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A next step for the self-driving car team...this video says it all.
Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive. 

We're now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves—just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go! We'll use these vehicles to test our software and learn what it will really take to bring this technology into the world. 

Learn more:
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Wow! 대단하군요! 역시 구글입니다~
The feature looks awesome! Can't wait.
+Larry Page would +Google actually develop/build the car or would yall sell the tech to an automobile manufacturer to build? Also what would the car/software cost? 
I don't want one, but I really want everyone else to have one. Is that selfless or selfish?
Wow! I spend hours on the road. This would help a lot!
(Make mine red, with a sunroof.)
+Michael Tucker I know they have the software installed on a mass produced vehicle for testing purposes but I was just curious if it would be available as an add-on from any manufacturer and if the manufacturer installs it or if Google employees will do it or if Google was gonna contract a line of vehicles specifically for Autonomous from a specific manufacturer. I know it might be way too early for answers to these questions but I'm sure they have an idea. 

Thanks for your comment. 
The future is here !!! Next step : vehicle - to - vehicle comm tech.
This is amazing !!
+Jon Haar I guess the clue would be those manufacturers who are currently producing EV's in great quantity. Renault/Nissan, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Tesla.
Chiếc này mà dùng ở Việt Nam mình thì , bị CÔNG AN phạt . xe không chính chủ lái hihihi
A Great Concept That Is Sure To Bring About Change .
Wow! This could bring a revolution in the market and can even  help in declogging the traffic (especially in India).
Very nice, I wish they would have had a shot of the vehicle making some kind of turn. On another note, Senior Citizens have all the fun :(
+Larry Page as someone who commutes over an hour a day...... I love this idea! I would buy it tomorrow actually!
Nice. Needs a bigger trunk for luggage when this replaces the smell ya later folks at the airport taxi stand. Perfect solution for older citizens who should not be driving but need to get around. Unlikely to be approved in California anytime soon.
Vee Ess
Thanks for posting....I borrow to re-share...with thanks.
Rob Ted
Way to go Google. Great innovation! Congrats +Larry Page and the rest of the Google team!
Look out world if I had a car that drove itself.... The possibilities of catching up on reading new books and writing my novel are endless. 
Awesome! A legal nightmare, but awesome nonetheless. 
Jens D.
This will change everything ;-)
Makes me remember...
Johnnycab: Hello I'm Johnnycab, where can I take you tonight?
Doug Quaid: Drive, drive!
Johnnycab: Would you please repeat the destination?
Doug Quaid: Anywhere, just go, GO!
Doug Quaid: SHIT, SHIT!
Johnnycab: Im not familiar with that address, would you please repeat the destination?
Near me Google Engineer, Steve Lacey and Game of Heroes lead designer Brian R. Wood were both killed in DUI car accidents. Self-driving cars convenient in the city, are life and death in sticks.
Okay... this is probably going to date me but did anybody else here see this and think Total Recall & Johnny Cab?!  "We hope you enjoyed the RIiiiIIiiDE, haha!".
Google can't design a search engine that respects the laws or individual's rights, but they have invented a driverless car that excels in running over pedestrians.
Fantastic method for disabled folks getting around. 
Sha Man
History in the making before our own eyes! 
Still like my car but this will have many benefits
Google, please continue to change the world. 
If this car see a crash coming, which can't be avoided and there are multiple cars involved, which one will it hit? Will it hit another car from the opposite direction instead of the child, which is running on the street?

Finaly software will decide over life or death.
Its nice to see real reactions from normal people, not jaded and cynical bloggers and click bait journalist.
I will love to do homework while driving to the campus
You guys pulled this off so Brilliantly! Amazing work! 
Sending the car to pick up my kids from school... Priceless! 
Please take up projects which help people who are denied food, water, education and freedom... these types of project will not help anyone below poverty
Early Jetsons stuck to the ground ...
Nicely done, Google. Definitely addressing a need. 
Lars M
Nice and an sweet car :) 
Wow.. Way to go Google. The world needs this.
Just love how the project starts to grow into our lives!
I advocate that we make humans driving behind the wheel, illegal.

Not only do I advocate this, but I ultimately think this is the future of transportation on roads.

The problem is of course, this technology is still expensive.

I think that maybe car insurance companies will force their costumers to add this on to their vehicles, not only that, i think that car insurance companies could pay for this technology.

The more of their customers that have this technology, the less accidents that will happen, the more money insurance companies will make.

The full effects of this technology such as the elimination of traffic, and the amount of lives it will save. Can only be seen, once everyone has this in their car.

Another cool thing, if everyone has this in their cars, you can effectively eliminate speed limits and stop signs.

You could make it so all the cars communicate to each other. Allowing a single car to know the exact location and velocity of all vehicles within a X mile radius.

Because of this, these cars could potentially safely travel at a constant 100 miles per hour.

If two cars a couple of miles away from each other, see that they are going to hit at some point. They can simply communicate, and one can decide to speed up by .2 miles, and the other can decide to slow down by .2 miles. Causing them to miss each other.

What's frustrating, is that this could be fully implemented by the end of this year, (a bit exaggerated, yes, but you get my
Point) if it was fully enforced and/or paid for fully, by the government.

Unfortunately, the government is still trying to decide whether this should even be legal or not. I hear that they plan to make it legal by 2017.

Technology is advancing far too fast for government reform to keep up. The government is acting as a bottleneck on our technological progress. When really it should be acting as an amplifier.

We need to get rid of this inefficient, bureaucracy plagued system, and replace it with something more adept at dealing with disruptive technologies.

This is going to change the taxi industry, completely, specially for women. Given the choice of a male driver or a driverless taxi, there is no  comparison. No stares, no awkward comments, no safety issues. In fact, they can call a driverless cab, put the child inside, and send him/her somewhere, like to school or to visit grandparents, the car would just head there, and remain closed for safety until it reaches its destination.

Awesome, really awesome. The reason I prefer public transportation is because I don't have to worry about driving and I can read in the way, time is too short to spend a large part of the day paying attention to the road and the traffic and stressing. I can not wait to have cars that drive on their own, I just can't, I could relax, read, maybe even take a nap as I reach my destination. They don't get sleepy in the way, they don't drive drunk (I hope =P).
I'll take one with a hydrogen fuel cell.
What a wonderful project that provides people with opportunities for people which were previously inconceivable.  If these vehicles are able to communicate with each other and live traffic, thus making our roads safer, then this would be awesome.  It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the coming years.
Well done Google Team for your innovation.
Attendons de savoir a quel prix et quel delai .... Et en attendant le kit d'Olivier PICARD devrait faire la transition
I just read an article on self-driving car from Business Insider, explains a lot doubt in my head. :)
Seriously, is anyone in Google working on OS1 like the one in the movie Her. I would prefer OS1 over this project although I admit it's quite intriguing. 
When the 911 model?
Great video and even better technology. Empowering and improving lives. 
I want it, one, bring it on!! Problem is I think Kentucky will be one of the last to adopt/accept this new technology. 
To all who wrote want one, the point is you dont need to own one, you just call it when and where you need it. This can totally change traffic and overall we need less cars, a lot less parking places and so on.
That is the real revolution in traffic.
I love this............BUT!!! A connected device is hackable - and that scares me! 
A glimpse into the future of transport .. I'd still use my motorcycle for cross country travel though 😁
I love innovation, I love Google!
Great insight to the futur of transportation here! I was wondering why the seats weren't facing each other? Is it because of security considerations?
Dann warten wir doch mal mit welcher Suchmaschine VW rausrückt...
+Larry Page Shouldn't you include steering wheel and essentials for emergency cases? or is that something that not there in your use cases? 
+Sreeram Kongeseri Maybe current drivers are not their intended target, maybe they are envisioning a future, and rightly so, where people doesn't get in those cars knowing how to drive. Right know everybody who has a car knows how to do it, but tomorrow that is just not going to be the case, if it is a taxi that is not going to be the case, if you get a children in, that is not going to be the case.
Dear Mr.Page,
I wish you grand success in this project which is likely to be most beneficial to the advanced countries of the world.
May I request you to work on creating new technologies / products which might help remove atmospheric pollutants in highly polluted countries like India and China, and, a huge canopy like thing to be spread in space for several square miles to reduce the unbearable heat in summer particularly for countries in the equatorial regions?
I hope you'd give some thought to these ideas.
+Juan Valencia  Well, if it not a steering wheel then some other emergency control has to be there, that overrides the control system. Given the Google credentials, I hope they do come up with something. 
+Albert Holk nice Points you make. So They could also build cars with servicerobots inside (Boston dynamics) They could drive autonomous and repair stuff or even they build the next Mars Rovers
Please add me to the list! Sign me up! Every time I get behind the wheel, which I must do living in southern California, I endanger others and myself. Go, Big G!!!
+Sreeram Kongeseri I don't think they will put a control system override, or give you any means of controlling the car. But I'm sure they will put something to stop it/park it and let you out, and very likely a system to call in an emergency.
+stavros daliakopoulos It's not going to be open source, I can tell you that, even if it were the logic would be too complex for we humans to understand it. But the machine learning algorithms are widely available, you just need a lot of sensors, some actuators, a very large amount of data storage and a ridiculously huge amount of processing power and you can get your own car driving program.
I feel lucky to be alive during the time when Jetsons is not so fictional anymore.
Wow, this is great for commutes, pickup my kids from school etc. Can't wait for the day vehicles like this are generally available!
That's the most awesome innovation...
Excellent work Google, keep it up and get it out to the masses. Hopefully this tech will one day eliminate all road deaths. 
Inside our french mooc "pensée design", I study an Android concept vehicle based on its values (less buttons, personalisation, frienship tool, electric object etc...) wathever it has 2 or 4 wheels.
 In a collaborative work, with my friends (others students), we have generate a giant brainstorming that give us an incredible flow of new ideas, concepts about mobility.
Your last publication is not going to limitate us in ours exanges!
Great work!
After the Google car "classic", this one please me a lot, seeing another time the blind man smiling because he can move as us!
Keep on going!
Abhi Ak
This gonna be the future B|
Sorry beginner question here, How do you tell the car where to go? Esp if you dont have the final destination in mind, and you are just California Cruzzin?
Who will have to have driving license? Legality? 
Wow. And a little bit scary to "drive" in that car the first couple of times probably.
Je veux la même pour rentrer de boite ^^
How much are you guys going to lobby Congress to force us to us this POS?
...and this technology will of course power cyborg soldiers, enabling them to navigate terrain on their own without colliding with obstacles.... :-)
+Kojiro Kamex Just capital gains. My problem is with a lot of the future ideas of people being out of the driver seat. I read all the " wonderful" have of us out of the control. I am a driver and would never want a toaster on wheels carting me around. It is a great idea for people who has a handy cap, but a lot of the large companies like Google, lobby the Hill to get their products forced on everyone. Ignore conspiracy guys like the one you rightfully snarked.
The new comfortable public transport, avoid pollution and traffic jam, door-to-door delivery - wonderful. You do not need to possess one of them. It is the future. Great new business. Congratulations!
Good...but.................................................................................need to improve about alternative plan to control safety for Car.
Who is responsible if your google car gets in an accident?
Keep it.
This society has become so lazy that not only are we to busy to pick up the cell phone (Google Glass), now we're to lazy to operate the cars we developed. Not to mention, we are putting waaay too much into computers to do for us.
This is a bad idea and I hope for failure with it. 
Is it possible that within a few years, we may not be driving some of the cars on the roads?
Insurance market landscape will have to adjust. Legal structure also. this is also good news for individuals with disabilities that exclude them from driving. Just awesome Google
Dave B
+Kamau Nwabudike You're either trolling or you really haven't even thought about this concept. For like a second.
What happens when people decide to steal the neat looking gizmo on top?  Just curious, I want in on this test now!
There must be some sort of emergency break that can be used incase of a malfunction. 
WOW!! it's AMAZING!!!!!!
+Dave B I have found it amazing that if a person doesn't kiss the ass of the post, they are labeled trolling.
Well, call it what you will, but I speak my mind, and this is just pure laziness. Now people are too lazy to operate the cars they developed. Now they want computers to do it for them, just like they are to lazy to pick up a cell phone (now they have Google Glass so it's right in front of you all the time).
Sorry, but I'd rather make my own decisions when driving. Sooner or later, that car will come across a situation that it can't process, and I can only pray it won't cost someone their life. 
Here we go again Google leading the way!
there are some challenges for spontaneous stops and human ideas of going around, but let's see..
Does it have a manual option to drive as well? As occasionally I would want to drive, sometimes just using the auto drive to catch up on work or sleep would be awesome though. 
I am very excited by this. From a safety point of view and being a geek, I understand the redundancy of systems to prevent fail and the precision involved in the sensors' ability to monitor more than we could focus on at any given moment and I also know the numbers from the results testing these, that show accidents will drop dramatically, maybe nearly altogether. What is the most frustrating about this is America's short sighted focus on things like liability. Even though these cars would save countless lives not to mention make all that horrible commute time turn into productive time but the naysayers will all focus on liability. I would be willing to work on a team building the redundant, rigorously tested systems and claim liability myself if these were a reality.
+Larry Page wow super, il reste seulement à le commercialiser :). Maintenant il reste seulement à acheter Tesla avant Apple et l'installer. This is the future, This is Google.
"Heh heh heh." Yup
As soon as this tech is more widely available will see the arrival of the flying car propper. Again I hope this has a manual flying option too.
What if it suddenly broke down in the middle of the street..?
Those of us in the taxi industry must adapt... Soon... 
Self-driving cars would be great, but only if other cars would be self-driven. If not, a jerk would still hit it (if the idea is about safety).
Please license the autonomous vehicle system to car manufacturers.
+Cláudio Bastos  It would be nice not having to worry anymore about driving! And about raining days? Does it works too?
Google now planning cars? Though it would be limited to the web and mobile the effect of over-money.....
+Sumit INGLE now? They have been doing this for years. Volvo and Toyota believe they will have a "self driving" car in market by 2017.
This would be a good solution for those distracted commuters. However I prefer to drive myself.
Where is the beta testing sheet? I need to put my name on it. 
Magnificent idea, hat, Just for Google, I have "déssiné" a vision of Google transport (fan) On my page google+ ;)
Imagine this kind of technology modified to help blind people get around quicker.  Or for helping people with disabilities that can't drive on their own to get around more and have more independence.
This came from google of course the most valuable brand.
+Larry Page  , What else is getting ready in the Google's secret X labs... ?? :D    ..... Too curious to get a sneak peak ...

Kudos to all the innovative brains there at google...

Can we soon expect a completely self aware ATLAS with movements matching the humans?
Great idea to counter the threat feeling people get by making it look all cute (the car, the Google logo etc.). 
When you consider the boomers, and all people who eventually grow old and lose their drivers license, this makes a lot more sense. It's a Ford level revolution if it can be mass-driven.
Just don't teach the car to cut people off and I wouldn't mind. 
awesome Google, you just superb.....
scary more loss of freedom....
Looking forward to having a breakfast while "driving" to work
Would he(It) have a Google car the moon or in March in street view function(office) for hearth Google? (futur)
Actually, I wish we had these out here in the wilds of Washington state. I have workers' compensation clients (injured workers) who can't drive, but live out in Forks (which, for anyone who's been living underground for the past 10 years, is in the middle of nowhere, and apparently has vampires). Many of the medical specialist they need to see are in Seattle. If they can't drive, this directly impacts their ability to recovery. We have transportation services, but those take quite a bit of coordination, money, and add greatly to the travel time because the drivers have several stops to make. A couple of these out in Clallam County would be AWESOME!
This looks awesome! I'm looking forward to the day when people driven vehicles are banned. Passengers: can relax more - as the driver is not distracted. Pedestrians can rejoice as the cars will take care and obey the rules. With this the earth will become a better place.
I for one can't wait. I know there will be kinks getting it done right but once it is we can focus on getting to the destination relaxed instead of worrying about getting their alive. 
haha, this is classic, the technology with this picture seems to be pointed for asians to be the specified users.
why do you say that? maybe theirs no plans to sale it to blacks and mexicans. only folksin video were white and i think if we gon bring race into the picture i wanna git my 2 cents in too.
Driving is a fantastic experience. Everyone should know how to drive. I guess for those who are less than capable, this is an alternative mode for transportation, and a "fun" experiment in motion detection and mapping.  Great job Google, but, driving is about as cool as it gets.  Please, I will drive, Google, sit in the back seat.
Though I like to drive fast from time to time, because the excitement and the thrill of it, I realise that these cars are way more efficiently in modern transport.

I compare them to bits in a computer: efficiently guided through the architecture, high speeds and efficiency are reachable. 
I love the technology and the basic approach of a car without controls.  I anticipate that this concept would work well and could be rapidly adopted in controlled environments where only self-driving vehicles would be allowed (large industrial plants, amusement/safari parks, traffic-restricted urban cores, corporate campuses, etc.).  In the Urban core environment, the city could contract with companies to make fleets of autonomous vehicles (with mutually compatible systems) available for hire.  These vehicles could be requisitioned per phone app and meet the user at transit stations and/or commuter parking structures.  This could ensure high per vehicle utilization and minimize staging/parking issues 

For the wide open road, there are multiple problems with this concept:  1) minimal impact protection from driver-controlled vehicles, 2) limited speed, 3) limited passenger capacity, 4) limited cargo space, etc.  Most of these can be overcome, but the apparent lacking crash-worthiness of this concept is a killer in a mixed traffic environment.    

I do not want to reach a point where I do not have an option to self-drive my vehicle on the open road, but have little problem with mandatory autonomous control in urban environments
Amazing, just amazing. Great job Google. I would buy this in a heartbeat. 
Driving is passion form me, if this come true in real roads ... still i prefer to drive... :D ... Impressive tech. for disabled.... Google Please try somthing NEW. Really NEW. :) ...
Really cool but the design is???? Why sit forward? 
I this smells like change is in the air. But how afforatabel will this new tech be?

Will it require a whole new car?

I am behind Google on this. Totally support their efforts.
And aplaud their drive. 
* Wow!!!!!!! This entire scheme is so unbeliavable and fantastic... that it just begs to be accepted... it is PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!
Taxi drivers realy need to rethink their business models. 
Google best company ever. 😱😍 can't wait to see this in the streets.
good job .... can't wait to see real car (i think with co-operation with some car maker)
It would be perfect if it were like cruise control in that you could turn it on and off and take over when you want to drive.
i love it so much. I want one.  it would completely change my life.
OK..I want one. I would love to go to sleep or read a book and look up and be there. Awesome!
Great, now let's deal with public transit too. How about self-driving city buses? 
H.G. B.
| this is nice. will help people unable to drive properly drive better and save many lives along that road. 
Kevin N
ok, ill buy it for 10 mil
Here in Parma, Italy, home of prosciutto and parmesan cheese we have vislab laboratories and self driving car are around us from years, surrounded of good food. Make a collaboration! 
I sincerely hope you target the "senior citizen" market with these autonomous cars... because I'd much rather have HAL driving than someone whose daily regimen of drugs consists 99% of medications where the box clearly states "DO NOT OPERATE MACHINERY".
Didn't Nissan promise to introduce a self driving car by 2020? It would be great to have a Google/Nissan car on the road soon...
Great technology. The car style... Welp. Please hire a designer.
Thank you Larry to help us dream with such achievement. You have solve the equation Public/Private transportation. Taxi for small communities or commuting in large airport from terminal to terminal in transit. Elderlies and handicapped the future of our aging population will be the first to thank you. Let me dream farther,  why combining these car with aerial roller-coasters highways network as rail-cars to reach higher speed, extend range, in total security. Definitely its a gret day today.
fabulous example of <dream big> <do it right> <delight everyone> <giant mile for humankind>
When this will suppose to avaliale for test drive
Great car for the elderly and handicapped, but for those of us who love to drive, not for me.  I would not want one unless I lost my physical ability to drive. 
Great technology breakthrough ... Congrats! Can't wait to see more around on a daily basis ... What is the speed limit of these cars?
Wow! Algunos tenían cara de terror jejeje, yo pondría la misma cara
Awesome! And that's a cute car indeed. 
I love the idea of my car being my personal full-time chauffeur. Can't wait for this to come to Los Angeles! 
+Larry Page what was the car's reaction when it first saw itself in a mirror (or large-plate glass window)?
This is exactly world needs to reduce auto foot print and pollution..a vehicle to take you from  point  a to b and back to a. I will keep my monster SUV for gilt pleasure.
I ran into a cement pole yesterday, when can I get one??
Bob L
Would like to see some real-life scenarios, though,not on a closed course. What does it do when some jay-walker cuts out without looking? How would it pull over for emergency vehicles?
Think Disney World will be crawling with these soon. Wait! Larry, How about Google World?
Nice MEANWHILE your customer support is THE WORST We have google apps and need to find our googleapps PIN to trouble shoot why a new employee email isn't sending and phone is the WORST EVER  I dare you to assist me we're in deep panic right now and support if WORTHLESS we have ideas for that BTW but come on... HELP!
I need this in my daily commute right now!
If the ai screws up, and there isn't any form of manual handling, how is this car gonna help reduce safety issues? 
You can push from behind. It is just the right size. What gear though?
The future has never been so present! Way to go! Keep on innovating!
Maybe I like to drive. Maybe I don't want to be seen in your stupid looking car. This stupid thing makes the Smart Car almost look cool.
Awesome. Humans are too stupid to be allowed to drive. Look at all the idiots who drive drunk, or high, or dws (driving while stupid). And then think of the advantages: reading a paper, taking a nap, talking with your wife, or flashing the other people on the road. It is too awesome. On the other hand, you will pry my stick-shift out of my cold dead hands.
Ha-ha. Not a single person has a single negative thing to say about the car or the project? Yeah right that sounds just like a normal test drive and not a commercial ;)  
Brilliant, no more crashes or drunk driving incidences
Dave B
+Kamau Nwabudike you genuinely think it's only about being lazy? I don't believe you. You can't possibly be that dim.
It is amazing and helpful but will it work successfully in over crowded areas where quick responses are required eg. you are in a jam and the traffic starts to move the car will too but if a two wheeler cuts you off with not enough space would the vehicle sense it immediately? But I wish the developers and researchers all the best, you guys are making a difference in the world  :) 
It's smartly enough to change the world . Amazing work Done !!!!
Being that I don't want to get a driver's license, I've been waiting on this stuff since forever long ago. It'll be awesome to finally have fully-autonomous/self-driving cars.
Hi dear Larry ,we as a citizens are in the process of sharing thoughts for developing the new capital of bifurcated andhrapradesh,we wish we could develop a new generation city in which technology had a great part in our vision,so please guide us to build our city with the technologies like google,s driver friendly car's and road infrastructure guidance to achieve our combined goals of implementing technovations in our life's,please guide our andhrapradesh government in possible way,so that we can develop a google techno enabled city ,thanking for innovative google
I'm thinking this would be great for Christmas Shopping, where you can't find parking space. Just have the car drop you off and let it text you its eventual parking location. I wouldn't tax it AI by taking it out on Halloween, though. No idea how it will cope with cute monsters, fairies, and walking cookie jars.

... but still nothing is better than driving a car.
Pavan P
O Google you are awesome
its great but you really need to modify some aspects
Nano model.. Did google applied for a patent to Tata for the design
How come you have a patent for the self driving taxi company in the usa? I always thought of you a s a creative role model who wanted to change the world towards a better place.

Why not  leaving the competition open?  I really loved +Jonathan Rosenberg's blog entry in which you ask for openness. This inspired me in my PhD program a lot to make everything open. 

I was so keen when you announced the self driving car as it was my childhood dream to have self driving cars in the world. (Visiting the United states in 2001 I learnt programming in high school and in my book I drafted my own first class Schema for a self driving car.)

After you announced the self driving car I was keen to build up the taxi company. Contributing to the progress in transportation and logistics and helping the process of automation.

There is many criticism against Google but after your recent TED talk I thought "Larry is really the guy who doesn't care for money but wants to make progress to the world!" Before I often wondered why you didn't take part in Bill Gates giving pledge. But I realized that you needed your capital for building stuff like the car or glasses. I thought that this is also an amazing way to change the world towards a better place.

In the talk you mentioned shared economy and too many cars in LA. I thought great this is exactly where the taxi company comes in and I was happy to realize that you already seem to have the same ideas. I even expected Google to create a taxi company. Anyway please give the self driving car to the world and don't own all the applications of it. Please build open systems and give people the chance to contribute to the ecosystem around the self driving car.
Closed systems will slow down the progress as you say yourself in the above mentioned blog article.

For archiving reasons you can read the same answer on my blog:
I have been trying to contact Google head office for 3 days... I have been on hold - long distance charges - for over 1 hour.. and still nobody answers.. this is my only way to contact anyone there.. there is a serious security breech with Gmail... they need to know about it.. but nobody is caring enough to answer the phone about it... PLEASE... someone read this and help me contact the head office... to talk to a PERSON... no web help will do it... no requests via email will do it... only a PERSON at the head office will do.. but that seems impossible so far..
It surely puts the auto in AUTOmobile.
My wife and I have an EXCELLENT idea to enhance emails. It would be a GREAT addition to Google mail. The idea is super AWESOME!!!
Sven S.
Will it blend?
will it follow Isaac Asimov's three law of robotics?
+René Pickhardt very well written piece. However, I don't think the solution to the problem is automated taxi. I am thinking the solution is arcology, where the scale of town is condensed so that everything is within walking distance. Segway, then, is the answer. Sometimes, high tech is the wrong tool for the problem.

If cities would cooperate, we can have virtual rail, which is something like line following robot. The addition of dedicated lanes would make it much simpler to implement. This technology has been successfully implemented in warehouses. Scaling it up to transportation would be easier than trying to parse the world.

I think Google car is an excellent piece of technology, and I'm glad it exists. But there are cheaper, easier alternatives to the problem.
Driverless cars are awesome and will undoubtedly contribute to the safety for all drivers once there is full buy in, but where is a Google doodle, a mention or an anything regarding the passing of Maya Angelou?  I find that dissappointing.  She was an international figure for peace.  What about her?
Can't wait to purchase one. Hope the price is reasonable when released. Love Google products. 
i need this car now.caz i cannot pass my driving test in uk.its very expensive.its my consumer behaviour.
Sounds like the "Jetson" era is near. But. It scary that folks allow more and more for machines to do for them. To be a good driver means YOU have to use your mind and body. No goofing around. Takin responsible for ones own actions. Then feeling good about oneself for accomplishing a task. We humans are loosing just that. That good feeling the WE did something. We controlled our bodies, focused and reacted. HUMAN Power. Machines are ok just as long as we are "driving" them. 
Talk about a disruptive technology. No need for parking. No need for owning a car. Low cost taxi service. Incredible. 
This could be the end of the soccer mom as we know it. How many parents drive their kids to school because it's too far to walk.

As a self employed contractor, I've thought that I could get all of my paper work done driving to and from job sites if I had a self driving TRUCK. 
As My Uncle used to say even if you or your car is not stupid on the road, there are enough stupid people driving that can hurt you! 
¡nuevamente me sorprendes Google! Thank you Larry, you're spending your millions in a good direction. :D
Potentially a big win against airborne infectious disease transmission: a public fleet of self-driving transport pods would be so much better than public busses and subways in that regard. I'd feel a lot more relaxed on my daily commute without with constant concern that someone with a cold or the flu, or even tuberculosis, might cough or sneeze in my face.
Proud to be part of the company that's changing the world. Go google go!
is it coming to australia in the future? i want one, but how will we know if we can drive it and how old (not just age wise, also as in do we need a licence to drive it?) we have to be to drive it. by drive, since it is a self-driving car, i mean operate. would we still have to learn all the road rules and what not as if we are getting a licence when we drive/operate this car? 
Dave W
Wow!!! I totally want one!
Car mayhem can be stopped by eliminating people with careless or violent tendencies from driving. Driverless cars are the answer.
More time to stay online. Great!
Cool! So we can be more productive on the highway :-) and even get more sleep :-)
Keep it up Google!
Wonderful .Congratulations to one of the great dreams of technology and perfect automation.
Want some more challenge?
Try this car at Cairo.
bring that car to the streets of kampala......
Thanks Google for doing a better world, from Canary Islands ;-))
i feel really stupid but I never thought how it would affect disabled people or blind people. you could also use this for schoolbuses and the like and get a whole group of people into town and back to home who cannot leave their home now so easily. impressed!
Amazing, I love you, google
I was just thinking together with my partner on this idea, the other day.
 Right now we are wasting so much resources and time in using and supporting this chaotic style of transportation that we have today. Is enough to go on the highway and to  understand right away this fact. We aren't able to be compassionate and attentive to the others, while we move around. People are so self centered that it is impossible to trust them in respecting the law and the transport regulations.Then, only to make things worse, we have and produce cars that could go way past the speed limit without any rational reason.
The idea proposed by Google in this research might be a faster answer to this huge transportation problem, than to wait for the people to raise their conscience to the level necessary for the transportation liberties they have. 
Can Google make each car a mobile node in a Mesh Network Architecture for IoT...perhaps as an IoT propagator node?
I see better public transportation from this rather than millions of personal vehicles.
Dear lary, 
please, please help me, to find a solution, how can I get my delated emails back from gmail!!! I need only the email from October till November 2012 please... my gmail account is: please help...
Awesome! This is an amazing opportunity to completely reinvent what the interior space of a car can be! Conference room, bedroom, lounge, you name it! 
This is incredible, I hate driving everyday.
It's awesome!
I was always a fan of Google for whatever it did but today I am just feeling so happy and shocked 
e fantastico guidare senza tenere le mani sull ,volante
uber impressive, particularly that this was done by a Google and not an automotive giant.  It is a stunning example of how innovation can survive without being stifled by warped corporate agendas and strategic dependencies. 
Barry, I would bet that this is part of Google's corporate agenda and strategy.
Its great, it gives the rider everything but a sense of control
I think the empowering aspect for the elderly and for people with disabilities is wonderful.
Out of everything Google is doing or has tried, this is the best thing you guys have ever done. Really amazing and beneficial to so many people. 
There was a time where strength ruled, a time where information ruled, noways honestly code and systems control rules( fair to say that is still just information) but, Hack your car, gain control and enjoy the ride.
H zin
I'm very excited
This is awesome, thanks Google. I can't wait for it to become commercially available. 
So amazing!!  Lovely video, I really enjoyed seeing the reaction of these people!
If these car sell on market, I would buy it
totally revolutionary !
I received an actual reply from a real Google software engineer to my complaint that a driverless car might be dangerous.... He said "when was the last time a search engine drove over a pedestrian?"  He wasn't kidding.  I think this illustrates the severity of the problem.
If my blind Dad had this ..well ... he would never stay 90 yrs young he would be so Happy..!
All I need is a manual break leaver in my hand & I am ready to go :D
Hello Larry, I'm really inspired about the google self-driving car. Hope you will have success with it worldwide. I can't await to see it in Germany in few years. And I also hope that g+ will rise like a star. I'm pissed of about Facebook and now I will start something new for my business with G+.
Maybe you have some time to visit my profile or my site ;)
Larry Or Mr Page Sir, I am Very Interested in the GeoImmersive Data Producer Job that's seems unfilled here on the Outer Banks NC - I'm from Duck North Carolina and would Love to Have the chance to Be one of your Data Producers Here, I Have a Clean Licence and Know this area like the back of my hand- I would Be Honored to be Chosen. Please - The Most Eastern Shore of NC is amazing and Deserves a Google Car and I would Love to be the Driver~Yours Truly  Christopher Thibodeau 
Think about the applications for this process this could even replace an emergency vehicles.
This is most overrated nonsens 100 years before its time. But why not. The world needs silicon valley gimmicks rather than substancial development. So it seems. 
Google has the intellectual and fiscal resources to enter into areas of exploration that few, if anyone else can. Those making policy and determining what to go for, seem to take their responsibilities to go where others simply cannot. Go Google!
hopefully the software + hardware can be built on any car... 
Hi Larry! How are you? Hope you're doing fine! Larry, I have called A LOT of times to customer service of LA, but no one answers :( i have a GREAT idea for an improvement to the Android os, and I need it to be known! But it is really hard to contact you guys :/ I''m from Monterrey, México, and i spent A LOT of money just hearing your phone recordings :/ can you tell me an e-mail adress so i can tell you guys my idea? You won't be disappointed, I promise! Have a nice day!
It would not be controllable in real time. :)
Such a massive amount of trust is required for this to really take.
Driving tires me so much i would like such a car.
Fantastic for people who are old n sick.... a blessing for old people to be driven around
+Roshawn Terrell In the UK we have a scientist Member of Parliament. One. Out of 649 MPs. What does that tell us? 
+John Thomas

It tells us that we either need to change them (which I don't see happening anytime soon). Or we need to get rid of them (which I also don't see happening anytime soon).

I vote for corporate dictatorship ran by google.
Google has done it again. Great job.
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Quelqu'un pourrait-il dire aux taxis, et à Montebourg, que dans 5 ans il n'y aura plus de chauffeur dans les taxis ?
I like the idea. How does it perform in a crash test? It seems very light and small. 
Wow. I can feel lot of emotional fun. Great
Fun... until the government tells your little Google-drive car to "autonomously" ride your ass to the interment camp, do not pass "Go" - do not collect $200.
Cannot wait to use one.  
Now if google had a Map that actually worked, with all businesses having a google page (by having a groupon type ground campaign), then we can use Google cars to drive places! :-)
By the way MS has realized what a gold mine Maps can be, and they just made a deal with Yelp for (which I do not like) incorporating their rating.
My question as always... what happens if the car has a catastrophic power failure? My 2004 car with it's power everything had a ECM failure and it was a major chore to get pulled over safely. How do you propose to ensure safety in a car with no manual controls? For people who can't drive, I'm all for a tiered driving license program. Non drivers should be regulated to only driving during the day at low speeds in the right lane only.
Hi Larry, I am an Italian guy and I have a patent to propose to google for smartphones .... but it 's possible that you can not talk to anyone about google in Europe everyone is asleep!!! 
It 'a single patent, please contact me. 

very nice! as long as the GPS works, can bring passenger to the correct direction, better than a angry taxi driver and bad driver, exhaust employees etc. Wish you guys get the actual type asap. keep up the surprise. 
Pleeeeeaaaaaase can i have this..
So i don't worry about fall to sleep  while driving any more.
Vivek C
No words... Just amazing.. I will be glad to experience this... Especially not sure how I feel a moving car without a driver.
Beautiful drive!
My dream is to see google take all Jacque fresco's the god of all things future mock ups, ideas and make them happen. Someone should and if someone can its google.
New electric exhaust with multiple high performance car sounds & volume control. Seeks investors. Technology an investor can drive with.
This would be great if it were reliable.  However, since I've enjoyed ~30 days of my 20 months of Nexus 7 ownership and lots of stress in trying to charge it, I truly hold no hope on anything google produces.  My request to customer service  for assistance after 3 days of ownership was met with a suggestion to return it to the store I purchased it from.  This should have been a hint!! Got a new one and it's not more than a paperweight and it seems to be a design problem from the multiple blog complaints
I still love big cars that are cheaper than the latest achievements. This car is really only for the elderly, because young people prefer big and fast cars.
larry how can i make contac whit you guys? i have a project that would love to show you, its about a modern mobile living device, like a futuristic tent, nasa did something like it, i have some sketch and autocad plans, my email is
I would love to work with Google on these projects. Amazing. I will try my dream come true someday and developing electronic systems work, as he did before.
In future there would be new ways If we could replace every automobile with self driving concepts. They will communicate with each other. Will handle the traffic by own. And so on. Exciting:
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