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Dear Google users—

You may be aware of press reports alleging that Internet companies have joined a secret U.S. government program called PRISM to give the National Security Agency direct access to our servers. As Google’s CEO and Chief Legal Officer, we wanted you to have the facts.

First, we have not joined any program that would give the U.S. government—or any other government—direct access to our servers. Indeed, the U.S. government does not have direct access or a “back door” to the information stored in our data centers. We had not heard of a program called PRISM until yesterday.

Second, we provide user data to governments only in accordance with the law. Our legal team reviews each and every request, and frequently pushes back when requests are overly broad or don’t follow the correct process. Press reports that suggest that Google is providing open-ended access to our users’ data are false, period. Until this week’s reports, we had never heard of the broad type of order that Verizon received—an order that appears to have required them to hand over millions of users’ call records. We were very surprised to learn that such broad orders exist. Any suggestion that Google is disclosing information about our users’ Internet activity on such a scale is completely false. 

Finally, this episode confirms what we have long believed—there needs to be a more transparent approach. Google has worked hard, within the confines of the current laws, to be open about the data requests we receive. We post this information on our Transparency Report whenever possible. We were the first company to do this. And, of course, we understand that the U.S. and other governments need to take action to protect their citizens’ safety—including sometimes by using surveillance. But the level of secrecy around the current legal procedures undermines the freedoms we all cherish.

Posted by Larry Page, CEO and David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer
Dear Google users— You may be aware of press reports alleging that Internet companies have joined a secret U.S. government program called PRISM to give the National Security Agency direct access to our servers. As Google’s CE...
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Ken Stox
Are you providing this data to ANYONE who could, in turn, be providing it to the Government?
Glad to know. Do your technologies which we all use make information sharing by and from 3rd parties to secret information vaults more prevalent?

Take DoubleClick for e.g. What keeps a 3rd party user from striking a deal with X Gov to share the data about user behaviour to that X Gov programme.

Do your partnership and normal contracts include clauses that prohibit re-selling or giving away of information (to illegal organisations/programmes) obtained from your tech platforms? 

Keep fighting for more transparency. Thanks.
Is this an episode of the X files. The truth is out there.
+Larry Page Thank you for the clarification and for all your tireless efforts.
"... only in accordance with the law." When the laws are very unethical, civil disobedience is the only non-evil thing to do.

"But the level of secrecy around the current legal procedures undermines the freedoms we all cherish." What are your plans to help fight the good fight?

"You may be aware of press reports" Why don't you link to Greenwald's original reporting, for the sake of transparency?
I want to believe this, but I can't. The leak specifically mentioned protecting each of the companies involved from public acknowledgment of the program. And, lo and behold, every single company involved has denied ever hearing of PRISM.

The moment a trustworthy alternative to the big Silicon Valley corporations comes along, I'm gone.
What about providing data to nongovernment orgs, Larry?
Glad to see the feedback from the top of Google so swiftly. Larry, most of us appreciate the ways Google tries to be Good. :-) 
I trust u Larry... and I love Google.
Maybe the government should have "DON'T BE EVIL" as part of their organizational culture.
Does not provide "direct" access does not mean there is not access
I think people forget sometimes what Larry is basically saying here - that as much as a company pushes back against unreasonable requests, they ultimately have to follow the law. If the law is unjust, blame the lawmakers who wrote the law (Congress), not those who abide by it.
Thanks for the clarification Larry. Input from Google is of vital importance. Many news articles out there are claiming that you guys are openly giving away data to the government.
having easy to use wiretapping interfaces for governement agencies id say... how do you know?, might wanna check your uplink, just sayin...
It is the only company so far that has been given the task of reporting that is not involved in PRISMA, that's good so far. But we can not say the same with Facebook, Mricrosotf, and others who have not said anything about it.
so i guess  then the government is lying? either way this is pretty unsettling....
If people think this is false. Find a private lawyer not doing government cases and sue them for falsely representing their privacy policy. The world is not one giant conspiracy theory. The government doesn't care enough about how many girls your sleeping with to track your phone calls or user data.

For that matter they have this device called a Tinfoil Hat. It will protect you from alien intrusion and Government cryptography! I'll even sell you one for $500!!
So one read out of this is that it is another instance of the press obtaining technical information, not understanding the subtleties and then misreporting what they think they understand. 
Soon U.S. will be the great Cuba. Everything controlled and manipulated by the government. 
+Larry Page  I have always been of the opinion that many tech companies are much more trustworthy than any government and I really like how you are personally responding while the governments hide behind their police and military power.
However I find it hard to believe that such a bold statement can really be made. Of course you can guarantee that Google's upper management hasn't been involved but we all know the NSA isn't full of idiots and it only needs a few lines of code or a single agent at the right place and there will be a back door.
Google may be able to shut out Chinese hackers but everyone knows you guys and the NSA are hiring from the exact same pool of world class university students.
Can you really guarantee there is not a single hard core right wing Googler that gets double payment?
In a world where a government doesn't strongly condemn such blatant attacks on users rights and the president argues how things aren't that bad as long as they are only spying on non-US persons no one can guarantee this and as much as I do trust your motives I can't see you or anyone at your company having the power to enforce such claims.
Amit Bhor
+Larry Page So, is there any indirect access given or turned a blind eye towards? As a non US citizen and a pro-Google netizen, I am really concerned.
Good to know. I have been trusting Google with my information and hope that Google continue to do good job in this regard
With access to every packet of data that flows through the major ISP's, accessing Google's servers would be sort of redundant (not that the government doesn't love redundancy).
+Larry Page Assuming this is true, how can we verify this in a transparent unbiased manner and more importantly what is there to prevent Google won't receive such a broad order, like the one Verizon got, in the future? 
Honestly, the transparency report only provides very basic aggregated information. Without giving the requestor and the nature of the information being sought, it's not very useful as a way to ensure transparency.
Thanks for speaking up on this and for being the company you guys are.
Good thing I never use any of Google services for private issues. G+ for me is not much more then an advanced RSS feed to get the latest news and watch cat pics.
I agree Google does not provide a backdoor link to the US government it actually gives then a front door link to user data with a red carpet too.
And just a few days the US was crying foul for having its secrets stolen by Chinese hackers LOL I guess now they know karma is a bitch.
Yeah, +Ken Stoltz, I've always perceived it as a rather flimsy bone to throw with claims of transparency. The only metric that can be gleaned from it is the tenacity of government surveillance requests.
Neil J
As much as I woild love to believe this 100%, the very careful (oblique) language used in this post leaves me suspicious. Added to this i am surprised there people out there still nieve enough to believe all our governments do not use data mining from any and all social networks to "protect"us from that month's bogeyman.... 
Note that under terms of National Security Letter they cannot even acknowledge they got one. The only real way to deal with this issue is to use services that provide encryption.
Have you considered moving the company to a country where they do not monitor you? I would appreciate if my data is not audited by the U.S. government.

It seems that the right of private data in the United States is highly restricted.
I always hope this matter never took place in any serious IT company around the world... Thanks for enlighten us Larry...
"First, we have not joined any program that would give the U.S. government—or any other government—direct access to our servers. "

Does this include access to any network attached device onsite in a Google location, or having access to network data flow of Google applications?
Great initiative to get 'in front' of this quickly. I commend Google and its officers, including +Larry Page for their diligence and being a champion for users' privacy.

Thank you!
Alain Zarinelli
Mondamin, Iowa.
I believe Larry! Thanks for the quick update.
Google needs to keep our trust so they are wise to stay out of it. For my part, I will trust them with my information until they prove otherwise.
+Gloria Rhea Grante  Ah, I am not afraid of the NSA ;)  I am already a PITA to them, because I use Boxcryptor for anything important I store in my Google Drive. May not thwart their efforts, but will make them work for it ;). Also use WICKR instead of iMessage, and PGP for email :)
+Larry Page , many people say I'm a fool to use your services, and let you have so much information about me. I'm going to hear a lot of "I told you so"s in the coming days, I expect.

The reason I still use your services, is that I know a few people working for Google, and I feel confident - very confident, for some of them! - that if Google started abusing the data like NSA does, they would blow the whistle instantly and leave your company. Google is not the NSA, your employees don't take vows of utmost secrecy or unquestioning loyalty, and they aren't going to be thrown in prison for disobedience - at worst they'd lose their jobs, I guess. (It probably helps that NSA vacuums up all the math grads willing to sell their souls this way, leaving Silicon Valley with the more honest ones!). Not that there aren't concerns with trusting a private corporation with all this, but compared to government, you're a haven of transparency and integrity.

But my trust can only be as strong as your willingness to fight this sort of thing. If it is true that you did not know about PRISM, then you should treat this more or less like you did the Chinese spying on dissidents' GMail accounts - a hostile intrusion.

Find out how they got access to your data, tell us, and plug it. And stand up to them, be willing to confront them and defy them like you did in China. Right now is a great time to do it, since any retributive action against you will be adding fuel to the fire.
Well I don't trust anyone Mr. Page, not even Google.Time to start using RSA to encrypt my mails. Sadly it will take forever to get my friends to all play along.
Not that I don't value Google, I do, but I have been using a privately hosted server for sensitive communications since the 90s for this very reason.
+Larry Page I highly suggest you reconsider Eric Schmidt's participation in your company, after THE NEW DIGITAL AGE. He's obviously of a different mindset. I haven't read anything so scary since Project for a New American Century
+vladislav Ivanov  Took me less than 2 months to get the people who want to communicate with me to use PGP and Wickr. It's simple - you want to communcite with me, you use my terms, or we do not communicate via this service...
I appreciate the letter, but the wording still leaves me with a mountain of questions. It's very carefully worded, and given the right legal wrangling, has plenty of holes to drive data through.

I want the answer to this:

Can my data be accessed by anyone outside of Google without my explicit permission or a warrant/NSL, directly or indirectly (that is, via proxy, manual hand-over, or any other mechanism)?

I am not worried about my data being read, I am worried about it being obtained in an unconstitutional manner.
You plead for transparency, nice. How many fed "trainees"  have you got?
ya how infiltrated are you that some employee isn't just handing copies over anyhow....
Its funny how people that are so paranoid about having their internet activities monitored by evil agencies love to discuss the subject... on the internet.
If these people were ever actually under the shadow of a paranoid govenment they'd realise how ironic that is.
But isn't Google one of the big donators to Obamas reelection? Conflict of interest IMO. 
+Jonathan Neufeld is it another company that host your server privately? If so, how certain are you no third party (government or otherwise) gets a hold of the data they privately host?
Well you heard the boss, everything is fine. 
I would be best for us and for Google if they started thinking about ways to become disentangled from the US government. Google already has datacentres around the world so it shouldn't be that hard to become a non-US player in registration, name and physical entity. It would make life a lot easier for most of your clients, especcially those in the parts of the world with growing economies.
paranoid means scared im not scared im pissed off ...big difference , its like some sicko peering in my window ....

i feel like i should wipe out my part and wave it around so you get a good view ya sickos...
This is why Verizon didn't get the nexus 4
Government transparency... best use of an oxymoron :-(
+Larry Page - First: I admire you, personally, and the company you have built. 

But you and I know that, pursuant to the very laws and programs under which these requests are made that you are not - nor is any party to them - permitted to disclose either the existence of the program or that the request was even made. And that, indeed, unless parties are given explicit clearance from a controlling, duly legally competent,  authority, all parties involved - when asked - are to deny their cooperation or the existence of the programs in question. That is, you (and Google) will - under these laws - never be charged with misrepresentation over the existence of these programs or your participation in them.

We know from prior reporting in the open press that the mechanisms by which requests for records and access are made and serviced are automated, with only - due to the intent of law - checks to make sure that the requesting authority affirms that the request is made for a legal investigation. (Google had an issue, if I recall correctly, with the PRC gaining access to these systems to making these requests.)

I don't blame you or NSA for the situation. All of you (Microsoft, Apple, etc) as well as NSA are doing what the Congress (presumably representing the US electorate) has asked you to do.

It is incumbent on citizens to hold their elected leaders responsible, through the legal means we have (by not voting for those who support such programs, and - more importantly - refusing to contribute funds to their campaigns) to bring sanity back to our national security apparatus.
I trust in you Mr. Page. I think Google's policy for privacy is very good. So continue on that way!! :) 
I understand there is no free lunch and the risks involved. Keep pushing forward and let the chips fall where they may. Everyone has a choice. 
+Larry Page While many of us (including me) appreciate what you and your company do for us and offer to us, it is also true that many of us ( and you ) seem to be failing to understand how government representatives talk.  Think about two things:

1.  The person who created the report/slides that you are talking about was not a senior official but a "peon".  A person who is going to try to give what he does the best possible slant (aka "spin").

2.  Despite the government's denials and obfuscations, it is a "known secret" that they DO have taps into the internet backbones through which your data flows.

So a government peon, trying to look good, says on a report "Google is assisting us" when it would be more accurate to say "we have access to Google's data through our taps at [AT&T, Verizon, etc]."

While the government might not have "direct access" or "back doors" in your facilities, can you honestly state that our data, entrusted to you, does not pass through government hands?  I don't think so.  (But I also think this is not a problem you/Google alone can fix.)
If we want the freedom to explore the limits of legality. Its only right that the authorities have the freedom to make sure some people don't stray too far. Fact...the very freedom of Google users enjoy make us a potential threat. 
You got my +1 on behalf of my hope that you're being truthful.  Fully.
+Garritt VS  I agree with you! It is worth to read the posts of Richard Stallman of GNU project. I am sure he is just the boy who screams about the new clothes of the King.
Can you also ensure that none of your programmers, maybe an undercover agent of the NSA, installed a back-door without your knowledge? And will you take measures to find existing back doors and security issues that might have been exploited by the NSA?
+Larry Page how about giving a slight discount on Google glass to veterans... Just saying. Oh and about this post... I didn't worry about Google keeping my info confidential... You provide me with free services and I'll let you know where I am
in the end, as a humanity we should trust one another, and this is just one step closer to the edge.
+Thomas Mach At some point you reach the "trust but verify" decision.  How much do you trust your own people?  Can you trust them to not do what you instruct them not to do?  Do you need to hire outside contractors to audit the work of your personnel?  Can you trust the auditors your IT managers hired if you don't trust your IT managers?

It's a wicked spiral.
With the hit in market share and stock value that Apple has taken recently, you have to wonder if it is Apple that is resorting to drumming up privacy concerns against Google. It is one way they could attempt to interfere with Android's growing popularity. This is obviously merely a guess. I have no facts to back up this possibility.
Thanks Larry its always nice for a CEO to set the record straight...
We appreciate you're efforts in clarifying things for us +Larry Page

As always, keeping us abreast of potentially harmful changes to how our private information is stored and accessed goes a long way towards protecting the trust you've worked so hard to build with your user base.

Thank you :) 
I am not sure what to think about this. Their was a Chinese reporter that got executed after his gmail emails were given to the Chinese Government.

Also if Google was part of PRISM they would have  to deny it.

Let's just see what happens once the evidence has been made public.
Brad T
Honestly, writing any corporation a blank check of trust is dangerous and reckless. It's tough pill to swallow in believing words from a PR statement over a very controversial issue, one if was actually true, would have dire consequences for the company.

I've read too many news articles with reliable sources that were highly involved in the intel community revealing what's going on behind the scenes. It's down right scary even if 1% is true.

When organizations like the EFF are standing their ground and pushing this issue with everything they have, I'm going to step back a moment and pause. The EFF sole purpose is to protect freedom of information and privacy of individuals. They are a non-profit with no corporate agenda or profit motive. It's involved in most of the lawsuits regarding this stuff at the highest levels. Damning new revelations are coming out weekly.

On the other hand we have Google a profit generating leviathan, that has been fined for incidents in the past, such as the Wifi snooping Streetview debacle. Given it's original mission statement, "To index all the worlds information and make it accessible ..." it's not a huge stretch to see the high appeal to organizations like the FBI/CIA/NSA to have unfettered access. Actions and penalties speak louder than words.

I'm just trying to play through my mind what I would do if the gov't approached my company with a very lucrative offer in order to access our networks, and the dire consequences of rejecting their request. What if part of that arrangement was complete and utter denial of the agreement or else? It naturally would need to be, because if word got out, my company would be ruined as the broken trust caused users to migrate away to another provider.

Violating user trust is the worst thing that can occur with an online business, which is a single click away from going out of business. Would Google risk such a possible future situation by entering into an illegal agreement, breaking all TOS with it's users? Only speculation could answer that and would be subjective unless one had access to fully audit all of Google's systems as a third party.

So, what do I really believe? I don't know, I need more time to watch things play out. I hope it's not true, I've admired Google as a company for years, but lost some of that love as heavy handed tactics in a few situations has disappointed me. I also feel it's derailing off it's core purpose as a company. I think Google should have a tattoo day where everyone gets a, "Do no evil!" tattoo on their hand to remind them every time they write or type something, the foundational core value that keeps things from imploding, and them employed.

I would like to see Google regain some of my lost trust by really stepping up and acknowledging and going back to laws that are only constitutional. Ignore all secret court orders, etc...and publicize these actions of standing up to the government more. Implement a policy that alerts all users if a gov't is requesting their information. The next request I know is going to be hard for Google to swallow, but it's seriously is time to encrypt GMail sent and stored on Google's servers, especially for business users. If you don't do this, KimDotCom is going to and he's going to rip a good chunk of users over to his fully encrypted email platform. It's madness to think that snail mail is more secure than sending email. 

I honestly hope to the best resolution in this situation and that it shines lights on some areas that need more improvements. Standing up and protecting users information and rights form egregious unconstitutional laws will go a long way. Also coming out with a direct admission of wrong and a plan of correction is also very honorable to help users get over it, if "IT" actually exists. 
Unfortunately, this is not reassuring news!
What has happened to our government that is suppose to support freedom and not tyranny? 
So much paranoia. Wait for the facts. 
+Thomas Mach It would take a lot more than a single undercover NSA agent, I think. Google has a very well-qualified internal security team.
well ill say at least hes actually go the issue on his brain....and its nice to hear him speak this way....just not sure i have trust in any corporations anymore.
I'm not alone.....
" direct access" " direct access"  " direct access"

"Don't be evil"
Maybe the defense of millions of American lives and beyond, it is breach of privacy as long as it is not published ... does anyone else think that? If you were to ask any of the Americans killed in the twin towers were exchanged his life for your data online social life do they not traded??

Spare me everything that is online is not private even ... privacy if they want to stop using social networks, SMS, GPS and other 's ....

It's life and its evolution and the boundary between reasonable and politically correct when the other side plays dirty becomes so steep that it is difficult to make choices ....
Nice to hear an official response, but where's the transparency report claiming that no data will be handed over without the notification of the user in question? Put that in official language and maybe we'll believe you. Especially when we see those reports flowing in...
Sure, but you could at least pay your taxes in England instead of looking for loopholes. 
Thank you for highlighting this issue Larry :-)
Thank you very much for that information Larry.  Could not be happier to read it from the CEO himself. 
Mark Zuckerberg said the same.. Nobody knows anything..
I don´t belive you, sorry !
Hilla P
+Sergio Castillo Exactly.. Words are cheap now-a-days and it doesn't really matter what you say anymore. Say anything you want, just try not to get caught in a lie. But even if you do, what are the little people going to do about it???
It's kind of scary that this sounds a lot like Zuckerberg's statement. It's like they were both given a prepared statement.
For allegations this serious we need more than a hand-on-heart affirmation that "it's not true". How can you prove there are no such back-doors? The USG is not denying it. The article in The Guardian claims they've authenticated the source document. Greenwald has been on the money before with this kind of thing.

I want to believe Larry but it's too serious, and the sources too credible, for mere denial. 
Almost verbatim what Mark Zuckerberg said to Facebook. This seems less than genuine. 
Sounds very reassuring. However, Zuckerberg just released an almost identical statement. Hmmmmm
Dices casi exactamente lo que acaba de decir Zuckerberg
This is the end of the world !!!! It's written in the Bible !!!!!  Our data is being monitored by the devil !!!! OMG !!!!  OMG !!!

+Larry Page  Mark Zuckerberg did the same, what're u doing ? what's a next step ? 
just a thing we're not stupid. 
I hope you told the truth, if there is no credible.
Larry, drop whatever it is you're doing and buy SwiftKey. NOW! 
As a "non-US" corporate user of Google's services, this concerns me. The USG has a long history of abusing its surveillance powers for the commercial advantage of US competitors. These revaluations make our continued use of Google Apps impossible due to the breach of basic commercial confidentiality.

From The Guardian today:

“In a statement confirming the existence of Prism, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence in the US, said: "Information collected under this programme is among the most important and valuable intelligence information we collect, and is used to protect our nation from a wide variety of threats."

A senior US administration official said: "The programme is subject to oversight by the foreign intelligence surveillance court, the executive branch, and Congress. It involves extensive procedures, specifically approved by the court, to ensure that only non-US persons outside the US are targeted, and that minimise the acquisition, retention and dissemination of incidentally acquired information about US persons."”
+Larry Page +Google now would be a great time to revisit your policies, perhaps with an eye to public perception and human responsibility. What a great story it would be if Google took a visible stand against intrusions by governments -no matter what their claim. I think Google would gain amazing PR if it explained why standing up to these requests protects people and society.
c'mon! we all know google IS skynet, let the war of the machines begin!
Mr. Cat
+Larry Page I choose Google, because I tust him. But I hope you could tell me if Google there is no need to tust. God bless Google !
whenever you or sergey brin in charge of the company, you have my trust
Buy a big boat and put Google compagny on it !!
Nick J
Thanks so much for the denial, Larry.  Unfortunately, both the spying and the corporate denial are part of the law.  Well done, following the law...
Man, Mark Zuckerberg copied almost the whole text and just posted on Facebook.....
He said exactly the same thing as Marck Zuckerberg from Facebook, is this a default statement that all companies will say?
+Oliver Leitner We've known for a long time that NSA is cloning data at the major peering points. Is it possible that they're using that access to steal the data? Google announce a couple of weeks ago that they were upgrading their SSL certs.....
Ron DC
It's easier to deny than confirm it exists.
Well said Larry thanks for your openness.
Well, I think EU needs to wake up and start making and supporting EU made products, so if Obama says it's for non US, that means he's spying on us. no way we can allow that! EU has many smart programmers! I don't have nothing against google , I like google but if this turn out to be true, I'm gonna stop using all their products!
If "they" want details of my fucking boring life, they're welcome to them!
Are you going to comment on what exactly you mean by saying what, exactly, the nature of the process is for the government to get data points which may very well be attached - by two data hops - to me?
Everyone is so quick to distrust and act paranoid. Wait for the facts to come out...
Mr. Page.  With all due respect you are being evasive with this statement.  

Perhaps, if you are truly genuine, and want to put your users at ease (I for example host 8 domains with Google, use your services for pretty much everything, exclusively use Android, have friends that work for you and am a member of the glass explorers program) you should consider ignoring the talking points and actually be open and honest about the exact nature of Googles relationship with the government.  

This means, if by court order you have to participate in PRISM you need to say that, do not try and dodge by simply saying that you comply with the law.  

In fact, you and the company you have worked hard to build really needs to stand up and say in clear terms what the law requires you to share (in generic terms obviously) both with and without a warrant.  

If this sort of monitoring is something that you and Google do not agree with then also say so and perhaps consider helping fix the problem.  You are after all one of if not the biggest internet company there is which gives you the power to make positive change for us all
Nico G
"First, we have not joined any program that would give the U.S. government—or any other government— direct access to our servers."

So what about indirect access? I really don't like this phrasing.
i dont believe you as i could throw you 
see the thing is "Second, we provide user data to governments only in accordance with the law." but they made this the law , so you are lying 
off course it's a lie! if the big companies didn't agree with the government PRISM wouldn't even exist
To operate in USA certain compromises MUST be met to comply with the dictates of the ruling Fascist society there. 

Think of your TSA (nowhere else in the world) and the 'so called Home Guard' whose title escapes me with a billion rounds of ammunition and deployment vehicles capable of withstanding a 50 cal bullet to the windows as a defensive operation against supposed terrorist attacks - WTF - who is paranoid, totally mad and out of control?
Ask yourself this: if his entire post is a big fat lie, then wouldn't it have just been easier to say nothing at all? It's almost like everyone wants the allegations to be true out of boredom...
Does Google provide data to government contractors or third-party companies that could be providing this data to the NSA?
I'm sorry, Larry, but I don't believe you.  I don't believe Microsoft or Apple, either.    Pretty sure the government has you gagged, totally get that, but wouldn't it be better to shut up entirely, rather than give us weasel words?

"very surprised to learn that such broad orders exist"?  Really?  Come now, give your users a little credit for having at least half a brain.  I didn't get to go to Stanford or anything, but even I was not surprised to hear this at all.  
not sure that the govenment would quite know what to do with Google's servers, given free access.. I'm sure they'd depend on digested information
+Eugenio Angueira I suppose that would be a fair comment - - to encourage a continuation of corporate lies in USA, it is an addiction stronger than QEinfinity and market-manipulation.
I'm a pretty rabid Google fan but I'm not buying it. After the news yesterday I'm not taking any Silicon Valley or USG statements at face value. +Larry Page could very well face prosecution for saying anything other than what he said here.
Thanks Larry for running an incredible organization. 
I can honestly state that at this time, I trust Google more more than my own government... And to those who don't believe Larry's statements, Ive been following the Transparency Reports for quite some time. 
There is a way to find out if this is the truth. Its called the Freedom of Information Act and contacting your elected Representative via any means necessary and pressuring them to repeal any and every act that is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Its time to get back to the basics folks, its time to remember that brave souls have died to defend these freedoms that many of us take for granted. Remember that your free because a soldier fought for your rights, now its time you stand up and appreciate them and demand that your Government respect that fact that you have rights, before they are all taken away, by the full power and extent of the new laws that Mr. Page is referring too. 
I believe you also and agree 100% about the secrecy around current legal procedures.   Thanks for the update.
Can you provide anymore information as to how the breach occurred? I know Google prides itself on its security and protection of data.
This is not an issue of privacy. The danger is in the enormous knowledge=power that can be gained from the mining, crossreferencing and automated pattern recognition. This creates mass-control intruments beyond anything we've seen.
The NSA is not building these colossal data centres to find an scan your petty emails. It's using them to chew on population data and find patterns. When they find them there is nothing that can be done to stop them, no one will have that power.
I would gladly give away my privacy if this real danger could be stopped.
NSA, if you want data about Google's users you need to pay the same price as all their customers do for it. 
I know its highly unlikely that you will see this +Larry Page but thank you for this post and good health to you.
+Tony Anderson actually Google doesn't sell that data. You can hire them to deploy it, but they do not show it, just statistics.
Sorry man but you guys blew it. I loved google...till today. See I am one of those people thay grew as a teen with google when it was onee of the many search engines available. Then kept adding more of your products. Today marks the day that ill start looking for alternate producta and ways of communication. Its goibg to take time perhaps years but i will. You have breached a trust...a trust that you guys cultivated while lying all along. What's with playing with semantics? Demand a company investigation. Make it open. Put a video on youtube with all your team and founders promising that you're company in no way shape or form is conspiring against its own customers. You're supposed to be different. You're supposed to be better. You were not supposed to do evil. But you did.
You all asume that PRISM is some sort of api or back door. Have you considered that it is just a name for a larger program a part of which is just the NSLs. It may not be technical (i.e. code) in nature at all and just a set of documented practices for requesting and obtaining information from third parties. I will agree however that we definitely need better transparency.
This is why I respect Google. This it's just another note that we need to fight for our right to privacy more than ever! 
They're not going to be working with individual websites to gather info like that. Even google sized websites, there are too many. They went after the tier1 ISPs and installed equipment to replicate the traffic going across the backbone. That way they can snoop everyones stuff and only need to talk to a few ISPs into it. 
This seems to means that the wiretaps on all these companies were done without their knowledge.  It doesn't necessarily mean that the data wasn't provided, just that it wasn't provided willingly.

This seems to directly relate to the idea of CISPA because if they had been given this broadly, or as a back door, then without passage of something like CISPA, perhaps there would be liability concerns for the private companies to be taken into court.
+Chris Thomson you are so right about +Alexis Rodriguez
He's going to go use the "better" service from Microsoft :)
What amazes me Is that people don't get it. +Larry Page said there is no back door but they still have to obey the law. Blame your law makers not Google. 
Yes we do understand google might be giving data to the government according to law. But government can interpret the law and give a court order based on FISA to get a free unfettered access to data.
Its especially dangerous for non americans using google services since their data will be shared with government without court order as most of the government employees including Obama himself is saying that they only spy on Non-Americans through their internet companies and telecom infrastructure (although that seems also not to be true given using FISA to get verizon phone records).

Can you at least confirm that no Non American data access is given to US government under any condition except with a proper court order?

I am especially disillusioned this time since I never used microsoft, facebook or twitter for personal social network. I thought google will never give my data without a proper court order, but after reading guardian my trust completely evaporated.
Thank you larry. I never doubted google for a second.... 
I have heard that the US federal Govt. funds several projects of Google and Google works on several military and security projects of the the US govt
Naweet.. Weve all herd all kinds of stuff about google and others.. we will never really know the whole truth. So i would simply look at what you can see from the actions of google and decide for yourself. I for one dont need any more confirmation than what i have seen since the very start of what i would say is a company that is light years ahead of the rest of the Companies on this planet. One day i think we will look back and then give a big big thank you.
In the years to come, your freedom will depend on how much you understand the systems and technologies you use. If you don't, it's time to start learning.
I really hope +Larry Page  is telling the truth, and the whole truth, and not bending it. I hope they are not disclosing to a third party, and then that third party to the government. 
that's what i like of Google, always being transparent and loyal to the users and trying to fullfill their needs, keep going Larry
Either the information regarding NSA access (PRISM) in the report is false, or there are only two possibilities: a) Google did not allow (nor have knowledge of) the NSA access.  b) Google allowed the access.  Neither of these possibilities inspires confidence in the security of user data/activity with Google (or any other provider).

I don't expect Google (or any of the other named entities) to admit participation in the PRISM program, this would be tantamount to corporate suicide.  However, this program has already been confirmed officially, so corporate admission or no, it's only a matter of scope.

My questions: What is Google going to do going forward?  Will Google continue to participate in PRISM (willingly or otherwise)?  If Google cannot (or will not) safeguard user data/activity, where does that leave the user?  How much will Apple, Google and Facebook stock be worth if participation is confirmed?

I'm only one user, but I believe these questions are relevant to all users.
+Chris Thomson besides getting some people to gawk at the news, what do they have to gain from lying about this? Tarnishing their reputation. Nothing something they are in the business of doing. Besides the government as already admitted to doing this, did you watch or read the news today? It's happening, and if you're still happy to disbelieve you are part of the problem. The only way it will ever get fixed is when you decide to vote out these yahoos.
Sorry Larry, but me thinks the Lady protestith too much! I'm pro at omitting pertinent information, and I recognize the signs when someone else is trying to do the same thing. For example, that you had to specify "no direct access" screams "lie of omission". In other words: what you say is technically true, but leaves so many omitted opportunities for the 'technical truth' to come out.

You can't BS a BS'er! 
I appreciate that you disclosed the facts, comply with the law, and go beyond it to make the requests public so that the public can be informed. Thanks for the needed reassurance! 
Good to hear, but in Soviet Russia.....for example
"Direct, access... Whatever they und understand by that... Is it direct if they just hand them a copy??
The real danger is extra-legal actions, by rogues, for political advantage.
Lol. Anyone believe that? What if I put certain words in the same sentence?
You are all the same and this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. 
Larry, if you screw us over we will turn against you just like we did with Microsoft and apple... Do the right thing here Lar. 
The reports made very little sense anyway. For any group to have direct email access starting in this 2007 from Google, and to have that continuing to this day would just be very strange. Not only has Google made sizable changes to the software and it's strucuture, but in 2007 gmail was still just one of many options for email. Nowadays Google tends to be considerably large as consumers fall in love.

Facebook in 2007 was still pretty limited to outsiders, I think that's about the time they started letting community colleges join and then high schools. Universities and schools might not be the best source of metadata against terrorism, or means it is who knows.
I never hear about prism. I hear of prismatic.
In short- we do not provide direct access to our servers but indirect access, that should be ok once in a while (Oooo, I just love legal jargon)
Fortunately, Google was born in U.S. If in China, you have nothing to do but obey. But return to the reality, companies like Google could not born in China.
Dear Mr Page,

Thank you for your communication.

A few questions:

Does "push back" mean say no?
Is it true that court ordered data also gives access the entire server on which the persons data is stored?
In an Information Age where knowledge is power can can a corporation like Google ensure that evil isn't done with our data even when you are long gone?

Thank you and please send my regards to your partners

Axel H
+Larry Page even though you're not aware of such a program, how can you guarantee you don't have a slip hole? Many people trust Google and its philosophy "Don't be evil", if these reports were true it would ruin your reputation completely.

At the moment no one can tell if PRISM is a conspiracy theory or a fact. But since 9/11 the US government began to become more and more paranoid an started data mining in cost of peoples freedom.

Let us hope that PRISM is just a bad joke.
谷歌加油 Google fighting! 
So now Prism is officialy confirmed. What Do you say now Larry? 180 degree turn? Very sad hearing your lying.... You better hat said nothing than lying... 
perfect!! is good news.!! im feeling fine
as i understand it Prism is in "accordance with the law". Perhaps it's time to encrypt? though i have nothing of much interest in my google account.
Larry Larry Larry.... Yawn  
enough already....

+Larry Page  "Second, we provide user data to governments only in accordance with the law. "
+Washington Post   "In four new orders, which remain classified, the court defined massive data sets as “facilities” and agreed to certify periodically that the government had reasonable procedures in place to minimize collection of “U.S. persons” data without a warrant."

In-Q-Tel "...this not-for-profit venture capital firm keeps the CIA and the broader US intelligence community equipped with the latest in information technology by investing in innovative high-tech companies." - Hoovers

+Wikipedia  In-Q-Tel sold 5,636 shares of Google, worth over $2.2 million, on Nov 15, 2005.[6] The stocks were a result of Google’s acquisition of Keyhole, the CIA funded satellite mapping software now known as Google Earth.
Really disappointed that even Google would secretly participate in such acts....Used to think Google tried to protect us from such privacy intrusions !
+Larry Page, it is consoling to get such an affirmation from you and your legal department. We all hope it is done for a better tomorrow not to mention the current security issue now and inthe future. 
+Larry Page I was shocked to learn that the alleged PRISM program also gathers data on non-US citizens as people whom are in contact with the US.
Democracy and Freedom of Speech have been seriously dented by democratic institutions. we now have taliban Democrats.  US search engines will loose credibility.
Well said, +Larry Page . Google does have a clean record and Transparency Report was a step in right direction.
+Larry Page Those who have nothing to hide and who speak their mind with respect and responsibility should be willing to sacrifice their online privacy. At the same time social media networks and their respective governments should not abuse/misuse the privacy of their citizens. As Muslims we are accountable to all our actions to The One who created us.
Is this why China hate Google? Makes sense.
[vote +1] I believe you
Google is appreciated enlighten us on this subject, from the same direction of the company.
now im confused , then what was obama defending if there is no such thing ??
Blah, blah, blah....whatever! I don't trust you, I don't trust your company and I don't trust your government. The people need to educate themselves into the use of Crypto tools, alternative DNS servers and search engines like duckduckgo, yacy and others.
Sage K.
Trust U. Don't let us down.
I thought it was odd that Google and YouTube were listed separately...
Dear +Larry Page 

what concerns me. Is not only that the US government use this "Prism" to access private data. No it is more difficult. The US gov keep itself the right to look into private data of "foreign people". That is insanely arrogant. 

And the company Google has the responsibility to take this serious. You are the company which changes the whole internet. And so it is necessary to think of such problems. Your company is so powerful, that it could easily do some lobbying to finally save the free web.

And if you think as a business man... who you want to be? The company which is insecure and sold/accidentally lost all the private data of peoples? Or do you want to be the trustworthy one, where people come to. Google had once this idea of "don't be evil". What is left now?

"don't be evil, but be naive"

Stand up against the FISA act. And think again about the Protect America Act. Who wants to live in a state, where everything of everybody is "transparent" and also blames the rest of the world. Think global! 

With kind regards
+Albrecht Noll  from Germany

P.S.: I hope you read this. It would be nice to know.
Agreed with +Albrecht Noll. Google and its ilk have the power, and therefore the responsibility, to stand up to unjust and invasive legislation, which affects not only the U.S., but the entire world.

I'm afraid I have a hard time believing the tech companies' denials about PRISM. Only through actions can you redeem yourselves, and Google needs to be on the forefront of this battle.

But if Google elects to be on the side of a police state, and the big corporations that view people as nothing more than data sources waiting to be mined, well, there are plenty of other, more open solutions on the web (at least, while the web is still a place of freedom). You know, much like Google used to be.
What are they so paraniod about?? Fear is definately the underlying factor is it not? Land of the FREE?? HUMAN RIGHTS?? There is more terrorism in our own back and front yard!! Why dont these so called spies Block the HATE and terroristic threats on youtube. Case in point: That woman who used racial slurs against Native Americans, followed by the ignorant comment by a Fool who made the statement that All should die and starve!! You bet I blocked and reported him!! made me sick to my stomach. Yeah, I cried. I did nothing bad on him and that woman. On behalf of All Native Nations, including All indigenous people, these words of hate only make us stronger and the ignorant appear like cowards. Mahalo~
Dear Larry, excuse my outburst. I know you know your stuff. You are credible. But... Please, Google needs to monitor some Very questionable antics on the streams. Enough of the X- rated pics. The threats. Yes my life has been threatened twice. That I do know is a severe offense. Guy on comments told me to choose religion or be beheaded. Yes... A woman defended me. I did not take action because I was a novice with computer and internet skills. So this person got away with terroristic threatening. An American citizen!! I was upset for days. The emotional trauma did nothing for my already pre exsisting PTSD. Monitor. People.. if you see any bullying or someone threaten someones life on the internet, Please do or say something. It is a crime NOT to. Thankyou again Larry for your hard work and passion. Respect ~ : )
protect the freedom we all cherish 
+Derek Chiazza I believe that many states still have adultery laws, so some parts of the government do care about who you are sleeping with. Can't you see a law proposal called the "Strong Marriage Defense Act" reaching for this sort of data?
Thank you, Mr +Larry Page . I would very much like an opinion on the following:

The NSA developed SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm), which is used in SSL, TLS and such secure protocols (which are in turn used by services such as Gmail, Google+ and others). Is it possible for the NSA to have a back door for reading data in plain text when such algorithms are used to encrypt data? If so, would it then be possible for the NSA to actually have full access to the data Google and others are accused of providing the NSA with, without the involvement of these companies?

I find this a more interesting question, than whether Google and others provide the NSA with data, since I want to believe that companies such as Google simply does not do this kind of thing.
Seems like they had this same problem with China.
Larry, how about integrating something like PGP encryption for gmail? Give us the tools to assure the government doesn't have access to our communications even as it travels over the wire. 
+Brendan Heckman
Exactly. Just because you don't loan your car to a bank robber does not mean driving him to and from is not illegal.
People blindly beliving a Company because off it's own motto. You must be new to the Internet...
You can't have "100 percent security" and also "100 percent privacy."

I will take 100% privacy, and 98% safety personally.
You are going to have to do a lot more damage control then this post.  Because now I don't trust any company.
I'm pretty sure the government can monitor all ingress an egress from major data centers by tapping them from the outside, and can crack the private keys used by major corporations. So if they wanted the broad scale monitoring alleged in PRISM they don't need the corporations like Google to be active participants. It's probably a lot easier to tap a bunch of cables passively than to have active monitoring on servers, and keep that hidden from the IT and ops people that deploy and maintain those servers (many tech people are pretty anti government surveillance so if this was going on in the data centers it would probably have come out a long time ago). I don't believe Google is participating in PRISM but that doesn't mean the government can't tap all communication with Google. And that's hardly new; remember Echelon?
We would like to believe so... :) 
Blink twice if they made you say that.
Cool, glad to know my data isn't being passed to spies.
Good work guys. Thanks for the transparency :)
Thank you for sharing the information Larry...I strongly believe that users information is very much safe in Google's hands :)
Thanks for clarity - I trust you!
Bit disturbing.... just lost the trust on privacy... not really convinced....
It's a good news for chinese user
+Larry Page  considering how often you guys have stood up to various governments around the world, I really hope that you do the same here for us at home.  Despite all the rumors and speculation, etc up in the air at the moment, I'm holding faith in you guys.  
Google is GOD, GOD is Google
so are we suppose to believe these lines and say "oh my god i thought you were the one who gave them all access to your servers"?... Are we this stupid? 
This means that also no metadata (not user records or email content), like who has contacts whom and in which frequency will not be transferred to any other organization or government, if not a judge is requesting this kind of information by person, right?
Kevin S
Well these day's you don't know who you can trust anymore :( 
+Thomas Weber They (Larry, Sergey, Eric) most likely write and post it themselves, but they never respond to comments. (taking into account the rudeness you often see, rightly so)
Strange that all this coincided with the Bilderberg meeting. 
Doesn't add up. They do it all day under court order.
Yeah right.  And you're not building a coast to  coast fiber network using outside contractors.  Richard Platzeck told me.
+1. Google continues (in my eyes) as the single most trustworthy company in the world. Thanks Larry.
I'd like to believe this.
I'm all for transparency. If the government won't provide it we want big, powerful and important companies like Google to create the transparency. This is a 10X initiative that +Larry Page promotes as the type of thing Google should be doing.
Dear Google,
As an Google user I have full faith in Google and the duo running it.... :)
What would you communicate as a CEO after such a report?
they probably doing it for security... so its ok
The next great battle between Gov and our privacy. Don't worry, regs and taxes will follow, just a matter of time. 
Google is the hope of human!
I find it hard to believe that the social networks and tech companies of today are really telling the truth about not being a part of he PRISM program. This is exactly why I don't trust the Internet with my identity and the like. 
I hope I don't see the human race destruct itself via technology and big brother trying to control us. That's all I have to say before I get into a rant...:)
This seems to be an excuse... Too late folks.... 
Coming An all in one search engine for the Gov't about the people.
+Larry Page c'mon, let's be grownups. These wide-eyed denials phrased in terms of allowing/granting/giving access, sharing/providing data, and participating in/being aware of government surveillance schemes like PRISM miss the point so completely it can only be deliberate. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that no voluntary participation, cooperation, provision of access, or knowledge of the program is required. 
Privacy should always be by design, not by policy.
I'm not american. I'm afraid data is being collected behind the top administrations backs. I do believe on the news and do believe that you, +Larry Page , didn't know. But I know you don't do everything by yourself, and you can't speak for what you don't see. My trust on Google is reduced, and I believe you should be ashamed of being american right now.
Just by looking at the facts we know (see the linked NY Times article a few posts up from this one) it's reasonable to assume hapless administrators like +Larry Page would be legally required to issue statements just like this one he's issued, full of weasel words and distracting denials of questions other than the ones at hand.
Any descent non-american (and non-chineese) alternative to gmail and drive with good support to android and open-source strong client side cryptography?
+Ahitagni Mandal
Just out of interest: how con something like that even be proven? It's like asking someone to prove that they have never read a certain book.
Thanks for Google. You change my life! (: support from Argentina!
Google is losing credibility at a higher rate over time. At first is one of the worst companies to give user feedback or support. I understand the complexity but I'm not asking that to a micro company. Users doesn't seem to be listened in their claims and nobody gets a proper explanation about anything. Closing Google Reader, getting back Gtalk/Hangouts to a close platform, changing free policies of GAE, are plain examples of Google making their business to the obsequious they use to please. U use to be a nice company but today I see you worst than may be Microsoft at some time.
Liar liar pants on fire? What are you? 5?

Also the guardian saying something doesn't make it true, I'm not saying it's not, but it's somebody's word against somebody else.
Sorry, Mr Page,I don't trust you.
Don't do evil.  And, don't let it be done to us.  When you can say both are true, you'll get my trust back.  Until then, things are "tenuous" at best.
Does any CEO have the time or patience to read through all comments in a forum? If they do how many respond? Could all this exercise be a publicity stunt from the corporate communications to retain customer confidence?
Obama has the track record of lying.  Haven't seen a confirmed lie from Page yet.
Inform the user when you share their data to others - be it government or any other regulatory organization...
Do no evil, don´t be evil, don´t do evil, ... 
Whoever believes it! 
I do NOT understand what all this commotion is?
When suddenly an assassin blows up a building or a train or aircraft and thousands of people die, then the government will be blamed because they have not prevented or predicted the assault. And if the government listens in a few people’s phone calls, they are also the evil. What do all the people actually want to hide?
It's not that the government wants people’s credit card numbers or secretly spy on bank accounts. And also they don’t care about private phone calls with their lovers
So what is it that people want to hide so much?
Is it not worth to save thousands of peoples lives that are killed every year by terrorism? Are people really so selfish? What if one of the victims were your mother, sun, brother or father or someone you love so much? Will you still think that it is not right to listen into peoples phone calls or read their email to be able to prevent really bad things??
If I was you Mr. Page, I WOULD allow them to scan everything on Google’s servers to find indications for future planned assaults. Maybe it is one out of a million, but do you really want to save THIS one?
Thanks for this statement. I never doubted Google and I feel this whole episode is pulled out of proportion. And I agree with +Mia Ali . We are all using Google's services and products for practically free, I am okay with giving a bit of privacy in return if it means the services and experience becomes better. Google complies with the US law regarding disclosure of data of expected illegal activity, that is fine too. I believe the government has the right through it's police and legal forces to monitor the Internet traffic, just like there is Police on the streets, to protect all its users and citizens.
All "facts" surrounding this are classified.  If google was allowing them access, they can't tell.  Of course they will deny it.  I thing google is wonderful, and use their products daily, but I have hard time believing this.
Why blame Google?  The law requires them to provide data when they ask for it, just like the law requires Microsoft to leave back-doors available in their OS. 

It's the law that's to blame, so change the law...more specifically, change the lawmakers.  Demand accountability with your vote.
+Seth Blystone Unfortunately, most of us (spied users) are not from the US but from other countries (mostly from the EU). So we can't vote anything. But I think you can't either, because both Democrats and Republicans approve this program.
Now imagine how outrageous can be if you suddenly find out that a foreign country is spying your emails and phone calls without your consent, warning or even a court order. :(
It's more like +Dana Nickerson says, I'm afraid.
Guess obama lied to you too.
Yea Larry, I'm sure you're telling the truth.  After all you can't even stand up to MPAA and copyright-troll censorship requests and you want us to believe you were oblivious to such monumental government trespassing?
The truth is out there and it's definitely hard to get to it
Larry, I would like to believe your press release but I am skeptical. 

Anytime a company releases a press statement they always dance around things they don't want to define or acknowledge. 

Can you tell us the amount of bandwidth used and number of requests you do receive that are court ordered?
Can you tell us if the creation of some sort of drop box was created for government use? 

When the government did get data requests filled what were ALL the methods of delivery?

If Google are not giving access directly to their servers then how is the NSA gathering their information when Google are using SSL encryption to access their servers.
Does this unusual traffic overhead affect the cloud speed? 
I have to ask, all your denials say 'no DIRECT access'... do they have indirect access to your servers? or do they have direct access to the traffic coming in and out of your servers?
I hope you're accurate in saying this Mr. Page; because I know that I am not alone in saying that I have loved Google and all the products it has to offer. I have almost become completely entrenched with your products as I move forward, utilizing more and more of them as time passes. However, when this story broke, I became greatly concerned about not only my own privacy, but that of the other millions of users that rely on Google services; said reliance, though, is entrusted to Google and should not be abused, from an ethical and a business standpoint. I know you will continue to press the government to treat us with greater respect and dignity by disallowing them to access the data you have on each and every one of us.  
So Larry's IT team missed the memo or was ignorant of the government intruding for 4 years?  I'm sad to say that I actually trusted google for awhile.  Very disappointing.
This is an important issue. Thanks for the clarification. 
+Larry Page I know you and most of the people at Google find this government announcement outrageous. Help stop the government from missuising their power
It would be great to see you and Google really trying to stop them from abusing our rights.
Today i really believe from my inner self I dont know who are the peoples behind google team but they are really working
when I found remote desk top facility from outside.
Really google is working......
well said, and clearly told.   Now we wait for... the Rest of the Story...
Mr +Larry Page  thanks for the quick response. I have loved google for a while now and use most of its products or a personal and business level. My business is around the globe but to hear it is all being monitored, has me really concerned on a personal and business level. I want to know is what are you going to do about it? Do i pull my business and peronal dealings out of google or are you going to actually do something? Anyone can send a letter to the government and just wait and say you did your part. I hope your listening to your users....worldwide !
Larry, as much as I would like to trust you and Google, this statement is null and void. You can't prove a negative. It's like your wife telling you you're cheating. The more you tell her it's untrue, the less you're trusted.
If you would be sharing data with others you wouldn't be at liberty to admit it.
So for now I'll just have to assume you're sharing data with the NSA and probably others. Which isn't a huge shock really, as I already suspected this.
I really hope this gets solved at higher political levels. What good is a government that isn't accountable for it's actions?
As an aside: Funny how America arms itself with guns because some amendment while they're being spied on left and right. Like a Neanderthal collecting stones against someone with a gun.

Edit: Suppose your Chief Legal Officer was ordered to provide access. Even he wouldn't be able to tell you.
It would be awesome if Google added — perhaps by a plugin to Chromium? — end-to-end encryption for emails, to GMail. Users would import their X509 or PGP certificates and would be able to send and receive encrypted (and signed) emails.
Now we (Users) need from Google end to end encryption and certification services for Mail and Data
I've been looking for a end to end encrypted email system for years.  How about it Larry?
"We had not heard of a program called PRISM until yesterday." - although it is being widely reported that you joined it on January 14th 2009?

Don't take us for mugs, Larry.
Have you considered that the NSA may have tapped into the main Internet trunks and is directing all traffic, encrypted or not to massive Hadoop farms and using "Accumulo"? Cracking the codes later. First just gobble up all the data and store it. Simple, easy direct.

Disband the US Patriot Act! Stop persecuting those whose right is to
their oil. Develop solar, natural gas nuclear, coal and other replacements for Middle East oil. Cease all US involvement in the Middle East!

Shrink too large and corrupt government NOW.

President Eisenhower warned us of this a long time ago...

Why are we so blind?
Hao He
"Don't be evil".It should be "Don't be evil for Amercian".lol
+larry page 450 comments here. very difficult to add own comment on a android browser. why dont you have the add comment immedjately there?

I believe that security is above privacy and if anyone is found stealing info to misuse, he shluld go to jail for lifetime.

We do have lots of information which if falls into wrong hands, can be misused.

As long as the govt. assures that jail till death for misusing the private data (anything other than national security, crime tracking), its okay.

Funny though, its said that google knows everything.... +Larry Page does not know about PRISM?
If you aren't doing anything illegal online what do you have to worry anyway
Hao He
+Shane Piskur There is a rogue spy me everyday,i say:" you can not do it",he say:"you must be a criminal,otherwise you will not be worry about it".I have a question ,why American government treat foreigners is different to American? Maybe he think all foreigners are terrorists.American companys should not service terrorists,they should shut down.Oh no ,they must have thought i was a   terrorist when they look at these.
does america wants to spy our each act.
from waking up till sleep time.
the whole thing is a lie, the biggest LIE ever! all user data is visible and open to gov't as long as they want it, they'll GET it. it's nothing but all about govt interests!!! and GOOGLE PROFIT!! im not ed sndn, but he was right about that!
When Evil is in control...the people perish!
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I did believe you, until I just read that Google is hosting a fundraiser for Sen. Jim Inhofe.  If you are actually helping him raise money for re-election, then I can't believe anything you say.  Please tell me this isn't true.
HALLO MR. LARRY.This is Asif from Bangladesh.Can i found some places in google to work voluntarily.I am interested working in technological impacts on international society.
I have a request to allow the google circles to show people from rest of the social networking sites such as facebook.
I'm begging you, +Larry -- please get Google Wallet and paid apps enabled for Malaysia! Most of my mobile developer friends are still running towards iOS development, because there's where the money is. Not everyone make apps for a hobby.
Thanks for your comments, transparency is integral for all of us.
thanks for telling us the truth...
I'am happy to be a Google customer (:
I believe in you, Google!
True, Larry, IF it is for the purpose(s) of protecting citizens; with fairness; equality, while yet allowing Constitutional Rights; Civil Liberties.

Most citizens are not computer wizards nor hackers, I respect & appreciate your own; Googles efforts with publishing, providing information about these topics; issues since additional education on a variety of comprehension levels is necessary.

I was wondering, are you aware of a person that personally, individually has received legal warrant(s) pertaining to searches of the telephone; internet; other online data for the personal, private information of themselves; via email or other legal processes; at all, yet to date; from the government when accessing, manipulating, controlling, collecting, mining for individual citizens information, data? 

Thank you! :)
Trust google.but still have conerns on this !
Mr. Page, I've yet to find the appropriate avenue to voice this topic, but here goes.  I urge you, google, and all other big US tech companies to stop complying with the US govt/NSA on domestic  spying.  We all know its happening.   The only way we the people can get our country back, is for tech companies to lobby against this govt tyranny.  I have been a google fan since it was just a small search engine in the very beginning.  I use almost all of your products & services (including Chromecast).  However I am strongly considering dumping all NSA supporting tech companies in order to be heard. I am but one man, but united we are many.  Please help us take back our country.  have a great day.

Once very concerned AMERICAN,
+Ashley Anderson, I don't think they have a choice. Remember, we are talking about the Government - they have the power to compel you law and force. They can control what it is legal and illegal to say about their programs. And regardless of whether or not Google complies, the NSA can still intercept the traffic. 

So if you want to put some pressure on someone who does have a choice, write your local Senator/Congressman about your opposition to this issue. They are the ones who can change the laws governing Google and the rest of us.
How do you explain the pressure cooker incident? 
Dear Sir, Larry Page
im Bangladeshi. i want to do a job. plz help....
The key words here are "Direct Access". Who cares if the government has direct access? When they get verbatim copies of everything given to them, that's not direct access, but they still get all the data regardless. Nice move trying to deceive people with your half truths and lies Page.

LOL, they didn't hear about PRISM until June 7th. What a flat out lie. Yeah, maybe they didn't know the code word for it, but they have been complying for however long the government has said to comply. If they didn't, the US government would just shut them down. They don 't want that, so the NSA has had access to all of your personal information and communications for years. Page is a liar and only cares about his money. He would never tell you the truth about this.
hey larry are you a real one or are you fake 

i am a fan of you search engine
 you can start constructing google houses 

making pretty houses will be house will be google house
That's Right Larry...You Don't "Give" anybody Access...You Just Sell it to them and then cover your back by saying that it's Law...We are Doing a "Legal Thing"....God Hates Liar's Larry.
Good!!! congratulations for that !!! nice to hear from you about that mr CEO of the Google !!!
Larry I want my gmail account(s) once again readily available & accessible to me 24hrs per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per current & future year(s), only using my email address(es) and password(s); as I do not have a cell phone and I am not a home 24/7 to receive the code(s) on my land line phone. Please correct this situation as it is interfering with my email privacy(ies). My email account(s) should not be held hostage, just because I do not own a cell phone or have anything else to receive/send text message(s)/Google code(s).
Please inform your help staff to make my email account(s) readily available & accessible to me, when I want to check email message(s) sent to me and when I want to send a reply message/message to my email contact(s)..
Unless Google wants to purchase a cell phone for me and pay the recurring monthly cell phone fee(s)/cost(s).
Your Google Help staff for sign in problem(s) have many polite feedback comment(s) from me, basically stating the same thing which I have just stated to you.
This should not be allowed, as it is interfering with my account(s) usage, my employment contact(s), personal contact(s), family contact(s) and many other email contact(s). Please immediately correct this situation.
I do not have a cell phone, other phone number(s) of place(s) I go are not made accessibile for me to receive any call(s) at,
I want my username(s) and password(s) to be 100% fully effective so I can sign into my account(s) wherever I may be at any time.
Please inform your sign in help staff and 2 step verification help staff to make my gmail email username(s), passwor(s) and account(s) readily accessible to me.
The message(s) to your Help staff(s) were sent yesterday.
Please maintain 100% Cofidentiality of my identity, my email address(es) and email contact content(s).
 Thank You.
Larry You are Lying about Google...If You Read the Fine Print it States"In Accordance By Law'' and "By Sometimes Using Surveillance to Insure the Safety of our Citizens''...How Many Times Do They Do That Larry...Well Larry They Do it "All Day Every Day NOWADAYS"
Is it true Google is now working with ALEC? I really hope not, but if it is true, you might consider removing the part in "what we believe" that says "you can make money without being evil". maybe it should say "its possible to make money and not be evil, but its easier this way". I'm sorry if my anger is obvious, but I'm so tired of groups like ALEC making things worse. So, if it is true that Google is working with or funding ALEC, I'm done with Google.  
Larry Page...You are Lying about this WHOLE THING....and I am Sorry to say That You are Going to Arrive in Hell When You Pass Away...and Believe Me When I Say "Hell Knows All About You Larry" ...At Least that's "What We Believe"....People That Don't Deceive Others, Believe These Things Larry...
Dear Google Users - We would give your information to the government but they don't pay, however we're more then willing to harvest you data for advertisers.

"Don't Be Evil!"

Love Google
Sorry Mr. Page but I can't buy that. Knowing how world is being (or intended to be) governed by the US political elite, most likely (whether u like it or not) you're going to be an integral part of it
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