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Excited about the improvements to Search beginning to roll out today!
Amit Singhal originally shared:
Today we are introducing Search plus Your World, a new Google search experience centered around people. For the first time ever, you will be able to find personal results from your world -- your photos, your friends, your stuff -- in search.

It's rolling out today and should be available in the US for all signed in Google users over the next few days.
Google Search has always been about finding the best results for you. Sometimes that means results from the public web, but sometimes it means your personal content or things shared with you by people...
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Great feature!, I hope it doesn´t take too long to rollout worldwide.
it has android process stop sometimes, could u fix that first.
I like this however I find it a bit silly that I cant just jump immediately to it an use it while there is still alot of hype surrounding it, I love all of googles products but Its a buzzkill when something this awesome is announced and I cant use it for days/weeks/months after the fact, like for example I still dont have the new google bar even though its been launched for a good while now :/
Watching the video on the blog has me looking forward to it~

Now how about having cntrl+enter to post a comment without me having to use the mouse :D
Promising stuff guys! Still not enough to move my mom from Facebook to G+ - curious how will that work out in the end... :)
Is there an opt out? Love google, but I generally really hate personalized results.
Larry, why dont you integrate google+, google apps and make the big push into the social enterprise? It would be sharepoint/office 365 on steroids, and an eventual backdoor into the OS market.
Is it available on Google Apps because I don't see it ...?
How about Android 4.0 for Nexus customers Larry???? Pure Google devices....I think not.
Android is your future flagship product. You MUST end fragmentation now before it's too late.
Philosophically sound!
I hope some day 'Your World' = 'private simulated reality'.
Google "has always been about finding the best results" - and has succeeded. If I wanted Zuckerberg-style ads of "friends" popping up I'd use Facebook rather than Google. Just the facts, please! INFORMATION is what Google was about, no? Please stay w/ that!
That search looks fantastic... I look forward to using that in Ohio! Thanks Larry!
not a huge fan.. my world is way much bigger than just a small group of virtual connections.
+fouad allaoui Yes, if you have only a small group of connections, this is useless for you. But for people with lots of G+ connections, this is a very useful tool.
+Sean Abbott you can switch with one click between personalized results and search without personal content
DuckDuckGo will save us. When I read updates like this, I really think I should give it a try...
+Frank Cuenca the requests most people will query in their private network will be generic requests. Which is like limiting your search to a sub-set of data. It can be 10 connections or even 10000... in some cases yeah... maybe you'll need to remember what color is your best friend's dog :) (sarcasm).
+fouad allaoui Why these searches would be "generic"? You can search anything, besides the results will show G+results + web results, this feature is not "search you private network". I guess you misunderstood it
+Frank Cuenca Looks like you're right. It's only a "search also in G+" which will bring less than I thought.
+fouad allaoui hahaha man are you serious? why it will bring less?? It´ll bring MORE to your search results
For example if you search "Boston" it´ll bring the "normal" results + your G+ Content (public content or content shared with you, like restaurant reviews, pictures, etc)
It will be great for growing strong interaction between users on the web, like being able to point out your friens what you (and they) are interested in. Hope to see it in Italy soon!
Going towards search results and recommendations from people you know. More trusted and something what Facebook is targeting, interesting...
That is incredible!!! You are kicking competitors' asses and sending all gloomy predictions about Facebook threat directly into trash. Awesome job and profound strategy!!! And I know that is just a start!!! =)
In order to view a full personal profile and activities, should be a functions to view a particular friend (and his wife maybe) with your account of google plus, Facebook, twister, maybe... in one single place. So you can see a complete person that you know and what he did, in a timeline based ...
My only concern is that the information is not publicly available and only available to people I want to have the information. I would like to know if this feature can be disabled / opt out off if I like.
That's cool do you know when it will be available for users
+Larry Page, I was excited a little while back when it was announced that Google was doing away with the black bar at the top of their various applications to be replaced by a drop down menu from the Google logo itself. That update still hasn't reached me. Is it because of my location (AU)?
+ Larry Page I would like to be able to get rid of the ugly black bar and go back to the simple blue links.
Congratulation, thats why Google is Google.
+Paresh Behede I guess because it still need some times to roll out to your account. I am waiting for it too!
The results that I get from my friends are not relevant, and on my Macbook Pro 15", I can now only see one and a half organic search results. The rest of the space is taken up by ads, photos of friends, notices from Google and menus. Sigh.
thank God finally online , i thought you hate google+
+Larry Page +Vic Gundotra : I am not able to see this post in my stream. When I click the profile I am able to see it, but not in my stream. My stream control settings too are fine. I guess a bad bug is preventing it.
It seems tempting. I love new features on google. But still, it's going to take me some time to adjust it to my searching.
A major shot across the bow of Twitter and FB
Sounds good, but I don't go to Google to look up my world, I look for the external world. My world is around me, I search the web to Find things. Anyway, this is an upgrade.
If I want to buy a new camera, I don't care what camera my friends bought- most consumers buy crap!! I want an independent opinion from experts who have tested lots of cameras- like Consumers Reports. But this is where Facebook and Google are headed- into a world of mediocraty where people waste a lot of time and no real work gets done.
Hey Larry, how about an entertainment Chromebook? imagine a 17-20 inch screen (video and sound quality comparable to iMac's, specifically for entertainment purposes. perhaps samsung can help with this??
And in October I sent this idea on the Feedback button below! I am very happy and have 3 more great ideas for G+ social search. It would be an honor to show them! Thanks, Bruno Vasconcelos
when is this search plus expected to be introduced in india
Sort of merging Google search with Google desktop... sort of?
We all are facing a new whole era in Internet; due this we need to deeply think our time and our role in it.
Philosophy and Reasoning can deliver us the esence and forms of paths not even known today. The ACTA / SOPA laws are triggering the first war on information, and after it ends, how can we (Google) stand victorious?
We need to start making information and markets philosophy. It's not a joke, and I would love to be a part of such activity inside Google, because we need the dream that started with a paper some years ago, to keep going. Freedom and information are closely related, so we (Google) are not for a Mission anymore, we are here for a cause. That's the change we all need.
I'm in Google+ (jasarmientomx)
Also twitter:@jasarmiento09 and FB
I think its great, regardless of what others are saying. It strengthens googles' platform even more. Well done
Google Search Plus Your World is a mouthful to say or type. We need an easier name!
How do you feel about this year's CES? Do you feel that the hottest topic the Connected Home? BTW, been reading Wired for 20 years!@digitaltimes
When available in China ?
Really impressive being able to see friends who've shared items whilst searching
Como faço para apresentar uma ideia a Larry Page da Google?
Hi Larry I am a Michigan man like you. GO BLUE!
Please do this to Google Australia only Larry.
Hey Larry Page
Do something about SOPA. Google should take it's stand against this bill. Few sick people are trying to kill the freedom of Internet, Please do something. If you guys can put something on your homepage to make people aware about drawbacks of this bill then lot of people will come to know about this evil bill because atm almost 90% internet users don't even know about this bill and if you guys don't do anything then Internet won't be fun anymore.
Love the new layout , love the Google brand. I work for a large Mobile telephone network and have done for 2 years in technical support , the android handsets are the best in the marketplace. FYI I'm getting my Samsung Galaxy S11 tomorrow .I cant wait to pair it up with chrome and my Google account. What I love is how unpretentious android is (unlike another another well known brand that is followed in a quasi religious manner by sheeple) I also used to sell google products and in my spare time do a little SEO ( with considerable success) I am really looking forward to the release of Ice cream sandwich on the samsung. So keep up the great work Google.
.... and when will we enjoy it in Germany?
Oh, this search result is exactly what i don´t want. I understand the efforts against Facebook. But mixing up everything on one page makes the result not really very clear....
+Larry Page 什么时候来中国!我爱谷歌,但是我的祖国不爱谷歌。这是个悲剧
Looks like it will increase efficiency for a more productive search.
These are not improvements. Making search suck so you can compete with Facebook is a bad move.
Microsoft Bing has done it way before in collaboration with Facebook. Google has lagged behind this time. And that hampering Twitter search results is a cheapskate by Google. Come on Larry, Google can deliver better.
I for one like the update. Nothing is more pleasing to me than discovering gems that others have found and being able to contribute to that pool.
that's why i choose Google
Sorry, but it is crap. Certainly because it's intermingled with web search results. Just makes the result page less relevant. Why does Google has to jump on the 'social' bubble just because it's hot with investors but where it doesn't bring any added value? When I search with Google I'm certainly NOT interested in finding CRAP i put only myself or put online by my friends (and hey, I even have interesting friends ;)
I have been a Google fan since its inception, but today they killed the internet. How dare they presume to know what I am looking for and serve it to me like a child. One of the greatest experiences about the internet is "Discovery" and Google has taken that way. It appeals to me that I can go to the net and with due diligence discover something I did not know about previously and that perhaps someone else also did not know about. It also appeals to me that the small guy with no money can compete with the big guy in the business space. But Google is monetizing the function of search to such an extent it is no longer possible.

Today I am moving to another search tool, sorry Google you have lost your way the cycle of Wall Street "self interest" that leads to corporate destruction of great companies has begun.

I am betting people leave google in droves from here.
Not sure how you guys came up with the name for it, but SPYW (Search plus Your World) doesn't seem to be a smart choice when it comes to personalized search. It just amazes me that a company the size and reputation of Google would come up with a name like this. If it was intentional, I can't help but think "Don't be evil" is over. If it was unintentional, then you guys need to hire a specialist in branding/public image ASAP.

Name aside, I'd really prefer to keep Google+ searches and regular web searches separate. Unceremoniously force-opting everybody w/ a Google account into the new SPYW, even with giving the option of opting-out, is not what I got used to expect from Google, and I've been a fan for ever now. It makes Google look desprerate/greedy.
Awesome Feature!!! .. But I feel the UI of G+ needs a revamp... the font size needs to me shrinked... lots of open space ...Then with all this feature stuffed .. and then everybody Adieu Mark Z.
+Larry Page I feel google should give option to search personal or general. Displaying more personal things will hamper the quality of data and make people to move on for other search engine..
Re patents: Huge work would be involved to do it right world wide and in all the categories. Some patent should be kept confidential for security purpose. All the existing patents registered with the government’s world wide should be there to prevent duplication and so on. But it is a good idea subject to be accessed just by the Google members in “Google World Wide Patents” for security purpose. Means people who would like to have access to “Google World Wide Patents” should be known by Google. My partner and I invented the “perpetual Engine” that runs and runs and runs for ever without source of gas or electricity and we do not have enough cash flew to officially patent it world wide.
I think moving towards local in a deeper sense, combining the social Eco system influence makes for a interesting time over the next few years
Is google plus is favoring +1 users in the search results, thus cutting off good content websites?. I hear that thousands are protesting what appears a deviation from Fair business practices in favor of their own brand.
I just don't see how this adds value...or just another item to fancy up the current product...not impressed..
google the words CRIMINAL HISTORY, scroll bown the first page until you experience deja-vu.
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