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I've been following what's going on in Homs with horror--it's a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. My heart goes out to all the victims and I just hope the international community can at least get medical supplies to all those who are suffering.

From YouTube:
Two journalists who were wounded in the same blast that killed Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin have made a haunting YouTube appeal for help from Homs.
Edith Bouvier, a reporter for Le Figaro, said she needs urgent medical attention and asked to be evacuated quickly, while Sunday Times photograph Paul Conroy also pleaded for safe passage out of the city.
The footage, filmed in the besieged city of Homs on Thursday, was posted online by anti-regime activists. In both videos the sound of shelling outside can be heard.
Yesterday activists said Bouvier was at risk of bleeding to death if she was not evacuated quickly. In the footage, she appears calm, even smiling weakly as she explains that her leg is broken.
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That would be great. It's a sad situation and it's one that needs more attention. 
Bro send some Google good will moolah over there.
something really has to be done to end this.
It's crazy over there. I just dont get why stuff like this happens
I +1ed this, not because I like what's going on in Syria, but because I agree with the sentiment. And because the international society has for some reason decided that it's okay for Assad to murder his own people.
Thank you. It's good to know people care. I'm a native living in Syria. If that's what's happening to reporters, imagine what's happening everyday to the rebels, their elderly, and even their children...
Sad truth is that as long as China & Russia support the regime nothing can be done.
Malheureusement ça ne changera rien aux yeux des dirigeants occidentaux. Mes pensées vont aux familles de tous les syriens et étrangers, tristement morts pour rien.
Crime has had on major media and traded with blood as the oldest Syrian terrorists killed the Syrian civilians were kidnapped and their image that the Syrian Arab Army of killing them to be pressure on the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning the Syrian State
The Syrian leadership has
Among other reforms and radical political change, including the constitution of the country's transition to
Democratic political life as she has invited all shades of opposition to dialogue and
Participation in the political life of the opposition responded with more bloodshed and killing
Targeting of civilians and the military
syria must have gotten hold of those 2 journalists satellite phones and killed them when they found out where they were
Did the journalist go there officially? If one goes to war, he should understand he can get hurt there.
The treatment of the civilians is barbaric. It's so bad it's unwatchable! Hopefully those giving the orders to kill will be brought to account.
Channels of media incitement broadcast on the clock and since the morning what pretend that the massacre of the forces of the Syrian army against civilians in Homs .. But the answer was clear and at all levels, and evidence that the bodies of the victims are people civilians, and some elements of the maintenance of order was liquidated at the request of Qatar to show it before hours of the Security Council meeting
And of course has been liquidated by the armed terrorist gangs Support from the West and some Gulf states to drop rapidly Syria in response to the desire of the West and Zionism
How about some links. Given the complexity of knowing who is who in this part of the world I can't do my usual scrutiny but you would think Larry here might have some way to rank who seems to have the best impact.
+Larry Page I get sad at times like this. Locals have been slaughtered for months and it makes the news in a passive way. Westerner gets killed and Assad must go. Why do we have to wait for "one of our own" to be killed before we give a shit?
It's awful. I have two new words from these messes.

A syrius problem = it's going seriously wrong but everyone chooses to bury their heads in the sand.

A lybius problem = there's not actually much of a problem but everyone steps in to try and resolve it.
Its a SOS anyone who can respond should...
That what is happening in Syria is not the demands of popular reforms and change, but it is an insurgency supported by the outskirts of its territory and global, that feed the Islamist extremist groups with money and weapons and are the groups most horrendous kinds of crimes against Syrian citizens in order to put pressure on the Syrian state to relinquish their positions to support the resistance movements in all of occupied Palestine, Iraq and South Lebanon
You can also use the above in the vernacular, it's syrius or it's lybius.
My English translation of +Benoit GRIFFON's post, made without benefit of so perhaps I got it wrong:
"Unhappily that will change nothing in the eyes of Western (dirigeants - correspondents? critics?). My thoughts go out to the families of all Syrians and foreigners, who, sadly, died for nothing."
Thank you for posting what is going on. As a Journalist my heart goes out everytime a brother and sister are injured or killed. Marie was an excellent Journalist I knew her. At the same time when we put on the Blue jackets and helmets, we assume to be safe, which often is not the case, we become a target for trying to get the news out and let the world know what is truly going on.
Thanks, +Jodi Kaplan. I could have looked it up, but felt I'd lose machismo if I did that.
It's a war. people are being killed and murdered, probably on both sides.

The rebels admit war crimes already, Assad does not. Why are we (the west) supporting the rebels? On what logical basis? Not good behaviour. Not nobleness. Not democracy. What then? Being "anti-Assad" does not do it for me I'm afraid.

If a reporter goes to war, then they accept the risks. I hope she gets out ok, but if she doesn't, remember it was nobody's choice but her own to put herself in this danger.

I would not risk the life of anyone I care about to rescue her.

Good luck, but you're on your own, where you placed yourself, and now you must take the consequences - whatever they may be.
This is the best kind of link that the head of Google can come up with???? A pedestrian link to the UK Telegraph and a pic of a soccer guy. And this bold statement " I just hope the international community can at least get medical supplies to all those who are suffering. " You are a Billionaire, dude, and the head of a multibilllion $ intl corporation. I guess you have some nameless assistant putting this out like everyone else at the level of Larry Page and that goes a long way to explaining Syria now doesen't it?
We are the syrian people love our leader Bashar Al-assad & love google co. and his owner ;-)
+john g yeah G+ just doesn't have the userbase yet to compete with FB on causes and such.
So tragic, I heard the news yesterday.. Photo journalist need to carry more than camera, pens and paper.
+Peter Jovanovic if in doubt that there really are atrocities committed by the regular Syrian army, have a look at +Syrian Revolution postings. Nobody can make up all this. Also there are independent reports from several journalists, though no Russians among them.
surly the international community can't ignore what is going on.
+Alex Murphy That is for sure but it is not like Google can't take a more leading role. In particular when you see one of the founders making a post (either personally or by proxy really does not matter it is supposed to be "verified" Larry Page) about a serious event like this. FB as we have seen in the Mideast turmoil lately is the social net that automatically gets used, and Twitter of course-if you can consider that a social net. is a really good one from T-Reuters that alot of people are not aware of. I do alot of high speed monitoring of these feeds along with Bloomberg and DJ who do have people that follow this stuff. Not like Reuters, however, who are really into it big time.
Wow, Larry's post about humanitarian aid got trolled pretty hard! Sorry, Larry. :(
+Peter Jovanovic I just had a look at that +News About Syria - English that you linked. Things like this don't seem very informational, but rather martial: "The Syrian army replied, we are not here to negotiate... Negotiation days are over."
If you live either in the US or Russia (just guessing by your name), I understand your distrust in independent media. In Germany, media market seems to work, and I'd trust it to make money with headlines like "Syria uprising stirred by British Forces" if there was evidence for that.
Remember guys: Anything any other country has done at anytime in anywhere in the world that wasn't very nice makes any argument against the Syrian government invalid. I love that kind of logic, don't you?! Also, adding that the CIA is behind practically everything is a plus!
I'm really all shaken up about Larry's post and whoever the hell posted it, getting trolled - if you call getting an education in how things really work getting trolled, hey whatever. Ich bin ein trolliner
My money is definitely on Reuters with alertnet for something like this Have not checked out Al-Jiz in a while but they always come up with some kind of different take on things, as Al Jezz tends to do. RT? Anyone's guess. You might as well follow Fox news too who will probably suggest sending them ammo money and attacking everyone just to be sure the aid does not get stolen for drug money.
Larry,I sent you a private message on G+ and would be grateful for an acknowledgment at the very least.. Regards, D
+Peter Jovanovic in the case of Libya, I can somehow follow why one could imagine a NATO/CIA conspiracy, because of the oil. But why do you think the western world should conspire for an uprising in Syria?
+Isaac Fouladi Man, please tell that to Russia and China! They vetoed a resolution against the Syrian government in the UN security council.
Yea, great idea, let's put in a cease fire to let a few journalists out of the country. People who knew that they would be in a war zone. Nevermind the people rebelling against a dictatorship striving to get some basic freedoms. Lets just stop their rebellion to get a few people out of the war zone who walked in knowing they might be harmed. I feel for them, I really do, but pleading for a cease fire for their injuries when people are dying to gain freedom. Do you think they said time out during the revolutionary war? NO. Of course were journalists dumb enough to walk into a war zone back then and expect to be able to call a time out in order to escape further harm? NO. So while I wish them all the best, I think the focus should be put on instead helping the people rebel against the ruthless dictatorship of Syria in order to conclude the hostilities ASAP. That will help everyone.

But that is just my opinion, what do I know?
+Aubrey Skelly makes some very good points. Syria is a very tricky situation... countries like the US, China, Russia, North Korea among others, are all watching intently what transpires here.
Seriously starting to troll here, but anyway... +J.D. Abbey , please have a look at this video, where people in Homs "risk death to honor the lives of two journalists that died to get their stories out.":
People in Homs surely consider the journalists as martyrs, even more so because their death brought attention to what's going on in Homs.
If there was a ceasefire to get the remaining journalists out, I'm sure everybody in Homs would be happy to be able to shift wounded people around to places where they can get help, check out
+Peter Jovanovic Who is "they"? If that's supposed to be the U.S., I think you're overestimating their willingness and ability to wage another war. Their credit-worthiness is dwindling.
+Jörg von Frantzius Again, I feel for the journalists, but they chose to enter a hot zone and are naive to think that people fighting for their freedom will stop so that a few foreigners can get out of the country when hundreds of their fellow citizens are dying for their freedom without a dedication or able to call a time out when they get hurt. And as for the US getting involved, we aren't the only country, maybe the UN should jump in or maybe Russia should think of more than their economic interests and help the people rebelling which will help them in the future.
+Peter Jovanovic same article appeared today in German translation in "Die Zeit", the original articles seems to have appeared in French in Le Monde.
Do you think the independent media can and does exist in general on this world?
+Larry Page I'm syrian american, and so stunned on how easy for people to believe everything they watch on TV (or youtube) or read on the Internet.

It's heart breaking to see how many innocent people in Syria being killed by armed gangs and hired mecenaries and when the syrian government tries everything they could to fight those gangs and protect the syrian people; the syrian government gets falsely accused of the killing. It's beyond stunning!!!!!

As my family in Syria tells time and after time, the killing in Syria is done by armed gangs and terrorist groups, and the Syrian government is doing everything they can to save lives and protect civilians.

Only this morning I talked to my family, and they told me that the Syrian army is pretty much now in control of Homs (thank God), and the first thing the syrian government did was to send ambulances with medication and baby vaccination; so many people were injured during the fight to cleanse the streets from those gangs and many babies missed their vaccination; That's the government I'm proud of; NOT the fictitious syrian government the media keeps brainwashing the people in the US to believe it's real; using, as they say "we can't verify" videos and stories.

Those unverified videos show people being injured in Syria, which is heart breaking; but who's doing the shooting and killing; the videos don't show that. It's assumed that Syrian government doing the killing with no evidence, it just shows how dumb people are who believe everything they watch. the majority of deaths reported by UN are actually pro government civilians and syrian security martyrs, not anti-government; The western Media does not want the people in US to know that. another fact that shows that the armed gangs are doing the killing.

see this video and see how terrorized people in homs from those gangs.

تقرير الــ سي ان ان من قلب دمشق CNN 27-1-2012.wmv

The Arab League own's mission report on Syria showed that gangs are doing the killing not the Syrian security (as I already know from what my family tells me) and the syrian security only uses force when fighting armed gangs; Arab League never published the report, because it supports the Syrian government claims. and shows that Syrian government is doing its job of protecting the syrian people.

The leaked text of the Arab League independent observers mission to Syria, shows the truth about what's going on in Syria

It's a fact that the majority of syrians support the syrian government; and it's only few thousands (out of 23 Million) in Syria who are anti government; no surprise the media in US does not show the 100,000s of Syrians going to the streets to support the Syrian government, instead, the Western media shows few 100s and few 1000s in best cases who are anti government. Journalism has become a joke not a profession.

Damascus - Massive Pro Government Gathering to Honor and Salute the Syrian National Army

for more info I encourage everyone to RSS sub to these news sources

February 2012-02-20, Syrian Crisis Updated

'Saudi-funded jihad targets Syria as last secular Arab state'

what's really going on in Syria

Russ Baker, interviewed on RT about developments in Syria, February 16, 2012
+Aubrey Skelly A lot of people are saying "enough is enough". Question is: what can the world do to stop this? If there was a resolution in the UN security council, and the Arab League was going for an intervention, then that'd be something.
The fact actual good deed is greater than a thousand intentions. And the truth of the matter is...the world is changing, some people are simply just getting crazies, and we're only seeing the beginning! Believe it!
A number of countries have a vested interest in Syria, not just Russia and China. Syria has a lot of power and much of that power is in the form of information.
+Sameer Haddad "Sameer hasn't shared anything with you.", "Sameer has not filled out their profile yet.", "In Sameer's circles (2)" - this and your long comment gives me the creepy feeling that some Syrian official party has just entered this discussion.
+Sameer Haddad Do you think it is very smart to use RT as a news source in this conflict? Most sources, like the journalist Marie Colvin who just was killed there, file very different stories contrary to what your family says about " the killing in Syria is done by armed gangs and terrorist groups, and the Syrian government is doing everything they can to save lives and protect civilians." Maybe they have to say that and you perhaps have to agree with them in public. That is unfortunate.
+john g I agree RT can be biased, the same way Foxnews can be biased; however you need to watch both sides to know what's going on.
+Peter Jovanovic right :-) Coming back to the subject of independent media, the "taz" newspaper that I mentioned is not backed by money, but 11,000 people who invested in it, see
Anyway, do you know of any independent journalist in Syria who would say that the Syrian army is not shelling civilians, and rather protecting them? Do you have any links?
Russia and China will support this dictator out of fear for their own political system of corruption and false democracy. Russians are waking up slowly though. West will have to step in on this one I hope for now all we can do is watch people suffer.
+Larry Page If I were you I really would consider shutting this whole G+ thing down while reading some of the comments above.

People are getting killed and tortured by the hundreds by a brutal regime intent on staying in power no matter the cost and these guys maunder about CIA plots, Neo-Cons and their own persecution complex as a comment to that fact. That really is unworthy and disgusting IMHO.
+Peter Jovanovic Why do you think Putin is supporting Assad? Does it have anything to do with Russian navy base? Only two countries supporting Assad and my country is among them, I am so ashamed for my government :(
+Jörg von Frantzius look who's doing the shelling in Homs in the following video.
rebels started shelling a school, Syrian TV went there to interview residents and expose the violence of those gangs, and got hit by the shelling, the resident who was on the interview got severely injured; (warning graphic images)
اصابة احد المدنيين امام الكاميرا بقذائف مسلحين 1 2 2012

also, watch this video where a mortar exploded while one of the gangs are using it to shell residential areas.
انفجار قذيفة هاون بوجه احد الارهابيين حمص
+Aubrey Skelly Trust me on this, in corruption Russian is a Euro champion by a long shot. You can not even imagine. State official wearing wrist watches for $1M without shame, Putin building palaces all other the place etc.
+Peter Jovanovic in another 12 years we may see something like this in Russia if Putin does not step down. History will not forgive him for destroying our great country.
When I think of media and trustworthy ..I have to say PBS..For a mainstream look at any topic any given day. NPR..same thing here in the US.'s editorial..not news..especially Fox...forget that!!
+Luke smith Putin has no choice now, he has to be in power so his friends whose names show up on Forbes 100 continues to rape our country of its resources and our children of their future. By the time he is done the population of Russia will be less then $100M.
+Peter Jovanovic I haven't seen the red pill yet, I'm going to take a nap instead now :) I'm sure the URL you posted does work in England also, so no problem here I guess.

Anyway, if you believe that "the western world" is ruled by the US/CIA/NATO/Zionists or something, then I guess you like to believe that there is at least one power left in the world that has control over almost everything, even if malevolently. It's the promise of freedom and freedom of speech in particular that there is no such control, and those journalists lost their lives for this believe. They surely wouldn't risk it if only for getting paid to produce western propaganda.

Good night!
Just to remind all you maunderers, thread topic via +Larry Page is "I've been following what's going on in Homs with horror--it's a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. My heart goes out to all the victims and I just hope the international community can at least get medical supplies to all those who are suffering. " Which means staying on thread discussion of the humanitarian aspects and not this political bullshit which is in fact mostly malicious maunderering.

Via google dict chrome extension:

maun·der Verb /ˈmôndər/

verb: ramble

maundering present participle; maundered past tense; maunders 3rd person singular present; maundered past participle
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Dennis maundered on about the wine
Move or act in a dreamy or idle manner
he maunders through the bank, composing his thoughts
Web definitions

wander aimlessly
mumble: talk indistinctly; usually in a low voice
chatter: speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly

Maunder is a lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon, just beyond the western limb. This region is sometimes brought into view during favorable librations, but not much detail can be seen. ...

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(maundering) A rambling or pointless discourse
yeah, look at how much good did international attention to lybia, which now happily lives with deathtoll @ 80 per week
Certanly funding terrorists is a good way for spreading democracy, way to go
Wu Li
The people of Syria know full well that human rights have always been paid for with blood. The real question isn't whether they will receive any help, but why they haven't already. The politicians can spout nonsense all day, but the simple fact is if this were happening in their own back yard they'll all be demanding action at any cost, or perhaps doing the killing themselves.
The world seems to be going insane. Oil is more important than humanity. The people who do these acts of extreme violence go home and blend in with the rest of us, and act as though nothing happened. I just don't get it? Crosby, Stills, and Nash...."Teach Your Children Well."
+Aubrey Skelly I hate the idea, but it sure looks that way. Looking at some of the protests though its not gonna be a walk in the part for him.
While my heart goes out to their families... they didn't have to go there.
Then think about some one who can deliver you all from him
A long time ago - in the late 70's, I met a distinguished professor from, the University of Arizona... there were problems then too, there always are somewhere... he asked me what do I think the solution is to these problems...

My answer was then, without hesitation: "education"... the answer still stands today... but I would add something new today... based on insight that takes time...

Genetic heritage, understanding of the incidents throughout a person's life span, their values, respect for the fellow human being and Life in general....

Strange though: isn't that still Education? What a Circle, no?

So what can we add to that: Genetics? Ecology? Creativity? Innovation? But this is still education, no?

I have a theory, a conceptual model, if you will, I call it:

"Life, Time, Value, System", or

LifeTimeValueSystem, or

Life Time Value System...

take your pick... :-)

But this is getting to be quite a long comment...

If 5% of the CIO have the guts like +Larry Page to share their opinion on a open forum, hot topics like this will have a broader audience. Great post!
Go Larry. You are a great man with a beautiful heart and mind. Never mind the trolls.
+Peter Jovanovic - no Larry is super busy trying to make the world a better place and his company grow. How about you?
Well, lucky for me I've got both guts, and balls, to converse with mere mortals. I really really hope the fighting stops and everybody gets the help they need. This is horrible. :(
Mehdi K
Einstein mentioned a long time ago that UN sucks!
Wow way not to take a stance Mr. Page! PCed comments on a clear cut massacre. FAIL.
This is a very sad thing for all humanity. Is there anything you can do about it?
You can begin with stop believing the lies of western media and Al Jazeera.
Hard to argue with the image of dead people with blood coming out of bullet holes. Most of the world just wants the killing to stop as I'm sure all sides of the media wants that also.Lets hope that Kofi Annan can make a difference and at least broker a cease-fire.
It is an absolute tragedy. However, how about this for a change: what if the Arabic and Muslim states, especially those "liberated" during the recent Arab Spring, take the lead in stopping the atrocities in their own part of the world and to their own peoples? Why don't we just step aside instead of giving the enemies of the United States more fodder for their venomous hate speech. Unfortunately, we CANNOT fix every problem, everywhere. Especially when those more closely connected politically, ethically, and religiously do very little or nothing at all to bring change.
+Bill Barnes I agree, you cannot FIX every problem, but that does'nt mean you can't help. In fact, the US can play a decisive role in helping the situation. There are many instruments available to your nation, both in the public and private domains. Waging pointless wars is definitely not one of them.

And leaving a nation in limbo by abandoning a military enterprise midway, e.g., Iraq (and Afghanistan prior to that) is even worse. To clean after oneself is a basic tenet of good housekeeping.
Werent pancakes on the menu yesterday?
Humans will always do the right thing...after exhausting all other take heart, help is on the way, eventually.
Yes, every person who believes in freedom, doing less can do is upheld the point of view you
glad you spoke about it ... the most important thing here is that action needs to be taken
Yes something needs to happen. The syrian citizens are dying by the dozens and the world is just watching.
Surely it should be possible to build underground medical supply lines for countries that so avidly and eagerly lay below-the-earth oil pipes....
Must support every person wants to be free and offer him what he needs to succeed
Bashar is a murderer just like his father and his party. We all looking forward to the day he's captured and brought to justice
I propose an improvement to Google+ . Add "Mute the troll" and "Feed the troll" icons next to comments.
+Peter Jovanovic the first article says "The allegations of funding from Riyadh and Doha were not attributed to anyone", so there is little evidence that can be fact-checked.

Even if it was true, does it legitimize using artillery, tanks and snipers against civilians? Or do you doubt that the latter is happening?
It seems a shame that in the absence of a clear opposition to support or arm, or whatever, there's no clear way for intervention or for the big countries to agree on anything. It seems like there should be an agreed to protocol for situations like this where there are people clearly asking for help, regardless of the politics or economic strategy.
+Peter Jovanovic I do have a heart, though, and I'm not sure about yours if you think either it is legitimate what the regular Syrian army is doing, or if you think the masses of reports from Homs are made up and western propaganda. The suffering is a reality independent from any political plots.
Just stop feeding the troll. He is a hopeless case ..
I have lost all faith in Tony Stark.
Didn't U.S. militaries kill Reuters journalists in Iraq? Back then it was reported as accident. Whats the difference?
There is in fact a google project in place geared more to natural disasters and not so much to the humanitarian issues of political violence. I can attest to the effectiveness of the Google org site as it helped my crew get out of the middle of flooding in Brazil, along with helping to know where to drop off donations. So I can't troll +Larry Page too much. I do not see anything like the Thomson Reuters alertnet on Google but you would think this should be very easy for them.
I am all in favor of guys like Larry Page doing some anonymous trolling if it gets people off their asses to change the world. What is a beneficent troll? A faerie I suppose. So Larry the faerie could go much farther than not doing evil. He could have a nice gif animated tinker bell icon that only Google trusties would recognize, much better than having an evil agency number man identity too but he can always have that if he needs to do some evil.
So where the hell is Shona Brown? The boss, we assume and not a fictional Larry Page like all those Brad Pitts out there, makes a statement like this and we see nothing on I need to get to my other sources and see if she is completely out of Google.
FB page 160,000 likes vs. 370,000 for a big state media like RT says alot. I'm not sure how the officials stack up but if they could circumvent how FB counts likes I'm sure they would. Exciting stuff really to see how the combat in the region drives innovation. " they translated the workaround, dialup and speak2tweet lines into Arabic. How cool is that?" I'm not sure how cool that is as these are not things I normally have to do but it seems like they did a good job of it if FB is any indication.
Maybe it's time for mega-corporations to start buying failed states.
I appreciate Larry's sentiment.

can't help wondering how with his standing and power as the head of one of the worlds great corporations, he could better put the sentiment into action. Action gets complicated when you are the head of a publicly traded company though.

Can you do better Larry?
All the while, until certain Eastern powers get over the concept of losing another ally, any UN resolutions that are proposed will be continually shot down.
bravery comes from standing up for doing the right thing and doing the right thing...maybe if we all start at a personal level, we won't have this happening.
هذي صفحة م الشيخ محمد العريفي تستحق انشر
صفحة التذكير بالاستغفار تستحق انشر
صفحة اللهم توفني ساجدا بين يديك تستحق انشر
صفحة م الشيخ مشاري بن راشد العفاسي تستحق انشر

احلفك بالله انك تنشرها اذا مانشرتها متاكد ان الشيطان منعك

الدال على الخير كفاعله :)
I feel sorry for those people too. I think we are just going to stay out of it and just remain isolated from that for a while. Our military is spread out too thin as it is now and our children who have been in harms way need to start coming back home to their loved ones.
We can use our soft power of sharing the information about what is happening at Homs raising awareness of the Syrian States oppression of their own people. This can help build #political pressure to resolve matter more in favour of the #Syrian #people... Don't be silent...
Baari Barsi Khatan Gya c...
Khat Ke Lyaanda Lehnga...
Ho Kudi Muft Ch Dil Mangdi......
Par Dil Mittran Da Mehnga......:
ਜੇ ਤੂੰ ਇੰਨੀ ਸੋਹਣੀ ਤੇ ਗੋਰੀ ਨਾ ਹੁੰਦੀ ,

ਸੋਹ ਰੱਬ ਦੀ ਮੇਰੇ ਦਿੱਲ ਦੀ ਕਦੀ ਚੋਰੀ ਨਾ ਹੁੰਦੀ ......
Yes I agree but Obama(US) can do more on this .. after all he has been awarded Noble peace prize ...he should prove himself worth of it ..
i love gooooooogle!

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Crossing Syrian border and Free Syrian Army plea to the world for help The bravery level of these journalists is really incredible. I would set them up with the latest Google tech gear and whatever crypto comm links they asked for. They are undoubtedly pretty good at a low tech crypto comm like just passing around xd and cf cards to safe locations for upload to Youtube and FB. It would be nice to get them in a hangout to tell some real stories and get some more realtime dispatching.
How much of your income are you giving away to all those who are suffering .... and not claiming as a tax write off on your tax returns ????
It's very easy to take the moral high ground with people that are so much more successful than yourself. Perhaps it's jealousy, perhaps not. But why can't people in Larry's position make a perfectly decent and respectable comment about something so humane without someone having to have a pop. It's about the poor people caught up in something more horrific than we have probably ever experienced, not about getting one up on Google! Have respect please.
+Rachel Morley The guiding motto for Google is "do no evil" that seems a bit morally lacking don't you think? "Do no evil" means you just have a lackey make a post showing your concern and you do not even followup with meaningful links or people from your vast multi national, multibillion dollar corporation providing guidance to those resources that are already part of that organization. Why don't you check this thread and see if anyone from Google provides that. My motto is definitely not do no evil. How about make a difference, Yes we can! or I will use this goddamn technology to do something other than selling advertising and if you don't like it you can go to burning spam hell. That being said, Youtube and new owner Google are making a difference in reporting what is really going on there so Larry, Google and all lackeys score moral points by do no evil default automatically, which is something of a guiding business goal for all of Google tech the way I understand it.
i'm sure larry and his "do no evil" google have sent more than just this cheap post
Fantastic Reuters interview with Anthony De Rosa, lot of interesting tech details about the e-warfare going on.
When it is so dangerous like this to use the comm devices, what about just straight up photo journalism and recording? The immediacy is nice but everybody is aware of what is up. I guess it is like combat footage and anything else enhanced by the news on the scene. We used to have this discussion about hurricane coverage for example. After a certain point why not just use stock footage rather than endless shots of the weather reporters getting blown around. Also, what about flying in drone cams or just getting our wonderful government to release what they monitor, and you KNOW they got super views of all kinds of things going on in a place like Syria. What, we pay for it and can't get a look at some of it. Jeez, I guess Reuters and AP can just buy their own damn drone camera gear at this point, or send in Google stealth robot 4wd desert ATV car but they still can't afford satellites. Hell, Google could easily have drone flying versions with Google car's gear to make footage in a place like Syria to show what is going on so citizen journalists like Willeforeal don't have to risk their lives. Frigging Google should just go into the news biz if stuff like this is bothering Larry Page. Google robo news mini quad rotor swarm copters. WTF, nobody is going to hassle you about an FAA clearance for Google robo heli-news copter on the Turkish/Syrian border.
Very difficult to stand back and watch. I'm afraid all we can do is send our hearts to the victims.
PERSIAN GULF stay's PERSIAN GULF for ever, even little gOOgle try to change it !!!
persian Gulf Forever ............. Persian Gulf Forever
google the words CRIMINAL HISTORY then scroll down the first page untill you experience DEJA-VU.
So these citizen journalists rely on youtube and of course FB. FB probably sells them out to the authorities for ad dollars so there is a big difference in favor of Google. 
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