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My personal fav. of the pics of the trip.
I don't even know if you see this comment. Still understanding the circles model.
Pretty cool stuff. I bet Sarah Palin hasn't tried this yet :)
Nice shot. Love the distance to the subject
I love this shot Larry, do you ever go kitesurfing at Waddell Creek North of Santa Cruz? It's an amazing spot.
kite surfing , new stuff to me.
Really looks like fun - I've got to try this!
연날리기 하시네.. 왠지 한국식으로는 '낚시' 시작하신듯~ :) this is korean language.. Ask korean guy if you want to know what it means~ :-)
it means.. the photo looks like fishing~ the word 'fishing' used as the meaning of 'hooking people to get a lot of page views' in Korea(especially on the internet). :-)
you are so curious like your profile photo~ haha I recommend you to learn Korean this time :-) Thanks for your curiosity for the language~!
I am actually happy there is now spam on Larry Pages stream. I think the issue of comment permissions has been sufficiently articulated. Please give us better permissions on comments people post. I don't care to see jagrit or his spam website

Wow that's a great interface to the photos, kudos to the engineers at google.
And I thought Ireland was a cold spot to do that...
Sorry, but I got one question :) Who took those pictures ? :D
What if a big shark jump from the sea. That'd be a nice target :D
how to send invitation to our friend to join google +?
I wouldn't go that far calling him god. He just simply made something that wasn't there. that needed to be there. Anyone can achieve that with the right amount of money and support.
@gareth anderson - one can debate on larry being god or not, but google is surely internet's God
@yogesh rao Nope google just survived because its got a large fan base no god about anything lol,. Just because a person or something can make it big in this world does not mean its god
@gareth Anderson - evolution mann, survival of the fittest , itzz a way of nature. GOD is juz a way of sayin itz d POWER , Power to change and evolve. ney way g2g , have a nice day
@yogesh rao Have a good day! and if you need to inter prate power ect don't avolve it around god because as well all know :) god isn't real
Nice debate man, both +Gareth Anderson and +yogesh rao . :D has ha... I just want to share you guys if you want to tag someone in G+ like facebook just first type + then following by name, there you go, done :D
hes he... I don't really get what's ur ty mean? :D
I think I gotta learn how to communicate, rite? :D
Page, sempre achei q o Google iria nos surpreender. Foi o q aconteceu, eu estou gostando muito do G+! parabéns. ;)
ca ca
can it lift you really high and take you off the lake? Look really cool!
thanks google translate, but i think they have to think about the gramatical things, like, when its a question what goes first and what goes next, etc, it will be really helpful at translations, and wont translate wrong anymore :), +1 so Larry Page sees
Ajmal m
congrats... glad to see you've got the wind bug!!
大兔子病了,二兔子瞧,三兔子买药,四兔子熬,五兔子死了,六兔子抬,七兔子挖坑,八兔子埋,九兔子坐在地上哭起来,十兔子问九兔为什么哭,九兔说五兔一去不回来! 到底是谁杀了五兔呢?谁又是主谋?谁又帮凶?
Google+ should add "Google translate" to the posts, thanks
It would be better to write in international language, wouldn't it? This is Profile of Lary Page...
Just talking about few hours ago with some collegues of mine; most suitable sports for CEO: golf and tennis! ;-)
You should be doing this with a snowboard and at the top of a mountain.
Hey Larry..Im still having concerns about Google spying its targeted user activites for US it true???...If so,why Google has to do like that??
still getting flooded with tortoise pictures and the like.
seems like larry loves the sea a lot :)
find ich auch! -> [google translate] -> i think so!
大兔子病了,二兔子瞧,三兔子买药,四兔子熬,五兔子死了,六兔子抬,七兔子挖坑,八兔子埋,九兔子坐在地上哭起来,十兔子问九兔为什么哭,九兔说五兔一去不回来! 到底是谁杀了五兔呢?谁又是主谋?谁又帮凶?
Where's this wonderful place?
so cool,

The reason there is no comment filtering yet is so people can wake up and see how their aspirations to fame pans out into being spam. Once everyone has realised what idiots they are, they'll enable it... oh wait, then it won't be necessary anymore. Oh well oink
Beautiful mountains in the background! However, what impressed me most is the turbulence of the waters.
This just made my list of things to do before I die...
Sweet! What a location!
where r u ? LOL
That's not funny. Why did you "LOL?" And you really couldn't type out the other four characters in "are you"? Lazy.
这么HIGH 别告诉这个是PAGE
wow! Nghệ thuật quá :x
Awesome fishing bait ! Do the shark/whale catch it ? :p
Wow! Nice scene. It must be very cold.
אני שמחה שאתה מוצא זמן לנופש
water looks just wavey enough to be fun
cool larry,i'm in china ,hope google quit chinese market absoluetly,i believe freedom is the most impornt thing in the world.....come on larry
Ahhhh ... a picture of you holding tightly onto the Google + kite as it's about to take to the sky and eclipse the Facebook sun ...
windsurfing without the mast. It's a blast. The only problem is when the wind dies down and you're far from shore. As opposed to a windsurf it's a guarantied long swim back.
+Larry Page So I have noticed I do not like when "Populars" people with a lot of followers responding to their post with a million "cool/cutes" and keeps pushing to the top of my stream. Just noticed that on one of your postes in this kite photos that commenting was no longer allowed maybe you have found a possible solution or the number of allowed comments are capped? Suggestions: Allow author to display which comments are visible with some default settings and manual "moderation". This does not have to remove what is displayed but maybe a seperate option when posting a comment that should trigger an update or notice. This could be as simple as for "?" and @ or + strings. What do you think?
Completely and Utterly Agree with +Carlos Bedia had to mute number of posts... Maybe a reverse option could be better (follow all comments on a post etc..possibly on even a seperate page...)
Josh O
Nice Larry!
Nice work...Catching some Google Air!
If you're a fan of kite boarding then I think you should consider NC. North Carolina's outer banks will provide you with consistent wind and much warmer water... also great privacy and scenery to boot!
so cool!
hope someday it can come to me!
Looks like this could be around here! [Switzerland]
hey Larry, need more apps/games for G+ just like facebook to make it more interesting
oh.... the photo is good~!!!!
sun bo
what are you doing
It is very dificult to take this photo. Thank you a lot for sharing it to the publication
Here's an excellent example, +Larry Page, of the need to filter your 'feed' to select multiple groups. You're fun to follow, but man, the air gets sucked out of the room between you and somebody like Jason Calacanis. I'm not sure I care about all 198 comments in this thread and yet they still keep popping up.
+Dushyant Vaghela Stop spamming Google+, you're the first person I've seen abusing the service. As a result, I'll never buy whatever you're selling!!!

Everyone else - turn on the spammer!!!
The post is too hot! I must mute it!
A lot of people complaining about the post, well if you're using mobile, go to your settings and go to manage view, then tou can have a view of all circles and ignore the circle with Larry Page. Just a thought
I am trying to unfollow Larry Page and cannot do so from an iOS this some existential punishment for using apple unending stream of pics of a google founder kite boarding? Lol! Btw...nice air!
it's not the size of the ship it's the motion of the ocean
wow...thats a lot of people adding you in their circles... Congrats bro!!
Hui Li
@Larry Page Can't see pictures in android application in China. Even if i have changed hosts file. is that because the application doesn't access photos via https? could u add thia option?
Page to Page... The first 1% is great! 2% is comus.
630 comments for 1 .jpg = noise >_<
For you have went to so many beautiful place that I envy you so much. Can you stop to post photos which you took when you visit around the world?
haha, Thank you for that, G+ satisfy Chinese who love to add useless comments. 中国人喜欢加通常是没用的评论
이냥반은 무얼 올려도 하루종일 위에 떠 있군요. 스트림에서도 위 물에서도 위 ㅎㅎ
Allah hu akbar!! heheheh
yeah,that's life!
G+ created a heaven for spammer and trolls. BTW great photos Larry!!
FYI: To hide comments just refresh/reload page.
...and this is where I unfollow the founder of google. Holy crap I'm sick of this thread.
ha it does seem a bit sycophantic the amount of comments this thread has generated to be honest.
hey larry, what if u had dropped there ? :)
then we would search u through google :)
I could see myself doing that. Looks fun.
i so want to be you right now lol
nice . . .. . .. ... .. . .
If the persistence of this post annoys you, you can click the little triangle in the circle on the right of the title. There you will find the option "Mute this thread".
i can smell the fresh air from here on that photos :) well done with google plus... fresh nice...:)
Larry - damn you are even way cooler than I am!
nice.. pls add me on ur circle :)
My god these Larry Page suck up posts are too much - WOW its kite surfing I am so impressed what is this 1989? removing from circle
Seems like an opportunity to improve g+, all i see is this post in my all circles stream on top.
Yeah.. me too . I need to mute this post
How do you prevent Larry's photos from always popping up to the top?
New comments push it back to the top of the stream. Lol
Corrijan estoooooooooooooo, esto es lo único que veo en mi Google +
Hi Larry,
google+ is very good
congratulations. i´m from comalcalco, tabasco, mexico.
Google+ sucks..! too many unwanted animations on my wall... same as doubt its a heaven for spammers...
Why I can't block you ? I tried but it doesn't work...
awesome..njoying dare side of Life....
+Jake Joraanstad : I m using circles and i love it... its just that I really find it irritating when someone posts some flash animations on my wall.. didn't noticed these on #FB
Why is this post from Larry Page the SAME thing I see at the top of my default Stream? How can I make it update to the newest thing any of my contacts post?
I think its done by the most recent modification, and this photo receives comments all the time making it the most recently 'modified'
Alex, you cant, its one of the features they need to work on. Every time someone comments on one of the posts on your stream it automatically pulls that post to the top. We ALL have to give Google+ feedback about how that needs to change or it will continue to happen
I know, i have sent it already.. :)
I am a Google fandom club person. As a teacher, I use so many products.... GOOGLE+ is the cream on the cake.

Kitesurfing? , now Australia is the best!!! Botany Bay near Captain Cook's monument, NSW. No icebergs, just a few sharks to dodge.
When will G+ be available to everyone?
Sebz T
"I fly Jack !"
+sarthak batra If google is God then that makes me an atheist... ;)
and to be very honest i am tired of these unwanted spams and animations already.
When can we have a feature to download all my data from 'Orkut' account into Google+... anyone...?
I want to download all my pics before I delete my orkut account..?
I know I CAN mute this post, but I shouldn't HAVE to just to see some new content once in a while. I'm quite tired of seeing evidence of Larry's entitled lifestyle daily when I check into G+
Yes agree. It is a bit boring seeing the same picture over and over again. Nice to see that Larry is alive and kicking, But maybe I should just ask him a google+ question, so here it comes why can't I import my googlebooks or some content from igoogle into google + ? I need a tab for my library that would be nice. ;-)))
Every time i login to G+ i am seeing your surfing / kite - really boring 
Alex, Why wouldnt we?? He is, after all, the Google CEO. You want things to change, start with the people who have the ability to influence that change.
Very nice picture. Looks like it was fun.
Hear hear. I like your pics, but not all the time...
Leamas: the postes are 20 days old! They were posted before the G+Beta launched. You´re the one who added them to youre G+ ! :-P
Kiteboarding is such a great sport! But, damn, that looks cold!
Am I right in calling that picture Emerald Sea..
I find myself constantly type in anything in the search bar to get to Google + Well played Google, Well played. Even when I randomly type I usually hit the letter G leading me to a search engine result for Gmail.
So many chinese people
Ben L
Muchachos, Larry ya debe tener las medias hecha sopa como se las estan chupando
i think it is cool coz i don't have such chance to do it.Don't u think it is cool to surfing in this hot summer day?
I'm getting tired of seeing this at the top of my circle all the time. Google need to change how feeds show up.
I saw Kite Sailing for the first time at the Jersey Shore - now keep hearing and seeing about it. Maybe its time to try it
This is always on top does not make any sense
Don't comment this photo anymore, okay! All info you get is this photo so far from Mr. Page's space.
If you don't want to see it anymore, just select mute from the drop down in the top right corner.
还有用中文回复的 不知道人家能不能看懂
Wew...coolll.... Indnesia have to
Is it Larry Page who is in the picture?
Agreed. Google+ needs a minimize option to convert 'noisy' posts like this to a minimized 'twitter feed view'.
jeeez! if you ever need a warmer spot to kite, come and kite in Antigua. I started kiteantigua there in 2003. congrats with +
That looks to be quite the hoot!
Google plus has been blocked in China!!!!!!
스트림에 당신 6월 소식이 아직도 가장 위에 떠 있는건 너무하잖아 ㅎㅎㅎ 그래도 부럽긴 하네
you will get a fresh breeze with google+, rock on!
Can a few of you guys go to my channel and make comments randomly. I cant delete messages in the drop down box but there is someone there that I dont want to look at. Even if you just say hi to me on several of my post... please
Z Wang
It seems were all doomed to have these pictures at the top of our stream FOREVER! If only people would stop commenting on them...
Did this on the road to Seward south from Anchorage? What a beautiful place.
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