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Just read this article about scientist in Cambridge, UK using Lego robots to help create artificial bone in the laboratory. Always amazed that we don't have more low cost automation tools in use and the best ones we have are actually toys!

Join a hangout with the scientists tomorrow at 8AM PT.
Researchers at Cambridge University are building artificial bone in the lab, and they're doing so with what might be considered an unorthodox partner: Lego. The tedious process of building up a sa...
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I took a CS class in college where we built Lego robots and used a 3rd party library to program them in C. Definitely a surprisingly versatile platform.
+Thorne Melcher, when I was 8 years old, I took a robotics class using Legos and the Logo language (more kid-friendly than C). It's strange that robotics didn't hit the mainstream the way, say, web programming did. Maybe that's still to come.
Lego- the original rapid prototyper
Dan O
I really like creative people!
Thanks for this +Larry Page ! Another awesome Hangout... it's amazing what one can learn through Google+ Hangouts!! We need a Google+ Hangout channel where we can access them all...
To me it´s just great that +Larry Page is able to address things like this. He must remain perfectly able and encouraged to do so.
awesome, should make video on youtube though
i'd really like to be at the hangout, though i'm at school then
Amazing. True though. Meccano has been used to model bridges and all kinds of engineering feats too.
google has lots of money, why not invest? not to mention I'm sure you do to +Larry Page ..... lets make the 21 century the best one to live in!
Bao Le
It's great, hope more country can do it.

+Gibrain McElroy , it's not LEGO's, it's LEGOS. LEGO's implies something that belongs to LEGO, in other words the possessive (genitive) case. The correct plural of LEGO is LEGOS. If an 8th grader can notice this, why not you?
+Gibrain McElroy , can't you respond to my comment with civility? If you will notice, I did not call you any names, insult you, curse at you, etc. I did not respond to +Paul Newport in that way either. As you will notice if you look at his comment, he did not misuse the plural of Lego. He was merely uninformed as to the plural of Lego. Your turn.
Slow down on bad language! If you can't talk to a lady in a nicer way, go do that elsewhere!
Lets see if i can get 10 people into my "Grammar Nazi" circle by the end of the day :)
+Daniel Woydig , please count me in. :P I am obsessed with grammar, and I will willingly debate with any grammar-hating life forms.
+Annemarie S maybe the phrase " If an 8th grader can notice this, why not you?" is an insult to some people. You are comparing it. The way to write is an art.

And about plural, i call them "legos" too.

+Larry Page Larry, our robotic market is full of technology consumers. This world needs more original technology creators. The key is: our kids.
+Larry Page If you like the lego concept you might also like Synthetic Biology.

Have e.g. a look to this recent review in Nature: Synthetic Biology: Bits and pieces come to life by James Collins Synthetic Biology is about engineering biological systems not found in nature. It is predicted to be potentially the next"IT". Moreover, it is based on systems theory, and mainly a data driven science, thus of potential interest to Google.The analysis of huge data and a common data pool are central parts. I could see an important contribution from Google to administer, structure this data pool and provide these data to social networks. These communications can contribute to put the data in a context.

Synthetic Biology is a part of a revolution in science, a real paradigm shift. I wrote this brief comment in Science as an answer the question: How will the practice of science change in your lifetime?"I would summarize the upcoming trend as this: From Hypothesis to Data-Driven Research, or the End of the Age of Science, and the Dawn of the Age of Systemics. We can observe a paradigm change in science, and two computer developments are responsible. The first is the enormous storage capacity in the cloud. The second is that a huge number of computers have been connected and organized in social networks. These changes have resulted in huge quantities of data and complex systems, a problem normal science cannot solve. The traditional hypothesis method can deal with simple correlations between A and B. But the method fails if the problem becomes more complex. Science has been synonymous with a separating, reductionistic approach. Contemporary science has come to a point where we will change the perspective from reductionism to holism. We now move to a position that sees things together: short systemics. The data-driven science approach changes the scientific method and results in a practice called "science 2.0" (named after web 2.0). "Science" will happen in the cloud, with new publishing formats such as direct publishing on blogs, new and fast ways of collaboration in social networks, and systems theory as the new "science" paradigm. Systems theory is already important in fields such as systems biology and its practical application synthetic biology." NextGen VOICES, Science 6 January 2012: vol. 335 no. 6064 pp. 36-38 DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6064.36
see also
We also use Lego MindStorms at the Computer lab for various cool projects :D
+Paul Newport , he really is talking about the building bricks called "Lego," as he specifically mentions the word toys. Yes, many LEGO bricks are called LEGOS. LegOS does not exist in any way shape or form, and there is only one company called "LEGO." Thank you +Aime Jr Auger . +Fabio Bazurto , I see your point. I apologize if I have offended anybody. +Gibrain McElroy , I do not appreciate the fact that you insulted both +william bond and me. Also, please stop cursing. Nobody finds it mature. Thank you. That is all. Feel free to bash me as you wish. Have a nice day.
This goes beyond what I would have ever imagined could be done with Lego robots!
+Gibrain McElroy , you need to invest in some English language lessons. If your gonna chew someone else out, at least look intelligent when you do it, rather then making yourself look like a complete r-tard. Also, she was right, its LEGOS, plural. I will not appologize....
+Annemarie S +Paul Newport I believe LEGOS is the American pluralization of LEGO whereas in Europe we append the specific object notation to what we're describing e.g. LEGO bricks or LEGO people (to use English examples). Having done some research, the correct collective/plural term for the whole range is actually LEGO judging by literature available through the original Danish inventors and manufacturers. Indeed, it is possible to pluralize something without adding an "s" e.g. Sheep or Aircraft. However LEGOS seems to have been the popular pluralization/collective term of LEGO for some years on the American continent and is now a generally accepted if unofficial term. 
Legos? It's Lego. You can have one piece of Lego, or lots of Lego. No need to add an 's'.

It would be a nice feature to ignore comments from specific profiles as a personal choice. Freedom of speech should also bring freedom to only see or listen what you want
+Gibrain McElroy hahahaha, oh man, I don't even have to say anymore, you troll. Your clearly outclassed in intelligence and civility, just leave before we ALL make you look like a complete ass, rather then you just doing it to yourself. lol. nice try though.
Ps, punctuation helps a lot! lol
btw, your not a billionaire, no body with that much money is that much of an idiot.
This might be the fastest way G+ gets a report harassment or community initiated mute feature! This should be on the agenda for the next meeting!
+Warren newman my assessment is that +Gibrain McElroy is either a half witted, semi-literate racist with a broken full stop (period for the Americans) key on his keyboard OR he's a completely fictitious character, probably a right wing white middle aged racist, masquerading as a stupid black guy in order to troll these posts and incite racial tension. I suspect the latter as no one could be that inane in real life and no self respecting young black man would be so damaging of his own people in this modern age. It's just very sad that an interesting and informative post has to be reduced to this level. 
Very interesting but- Hows those Moroccans? Someone needs to intercede and bring them up to the current millennia! Rapists marrying they're victims makes it ok?!? That's like when Portuguese fathers used to take their daughters' virginity on their wedding night, sick & twisted. That's what happens when men make the rules!
hahahahahahah, i read that, typical...
dont worry, theyre legos 2 us (middle schoolers) 2
ARM used Lego to make a Robert
Hi! I'm back, sorry if I missed anything good. (I was at a piano lesson). +Gibrain McElroy , I would like to bring up something that I believe is a misunderstanding, as you cannot tell it from my picture. I am a Latina, so please do not use the "race card" on me. A very pale Latina, I'll grant you that. I burn very easily. My G+ picture is an accurate representation of what I look like, by the way. +Paul Newport , you do not need to stick to knock-knock jokes; I simply did not know that they are always Lego singular in the U.K. To everyone else who has supported me in this disagreement, thank you. I did not mean for this debate to blow up into the ginormous (yes, I know it's not a word) argument. Please, no more insulting. I know it is easy, when you are behind a computer screen, to insult someone without even knowing who that person might be. Although +Gibrain McElroy 's foul language and insults have offended me, I forgive him. Love Thy Neighbor is one of the most fundamental lessons that everyone needs to know. Please, no matter what your point-of-view is, don't insult, harass, or deliberately offend anyone, even if you think that person is the most odious (repulsive, not stinky) person on the face of the earth. Peace!
Ah, it turns out there's a sort-of report tool, but you'd think G+ would have taken some notes from previous social network experiences :P
Also, +Julian Chow , that is a very interesting idea. If you support his idea, share and re-share it until it reaches the far corners of Google+! This could go viral, and maybe be implemented. Julian Chow, I +1 your life.
or just read the above posts....considering this is +Larry Page g+ site afterall...
RE: Gibrain - has anyone else tried the "Flag as inappropriate" button? Bottom right of any post you mouseover
That guy sounds like a 4chan white racist troll to me. I wonder if g+ bans trolls. Meanwhile, I wonder how much it would cost to buy enough lego kit to make a nice robot like that? Pretty awesome. Maybe they'll be doing surgery or assembling computers with lego next!
+Gibrain McElroy , I am glad you are not looking for a position in my company, as a) I would not want you anyway, and b) as an eighth grader, I do not have a company. Also, I have already addressed the fact that I am a Latina, so it's fine if you call me white, but you're dead wrong. I know that there is nothing illegal about cursing, but a mature adult would not curse in front of (or at) children. By the way, I am a "Real American" too. My family has been in America since before Christopher Columbus. My family is Taino (Native American from Puerto Rico), and they intermarried with Spanish colonists. By the way, Puerto Rico is an American Territory. My grandmother moved with her mother to New York City when she was five, and has lived in New York ever since. My mother is a born-and-bred New Yorker. She moved to California when she met my father, and I have grown up in California. So there. Also, thanks for calling me a bitch. Here's why: A bitch is a dog. Dogs bark. Bark is on a tree. A tree is part of Nature, and Nature is beautiful. So, thanks for the repeated compliments. Also, you still need to work on your grammar. May I suggest High School Remedial English?
You can flag each post as "inappropriate" and you can visit the home profile page and report/block them. They do ban trolls, but not sure what the response time is.
+Sam Watkins , as a lowly eighth grader, what is a 4chan? I honestly don't know. Also, good ideas about computers, surgery, etc. I +1ed your comment.
+Annemarie S 4chan is... complicated to explain. Its like a large city that has good parts and then you have /b/ which is random and /b/ is the toilet of the internet. Don't go there.
Thanks for the heads-up Larry....will be watching!
Am I the only one that noticed that once this guy finishes his PHd he will be Dr Strange?
WOW! This is like being watching a funny comedy and be able to participate in it. Amazing! Today I had fun, I learned some very interesting things and now I'm going to "PRAY" for some of you that are in need of a lot of prayers and I mean that
Hello Larry! Yesterday I watched the video in which you reference, and I was very excited to see how robotics is also part of a large university like Cambridge. But, I am even more happy because last year we started a Pilot Project for Educational Robotics and the Environment, in our Municipal Center for Digital Inclusion (CMID). In the project, which continues this year, students had contact with the same material, Lego Mindstorms, and among many activities, robots developed in order to solve some environmental problems!
It is important to say that our project took place in our municipal education here in Brusque, a small town in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. And somehow, we believe that we are preparing our students here, to Cambridge, to be even bigger dreams!
This is how we change the world a better place for everyone!

You can see a material in the site of our city government:
I don't see how your most recent comments have anything to do with Legos.
I don't want to start another argument, but I believe the correct contraction of "do not" is don't, not do'nt.
I suppose we could always see what the LEGO company says ( page 19):
* The LEGO brand name should always be written in capital letters
* LEGO must never be used as a generic term or in the plural or as a possessive pronoun, e.g. “LEGO’s”.
* When the LEGO brand name is used as part of a noun, it must never appear on its own. It should always be accompanied by a noun. For example, LEGO set, LEGO products, LEGO Group, LEGO play materials, LEGO bricks, LEGO universe, etc.
+Annemarie S Annemarie S. This is a real old man speaking. It is a relief to see you here. You have banished all of my prejudices about modern youth (mentally comparing the predominant nature of the comments on YouTube). You are the most delightful presence on this page. I wish there were more like you _ in truest sense costlier than the costliest robot on the planet. An eighth grader! A delight! Blessed by both mother nature (if you really look like as you say your picture here) and father culture!

No! No banishing of trolls or ones with problems. Let them express their opinions, says more about the speaker (aged wisdom of Socrates) rather than the targeted person! That is social... amazing the people are quite tolerant here anyway...
It's stories like this that help kids relate to big discoveries and inspire them to keep learning - when you believe that anything is possible, limiting beliefs evaporate
he makes bones with legos, and engineers at Google+ haven't still found a way to enable threaded conversations in Google+ posts... pfff
He makes bones with legos, i make legos with bones
Jay Tee
Wow......should've played more
Larry thanks for sharing this....Great Job by great scientists....!!!
Haha- I can only imagine finally getting up the courage for that big surgery, only to walk in and see LEGO branded medical equipment. Probably NOT so great if that's the last thing you see as you're counting down from ten...
I am just really proud of my friend Michelle Oyen who is the female scientist in the video. She is like a sister to me and my heart burst with pride seeing her in the lab.
hi larry, hope you are well. many thanks for being a great human being and an evan better entrepeneur, wish you every future success
my teacher showed us the video during class and introduced us to the Google Science Fair. I'm planning on trying it.
The author of this post is quite probably my superior in intellect, but he left Google to go to work for Microsoft?? OT anyway...
Yes W Larry....sorry I had Pariking dela make tardy
Hey, when can you guys stop the crappy videos on the frontpage whose views are definitely fabricated? They are embarassing.
Now that is just awesome!
Mr. Larry, you always present the best articles :) btw how can i send you an email or even a comment so you can see it ? (i dont care public) :)
... me too. And while we are asking deep questions, consider this: digest DNA.
你的重点是啥呢,whats you point?
Al Kari
@GOOGLE Please change your doodle for #Syria on March 15 to raise awareness of atrocities taking place there
Make a robot factory with some of your billions. End slave labor. 
be a modern Abraham Lincoln by ending slave labor
Q Hwang
구글플러스 띄우려고 고생이 많수다
I'm surprised they can't do this cheaply already. You can get a 3d printer now for just a little over $1K, and you can make your own 3d scanner. My kids want me to scan their toys and then "print out" copies of them to play with. It seems to me that you should be able to do the same kind of thing with a bone. MRI the thing, create a cad model of the bone, shoot it over to a 3d printer, and bam, new bone. The only potential hitch would be that the material would have to be something the body wouldn 't reject. The only real $$ that would need to be spent is how to create a cad drawing of someone's bone, especially if it is broken when they come into the hospital.
A MRI cad model & Gnome-Map of your body in a chip attached to your insurance card or on some other device that you carry around with you. Once you need a "repairment", the clinic you check into, makes use of the stored data. Such scenarios have been envisioned decades back, and are theoretically not far fetched.... but then people really did not expect something that cheap and that soon, like the 3d printer we have today... amazing...
Moreover also a theoretical model on how to go about has been envisioned. Read it in Scientific American also decades ago. You put a specific stem cell culture and a biodegradable bone (that is a replica of the bone you need and created through your above mentioned method) together in an aka incubator and these cells will tend to gradually replace the biodegradable bone, till you have complete bone that your body will accept.
Mr larry,saya dari indonesia. Satu kata untukmu, "Hebat"
+Larry Page, the only downside to LEGO is that it's not open source. I'm fixing that with the Bitbeam project. If you want a kit of beams to play with, just let me know!
Hi Larry. I need 3.3k euros for a NAO robot. I qualify for the developer program. Oprah gave away cars, any chance you can do the same with robots? I promise it will be worth it. If you want you can log into my account then change the password after the secure paypal transaction, or wire transfer to the company, and pm me when you're done. The login info is Mage///ian12345 on :)
My father's University has always been noted for its intelligent resourceful people...this is simply one aspect in many.......... best regards Victoria
Have you tried NOA, by Aldebaran robotics? It is much more than a toy!
I know I'm way behind, but I've been hearing all about you listening to "In the Plex." How many of you have already read it?
@Hayath M.S I would say 99% people would buy it!!
I have a plan to dominate the social networking market in Vietnam. This plan can beat Facebook in the next 5 years - I'm sure. I look forward to working with Google.
If companies do not overlook this email please contact me at: email: We will discuss together my material on this project.
Is google chat suppose to be freaking out?
I realize that i'm being pompous by saying this — it's because i'm old and jealous of your awesome success, haha. Nonetheless, here it goes: Just to be frank, twice a month public posting is not really enough posting from the CEO of a company who is pushing Google+ as a viable social layer uniting the Google enterprise. It looks like tens of millions of Google+ users are following your lead, and it may explain why Google+ is getting the increasing reputation of "being a ghost town."

And when +Robert Scoble, who is one of the leading heavy-users of Google+, starts to turn on Google+, i'd say you have a very serious problem that requires immediate attention. I love Google and Google+, and i hate to see it lose its momentum because its leader seems not to be really embracing it or pushing hard enough to keep up with Facebook's improvements (even though FB may be copying great G+ features).

But i have great confidence in your ability to address this situation and reinvigorate Google+. I'd estimate that i am an above average user of Google+, spending at least an hour a day here. And i'd spend more time here, but i'm constantly being pulled back to Facebook because there is so much more activity there — robust commenting. Few of my 5,000 or so friends and subscribers on Facebook have planted themselves here! Most came, kicked the tires, and went back to Facebook — not seeing any reason to spend any time here. I know time is on our side if Google continues to integrate its products under the Google+ dashboard, but we need some big excitement soon to stop the pull of people into the Facebook black hole.
Dear larry page
i name mohmead jamal. I'm from Sudan .I am 23 years old .. I am a computer engineer .. Possible request .. Help you with Google .. How to run Google domain in Sudan .....

thank you
mohmead jamal
I have searched endlessly on how to contact +Larry Page to no avail so i am taking my chances here, i am organizing a geekcamp in our place and it would be a big help if Google could sponsor the event and if Google could send a speaker to speak for the tech community in our City. Hope this will reach Google...
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References of video of materials.
give us a dividend already Larry or we'll go over to apple or microsoft !
im a vietnamese and my english not good but i can understand some thing ur share i think that is very good
Yes, I saw the video. It's a three dimensional printer software linked to a plastic injection molding nozzle. If you would, greet Udi Manber. I took a CSc 344 class from him in either Fall '93 or Spring '92.
Here at the University, the best research in hardware is ECE, Electronics and Computer Engineering. I took my courses in Gould-Simpson (CSc) finishing at the start of the Internet (then Arpanet).
Yo Larry, I'm trying to get help on Google Help Forum. It will not let me post so I can't even ask my question. Any suggestions?
voglio cambiare il mondo nel senso che ho preso tutta la mia vita e due anni lavori con le donne che sono devastate dal cancro dalla vitiligine dalla couperose e io lo vorrei fare con voi e con tutte le vostre aziende, ma vivo a Roma e credimi mi sono fermata e dovevo partire per un isola, qui c'è crisi e nessuno ride, ma wow non ho più niente e anche i pennelli di trucco li ho scambiati perchè il lavoro anche quello delle clienti io lo rispetto, perchè mi prestavano l'unica cosa che non potevano ti scrivo da un computer di un posto dove 12 anni fa magari prendevo poco, ma ho sempre guardato la mia vita crescere e forse anche se solo ora giro con una valigia fucsia e non è colpa mia se ho parlato con tutti e nessuno è entrato nel mio progetto, lo vedevo troppo grande...e sono c'è anche una gallina veramente sono quattro giorni che giro perchè non ho più niente, ma la cosa più bella è che ovunque vado trovo un pezzettino di me.....e le persone mele sento dentro, ma mi ero scordata di me......una donna stava morendo e si preoccupava per me perchè era sicura che Emanuela le sopracciglia le poteva fare e che anche se stava morendo pensava a me....era un fa e mi ha detto che se io non combattevo lei si lasciava andare......Marina mi ha stretto così forte che ora è un anno e se il marito mi ha preso per strada perchè....... Se le persone del passato le sto salutando....lo so forse Marina si è lasciata andare dentro di me e forse ne ho parlato troppo perchè non sono in grado di fare i business plan e perchè è semplicemente folle, ma ho parlato con tutti eppure volevo solo arrivare a google 1 e google 2 perchè in lo desidero così tanto che pensavo, di averlo fatto con voi sono anche uscita da un buco che costa troppo perchè non c'è neanche il veramente abbiamo cambiato il mondo, nel senso che noi siamo tre, ma cavolo quanti hanno lavorato e ognuno ha messo la parte migliore di sè......... Sono entrata in un autosalone e le ciabattine e finalmente la mia macchina d'epoca che spettacolo.....oddio non vedo nessuno, ma ho comprato l'autosalone? signorina bionda non è la mia segretaria, ma la guardo e le dico vorrei comprare la macchina verde....mi guarda, la 500? no è bianca io dico quella verde d'epoca e piano piano, sì arriva la mia io avevo visto veramente che il cancro in qualche modo andava.....oddio possibile che non vi ho mai visto eppure google 1 e google 2 cavolo mi avete ringraziato perchè volevo darvi di più, ma voi avete deciso e al di là che non ho un computer eppure ti scrivo....dovevo fare un biglietto di sola andata per saint marteen, ma c'era ancora qualcosa che due anni ho detto all'ufficio stampa dell'ospedale dove lavoravo e....cavolo nessuno si muove, ma io resto sempre nel mio campo e leggo, ma dopo due anni tutto si perde e io anche se......non ho mai guardato ai soldi perchè vedo me e spendo anche di più per studiare, ma se alla fine mi hanno dato anche l'autista che solo il direttore generale può avere, ma è proprio lui che prima credeva e non importa se ha usato per andare più in alto, ma ho cambiato me stessa. Io ho visto che anche i volontari hanno poca volontà......ho visto, ma con amore e all'improvviso e anche se in due mesi ho dato tutto e lo dico a tutti ultimamente non mi chiamano più matta, anzi piango perchè rivedo tutto tranne me perchè è come se il senso di una crisi è proprio che nessuno va in crisi e che mi chiamano continuamente, ma io cerco solo un computer perchè se mi hanno ringraziato i due Google perchè è stato il più grande business e che in fondo non ho inventato nulla eppure giro con una valigia e stasera una panchina, perchè indietro non ci torno, ma ragazzi non perdersi neanche con Google italia perchè........sono una professionista seria e non è possibile che comunque sono due settimane che chiamo e l'unico interno che c'è è la reception, ma due e non risponde nessuno e invece è proprio da li che inizi a rilassarti e stasera ho una panchina e forse se Google italia non risponde, io comunque solo con voi due ora voglio parlare perchè non ho trovato nessuno anzi ho perso tutti, ma ho cambiato la mia vita e forse insieme cambiamo il mondo, ma scusate è un grande business, ma avete fatto un grande motore di ricerca, ma se io domani non trovo il computer , come facciamo?
Larry, I am sure your company will come up with something good as well, the incubator in Afghanistan is coming along well and soon will move even faster with the new changes at TFBSO.
We've come a long way from Lego printers.
what dafuq are you worrying 'bout, alex?
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Saeid M
Its not science, actually its a creativity!
chemistry is the science of matters and changes it can undergo.

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