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Really neat doodle today--you can actually create your own and share it with your circles. You may find some fun surprises along the way. Here's mine--and happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!
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Srsly? rushes away to try it
fk ur chat tools we cant use it in iran
اَصَنَم نقاشیت قشنگ نیست عَنتر
That's pretty cute (and pretty). I wonder how do the doodle team decide what's the topic of the day is going to be (apart from Thanksgiving which is pretty obvious)?
Cool doodle. Thought I'd share that there are some questionable feather selections when your mouse is near the bottom of the feather. May confuse/frustrate people.
When I paste the flyout "link" into a G+ post the preview is a completely different bird. Am I doing it wrong?
myspace: "zzzz....zzzzz......zzzzz"
twitter: "oh !...i'm pissing"
fb: "bla bla bla fuck bla bla prrrr"
g+: + + + +............;)) and more....
ah, hiermit endlich mal einen kommentar für einen milliardär erstellt.
He rubs the colors on the feathers...
Ok, Google Doodles keep getting cooler.
My daughter made the exact same pattern in her Pre-Kindergarten class last week for a T-Shirt!
I am new on Google+ and want to take this opportunity to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American Plussers.
Already excited about Google+! Thanks +Larry Page.
Thanks Larry that Turkey is making good its escape lol. Happy Thanksgiving.
I love that this doodle has some interactivity! It's simply fun!
ok for the bike you have to have the google colored feathers and the beanie and then cycle through the feet. wonder what others are in there ;)
I got it for the Gazinianth time Larry, your the man.
I'm sure the turkey is really happy :P
i love the turkey on wheels.
Just what you need a Green turkey with a blue beer and bloddy red stuffing's. And to go with your rock hard dinner roll that you toss at the TV as your football team just let the bad guys score a touchdown. And you have to now go change you brown underwear.

Is that colorful enough?
Awesome! Love these interactive logos :)
Larry your a crazy gord dude 
Found the wizard, the kid on a bike, and the pirate so far. Still looking for the rest.
Wish you a very happy thanks giving, Larry....
A pity that my generated turkey doesn't show up wenn the link is entered in a new post. But a really nice doodle anyway :)
Is that turkey based on someone's actual traced handprint? If so, whose?
how do u get the bike and everything?
Great doodle...if I submit a cool doodle can I get hired at Google?
I'd sooner have had the Stanislaw Lem interactive doodle Poland got, honestly. Who in the US really needs reminding when Thanksgiving is...?
To Larry, To Google!!!
The feeling of gratitude is peevish without liking to forget forever, and it is ♪.
a very very artistically cultured
Why doesn't the google+ change also ?
Is that a handshaped-chicken on a bike? nice!
hi , i am just an ordinary girl from hong kong and i fucking love G+and google latitude <3
+Larry Page do you have to be a founder to get a bike as a choice for legs? I don't have it :(
hello. mr . larry...
i have a question about adsense to you...
I think Google should hold the Thanksgiving Doodle design competition, and put the most +1 Doodle on the Google homepage real time, also give the most +1 Doodle designer prizes or gifts to attract more people to use google+.
Today's doodle is really better, this is the best one since Pacman's aniversary.
Great job guys!!
click on above on "feeling lucky" all the old logos came where to G+ share...not so cool. must have been the previous administration's oversight love it anyway!
Very nice
Happy Thanksgiving!

BTW Larry, Partner with me and we can help millions of people save fuel every day when retailers use
Cheers, Randall
BECAK is a bicycle that has a front seat for two people and have one young lady behind him,,,,????????? wkwkwkwkwkw
Hey its nice and innovative.....
Do you farm at Google? Think you can try GoogleFarm...I Love to see Google go real green.
Love the Pic
请问,自然界里什么动物胸最大?. . . 答曰 :“斑马!”。。。为什么呢?因为斑马的英 文叫做:Z-Bra(zebra)!!!!
i can access google+ now,i am very glad.Larry Page should help us which are defend by the fire wall by the Goverment
Jacob M
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Happy Thanksgiving, Larry!
hey everyone. my name is Nicholas (a.k.a Santa Claus). I am new to this circle thing. A typewriter is all I've used in the North Pole. Add me to your circles! Merry Christmas!
hello, this is a google user in Shanhai China. many of my friends are quite disappointed with the soon termination of google buzz. the main reason is in China, do you know GFW, the great fire wall which prevents Chinese webusers to visited many western websit. It is a very troublesom , we need to apply certain techniques and "cross that GFW" to use G+. Many users are not happy with it, and this incovenience push many Chinese users still prefer BUZZ. I don't mean to critize the decision to stop buzz, just let you know what inconviniece you have brought to Chinese google users. for this reason, after buzz stopped, many of us will go to local social web not G+, I guess goole will loose quite a lot Chinese mainland users. the second reason I wrote this (actually I am looking for a funtion to send you in private email, but somehow failed), just let you in China, we do not have much freedom. There is a church in our capital city Beijing, called Shou Wang. The government persecute the church members, so they have to hold their Sunday worship in outdoor places. For information sharing purpose, for a quite a long time, buzz becomes their web share and communication center. I have witnessed how the Christians in Shou Wang help and gather in buzz, support each other. However, now they are facing this big problem, I don't know if they would like G+ as much as buzz, they are feeling sad now if buzz is closed, they would look for other ways to communicate. ---Finally, i heard from some places that you are a jew, welcome to Shanghai, I live in a place during the 2nd world war, when many Jewish people came and live with the Chinese. We would like to introduce you to those old buildings and museum if google would keep BUZZ for a longer while until no GFW existed. Personally I'd like to take you around this Jewish history muserm (just near my house ), to show how much our Chinese like Jews. Bless YOu.
ray fu
我喜欢google doodles
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