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We announced new Nexus devices this morning.  I've been enjoying them a lot.  Nexus 7 available now at $199, and the new phone and tablet available 11/13.  The Nexus 4 phone starts at only $299 unlocked and the Nexus 10" tablet with more pixels than other other table on the planet starts at only $399!

More details:
Nexus 4: 8GB for $299; 16GB for $349; available unlocked and without a contract on 11/13 on the Google Play store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada. The 16GB version will also be available through T-Mobile for $199, with a 2-year contract (check here for more details).
Nexus 7: 16GB for $199 and 32GB for $249; available in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan, and also through our retail partners Gamestop, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and Walmart.
Nexus 7 with 32GB and mobile data: $299 and unlocked, on sale 11/13 in the Google Play store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and  Canada.
Nexus 10: 16GB for $399; 32GB for $499; available on 11/13 in the Google Play Store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan.Nexus 4: 8GB for $299; 16GB for $349; available unlocked and without a contract on 11/13 on the Google Play store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada. The 16GB version will also be available through T-Mobile for $199, with a 2-year contract (check here for more details).
Nexus 7: 16GB for $199 and 32GB for $249; available in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan, and also through our retail partners Gamestop, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and Walmart.
Nexus 7 with 32GB and mobile data: $299 and unlocked, on sale 11/13 in the Google Play store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and  Canada.
Nexus 10: 16GB for $399; 32GB for $499; available on 11/13 in the Google Play Store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan.
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When will it be available @ Portugal ?
Xmas can't come soon enough! :)
I always used to say that the best invention of the century is google now see both phone and tab are high specification but prices are so affordable plz launch it in uae i m waiting 
A friend of mine is looking to get a smartphone for the first time. Should I recommend him this or the galaxy note II? 
Love these pure Nexus devices, very pleased to see them available in Canada so quickly. 7" ordered just minutes ago.
I was expecting being able to order today like you usually have in the past. CAN'T WAIT!!!
Thank you for working so hard to make the best technology, and making it affordable to all users. "Making money without doing evil."
I'm writing this on my Nexus 7. It's amazing. No 1 on the tablet market!
Can we get Android 4.2 upgrade in nexus 7?
Just bought the 16G Nexus; now if only I had my Wi-Fi sorted! 
And what about the Polish?:(
We want Bodhi Linux or Kubuntu running on them.
So the 32GB Nexus 7 with mobile data, with a bigger screen and twice the storage of the 16GB Nexus 4, is $50 cheaper? I don't get it. 
Where is the specs page? At that price I doubt the Nexus 10 has an AMOLED screen, but it would be nice to know the details. :)
So when will 4.2 be available for Current Nexus 7?
What a great collection of tech! My must have xmas pressies!!! Santa came early!
I know you're pushing the cloud and all, but you couldn't throw in an SD card slot for good measure?
Come on now! Why can't you release a CMDA/LTE Nexus 4 so I don't have to give Verizon more money/give up my unlimited data?! Please release one that works on Verizon!!!!
Jason Q
New Nexus devices kick-ass
"Nexus 7 with 32GB and mobile data....available in Germany" and Google music is coming.....all I want to read, thanks +Larry Page 
When can I preorder my N7?" :-)
Edit: Google Play has changed....
Need to order them as soon as they become available, particularly Nexus 4. 
I so wanted the new Nexus 4 to be my next device. Sadly with such limited Storage options I cannot really choose it. 8 GB is ridiculous. How much is really available to the user? 6 GB? It's great that you are pushing the cloud but not everyone in the world has a fast Internet connection available hundred percent of the time you know. Not to mention the fact that steaming kills your battery! I could live without as the SD Card slot, but please bring bigger storage options soon!
awesome that it has more pixels than any other table on the planet ;)
+Manik Tyagi Still not nearly enough if you commute for any length of time usually crossing some areas with poor network coverage or you simply don't want to waste your data plan streaming media that should have been on your mobile in the first place! Add to that couple of games which can easily reach 500 megabyte each and what do you get? Not enough space on your device, that's what!
"new phone and table"? How much will the table cost?
Rob Fig
I like my Nexus!
I currently have Galaxy Nexus, very happy with that, but this one has some minor extras like 8MP camera and 2000mAmp battery
Larry, recently bought the previous Nexus phone and Nexus 7 tablet.  I see they're gone from the Play store, even the options for same.  W
Where'd they go, I need a dock!  (Samsung's no help, I've tried).
I Love you devices! But why are they unavailable in Hong Kong from the Google Play? There is no import tax here! We Hong Kong people want to buy them as soon as possible!
I have to wonder if the 4 will be available in Portugal... unlocked, at a sensible price.
I Love you devices! and android! I have a lg optimus android l3 with android and is excellent. Greetings from Argentina
Thoses prices and specs are insane. Way to go google !
Would buy the Nexus 10 if it had 3G and the Nexus 4 if it had 32GB.
Nevertheless great work Google! Hope to see extended versions of the devices soon ;) 
Is the extra storage capacity the only difference between the 16GB & 32GB versions of the Nexus 10?  I want the 32GB version, but it's not worth an extra $100.  $25, maybe up to $50 I could go for (grudgingly at $50), but $100?  I look at MicroSD cards going up to 64 GB at less than $1 per GB, and I can't bring myself to pay an extra $100 for an extra 16 GB.
This is great !!!
Great Larry! Very outstanding work with these devices! 
I wanna have one, like yesterday... 
Eu só não entendo essa restrição da linha Nexus aos cartões microSD. Um baita celular desses, com 8gb interno e sem acesso a cartão SD??
Nexus 7 available now at $199, and the new phone and table available 11/13.
Dang, so I could have had twice the storage if I had just waited on the 16GB price?  Bummer
I just bought a nexus 7 today! Now I feel bad! I would really like one with mobile data.
A 3G-version of the N10 would be great. And please bring the play-store to Austria ;)
No LTE in the N4, huh? Looks like the playground is closed.
You didn't attack the market, you r going to Kill it at all. Astonishing Price, gratz
+Larry Page I think you said "table" instead of tablet and "other" twice (perhaps the first one should be 'any'?) on the last line of your first paragraph. Anyways, go Android!
+Larry Page I write in Portuguese!

O Nexus 10 é de longe uma obra de arte, vocês conseguiram unir tudo o que há de melhor em um tablet! A google sem dúvida nenhuma é a empresa a ser batida atualmente, e com certeza o céu é o limite para sua empresa!

in Mexico we are are excited for this launch ... for when for this lands, lovers for google gadgets? ... I'm working in a university and we want push to develop education content in this platform
Nice to see new products -- but completely dismayed that Google has essentially screwed the early adopters (including my son) who bought the Nexus 7 at a higher price.

Not sure if sticking it to your early adopters with pricing is a smart way to play (no pun intended) it.
Why can't We get them in Latin america, hey Larry that's a product that fits our needs but it is impossible to get them in Colombia
so, where is the android 4.2 for galaxy nexus
I am thinking about switching to nexus 4 from iPhone.
This phone is looking so attractive at this price plus nexus4 will get updates faster than other android devices. 
Caution: mind blowing products detect.. :-) 
+Larry Page  Just one request... I have been using Nokia 1616 for a year coz I made promise to myself that my next phone gonna be a Nexus and am really frustrated with no nexus in India. So please do launch Nexus 4 in India and if possible be quick. THANX :)
When its gonna officialy relasd in india??
I would like to have this on my country mx
+Andy Rubin +Larry Page  I was eagerly waiting for Nexus 4 to upgrade my Nexus One that I had bought in 2010.

While it is understandable that it is not yet available in India, why do you not even show the Play pages to people in India (I followed the links from the blog above)? When did Google become so closed? I just wanted to see the pics and features listed, but I am not allowed to? Is this what google lovers get? Is Google becoming something that you said you will never be?

EDIT: I later found the page which had what I needed, but my questions remain about google play.
Could please sell it in Portugal.... as well as the full services of Google Play.
No SD slot so we upload everything on the cloud, I assume. Well, at least the 16gb model is not too expensive. 
Regards from a crazy german Google-Supporter, who bought the 8GB Version for 199 € 6 weeks ago. It´s like Apple! I´m disappointed.

Don´t be evil!  
Hey Larry any dates for release in India ??
Hey Larry is there a UMTS/LTE version for the tablets? Only Wifi?
It's sad Brazilian tax's weight give the impression to me that technology evolves in slow motion. The final prices here make any new device almost cost like a kidney hehehehe..... It will take a looong time till I could get one of these in Brazilian lands.... too sad! Glad Google can give me a glimpse of this beauty :)
Congratulations, Larry, but how about focusing more on quality than on "features" from now on?
Congratulations. Hope they can be available in Mexico soon
there's huge potential for Nexus lineup's in India, I'm not sure when do you officially plan to launch (if at all), but please tap in this huge opportunity and make the most before it's too late :)  Do not make the same mistake Apple did with their previous launches (barring iPhone 5)!!! 
Was planning on getting the LG Nexus. I just don't know if it will be fast enough with only HSPA+ :(
Larry I support you, returning my ipad that I recently bought to get the Nexus 10, and selling my galaxy s3 to get the Nexus 4. Awesome devices they look good, can't wait to try them out. Good work, and thank you for making them affordable.
Shut up and take my money! :D The Nexus 10 kicks ass!
Brian H
+Larry Page why doesn't Google just buy t-mobile and turn it into the best network on the planet? 
Amazing... if only i had the money for all devices... :-)
Now my N7 8gb should consider itself sold, waiting for the 32gb N7 with data. Greetings from Nigeria
It's good for the Nexus 10 has 32GB version but Nexus 4 has only 8GB or 16GB version. Hope Nexus 4 will have 32GB version soon. Will buy Nexus 10 32GB but not Nexus 4 this time.
Just a few weeks back, i bought 16GB model for $249 and now for the same price one can get a 32GB model, I am feeling so terrible now....:( :(
I got mine by running out from work. It's awesome.
Larry Page I have a Nexus One from HTC and still squeezing the most from your technology. But the new Nexus 4 LG's hand looks great. I hope to soon be able to buy this new smartphone, although my Nexus One will have long to live (^_^)
+Larry Page why are you ignoring the Indian market. In the last one year my wife and I have spent more than 1000 USD on android phones (a Razr and a Note). There are lots of people I know who spend more. Why cant we get some +Nexus love???
+Larry Page please allow Canary Islands (Spain) residents to order hardware. It only needs not to apply VAT as we have a special fiscal status. I really want to buy the new chromebook and a Nexus 10. thanks! 
+Larry Page Android tablets need a revamped UI made for tablets, and you also need to be pro-active about incentivizing developers to make Android tablets. Otherwise we'll never see such things as "Android tablet apps", as long as you act as you don't care about it either. Tell me something. Do you really want to lose #2 place in tablets to Microsoft? If not, DO something about it. Releasing a quality tablet or two, is not nearly enough.
what about other EU countries? Google acts like EU is not a common we have local shops selling Nexus 7 16GB for 270 EUR (about 348$). Wanted to buy one for a gift but 270 EUR is way too expencive. Besides i can get other descent tablets for that price. Maybe even 2.
Pricing is Always a fuck up in eu. But Not at all the Pricing, think about abailability...
Larry Page, the Smartphone Nexus is amazing, I alway desired one, but why never come to Japan?
as long as it is user friendly like samsung galaxy 2 and 3 than its amazing
Sigh.. Amazing devices, but what about India ? Are we going be abandoned again ?
And please no making us pay double !
It is really not clear to me why in this era of media consumption, while people would like to have offline their music, pics and fun, Google insists from unknown reason to limit the storage it the NEXUS devices. I would not hesitate to buy the new NEXUS 4 in case there were options of 32G or 64G or microSD slot.
+Larry Page hey guy, where are our physical keyboards. We are waiting them in France. Thx you.
Way to go Google!  I am very excited about your full-bore entry into the hardware markets.  Google will surely shake up the industry, and the beneficiaries of the shakeup will be the consumers... Hey that's me!
First of all, congratulations on such a huge success of Nexus 7 in the market..... In fact, I have a real interest in the forthcoming Nexus 7 32 gb cellular version.... but unfortunately its unavailable in my country, India...... So I would be really helpful if an esteemed company like Google would listen to a loyal user like me and release the tablet here as soon as possible......
Nexus 4 launching on November 13. I wish it was November 10 so that I could get my Dad this awesome surprise gift.. :(
I appreciate the new Nexus devices a lot~And I hope they would be sold officially in China one day! OK~it`s just a dream any how~
Larry, keep the pricing same as mentioned, in India and we will give you and LG the greatest quarter in terms of sales, ever. 
Larry i want buy a Nexus 4..i'm living in Italy and it's really 549€  in my country?! please active play e-commerce in italy i want buy this at 349€!!fuking LG! if really price is 549 or 599€(!!) i don't me :/
Dear Larry... is possible that out of the play store it will cost the double? Please actives the play store in italy, cause here we don't buy  no one nexus 4, we don't wonna pay 200+ € for the same phone that others can buy at 349€
Subject: Price Nexus 4 - is rumored € 549 off the PlayStore -
Hi everyone, I'm Mauro Ferracuti.
I think I speak on behalf of many Italian consumers, but in the meantime I speak on my behalf.
I am writing to submit this my letter of protest, as it is rumored that LG and read outside the Playstore to sell the phone about 549 euro. I think it's unacceptable and impractical and I think Google should intervene.
You can not have a PlayStore in Spain that sells it at the price offered by Google and the country next door, ITALY, has not yet a PlayStore and to pay an astronomical amount.
It really is a creepy question over what to say shameful.
LG is free to charge the prices they want, but I think there is a limit.
I see an example of that Asus has behaved towards consumers so egregious keeping the rates offered by Google outside the Playstore and in fact, I think I speak on behalf of many Italian consumers, the Nexus 7 is a product of success, with great hardware at a price consistent nowadays.
I find it "shocking" that LG shoot a price of about 200 euro above the rates that will be seen in PlayStore of neighboring nations.
I believe that many potential buyers on the shelf will leave the new Nexus 4 until LG does not propose prices "acceptable" and serious. Because this policy is not at all serious by LG. It's amazing!
LG already, and that's what I believe that the management of Google Android and the well know, has never been very strong in software updates ... remember its products of 2011 ... I remember an update of the Dual, Optimus Black to ICS (for example) have not yet arrived in Italy.
I wonder if they will ever update the device the 2012 Jellybean and now LG pulls us out of this pearl of different price in Italy, moreover increased.
We understand the taxes, VAT but there seems exaggerated.
I, and I think we also Italian consumers, ask management to Google requesting information from LG about why this astronomical figure. You must understand that not all users can now invest more than € 500 on a smartphone and if for once I want to meet people all over the planet, we do not understand because in Italy there must be a behavior of this kind by LG .
If then LG will continue on its pricing policy scandalous, did as well. I believe that many users will buy the Nexus 4 when the price drops. It will fall as happened with the Galaxy Nexus.
But it is clear that this will be a blow to Google.
Just read the forum today on LG's Facebook ITALY, the various comments on the blog of the Android world.
It's a shame if the rumors on the price of 549 euro are real.
Order nexus 4, unfortunately China missed, Too sad
me yo
No sd I stick with gs3 I have the chance to root and install custom rom pure android. And glass back what r they thinking they want to be apple man sorry and to insult users and say cant tell the diffrence of internal and external sd give me a break
why is there an expiration date on the buyers remorse my dad bought the galaxy nexus for me a few months ago and now i wish i woulda waited for this phone imm gonna have to shell out another $350
I've just heard Google prizes in Austria. The Nexus 4 with 16 GB will be €549, which is more than $700 at current exchange rates and more than twice the prize in the US. In the blogs I followed pretty much everyone is pissed of here. Though I could afford this I will not buy any Google devices as long as Google treats us like this.
is it true that the real price of lg nexus4 in italy is 549€ or 599€? if it s real why is google going to sell this device in italy spain and austria will cost 200€ more then other place in europe?
wonder if AT&T will have Nexus 4 as for their 2-yr contract deal. soon
nowadays using an ANDROID feels like a boss
Good morning Mr. +Larry Page when opening Google Play Store Devices in Italy ? We are pissed off about the price of the new Nexus 4 ! The 16GB version will be sold at 549 € ! The same version on Google Play Store Devices will be sold at 349 $ ! WHY ? We will be forced to buy it outside Italy ? Other Europeen country, where Google Play Store Devices is not activated, are in the same situation ! I hope for a Google official announcement about this price difference ! THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION.
Hi +Larry Page, congratulation for the new devices. I did a review of the Surface RT and compare it also with the Nexus 7 and iPad. The information is available on my G+ page. I hope this helps.
Nexus 4 coming to India? Anyway, got swipe keyboard and new camera with photo sphere on my good old nexus s
So cheap for the unlocked Nexus 4! Might have to snag one as a travel phone
please do something for italian market. LG italia confirmed price 549 € 
+Larry Page Even Apple is moving towards fully embracing ARM, and you guys are once again going the wrong direction, and being on the wrong side of history, like you did with Flash - just you can spite Apple. And you were wrong and Apple was right on that.

So why the hell are you moving towards Intel with Motorola? By helping Intel, you're indirectly helping Microsoft, because people will want Microsoft's products with Intel chips instead of yours. So stop helping Intel out in the mobile market, and look for the future!
I really hope you guys make a Nokia with android OS.

Nokia + Android = The best phone ever! 
Open your store in México please!!!!
son vu
google for life
Hi Larry what is the cost for nexus 7 in India.
Hi, Why Google Play store has so many erotic apps which even stay in top 100?
Pls provide sorting function for Google+ photo management, thx so much~
This gadget smartphone or only tablet...???
Thank you. Just got the news of Nexus 7's release in India.
Thanks, it's my birthday on November 13, Nexus 10 tablet will be a great gift to me. Thank you.
Release a 32GB version of the Nexus 4 and I'm in...
plz dont do with lg nexus 4 please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when the Nexus  lunch will be  in India?
Screen visibility at day time( sunny days), battery life  and connectivity to the  `n` G (so called and so on )are the crux of the matter.How to bind the Cell service providers on  QoS ?Can anybody please? some of them seem to get away from quality .No body is asking them to send Pizzas over the  air  to cell phones  by the formula  `m` =   ` E `   / `Csquare`  : )

well , i loved ( still love)  the compression software of google`s picasa for sending photos  from the  good old  pstn modems way back in 2002.

i am waiting for the product and give it a try  .pl buck up.

why nexus 4 doesn't support SD card? 
Don't get me wrong the price is great on the 4, but the problem I have is that I just got a Galaxy Nexus 20 days ago for the same price. Your customer service department will not let me return this because its over 15 days. I sort of feel cheated. I knew the Nexus 4 was on the way but thought the $349 for the Galaxy Nexus was a clearance price.  The Gnex released at $700, so I assumed that the 4 would also.   Now that I know that twice the hardware is the same price i'm a little upset. I suggest that you have some sort of trade in for people who purchased the Gnex within 90 days or you will have some mad customers. I've sent a follow up email to customer care and they still have not responded.
Waiting 4 belgium availability +1 for nexus ;-)
Good day Larry,
We would like you to know that we love your products especially the NEXUS 7.
Can u ask ASUS to sell the NEXUS 7 8GB for $99 or $149 this coming thanksgiving or before the christmas time?
If ever it will happen, there will be millions of kids and even old people who likes the Nexus will be so happy  this coming holiday season.
We are pleading to your great heart to make it happen.
GOD bless you & more power to GOOGLE...
I Want Nexus devices in India. please google do something :(
I want them at rates you are giving in US. We should also get them. why are we left. either they do not come or if they come they come so late and at high costs. :(
I would have bought the nexus 4 if it had LTE... 
I appreciate the rocking price policy adopted by Google But I'm really disappointed for the limited number of google store available: just 7 stores worldwide? Too few! The great price will be a sake just for few lucky ppl.
This cannon shot is likely doomed to turn into a firework
Rog Son
Why no micro SD slot????  Fix that and you've got a  customer.
Plz launch nexus 4 phone in Korea. We can't take local carrier's tyranny any longer :p
Ларри Пейдж у меня есть идея по улучшению страницы "Почта" вашего сайта и Гугл +. Как я могу вам её показать? Я думаю, что идея вам бы понравилась.
Please ship it to Malaysia as fast as you can...the current nexus 7 is still rare
Hi +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin. Obviously people from Europe including me are interested on availability dates in specific European countries and pricing outside of Google Play store for countries where you cannot buy it on Google Play. Now I would expect some kind of statement or comment or something. Every time Google releases something it's the same for Europe. Now, we don't ask for better updates for EU, we demand them. We do deserve them after all. Thank you.
Honestly, this thing has really hurt, having saved money for six months I find a product after only 3 months old, in fact if I knew of this decision by Google surely would have waited, maybe I got the one with the 3G so replace with a single product even when the phone is really my cross, whereas I can not afford a new phone for at least another year if all goes well, or I would have taken the same price as the 32GB version that would allow me to put more movies, games and music on your device and for a person like me is 4 hours away by train daily to and from work are a godsend, or I got the Nexus 10 "and I would also be relieved of the weight of the back laptop I use for work, in short, this move by Google I was really disappointed, I feel a little 'teased by Google.
I understand that my problems might interest very little, but allow me an outlet having the investments I have made in your products and saw the confidence that every day do to your business even at work.
Now I say goodbye, I have to go back to work, no hard feelings, I understand that for you it's only business but behind your business, there are people like me who sometimes struggle to make ends meet and make huge sacrifices to afford certain purchases.
You're excuse for not LTE in the nexus 4 is poor battery life.... You guys bought Motorola and they made their recent lte phones have amazing battery life. Why can't you have that kind of battery power? Moto nexus please come soon
I'm sorry to say Larry, but Google has botched the Nexus 4 launch - in Australia at least. Sold out before anyone knew it was onsale. No email as promised, no status information on the website. I have wasted hours on the Google Play site. Google normally is the antithesis of frustrating, but not this time. I can't see why Google didn't allow people to order earlier and "wait in line". Now I have no idea where I stand
I too registered for email notification as soon as Nexus 4 was added to Play thinking I was "in line" but apparently not. No email notification as yet. I checked every couple of hours from midnight of the launch date but still managed to missed the 22 min window in Australia. Might I suggest honoring the list of people who registered email notifications in chronological order - its a fair thing to do.
Thanks for pissing off me and all others who wanted to buy Nexus 4 this morning. Can't believe that Google store couldn't handle the traffic and badly crashed. And, you couldn't announce in advance the exact release time??
Even though I had a N4 16GB in my cart at one point, I kept getting errors trying to complete the purchase.  Now it looks like they are sold out in Canada.  I can understand "unanticipated" demand, but I am sure a lot of folks including me added my email address to the "Notify Me" list well in advance of todays 15-minute sale.
I had the Nexus 4 16 GB in my cart 5 times.  The system would not let me check out and pay for my phone.
I too had registered my email address well in advance, but got no notification really.
Here is the error that I kept getting after the item was in my cart.  "Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later."
I registered my email right when the device was posted.  I did not get notice in my email today.
Hey +Larry Page !
What did you do with  those new Nexus ?
I'm from France. I was online à 3 am nothing. Again at 8:45 before to go to work : Nothing.
Then I received an email telling me that the tab was available at 9:20. Unfortunally I can't connect to play store from my work and from my Galaxy Nexus it's not possible to buy devices.
I just come back to my home and I see that it was possible to buy devices  while only few minutes this morning...
Is it a jock ? If it is, it's only a very bad one.
I sold my galaxy tab 10.1 and now I can't have a Nexus 10. 32gb, and even can't have any news.
I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY disappointed.
This is definitely not a Google behavior, Apple can do that but you !
I don't have anything against you of course but I really can't understand that.
+Larry Page Well I tried to buy N4 in Canada with no luck, was able to put it in cart but returned with an error and still not sure why we cannot preorder the device instead? this is a total mess. +Yann Roger Apple do not do what Google did, they would receive preorders and deliver in 4 or 5 weeks time. Google are number 1 in advertisement, but unfortunately they are nowhere near Apple when it comes to retail. Now we need to know when the N4 will be available to order again.
Larry Page's last post was on October 29, 2012. Good luck getting a response guys. 
Hi Larry - I think that some sort of explanation of today's Nexus 4 launch foul-up is forthcoming. Many people tried and failed to order a new phone today, and the Play store made the process frustrating and confusing for lots of people. I'm one of the many people who signed up to be notified but was not. I experienced similar issues with my Nexus 7 preorder (responses to my attempt to cancel my order came MONTHS after I placed the request!) This is highly damaging to the Nexus brand. You have dedicated customers who save up their hard earned money to buy your products. Please respond to their concerns.
I want a Nexus 4 and might order one to replace my Galaxy Nexus, but Im a bit confused by the low benchmarks compared to the LG Optimus which has the same components. The 4 should be faster or the same but it falls short. I don't get why. 
Is the Nexus 4 sale showing that Google is failing to handle its Core Business?
I’m one of many customers in Germany failing to buy a Nexus 4
I had the product in the basket It was simply Google’s fault to not let me process through the payment process.
I cannot believe that Google was surprised (as stated by Google Germany) by the high demand.
If this would be true would sell all my Google shares (If I had any) as knowing what customers want is Google’s core business.
By analyzing the number of clicks on the nexus 4 page or counting the number of people subscribing to the email notification letter it must be crystal clear that this will be a disaster.
I assume that there a few “clever” marketing guys thinking we need some headlines like “Nexus 4 sold out in a few minutes”. They assume that customers are forgiving and unfortunately they are right. And so am I and I will patiently wait for the next batch and watch if the same happens again.
My suggestion is to let customers preorder the Phone.
I like android but i have diffrent idea . 2 gb ram quad core cpu . Regular my file . Example . Picture . Videos . Music . Office file . Other . And game play file . 1 file .apk please . 
Why Google Play online store is limited to few countries? Not expected from Android like open system....
This is such a slap in the face to the hardcore Android fans. I have been literally jumping out of my skin with excitement (nerd) to get the nexus 4. SO much so that I even woke up at 3am EST just to make sure they didnt sneak it in there at midnight. I was also refreshing, refreshing, refrshing, refreshing at 1130EST/830PT until low and behold i got an in stock message at 1134 and placed the order. Got the confirmation email and everything was a great day. NOW I had to call the Play store to find out that my order has in fact been placed on backorder. I didnt even get an email. Im not joking in this next sentence, when I went to cancel the order because I am so aggravated the customer service rep at google could not send me an email because their system is SO FUCKED. Yes you read that right Google could not send me an email (it was to show me how to cancel my order becasue how could she possibly cancel my order AT google?). It should not be this hard to give a corporation my $400!!!! I am so aggravated by the colossal screw up from beginning to end. I know for damn sure that they didnt sell MILLIONS of them!! I bet they barely even had a million devices!!! Google is seriously a bunch of Cali stoners. Get a freakin clue.
The nexus 4 launch is ridiculous. there are people who ordered their nexus 4 AFTER me and got their shipping notification. i still haven't received any notice about the status of my order. didn't expect this from google, especially after what happened with the nexus 7 launch. 
Seriously +Larry Page did you guys learn nothing from the launch of the Nexus 7? 

This is near enough the exact same situation with the Nexus 4, except this time the Play Store couldn't handle the traffic

If you guys want to compete with Apple and the like you need to fix this!
you have so many ideas :)... the best always prevail!!
please sell Nexus4 in south korea
Hi Larry, it will be nice if the new products are available for male. Out of stock, a big fiasco!
I hope this post finds you well.  I am not trying to troll; I am just trying to get some help and figured I'd try some ingenuity.  Please review below and tell me if you think this is a good customer service experience? _________________________________

Just like the majority of people out there, I woke up on November 13th excited about being able to order some fresh Google Nexus products straight from Google. Little did I know that my day of excitement would turn into one of the worst experiences in retail/consuming in my life. When the site finally went active to buy the devices, I immediately put a Nexus 4 16gb, a Nexus 7 32gb WiFi and 3G, and a Nexus 10 32gb in my cart. I was then followed by terrible server issues, crashes, and error messages. By the time all was said and done, I was unable to order the Nexus 4 that I wanted, but I was able to sneak in an order of the Nexus 7 32gb and Nexus 10 32gb after multiple attempts. The worst part though was that there was no email communication, or communication whatsoever regarding my orders except for one on screen prompt that my order had failed and another that said that an order was successful. While not having the Nexus 4 that I wanted, I was still excited to receive the tablets. Then the horror story starts. On Friday, 16Nov2012, I received an email stating that my "Google Play Order from Nov, 13 2012 Has Shipped". Shortly thereafter, I received a second email stating the same thing. It was an identical order, except for the shipping ID. I called Google who verified that two orders were placed (they weren't, only one 'supposedly' had gone through that day). I was told that an escalation ticket would be submitted. And that I would be copied on all emails. And that I would have to wait for the shipments to come through then initiate a return order for the two errant devices (I was shipped 2 Nexus 7s and 2 Nexus 10s, both 32gb). Frustration set in. The next day I look at my Discover bill and consequently discover that I had indeed been charged twice. Two hefty sums of $868.83 each. Which set me over my credit line for my Discover card. Thanks Google! So today, 19Nov2012, I received both shipments. I was happy to just have my tablets and simply planned to call Google to initiate my return for the one errant order. But then I noticed something strange. In both orders, I received 16gb Nexus 10 devices instead of the ordered 32gb devices. However, I was indeed charged for 32gb tablets; not 16gb tablets. Stranger still, the serial numbers on the box indicated that these devices were indeed 32gb devices (serial number beginning with R32******) while the box sleeve clearly had a large 16gb. However, upon powering up one of the devices (in which I was greeted with a smell of mold when I opened the box), I verified the serial number matched the box. I also verified that the storage was 13.05 gb (indicating that the device was a 16gb device, not a 32gb). This is an example of the order I placed: Shipping Status Quantity Item Price Shipped 1 Nexus 10 (32GB) $499.00 1 Nexus 7 (32GB, WiFi + Mobile data, Unlocked + AT&T SIM) $299.00 Shipping: $13.99 Tax: $56.84 Total: $868.83 Clearly I ordered 32gb Nexus 10 devices. THIS ORDERING FROM GOOGLE IS INSANITY AT IT'S FINEST! The worst thing is their customer service is ridiculously subpar. They keep telling me that their escalation team is email only, that there is nothing the can do for me from the Google Play Support Line (855-836-3987). After having Google on the line for over an hour and a half, they have "escalated this situation to [their] escalation team" but cannot give me a time frame on when they can have my refund, if my refund will be approved, but yet they want me to ship back my devices. Worst of all, they keep telling me their systems show that the devices I have received are 32gb devices, which they clearly are not. On top of that, all they did was send me these ridiculous emails such as the below: Hello Joe, Thank you for contacting Google. It was my pleasure assisting you today. If there is anything further we can assist you with, please feel free to reply directly to this email or visit our help center at Mike Google Play Support Team There is no information and the link to the help center DOES NOT HELP. Consumerist, please help me, this is insanity! I have no idea where to go from here. People dealt with: Joey - Google ID 5282161 - Extremely unhelpful Royce - Google ID 5282320 - Extremely unhelpful I just want the right devices sent to me and to be refunded for items that I never ordered. This shouldn't be so difficult. Thank you! Joe 
+Larry Page I cannot understand why Google is slow in implementation in India. Navigation was delayed like anything while Google had all the resources in hand. Now we cannot buy Nexus (specially when they are being sold unlocked) range through Google Play as India is yet not supported. You be the better judge, but i am unable to understand the strategy or ideology behind this. 
Nexus 4 = The best phone in the market !
hm.. id say samsung  sgh-m200 is "best"
Larry, why don't you find out why no one can place an order for a Nexus 4. Tired of going to the website everyday just to see it is "out of stock" Seems stupid to me that I can't place an order. How do you know what the demand is?
US ... all over the world, in our minds.
VENEZUELA... Excellent place to "boom" new devices. The fashionable devices have good results in sales. 3G or 4G, good prices, and a lot!!! But a lot!!! Accessories... is part of the target of the new customers. 
look up at vodafone ireland they have cheap smartphones now!
I hope it's a better product than the last. In fact, I have bought  nexus (product from Samsung) in August 2012 and it is practically unusable, rebooting 2/3 times a day. Assistance samsung does nothing but keep it 20 days and then return it as such before.
Hi!!Love my N4...Awesome phone...still waiting for the bumper...Was wondering if you guys thought about releasing a bumper with the bottom part doubling as a micro USB storage (male pin on one end and female on the other) which would look like an extension of the phone... 
What happened to the nexus 4 and other products? why is it out of stock? its building quite the negative impact on the brand
it is out of stock, because it was very popular product. so please, slow down with you critisim a little, right?
Peter i wasn't criticizing. i'm only being realistic as it is the holiday season and if you cant keep up to demand. its going  to affect the brand negatively. its a service by its self. mind you i'm waiting to get one myself.  one must also note that google must create more accessories for its devices. Or at the very least list a few third party(good quality)  products on Playstore.
so you say its service not a brand no? again i miss point of nexus all the ime (=surely mentally disabled in some sense i must andmit) but nice to talk to you
The devices may be great, which I bought one 2 weeks ago, but the follow up service is awful, and cant even do a simple exchange of a faulty product, without me incurring extra delivery charges, hassle, and extended time without the device, which I need for work.  Oh, unless I pay for a new device until Google receive my original device.  Now I see why Amazon is doing so well.

Lets see how long this post stays on for!! 
Although I was able to snag one the first time I don't understand why they wouldn't do pre-orders this time around...Beats me!!! 
Seth L
+Larry Page where's the dock for the Nexus 7? It is sorely missed.
Hi Larry,

Both Nexus 4 "launches" were absolutely disastrous.
You just lost a loyal customer. Forever.
+Larry Page Any scope of launching nexus series in India anytime soon???
would love to buy it here officially. 
+peter considering phone market, I would tell you that we are one of the largest phone market at present. and nexus series itself is so great that it won't need much hardwork here. they are much in demand here aswell just one problem it has right now is its not official hence no warranty so many dont buy this phone. but once its official they will see significant sale here. 
When will it be available in India ?? Looking forward to buy nexus 10
I wanted to bring to your attention an issue that I think Google needs to address.  On Monday November 26th I ordered a Nexus 10 through the Google Play Store.  I have had an IPad 3 but was excited for this new Google Tablet that would enable me to switch over to the Android platform without compromising hardware/experience.  I have used Android phones for several years and finally feel that the Nexus 10 will provide just as good of hardware (if not better) as my Ipad.   When purchasing it clearly stated that it would take up to 2 days for the product to ship and then 2 days shipping via UPS for an expected wait time of 3-5 days.  With that expectation set I was hoping to have the Nexus 10 in my hands on Friday November 30th or even Saturday at the latest.  Yet here we are in the late afternoon on Friday and I have not even received a Shipping notice.  I have called the Play Call Center several times and nobody seems to be able to get me answers as to why it is taking so long.  I personally love Google and the Android platform therefore want to see it expand, however the lack of customer service and successful supply chain managing makes it difficult for consumers to consider switching.  As I discussed this issue with others in the tech industry I quickly learned that this is not unique to just me, as Google is notorious for the same weaknesses with many others.  Can you please look into this to find a solution not only for me, but also for the potential customers who are currently on the edge who inevitably will end up going to an inferior product through Apple as a result of their mastering of customer service and supply chain management.
This new portfolio is very cool BUT why no one mentions the BUGGY 4.2 update???
Flickering screens?
Random reboots?
Broken Bluetooth?
Yes sir! All included with Google's flagship nexuses :-(
No seriously guys, besides this minor little calendar bug (which obviously created lots of criticism) no one at Google even speaks about the other reported bug list.
I myself. am a loyal android user since day one but now sadly my galaxy nexus and (two) nexus 7 tablets are literally not more than fancy "bricks"...!
Sorry but that's how I feel. 4.1.2 was simply brilliant! So how those Google magician engineers managed to screw so badly with the 4.2 is beyond my understanding.
Say I buy now a new nexus 7 tablet - does anyone bothers to tell me that I won't be able to use Bluetooth headphones... Or maybe that's just too much to ask from a modern tablet??
Take two weeks to fix it. Take two month to fix it...
But at least be frank and honest with your customers and tell them what's going on . Is it too much to ask??
Cheers in advance! 
+Larry Page  : when is Nexus tablet coming to India ? I'm waiting for that :)
I didn't know tables usually had any pixels whatsoever!
Hi Larry (or anyone is writing these posts), why doesn't google open device store in Italy? How can I buy Nexus4 if I'm Italian? LG says that Nexus4 will not be sold in Italy, so how can I continue using an Android phone if you don't sell it in Italy (for me only Nexuses are Android phone!) Please help italians people!
Hi Larry, I think you probably want to fix your sale and customer service department.  Google sent me an email saying my Nexus 4 is shipped out on 11/30, and after like 5 days, the ups tracking site still say it is waiting for the product.  Call your customer service, they said they have problem with my shipment without giving any explaination.
nexus phones are bs as android apps
Hi, when will the Nexus 4 be available in India?
Larry would really appreciate if you priced the new Nexus phones and tablets the same price as in USA with the Canadian dollar being higher than the USA for over a year now.
Looks like your play store in Canada is another money gouging scheme of Google.
larry, italy is w8ing the nexus trio!!!
we hope can buy it soon!
If I only could by it here in Austria. :'(
When will the Playstore be available to us in Austria? I mean we aren't that much diffrent than Germany.
Just got my own Nexus 7 after pre-ordering for 2 months. Thanks from Indonesia, Larry! Hopefully Indonesia will get more attention and priority from Google in the days to come.
Unluckily its not available in Pakistan. I NEED NEXUS 4 TERRIBLY.
Send me a Nexus 4! I can never get it for Christmas. :(
My Nexus runs "Circles" around the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface!
It's Fast and Reliable with "Original Software" that gets me where I want to go! Thanks
+Larry Page Google should be investigated by Trading standards and the office of fair trading, its a complete Joke.. What are the people who can't spare the money to complete the RMA meant to do, consumer rights state that a product should be covered by warranty.. LG won't provide warranty and neither will Google. No other manufacturer to my knowledge asks for the money so a RMA can be completed. 
Google is awesome but can't understand y galaxy nexus has been discontinued
I'm tired to wait. Tomorrow i'm gonna buy iPad 
So far Google Play for Devices has been a poor customer experience.
Bought a Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 and both have been very troubled interactions.

Nexus 7 arrived promptly and in fine shape but I didn't like it. Such is life. Why didn't I like it? I think the screen is its weak link. The color calibration is off and colors appear washed out. I also feel more eyestrain when reading text. This is vs an iPhone, iPad, or my calibrated laptop.

So I initiated a return. Here's where the problems start. I discovered that the fine print says there's a 15% restocking fee and I have to pay return shipping. Given how good other big-company internet shopping return policies (like Amazon's) are, I was very surprised. For my fully-loaded Nexus 7 that's a $50 fee. Plus shipping.

Clearly I should have bought the Nexus 7 from Amazon,, Radio Shack, Kmart, Walmart, or some other retailer or etailer that provides a modern-day return policy.

I also bought a Nexus 4 and, if I'm lucky, my neighbor will have picked it up from my doorstep and it'll be there when I return from my holiday travels. You see, Google ships using UPS and chooses to allow delivery with no signature required.

Also, once they've shipped your device they WILL NOT contact UPS to change the delivery address or hold the shipment until your return. I talked to several  Google Play Devices support people and found no flexibility on this. UPS says that, until they've attempted delivery and left an Info Notice, only the shipper can make changes to a delivery.

But since Google doesn't require a signature, UPS won't leave a notice of delivery attempt. They just leave the package - wherever. End of story.

Given the lack of availability of the Nexus 4 there really isn't anywhere else but Google to buy one. Certainly not at a reasonable price. So we're stuck. Google, +Larry Page,  I really want to like your hardware and your store. Really. Please help us all and bring the Devices store up to - and perhaps beyond - the level of your competitors. You're usually very good at that.
+Joe Shapiro Unfortunately, Google don't want to answer a email explaining my legal rights for warranty replacement. They are stepping into dangerous waters, how can you still maintain that you need £240/$350 in your account for a warranty replacement who has that money available!! I'm furious 
I enjoy my Nexus 7 but limit support in China,please improve
Do Google plan to make it REALLY available somewhere in 2013 ? Or will it say one of my biggest (but also almost the first one) disapointment regarding google product ?
I have never owned a phone or tablet.... but I bought a nexus 7. I have also never bought music, until Google play. 
If only Apple didn't still think they own your iPhone (and your girlfriend) after you bought it.
Customer support for these devices is terrible in my experience.  Waiting 11 days now for a simple RMA and return shipping information.  Really?!
Your google+ is not so good.if have chance we can cooperate to make a even powerful Facebook
No nexus devices are ever released in India. Had to get the Galaxy Nexus from gray market 
Fine if nexus devices are not available in some other countries. At least purchasing should be allowed online! Why not pushing your partner LG producing more devices instead of cancelling orders???
+Robin Gao Funny :-) In fact Google block their Nexus purchase page in other countries. 
please we in Ghana too  want to experience the nexus 4.
lot of choice. ....
Please consider to launch in INDONESIA coz we have lots of gadget freaks..we have a solid of Droid Trooper here (For info we have a population of 250 million people and most of them using a smart phone or gadget for a daily life)
Loving my Nexus 7, 16GB! It's everything I've always wanted in a tablet.
Fantastic product= Happy Consumer :-) 
im from bangladesh n wanna buy nexus 7 legally coz in our country itz been selling at very expensive price in the gray market so could anybody help me providing some infos abt how to purchase google products from my country...
is thr any online site/ estores that sells nexus to our country??
i can hardlu afford $250 but my frustration is that im not getting that at that price tag... plz plz help me out.......
Do NOT kill Google Reader! It's my daily roadmap of the internet!
when does it appear in China?
nexus 4 may be cheap but lack lte unlike their predecessor the galaxy nexus
My nexus 7 has the common problem about the glass screen squeaky, Mr.Page,do you have any idea to fix it,just because I really don't like that sound. Maybe your team could fix in next generation of nexus 7, overall, It is still a nice device.
Hello Larry, I'm from Sri Lanka, We also need Nexus..!!
I Feel That You and Google is just Cheating Us I had seen the refund for price on online purchase from Europe and USA but as I had purchased the Nexus 4 From retail Store In India I can't claim For The Price protection Refund. This is Shame On Part of Company Like Google.
Huh the smallest phone there is my phone (or.. Well I own one of them

Your lollipop update (5.02) has bricked my unrooted nexus 7 2013 WiFi tablet. Evidently, it has bricked numerous other nexus 7 2013 tablets as well. My tablet was 1.5 years old so out of warranty. Paid $200 for Asus to replace motherboard. It was sent back running 4.4.4. Asus technical support said to wait on updating to 5.0.2. You have many upset customers because of this. Is a Google or phone only supposed to last 1.5 years????? Your company needs to step up and take care of this to reaffirm that Google takes care of its customers.
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