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I want Google to be an amazing place to work, so really excited to see us ranked as the best place to work by Fortune for the third time (more than any company)! Google is the sum of our people and their hard work and dedication. Thanks everyone!
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Congrats. Only 150 yards from a good cafeteria is a great motivation indeed :)
Congrats! Truly something to be proud of!
So... are you hiring?
I wish I could work there, but I'm afraid I don't have anything to contribute. You guys need like, a staff actor or something?
ah ha, tough luck google+ supporters, google only values and cares about their employees :)
Congrats! Felicidades a los empleados de Google =)
I want to working in Google :)
The surgeon I work for visited Google recently and didn't want to leave!
Always true!!! This is the company I have been dreaming to work for since freshman... Hope I will be there one day... first it was because of the inspiration and free food, now changed food for the Enlightment.
That's only because "My pants" isn't yet listed in the Fortune 500.
Congratulations Google! I want to work for you too.
was just kidding +Edward Rubio , but Google is nothing without our search queries, all of us are part of Google, without our contribution, no ad money for google and no data based iteration etc.
Congrats! You've put in a lot of hard work, it shows with what Google has been producing lately. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep trying out and using just about everything you guys come up with.
I want to be part of GOOGLE.... Its my Dream.. Hope one day it will come true......I am trying hard....
Congrats - you guys have set the bar high
Congrats! That's the main reason so many people want to work at Google.
Thank you for the Best Dynamic Social Media platform I have ever been on!!
I like Google, When I search some information in Google browser. Google can give me nearly complete data and information. God bless Google.
Congratulations!! ... to Larry and to all Googlers! I Like Google! :-)
Honestly, it is the only corporation I can imagine to work with.
I'd work for them in a heartbeat!
congrats! nw a days can't imagine without google.........
really awesome ....
its amazing, there were no comments when i begin to write my prev comments and when i finish lots of...
+Edward Rubio well, free does not mean without cost. There's the cost of my privacy with Google gathering information about me to sell my attention to advertisers. But they've built up trust with me over the years where I pay that willingly to use their products.
I would LOVE to see you open some offices up in Tacoma, WA. Then maybe... I could work at Google. ;)

Seriously tho, we are just 30 miles south of Seattle and there is a wonderful building sitting empty that used to house The Russell Investment company, this would be a wonderful tech hub.

Here is a view of the building from the water (the red and glass building).

There are other historic buildings near that building that could also work well, such as Old City Hall and others.

There are many cool restaurants, shops, pub/bars, parks and a beautiful water front all nearby.

If you talk to people from Seattle/Bellevue, they will bash Tacoma, I would love for you to visit Tacoma, WA and see for yourself.
Congratulations, +Larry Page - Thanks for doing work that matters and allowing your team to create.
well when you have that much money i would hope you would try to make it the best place to work
Congratulations! Keep your good work going on!
Congratulations and thank you Larry for making Google such an awesome place to work!
Nice double halo, Larry!
Bravo Google. You are the Best. Congrats and Thanks (- for being as you are)! ☺
Congratz Larry...

And please be more active on Google+. Spend time here, and kindly be interactive with your members.
That's awesome news :) my wish is to work there when I finish studying :)
+larry page I wish I worked for #1 go google!
+Larry Page 谷歌的确是一家令人向往的公司啊!不过谷歌在中国要想办法啊,现在只有GOOGLE+移动版在咱们这里比较有活力,搜索引擎被baidu.com弄得快不行了啊。
When you treat people who work for you as people, and realize that no matter how smart or clever you are, without people, you cannot do much, your business is not only gonna thrive, it will also be tremendously blessed. There's nothing more inspiring than happy employees.
I wish that all employers take this to heart, and not leave the welfare of people who work for them into the hands of UNIONS!
I dig google. 👍
Well, I just applied to jobs here in your Washington, DC office. I could always use some help so, if you have any pull please put in a good word for me. I'm good people.
Congratulations, +Larry Page. I had the opportunity to participate of Top Contributors Summit, at last September, and I met the GooglePlex. It´s wonderful and it´s easy to see in the Googlers that is really a amazing place to work. Google is the best place to work, and one day I dream to join you at the company.
I want to work in google, I like to create a wonderful world with new tools
Google is a Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. It's a wonderful place to work. It will be very useful for the entire world, if anyone can take up the task of Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker did study General Motors and published the book, Concept of Corporation. That is the seed for the entire discipline for Management; seed for many corporations all around the world. Some one should take up the task of Peter Drucker and study the way of functioning of Google.
That's awesome, corporate culture and valuing employees makes a massive difference.
I know I wish I worked there. :) Nice job, ya'll
Yes Google does rule. Had a problem with 2 Place Pages, and they are working on the first one, and hopefully they will take care of the second one, on Westwood Blvd. Ca. Thanks guys. Oh can I work for you guys? You have our vote for being #1
You are welcome :) and thank you for making this awesome company even more awesome!
awesome :) Congratulations Google!
Having seen a couple of Google videos, showing tours and interviews with Google's employees - working at Google, doesn't seem like a typical "job", seems more like Disneyland for adults! Would LOVE to work at Google, such a neat place!
Man, this company should open their own country: Googland or something like that... I would be the first in line to apply for citizenship. the ideology, the concept, the friendships, their community involvement and their open dreams are just a few on their daily agenda. for them sky's the limit and because I relate, they'll get my all gratitude and respect.
Congratulations Larry. Google is a great firm and you are great people. I wish some day I'll be able to know you.
+Larry Page Nice to know that the company I promote to my clients is also the #1 company to work for. Great Job.
I know many people that dream of working at a company that works like Google does.
although i don't work for Google,i love everything, from the Droids to G+.... keep up the great work!!!
Thanks for being such a shining example of how success doesn't have to come at the expense of your employees' well-being. More companies should accept the challenge to take on your best practices. When I hear, "We can't all be like Google" I have to ask, "You mean successful and not evil?" You guys should start a company culture academy. Well done, as usual!
I haven't worked for Google but love most of things that I hear about the work culture. I hope more companies take a cue from Google work culture.
Not sure that I can think of anything any other company could do to improve on Google. Thanks for creating an amazing work environment! think other companies should also learn to create work environment like google.......:)))
Dear Google.. Please hire me. I love you and will devote my life to you :-)
Congrats Larry!

Now... if only Google had a job opening near me that was suitable to how my skills could benefit us both...
woow... que no diera por trabajar en un lugar como Google...Excelente!!!!
It truly does sound like a dream to work there, I just wish other companies would follow Google's example. This way many more people could be happy where they work. Good guys!
But not for work-life balance. I am surprised. Go, Google, though.
Let's make the Google logo the Kurdish Flag on Newroz, March 21.
wish I could work with/for Google.....
Don't think you guys operate in Northern Ireland though
Can you please tell me the easiest way to get into google?
happy to be part of the family, for once managers are serious about making their employees feel good . I'm sincerely happy to have joined this unconventional company (after having worked in more conventional ones, you feel the difference...)
+Hanush H Nair just use your search bar. more than likely whatever you type into it will take you to google. :) j/k
easiest way to get into google is to come out top 1% of stanford/harvard/mit in anything math, science, and engineering.
+Joel Taggart Not everyone at Google is a programmer. I'm a lawyer, we have HR, Finance, PR, Sales, and other groups that don't require deep knowledge of engineering, just a knowledge of how to work with engineers.
+Larry Page Google is good environment ! If i have chance to work google and , but i am not master in CIS..^_^
Congrats Larry and Sergey..Wish you many many more years of similar laurels ahead!
Larry, give me $311,150.00 please. Sergey is Russian, he will not give...
Hey larry are you still looking for crazy creative developers who want a HUGE salary + bonuses?????? In that case, I'm your man ;-))
Somebody can tell us what we need to do for get a job in google?
Ohhh congratulations! :)

Then... Can you hire me please? :P
I will be applying to be a part of their legal team one day.
Google is one of my most favorite company. As a technology news trendsetter and as a technology evangelist, I write and blog about Google's latest technologies and innovations, as well as their new products and services, whenever I have the chance. My big congrats to you, Google! You guys can follow me on Twitter @DanReyesTchnrti
Bravo! Awesome! , now about internships...
What i heard about working at google made me search for a job there, that gave me a visit to the office in Zurich. After seeing that office i can only say that i would give my right arm to work at google. To bad the interview didn't pay off. This time.
Why Google hires people who not have, aesthetic taste? This new team that created the new look will kill Google profit. Half the users hate the new look Gmail, Google Documents, Google Reader, Google +, youtube ... And leave, their Google account, when old look Gmail is retired and a new look, become mandatory.

Now, all Google products, have a common, ugly look - white and gray colors, ugly gray icons large square buttons with only icons (no text) without a clear separation of the different sections and features pages. scrollbar - narrow and difficult to use without a mouse, transparent background in open letter, and the inbox, making it impossible to read ... and more, and more problems with a new look. Everything merges in a common mess ...boring and contrary, difficult and slow work.

None of Google, do not listen to the pain and the demands of most users, give them the opportunity to use the old look of Gmail indefinitely.
mi sueño es trabajar en google algun dia :DD
I just wish that my work place would make an effort to take that first place away from you Larry, however I don't not see that happen anytime soon.

Congratulations to you, and the rest of the Google family!
Meng Li
wish i could work for Google
I just you guys my resume! ;)
Thanks for all the great comments!
You guys are awesome, you should hire me. You wouldn't regret it.
I love Google!... Working in this company is one of my dreams...
congratulation, I always wish good luck for you!
Let's just get some good earnings to put the icing on the cake!!

I am doing a project for my graduate class in HR and one of the questions that our group has is what type of recruitment process is used? Although, we are aware that Google looks for innovators, team focused members, what other what qualities do most Google employees share?
Working at Google is a pleasure. Its nothing like any other place. The energy and enthusiasm of the teams is infectious. Thanks Larry.
I had the pleasure to work with Google's people and I have to say that they are really top notch professionals but always with that " I am having fun" side that I really love
Me alegra saber qué en algún sitio existe la felicidad del exfuerzo del trabajador
I'd be willing to work there as an Android mascot. I can't do the robot but I'd can eat a lot of Ice Cream Sandwiches.
Bring Google to Des Moines, IA and I will work for ya lol.
While your earnings are interesting, the work underlying this award is perhaps the secret of +Google's enduring success.
Any chance of opening an R&D office in rainy Wales? Would love to work for Google :-)
This is bull. I cannot really confirm this. The only way to know that for sure is to let me work for Google. ;) Congrats.
and what its your idea Ryne Snow?, dont worry, im not going to tell anyone :)
i really want to work there! one day maybe!
How I wish to work in Google :P
I would LOVE to work for Google... How does one get such an elite job?
I dream of working in Google one day..
You got any openings for an E.E.T grad from purdue who now works as a production employee at G.M. My resume is a bit dusty, but I can fax you a clean one :) Wished I worked at a place that valued people.
thank you for making Google such a wonderful place to work. =)
Certainly it is an aspirational place to work. Without any doubt.
The Tokyo office sucks though. So full of arrogant a******s
Is that an Oklahoma Flag? I its not thats cool I live In Pryor, Ok where you guys have a cool down station or something like that.
Here is the real example for the success. Congrats and all the best for the future growth. We want to work for Google. :)
i am a high school student in China Mainland.....You know, most of the society members appreciate Apple because in china an iPhone often represents being rich and charming...I've been trying to tell everyone of the spirit of Google...But what i always get back is bad marks....i feel crazy bad..
I definitely had two amazing internship experiences in 2011 at Google!
I've been out there a few times on business. Always impressed by Google's campus!
It my legacy to see google at number 1
I'd rather pick dust bunnies at Google for a quid and a lunch a day than work as an executive for cca. 70k a year anywhere else...

Yeah okay, so that's not true, but the basic sentiment stands.
best company and best employer!
Knock knock knock at the cloud next door... would they also shutdown youtube and bring larry and his friends to jail??? lol, I hope not.
The hiring process is not so good!
They called me for a on site interview but cancel later on...TWICE!
I am a firm believer in Google, I do not doubt you. I'd like to know from Google what the whole no poaching agreement was about, and how it was made at management level without breaking the "don't be evil" values?
I specialize in creating the happiest workplaces on earth--fun, kinesthetic and long-lasting creativity.
The best place to work...and also the hardest place to be employed.
Lot's of candidate...few selected.
But that's the recipe for success.
Congrats! Great work on mobile apps especially two-factor authentication.
I love Google products. Google has changed internet search, cloud computing and mobile etc. I would like to see Google involvement for online voting for Presidential and local election :-).
Wish I were an employee there :( :( :(..........
Hey Larry, why you close Picnik? no cool man...
you're just tempting me more and more :)
Although muy diferente, Google inspires me as I lead my small company - EAST LA REP - keep the inspirations coming...gracias.
I know that Google is my dream career!!
Hola Larry. Quisiera instalar CHROME OS en el disco duro. ¿Hay algún manual? Mi e-mail es
Muchas gracias.
Congrats! That's the main reason so many people want to work at Google. Like me. Forever GOOGLE. :)
Even to know all about google,we have to search it in GOOGLE.....
Me gustaria trabajar en Google, mostrar mis ideas, compartirlas y tener mi granito en Google+
Me alegro de poder conocer gente que trabaja en Google,
Saludos Larry

Joan Delshorts
without google... internet world is jst like fish without water......
thanks larry... glad to see people leading with passion and purpose
Love to work here! Hire me please? Hehe
Google is and will always be the best luvit.
O principal problema é extamante esse Thabiso, acreditar que são os melhores. Tal afirmação não é erronea, porém não é o nome "Google" que ouço na MKT jovem de usuarios e esse é a tendencia do novo mundo. Teria que a Google olhar para esse nicho de mercado e dar uma atenção redobrada ao mesmo para no futuro não ter problemas serios, já aproveitando para citar o atual sucesso que é o Facebook, onde os diretores e empresarios da Google ainda não conseguiram bater. novas idéias são sempre bem vindas, mas temos que olhar para as mesmas antes de nega-las, por isso que o criador do face, foi tão bem aceito, criou algo novo dentro da sua propria visão, e não da visão de um presidente ou diretor de uma emprsa de 45 anos, com PHD etc, e sim é no momento que se vive e que se acha as melhores oportunidades.
We are happy that Google is a great place to work. But authors who are writing on Blogger as well as Knol may not feel that Google is a nice place to interact. Mainly the manual interface is very low. I feel you have put in place author relationship system and authors should also feel Google is an organization to have cordial and fulfulling relation. You need to have at least three to four relationship managers for authors classified into three or four categories.
I bet it is so awesome to work at Google. I bet the employees love to go to work everyday.
google is amazing.......its a solution to every question
Google is the best place to work. I bet it is everyones dream to work there. Well not everyone, but sure it one of my dreams.
subba Reddy alamur If you could buy Google. Then that would be amazing. You will have to be really rich, and if you are, they why would you need Google?
Oh, right, Because Google is AWESOME
I bought a HTC G1 but it comes with version Android 1.0, and I want to upgrade it to version 1.6 but updates are not available online.
It's unfair that I can't take advantage of many apps that are not compatible with version 1.0.
I contacted my company (T-Mobile) and HTC and they can't help me.
It is sad to know that are not available the necessary files to update the first phone with Android
FORTUNE - Jan.16, 2012 issue
pg. 44 - Fortune's Guide to the Future
pg. 49 - The Office of Tomorrow
pg. 59 - Why Ryan Seacrest Is the Future of Media (something to think about)
pg. 60 - A New Vision for Cities
pg. 62 - The Hottest Tech Gig of 2022: Data Scientist
pg. 65 - Four Zany Ideas That Could Come True (meeting an employee of Google)
pg. 69 - Solving the Energy Challenge

I enjoy learning about the weirdly things and did not see your company listed in the current Fortune magazine Larry. I love research! ;)
I applied for a job at Google in Chicago Mr Page no response yet!!!
Good on you..Not only fantastic people that work for your company but a boss who says thanks, if only all companies could see and follow :-)
fine...,, but getting a job in GOOGLE will always be a dream ....
If you want google to be a great place to work, don't muzzle your employees. Allow them to express honest opinions, either to you, or in public. Google's treatment of the gmail redesign has been shameful, and every indication is that you have been the cause of that.
Use Mojang AB as your guide, it has a laid back work environment, encourages all employees to be public about their work and has mandatory gaming Fridays.
Larry, will you open an office in Jakarta?
I realy love to work at google , becuase I love google
But google Dont :
403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL / from this server. (Client IP address:

You are accessing this page from a forbidden country.
That’s all we know.
I was honoured to be invited to the Googleplex at Mountain View and had a great time there learning about Google this week. It is truly a fantastic place and has given me some great ideas to take back to the UK to make our workplace a nicer place to be. Thanks to Sergey and Larry for making the World a better place to play and learn :-)
Congratulations, Larry!
Larry. I have a question, have you see Indonesia and have a strategy to build Google in here? I think Indonesia have a great potential market here and have a talent person too.

I love Google very much!! you're my inspire. Good luck to you guys!
Great news, but really something good happens, when you take someone who wants to succeed in life, but not getting any chances to succeed or not knowing the right path (who may not be academically qualified, but in his heart desires to do the hard work and wants to be successful, whom every one near him has written off as unsuccessful or failure) and gives him a ray of hope and gets him to work in your organisation and make him a leader in all sense and really changing his life. I say this because now days companies goes behind only qualified people where as lot of people with lots of talents and desires may be waiting for an opportunity, but never gets and has to settle for less in their lives.
that may be the case...but why do I feel that google products and innovations are not what it used to be...everything I use that's Google seems to have deteriorated...rather than moving forward, it seems to me (as a consumer), that innovation has stifled and I am just not that impressed or excited anymore
Persian Gulf is always Persian Gulf
Ehsan S
▂▃▅▇█▓▒░ PERSIAN GULF░▒▓█▇▅▃
sucks i dont have a degree in computer science and i go to elgin community college not stanford ugh 
Falta obrigado! E algo mais. Para os que não diretamente, mas como satélites com suas idéias fazem Google Larry Page e Sergey Brin ganhar bilhões.
Gaston Schwabacher é um destes Satélites.
Larry Page e Sergey Brin precisam fazer contato com Gaston Schwabacher.
Gaston Schwabacher esta tentando por todos os meios:
Via antigos (cartas).
Ou meios tecnológicos.
E não consegue. Ele tentou via correio para dois endereços físicos um no Brasil e outro nos Estados Unidos, Tenta via Internet e nada! Ele Aguarda ansioso! Falar com Larry Page e Sergey Brin.


Lack thanks! And something more. For those not directly, but as satellites with their ideas make Google Larry Page and Sergey earn billions.
Schwabacher Gaston is one of the satellites.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin need to contact Gaston Schwabacher.
Gaston Schwabacher is trying by all means:
Via old (letters).
Or technological means.
And can not. He tried via mail to two addresses physical one in Brazil and another in the United States, via the Internet and try anything! He Waits anxious! Talk to Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
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