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Just opened the new Android release. KitKat!
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Ah, what a sweet surprise :) 
Break me off a piece of that Android Bar!

Looks like its going to be a GOOD version.
Very nice. Really like the way neither company is paying the other and the light touch being employed. 
The green tissue paper is a nice touch.
NIce move now regular people might catch on with the desert names lol
Live unboxing video or this is a fake! :D
Mmmmm! Great work on the name. Genius at work. There is so much in a product name. And it ensures they will stay fully supplied in our MK's.
Are there wafers in arms or legs too? LOL
I'd say that I want one too, but I'd just eat it. I love KitKats. As far as 4.4 is concerned, I'm just curious about what we'll see from it. Most of the core Android features seem to have been systematically ripped from the OS and instead put in separate apps, which was a pretty damned good idea. So the question becomes, what next?
I love to have one dear +Larry Page  :)
btw, i have some suggestion about Google Glass, how can i get in touch with some one in top level ?
Great cross promotion. Top marks for the idea.
Where can I buy this delicious treat?
God that looks good!! Very creative!
Awesome, waiting for Nexus 5. Going to probably take off work just so I can buy one! 
Great partnership! Was getting bored with the doodles. I need a break... I need a KitKat!
I have to say it tasted pretty good!
Can we actually buy one of those? I would like one 
Thank u +Larry Page for sharing, looks delicious :-)
would be there also a white chocolate edition!! :-) 
Can you actually eat it? That'd be awesome ^_^
Juan C
Cool you guys are sweet! Love kit Kat hopefully I love the OS as much.
Can I assume this will be in the gift shop at the Mountain View campus? If so, I might have to make a road trip =)
I like to get one, but can't find in the most 4 popular stores of taiwan.
What features may 4.4 have?
That's cruel... You want to eat it.... But at the same time, you don't want to eat it.... 
And they said an Apple was good for you... Blahhhhhh 
You will never walk alone!... you created the self-driving car! Notwithstanding, you still will never walk alone. 
I'd pay extra to have this included if I buy the next Nexus.
Can we purchase that from Google play?
looking forward for a free android transition animation and scrolling jank or stutter. enjoy your kitkat, +Larry Page! :D
Shot taken with Motorola ghost
Nestlé are using unlabeled GMO's. This isn't anything to like... 
+Larry Page - "MORE POWER to GOOGLE"

Bring all great innovations to the world...

Question for +Larry Page , What do you think about +Hugo Barra leaving Android, specially with the new version coming up?
Dude, KitKat's are easily my favorite candy bar.  Where can I get one of these beautiful Androids?
Check photo details. What is the Motorola XT1058? Is it the Moto X?
Randy L
Omg I need mine now! 
Did Google have to pay Mars to use the KitKat logo in this case?  I think they would have to and if they did not that would be a problem. You can't just disclaimer it away either.  It is an eye opener when you see how much value they attach to those trademarks like M&Ms, Milky Way and KitKat.  And really if something in the KitKat OS fucks up and kills someone somehow that really reflects badly  tarnishing an innocent candy bar brand by association. 
vi ha
Didn't care for KitKat before, but now that it is shaped like the android... I suddenly want one...
Good corporate citizen Google....
"Trademark issues? Not to worry, as Google got Nestle's blessing to use the "Kit Kat" trademark (albeit without the space), but with a twist. John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, explained to the BBC that "this is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal," but instead, they wanted do something "fun and unexpected."

Following one conference call with Nestle back in end of November, the deal was sealed just 24 hours later. And after finalising the details secretly at MWC, the chocolate snack is now doing a joint promotion with Google to give away some Nexus 7s and Google Play credit in the US and the UK. The BBC reports that there will be more than 50 million Kit Kats promoting the Android mascot in 19 markets (including Brazil, India, Japan and Russia), but it's not clear whether the giveaway promotion will make its way to those countries as well.
way better than Android Butterfinger...what about Android Twinkies?
Android Zero bar would be the coolest. 
Someone please investigate the metadata of the pic. I believe it is taken with the new Nexus phone.
Wow. The Moto X does have a pretty bad camera.... That Kit Kat wrapper is looking pink! 
^-^ I soooo want one, damnn!!!
Cool, I don't mind chewing Kit Kat, but the question is why the Android series (or at least its OS nomenclature) want to turn itself into a confectionary brands?    
I don't care about names, but about features!
So here is my wishlist for 4.4:
1. Less battery drain (yes, Google is a part of it, espacially Google Now..) or please encourage the manufacters of devices to include exchangeable batteries again.
2. Please stop removing features and options like you did with Maps (e.g. offroad/coordinate sharing, zoombuttons, permanent scale...)
3. Make the default nice and simple. As less as possible unstopable processes (like Google  Play Music), please let me decide what is running on my device and what not.
4. Exept from that: Keep on the good work! :-)
Earlier, I went to the store to look for an android kitkat, but to my dismay, none were to be found. Wrong or right about the kitkat android partnership, I WANT ONE!
KitKat for everyone....??? :-) ;-) 
Maybe if I'm lucky my device will support it. 
I don't like I'm vegan !!! Anybody knows there is milk inside KitKat !!!
It took a KitKat for  +Larry Page to get his voice back! Congrats to Nestle-- truly makes the very best!
Those would be great to sell for a charity fundraiser.
Android NSA would have been a more appropriate name.
how cute...won't last long however lol...
+Larry Page May be Google should celebrate 1 billion android activations by sending every android phone user a Android KitKat treat, sound fair?
Good nite ladies and gentle pals... Lob yo 'all. Think you..
You must make a Nexus that looks like that.
Delicious, which part you want to eat first?
Google's Android + Kit Kat candy bar = Pure Genius! :)
Have a break (from all other crappy mobile OS's) Have a KitKat♥
Hey, +Larry Page hopefully you'll ship that nice Chocolate also to that small country where it's coming from... Or will Switzerland be ignored even for Chocolate as you do with the PlayStore (Buy Hardware? No! Buy Movies? No! Music? No! Books? Guess, no!)??
Ihh, KitKat, und auch noch von Néstle, Buu.

Hoffentlich kommt bald ein neues Update
Zhi Yi
If I buy a device from Google, can I get a Kitkat :)
There was no cross promotion. One side said hey can we do this the other said sure. No money changed hands. This is just a really cool idea by both parties. 
Milan M
And still have bugs?
Typical Google finds a way to cram more advertising down people's throats and the public eats it up. Good on them. Pure genius. 
Meh. Key lime pie pounds any industrial treat's ass any time of the day. 
PS: Wishlist item
5. Give the user control over the out of memory priority list. I hate it when I come back to my browser and all my loaded tabs are killed and reloading them with bad connectivity in public subway transport takes ages! 
This still feels like a joke.
This morning had to stop to buy Kit Kats because now the whole team is craving for KitKat
I'm an Android user, and I don't give a damn what so-called codename they give every minor version.
Ingenious promotion and marketing for Android 4.4. Kudos!
One KitKat for every Nexus 4 Owner for free? Cool.....
i dont want Nestle searching marketing info in my phone
I have a break... Where is my KitKat?
I so want one of these.  Someone sort me out with one please.
look forwards to tasting.
Have a break. Have an Android!
BTW congratulations on the 15th birthday of Google, Inc. !
Cheers! ..and stay Young!
I have seen a Photo of a KitKat Bar  in a vending machine with an android mascotte on it!
Great, great marketing! +Larry Page What's next? A golden voucher for a Nexus phone in every 10.000th bar. Willy Wonka style?
BTW: Congrats on 15 years of Google, Inc. , Stay Young!

Edit: there are indeed voucher/coupon codes for Nexus 7 tablets in the bars ! :) Offcourse you thought of that! :)
Is just odd, to say the least, that a company wich built their value around the "don't be evil" motto, is getting a high visibility partnership with one of the worst company ever with a proved history of unethical and health dangerous conduct. 
You know, they have these green KitKats in Japan :)
Don't like to be a party pooper, but I think it's a great a pity that a fabulous company like Google is co-branding with Nestle
May I suggest the next name for L? L should be Lamington, an Australian dessert.
+Rebecca Rippin Why ? Google is a company that needs to make money. If they can do it without forcing me to watch ads or pay for their services it, fine by me. I really don't care what will be the name of the new android as long as its good and free of charge :) 
Now +Larry Page if you open store for nexus also in Italy, we can enjoy such a sweetness
I don't have a problem with them co-branding +Krzysiek Jerzmanowski and totoally agree with your reasoning. It's the fact that they are doing it with Nestle that I find sad. 
Di Cai
Looking forward new OS!
Van C
+Larry Page What's with the King Julian on your header pic?
Clever marketing from Google and Nestle, it's refreshing to see a tech company using such a light hearthed communication when everyone else is trashing the others.
Hope we won't have to say "have a break-in have KitKat"
Great to all the loyal android user : )
eF Ka
Nestlé is one of the worst and most evil companies on this planet, naming Android after a Nestlé product is plain stupid and already disliked by a lot of formerly loyal Android fans... 
Kitkat kicks kitty iOS of the fence
the branding involvement is a bit off-putting for me
Surprise Today, o(*≥▽≤)ツ 
How much money has Nestle spent on this advertisement?
Have a nice day... La mejor campañas publicitaria de la historia para Nestlé 
Switzerland is no longer ignored by google? KitKat = Nestlé = Switzerland ;-)
I will wait for android 6.0 M& least that won't melt in your hands :)
Right, don't team up with shady guys like Nestlé. Don't do evil! Not cool to me.
larry you are great but also very funny.
Thanks for giving us precious Google.
Great, now all those hungry dudes go buy cheap non-fair-trade chocolates from that big guy. Google, you could have done better.
Was the name chosen because "4.4" is pronounced "quat'.quat'" in french ?
Can't wait to have it on my Nexus 4. When is it available?
a branding mistake, generic names worked well
Why!! is Google co-branding it's not for the money so why?.

Its admitting to the reality of mobile devices at work "take a break"  8)
Hope you will make available the new upcoming nexus 10 in India..... 
I want to have my KitKat and eat it too :-)
oo han
Let me use Chinese to explain it,this is 得瑟
im pretty sure there is a boycott on nestle items. this may not end well
I wonder how much KitKat paid for that. 
Wow, for a moment there I tought this was taken with the next nexus smartphone, pretty bad quality, then I saw, Its the moto x of course :)
The Kit Kat bar is an icon in the candy world. The name of the os is kit kat. Everyone knows the jingle. This makes perfect sense. +Justin Herrera and what exactly has apple or windows done lately. Hmm ios 7 looks pretty familiar to me, and wait for it a watch that has been done before by sony. Real innovation lays in the hands of the majority, not in a closed system. And I hate to say it but windows phone still has a lot of catching up.

Don't be hatin' !
Será el Mejor OS móvil de todos! 
I also want!!! Please!!!
+Larry Page With those antenna ears I hope there wouldn't be any trouble with signal reception. Cheers. :)
Nestle is a horrible company that marks us the water they sell 5000%.
pic from moto X phone? XT1058
Jack Nicholson's Joker: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
I want one, I'll but one (the kit kat version)! I hope I can get it in the supermarket.... 
How much did KitKat pay you to name 4.4 after them?
+Larry Page I'd pay a few bucks for one of these then get it casted in bronze. Save me one Larry and I'll pick it up in November. 
Can I ask for a free sample? Cannot guarantee I won't eat them all... ;-)
For eating, I prefer Key Lime Pie - but KitKat is a total win for marketing / branding.  Kudos!
Looks interesting. Hoping for another awesome Android experience.
Very clever, and for sure expensive, idea.
Let's see how does it look like the software....sweet and addictive maybe?
it looks delicious cant wait for it android 4.4
Took by MotoX :-)
Wounder what app.s they'll. Come up with for this vision of andriod!!! Maby a class of milk app. !!! Lol
Hey larry how bout that nexus 5 appearance during the unveiling of kit kat ? ;-)
I keep seeing these folks putting down Google for using the candy name Kit Kat. Research for yourself, there is no marketing scheme they are just using the name. There was no exchange of money for this. Will there be promotions sure. I don't agree with Nestle's choices. But that is not Google's. They just wanted to use the Candy to name the OS version. Personally I don't like Key Lime Pie.
So chill out and stop acting like it is the end of the world.

And for the record if you buy anything that is made today it has contact with slavery somewhere. Yes I agree Nestle is wrong in a lot of ways. But i still enjoy me a Kit Kat. 
Esta súper padre, y quien dice que no me gustan los chocolates???

Remind yourself of this when Nestle owns all the water.
+Earl Cousins with the unlikely chances of that happening (because that is just ridiculous to allow). That day we will just call upon Tank Girl to save us!
This is going to be a trend, next stop Snickers.
interesting that +Larry Page used a Moto X to take the pic, not a nexus 4, anyway there is no big different .. most important thing both are from google ..both run android :-))
+Larry Page When you get to this far down on the comments remember to take a break! And give the android team a big Kudos!
Ya............Hi chocolate........
Google announces new OS. All you see is a candy bar. 
Yeah... And when will we all be able to open it too? 
Felicitaciones Larry ,ahora  también la tecnología se muestra en chocolates
Released 5 Minutes after Microsoft's Nokia Device acquisition!..;)
Why don't we get these with our phones?  I'm feeling cheated.
mmmmm delicious. However....idk if i could bring myself to eat it! haha
very nice but unless it's in an upgrade, I won't see it for a year or two..
Hi Larry,hope your having a blessed day.thank you for leasing your duplex to my son!! You truely made the right decision,they are working on getting a Awsome,good American ,clean cut,quite,paying citizens and soon! You have a great week..Susan McElroy..

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best +KIT KAT  ever.  Might even share one of his feet with friends.
That looks amazing, really loving what Google has done with android 4.4. And the Nexus 4 'leak'? Take my money! 
Dear +Larry Page,

Please send me one of these Android KitKat bars. To ensure it's an even swap, in exchange I will send you an apple that's been pounded flat with a sledgehammer.

If the eatable Android kitkat can be available in the market at the  same time with Android kitkat release, how excited will it be!!
So "Do no evil" doesn't extend to Android, then?  Because as far as I'm aware Nestlé is still being boycotted by many decent people, because they're still using aggressive promotion of breast milk substitutes in developing nations.
Yum... That looks good. 
Where is Andy Rubin? 
Kit Kat shaped like an Android and generating these many different responses. Genius name and no wonder Google is the one and only company to rule them all. Very excited to see where all this leads to in the OS upgrade and chocolate deliciousness. In lieu of being able to upgrade. I'm gonna have to grab me a Kit Kat to calm my sweet tooth!
Are you serious? There is a phone shaped like a candy bar and people like it? It looks ugly and clumsy to me.
Really hoping this is the update that cleans up the systems theme. Can't wait to see the dialler and messaging etc updated. More animations please!!! 
when would I get the 4.2/4.3 on my AT&T HTC one??? I love Android and hate AT&T
I wonder what Legal agreement have been made with Nestlé... I mean Nestlé should consider this a huge free promotion of their product.
i am seriously disappointed with this choice - Nestle pushes milk formula to third world countries like a dirty little  drug dealer - killing babies to improve their profit margins and Google teams with those guys ... what kind of message is this ? 
WTF. Ridiculous name made in ridiculous cooperation with food company. Release info made public 2 months earlier than usual, ahead of official unveiling. Now the new LG G2 based Nexus 5 is seen in public in official Google video, which has been pulled shortly after. I'm appaled. Slightly.
Phil H
The message, +Christophe Thomas, is "money talks, Nestle had the most". It was only a matter of time, really. M will be Mars, N will be Nutella. But what will L be?
All these announcements made me hungry; so I went to my local Walgreens to buy me a box of those chocolate wafers.
OK I have had this idea and I know others have too but my question is when will the nexus line see a modified front facing camera with led light for video chat in low light or pitch black condition's we need to beat iPhone to this please Mr page
Big disappointment with the N5 what a let down how does Google go backwards in a total different direction with their new nexus phone from the beautiful crystal reflection back on the N4 to the cheap tacky and boring looking back on the N5 with the big dumb looking camera housing I was really looking 4ward to the N5 and love my N4 but looks like I be skipping out on this nexus device 
Please - announce the Nexus 5 already! No point in keeping it secret any longer. I would also like to see a Nexus phone NOT MADE BY LG with a MicroSD card slot, would make a lot of Google customers happier. I look forward to the release of 4.4, but I wonder whether I should buy a Samsung Note 3 or Nexus 5.
This bricked my Nexus 7, way to go Google!!!
¡Tremendamente irresistible! Mmmmm... ¿queda un poco? ¡seguro que no! jejeje
 gingerbread ...chocolate,  KitKat, Ice-cream, Android is everywhere :)
Resh M
Yuummy..chocclate in any form
I'm eating it, and it's the tastiest ever.
i would like to eat kitkat chocolate, instead of purchasing a kitkat phone. 
Hi Larry. I am dissapointed about 1 feature missing. Moving the app on  SD Card is no longer possible. Please do something. Thx
500th comment
My KitKat is finished, I want Lolipop
I today do not know if it's allowed to share photos that are just like the advertising of certain products. As we can see from the photo Kit Kat chocolate bar? Enjoy your great day. Cheers!
Man that looks Good can I have a piece?!?
We all love Kit Kat candy bars. Especially love the sweet and chocolate candies and chocolate with dried fruit, hazelnuts. Since we have sweet a feeling of satisfaction. Happy Valentine's Day!
We all love chocolate, especially KitKat chocolate bars sweet mobile, with us through life . :))
Beautiful green  - Brown Android and sweet  KitKat chocolate. Enjoy in weekend. :)
Look good. I like it. Kikkat is my favorite candy.Can I have it?
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