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Enjoyed my trip to a wet rainy New York yesterday--wow what bad traffic though!  Very excited about our partnership with Cornell University.  We've agreed to give them office space to get their new engineering university off the ground in New York City. And always good to see Mayor Bloomberg, whose passion helped get this idea off the ground.

Google/Cornell NYC Tech Press Conference
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Can't wait to see what comes from the final Moto purchase, congrats on the buy. Bring on the Google Glass and the Google Nexus Tab!!
Larry, maybe you could think on lending a hand in Brasov, Romania, to Transilvania University? Guess they could make use of Google awesomeness :D
I am getting more Google news today than usual. You guys are blowing up. Motorola acquisition, new patents on Google Glasses. Wow!
Yes it seems weather is bad everywhere. Here in ATL we had hail and thunderstorms yesterday and the day before and possibly some more today
if I were you I would use a helicopter
Great that you guys do these random acts of kindness not directly related to your business, or mildly related, without wanting a benefit for everything you do. You guys are great role models, keep it up.
I love New York in the rain, its beautiful. The sound of the rain hitting the pavement, the smell in the atmosphere, its all truely MAGICAL!

and WHOOP! GO GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!
+Patrick Healy The Chrome news was big. Who would have guessed just a couple of years ago that Chrome would be the most used browser.
I request you to please bring Motorola back to profitability. 
go google go... but i want the android app for g+ now :-
any progress being made on Google glasses?
Congrats Larry. Prioritizing STEM education is just the kind of visionary leadership that makes the Google brand so inspiring.
good stuff. Huge building yall have there in New York. Really huge.
Totally forgot about that +Rajiv Vyas. Ironic that that is the thing that escapes me. All things considered that is maybe the smallest news in comparison but huge otherwise.
+Patrick Healy I agree, small relatively but huge because the best case guess would have been Chrome grabbing 20% market share and a lot fm FF and not IE. Tells you that when you provide a fine product, people would give up their old habits and switch.
How about do the same for local schools in the Northern Virginia too?

How do we get you out here?
Traffic? I never had any traffic problems when I went to Manhattan a couple of years ago except when going from and to the airport by bus.

The secret: marvellous subway (even though at the time some lines were being cut and the people on the Brooklyn side where quite righteously pissed off).
I was very glad to see this even though Google originally supported the Stanford bid. Very big of them and very exciting for the city. Now you just need to pilot your automatic cars here and get rid of the traffic and need for parking. Just imagine a cheap car coming automatically to you by phone request and algorithms controlling all traffic - it would be a vast improvement over 100 year old cab and subway systems. I'll offer myself as chief evangelist ;)
+Larry Page Also, a great interview on Charlie Rose! It was candid, informative, and you really looked like you were enjoying yourself. Now I have to look into enrolling in Cornell Applied Sciences at 59...
I assume that your accommodations were much better than sleeping on my couch in Battery Park City back in '94, huh? Congrats +Larry Page .
Mr Page, Please speak with the people at YouTube about fixing the bug that automatically disables videos from being monetized. This is an ongoing issue; I am using music by Kevin MacLeod, who is well-known to YouTube. Kevin allows usage of his music either through credit given on the video or payment to him. I have followed the rules, which Kevin has acknowledged in an email to me. I have a video that is scheduled to go public tomorrow, the 23rd, but it won't until it is approved to be monetized. My regular viewers are expecting a video tomorrow, what can I tell them? Please have someone look into this issue. Thank you.
brian s
I wondered if/when certain Android phone makers may combine forces. LG and Motorola's devices are pretty similar, however Motorola has already been bought by Google so it's unlikely they'll join up with another manufacturer. HTC and Samsung seem to be the two biggest players in Android phones but will certainly remain independent competitors. But does Android really need 4 major manufacturers, let alone a host of smaller one? I guess with Motorola becoming Google, now it's really 3 which seems better.
Forget sliced bread, Google is the best thing since normal bread. But Bloomberg is the devil... there really wasn't someone somewhere less-evil to partner with?

That man's personal philosophy contradicts everything I've ever seen Google stand for.
Larry, do you plan to visit Wall street ? I would like to introduce you to coworkers.
Hopefully the Robot Car will fix the traffic problem :-)
Good one Larry, the driver-less car would surly help with the weather.
Stanford University applied for the Cornell, NYC, campus spot, but one of the restrictions in the application process what that you needed to have past associations with NYC and Israel that could be construed as being past positive and past supportive. They wanted political insiders at the campus who knew how the wheels of NYC politics spin and whose pockets needed to be lined with money and political favors.
go!beat bitch Apple.
How to solve traffic? Self Drive Car.
Hey dewy-eyed google
You have to change your IT engineering and use someone who accepted in geography and history lesson in guidance school, if you don’t do this
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And if your expert IT engineering do this mistake voluntary and intentional,
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African ocean instead Indian ocean
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Iran sea instead Oman sea
Gulf of Somalia instead Gulf of Aden
Gulf of Malaysia instead gulf of Thailand
Timor sea instead Tasman sea
Philippine sea instead Chain sea
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can you image if some country have political problem with another, want to change historical international constant geographic or historical names and disregard national pride of that nation or disregard historical memory of the world,....

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just e little think please and image........
+Sr Ghalebi Maybe you should jump off a building or step in front of a train. It's the fastest way to part a fool from technology. Your heirs will thank you, and they can probably figure out what you cannot.
+Sr Ghalebi What an ignorant slug you are. Slime back under your rock and shut your mouth, you're bringing down the collective IQ by posting here.
Nice work. Continue with that kind of things
+Larry Page I am waiting for the photo you took in Zeitgeist event with #googleglasses

Come on! show us the magic!
+Larry Page Thanks for giving them the office space. I'm inspired by your generosity and passion for making the world better. :-)
I saw your interview with Charlie Rose. It was great and interesting how the Media picked up on your offhand comment that Facebook keeps people's data hostage.
I left NY in 2004. To see Google, and tech start-ups making NY #2 in the tech sphere (soon to be #1).....I want to move back!!!! Thanks Larry. Any plans on making this "free" for those unfortunate? : )
hi Annabelle O'Rourke,
my English is not as well as you, because i am so far from you,
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but i respect to your intellect and wisdom, maybe we have different nationality and language but we are human and have humanity.
dear my friend Annabelle i try to say my mean in simple way.
do you like your country?
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if diplomat of your government have a political problem with your neighbors country, would you like your neighbors change the name of a part of your country?
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of course you don't like it!
the political problem is not good reason for change the historical geographical international name.

dear Annabelle just it.
I'm sorry for my bad English.
i love all of nation and cultivated country and their people like you.
new Gmail look sucks, you know Larry?
gmail is fine, but for us who use linux as a main platform in your company - where is the linux drive client :-) once again ..
Just think its funny google uses Linux on all it's machines @ work an still no native client. Will take them 4 months to switch to the new lts.
Hi Larry,

I have to tell you that it is so refreshing to hear someone say: "we are in for the long run" and see a company that wants to make a difference in such a way that it improves quality of life to many that are largely forgotten or on the margins of society.

I have been following the recent press about Google's acquisition of Motorola, and I can't but notice that the press keeps wandering when are the layoffs going to happen.

However, there is much more to be done before mass layoffs. Below are some area s of improvement that should be considered before pulling the plug on people:

Working capital management is suboptimal, Moto collects slow, pays OK, has slow inventory turns, writes off >= $0.25B of finished goods annually, while at the same time they have operating loss smaller than the inventory write off (if they just managed inventory better they would not be in the red!)
On a percentage of revenue basis, both COGS and SG&A costs are too high for an R&D based company. There are no details in the 10K but a thorough examination of supplier management, production operations , product mix, distribution strategy and supply chain management in general should reveal opportunities for improving productivity.

There is much to be done in terms of improving operational excellence before laying people off! People and the brand are the biggest Motorola assets, but people are the resource that will ultimately take the company to a higher level of performance, they just need to be managed to accomplish that.

There are many companies that have exceptional performance in and outside of Motorola's industry; an enduring example outside Moto industry is Toyota Motors, that can make cars in the US and make profits every quarter for the last 30 years. Within the same ecosystem you have Intel and Qualcom that have been wildly successful both at IP and operations levels. The common denominator among the exceptionally successful companies is razor sharp product focus and exceptional operational delivery. It is possible to accomplish both at Motorola but it will take time and relentless pursuit of excellence.
Hoping to see Google supporting similar initiatives overseas as well.
Great interview with Charly Rose!
Great story on the robot car, too. But I missed the part about the all see eye in Israel, were there two episodes?
Nice to see that investment in the next generation has not been lost at Google - WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!!!
Campus-company links are good for both parties. 60 minutes this Sunday reported Tel Aviv is second to Silicon Valley in startups/innovations. Land of Goshen. Besides, Stanford already West Coast. Kick start East Coast base of ops. Whole different mind set, talent pool.
How about investing to solve the said traffic problem?
Hey Larry, I need resources to develop a program to prognostic complex variables in fussy environments using AI. We have all the math done and modeled.
Forgot to mentioned the Technion. They were also part of this press conference. 
hola larry , saludos desde argentina , te escribo . por que hace mucho tengo una idea que podria funcionar muy bien. se hace muy dificil poder pagar los sueldos de los programadores . si fueras tan amable de facilitarme 4 programadores hispanoparlantes , con gusto viajo a EEUU y comparto mi idea contigo .. podemos crear una red social diferente.
God bless you and let you always enjoy. Life is very sweat for rich people even for the poor but life is only many decades long. I wish we could live forever but sometimes I feel relax that even richest of the people will die one day. Common fate!
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How is Google planning to organize and present relevant data for the specific user group of the certain age? Lot is yet to be done.. Carry the great work on... Cheers..   
i really like speak to you
i am from iran . i am yasi
Hi Larry,

I saw the your great company is releasing Android N and asking for input for a good name. I would like to recommend a good name:

Android Nutcracker -- Crack the nut on the boundary of hardware and release the genius of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D, Smart Home, Smart Dust, IoT, and Many More!

Isn't that a great name for a great breakthrough your great company is leading into a great future for humanity!


- Sam Shen, IT Manager, Ontario Ministry of Health
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