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I’m excited to announce Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.  Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, will be Chief Executive Officer.

OK … so you’re probably thinking wow!  That’s a lot different from what Google does today.  And you’re right.  But as we explained in our first letter to shareholders, there’s tremendous potential for technology more generally to improve people’s lives.  So don’t be surprised if we invest in projects that seem strange or speculative compared with our existing Internet businesses.  And please remember that new investments like this are very small by comparison to our core business.

Art and I are excited about tackling aging and illness.  These issues affect us all—from the decreased mobility and mental agility that comes with age, to life-threatening diseases that exact a terrible physical and emotional toll on individuals and families.  And while this is clearly a longer-term bet, we believe we can make good progress within reasonable timescales with the right goals and the right people.

Our press release has a few more details though it’s still very early days so there’s not much more to share yet.  Of course when Art has something more substantial to communicate (and that will likely take time), he’ll provide an update.  Finally, thanks to Bill Maris for helping bring this idea to life and getting Art involved, and to Sergey Brin for consistently supporting 10X thinking like this.  It’s hard for many companies to make long term investments.  So I’m tremendously excited about the innovative new way we’re funding this project.  Now for the hard work!
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+Larry Page the difference between +Google and other companies is "You"
The Key to Google success is You
and One day Google will Change Complete World 
We Love Google
I am aging so this is very relevant to me-
It affects us all.....a step in the right direction. Kudos on your move. 
Great! Wish everybody the luck they need.
It does affect us ways some of us can't understand or know yet. But we are counting on Google and other forward thinking companies to use technology to make this better for all of us, not just line shareholder pockets. So best of luck and keep up the good work!
I live in Africa and I find this a God send 
This is great news and shows a way on how google can leverage the x projects to expand beyond the core business.
I'm confused. Is this company going to be a subsidiary of Google? Or is Google just investing in it? If it's not a subsidiary, why would Google announce its creation, and if it is, why wouldn't Google be paying for it all rather than 3rd parties? Regardless, Art will be busy as CEO of a new company, chairman of 2 others, and director of a 4th.
There is SO much in healthcare and drug discovery research that can be "Google-ized". This is a great development from the leaders of companies that revolutionized and invented ( in the case of Genentech) tech and biotech. 
Fresh herb in salad goes better then smoking it to slow down the aging process. Still works both ways but fresh is best;)
Awesome!! This rightly demonstrates the courage and resolve of a true entrepreneur. Unafraid to experiment!!

All the Best, Larry!
Great!  +Larry Page have always said that technology and development can help a lot in improving our quality of life, and now with the new advances in stem cells regenerate allowing many parts of our body and cure many diseases, also research and decomposition of our DNA, etc ... Google sure will be made with amazing things!
Thanks. Hoping you will be able to dent a very important domain like you did in other less serious ones.
Google's strategy is getting broader but still focused on making money: More mentally healthy years, more years for you to click on Google ads. ;) 
Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this. Sounds like a great project. If there's one universal problem which affects us all, it's aging...
+Larry Page this is brilliant. I am a great believer in telehealth and ehealth. I know many people I work with will be very excited by this. Well done! 
Will Ray Kurzweil have anything to do with Calico ? That sounds like it'd be right up his alley..
I for one welcome my cyborg overlords selling immortality.
Un "piccolo" passo in avanti per tutta l'umanità! si è passati dalla filosofia del "non fare del male" a quella di "migliorare la qualità della vita" e non è cosa da poco!! continuate cosi..ottimo lavoro :)
Finally some real financial muscle realizing "They can't take it with them.".
So basically while Apple is spending all their free time suing everyone and everything under the sun, Google is trying to cure the disease of old age...

Gotta love Google :).
I was just thinking yesterday why doesn't Google do smth like this
Hello am aiat am from Iraq I love speking in Larry it very good I am lovet very much am nasty to maet you ela baay gaeez I livet
I hope Google to have a considerate look toward #cryonics and related immortalist technologies. 
Google Immortality on the way? I see what you're doing there, bringing the singularity closer that way.
best wishes to  ARTHUR LEVINSON   .....
TOMORROW .. it's the challenge of demographics is going to be great ..
so this Health Co is going to be a trendsetter wishes from
That's why Google is GOOGLE! different from all others.
I hope you can make use of the community here to help. 
So Google's basically taking on death - I hope it's easier to beat than the NSA ;)
Glad to see the synergy with Apple people in this endeavor.
There is tremendous resistance to the  coming paradigm shift in medical treatments, both from people who may be overly concerned due to a lack of accurate information, and from businesses with vested interests in maintaining the status quo. This could provide much-needed financing for ground-breaking regenerative medicine companies, such as Advanced Cell Technologies, Inc., a company that is currently conducting multiple trials for Stargardt's and Dry-AMD, both serious eye diseases that together affect tens of millions of people worldwide.

Google should be applauded for having the courage to look far beyond their normal business model. Maybe someday soon our government will show the same level of courage, and finally make decisions on issues that have been inexcusably languishing in limbo for years.

"...the Sybil at Cumae, hanging in a cage...and when the boys asked 'what do you truly desire' Sybil answered 'I want to die".

Too often the diseases of ageing put us in the cage with the Sybil, thank you so much for applying your many talents to free us from the cage at Cumae.
This is what makes you and Google different from the other tech companies.  I'm happy to support your product line.  Keep thinking out of the box!  Keep shooting for the stars!
Very good Larry.  I am glad that +Google is getting into healthcare field.   A question, is Calico a biotech or bioinformatics company?  Will there be labs?   
I am very happy to see the constant outreach and awareness programs that Google has created and continues to create as a company. 
Ty L
Great to hear that the Goog is back in healthcare.
{a totally meaningless, vapid, fawning comment goes here}
Dude. 30 min of activity a day and so many health probs associated with aging could be solved. Doesn't take a tech company to help people to achieve that. Unless your tech will actually let people work less for more money so they feel they have the time to exercise.
. . . technologies for the aging is very different that extending life expectancy - but will be exciting to watch and be a part of!
I for one can not wait to see what sort of innovations come out of this new company! :)
We keep coming up technology to free up our time and yet for every device that does so we have to work longer and harder to pay for it. 
Always been a fan of Google's brazen thinking. I'm currently involved in creating innovative healthcare IT solutions using "big data". Would love to see what Calico is all about, and be a part of the team!
Certified: Goosebumps Inducing. All the best +larry page
From changing the lives of people to really affecting them. Thanks for being bold! 
People go through samsara and old age and illness are demons; solving these problems is beyond ordinary Fa.  Practice Falun Gong, Larry.  I graduated from U.Mich in 2004 in Political Science.
We are developing a treatment for the #3 cause of death in the US.  It will, at least, reduce the struggle to breath, and may flatten the trajectory of the disease.  It will also make a big dent in the economic impact of the disease.  If this is in the same universe as your target profile, please let us tell you more.
+Amanda June Hagarty Add the food next to it. And that's still not enough to live longer, at least not as much as LP hopes to out-live us. :)
Way to use your resources for more good of mankind, I applaud you google!
Nice job Larry.  This is the tech leadership we need in the industry.. congrats
Yes! Now, when do you start hiring?
Will you do something related to kids, like Autism?

Larry, that sounds awesome!  I only hope you (Goog) will spend whatever it takes to do the proper research and development, etc. and not cut corners at all.  You guys can be a huge leader in this field, inspiring others to join in.  If Calico has a website, make sure that people can donate to it.  I could only give a small amount, but maybe it would help.  Thanks.
Great stuff Larry!  So excited to see what Google comes up with next to save the world.  More loons!
I hope that your new venture looks to the crisis of affordable health care for common conditions. For millions in the USA life saving medications are only available by paying the trolls to prescribe and dispense those life saving meds. The pernicious toll paid to the doctors, pharmacies, and insurers are for most conditions far more than the cost of the meds. 

Under the guise that lavishly paid watchful doctors and pharmacists will spot possible "side effects" they restrict access to the meds which effectively treat primary and implicit effects of illnesses easily treated. This sinister protectionist guild behaviour results in millions suffering and dying from poor treatment of primary disease.
I am all for this venture. Just hope it doesn't only help the rich while not helping the poor. Think the movie Elysium with Jodi Foster and Matt Damon. 
Personally it just looks like more advertising to me. Google does this once or twice a year. They throw some money at some blue sky project that makes us all say "ooooohhhhh"....they sell advertising. All of those PHD's are just employed to sell your eyeballs to advertisers.
+Larry Page Not strange at all. If we all live longer we spend more time online! It's a win-win!
Nice work. I worked in the health industry forever. What it comes down to is environment and how each of us perceive ourselves in our own environment- Stress, positve environments help. So many people are just eating everything all together and their systems are totally over loaded. Even the best of blenders on high speed could not break down the foods. Humans are cattle eating whatever is put infront of them. We were never meant to eat cheese meat breads fruits all at once in one sitting. Soil being depleted there should be world standards from anyone growing foods to say what minerals are in that food. Some people are buying Brazil nuts from California, but how do you know that the selenium is abundant in that soil. The healthiest fast food or Chains of food claim to have healthy foods, but honestly it can only reach a certain degree. It's all about replenishing our own natural lifeforce. If your take care of yourself and eat alot of colors and food combine and just enjoy your meal un distracted im a believer that is one degree to being healthier and going in the direction of immortality.
I wish I was apart of this cool initiative I have so many ideas....
LARRY,                                                                                                                                I WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH YOUR TEAM? PLEASE MAKE IT POSSIBLE FROM YOUR SIDE. I AM FROM DHAKA BANGLADESH. I HOPE LARRY WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE.
Sir +Larry Page , The latest#iOS7 update gives users time to think about buying an Android phone.
Blown away by the innovation at Google.
I pretty much approve of anything Google does and I approve of this too.... thumbs up!
Great going! congratulations. Looking forward to innovations in health and well-being!
Is not an investor but would bet on the capacity of Google to understand the complexity of biohacking at the molecular level. I wonder though if ads will be proportionate to the number of "years deleted"...
+Larry Page does this mean Google under the name Calico will be moving into the pharmaceutical and medical device industry making a few acquisitions and then developing their own? 
I am just happy it is Google doing it!
Interesting move of Google, but not so far fetched as one might think. In the age of genomics, might be Google the company who has the computing power to exiting DNA  and related biomedical data analysis. As we soon will move towards the semantic web, I am sure Google will be a major contributor in understanding huge biomedical data pools, which will contribute to better understanding and novel solution in respect of human health.
Not surprised that the good folks at GOOGLE are thinking outside the box.
This is what makes Google such a great company. Some other big, inward-looking companies should take note... 
babu d.
many companies focus on improving "product"..we need more projects like these that focusses on improving "people"..good thinking Google.
Thank you so much!  I've been involved in supporting aging research for 10 years now, and this announcement is fantastic news! My friends who are also involved in researching aging at SENS are also probably very excited about this.  Aging is what drives almost all common disease that people get as they grow older; you affect aging and you slow or prevent all of them in one go; either by slowing down the rate of aging or reversing the molecular damage that has been accumulating over time. It's much more effective from many points of view to target aging instead of each disease individually. This is been known now for a long time with research into aging in animals. 

Truly, this is one of the most important goals; to end the endless suffering that aging causes. The problem won't go away, it will keep getting worse and put a huge strain on the economy if nothing is done soon.

We all have at least one right:  The right to live.

perfect.  how about a company that focuses on software developers health? i think right now we are at middle agents for this we are sitting the whole day programming this is very bad for our health... is there an option to allow for purchasing of more storage in google sites? right now it blocks me, i want to purchase can you help me? (purely more storage in google sites...) thanks, I want to use it as a wiki.
Fantastic Larry, keep inspiring!!!
Longer life versus quality of life--hopefully there's a component of long term quality care in this endeavor.

Congrats for the 10x thinking.
Incredible!  We are all forced to die a slow painful death due to aging as our bodies deteriorate over the course of 50 or more years.  It is time that we make infirmity a choice.

Calico, SENS foundation, 2045 initiative, Terasem, and many more organizations, are joining the fight against involuntary suffering and death!
This is fantastic! [Am focused on developing Google #Glass Health Wellness Fitness Medical Apps & Life Style 2.0 ecosystem]
Technology and health, sign me up!
Saw this coming as soon as Ray Kurzweil got hired :)
Thanks so much, Larry! - Plz "don't be evil" ;) and join forces, share knowledge, do synergy with Aubrey De Grey, Ray Kurzweil, and all the people that are already fighting aging!!!!
The key to good health and wellbeing is diet. We need to ban things like Grains, dairy and suger gluten, legumes. Get rid of that and watch your health increase daily. They have done research on island community's which are basically disease and cancer free. Then years later after the introduction of grains dairy sugar and legumes they start getting cases of cancer and other disease. 
Non-invasive Scoliosis treatment, please!
Zach W.
This just in, Google plans to make everyone immortal by the founding of a new company. (One can dream, right?)
+Ian Stallings chair of their board doesn't mean he is President or CEO. Board members of major companies are often comprised of major players from other big name companies. Has nothing to do with his position as CEO with Calico.
Congratulations on the vision of Google and Calico for tackling one of the most pressing issues facing all of us as individuals, our families, our colleagues, our businesses, our governments, our to get more quality time out of our existence here on earth.  Which begs another question: What's an extra year of high quality life worth? How about two, three, four or five? Priceless in my about yours?
It is a good idea but I/we would like to know more. Keep use up to date. 
At first you made every information to all people accessable (Google search,books), then you showed us the whole world (maps, Earth, streetview) then you will change the way we travel (selfdriving car) and bring Internet to the whole world (loon) and now you will make our lives longer. Mr. Page, you and Mr. Brin are really heroes in my oppinion. You change the world to a better place. I really hope one day i could help you bring our species forward to the next level. One day we can stop the wars, hunger, poverty and illness. Thank you very much for all your work. Other billionaires just want more power. You use your power to create. That is the right way.
Is there any specific Calico interest in RESILIENCE??
Is there a website for the company? did I miss it?
Bicentennial Man anyone saw the movie again the other night it got me thinking along similar lines. Robotics would be a great mid step along the way! 
I should work for you! :-) I am in pharma industry and its R&D business since years, I have knowledge in multiple specialties, I am quite a geek plus I am Italian ;-) contact me!
This is a awesome initiative. Hope we can provide the care needed at reasonable cost and is affordable for everyone.
My wife is a surgeon in private practice and would appreciate the opportunity to change careers especially in such a forward thinking environment such as Calico. How would she go about applying with Calico to have an opportunity to work with such an endevour?
Thanks Mr. Page, awesome job. 
This could be very interesting, especially from an old fart who is also a Google fan boy.  Wow, that doesn't sound right. I do know quite a bit about aging and associated (oh my poor frickin back) diseases.
Hopefully an exciting new chapter in aging research!
I am applying. I have a readily usable method based on current technologies, all I need is the means to do it. It involves using attenuated viruses we already have extensive experience with, namely HIV among others, to begin modulating the CCR5 gene in vivo, which will give us the ability to modulate the other viruses we will be introducing.

The first patients would need to be people that already posses at least one copy of the CCR5 Delta 32 gene to minimize our effort. The CCR5 Gene will be our key to controlling the efficacy of the other viruses we will begin introducing (preferably viruses the patient is already carrying; you got herpes, fine. We pull it out, modify it, put it back in and dial down your immune response using our newly found friend the HIV, which we can also modulate as necessary, and allow your Herpes partner to carry in the modified genes. This is obviously over simplified, but it is going to work. China has probably beat us to the punch. The idea place to do this research is Antarctica. No restrictions there yet.
This sounds very intriguing. I would love to apply my Oncology/Immunology drug development and personalized medicine background in the context of this group. So you have need of those skill sets?
I am a graduate of medical genetics :D finally i can work in my favorite field in my favorite company. Time to show finger at my IT friends who brag. Can we expect job updates on Google jobs page or would this appear separately or would it be unadvertised.
Seems like a strange move, but good luck.
John Le
Very exciting news! I am a registered nurse and have been looking for a career where I can take advantage of my passion for technology and healthcare and this new company sounds like it might be it? Is there any news about possible internships, job opportunities, or consultation needs? I would love to share what I've learned about the challenges of technology in patient care.  
A lot of good points raised by the comments here.  Do you have any responses, Mr. Page?
Bless you Larry. Only caring and compassionate persons like you can associate in such an altruistic project . Wish it all success.
I love how Google doesn't let themselves be limited by how other people view their company
+Larry Page I have always wanted to work for a google company but with a Biology degree that never became an opportunity, How do I apply to research at Calico?
Does "health and well-being" include Mental Health?
Sir, Congratulations !!! on this new venture from Google. Please have the new Company Calico also do research on finding better/effective cancer drugs. The current cancer drugs kill the patients immune system and there by the patient. We need revolutionizing drugs in the field of cancer. The pharma companies and oncologists are making huge profits and do not seem to be wanting to bring in better drugs.
Thank you, Larry. It's such a great move.
Mary B
I must be missing something. What will Calico do? 
Dear Mr. Page, I think Google has already improved the quality of life and while I applaud this new initiative I hope you are also working on using current technology to improve healthcare dramatically in the next few years. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you contact Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong who has been working in this arena for the past seven years and would be of immense help to your endeavor. Also, I strongly suggest you contact Paul Marran, an American living in London, who has been working on improving healthcare and who has had tremendous results. He is with "The Learning Clinic" and his company has won numerous awards including "Best Use of IT & Technology - HSJ/NT Patient Safety Awards 2010". He can be reached at: The Learning Clinic, 7 Lyric Square, London W6 0ED Tel: +44 (0)20 8746 4545 or I would like to send you an article, though dated, I hope you would find of interest and use but don't see how I can on this blog. It is titled: "The Future of Healthcare" and was printed in "Connected World" in their July/Aug 2011 issue. I wish you the best of luck in this new and worthy endeavor. 
It's going to be a long time before we have the science to design a new human-like species that doesn't age at all. But there's a lot of existing science that could improve quality of life for the elderly - if the associated engineering (and socio-political) issues were resolved by the right focused effort. Good luck!
JD Ryan
Hi Larry, I totally love this idea. I have been working away, alone, for some years on projects that assist our ageing bodies and redesigning for more ergonomics in existing product segments. I would love to work for your new start-up. How do I apply? Regards, JD Ryan (Ms) Melbourne , Australia
+Gerd Moe-Behrens Good points, especially about the semantic web. More studies are good, but we have not yet full understood the implications of what we already know (especially the relation of nutrition and health).The Knight News  Challenge on Health Data is ongoing, looking for good ideas about dealing with health care data. Here is my entry, which is about applying techniques developed by the intelligence community to connect the dots about human health:

There's probably a great opportunity here for Google to be part of helping connect the dots about wellness. Search results are great, but then the next question is, how do make sense of what you find? Better free and open source software tools could help with that, in health as well as other areas. We probably need that a lot more than new studies.
Brilliant direction to choose, Google.  Curious to find out more.  Personally hoping it includes collation and analysis of the abundance of existing medical and lifestyle records of everyone possible (alive and dead) and their blood relationships to find trends, which could then be used to create hypotheses for ongoing projects.  Google would be perfectly placed for this.  Not only does it have the tools, reach and skill set, but people possibly trust the organisation enough to donate their data.  

Regardless, awesome purpose for an organisation.  Well done on prioritising this project.  Can't wait to hear more.
Love it!  Google is going to continue to improve the world
what and the hell did u do. most of us have to look and type. now while i type u move the cursor. lol. stupid. fire somebody.
I read in Time your quote, 

“Are people really focused on the right things? One of the things I thought was amazing is that if you solve cancer, you’d add about three years to people’s average life expectancy,” Page said. “We think of solving cancer as this huge thing that’ll totally change the world. But when you really take a step back and look at it, yeah, there are many, many tragic cases of cancer, and it’s very, very sad, but in the aggregate, it’s not as big an advance as you might think.”

Read more:

I believe you're not seeing the whole picture here.  The ability to regenerate tissue is intrinsically a double-edged sword: that very regeneration mechanism can go awry and lead to cancer.  So if we truly "solved" cancer, it may be that as a result we could somehow take the brakes off regeneration, and that is what would have the real effect on quality lifespan.

See here:
Wonderful vision - now go execute!! :) and thanks!
Sages in Himalayas live longer and healthier with herbs. an initiative to unravel the secrets of the sages will help mankind. I can share my small knowledge in getting access to them
Breakthrough technology and knowledge in the field of healthcare would be one great contribution of your initiative. But do we really need to go after aging? Why not join hands with Bill Gates and other philanthropists to first tackle infectious diseases through vaccines and work towards food security. More people and government would benefit with this. 
My 2 cents. 
That's the most important and worst problem in the world, because age-related diseases and disabilities (heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, cancer...) are the number 1 cause of suffering and death in the world. I'm relieved that finally, a big player is going to tackle this horrible problem. It would be great to see this new company collaborating with state-of-the-art aging research institutes like the SENS research foundation.
Great work! I'm proud of you, Larry and Google!
I work in a retirement community and have a lot insights and ideas about what is working and what needs to change to help residents as they are dealt new challenges. It really takes empathetic giving people to want to be involved at this level. Good one.
Great idea. To my opinion, Ambient Assisted Living (and healthcare as well) bear an extremely high potential and may help us solve the problems of an ageing society. In Germany, research and qualification in AAL is government funded by BMBF, Ministry for Education and Research. (I just finished one of their vocational trainings) 
There are a lot of diseases related to the aging, and others with chronical diseases. To improve the quality of life of this patients the future is the telehealth and ehealth. We have some proofs of concept where I live. I hope this new company work in that direction and contribute improving the quality of life of chronical diseases patients.
Wonderful initiative! Looking forward to learn more about it ...
The saying that "All people are equal before death and disease" should be the thing of past .
 People work so hard in life and when they are about to reap the benefits they either are tortured to death by some deadly disease or loose the youth in their body. 
Our priorities have been physical luxury rather than Life & Health.
This is really an exiting project and a business. 
people should better think more than live longer. it's ridiculous!! You guys are no humans anymore. Idiots!
If there are opportunities for internships with Calico please let me know. I have been interested in radical life extension since about 2002 and I run a wiki called Rejuvepedia.
Good initiative by you! I think quality of life has to improve rather than just the life expectancy. How does it matter if millions starve daily all through their 70-80 years? An energetic, healthy life of 60 years is better than a miserable 80 years.
I think it would be cool when Google will roll panda update to decide who is woth living more and who's not.
New professions are on the horizon, such as LEO: Life Extension Optimization...
Awesome... Google's great contribution to technology is evident and now it's extending it to humanity. That's how conglomerates should work. And Google is setting an example. 
Let us know how WEGO Health - a network of 65,000+ online consumer health opinion leaders, can help. Instead of a "patient advisory board" of a few dozen people, why not 10s of thousands of on-demand conversations with the most active health leaders online?
Sounds so exciting  !!!!  I am sure revolutionary technologies will come up, since Google is involved 
Nice idea. But note the poor would rather want death than life. Think
about this too!
Great to hear that. Google is a great company and such initiatives make it one of the greatest.
Well now I found my new dream job. I love Google and I love working in end of life. Never did I think I could combine the two passions. This is incredible news!
What could be better than this? Solving illness and death.
I love Google and what it does.
But, death is a important step in nature cycle and is something we should not cross as it controls the populations of species.
In addition, we need illness. I am not kidding, the principle of living is survival of fits. Surviving from bacterials and viruses makes our immune system stronger and fitter.

Also, such technology is hard to apply to all people due to distrubution problem of money in societies. The overpopulation will tighten our food and water supply. That is what should solve before extending our lifespan readily.
+Larry Page Please keep us updated no matter how small on what #calico  is doing. I personally am dealing with an anti aging business myself and will love to know what a company researching in anti aging with Google funding is capable of coming up with. I'm excited of the possibilities. =)
A welcome, long term move for longer, happier lives...

Like the Internet (and Google) are in the process of positively changing the life of the global Poor, Calico should also improve the quality of these lives...
After all DNA is a genetic code ! working in a very similar with programming code.
I believe directly or indirectly it may part of broader strategy to build on silicon side AI with help of Ray" Kurzweil and on biological side extension of life with this new venture. Eventually I foresee a unity point sometime in future there will be synergy fusing these two different discipline into one. This may result in extension of life with assistance from Google AI with direct mind interface. This will lead a Giant leap from smartphone to SmartMan.#calico #AI  
I nearly cried when I read the news! This is the kind of initiative that makes me feel hopeful for the future. I follow the aging research and its modest little incremental steps for so long that I was afraid nothing so bold would happen in my lifetime. 

Future generations will look back and see how remarkably important Google was to humanity. Thank you Larry.

Now go hire Aubrey de Grey and bring on the new times!
+Larry Page I do hope Calico focus heavily on educating the masses (with your monster ad reach) about diet & exercise being the single most important thing to improve ones health. Thanks!
Cierto, muy interesante y apunto a este reto con expectativas y colmada de interés
need to look after the division  of the cell and telomere contraction by breaking off  .....try telomerese  ...... :)
I like the idea.  Having been in the field for years I can say big obstacles to better health are income disparity and gender inequality.  People with not a lot of resources tend to have less education, worse job prospects, worse diets, less social support, and worse physical and mental health.  And focusing on the education of women has already been shown to improve health on a broad scale:


"Social and economic development [of] women and girls is the most inexpensive and effective tool in the fight against hunger and malnutrition, says a new study on gender and food security."

Women’s education alone resulted in a 43% reduction in hunger from 1970 to 1995, while women living longer led to an additional 12 percent decline in hunger levels, according to the report.

Gender equality is “the single most important determinant of food security”, wrote Olivier De Schutter, the U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food and author of the report, Gender Equality and Food Security: Women’s Empowerment as a Tool against Hunger, released this week."

Education, access to clean water and toilets, improved nutrition and sanitation - these will go far in improving the health of people everywhere.
I'm a Certified Health Coach living in NYC I'd love to work for your company!  Let me know if you have any openings in the nyc area!  
sounds good.. have  they never read any science fiction though? about half of all SF is stories about the problems in a world where everyone just hangs around forever... it;s boring,,.. not everyone is cut out for it.. kind of unfair to the new  arrivals... just saying.. devil's advocate.. wle..
Thx, you are great, a real smart person!
Now the real question is, will this actually improve millions of lives, or just a handful of people who can afford the improvements?
Very proud of you , your company , the way you feel the world with it's necessities, finding always ways to improve the quality of life of the people. Clearly focused in what is important and necessary !!
methylene blue, colloidial silver, C60 suspended in true virgin olive oil, Cycloastragenol (TA-65), reishi, Knotweed, gotu kola, ginseng, live healthy, calorie restriction, don't stress, no accidents, problem solved! Next question please...
I'm in need of a contact at google to explore how best to establish google as the premier digital publisher worldwide. Please have the appropriate representative contact me at:
Mr. Page, I want to work for Calico. The company's mission resonates with me, like nothing else outside of certain sci-fi novels.

I'm becoming a speech-pathologist, specializing in adult neurogenic disorders. Particularly I enjoy reading/researching the intersection of mental-health issues and communication disorders.

Keep the updates coming. Hope to shake your hand someday!
Very curious to see where you take this new venture. Many folks in need of services, and at the same time a very challenging space for tech ventures.  Will you be partnering with existing startups in the space? If so, I would love to start a conversation. My personal interest is in improving the quality of life for aging folks and their family members and caregivers. Technology is a part of that equation., music tech startup for caregivers; founder, mindfulness-based dementia care program, UCSF; new program development and clinical supervisor, assisted living community)
"projects that seem strange or speculative" are the ones that break boundaries. I wonder if collaborating with SENS Research Foundation and Aubrey de Gray makes sense in any way. Either way, I think this will be great! Good luck!
Health problem can be minimized if we live happy satisfied life. Medicines can help to live long but does not give guarantee of happy life. 
Hell yeah, Larry!  This is awesome.  I am very proud to be a share holder of this fine company.  The war on aging is on for real now. 
It is very interesting to see Google investing in this kind of company. I would definitely like to work in something like this. There are many socio-economical problems that we will be facing in a decade or two (at least in Mexico). It would be a good idea to think of the different issues that might arrise in different countries and tackle does along with this initiative. We are washing out health to have a better life ahead but we don't know how we will support it without that health.
Dear Larry, Are these coincidences? Before Project 10 to the 100 you wondered about the possibility of a quick customer friendly transport as well as availability of uninterrupted energy source to support computer banks and I had opportunity to suggest ideas for both. Now at age 59 I believe that my practice over the last 4 years has made me a zero medicine healthy happy person (Had no. of diseases over previous years!!). Let me know if Calico may be intereseted in knowing further on this. Will be keen to share real life benefits. regards
Dear Mr. Page, 

I want to say this project looks incredibly interesting! The potential it holds is enormous and I was wondering if there are any opportunities for young healthcare professionals, such as myself, to become involved! I am currently a pharmacy student completing graduate studies in pharmacy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University. Myself and 6 other students were very recently assigned a project to develop a pharmacy related product or system that would bring something new to the healthcare platform in America while also keeping in mind if our product is viable from a business standpoint. We feel that this project could be a great opportunity for us while providing you with a team of highly motivated young students, hungry to make an impact. Please contact me if such an opportunity exists!

Best of regards, 
Mustafa Janoudi
I have a stem cell therapist that can cure every disease and can reverse the age 15 years in one year/3 treatments.  He uses cloned not fetal.  It takes 10 minutes and is only pain of a pinch.   +Larry Page  He cures M S, Lupus, AIDS, all Cancefs but has difficulties with the later stages on Pancreatic ALS, Parkinsons, Diabetis, Etc.  I am working on a documentary film about him and his work.
Healthcare changes will come from outside the healthcare industry. Excellent to see a company like Google get into this field.
Your endeavors to tackle global challenges is truly inspirational, you're an example that every tech company should follow

Je souhaite savoir s'il y a un comité d'éthique totalement indépendant qui serait consulté et qui pourrait encadrer ce genre d'initiative ?

Sous quelle forme les choses s'organiseraient ?

De quelle manière Google va recruter et utiliser les données ?

Plus que des réponses, ce sont avant tout des questions qu'il faut se poser.

Bien cordialement,

Guillaume GILLET
Mr. Page, as a 40-year, 400+ Surgery Cancer Patient - who unrelated to all that spent a month in a coma, dying three times, being pronounced dead the third time, in 2008, this is great news... Thanks for doing this... In thanks, this may interest you. As a retired Series 7 & 67 Financial Adviser, while reviewing Yahoo's Stock Prospectus - and Advertising Marketing Materials, I discovered one of the largest cases of Stock/Securities and Advertising Fraud cases ever... I reported it to Yahoo, The SEC, The FTC, The FCC and The DOJ/FBI IC3 - Internet Crime Division, and even FINRA, as I would have been required to while employed in the industry. The Director of Enforcement at FINRA has turned it over to her investigators to determine which agency/agencies have jurisdiction over all this. She urged me to retain a Whistleblower Attorney - and I have retained the top Whistleblower's Law Firm in the nation - who thinks it is a very interesting case, having taken it on a contingency basis. At the moment my attorneys and I are getting the runaround from all of these agencies claiming that sequestration prevents them from taking on new investigations and prosecutions... Billions of Dollars are involved; Millions of Investors and Advertisers are being harmed, to say nothing of the harm this Fraud is causing competitors, and all of us as the cost of all this Fraud trickles down to each of us in the long term... Again, Thanks for all your work for the greater good - something I am trying to do with this Whistleblower case - even if The Feds want to leave me blowing in the wind during sequestration... Yahoo is blocking my emails to and from my attorneys and others, making it impossible to "Open" these important communications... My attorneys and I have switched to Gmail for that needed communication to get this resolved...
This is a noble cause and I wish that you'll succeed.
Congrats Larry. The news comes just days after I visited my grandparents. It was painful to realize that I had to remind my granddaddy that I was his grandson. 
Tim JP
Get Aubrey de Grey on there.
I applaud the goal, but, I hope someone gives some thought to the problems that would happen when they are successful.  Death, although not fun to think about or experience, is a part of the natural cycle of things.  If people stop dying or greatly extend their lives, their consumption continues 'forever'.  They need a place to live, things to eat, sewage to process, air to breath, entertainment,transportation, energy, water etc.  All that takes resources from the environment and, at least at the moment, mankind is a net drain on natural resources for our planet.  We don't have a people shortage any place on earth... but we have a resource shortage in lots of places, especially developed areas.

I hope they build sustainability into whatever business model they create. The infrastructure systems we have in place such as electricity, water and sewage would have to change, especially if we continue with the idea of urban centers for populations.

If successful, this will be the most demanded product the world has ever seen.  It will have the power to influence decisions by entire societies and cultures.  It's a Promethean level goal.  I just hope that we aren't punished like Prometheus if we don't think the whole problem through.

But, best of luck to the team!  What a great adventure!  Tell me how to sign up to be a part of it!
you, got motorola, dismembered her and discard us.  My life changed, my family changed and thousands of family changed. It's brutal to our Chinese whom look forward to all the happy. Maybe you are the god, but to us, you are the evil.
Mr. +Larry Page .. if ur reading this... what do u think about Ayurveda.. and its implication with medicines?? Jst asking lol
Your contribution to humanity's future has been truly remarkable Larry. I doubt if I could have gotten as far as I have with my international patent application  without the security provided by gmail. And thus I'd like to repay your generous effort. I've been a strict vegetarian since 1971, and graduated to fruitarian  in 1987. Now armed with compelling evidence, and a better understanding of dietary cause and effect, I'm very grateful for my decision.  I'm willing to have my crafted physiology tested for the sake of posterity, and I look forward to discussing the cellular engramming aspect and the interspecies  triggering effects of consuming  other creatures hormones, plant or animal.  After all, the only food packet that nature designs specifically to be food are eggs and mothers' milk. I believe -- as Genesis states -- that seeds and fruits (plant eggs) are meant to be the sole human diet. And it's great food, as delicious as can be.  I enjoy perfect health.

I hope this post is brought to your attention and we are able to chat about the subject.

God bless your effort Larry.

Mr. +Larry Page Good on you sir!  It is about time there is a concerted effort to solve the issue of aging and death. For too long too many people have accepted this as unsolvable and thus our fate while relying on the hope of an eternal afterlife. This mass delusion of a possibility for an eternal afterlife has limited our species from advancing beyond death.  I for one don't wish to die and don't believe a kingdom in heaven is awaiting us. How is it so hard to believe that we can with concerted effort beat this? And to those who believe in a higher power how do you know that this isn't part of the ultimate plan.... ?  If there was a god that created us and gave us the capacity to think and a will to live then why is it heresy to believe that we should be working to create our own immortality? 
+Larry Page Why not just create more apps until you have every aspect of everyone's mind backed up in the cloud?
Hurry, I'm already elderly!
Involvement by Google into the current Health IT development will help in the effort to keep a focus on Open Source, patient centered HIE Networks.  I would invite Google to become involved in CaHIE during this formative stage and perhaps call a conference of current HIE and emerging HIE efforts in California.
Awesome, seems like yours is one of the only behemoth tech companies that gets it.
How Do i apply for a job at this new venture, I have all the skills and technical know how you required for this company to move forward and I was going to start my own fund but now you have these which complimented my innovative platform med.
Que linda idea ,la salud es muy importante Dios lo bendiga Larry
Great move, this is an area where lots of work is needed,
Best of luck
Since last year I was wondering when you would announce something like this :-) Well done ! With Google big data and your search algorithms, I'm sure you will be able to cross medical research informations and start to find something.
your company had me on hold for more than an hour.  the only department that picks up is your new sales department.  gee, there's a surprise.  there is no way to file a complaint about one of your partners, and your form is limited and does not allow for any documentation that is in the form of an email.

 If you're so concerned with aging, then bear in mind that i am a senior citizen that has been ripped off by one of your google partners, Strategic Marketing Solutions who took my money and refuses to do the work.  And they laugh that i can't do anything because i am in NY and they are in oregon,  and were stupid enough to do that in writing.

I am so sick of you kids who refuse to have any real interaction other than this kind of nonsense.  Pick up the freaking phone, why doncha?  don't want to hear it?  well too bad.  I don't want to get ripped off.   go ahead. call me.  631-329-6722.  bet you don't have the nerve or the class.
Great initiative - wish you all the success in it.
Larry! This is an incredible step for Google. I have long been a supporter of Google pushing for a greater good and hope that perhaps I could even become part of that. I am young, so there is still much to learn, but this is my field of interest and I would very much like to not only see this succeed, but work on it as well! I could see myself devoting the rest of my life to work like this. Whatever may happen, I wish you guys the best of luck in your new endeavor!
Hi +Larry Page , have you guys thought about the increased pressure that extended life would have on the #environment, at the global scale. Have you thought about the carrying capacity of our planet and how the #resource is used? I'm an ecologist and I think like an ecologist. I think that on a global scale and looking at the planet as a system, diseases are the symptoms of a global problem. I may be wrong by simplifying things like that, but I feel that extending human lifespan by fixing symptoms will in the end yield a negative feedback on the environment and ultimately on #humanity.
I feel that most of the problem reside in how people use their resource, whether it's the energy to drive their car, to produce electricity, or the food they eat or how they think. If you can change that, maybe you can get people to thrive and live longer.
Are you worried you're getting old Larry? You probably have enough power to change things. Use it well...
This is terrific.  See the new Americas Healthiest Hometown initiative at The Villages in Florida.  Doing some creative and fantastic things with The Villages Healthcare and USF Health. 
Wonder if using protein markers in blood and spinal fluid to identify issues like ALS align with Calico's objectives? has been doing that for a while...
This sounds great.I hope to be able to prescribe lots from this in the future...
I have a question why cant i download the sims freeplay on my lg motion itd say its not compatible i really want this game and if i cant get it im mught have to go back to my iphone seriously 
Cool! I would like to work there and do research!
Larry, Congrats...go wishes....
Fantastic move Larry. Now if you are serious, you need to get Aubrey de Gray on the board, but I am sure that you already know that.
a great company in the world
very well said victor evrard and also all the very best Larry
Let us l work together, we will start new medical networking in combating cancer and prevention
 I have worked in pharma sector in India for 2 decades.If you have a suitable opening pl send on
Many companies have achieved a scale where putting (little of) your money on these moon shot won't hurt but very few companies do. I admire Google for that. Thanks Larry and Sergey.
Protandim ……… LifeVantage ( LFVN )
I guess Google is not going to become Big Pharma, developing new actives. I also don't think education (diet, activity, meditation etc.) is in scope, that's more for non-profit organizations.

But what's the idea then?

Supporting clinical studies on freely available actives? Buying small caps companies like there are in the telomer booster business (Geron spin-offs) and focus on one or two aging markers first? Combining the expertise from 23andMe for better outcomes of existing therapies based on genetics (which is kind of overdue)? Or competing with IBM's Watson, who is becoming an expert for oncology and diabetes diagnosis?

I am just curious how the business is trying to achieve its huge goal. 
quite an overpowering thought  ....cancer  is  known  to  exist  more  than  5000 yrs  back(as mentioned in epics ) is  the  most  persistent harbinger of  natural  (aging) death process  ....any  breakthrough  will surely  be multifaceted  .
If you can pull it off, then by curing old age you have pretty much found a cure for almost everything.
Glad to hear this exciting message.
Aha, a new virally transmitted telomer concept perhaps? Is humanity ready for the Field of Reeds and the Tree of Life already? Godsbead....
Bravo, Google.... However, as others have already noted, a rethinking of the current income distribution paradigm must accompany, if not precede, technological solutions.

Ironically, advances made possible by microelectronics (and new energy sources) will continue to dramatically reduce the need for human-fueled labor. This, as the global count of human beings mounts at plainly unsupportable rates. Reducing human reproduction must precede all else.

Educating for, and financially supporting permanent sterilization before adulthood seems to be THE workable option as it would free youngsters to enter and follow idealistic earth-enhancing, restorative pursuits.

Solve the quality vs quantity issue ie the distribution of wealth, the elimination of poverty, and we humans stand a reasonable chance of succeeding. Perhaps Google can provide the infrastructure for this.
very interesting initiative. would like to see this done very quickly
Nobody wants to lose mobility, invest in the health of human knees.
You're the man Larry! Anti-aging research requires think-tank scientists, dedicated researchers, and risk-taking entrepreneurs.
I've been carrying out theoretical research for a couple of years now to develop a feasible theory of aging, and I believe I'm reaching a good point. I wish I could be part of your company to do what I love in absolute peace of mind...
I am the bearer of a physical illness, I want to donate my body for research in life longevity, as I do this.
A great idea from a pioneer company, it's the right time  to start paying more $$$ and attention to a vital issue. I'm tired of seeing more obese kids and adults than ever. 
Excellent, and very interesting. How will Google be involved with this new company/new venture?
This could be a staggering move forward for mankind, and I hope it proves just as profitable for Google who dared to back it and stand behind trying to make it a reality!
I bet $1 you're going to be the first man to live to see 500, Mr. Page.
To make nice medical record system will make healthy society too. Many doctors have very poor skill to manage info of patients and medical service etc.
I understand the problems of OLD AGE, as I am 85 + years old. I am living in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The medical problems that I have are mostly common to all aged persons. My family doctor is nice enough to give plenty of blood checks often and also many scans. But my old age problems are not getting solved and I am suffering miserably. Probably due to constraints, I am not being referred to Specialists, who probably might or may not solve my medical problems.  I hope CALICO does sufficient research towards solving the problems affecting old people and find new cures and new medicines. I wish them the BEST of LUCK and also thank Larry Page for funding the Calico Company.
A project which would be worth of trying to work on it. I just hope it will focus a bit on tissue engineering and intelligent prosthesis ...  
Will this venture include research of websites, applications, and more user friendly technology for seniors? Sometimes, all they need is a way to feel in touch with the rest of us to prevent them from giving up. I'm in the Senior Care industry and have ideas on how to improve the lives of seniors and the care thats available to them. How do I go about sharing these ideas? I've been looking for the right resource to develop an application aimed at seniors and can't imagine a better partner to do it with.

Thank you in advance for your reply!
Internet Framework Announcement: A setting option to restore ANY previous interface layout! Track which versions are being used most for future consideration. Specifically not enjoying popout email compose box. Be Wonderful Google! :)
Larry who?.. or are you too stupid to know your last name?
The idea is great.  Taking a purely tech/science approach may miss the target however.  To find eternal life one needs to also think about what it is that can find eternity.  Modern Physics is pointing to the unreality of time and space, so the construct of the physical human may be a moving target.  As Jesus pointed out the spirit is like the wind, you can not know where it comes from or where it goes to.  We are very likely pure mind and the body just an effect rather than a cause (of illness).  So what I am proposing is that Calico broaden its approach.  We don't have a 100 years to play around with this.  Feel free Larry, this is a good first step.
I have researched and applied Accelerated Learning-cum-stress debrieifng since 1988 and think that some of my thinking may fit this initiative. Pills (drugs) do not lengthen but dull our thinking and livving vut the Western world is pill-addicted and needs to find and apply alternatives which add QUALITY to later living and maybe a tear or so spiked by interest and goals to live for - 
Happy to note, Google continues to excel in innovative initiatives that contributes to various global challenges rather than focusing merely on profit, can I say their initiatives are truly challenging any elected government in the world today!
Good and now people have the choice to live longer.
I think this going to be the most essential milestone for every human being. Thank you Mr. Larry Page for always thinking revolutionary far beyond what everyone never thought before :)
Excellent but can you also setup a company to educate and eradicate superstition and Religion. That would truly aid the world and allow us to strive for these advances. 
I really hope that this will be available for as much people as possible, or we'll have a real-life Elysium.
Excellent news and very refreshing to hear 
+Larry Page please buy the ECC patents from Blackberry, and make them public domain. We need them to be public domain.
How to contact You or new company in a confidential mode (better private) with 90%-ready business and altruistic proposal?
Larry - what a brilliant way to use your business success in one sphere to fund much needed and worthwhile research in another. My own scientific background is in physiology research and I believe your truly exciting project is very timely. It is not about living forever, I am sure, but more to do with extending our years of healthy and meaningful life to the greatest feasible extent. Personally I have concluded that inflammatory processes are at the heart of just about every disease or medical condition, from allergies to heart disease and to Alzheimer's. I love natural products and over the past sixteen years I have experienced huge improvements in my own health and wellbeing by drinking aloe vera gel every day - probably the best and safest anti-inflammatory known to man, with a history extending back many thousands of years. I do hope your research team will have the freedom to investigate both modern and complementary medicine. I am so looking forward to reading more about Calico research findings in the months and years to come.  I am sure the results will be exciting and innovative. Keep up the great work!
yo tengo buenas ideas para para google+ nuevas funciones pero valen dinero pero contactenme para ver si llegamos a un acuerdo.
Larry and Calico Team -- How can I help?
-- Johnny

I want to congratulate you on your new Calico venture.
I would like to support your efforts in any way I can.
Here are some of my thoughts on end of life health.
I'm a hospice nurse in Los Angeles and I've learned a lot from my patients in Los Angeles. Here is a poem I wrote recently to help hospice patients and families deal with the appetite changes that accompany ending the human life cycle.
 Solo Circumnavigation of Amnion Sea Ends in Shipwreck.
 Gale Force Seas pounded sailor against pelvic reef.
 Tide goes out exposing reef.
 Survivor escapes through narrow tunnel.
 No food, No water. OMG no appetite.
 Except when hungry then screams.
 Wrapped in blankets and candle light
 Touched by fingers, cheeks, tears hugs whispers and ,kisses
 Well nourished by Love Prayers and Presence.
 Days  pass and water of immunity appears.
 More days pass and Milk with extras appears.
 Days, months, years, a life time passes.
 No food. No water. OMG no appetite
 .Wrapped in blankets and candle light
 Touched by fingers, cheeks, tears, hugs, whispers and kisses
 Well nourished by love, prayers and presence
Here is what my 100's of patients in Los Angeles have taught me.
At the beginning of life a woman is pregnant and then Transition Phase occurs followed by active labor and the baby is born. At the end of life there is also a transition phase and then actively dying and the spirit is born.
The transition phase at the beginning of life every body knows "Water Breaks". What is the End of Life Transition Phase? Six elements make up end of life transition phase. W. I. S. H. I. F. Weakness increases. Incontinence (Bowel or Bladder) increases, Sleep (full or naps) increases, Hungar (appetitie changes away from familiar foods and fluids to love prayers and presence) increases, Incidence of Confusion increases, Fall Risk increases.
For Hospice patients if several or all of the above elements of End of Life Transition Phase are present then the next phase of life can be Actively Dying.
Actively Dying? Yes it takes a lot of activity to turn off 3 trillion cells in the adult human body actively dye and birth a spirit. Similar to the active labor involved to birth a baby.
Larry, my patients have also taught me that it only takes 10 days for a natural death to occur. Not weeks months or years of lingering. When a hospice patient has most or all of the end of life transition phase elements present and they are givin 0.5mg Ativan/Lorazepam with 5mg Roxanol (Liquid Morphine) every eight hours around the clock the patient will end transition phase of end of life within 12 to 48 hours and begin actively dying. This process will reach a spiritual birth with in 10 days. I have had one patient out of hundreds that took 9 days and 23 hours but most patients final journey of love ends in one to ten days once those two medications are given to hospice patient.
Larry, there are nursing facilities in Los Angeles that have residents in wheel chairs lined up against the walls slumped forward or staring blankly for months and years. How is this possible? Well its a business. Health care in America is big business. No one wants to go out of business so keep the beds full becomes the rule of the day.
Larry, most Nursing facilities have rules against Ativan/Lorazepam being given to a patient unless special paper work is explained and signed by family or conservator. Paperwork is not what any one wants in the work place especially if you work at a rest home and the nurses that work in a rest home have between  10 to 40 patients and with so many patients they don't have time for any extra paper work. Compare that to Hospital med/surge floor nurses that have max 4 patients assigned per shift.
Larry, I see myself as a midwife for spiritual birth. This is not a medical issue rather a life cycle issue. How does a person end this life and begin a spiritual journey in 10 days. My observations of my hundreds of patients have taught me the following: Los Angeles has an Industry the Industry and that Industry could be thought of as a distraction industry. Humans love distraction. If a butterfly lands near us we will stop what ever is happening and watch that butterfly for 10 minutes easy. When someone is near the end of their life they are distracted with pain and worrisome thoughts. What if you could downregulate a human's ability to be distracted. What would someone do who was not distracted. Introspection would occur and the patient's heart would speak that their time was at hand the end is now.
Morphine and Ativan are narcotic sedatives and as sedatives they sedate patients in fact prior to all surgical procedures in US patients are given opioids to block human opioid receptors and the patient will feel no pain.
Morphine 5mg and Ativan 0.5mg together pharmacologically would sedate a patient. Hospice patients with end of life transition phase elements present will have a different pharmacological experience: heart rate will speed up and respiration rate will speed up within 12 to 48 hours signaling transitioning to actively dying. How do narcotic sedatives pharmacologically speed up body rhythms? Once a patient has no distractions the heart speaks and the patient listens and begins turning off the 3 trillion cells in the adult body. Some of the cells are not willing to stop and internally there is a conflict. The brain stem will tell the lungs to stop breathing and they will. Blood gas sensors through out the body will go into alarm mode. Eventually the alarms become stronger overpowering the off signal and the body breathes again. This process is magnified and manifests as increasing rhythms of heart and lungs. We like to say heaven is up hill. Doesn't it work out nice to see escalating rhythms for the birth of a spirit.
Larry let me know what you think?
Cell 602-377-1821. or email

 Christopher Neil O'Loughlin RN BSN PHN
I am signed up for cryonic suspension through Alcor Life Extension Foundation; another speculative venture.  The science and technology of cryopreservation and reanimation/repair is progressing, but slowly, and I'm happy to give it as much time to come to fruition as I can manage, thus I wholeheartedly support Calico.  However, even if I can remain young indefinitely, there are still accidents and such, so I foresee wanting cryonics as a backup  well into the future.
salut et respect a Larry, la concentration et la reflexion sur Calico c est la bonne voie. surtout les cellules generees et crees.cellules de l os pour les invalides , cellules nerveuses pour les accidentes ,fibres musculaires,oeil,oreille, tout ce cultive, et avec la participation de goole le project est reussi cent pour cent. pour faire retourner le sourrire a des personnes handicapes. je suis fier du lancement du project par Larry.
How does one get involved with this project?  In grad school and would love to write about this for a thesis
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This is great then give me opportunity to work from India for this calico. Any suitable post. View my profile in linkedin and make me a good earning person. 
+999999 Larry. Thank you. 
I always ask whether Google will be there in 2113. 
The answer is Yes, after reading Calico.

I am not sure able Apple, Face Book, Microsoft ;-)
I am student of computer engeneering . how i can to find job in Calico ? 
I called the union. born and raised in Vietnam. I'm 30 years old, married and preparing for a baby later this year. I myself had a great idea to improve life and business. Currently, I have an idea that you go into practice. GOOGLE has maintained the number 1 in the business environment in the world today. and I believe that he is the young people can make this world more complete, richer, happier ..... Why I said so. BECAUSE:
1. Associated with health (necessary for all cultures and economies with different levels of development ...)
2. Associated with information technology.
3. Universal nature.4. Protection of intellectual property (we can register the intellectual property 10 years ago before the advent finishing products and sell them to other businesses)
5. Ensure profitability, product life cycle and service extended services around.
6. ensure steady success.
before I presented the idea. I want to get him accepted three conditions.
1. This product's namebefore I presented the idea. I want to get him accepted three conditions.
1. This product's name is part of my name in it.
2. I wish him and the company paid $ 100,000 for me (I want some money to pay for a new career I have only $ 200 in hand. Existing total assets of $ 150,000 of which $ 60,000 is borrowed, monthly income my $ 2,000., and I want to prepare my house for the birth)
3. for my wife and I visited the headquarters of GOOGLE and the United States in the appropriate time.
write letters to the line with him. I'm using google translate service. very eager to get feedback from you sir. Wish on a working day health, luck, ...
(message also sent to Arthur Levinson)
Dear Mr Larry Page,
With scientific colleagues we think we know how to significantly increase the lifespan of mice  within very few years and in many very tangible ways, using human medicines. We think it would considerably shift health care approach towards medical prevention of aging (/age-related processes and risks) and provide a new field of pharmaceutical and health care opportunities.
We are wondering how that could fit with the orientations of Calico and are at disposal for discussion.
Very respectful regards,
Edouard Debonneuil
Very promesing iniative. Help through tech and other innovations to keep each and everyone out of institutions will give us so much better late in life experiences. 
I'm all for anything that improves quality of life, but increasing longevity without simultaneously reducing the rate of reproduction is irresponsible. The world is grossly overpopulated now, and if we don't find a way to level off the population at a lower level than it is now, an environmental disaster is inevitable, threatening everyone.
I sent e-mail to to propose my business ideas about google shopping. could be fresh and innovative.
Check it please~!
That's so amazing, I always wanted to change the world! Are you hiring? Please give us a chance :D
As an aging and eldercare expert with over 33 years in the field of geriatric care and advocacy I am interested in Calico. I would love the opportunity to share my work and vision with you, which could be a beneficial part of your focus and reaching your goals. My latest book, Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom, includes the detailed vision I mentioned above and has been endorsed by the highly respected authority in aging, author and founder of Age Wave, Ken Dychtwald PhD, and two notable nursing organizations, NurseTogether snd Nurse Talk. The book is gaining national attention receiving nearly 100% 5 Star reviews on Amazon and other book sites and 2 book awards. I've been interviewed by many journalists, radio hosts and most recently for the Your Money, Your Life TV program as an expert in eldercare and our aging future.
Working in every area of geriatric care, I have helped and spent time with literally thousands of aging adults in private homes, long term care facilities, assisted living residences, rehab units, and hospitals. I have studied their needs and struggles up close and personal. There are viable solutions to improve health outcomes and reduce costs that I'd like to share with you. There are many great researchers and experts but few have been in the trenches of care for several decades. It's very different than obtaining specific physical, psychological, social, spiritual and/or financial studies, or retrieving information and compiling it into reports.
I would really like to help you see an inside view of aging and the many issues that contribute to poor health and disease that can be reduced with less effort than one might think.
Like you, my life has been affected by chronic illness and I have a rather unique perspective as a nurse and patient.
You can Google my pun intended, to find verification of my work and more about the book, the nearly 80 articles I've written, other articles I've been featured or quoted in and other media interviews.
If you are interested in hearing more please message me and I'll share my contact information.
You do have the ability to make a difference in the aging field and I am working hard to make a difference. I truly believe its time for an Elder Boom Revolution™, and together we can do more!
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM
I have no college degree , I am a worker in Mexico . But I have read many books on science . I like science as a child ; much . That is why my hobby is to be an inventor .
I designed and fabricated a machine to stimulate the growth of neurons. I guess it would be good to investigate if that machine can preserve the integrity of the brain over the years. There are several ways to stimulate the cells throughout the body, to achieve repair. This is possible if we use while extracts , vitamins , minerals and organic compounds appropriate . For example , if we want to stimulate the repair of bone cells , can use my machine and the patient should take vitamin D3 , calcium and glucosamine. If we regenerate neural cells , we can use my machine and the patient should take Vitamin C , Zinc , Hydergine ( medicine ) and garlic.
The key to living a long time is probably a mixture of treatments and not a total solution. But if there is a possibility of using a single solution , if we could control the cell life cycle .

I'm good looking online scientific information . I would work for Calico seeking information from my home.
 I designed a machine to stimulate the growth of neurons.
I searched for information , tracks that allow me to live much longer. I found many clues ; keys.
I would like to experiment using some of that data. If Calico pay me a salary , I could perform experiments in mice and in myself , or volunteers , if the procedure does not involve serious risk. But animal testing is always better.
You need to find the right clues to find the treasure of eternal life . And as I said before, I 'm good to locate clues. I can find scientific research data that may be useful to be able to live many more years.
I have some ideas. But I'd rather talk about it by sending an e- mail . Knowledge is power and you decide what data are public and which data are secret.
Luis Ortiz Flores
My e- mail is: 
Great! Larry. Go and Conquer the waves.........All the best... :)
Kit Lu
As the subject of longevity medicine, the Calico to research project is no longer a new thing, can prolong life and for cancer, liver disease, heart disease, kidney failure, leukemia, diabetes has medical effects of stem cells, we have sold nearly 20 years, every year there are thousands of patients benefit, let them get rid of the pain of the disease. In recent years, we worked out the small molecules of water, it is crucial to people's longevity, because it has the very high permeability, it can change the internal environment in the body, so can you go with cancer, heart disease and other diseases say bye bye. We have let you face A - 10 young and beautiful, can prolong life and have A medical effect on diseases of A-20 (intramuscular) and A -  30 (intravenous)
It is better to increase scientific interest in the eradication of the disease and recovering communities live in an integrated health
As a Professional Mediator who serves elders and families, this is a good sign! Many good things can be achieved simply with better planning and communications and this sort of synergy and collaboration will contribute.
I hope Google can help with the perception of aging to the general public. There are so many unfair stereotypes perpetuated by media and uneducated people. The industry is largely untapped as well. We have eager older adults wanting to learn more and tech companies are discounting the power they hold in giving back to a generation that did not grow up with advantages of technology. I'm excited to see how this venture grows. 
"AND NOW I STATE OF THE CHAPTER ON "LONG LIFE", is the first line of first chapter of first section of an ancient treatise on Ayurveda. Being a 4th generation Ayurvedic clinician may I request you to look at unprecedented opportunities this knowledge base offers for treatment of the ailing. This knowledge base is in need of visionary futuristic approach beyond established norms. Most of present day short sighted approaches have failed to get its depth and applications. 
the world may benefit more from putting resources at feeding those who do not have enough to survive than finding ways to let those live longer who have enough to waste it; and be bored with live so much that they queue a day in advance just to buy a new iPhone.
Kit Lu
Thank you for your attention, you can use English?
je suis hafidi m. du maroc , je salue Larry Page et Eike Griess, moi je ne suis pas d accord avec Eike Griess , car aider a faire alimenter les pauvres je suis d accord , mais calico va faire aider les jeunes invalides a retrouver le sourrire, les vieux aussi. je souhaite que vous changer d avis sur calico, car google peux aller droit vers le but .la creation d organes humains demande beaucoup de temps et avec des experiences reussies aux USA, au Japon en Espagne enAutriche... google peux atteindre l apogee de la recherche dans les plus bref delais j en suis sur. merci.
I am staying in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. I am 85 years old. I was prescribed ACCURETIC 20mg/12.5mg and Attenolol 1/2 tablet (25mg) for keeping my BP under control in 1200 by my family Doctor. Till 1213 May my BP was quite low sometimes touching 104/60, when I felt  my quality of life was affected. Actually my weight had dropped down by 18 lbs and so the BP had become  low. My family doctor  dropped the water pill and prescribed Accupril 30 mg. The BP was controlled well. But I lost another 7 lbs and so the Doctor stopped the Accupril, so that I was taking only Attenolol 1/2 tablet (25mg). After 20 days, when my BP was checked it was 120/72. Thus my BP medicine got reduced to 1/2 Tablet of Attenolol, because I lost 25 lbs. All my Blood Parameters are fine and within limits. The secret of REDUCING WEIGHT is cut your proteins and fats and just take sufficient food to live a quite healthy life. I take long walks to keep fit. I feel hungry at every meal. This, I feel is one of the right methods to reduce weight and keep the medications and disease away. Kudos to my Family Doctor, who treated me well. I even went up the Grouse mountain top by Cable car and ski Lift and walked on the areas near top of the mountain, breathing Fresh mountain air and feeling extremely fine.
My previous comment. There is a typing ERROR. Please read 2000 for 1200 and 2013 for 1213. Kindly excuse me for the typing errors, as I typed fast. Thank you all.
L Lin
Awesome... are you looking to hire MD's? :3
HI Larry, that's good news! We need a lot more people like you who are interested in biotech and how to extend people's life. Btw, what do you think about a special section where scientists like me could write about the latest innovations in life sciences. Expecially in Germany there is a lot of potential for such a tool.

Cheers, Simone
Stop financing ALEC. If you don't I will stop using any Google products. I have already urged others to do the same.
Kit Lu
You are very good, 85 year old is still in operating a computer, but you
seems to be some low blood pressure, blood pressure control as you age in
the 145/90 belong to the normal range, you can put the ACCURETIC and
Attenolol appropriate reduction, you can discuss this with your doctor,
blood pressure is too low for the elderly, seems not so good. Due to the
time today to see your message.
# # # # Calico
What are we? We are a structure and the function of it, which determines the soul or consciousness of the person, the person needs to be time and energy and material system or function

The idea that we are functions, based on the idea that repertirmos physical actions can come back to life, just as it is generated in us. a photo of these actions in our physical brain in viewpoint micro and nano, you can determine what or who are you, who is your soul, or as I consider consicencia, no idea who you really are

If our consciousness remains, we need to define an immutable consciousness - energy is something that changes? So what meaning (paper) energy and time?

Can you bring the person back to life even without her body, just knowing the dynamics of the mind and consciousness of it, after reprogramming with a memory or a photo of her memory reprogramming with the information in her time, and with or neurons in the vicinity that were to have access

Can you build atom by atom of the person? Yes with many machines, or at least build atom by atom consciousness or as some call it the soul of the person

If we redid the structure will be, if different atoms with the same functions? I do not think

And if we rebuild we will be with the same atoms ourselves?

Consult for free every body in google about medicine

News bald

In each of lists one finished new list with questions and needs for answer is in plus end of answer in the list have diagnostic, Which drugs and the people need drink, in what hour, only in structure of cpp have questions how hours of work, weight toll, routine, time that work, if work is hard, foods in place (city and place specified in the list), and select questions in very end diagnostic is the best!
Hi Larry, I've been following your amazing "outside the box" feats for quite a while now. However, with Calico you touched on an area of more than twenty years of research on my part. I have some revelations that mainstream medicine (aka high-paid-professional killers) has yet to comprehend with their one size fits all mentality, and with your engineers' expertise with formulating algorithms, I think there is a real possibility that I can jump-start this program in the right direction.  If you would care to contact me, I will fill you in with a basic outline, and you can assess it as to it's plausibility.  Just like g-mail, it's free and you're invited. As for my status as "just another crackpot," I belong to the Life Extension Foundation, and am an officer in Mensa.
Lots of success for better life for all mankind
The Ageing process is the product of genetics (25%) and lifestyle/environment (75%), so I am would be interested in your plans to cover the behavioural aspect and would be happy to help.
Wish GOOGLE a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY & Many More Returns of the day
Makes me glad I started working on my B.Sc in Biology now. :)
I might actually be woking in Google as a biologist now? Talking about dreams coming true...
We all have to do,  with health and well-being, in Particular the challenge of aging and associated decisions. I'm very curious. I Hope that you takes careful and wise decides in the future. Because it concerns the whole of society and humanity. A great opportunity and challenge!  Warm congratulations!!  ♥♥♥
hello Mr Larry It is amazing project. How can I be part of it. Please let me know.(
From....Maria Konovalenko,
On September 18 Google announced their crusade against death via the Time journal cover. Calico company was created specifically to fight aging. Larry page made it clear for the shareholders that Google is an innovative company and that they can afford the most courageous projects, while the investments won’t be too large and won’t undermine the foundations of the company.

First of all I was cheering with joy: one of the largest companies in the world started to do the most important thing in the world. Even some modest success in fighting aging means hundreds of millions of saved lives. Defeating aging is the absolute happiness of billions of people. There can’t be better news than the one about massive funding of research in life extension. However, my euphoria wore off quite rapidly when I analyzed what was said and what the authors of the mega project should have said but haven’t.

Unfortunately, I have to state a sad fact that the initiators of Calico aren’t going to be effective enough in fighting death but just exploiting the topic of life extension in order to look forward-minded and decisive people. This California company is not going to be involved in the work of thanshumanists and aging fighters of the whole world, but makes a strike at us by misinforming the society. Let me explain what I mean by that. Fighting aging is not the activity of one or several companies, it sure is not WiFi balloons, but in fact, billions of lives are at stake. The life of every person depends on scientific research in fundamental mechanisms of aging. Google took the responsibility for that. In many situations this means that it scared off some potential investors. People thought (and I have already encountered this): “Well, why should we chip in when such big money started to work on this problem?”

The announced project has no content, therefore it looks all-encompassing. It’s a problem that there is no information on how exactly they want to cure aging, what kind of research they will be based on. No company in the world can go in all of the directions that may lead to the victory at once. The world needs to know what it’s about: stimulating immune system, regulating regeneration, creating viral constructs carrying longevity genes, eliminating senescent cells, regulating biological clock? What’s the focus, Calico? This information is needed to distribute the efforts and immobilize even more resources for various technologies. No one in the world can say what is going to be more effective: regulating microbiota, stimulating stress resistance or therapeutic cloning?

One can suppose that Calico company holds some kind of a secret. But where could it come from, if there is nobody announced as part of the team who would have successes in the life extension field and would be a recognized expert in the area of studying mechanisms of aging? Levinson? He’s got no publications in this area. It’s actually a mystery, how he will be able to find time for solving the most complicated problem in the world, having at least three other places of work (chairman of the board for Apple, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, and Hoffmann-La Roche).

Over the last 40 years dozens of people thought that they had the secret to superlongevity in their poket. They all were victims of their own illusions and being in love with their good idea. Solving the problem of aging from the scientific point of view is incredibly complicated. It is naive to think that one good idea will do the trick. It is also irrational to place the cart in front of the horse, meaning, in this case, to make money without carrying out large-scale fundamental research. Generally, commercial interest in our field is a complication for solving the task. Furthermore, striving to gain profit starts to prevail and people begin producing profitable products like supplements, which are useless for life extension purposes.

It’s likely that in the area of life extension most effective will be distributed multi-center research – which is definitely not working in the interest of a single commercial company. What if Google fails? Like Google failed at Google Health, like there are no breakthroughs in curing Parkinson’s, like the Breakthrough Prize didn’t play even a tiny role in life extension, like there is no implementation of promising $1 billion by Google Ventures. What did they promise, “cryogenics”? So, where is it? Where are the announced life extension startups from Google Ventures? Google’s failure can become the failure for the whole industry. Again, people will say: “Oh, look, Google couldn’t do it, therefore there is nothing that can be done.“

I would like to call the founders of Calico to more openness and to using social and political tools in fighting aging. We are facing many goals, including education, and making the value of human life and the value of research aimed at its preservation clear for the society and governments. I would also like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that there is no organizational solution found yet, that would secure funding of good research projects on human longevity. We will have to find it or die.
15 years ago, my hair started turning grey and dull. I was prescribed Fosamax for osteopenia. Two things happened: my shin bones hurt for awhile, and my hair stopped turning grey and became blonde with red highlights. I'm 71; my hair is still shiny, thick, non-grey in any way. I now think that aging elements - like hair turning grey/white, etc. - may be triggers that turn on, and that sometimes can be turned off. Maybe some of the research should be in understanding those trigger points... I don't know who to talk with who would be interested in finding out... 
Dear page
I congratulate you on this bold step of creating a new company exclusively for Health and well being. Modern medicine has modern problems in the midst of capitalism basic medical sciences are ignored. Health needs to be defined first, all we have done is define diseases. 
Great! and when will u come back to China? I hate Baidu!
The determinants of health are related with integrated aspects such as Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual domains (WHO).Life style, Way of Life and Environmental contributes and influences the human behaviour. It's a complex comcept that's involves a systematic model. Congratulations!!!
Hail +Larry Page — for truly thou art a God amongst men.

Who else would have the vision and audacity to:

• Axe popular and useful products without any apparent concern for the users affected
• Shackle every surviving product to the malodorous corpse that is Google+
• Employ +Jason Cornwell to produce a UI for Gmail which makes sending email using half a potato and a rusty nail look like a viable alternative.

I return you now to the endless stream of sycophantic drivel and desperately obsequious job applications that your postings invariably provoke...
OUTSTANDING INNOVATION.  Thank you so much!  I would love to share my experience and passion for positive aging solutions.  Recently I invented LifeBox Solutions for healthy aging.  Are there any internships, jobs or consulting opportunities? 
What I find disappointing, and what I would encourage Arthur Levinson and Larry Page to consider is what is to ask the question: “what is the most pressing need in our healthcare system?”  The development of medicines that cure disease instead of merely managing symptoms is critical.  This alone would dramatically lower healthcare costs.  

However, there is an even greater need to create new business models that deliver healthcare and disease treatments in a manner that is sustainable, and that takes into account patient satisfaction and quality of life measures.  What is needed is not just another drug company with yet another disease focus, but a drug company with a disruptive business model that allows for the delivery of treatments and cures for illness in a manner that is reasonably affordable to the healthcare systems of our respective societies.

The key to such a disruptive model will revolve around information collection and analysis such as:

1. systems that rapidly identify bias or lack of statistical merit in published studies to prevent the pursuit of industry research based on false, inaccurate, or incomplete conclusions
2. Systems that can scrub the literature and find innovative findings that may be relevant to disease states, but may have been overlooked
3. Systems that break down barriers to collaboration within academia, within industry, and between those two groups
4. Once drugs are under clinical development, having systems that allow for accurate identification of true thought leaders (who will drive the adoption of innovative treatments) based on rigorous network analysis instead of the sloppy, inaccurate, incomplete methods currently used.  
5. Systems that identify how best to perturb those networks (e.g. which thought leaders do we need to connect to make the network stronger) to ensure efficient dissemination of information related to disease states and drugs, spurring more rapid adoption of FDA (or other) approved, innovative new drugs.

Working within these key areas (one would think this is google’s sandbox) and finding solutions could dramatically lower the costs of R&D, marketing, and sales of drugs, allowing for research, development, manufacturing, and delivery of products that treat and cure illness at a reasonably affordable cost for society.

Spend more time thinking about your mission and credo (we need drugs that are reasonably affordable to society, that provide the highest level of patient satisfaction, and that dramatically improve patient quality of life).  Spend less time being concerned about what diseases you want to treat.  If you truly want to put a dent in the universe, the mission is more important.
Congratulations on your observations Michael. Adding a little more to this point of view, it is not only to treat diseases but to promote health. There are many researches in the field of genetic rearrangement that promise to prevent the development of diseases and thus avoid the high cost of treatment. In addition there is an important model to be taken into consideration that comes to affordability, greater knowledge, education, behavior. A complex model that can not be sealed only the technology, but social issues, living conditions, way of life and lifestyle.
I would imagine you may need a physician to assist with this endeavor. If you need any medical help feel free to contact me.
Hey guys, hope you doing well. . Shame on you guys, today 2nd October our (INDIAN) father of the nation mahatma gandhi's birthday and you guys didn't prepare any doogle for him. . Realy shame on you guys. China is always right to band your services.. From today onwards I boycott google services and one day whole india will do..
First the advertising industry now healthcare. I'm looking forward to future anecdotes of the first time Larry Page and Sergey Brin have the inevitable face-to-face with big pharma and other vested interests. I wonder if anyone will tell them not to mess with the ****ing magic. The magic that would be, of filling people full of pills that let them carry on doing what is making them sick in the first place, and making money in the process. Go Google.
I have hope that there will finally be a cure for cancer!  Three years ago I wrote a tweet wondering why there wasn't a cure for cancer already. It had been 10 years since I lost both of my parents to the disease. A person tweeted back to me, "If there was a cure for cancer we would all be out of jobs." - My heart sank to the pit of my stomach.  I certainly hoped the researchers looking for a cure didn't feel the same way.  Then I received a DM from a person saying, "It what  you eat."  After the Calico dream team finds the cure(s) for cancer,the next challenge will be making the cures affordable. 
As Google is Unique Search Planet Co-existing with Earth. CALICO will be All together New Planet Co-existing with Earth used for Life Extensions of Humans on Earth and I believe will leveraged to life support Utilities beyond Earth. Adding New Dimension.
How many comments :) ...
I wonder when finally begin to grouped comments for ease of reading and post comments?
Am from south Africa...i saw this comment on positive blogs and i will love to tell everybody how my status changes to negative, and am now a living witness of it and i think its a shame on me if i don't share this lovely story with other people infected with this deadly virus...,hiv has been ongoing in my family... i lost both parents to hiv,. and it is so much pain ive not been able to get over.. as we all know medically there is no solution to it..and medication is very expensive. So someone introduced me to a native medical practitioner in Africa. I had a job there to execute so i took time to check out on him. I showed him all my tests and results.. i was already diagnosed with hiv and it was already taking its towel on me.. i had spent thousands of dollars so i decided to try him out...i was on his dosage for 6 weeks. although i didn’t believe in it, i was just trying it out of frustration... and after 2 weeks, i went for new tests... and you wont believe that 5 different doctors confirmed it that am negative. It was like a dream,, i never believe aids has cure. Am now negative, am a living witness. I don’t know how to thank this man... i just want to help others in any way i can have joined many forums and have posted this testimonies and alot of people has mail and called this man on phone and after 2 months they all confirmed news took it live and every.. hope he helps you out.. everybody saw it and its now out in papers and magazines that there's native cure for hiv and all with the help of this man,,have tried my own parts and all left with you,,if you like take it or not..god knows have tried my best. About 97 people have been confirmed negative through me..and they send mails to thanks me after they have been confirmed negative, this man is real. Don’t miss this chance,,hiv is a deadly virus, get rid of it now.. DR.ABEGBESPELLHOME@HOTMAIL.COM or call +2347067167955
I read the service on Time magazine on Google’s “moon shots”. It was interesting and had me intrigued, but it also gave me some doubts and afterthoughts.
Driverless car. It has some implications, that I think rather obvious and unavoidable, but that weren’t stated. The project is not an evolution of the private car, it’s a project for a public transport system.  Cars today have car navigators, and in many places you have that connected to a centralized service that will take into account traffic projections and peak hours, redirecting your route. Sum that to the driverless car and you have a system. Taxis will be there, and will be driverless, so the incentive to own a car will be reduced to an individual quirk.  And taxis will have an option for car pooling, the individual taxi will cost somewhat more, but that will be the only difference. Once the system is perfected, and insurance statistics prove that the human driver is more dangerous, cars driven by humans will disappear, or remain as a very costly eccentricity, or a sport in closed circuits. It will have implications in road and housing design, etc. I think this overall is a positive evolution, that will rationalize transportation, but there will be opposition, something like the NRA, National Drivers Association.
Calico. Defeat death. You sure that is a priority? I am an old geezer of 73, but I don’t look forward eagerly to a much longer life, I expect to live maybe another ten years, that’s more or less what the statistics say and that’s ok with me. I would like to stay healthy in this last period, but that’s it. Some centuries from now people will look back to century XXI and label it as the century of the overpopulation disaster (pollution, deforestation, poverty, hunger, lack of water etc. are side effects). Population planning and control is the issue, not a longer life span, which will only make it worse. 
In my opinion, the real moon shot is in your field: human/computer interface. I think there’s a lot to do in that direction. Human mind is flexible and reprogrammable. I am thinking of the experiment with the glasses for inverted vision. At first you see everything upside down, but after a week your mind adapts, and you see everything ok (and upside down if you take your glasses off).  And that other item about the vocal chords: if you think consciously about something, you tend to vocalize in silence, your chords will move and that movement can be detected, it’s not mind reading, but it is very close. If a computer reads your chords and responds (there are ways, not only the screen in Google glass, it could be a tactile binary message, or a direct binary nerve activation), after a while you won’t distinguish between your own memory and the computer message. Discovery of America? 12 october 1492. Was that my memory or the computer’s? Who cares? Human/computer integration can have unthinkable developments. 
And I am intrigued by 3D printing, I think there are some other untapped developments there, more moon shots.
Great ! Wish there were something like this in Kolkata,India :(
It's very interesting. We hope Calico will help people in the future...
We want to work with you! Bloggers of health 
Hi Larry.  I am a behavioral neurologist interested in long term preventative cognitive neurorehabilitation.  Will Calico be interested in helping out with some of the computer related aspect (specifically simple game design, data collection and big data analysis)?
The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. I'm suprised they didn't just call it that. Maybe because in the past that discrition has been associated with a fools qwest. But it is the same quest, the qwest that has befallen a many a kings before king "google." But there is a difference this time around. Only receently, since the mapping of the human genome, has the fountain of youth actualy been a scientific probability. The code, or "newest map" if you will, has trully given us a path to follow to the code design (fountain) that regulates all our aging proceeses. We are programmed to age a die by genomic design. It's our program. Now, all we have to do is find a way to re-program, like re-programing a computer. It could be just that simple. I think it could be easier than most suspect. Awhile ago I suggested to my daughter to go into the field so she could secretly work at home and use her rescources to find the "fountain of youth" so she could save us :) I say secretly because I have a hard time imagining our governments allowing us not age or not die. It would probably only be allowed for the super rich or politicly connected and that is a social structure nightmare that just doesn't appeal to or democracy or equal rights. I would guess that if someone really came close to actually finding the fountain of youth it would be sabotaged or confiscated. With that said I say  to google, if you need any "volunteers" just let me know. Aging sucks.
Half develop egg of any bird gives huge benefits to repair damage human body parts. When we inject liquid ( remove hard parts which are some develop parts of egg) of half develop egg of hen in human body by blood nerve then cells of this liquid repair full human body. Half developed egg has almost all type of cells of body parts with other DNA from humans. These cells make space in human body for original human cells. After this original human cells replace to these cells. Human body parts have own speed to grow. When speed of any problem is high with any body part then this part of human body is damage permanently.

Cells of hen's egg gives high speed to grow human body part. If we will inject much related body part of human cells or DNA then speed of repair will be high. Inject a egg in a day in human body four month treatment will give huge benefits to patient.

This method will give death less life to humans.
Inject a egg in every month for healthy life.
If we will inject ECM ( Extra cellular matrix) and stem cells in body then it will repair quickly to our body. It will give us death less life also. But it is costly process for all world.
X Hu
It is much better if we can prevent the disease before they become terminal!
Do we really need a pill if we can adapt a healthy life-style? Can we focusing on any aging diseases that are actionable rather than the "popular" ones ?  Looking forward to hearing it more.
How would a policy and law specialist specifically focused on regenerative and longevity biology be able to express their interest in contributing?  Thanks for answering!
Yes ... ! There is possible of immortality,  As per few observations ..  
If Color of Blood is dark green / Dark Blue ... There is long life , No Health Problems and Diseases  ... 
Thanks larry i hope a lot of help will come from this
Great initiative, Larry. Keep up the good work! 
How do I find out about career opportunities at Calico? I have a b.s. in human biology and am working as an application scientist doing mostly chemistry right now.
good work ..hope google ventures into field of renewable energy (solar or any other)also..thats the need of hour
I just got my Ph.D. in Immunology...I have a great scientific plan to asses the contribution of antibodies in the aging process. Contact me, i'll gladly come work with you guys.
I want to work for calico. It sounds like an interesting field to me. 
I would like to share with Calico a project that is being undertaken with friends, somewhat confidential, and that would give hints on some available options for a priori much longer health, within a few years -- whom should I write to? Thank you in advance!
I have a way to dramatically raise DHEA levels...and the medical proof!
Mr. Page - I'm a high school teacher, glad to see you're  challenging aging.  Here's another "Moonshot" for you:  make war obsolete.  
If google abuse personal information gathered through the usage of their apps/phones/email etc, they would be in breach of their privacy policy. 
If a person is out to do harm in the world (terrorism, internet fraud etc) it would be google's duty to identify these people and report them to the fbi etc. 
A lack of trust for google should be equated with a lack of trust of your local bank. Try avoiding banks for the rest of your life.
Finally, if google do know everything about me, i don't mind. I've nothing to hide. And worrying about it would mean there's a mismatch between my ego and my true self.
Que Dios lo bendiga a usted ,su familia y  su equipo de trabajo exitos en todo lo que haga
Another mid-life-crisis billionaire ?
Finding a grey hair is no reason to panic, Larry Gilgamesh Page.
Won't find the immortality gene with a search engine, however fancy.
The (Larry) Ellison Medical Foundation just gave up.
Wet stuff is more pain in the a.. than engineers think.
Good luck.
I wonder if ANYONE from Google ever reads any of these posts. It certainly doesn't look as if there is any interest in what the non-billionaires think. It appears that the time spent posting here would ultimately be better spent elsewhere. Why don't the billionaire tech boys do something productive like fix Obamacare and then fund it with some of their billions? 
+Alexander Wolf Can one see the fear of aging, illness, death or any fear of tomorrow? One is so much satisfied and embroiled in one’s securities that the fear is ignored, escaped, not faced. The fear is absorbed when you face it ‘as it arises’ within you. This fear can not be solved or covered up. Now brain is activated to see the Truth (of Existence). One is on an endless, restless, limitless track. happenings around and fundamentals | yvchawla
Brain is not created to know the truth, but the heart is.
"Google's unbelievable projects that will change the world"  How the future will change in medical industry, we can't expect. Thank you so much dearest GOOGLE, being a part of life......
I know thousands of persons who would like to work for Calico. How will you choose?
I gets last comment.
Larry page  Goodluck  &Early success.     prasad Rao
This is amazing, and I hope and pray that they succeed in this venture. 
I want to be the 500th comment for this because it feels like a significant number and I love the Calico idea!
I would love to collaborate with you on this!
I was thinking along the same lines with my eBook Top Ten Anti Aging Supplements + How to Slow Down the Aging Process.  Good Luck from Anti Aging Insights.
I would very much like to join. I have a few projects in mind to do something about aging that are typically a Google-ization of current small step approaches and that could well lead to a "Google-Health" for a large part of the population.
"Google Life" it's a great idea. Success!
CEO AND FOUNDER VON PRATT INC Google i must say it's very +very interesting i must say via founder Von pratt inc business network live
Dear Larry,

Our NYU lab is working on it for the last several years. We've got good funding and made publications in Nature and Science magazines.
May I ask you, who is the right person to make contact for collaboration?

Incredible indeed gentlemen. I think the first course of action will probably be to create some bio-tech companies with those specific goals and aims, to keep spreading the knowledge and tech, start educating kids and schools on why bio-technology is a good field to go into, mainly because until we solve everything there will be almost an infinite amount of jobs as long as there is funding and then finally to also start on side projects focus on quantum computers and quantum computing because with that technology we could back up consciousness if all else fails.... 
come on larry, please revive the caprica tv serie, this would be your best publicity ever when your project comes to completion. more than "do no evil" reviving caprica would be "do the best" !
bonjour ,concernant votre laboratoire de recherche sur le blocage du vieillissement vous aller avoir surement besoin un moment ou l autre de personne plus ou moins agees pour confirmer vos essais , en laboratoire ;de ce fait ce serai exclussivement des citoyens des etats unis,ou sur echantillons plus large , je veut dire par la dans d autres pays comme la france ,si c est le cas , je pense que cela interreserai mon pere qui a 82 ans c est peut etre trop tard pour lui mais ont ses jamais ,merci par avance pour votre reponse
Thanks for this great idea to reduce some of the worlds sickness. Good idea
That's very exciting! When will Calico start hiring?  
Google may become that evil Umbrella corporation from resident evil or oscorp
oscorp from spiderman..
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does any one know the URL for the Calico's company website ..for some reason googling dint lead me to one..may be it is still behind the curtain
Where's the link Larry? No can find!
Here's just one more irritating report of a "new link" without a link.
Next time 'Think-Link' and be a bit more empathetic with your readers.
At least this report could have directed readers to a 'work-in-progress' site or tell us that a link to Calico was not yet available.
Oh, I'm sorry, one forgot. Alzheimer's to blame?
We know we 're already living in Paradise ( aka Northern California), and now we're going live this life forever???
pero que belleza me encanta es una de mi muñequita guapa
Ever speak to my son who i will live two hundred years. Please, make this happen! :)
Congratulations Calico - you turned one!

If a pharma giant AbbVie commits $1.5 billion to internet giant Google's health adventure, Calico's promise appears to be much more than ..... Please read my latest article published on LI for a greater understanding about this promising one-year old :-)

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+Larry Page I'm going to be a volunteer for transfer my consiousness and brain entirely to computer-like being, then programming mynextself and developing the interface of this from other side. And I'm really serious about this.
Larry we need to change the way we see aging. That is why I have written  book called Design Your Age. What's best about you never ages.  This book changes our perception of aging and provides an entirely new landscape of aging. 
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Larry, Sandro  , thank you   . I have an impression from press releases  that CALICO stick with standard chemistry pathway , by planning  screening 1000 of chemicals library trying to find longevity chemicals?
Who might support alternative natural product approach to extreme longevity ?
It is not necessary to be rich man to be happy. When a man loves nature and live in harmony with nature is a high probability that a man will be happy and healthy. The man has the right to seek happiness. But one needs to understand that the pursuit of happiness, his happiness. Everyone hopes to fulfill a dream and happiness in life and perhaps happiness lives next to you.
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