversations we had in Afghanistan about math, space, time travel and science were priceless.

Space truly is the final frontier. The sky is no longer the limit either, since we can now travel to space!
Its a great oportunity for young scientist and new students to put their ideas in the space, literaly in the space, lets see how this result!!, but why only the young people only, there is not a category for old folks?.
Hello Larry! My name is Daniel! I am very glad to see you, and very happy to see google plus. Unfortunately I am find one mistake in this site.
I live in Gubkinskiy Russia, but there are 2 Gubkinskiy in my country, and in my profile is not the city I live.
Good luck Larry. Have a nice day.
Ok i got Some Skills for dancing bt the problem is i'm only 11
This posting, involving us, is another good illustration of the difference between Facebook and Google+.

That + at the end of 'Google' and the + in front our names connects Google with us and us with Google. People are ON Facebook, but they are WITH Google+

Roll on Google+ :-)))
ARE theoratical physics theories accepted?? (ones made by me about general relativity and neutrinos)
Super Godly !!! Am Awaiting the common miracle days when my nephews studying in Singapore will be innovating with Space Scientists Educators over The Google Space Lab ...and adding their arena with other budding /rising Space discoverers across Global Network ...same hope for my neice Stine mehra in LATVIA !!! *****
... Be sure to do this in the years to come, Some, young yet bright minds have yet to display our intellect and ingenuity.

... A bit dramatic, perhaps ....
that was great an awsome,,,,,,,, kp going man
So good the idea... muito bacana mesmo... parabéns aos criadores e aos incentivadores.
I think what NASA does, with ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos and other space agencies, are a wonderful thing. Thaks to their experiments in space, we know more things, and we must not forget that these experiments also bring prosperity in our everyday life. And even if as you say, there are many other problems in our world, why must we stop our impulse: the searching for a more conscious knowledge.
It's as you say: why do we buy cosmetics eat on fastfoods and junk food despite of spend that money to give to poor!
Unfortunately, the mankind is not perfect and like other living kind, there is something animal in each of us and as I just said this animal part of us is the knowledge, our well-being! Yes we are selfish, and yes we must try to change and certainly we need people like you +Tim Ballard who make us think, but at the same time we must recognize how we are so selfish! ;-)

(I'm italian, excuse me for english errors....)
Fantastic! This is how you make people dream big. Thank you, Larry, for understanding and supporting this foundational principle of building a better future.
Nice youtube clip, nearly as good as something from Apple. Well done.
I know a few people 14-18 that want some platform to express their science talent i will surly tell them about this.
Hi, here in Tecnologico de Monterrey ( we invited all of our highschool studentes... This is an awsome project!
Simple experiment to try in space:
Have a tube with a small hole in one end and put a cylinder in the other end. If you cover the hole, then you can't pull the cylinder out because it creates a vaccume. In space, you should be able to pull the cylinder out while covering the hole. I do not believe it, so I want to see it happen.
The trapped air behaves in the same way, regardless of what the atmosphere may be outside of the tube.
amazing..Inspiring Initiative ..Congratulations ..
Space Lab.. is great move from youtube and I think we will see its impact soon.
What a great way to get fresh ideas - nothing like an untapped mind to come up with the next innovation
Ric Lav je.parle.pas beaucoup langlait
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