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When I was young, I really liked playing with Legos, and eventually got some "expert builder" ones you can actually make just about anything out of (now often called technic). In college I built an inkjet printer out of these Legos and some electronics I built.

But this is amazing -- whole working robotic human hand out of Legos! What amazing mechanical Lego creations have you seen?
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I was impressed with Legoland! this takes the cake. Mindstorm is very cool. App Inventor had some mindstorm tools that were awesome!
When I worked for LEGO back in 1991-1992, the model shop guys were doing some pretty cool things with the Mindstorm kits that were just coming out. This blows anything away that I have seen in the past.
Min Cho
Lego's evolving applications are like the Google's innovation lab.
Incredible. I'm not fond of Lego kits, but I'd love to see this kit. :-)
Great stuff, lego technics is by far the best toy you could buy a child (or an adult :D?) The rubiks cube one that +Andrew Schieber mentioned is very cool also.
An inkjet printer? Seriously? I am impressed!
Can anyone explain why it's Lego*s* in the states (or is it just a thing)? It's something I've never understood, here in the UK it's just Lego...
I always stop walking when I find LEGO in the shop....I can't help it lol
Wow, awesome.

A kid I grew up with was a veritable Lego inventor/engineer in grade school. He made crazy automated stuff under his desk during class that blew my mind. Machines that would ranxomly rotate and spin and 'walk', all custom creations adapted from actual sets. He's now a gifted engineer.

It's a little disappointing to see how branded/licensed sets continue to take up a bigger and bigger portion of Lego output. I really dug the early Star Wars sets, but they're at they're best and most stimulating when they're a blank slate, or at least generic as opposed to licensed.
Apparently one is never too old for LEGO.
I want to try Mindstorms once, it's programming software can be extended with the Lua programming language. :P
Love it. I'm going broke buying all the advanced Lego stuff for my kids!!
Larry Page co-founder of Google shared this video with me and it and Larry are both examples of not letting the world say "You can't do that" because if you never give up you can do almost anything!
I've always been a fan of Legos and still am. Although, for me, I tend to think big and try to build skyscrapers rather then the technical stuff. That being said, I find this completely fascinating.
thats cool whoever said it was lame is so wrong thats amazing that someone could build that!:)
+Z Kidd , obviously someone with more imagination than... oh, I dont know... you, perhaps.

JAW. DROP. I wonder if BZPower knows of this?
Other than the stupid lesbian jam music, quite cool.
I am just "grasping" for cons. Lego should be the official building material of the UN.
+Larry Page LEGO "Technic" sets have been around for decades. They were the only LEGO kits my parents would buy me. Thanks for sharing this video - this robotic arm beats the Technic Veyron hands down... get it? hands down? ;-)
I built a cleaning robot that would map the room and improve the efficiency at which it would clean it. That was in high school and I got recruited by Universities. It pays off to be a geek.
Would it be possible to hook it up to some sensors on my arm so it would imitate my arm?
(GO Tarheels!!!)
how long did it take u to make that
I love lego but i could never do anything like that WOW
I am an expert at Legos and I made something like that,but I hate that they fall apart easily
Great, holding random objects like you've never seen anything hold objects before. Now let's see you make something useful instead of something already done 10 years ago but shit.
So much great stuff in this design. I especially like the way they did the adduction/abduction of the fingers
ya, I think lego's are coming out with the 'Terminator' model soon! lol
Just an old senior citizen who bought her bright kids legos when they just came in sets of so many pieces. Our sons thought the small instruction booklet that came with the set boring. They built every-thing from a small pool table to buildings with elevator - like hoists.
Not too bad for 6-8 year olds raised in the Sierra in the 1960's.
It's like the youtube trolls arrived to spam this thread. Lego rules.
how close are we to search robots those which can respond by searching google's semantic database? amazing hand, however I think that it could use a lot of fine grained parts...
Very Cool! But i too have no idea how this got into my stream.. I made a fully working Technic hand when i was about 12-13, maybe even younger. I wasn't lucky enough to get the mindstorms stuff, but i made do with what i had. My hand wasn't as slender as this one, but it used the same small pneumatic system which had been around for just a few years and had rubber tipped fingers so it gripped better. It also had an adjustable thumb which could pivot (using a rack and pinion steering rig), allowing it to grasp at either the index finger or the ring ringer. It was pretty powerful too, and could slightly crush an empty aluminium can. I remember when my family had a garage sale, i foolishly put my lego out for sale with a crazy high price to see if anyone would actually buy it (about 40-50 litres of lego for $500). Nobody did buy it, but one guy stood there for about 10 minutes holding the hand i had made, starring at it, moving the fingers and basically looking at it like he had found a teminator hand or something. I'm pretty sure my hand inspired that man to create Cyberdyne Systems and one day, when his machines become self aware, I'll be Miles Dyson. Huh huh huh huh huh... click Boom!
larry I love lego and thank you very much for create this web site
One time my friend built an electronic dog out of legos based on the old Sony dog. He sent it to fetch a twig in the river. . . it didn't return.
Gay?! you are stupid. do you have any idea how smart you would have to be to do this. come back when you can. THEN you can call it gay
+Amber Toland

Amber, it's best to think of oneself as 'temporarily able-bodied." Nobody with two hands wants a prosthetic one, but then, Legos don't go into commercial/retail products/systems.
That was one of the most coolest things i ever seen.
that's so cool !!!!! and i would get one of those if my arm got cut off
@Amber Toland ("Watch tv and play Video games") Did you ever do something all by yourself, apart saying things that make you look stoopid?
+Hope Rhoads is the prime example of why G+ never should have opened up to children.
Actually makes me realize how amazing the human hand is.
Larry's getting a lot of Plusses!!!, howthat?
I wanna see Larry's printer! ;)
+Hope Rhoads

Well sorry that there are people who actually use their minds and hands for creative purposes. It's people like that who forward the world of science and technology. That create computers or smartphones that you type on.
I always knew Legos were cool; this only proves my notion.
Jay Odd
Nice Page no wonder your the ceo of google
Slow- even @ twice the speed
+Hope Rhoads "Seriously why do people think this is cool... Most people who play with LEGOs are faggots (A bundle of twigs), just saying."

Are you posting from a 1980's analog cell phone?

I fixed it for you. Enjoy being illiterate. (I could have made a few mistakes, but I at least try to spell.)
looks more like a erector set then legos, but why out of lego instead of just a little crafted steal and why inkjet i think laserjet would have been more fun! btw geek check out
It's amazing. VERY A W E S O M E!!
Really Cool, now I want to spend some time with those Legos that I left stored some time after my computer control course and have it upgraded... Thanks for making me remember some about that proyect...
who says sweet mama cobos???????? its all in the joshua bubba reggie dakota karl corn husks
awesome aban jones bet you stare at that
We have to destroy it. There is no future but what we make.
That's how it started in Terminator 2
I wouldn't call that hand human, but rather a robotic hand.
Ohh that is so cool i love to play with legos to but i definetley not as skilled as u lol
That is sooooooo beast, i love lego robotics! Infact, I live in ATL and they're making a Lego Land!
We had erector sets when I was a kid! We built some pretty amazing things (but unfortunately a bit earlier than mechanical legos).
i remember my mechanical days---- Really awesome motion !
Judgement day is coming!!
+Larry Page what was the resolution of the printer?
discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Looks cool and seems like it's really thought out.
+Larry Page , I love Lego, and G+ too, but why are 'what's hot' posts showing up in my stream individually? Not sure I like this set-up. When they were in a bunch I could choose to collapse them and read them later.
I'm currently reading "In the Plex" by Steven Levy and I think it's super-badass that you built the first Google server racks with Legos!
Wow! Inspired by Lego and where our minds can take us. 
That is SO KOOL! How does it work lik that? Awesome
My older brother is obsessed with Legos! I swear, you'll go in his room, you'll say, "What are you doing, Carl?" and he'll say, "Playing with my Legos. What do you want?" ROFL. The Lego Arm is awesome. I kind of wonder if you could turn it into an actual machine.
They should train the hands to make more lego body parts.
Yeah, I've seen that one, it's really cool. I used to have Robotics Lego, but I can't afford Lego Technics at the mo all the more pity :(
I know the guy who made this. I've been making posts about it for a while now. Our Robotics Club is making a more advanced version.
Holy crap man you must have alot of free time.
wow, that is crazy. It would seem that in some ways it is more advanced than some modern prosthetic's. Would like to see the next gen of this device.
okay ,i wanna ask not every kid holds a lego does cool structures,but i swear that my son at the age of two use to build even structures,it was sooo amazing every time he would make some thing different ,i wish i took pics.
dood! thats awsome. i want to grow up to be like you cause im in to engineering and i love legos. and technic is my favorite type
Terminator: Google edition! coming this summer :)
+Karim Benchouia Holy crap man you must have no original thought. Seriously, what does having a lot of free time have to do with making something unique? For all you know he could have been working on the thing for years, months, weekends only, etc. in between doing other things.
Wow, Legoland should use you as a spokesman!
The motors are so much smaller and more compact than when they were called mindstorms! Gosh thats pretty genius man. I always had fun with mindstorms but I never made hands or anything of that sort. I was more into the competitions with the robots that needed to complete task and such. We won best design the first year we did it, and got disqualified because they told us the wrong time to show up for our run. As is life I suppose.
I would want a full Lego set of a manufacturing line that produces Lego bricks. Just add plastic!
Brilliant work, man. Keep doing what you love!
can it choke? possible new torture device for my collection of frigid water, overdosive feebreeze/ computer duster gas, the dreaded glue, and who could forget the ak47
This guy is going to be recruited soon, if he hasn't already by the Rebotics crews working on Prosthetic Limbs !!
phhtt ur call that amazing u guys should see my lego death star
Wow, thats pretty incredible. Very cool.
why is your stuff on my page?
I liked the idea of the creation, but will it seriously be a fully functioning limb for a person? The music in the video was terrible, but I managed to get through it. There is always room for new creations and improvements to help the medical field and war amputees if possible.
Well, that's pretty cool, but how about some Lego Friends? We can build some trees and plan a party.
Don't go overboard with the fist bump...
freakin epic! beats all of my castles
Now we just need a better brain-computer interface, and replace the gas compressor...and have this guy hired to make prosthetic arm!
Just the other day, I was pondering whether to get a friend's kid LEGO or Cubelets from Modular Robotics Combining the two might be magical.
Chan Li
it's still kinda slow , i wish the arm react faster
that is awesome i love legos and engineering
calling it Legos is like calling your company Gogle. The stuff is called LEGO
pretty cool must have took some time to build
Happy and privileged to add you in my circles
Are those pads touch sensors? If they are, I am curious to know how they implemented them.
Nn Mm
Our robotics class made an 18 by 18 in robot for FTC competition using Lego mindstorm programming as well as some parts. We won 2nd!!!
Cool. But it's not "Legos". The plural form of LEGO is LEGO.
I thought it was awesome when I found the fully functional Lego large format camera... but wow, a robotic hand is quite impressive!! 
I have to agree with Penny Arcade's assessment of the 'plural form' of Lego: "It's a made-up Goddamn nonsense word".
i would walk around flippin ppl the bird with this thing LOL
That ALMOST made me want to cut off my hand just to get one of those. lol XD
why the main page of Google changes again?
AWESOME-and you never out grow legos. I still like creating stuff with them. 
I think it is cool but sooner or later there going to make I where it is not as fun as it used to be.
I have a nephew that would be totally fascinated by this.
armatrom - tectoy, that's not really new, is it?
Just for the record, if I may say, this hand is not multitasking, something a decent programmer will notice within the first 20 seconds.

IMO a hardware without the right software to support it, it's just an outstanding lego machinery and nothing more.

Btw my GB just bought me my first lego box I ever had, this video it's so awesome, I never thought lego was so complex and fun.
The plural of "Lego" is "Lego".
That was awesome. Human arm+ or should I have it as +Human arm.
Awesome...I wish , I could do that . : ) 
u are great yaaaa
I had build up a printer with Lego device,it was a wonderful experience.
My 7yo took a lego physics class @ PSU this summer. That class had nothing on this lego creation. Truly amazing.
This is AWSOME! ps i like legos 2 :)
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Pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing and glad to see your post!
I want to +1 this twice. That robotic arm is awesome!
Holding a UNC bottle, definitely a +1
The best thing I ever built was a boat that floated
Who was the builder? (And how old was he or she?)
Lego, not Legos... The plural of Lego is still Lego. Sorry but it bothers me a lot.
Lon W.
Know a man who went through some hand damage. Remember the hand therapy he learned. That is, "out of sight." Neat.
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Cool! Can we test with a pair of chopsticks?! :)
i think that is so cool cos i love lego lol
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Lego robot is great HowAreYoU from Terminator.
+Larry Page
These all have a basic problem (money drain ;)

What my kids really like is the duplo toolo (my son 2.5 likes to make machines whit huge arms or this scorpion :)
There are also a couple simple sound blocks (parents beware!!)

But the most AWESOME lego ever
Google should release an Android powered extension kit for Lego Mindstorm that also support Arduino and Android @ Home.
+Larry Page - Would you mind crediting the original artist for this work? I know you're famous and this gets you pluses but a lot of hard work goes into these projects so it would be nice if famous people credited the actual creators so others didn't just assume you did it. If you're interested in making one yourself, we do these projects all the time and I can show you cooler stuff at the Maker Faire here in OC this Summer.
I developed a Lego Nxt Car with a mobile on it to take pictures, sends them via umts to a pc, receive commands and controls the car itself.
Thus, it was kind of a remote drone, kinda funny and worked very well.
and at least a recieved a pretty good grade fot this work ;)
FYI - I did a presentation this weekend on controlling LEGO blocks with BECCA. The bot learns over time and can remap it's cognitive thinking after environmental changes.
Yeah that is pretty amazing - have you seen the rubiks cube solving Lego ? Google it
Howard Wolowitz springs to mind... :0)
That is awesome! I'd like to have one of those.
Amongst the 429 comments, surely someone has already mentioned the disaster that resulted when Leonard on "The Big Bang" invented this very product.
You are young. Remembers me to the physics kit I had when I was young. But I was just building radios. Unfortunately no search engines or robots.
Isn't Lego the plural of Lego?

Like canon, one canon, lots of canon.
LEGO not legos! (looks cool though)
Woh, if so, a 'real' robotic arm shouldn't be so expensive!
My youngest son once created an ambulance, two paramedics, a hospital operating theatre complete with surgeons and a whole team of medical staff from a single tiny piece of lego - well, sort of - he choked on it and it dropped into his vocal cords and then into the top of his lung thus rendering him a medical emergency.
That is absolutely incredible. The sheer depth of attention to detail and realism of movement just boggles my mind. Well done.
I made a LEGO TECHNIC robot hand back in 1990. :) Not as fine as this one though.
Now that's cool! Thanks for sharing. I wonder what the instructions are like? ;-)
if this prosthetic arm can help those children's, who had no's playful and fun...
I really liked the one that solves the rubic cube. Especially when thinking back about my feeling when I solved it after days of effort... CubeStormer II
Are they called Legos or is it just the Americans reinventing things to suit themselves?
Where's Your sense of adventure?
My dad made legolike pieces from wood before there were any legos in the world and we also sold them in Finland
voilence in all is wrong and there is no reason for it
They should have made it flip the bird in the vid.
I thought the plural of Lego was Lego not Legos!
Wow, I am working on something just like that! I will keep you posted!
El Bell
I thought the plural of Lego was "lego"?
Not sure I'd want a prosthetic arm that my friends could unclip and remodel while I'm asleep. ;-)
google+可以在中国登陆了啊 以后不要翻墙了 希望能持续下去 感谢谷歌!
Who in the heck do you belong to Mr.CEO Grew a massively heavy beard while only twelve.
great...I guess...the Judgement day isn't far...
Mr. Page, you surprise me.

What do you mean by 'When you were young', young man Larry? Your are so young still that I couldn't get over it when I first saw your photo. Why? I am an old lady and I always associated the Google Page rank with a machine. Or to be more precise I thought that a little gray old man was the inventor of the Google PR. But no this is unreal... Why my buzz? Your handsome face and age really give Google a whole new dimension. It adds the human touch to Google and makes it so sexy all of a sudden. Shame that I am so old already. Arrrch... :)
we ever going to get sketchup on android
Larry...make an offer to reed hastings so I can watch netflix on here.... ;)
Awesome.. Shows the complexity of human hand - thanks for sharing
I remember making a walking robot from a standard Lego Technic set, when I was 8-yrs old (more or less). It was quiet simple actually, the only non-orthodox thing was the actual Lego electric motor, sold separately w/battery pack. My father was so stunned that he bought me a big pack of chocolates... Still have these sets in my attic, hoping my kids will not go for the new, stupid Lego Transformer / Bionic / whatever ones.

BTW It's commentary # 499, the magical barrier of max 501 comments on a post will be broken soon, +Larry Page :-)
wow,it is just build by Legos!!!
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wow.....why don't you build android will be great :D
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