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I also did Charlie Rose while I was in New York.  Haven't done been on the show, which I love, for almost a decade ... the clip of me and Sergey from ten years ago made me feel somewhat old!
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Nice interview.
Second comment :)

(OK, Larry, since my comment's position is so cool, let me deliver two world-changing messages to you. (1) I have just developed a Chrome extension that can make literacy in English-speaking countries a SOLVED PROBLEM. I hope you help me promote it: phoneticallyintuitiveenglish (2) Google has recently made a Chrome extension called "Language Immersion for Chrome". I have researched this kind of thing for years and have a better idea. This is really the future of second language learning!
+1 for the southern vernacular. I've never done been on charlie rose.
yes, days and years are passing fast but memories and feeling stay
It was a good interview +Larry Page . I never miss CR. Keep doing what you're doing Larry. Nobody can get everything right all the time but like they taught me when I was learning to fly helicopters - ABC - which stands for Always Be Correcting. If that's your game plan then you'll do OK and small problems don't become big problems. Cheers.
"I did Charlie Rose", "Haven't done been" - Good stuff!
Heh, well the funny thing is, as you get older from this point, you looks will change less and less.
+Larry Page I enjoyed watching that. I never used to like Google but I have to admit it's growing on me fast. I agree that the open philosophy is much better than the closed mentality of some other big companies. Well done and keep up the good work.
When data about me and my community is made public, it allows greater understanding of our situation. This could be taken advantage of, but it's much more likely this understanding will be used for the greater good. So if I want to make data relating to me public, then I should be able to. The onus is on companies like apple and facebook to make it easier for me to share information about myself (including my social graphs and calendar events). This will allow my data to work across multiple applications and devices. It will also allow greater assistance and suggestions for youtube, carpooling, etc.

One unfortunate issue is that if I choose to have an exclusive party and some of my friends aren't invited, and they find out they weren't invited, they will be disappointed. However I think it's still best to be open about this, as being private just isn't logistical in most situations.
Great interview. They may be mocked in some circles, but the "Do no evil" mindset and your willingness to go after "moon shots" are huge positives in my book. Keep up the good work.
I saw the episode and loved it. You let Google followers read between the lines and make compact statements that keep us faithful. Keep up the good work!
I was looking for this complete interview! Thank you.
Did Charlie Rose! Was she good :) (If you know what I mean)
Great interview, Larry. Particularly liked your answer about reciprocity of data sharing with other networks.
Looks like your Android hasn't been treating you too well with the grammatical errors there, maybe you should have your development teams improve it.
Great job +Larry Page! It was great to see Google vindicated today in the Oracle Java suit.
Sorry to burst your bubble Larry(can I call you Larry?)
But, you ARE old.
I was pleased to see you on Charlie Rose - good interview Larry. The world needs Google's principled vision. Keep up the great work.
Keep going until everything is setup outside US.. more people want your products and services beside from U.S...
Tell me about it... I see photos of me from trade shows 15 years ago showing the wonders of VoIP to the world and it makes me feel extremely old. But then I look at John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) from the blueboxing days and I feel young again ;-)
The Charlie Rose interview was awe-inspiring. But what was with the jacket...? Very (too..?) Smart!?
Thought your description of FB's handling of their IPO was priceless
sunny b
Still a classy show Charlie Rose is old school ...
Google is great because it is lead by great people.
Larry, when do you think you can lend some money to Elon Musk so that humankind's journey to Mars would be significantly sped up?
I guess you are the most active person in Google+ , Cheers! :)
I typed Larry Page into google, and clicked on your picture. Wow. Amazing. Google Search. The Knowledge Engine. I will push the machine to its limits and see how fast my mind can absorb the desired knowledge. The Google Engine continues to interact with my sensory receptors providing me with more optimal knowledge absorbtion rates. :)
Allegators and rock fish are immortal. We will extract this gene for the elixer and add it to the essense of life collected from morning dew.
+Larry Page I love how you explained how Facebook did not share their data. And the source of the start of the issue.
awesome interview! ^^
This was a true treat for me. Have never heard you speak before, so again, a true treat, thank you.
Larry, this was a great and historical interview with the legendary Charlie Rose. Your spirit and intelligence really shine. Who can forget you at the amazing place you are now at with the success of Google, saying that it is only at the level of 1% of what the future will bring. Congratulations!
I am sure there is even more to come from the Google Boys. The future of the internet is 3D and mobile.

It would not surprise me if they were already thinking about a second Seconc Life, like the one From Linden research Inc. or they do it Google style and just buy the firm. Well that, one or a compettitor like Idea Fabrik.

Larry? Any comment on that one?
I prefer don't speak about the photos with me and my work fellows from 25 years ago. At least I preserve my hair (in the top of my head).
where's the clip? the old one?
I hope Motorola devices look good
Is this an iPhone "new message" notification sound that can be heard occasionally in the background (i.e. 24:13)?
I can't believe Larry has an iPhone!
You felt somewhat old because you are getting somewhat old. Look , you even got grey hair already.

Hi boss.. I need your help. I can't buy any app from google play. Already sent an email to your staff. But they also can't help, but not they fault. I think you can consider to let user buying apps using another way instead using credit card. N I wish you let me buy music n movie n also can use it offline, since internet connection in my country very sloooow.. i can't even watch youtube smoothly. IT minister n people in my country has been very busy with Lady Gaga, so no one can help me out. :-) I wish +Larry Page can help..
Man good job google plus is way better than Facebook! Thank you!
It is true you are looking a little older now :)
that's because you are old, Larry
Hello! I don't know a way to contact you but could you please resume Google Sets. I really miss it! Please.... Cheers!
in the interview +Larry Page said; "we’re in the business of searching data, we are not usually turn it down when it is offered to us” ,,, Q. why Google refuses highly localized data (related to each American) ?
awesome job.... you were your most human--and funny!
Coming from Quebec, Enjoyed your interview with Charlie Rose and I used to work with Patrick Pichette a great guy...
You looked Marvelous!  If you get a chance, google: Mistaken Murder Arrest Still On Man's Record 37 Years Later (James White) and:  Idaho Springs Man Can't Clear Name From Crime He Didn't Commit (me).  If you include the red letter that Australian fellow got in Europe, the problem of bogus criminal histories is beyond nation wide.  Charlie might get excited over this as well.
I saw it. Fabulous interview. good.  young, is confusing.  Middle-age, is lost in the present
Larry. If you have a moment, I need to ask a question concerning the Spam Larry Page page. Is it for real? Just wondering.
agree with Suhani 

why 'd anybody think of self  ?
i have the middle name as you do on your frist name
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